June 2013 - Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists



June 2013 - Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Magazine
Issue 25
June 2013
In this issue:
Classifieds I
Meetings etc.
Group activities
Chair’s Corner
Events Officer
Colchester M/C Show 8
Membership Report
Tenpin bowling
Interlude I
HoP & London Eye
Charity Days
Testing and Training 22
Paul’s Clinic
Members’ small ads 23
ERAM necktubes
Interlude II
Diary dates 2013
Classifieds II
Colchester Motorcycle Show:
visitors find it difficult to resist Sue’s
persuasive sales techniques!
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
Page 2
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Junel 2013
Classifieds I
Total Advanced Training
Advanced motorcycle training
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07813 167749
Based in Essex, we provide professional advanced
motorcycle training for London and the South East.
We offer a range of post-test courses from ‘back to
biking,’ which is aimed at confidence building,
through to riders wishing to undertake the highest
advanced qualification; namely, the RoSPA Gold.
The Chief Instructor, Mick Jones, is a highly respected and qualified
retired police motorcyclist holding advanced IAM and RoSPA Gold
qualifications. He is a Driving Standards Agency qualified instructor
and a member of the Driving Instructors Association. He holds a
Diploma in advanced tuition and is currently a Regional RoSPA
Examiner and a Bike Safe Assessor. Training will be conducted by
Mick in person or other suitably qualified instructors.
We provide excellent tuition and use state of the art technology with a
camera bike filming the training. For a small fee, a personalised DVD
can be produced for riders to view their achievement. Total
Advanced is the only training company recognised by Equity Red Star
Insurance who will discount riders who achieve our advanced
accreditation qualification.
Prices range from £50 - £160 for a full day’s training.
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Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
June 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Hello - and welcome to the 25th issue of RoSPA Riders.
This edition has some different content, as it is the first to be published after
Sue has organised her first events and, if the level of satisfaction is anything
to go by, it looks like we could be having more of those before long!
As Smurf mentions in one of her columns, the summer has officially arrived
and when this magazine is delivered, it will be nearly midsummer’s day. I
know there is (some) debate about the effects of global warming and
climate change and that this has been going on for years now, but the old
expression ‘flaming June’ has rather changed its meaning from a
description of the weather to be expected, to an ironic curse that it isn’t
any more. For more years than I care to think of now, I have said to Mara
that we seem to have this every year. In addition, I can’t remember the last
time I slept in the summer on evenings that were so hot that bed covering
had to be reduced to a minimum in order to get comfortable.
Largely owing to the weather, Mara and I have only been on one trip
together this year – and that wasn’t very far – we revisited the aircraft
museum at Flixton and we had lunch at the delightful Earsham Street Café
in Bungay (excellent reviews on Trip Advisor). The parking is not good, but if I
had known that Flixton Garden Centre houses their sister café, the Three
Willows, we might have gone there. Anyway – let’s hope that the weather
picks up in July, ‘cos:
Full address and phone number details will be emailed to all - ‘Ead ‘Itter.
Disclaimer Notice: The articles published herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclist
Group. They are the opinions of individual contributors and are published with a view that free expression promotes discussion and
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
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RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Junel 2013
Meetings etc.
Group activities
Group social
19:30 on the 3rd Thursday of the month, February December.
Essex Police Sports Pavilion, St Margaret's Road,
Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6DN.
Group annual
Christmas dinner? Bah – humbug. Join us on the 3rd
Thursday in January for an evening of variety: chicken
chunder, posh nosh or bargain burgers? You choose.
Propose a venue and we’ll vote on it!
Group social
09:30 on the 3rd Sunday of the month, 9:30 a.m. at
Boreham (BP) Services, CM2 5PY
If there are any changes or additions, meeting places
and/or times will be announced at Group Night. For
most up to date information, please see our website
and/or our newsletter.
Please contact the Editor to change contents.
Personal small ads are free to members. Please send
them to the Editor.
Sandra Murphy
[email protected]
Jaques DeKlerk
[email protected]
Solveig Hart
[email protected]
Sandra Murphy
[email protected]
Paul Collins
[email protected]
Steve Bancroft
[email protected]
Ride co-ordinator
Richard Parker
[email protected]
Newsletter editor
Steve Webb
Gary Carter
Peter Layley
Phil Reader
George Brown
Sue Whitford
Dimitar Kehayov
Ashley John
[email protected]
Life Member
Deputy training officer
Social Events
Page 5
June 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Chair’s Corner
Allegedly, summer is here. Typical that we have
had some nice weather and, just as I’m about to
go away on the bike, it changes! I hope that a lot
of you managed to get away, or out on your bikes
while it was sunny.
