Stockholm`s future city space



Stockholm`s future city space
Stockholm’s future city space
In the heart of Stockholm’s city centre are five buildings, four streets and two squares. This is where AMF Fastigheter is creating a new city space.
Large and small office spaces will flourish. Swedish and international companies will be able to grow and scale up their operations. Restaurants,
cafés and lounges will become living rooms for informal meetings.
This city space is called Urban Escape Stockholm. It is an idea-driven concept with innovation, knowledge and creativity running like silver threads
through the buildings, out onto the streets and squares and all the way up to the roofs’ panorama over the city.
As a tenant you will get a free zone in the middle of the city where you can focus, perform and deliver. You will also obtain a high level of service
in an environment where everyday logistics come together. Moreover, you will be part of a concept which is developing Stockholm’s international
The area’s tenants, the City and other actors are important to AMF Fastigheter. Co-creation is therefore a guiding principle. Urban Escape Stockholm
is about people, change and attracting future talents. We need to do it together. Welcome!
The new urbanity
The world’s urban environments are getting bigger and bigger. Both geographically and in terms of the number of inhabitants. The UN has calculated that more than half of the Earth’s population already lives in cities. Classical metropolises such as London, New York and Paris are being
overtaken by Beijing and Istanbul.
Stockholm is one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. Two buses full of people are moving in every day. More than one in four Swedes live in the
region and generate about one third of the country’s GNP.
However, it is not possible to sit back. The city needs to constantly develop its attractiveness to ensure that companies and talents continue to
choose Stockholm. Urban Escape Stockholm is AMF Fastigheter’s contribution. Several urban trends lie behind our idea for the future urban space.
New Urbanism
The conventional structures and functional thinking which characterise a city need to move closer to the human scale. Today cities are not just
places you travel to, they are also home to billions of people. These people need to be inspired and enriched. New urbanism is about making the
urban space denser in order to create a new proximity. Life should be convenient. Work, restaurants and services should be available at walking
distance so that they interact effectively. There should be minimal environmental impact – as little car traffic as possible and sustainable thinking
down to the smallest detail.
The third place
Home is the first place, work or educational institution the second. Third places are for concentration, inspiration and socialising and they are
becoming increasingly important in everyday urban life. Perhaps you need to gather your thoughts or have an informal work meeting. Perhaps
meet people, expand your horizons or simply unwind for a while. Third places can be lobbies, restaurants, cafés, parks and the street environment welcoming spaces which offer other social contexts.
Urban environments are a whirlwind of impressions. Moments and places for recovery are becoming more and more necessary. It might involve
meeting places, or urban spaces, but also separate areas in your workplace which offer rest and concentration. As an urban person you need to
feel a sense of calmness now and then.
Global expression, local roots
The more connected we are in relation to the world, the stronger the need becomes for personal living space. People want to mark their belonging
and have a distinct context. You don’t live in Stockholm, but rather on Kungsholmen. You buy bread from the baker around the corner. You are
global in your consciousness and in your expression, but rooted locally in your quarter.
”A creative climate where I can get impressions and inspiration from a range of locations, other companies, the natural
world, restaurants, colleagues. There should be an exchange
and the chance to experiment.”
Engineering student
Emotional values are guiding the talents of the future
Today’s young people are optimistic, connected and self-aware. They are well-educated and want to live according to their ideals.
Young employees want to be inspired, be part of a community and be creative, at the same time as working. Values are important. They want to
focus and perform without foregoing the balance between work, family and leisure time.
Work is not just a job, but an extension of personal identity. It must feel right and there has to be a good atmosphere. This places completely new
requirements on employers and workplaces.
According to the Chamber of Commerce, by 2030 there will be a shortfall of 70 000 highly-educated people in Stockholm. If that trend is to be reversed, both the City and the business world need to act. The world is open for the talents of the future. As a property investment and development
company we need to develop an urban environment which meets their needs.
We have asked 500 students and young academics how they view work and the workplaces of the future. Here are some of
the responses:
”The most important thing
is the people.”
Young marketing person
”As an individual you have to be able to
filter out the bulk of the noise so that you
can get into a groove and work in a focused manner without being disturbed.”
”A place where you
can share experience and
knowledge. An accessible address
in the city, good premises, good
range of food and social activities.
Laid back but nevertheless
with a serious tone.”
Young graduate engineer
”I want to work in a climate-smart
building. Passive heating, solar
cells, cooling tower and solar
collectors for lighting. That’s
what interests me.”
Economics student
Guiding principles show the way
Urban Escape Stockholm involves three guiding principles. Three
words which carry the idea and constitute the basis for what we are
Urban Escape Stockholm will be the place that we and our stakeholders make it. The process surrounding co-creation is therefore a
major guiding principle.
What is your company’s vision for its future workplace? Tell us. We are
waiting with bated breath in the starting blocks to develop offices and
a place which corresponds to new needs, to find spaces for common
solutions and to use technology in a smart way.
We want Urban Escape Stockholm to be a priority for the City, partners, other property owners and stakeholders. We are listening to and
inviting future talents to participate in events and arrangements. It is
people’s ideas and innovative thinking which will make Urban Escape
Stockholm the international urban environment that Sweden needs.
The modules guiding principle stands for flexibility, small-scale and
creativity. We are constructing well-defined personal spaces which
provide humanity and character. Modules are architectonic accessories - office spaces, meeting places and spaces which stand out and
create contrast.
Modules can be specially designed for your company or spaces for
all tenants to use. They weave together specific spaces with common
spaces and are interspersed in architecture and layouts. Modules are
places for concentration, creative work and tranquillity.
