Academy for New Special Education Leadership Academy for New



Academy for New Special Education Leadership Academy for New
Academy for New Special
Education Leadership
August 4-5, 2015
Crowne Plaza
For 1st and 2nd year
Directors of Special Education,
Special Education Coordinators or Designees
Conference Program
Tuesday, August 4
7:30 - 8:15Registration, Continental Breakfast and Networking
8:15 - 8:30 Welcome
8:30 - 9:15 Reading Drives Achievement: Success with Literacy
Barb Van Haren, State Director of Special Education
Julia Hartwig, Asst. Director, Special Education Team
Terry Ehriobo, Asst. Director, Special Education Team
Room: Odana I
9:15 - 10:00 Reading in Wisconsin
Barb Van Haren, State Director of Special Education
Julia Hartwig, Asst. Director, Special Education Team
Terry Ehriobo, Asst. Director, Special Education Team
Room: Odana I
This interactive session will push participants to better understand what they don’t even realize they
don’t yet know about reading standards, instruction, and assessment. We will discuss a variety of ways of
thinking about how one learns to read and consider how these paradigms are reflected in national research,
professional organizations, and Wisconsin schools and districts. The session will also include an overview of
ready-to-use DPI-created professional learning resources for literacy.
10:00 - 10:30
RtI: An Integrated Multi-Level System of Support
Lynn Winn, Consultant, Special Education Team
Room: Odana I
Information about the Special Education Director’s role in a district’s RtI framework will be clarified. Specific
topics include: Integrating academic/behavioral systems, impact of RtI on special education referral rate and
student success, and ways to maximize the Special Education Director’s role in a district’s RtI framework.
10:30 - 10:45
10:45 - 11:30
Family Engagement
Daniel Parker, Consultant, WDPI
Room: Odana I
“When it comes to a breakfast of ham and eggs, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed.” True
family engagement, where families are partners with educators in the student’s education, results in improved
student outcomes. When families are engaged, more time is spent on proactive problem solving and
collaboration and less time on dispelling misinformation and external or non-productive communications.
We will discuss several family engagement systems which assist in engaging ALL families as well as
Wisconsin resources which assist in improved Indicator 8 outcomes.
11:30 - 12:15 Disproportionality 101
Vaunce Ashby, Consultant, WDPI
Room: Odana I
This presentation will explain IDEA’s legal requirements and Wisconsin’s criteria for significant
12:15 - 1:00
Networking Lunch for New Directors
Room: Prairie Cafe
Meet us in the Cafe for Lunch! This is a great time to meet the consultants. They are your resource and are
looking forward to meeting and assisting you in your new position.
1:00 - 1:45IEP and Evaluation Timelines
Paula Volpiansky, Consultant, WDPI
Marge Resan, Consultant, WDPI
Room: Odana I
Marge and Paula will provide a brief overview of the IEP team evaluation, and IEP development
and placement process and timelines. Documentation tips will be provided and there will be time
allocated for questions.
1:45 - 2:00Break
2:00 - 2:30The Early Childhood Indicators: An Overview
Jenny Giles, Consultant, WDPI
Nancy Fuhrman, WDPI
Room: Odana I
This session will provide an overview of the early childhood indicators: Indicator 6, Indicator 7, and
Indicator 12. Information shared will include a description of the indicator as well as data reporting
requirements and tips.
2:30 - 3:15Special Education Disciplinary Requirements
Patti Williams, Consultant, WDPI
Room: Odana I
This presentation will cover the special education disciplinary requirements under the Individuals with
Disability Education Act. Topics will include manifestation determinations, what is considered a disciplinary
removal, and when a student may be removed to an alternate setting to receive services.
3:15 - 4:00Top Ten Reasons to Join WCASS and “30 Tips in 30 Minutes”
Gary Myrah, Executive Director, WCASS &
Kurt Eley, WCASS President
Room: Odana I
Wednesday, August 5
7:30 - 8:00 Continental Breakfast & Networking
8:00 - 9:00How to Navigate Special Education Web Applications & Data Collections
Nancy Fuhrman, WDPI
Yvette Johanson, WDPI
Nancy F. Molfenter, WDPI
Room: Odana I
This session will focus on the what, where, when, who and why of Special Education data collections and
web applications. The topics that will be covered include:
• An overview of the Indicators and their data sources
• District Profile – the location to see how your district compares to the statewide results and targets for
each indicator.
• Security and Application Access Overview
• Special Education Leadership Directory
• The Special Education Web Portal where users access cyclical applications, IDEA Budgets and Indicator
7: Child Outcomes
• The Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) – a workflow based web application to gather all the necessary
requirements to complete the transition plan during a student’s IEP meeting.
