Harry Potter and The Cursed Child



Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
Harry Potter & the Cursed Child
By Monika Kuriata
Materials Used:- 2 Chameleon Sets of 20 colors - Deep Black (BK4), Bark (BR5), Hot Cocoa
(BR2), Olive Green (OL3), Crimson Red (RD4), Cool Gray (CG8)
Cool Gray(CG9), Cool Gray (CG5), Neutral Gray(NG4), Warm Gray(WG7), Nude(NU00),
Sand(NU0), Caramel(NU4), Taupe(BR1), Lagoon(BG1), Cornflower Blue(BL4), Indigo(BL7), Dark
Sage(Gr2), Red Coral(RD2), Cinnamon(BR3), Burgundy(RD5), Burnt Umber(BR4)
To prevent the ink bleeding through to the next page in the coloring book, scan the image and print
on A4 size white smooth card 250gsm.
1. Start with Harry Potter clothes use Red Coral(RD2) and
Burgundy(RD5) to color his T-shirt, Lagoon(BG1), Indigo(BL7), Cool
Gray(CG5) to color his trousers and some Grays to color his jacket and
Then color Hermione's clothes use some grays and Deep Black(BK4)for
her trousers, some browns for her T-shirt, jacket and scarf for example
Sand(NU0), Taupe(BR1),Hot Cocoa(BR2), Bark(BR5), oliveGreen(OL3)
and maybe Cinnamon(BR3) for the scarf too.
Ron's clothes color using light Gray for example Neutral Gray(NG4) and
CoolGray(CG5). Ron's sweather use Taupe(BR1)Caramel(NU4).
Harry Potter & the Cursed Child
By Monika Kuriata
2. For the faces use Nude(NU00) and Sand(NU0), Harry and Ron's eyes color with Cornflower
Blue(BL4), Hermine's eyes color with Dark Sage(Gr2).
For the Harry's hair use Bark(BR5), and some Deep Black(BK4), for Ron's hair use
Cinnamon(BR3) and for Hermione's hair use Caramel(NU4), Hot Cocoa(BR2), Bark(BR5) ans
some Cinnamon(BR3) too.
3 For the background use Warm
Gray(WG7) with the circle moves and in
some areas repeat that moves to make
some shadows.
Harry Potter & the Cursed Child
By Monika Kuriata
4 For the Frame use combination of Sand(NU0), Caramel(NU4), Cinnamon(BR3), Red
Coral(RD2), Burgundy(RD5), BurntUmber(BR4) and Lagoon(BG1).
To finish the project use Detailed Pen and add accents in some areas.
You can find more inspiration on the Chameleon Pens blog http://blog.chameleonpens.com and on
the website http://www.chameleonpens.com and on Monika’s blog at www.chameleonartofmysoul.blogspot.com