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Mike McCarthy
By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa
hroughout the course of his accomplished career,
Mike McCarthy focused primarily on nationallyrecognized banking institutions. As an executive
focused on consumer direct sales, branding and marketing,
he led successful lending teams in meeting the ongoing
needs of consumers and industry partners. For two
decades, Mike’s solid leadership and creative problemsolving skills allowed him to flourish professionally. But
when the industry succumbed to the financial devastation
that was affecting markets worldwide, he found himself
in search of something new. Kinecta Federal Credit
Union wasn’t just another financial organization; it
was a thriving entity established by and for member
clients, a place built upon a platform of member service,
where “doing the right thing” wasn’t just a slogan but
a cornerstone of success. Today, Mike reveals how
Kinecta has impacted his professional outlook and how
the organization is making tremendous strides within the
real estate lending arena.
“The essence of the credit union is often overlooked,”
he explains. “At our core, Kinecta is about serving our
members and providing critical products designed to
address and meet their financial needs.” The core of
the credit union, a relationship-driven platform, is being
embraced around the country by consumers who have
tired of transactional business practices. “In the last five
years, credit unions have increased their mortgage lending
shares by six percent,” Mike notes. “Our increased
market action is a direct reflection of the changing
perspectives of consumers and industry professionals,
who seek something beyond a single loan or service.”
With over 70 years in the industry, Kinecta is wellpositioned to understand the evolving needs of an
increasingly savvy consumer base. More tech-savvy
than ever, home buyers are seeking options that are at
once convenient and effective, streamlined processes
that save time and money. They’re also looking, notes
Mike, for personalized and attentive care. “Customer
service has become grossly overlooked in our industry,
and consumers have become frustrated with constant
changes as big banks have gone through multiple mergers
and acquisitions. We can’t forget that at the heart of a
financial transaction is an individual with very specific
goals and needs.”
Formed over 70 years ago as Hughes Aircraft Employees
Federal Credit Union, Kinecta has blossomed into a
bustling organization with a significant presence. Kinecta
is one of the leading credit unions in the nation, with over
$3.2 billion in assets and the capacity to close loans in
25 states. The credit union’s responsive and adaptive
nature has allowed it to flourish quietly and steadily,
to establish itself as a solid resource for consumers and
business partners at every real estate market point. “Our
origination growth is up one hundred percent from 2011,”
notes Mike. “We have been well positioned to take
advantage of the current market opportunity with record
low interest rates while maintaining our relationshipdriven approach to business with our members.”
While Kinecta is gaining a foothold in the residential
lending marketplace, the credit union offers a full spectrum
of financial products and services designed to add value to
members and professional partners. Traditional banking,
automotive loans, credit cards, and personal investment
options including share certificates and IRAs are available
in addition to purchase and refinance packages. And
membership at Kinecta, notes Mike, is open to the general
public. “It’s an easy process, and it opens the door to a
comprehensive financial platform,” he says.
Consistently providing value-added service is one of
Kinecta’s ongoing objectives, and the credit union is
accomplishing that through a number of venues. The
organization has embraced technology and is constantly
evaluating tools, systems and products that will facilitate a
consumer-friendly experience for its members. Explains
Mike, “We don’t take our member business for granted.
At Kinecta, we remain focused on building business
through great products and services. We are highly
responsive to the needs of our members and business
partners, and continue to identify new solutions that will
allow us to facilitate successful transactions.”
Mike, who oversees mortgage operations and leads
the retail sales force of over 100 lending consultants, is
enthusiastic about the ongoing growth and success of
Kinecta Federal Credit Union, its members and business
partners. “We’ve got great people here, who really believe
in Kinecta’s approach of a foundation based on member
service and building clients through relationship-driven
business,” he says. “We are very well positioned for
ongoing success.”
Mike McCarthy
Kinecta Federal Credit Union
4041 MacArthur Blvd. Ste. 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
[email protected]
NMLS ID 440921
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