We attended the Essex Motorcycle Show at
Colchester and have received some new members
from that, so welcome to you if you are one of
them. I would like to pass on thanks to all those who
helped represent the group on the stand, and
especially Gary Carter who took charge of the
event promotional material and gazebo.
We have also held a couple of the new social events that Sue Whitford has
arranged. The bowling was well attended, but I understand that Sue and
Richard may have had a little more experience at bowling than they let on
– they have their own bowling balls. Great value for money as it was half
price Tuesday. Although I was unable to attend, word is that this was a
great evening where it gave an opportunity for members to have a chat
and a giggle.
I did manage to attend the Houses of Parliament tour and the flight on the
London Eye. This was very enjoyable and pardon the pun, an eye opener!
The tour guide at the Houses of Parliament gave us lots of information,
much of which took us back to our school days and history lessons. I’m
certainly looking forward to the Buckingham Palace tour. Please let Sue
know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending any of the social
Talking of social – don’t forget the monthly social rides on the 3rd Sunday of
the month. Richard Parker and other members work hard to arrange these
rides for you, so please try to attend them.
And finally, Jaques and I attended the RoADAR regional meeting recently.
It was good to speak with other groups (car and bikes). There was Head
Office representation from Bob Smalley (Chief Examiner) and Amy Brant
(Events and RoADAR Project Manager) who listened to what we had to say
and took away some suggestions we gave for improvements. A couple of
important points that came out of the meeting were that Head Office has
made improvements to the process for test applications. This means that
members shouldn’t be left waiting for ages before being contacted by a
local examiner. So please let me know if you find this is not the case.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Page 6
Junel 2013
The other interesting point was that there is a new edition of Roadcraft to
be published in August. This was still in draft form at the time of the meeting,
so we didn’t get full details of the revisions. As soon as I have these I will let
you know.
Events Officer
Forthcoming Social Events
1. Buckingham Palace Tour:
For those with ideas above your station, how
about a tour of one of the most opulent
residences in London - Buckingham Palace?!
When - Saturday September 7th 9.30am - I
know it's early but it does get busy - but it will
give you time to play tourist somewhere else.
Cost - £19 adults / £17.50 over 60 / £10.85 child
There is a £1.25 booking fee in addition for
each ticket - I didn't know this until I tried book!
This may seem expensive BUT if you get your
ticket stamped as you leave, it turns into a one-year pass giving 12 months’
complimentary admission to the Palace. This pass is valid for a year from the
date of your first visit.
The tour includes all the State Rooms and Picture Gallery as well the Throne
Room. Each year a special exhibition is laid on - last year it was Diamonds.
This year the theme is 'The Queen's Coronation' - a spectacular array of
dress, uniform and robes worn by the principal royal party will be shown.
Works of art, paintings and objects used on the day will also be on display
to recreate the atmosphere of that extraordinary occasion.
The tour takes about 1 - 1.5 hours depending on how slowly you go.
Your get an audio guide for the tour, which works really well - very
informative and makes the tour quiet so you can soak up the surroundings.
At the end of the tour, have coffee and cake on the cafe on the terrace
overlooking the lawn! Then buy your souvenirs before leaving.
Page 7
June 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
If you are interested, let me know by replying to the thread on the website
or emailing me at [email protected]
As usual, if you say that are going to this event and a ticket is purchased for
you, you will be liable for the cost if you don't get someone to take your
Some have already indicated interest but I would like to get this booked
2. Slot Car Racing
This is still in planning stage as I have
not had enough confirmed interest to
book a date - again if you are
interested let me know via the
website or email. (All the details on
the ERAM website)
Once I get enough I can sort out a
3. Clay Pigeon Shooting
I still plan to organise this and have
had some interest but this will now be
later in the year as I still need to
check out the venue.
If you have anything you would like
me to organise - let me know.
Sue Whitford
I’d just like to add that, judging by the events and the appreciation
expressed so far, there will be many happy punters in future! – Ed.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Page 8
Junel 2013
Colchester M/C Show
“Be there by 8:30 to get set up and ready for the 9:00 start” I was told. I did
as bid and found myself on my tod, wondering if I had got the wrong date
(well, I obviously hadn’t, as I was surrounded by stallholders all set up and
raring to meet the happy punters). The only trouble was, there was no tent,
no goods and no other helpers.