• Post School Outcomes – Indicator 14 Post School Outcomes survey website and data collection.
• Overview of several other applications that collect or display data on students with disabilities that are
administered by the Division for Libraries and Technology.
9:00 - 9:15Networking Break
9:15 - 11:15 WISExplore: Using Data to Identify & Monitor Achievement Gaps
Mary Ann Hudziak, CESA 6
Room: Odana I
State data can be used to identify achievement gaps. This session will provide training in identifying gaps
using State data resources. We will also look at other data sources along with a data inquiry process that
school leaders can use to develop a deep understanding about achievement gaps in school.
11:15 - 12:00
Room: Prairie Cafe
12:00 - 2:00
Introduction to IDEA Funding
Rachel Zellmer, Consultant, WDPI
Room: Odana I
Funds under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) are provided to school districts on an
entitlement basis for programs and services to children with disabilities. In general, the grant is to support
the excess cost of providing special education instruction and related services. This session will provide the
participants with information on how IDEA grant allocations are determined and when and how the funds
may be used. There will be a focus on the application process, allowed costs and common funding errors
that have occurred.
2:00 - 2:30Final Remarks
Barb Van Haren, State Director of Special Education
Gary Myrah, Executive Director, WCASS
Room: Odana I
We will finish the conference giving you the chance to voice your questions and get answers for anything not
covered during the past two days.
Viterbo University Graduate Credit
Viterbo University is offering graduate credit for the Academy for New
Special Education Leadership. Cost is $220, payable to Viterbo. Here’s
how it works:
1. Register to participate by turning in the registration/payment form
before the end of the conference. Please note, due to the short duration
of the course, once you complete and submit the Course Registration
form to Viterbo or WCASS, it is not possible to drop or cancel your
participation in the course. By completing and submitting a Course
Registration form, you are obligated to pay the associated course fee to
Viterbo University and complete the assigned coursework.
2. Attend all time slot sessions and complete the course credit validation form and the assigned reading.
3. Hand in the completed course credit validation form at the conference or send it to Diane Gyorog at WCASS
before Aug. 19 by mail, email ([email protected]), or fax (608.249.4973). If coursework is not received by
the deadline, the instructor will enter a grade appropriate to the coursework received.
Wireless Information
Free wireless internet is available for your use through the conference. To use the wireless internet
login with the passcode 5DQH5V
State Superintendent’s Conference on
Special Education & Pupil Services
Oct. 20-21, 2016
Wisconsin Dells
WCASS Winter Conference
Feb. 2-5, 2016
Federal Funding Conference
Feb. 15-17, 2016
Wisconsin Dells
WCASS Spring Conference
May 2016
To Be Determined
Vaunce Ashby
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Vaunce Ashby was
born and raised in
Chicago, Illinois.
She began her teaching career
there 31 years ago and moved to
Madison in August, 1993 to work in
the Madison Metropolitan School
District. During the 15 years she
was employed there she held
a variety of positions including
special education teacher, program
support teacher, assistant principal,
and principal. During the summer
of 2007 she worked as an LTE at
DPI coordinating the development
of materials and facilitating
activities related to Early Intervening
Services and Disproportionality.
During her last tenure with the
Department of Public Instruction
she co-authored the new Specific
Learning Disabilities Criteria for
the state and was instrumental in
getting this criterion passed through
the State Legislature. Most recently
she worked in the Evansville
Community School District as their
Director of Student Services.
Terry Ehriobo
Assistant Director, Special
Education Team
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Kurt Eley
Director of Student Services
Waunakee Community School
[email protected]
Kurt is the Director of Student
Services in Waunakee. He is an
adjunct instructor for Viterbo
University’s Special Education
Program and for Cardinal Stritch
University. Kurt currently serves on
the WCASS Board of Directors as
Nancy Fuhrman
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Jenny Giles
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Kay Guberud
[email protected]
Kay Guberud
is a Literacy
Consultant for
the Special
Education Team at the Wisconsin
Department of Public Instruction.
She holds licensure in general
education, special education and
as a Principal. She also holds
her master’s degree as a Reading
Specialist. Prior to her work at DPI,
Kay worked as a Special Education
teacher and as a Reading Specialist.
Julia Hartwig
Education Team
[email protected]
Mary Ann Hudziak
Coordinator of ESA
& Title 1 Support &
[email protected]
Mary Ann is
the Coordinator of ESEA, Title I,
Gifted & Talented, and Secondary
Mathematics instructional services
for CESA 6. She is also one of
six CESA consultants, statewide,
working on the WISExplore Team.
