LED55-T-TS Lighting Kit



LED55-T-TS Lighting Kit
LED55-T-TS Lighting Kit
For GIVI Maxia E-55 Top Case
Installation Procedure
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Revision April 8th, 2010
Please read through these instructions completely, before starting any work.
Please inspect your kit carefully to verify the following parts:
Parts inventory
E55 LED Arrays (1 left and 1 Right)
6-wire plug-harness w/embedded controller (connects to motorcycle)
5-wire socket-harness (mounts to the E55 Top Case)
Wire tap connector kit
7/16" drill bit
Adhesive cable clamps (for securing the wire harness)
Basic instruction set
Warranty card
Additional tools and items necessary:
Electric Drill
Drill bits
Phillips screwdriver Ruler or calipers
(#1 tip)
Optional: Hammer, punch, alcohol wipes
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Revision April 8th, 2010
Wiring the Motorcycle
Overview: Start by completing the motorcycle wiring. This will supply power and signal to
the lighting system in the E55 top case.
Your LED55-T-TS Light Kit has been designed to operate with the tail, brake, and
turn signal light functions of your bike. Look as closely to the rear tail light as
possible to locate the indicated wires:
6-Wire Harness
Your Motorcycle
Tail Light wire
(join both the red and blue wires from
the harness into one posi-tap connector)
Right Turn Signal wire
Left Turn Signal wire
Brake Light Wire
For motorcycles with a single brake/tail light wire, connect both the Red and Blue wires
to a 12V switched source (live when ignition switch is on) using one posi-tap connector.
Connect the Purple wire to the single brake/tail light wire.
Use the supplied posi-tap wire connectors to tap the wires identified above and connect
them to the 6-wire plug/harness with embedded controller. (Combine the Red and Blue
wires from the harness into one connector.) If you have a volt meter or circuit tester, it
may assist you in identifying and confirming the wires noted above on your motorcycle.
* Use the included special Posi-Tap with purple wire to connect to the brake light wire on
your bike. Connect the purple wire from the other end of the posi-tap to the purple wire
on the harness.
Plan the path of your harness carefully, before tapping any wires. Consider the location
where the socket will be mounted on your E55 Top Case. (Read ahead to section u for
considerations in locating a mounting position for the socket.)
Test the wiring you just installed by verify everything is working before proceeding with
the installation to the top case. Connect the LED Arrays to the 5-Wire Socket/Harness, and
connect that to the plug of the 6-wire Plug/Harness on the motorcycle. Turn on the
ignition and check all functions (tail lights, brake lights and turn signals.)
If there is a problem, re-check all wiring, especially the Red wire to the +12V source and
the Black wire to a solid ground. If these steps still do not solve the problem, please
contact us at [email protected] for more assistance.
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Revision April 8th, 2010
Installing the LEDs in the Top Case
Overview: LED arrays will be installed in the mounts in the clear sections of the lenses on
the E55 case. The “knock outs” on the case will be enlarged with the supplied 7/16" drill bit
to pass the LED arrays and wires through the lid of the case. Inside the case, the two plugs
from the LED arrays will be plugged into a harness, which will run to the right front or left
front corner (depending on your preference.) A hole will be drilled there to mount the jack
for the wire harness. The wire harness jack will receive power from the motorcycle lighting
system there.
Remove the Givi logo plate from the top case (see Figures A & B.)
Remove the four screws indicated in Figure B.
Figure A
Figure B: Screws for removing the logo plate in the lid of the top case (looking from the inside.)
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Revision April 8th, 2010
<Remove the lenses from the E55 Top Case.
Remove two screws (each) from the left and right lenses. (One screw is on the lower lip
of the lens, the other is inside the case.) The inside screw holds the small lens tab
shown in Figure C. After screw removal, gently nudge and tug the lens to get the lens
tab slid out. It is a friction fit, and the lens is delicate, so don’t use too much force.
Work it gently and it will come out.
Figure C
Create openings for passing LED Arrays and wires through the case lid.
Figure D
Figure E
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Revision April 8th, 2010
Locate the knockout plugs (Figure D). They can be easily removed with a large punch
(Figure E). If you don’t have a punch, then use a drill. Regardless, the holes will
ultimately need to be enlarged using the supplied 7/16" drill bit in order to pass the LED
arrays through them.
Pass the LED Arrays through the holes, and mount the LEDs in the lenses.
Pass the LED Arrays through the holes (Figure F), from the inside out. Insert the LEDs
into the openings in the lenses (Figure G). Some LEDS will snap in, while others may sit
Figure F
Figure G
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As long as they are seated in the reflector openings, they will be held in place when the
lenses are remounted. The end openings may be a little tight, and need to be reamed slightly
with a small straight-blade screwdriver.
Remount the lenses on the top case. Reverse the procedures used in Step w for
remounting the lenses to the top case.
Remount the Givi Logo plate. Reverse the procedures in Step
logo plate.
Connect the left and right harness jacks with the two LED arrays, and route
the wire harness to the location where the (outer) jack will be mounted to
the case, following the Left, Center, or Right path shown in Figure M.
q for reinstalling the
Refer to Figures H, J, K, L & M. When locating a position for mounting the socket, here
are some points to consider BEFORE drilling:
What is a good location for the socket, based on how the case mounts on your
How much wire harness is available to work with (coming from the motorcycle)? Does
it easily reach the position where you want to mount the socket?
Think about the directions your wiring will take, both outside AND inside the case Does
it all work out the way you want it to?
If considering mounting the socket on the forward-facing (as mounted on the
motorcycle) side of the case, keep in mind that the case has a swing-up handle in the
back and can be removed from the bike and carried like a small suitcase on an
overnight trip (Figure H). Will setting it down possibly damage the socket if you locate it
on this part of the case?
Mounting below the silver trim in the lower portion of the case is possible, but the wire
harness inside will extend into the cargo area and could get damaged over time.
The optional E-111 Backrest mounts between the lid hinges. (see Figure J)
Taking all of these considerations in mind, we think locating the socket in the left or right
front portion of the lid above the outer edge of the hinges (Figure K) will be ideal in most
To mount in this location, drill a hole in the case for mounting the socket using a small
bit first. Make sure you locate the socket high enough to clear the inside lip/seal in the lid,
but don’t go too high; as the lid flattens out, there is more chance of collecting moisture
in the socket. A location 1 inch (25mm) up from the outer edge of the hinge is optimal.
Use a 6mm (or ¼") to drill a pilot hole, then use the supplied 7/16" bit. Mount the socket
connector in the hole, tighten the connector nut against the case to secure the connector
but do not over tighten!
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Revision April 8th, 2010
Figure H: As a suitcase.
Figure J: E55 Top Case w/ optional E-111 backrest.
Figure K
Figure L: Wire harness routed
on the left side of the lid.
You have great flexibility in routing the wire harness, as shown by the Left, Center, and
Right paths shown in Figure M. The Center path can be held in place by the red document
holder in the lid of the top case. The Left and Right paths provide a more discrete route
that also allows some isolation and protection in placement of the wire harness along a
ridge in the case lid.
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Figure M: Left, Center, and Right routing possibilities for the wire
harness across the lid of the E55 case. (Center routing splits to show
either a left or right-mounted socket.)
Secure the wire harness inside the case. Refer to Figure N. Use the supplied adhesive
cable clamps for securing the wire harness in the case. Clean the area well using alcohol
wipes to maximize the adhesion of the clamps.
Figure N: Adhesive Cable Clamp.
Congratulations! Enjoy your new AdMore light kit.
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