VS4874 SPU Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Brochure



VS4874 SPU Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Brochure
Vital Signs single-patient-use
anesthesia breathing circuits
Recognizing the importance of infection prevention, the ASA Committee on
Occupational Health Task Force on Infection Control recommends that the
anesthesia circuit be disposed of at the conclusion of each case.1 This makes
disposable circuits more important than ever in your OR and beyond. Vital
Signs ® provides an extensive variety of disposable circuits that adhere to
these ASA recommendations, while offering innovative features and a novel
product design. Among them are Limb-O circuits, which not only provide
single-tube, dual-lumen functionality but also support clinician efforts to
enhance patient care.
Vital Signs
Anesthesia breathing circuit types
• Limb-O single-tube, dual-lumen breathing circuits can be converted to an adult transport circuit
and ventilator breathing circuit, and used across numerous care areas.
• Dual-limb breathing circuits can be either expandable or corrugated.
• Vital Signs circuits come in various diameters to accommodate neonate through adult patient sizes.
Why Vital Signs circuits
• We have countless options to help build your circuit kits—including length, tubing preference,
and other add-ons suited to your specific and unique needs.
• Our circuits are tested and verified with GE Healthcare anesthesia delivery equipment to help
Limbo, 22 mm
ensure peak performance and accurate readings.
Why single-use circuits
• Respiratory pathogens can be transmitted through breathing circuits used to provide anesthesia.2
This can put resusable circuits at risk for contamination of the next patient.
• The reuse of breathing circuits puts both patients and anesthesiologists at risk for hospital
acquired infections. Disposable circuits can be an important part of prevention protocol.
• The OR has unique infection control issues compared with other clinical care areas—due to the
patient’s vulnerability and prolonged period under anesthesia. Consequently, microorganisms may
be transmitted via contamination of normally sterile sites with a patient’s own bacteria—and
transmission of bacteria to subsequent patients in the OR.1
Pediatric expandable, 15 mm
Neonate corrugated, 10 mm
1 Recommendations for Infection Control for the Practice of Anesthesiology (Third Edition) – Developed by the ASA Committee on Occupational Health
Task Force on Infection Control. 2 Langevin, P., Rand, K., Layon, A. The Potential for Dissemination of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Through the Anesthesia
Breathing Circuit. Chest, April 1999; 115(4):1107-1114.
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