This team, in collaboration with the
Department of Public Instruction,
develops professional development
and training for data use and data
inquiry in Wisconsin. Mary Ann
also serves on the Wisconsin Math
Council Board. She has teaching
experience in middle school and
high school mathematics and
science. Mary Ann has experience
in technology integration, and
administration in the areas of
curriculum, instruction, and
Yvette Johansan
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Gary Myrah
[email protected]
Gary is the
Director of
retired from the Port WashingtonSaukville School District in 2011
after 27 years of service. Prior to
that, he served as the director for
the Adams-Friendship Area Schools
for seven years. Gary graduated
from UW-Stout, Menomonie, WI
in 1977 with a Masters of Science
in Education: School Psychology.
He has been active in WCASS since
the merger of WCAPS and WCASE
in 1994. Gary has served as the
chair of the WCASS conference
committee as well as the president
of association. He received the
Dan O’Sullivan award twice and
the John Melcher Award (now
referred to as the Administrator
of the Year Award) once in his
career. He was formerly the
Professional Development Chair,
and is currently President-Elect,
for CASE International (Council
of Administrators of Special
Barb Novak
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Daniel Parker
Consultant Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
As Family
and Autism
Consultant for
the Wisconsin
Department of Public Instruction
Special Education Team, Daniel
provides professional development
across the state of Wisconsin. He
has a unique blend of home based,
general and special education
teaching, and administrative
background at the school, district,
and statewide levels with a focus
on data, social peer mediated
interventions, and instructional
design. Daniel is the facilitator
of DPI’s Next Generation IEP
work group which is developing
updated guidance to Individualized
Educational Program teams to
assist them in writing IEPs tied to
improved student outcomes for
students with disabilities. Daniel
received a Masters Degree in
Human Development and Family
Life and a Masters Degree in Special
Education both from the University
of Kansas.
Marge Resan
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Marge is a School
Consultant for the
Wisconsin Department of Public
Instruction. Her work focuses
on issues of legal compliance in
special education. Marge was a
special education teacher in the
Madison Metropolitan School
District for several years, where
she taught many students with
various disabilities in classroom,
community, and vocational settings.
She holds a law degree from the
University of Wisconsin and has
experience working as an attorney
in the areas of disability and elder
Barb Van Haren
State Director of
Special Education
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Barb has over
20 years of experience in working
with students with disabilities and
in the professional development
of those entrusted with their
education. Educational leadership
and adult education positions
have provided many experiences
for her professional growth and
development in special education,
including the coordination
of programs and initiatives,
development and implementation
of policies and procedures,
supervision and evaluation of staff,
budget preparation, and successful
grant writing and oversight. Barb
has recently accepted the position
of Director on the WDPI Special
Education Team. Previously, she
served as the Director of Special
Education Services at CESA #1
in Brookfield, WI, and as the
Regional Service Network Director,
working with the 45 school
districts, including Milwaukee
Public Schools in CESA #1. She
also serves as Ad Junct Professor
of Special Education at the UWOshkosh, specializing in diagnostic
and prescriptive assessment,
IEPs, inclusive practices, and
special education collaboration
and leadership. She received her
Bachelor’s Degree from the UWOshkosh with a double major in
Elementary Education and Learning
Disabilities. While teaching students
with learning disabilities in grades
3-8, she went on to achieve her
Master’s Degree from UW-Oshkosh
in Special Education with an
emphasis in Emotional Disturbance.
Barb received a Specialist’s
Degree from the UW-Superior in
Educational Administration. She
earned her Doctorate of Philosophy
from the UW-Madison focusing
on inclusive practices. In the past,
she has served as a Director and
Assistant Superintendent of Special
Education and Pupil Services
and as an Assistant Professor of
Special Education. She is a past
president of Wisconsin Council of
Administrators of Special Services
and co-chairperson of WCASS’s
research and special projects
committee. Barb has provided
numerous statewide and national
workshops and presentations and
a number of publications and
professional papers.
[email protected]
Paula is a School Administration
Consultant at the Wisconsin
Department of Public Instruction
dealing primarily with IDEA
compliance and complaints.
She has also coordinated several
major WDPI initiatives including
REACH and READs and served
as the WDPI Specific Learning
Disability consultant for 7
years. Prior experience includes
elementary and secondary teacher,
special education administrator,
and university faculty. Paula has
developed technical assistance
materials, papers and reports on
variety of special education related
Patti Williams
Wisconsin DPI
Patricia is a School Administration
Consultant with the Wisconsin
Department of Public Instruction.