There are bigger modules for showrooms, workshops and popup
offices. Why not some development modules where you can experiment with new services and products? We can have modules for
exciting people, innovation partners, cities with which we collaborate
or different time zones.
Imagine an urban environment in the heart of the city, and yet in
another world. Our city space is both integrated and separated in
relation to the rest of the city. Urban Escape Stockholm represents
moving from the confusion and pulse of the street to focus and
composure. Everything necessary is here, collected in one place.
It entails offering movements that are short physically, but which
extend for miles mentally.
Urban Escape Stockholm also represents unimpeded movement
between the national and the international. Between analogue and
digital. Between the private sphere and the public space. We want
to give our tenants new mindsets and offer them a holistic approach
when it comes to inspiration and context. Urban Escape Stockholm
will be a strategic tool for our tenants.
The parts create a world-class whole
The third place and hotels
Urban Escape Stockholm meets the urban individual’s needs for third
places. We are providing new public spaces with generous opening
hours where you can gain inspiration, meet people, expand your horizons or simply sit and work for a while. It might be lounges, lobby
bars, restaurants and cafés which become living rooms for informal meetings among Stockholmers. New hotel concepts will also
establish themselves and give the area an international pulse.
Plazas and rooftops
The area around Urban Escape Stockholm and Gallerian
needs to become more vibrant and attract people during
both day and night. We envisage a revitalisation of the
street level in the entire quarter with the focus on wellbeing and safety. It also entails providing access to roof
environments with a 360 degree view over Stockholm.
Innovation and growth
The offices we will be offering are directed at the talents of
the future and those companies which need to attract them.
At the cutting-edge for this is our Epicentre for future national
and international entrepreneurs. Epicentre is a completely new
working environment which offers membership for both start-ups
and established companies. Small and large companies can work
here in creative and innovative environments, in easy chairs in the
lounges or in more traditional ways. Locate here full-time or use
Epicentre as an office outside the office. Regardless of what you
choose, you are at the centre of an ecosystem of exciting people
who know that cross-boundary work is a must for development.
Knowledge and creativity
Sweden and Stockholm need a launchpad for national and international
research collaborations. An external meeting place for the universities’
cutting-edge expertise. Urban Escape Stockholm’s settings for events,
workshops, culture, creative happenings and lectures represent an excellent starting point. Anything can happen when knowledge and new
research findings meet trade and industry in an environment driven by
Bright green and sustainable
AMF Fastigheter has high ambitions when it comes to sustainability
and environmental consciousness in all its projects. It entails taking
social, environmental and economic responsibility. In conversions and
new constructions we strive to achieve the highest possible environmental standards in technology and design. Specifically for Urban
Escape Stockholm we are focusing on development of aquifer storage
and solar cells for energy.
Access and peace of mind
A holistic view of the five properties in Urban Escape Stockholm will
give us a more open and accessible quarter. New thoroughfares between Hamngatan, Regeringsgatan, Sergels Torg, Jakobsgatan and
Malmskillnadsgatan will facilitate movement. Interior flows will link
together the buildings on the inside. We place great importance on
the interior environment with materials, patterns, colours and forms
having the aim of lowering the pace. In Urban Escape Stockholm
people should have a sense of composure so that they can focus
and perform.
The city space in the heart of the City
Urban Escape Stockholm is based on the vision of developing an urban space with international attractiveness. The quarter is a coherent whole
which, furthermore, surrounds Gallerian – Stockholm’s most attractive and leading retail centre.
Urban Escape Stockholm really is located at the heart of the City. The five buildings are distributed on Hamngatan, Regeringsgatan and Malmskillnadsgatan. Conveniently close to the Central Station with excellent communications.
Immediately outside are pulsating thoroughfares such as Sergels Torg, Hötorget, Sveavägen, Kungsträdgården, Norrmalmstorg and Drottninggatan.
We are close neighbours to the Opera House and have Norrström’s waters and the bridges to Gamla Stan and the Royal palace around the corner.
Facts Urban Escape Stockholm
• Five unique properties, two squares and four streets. • A combination of offices, hotels, retail, restaurants, meeting places and services for tenants, customers and visitors. • Area expanded from the current 95 000 m² to about 130 000 m².
• 62 000 m² of flexible, modern offices in attractive A-locations.
• 29 000 m² of hotels and conference facilities with an international concept and pulse.
• 38 000 m² of retail and restaurants.
• Attractive range of services, both basic and value added.
• New restaurant hub around Kocks torg.
• Development of Brunkebergstorg together with Stockholm’s City and Stena Fastigheter.
• Development of Regeringsgatan together with the property companies Vasakronan, Pembroke and Hufvudstaden.
• Construction period summer 2014 – spring 2018.
Facts Gallerian
• Opened 1976
• More than 80 shops, restaurants, cafés and range of services.
• 19 million visitors per year (over 50 000 per day).
• 31 500 m2 retail space.
AMF Fastigheter – a part of the city
AMF Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest property investment and development companies with 37 office and retail properties and around 80
employees. The bulk of our properties are located in Central Stockholm. Our overall mission is to contribute to a stable return for the AMF pension
company’s four million savers. We own, develop and manage for the future.
We find it natural to think outside the box in developing retail areas and offices in bigger contexts. Our vision is to create urban spaces with identity,
inspiration and success for our tenants. Places where people meet and everything functions smoothly so that companies and organisations obtain
the best possible conditions for their operations.
Urban Escape Stockholm is our largest project so far and we are looking forward to innovative and creative collaborations with tenants, the City,
partners, other property owners and stakeholders.
AMF Fastigheter
+46 8 696 32 00
Welcome to Urban Escape

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