She is co-chair of the Procedural
Compliance Self-Assessment
Workgroup and is the coordinator
of the special education complaint
Lynn Winn
[email protected]
Lynn is an
at the
WDPI in the area of Response
to Intervention. She coordinates
the work of the WDPI funded
Wisconsin RtI Center and PBIS
Network. Prior to joining the WDPI
in 2014, Lynn served in schools
for over 20 years as a K-12 School
Psychologist and Elementary
Rachel Zellmer
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Rachel has worked on the Special
Education team for the past seven
years, overseeing the funding
awarded to Wisconsin through
the Individuals with Disabilities
Education Act (IDEA). Her expertise
is federal grant law, including the
Education Department’s General
Administrative Regulations, Office
of Management and Budget
Circulars, and IDEA. In addition,
she is dedicated to developing
simplified risk-based monitoring
systems that are collaborative
among federal funding programs.
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this conference.
Lisa Aalgaard
Assistant Special Education Director
[email protected]
Shawn Donovan
District Administrator
La Farge Schools
[email protected]
Lisa Huosiamaa
DSE/School Psych
Lakeland Union Highs School
[email protected]
Joel Anderson
Director of Special Education
Webster School District
[email protected]
John Driessen
Director of Special Education/
Program Support
Brown County CDEB
[email protected]
Director of Special Education
CESA #11
[email protected]
Alexandra Baierl
Special Education Coordinator
Appleton Area School District
[email protected]
Special Education Director/School
Almond-Bancroft School District
[email protected]
Molly Bever
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Chad Ellefson
Director of Pupil Services
Hartford UHS
[email protected]
Erin Faasuamalie
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Amanda Jones
Director of Special Education &
Pupil Services
[email protected]
Amy Kasten
Special Ed/Curriculum
Suring Public School
[email protected]
Rebecca Felmlee
Special Education Teacher/Director
of Special Education
School District of Thorp
[email protected]
Director of Student Services
Evansville Community SD
[email protected]
Special Education Director
Prairie Farm School District
[email protected]
Katie Kavanaugh
Pupil Services Director
Barneveld School District
[email protected]
Mardi Freeman
Director of Special Education
[email protected]
Sally Kellman
Director of Pupil Services
Germantown School District
[email protected]
Matthew Collins
RSN & Director of Special
[email protected]
Jen Gallagher
Principal/Special Education Director
Southwestern Wisconsin
[email protected]
Kim Klister
Director of Special Education
Gillett School District
[email protected]
Tammy Cooley
Director of Pupil Services
Potosi School District
[email protected]
Debra Heiss
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Eva Kubinski
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Jonathon Dallmann
Special Education Director
Rib Lake Elementary School
[email protected]
Katie Hoss
Executive Director of Special
Racine Unified School District
[email protected]
Jennifer Ledin
Assistant Director of Special
CESA #12
[email protected]
Adam Boldt
Director of Student Services
Arrowhead UHS
[email protected]
Neil Campbell
Director of Special Education
Argyle School District
[email protected]
Julie Lidbury
SPED Coordinator/School
Wisconsin Department of
[email protected]
Brian Lundgren
Special Education Director
New Auburn Schools
[email protected]
Emily Lynd
Director of Special Education/
School Psychologist
Wheatland J1
[email protected]
Kerrie McCullough
Supervisor of Special Education
Racine Unified School District
[email protected]
Margaret McMurray
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Kate Millan
Director of Special Education
Goodman-Armstrong Creek School
[email protected]
Nico Mittnacht
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Jim Nelson
Transition/Assistive Technology
[email protected]
Sarah Newberry
Director of Special Education &
Pupil Services
Kaukauna Area School District
[email protected]
Erikke Nystrom-Grothaus
Pupil Services Director
Monticello Public Schools
[email protected]
Sheryl Thormann
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Pupil Services Director
Pepin Area School District
[email protected]
Monica Veitch
Special Education Coordinator
Milwaukee Academy of Science
[email protected]
Holly Rabe
School Psychologist and Special
Education Coordinator
[email protected]
Deb Wall
[email protected]
Angie Sanderfoot
Director of Special Education
Reedsville School District
[email protected]
Elizabeth Simpson
Director of Special Education
Seeds of Health
[email protected]
Karen Smith
Director of Pupil Services
Shawano School District
[email protected]
Robyn Spencer-Beck
Regional Services Network Director
CESA #11
[email protected]
Carolyn Stanford Taylor
Assistant Superintendent
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Mary Stelter
Director of Pupil Services
Parkview School District
[email protected]
Special Education Coordinator
Sauk Prairie School District
[email protected]
Sue Weisse
Director of Special Education Slinger School District
[email protected]
Jayne Werner
Wisconsin DPI
[email protected]
Michelle Zagozen
Director of Pupil Services
School District of Durand
[email protected]
Tara Zeal
Director of Special Education &
Pupil Services
Clintonville School District
[email protected]