I was starting to wonder what to do, and then Gary and Alan turned up
with the necessary. From there on, it didn’t take much time at all to get set
up and we got on with spreading the good word.
It was quite a good day and there seemed to be much interest in the club
and a couple of people signed up then or later, so it was worth the trip.
Next year, it would be nice to see if we could book a spot further away from
the band. The music wasn’t bad, just way too loud…
- Ed.
Page 9
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
June 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Membership Report
The membership figures are healthy again –
76% of members who had joined before
September 2012 have renewed.
More positive news; we now have a new
process whereby one of our tutors (Jaques)
is taking out new associates on the waiting
list so that they can start some training
rather than be sat waiting for the next
available Tutor. This is working well and is
ensuring that new associates get an
assessment ride within a month of joining
the group.
We are now up to 16 new joiners this year - not one of them female! In fact,
we only have seven female members in total, so do you know any female
riders who could benefit from joining ERAM?
Membership figures as at 10th June are:
Associates Full
Welcome to the following new members:
Colin Chenery, John Marsters, Thomas McGeehan, Grant Weitsz, Martyn
McKean, Andrew James
Congratulations to the following for their test passes:
Steve Williams
Geoff Preston Mark Anderson
Peter Layley
Diploma* N/A
Paul Roberts
*Denotes Retest
Don’t forget to let me know if you have passed your test recently; this also
includes any retests.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
Page 10
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Junel 2013
Tenpin bowling
By Sue
As this was the first Social event that I had organised for the group I must
admit I was a bit nervous as to how the evening would go – but I had
played a little bit safe and had chosen something I was familiar with.
I was grateful that all who had booked turned up and then we set about
getting shoes – and grateful also, that they had size 16s available for Colin!
Next job was for everyone to sort out their balls – bowling balls –please!
Making sure that you have the right weight and that you can get your
Page 11
June 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
fingers in the holes is key (I can hear you all sniggering!) For some of the
guys this was a challenge as they don’t cater for extra-large! And, just
because Richard and I turned up with our own shoes and balls we weren’t
cheating – honest.
Once the 12 had been split into two groups of six on the lanes it made for
some healthy competition amongst the couples – battle commenced.
The first ball of the evening was mine with rather embarrassingly went
straight down the gulley! Not an auspicious start. Jacques had the best start
with a strike as an opener (for those not familiar with bowling a strike is
getting all ten pins down with one ball). Richard and Constance were next
to strike with Richard following his with two more! Don’t you hate a show
off? By the end of the first game Jacques had another strike to his name
with Colin joining the ranks and I picked up two. Everyone was now getting
into the flow and by the end of the first game; some very respectable
scores were being made with spares being picked more frequently. (A
spare is when you get all ten pins with two balls).
Some interesting throwing techniques were emerging and we really
needed to video the evening but hopefully the photos can convey some of
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Page 12
Junel 2013
the more interesting positions. At least no one ended up throwing
themselves down the alley – almost.
Constance was the star of Team 27 on the first game with a score of 110
and Jacques of Team 28 with 126 (we won’t mention Richard got 157).
The alley was now starting to get a bit busier but considering it was a half
price evening it was still fairly quiet.
At the start of Game 2, Keith certainly upped his game opening with a strike
as did Roger on the other lane. After that, there was no stopping Keith,
racking up another strike, and picking up the spares later finishing on 125.
Phil also broke the 100. Most improved their scores on the second game
and those who didn’t will have chance to next time.
From the feedback from the evening – we will certainly be going back.
My performance was appalling; after I reported such to Mara when I got
home, she said – ‘Oh, that’s a shame, you used to be quite good at it’. At
least she confirmed my suspicions, although no-one would believe it on the
evidence presented… - Ed.
Page 13
June 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
On a trip down to Spa many years ago. I can just see the reviews:
“uncomfortable experience…”
Interlude I
Er - what? Is there a longer one somewhere? For lorries perhaps? Or buses?
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Page 14
Junel 2013
HoP & London Eye
House of Parliament Tour & London Eye – Saturday June 1st
I had thought that Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square was an
appropriate place to meet to start the tour – one of our greatest Prime
Ministers and somewhere that no one could miss!
It was lucky that I had booked the tour for mid-morning as in town that day
was the rehearsal for Trooping of the Colour so roads around the Palace
and Horse Guards had closed; an EDL march was planned for later in the
day in Whitehall and the protesters against the badger cull were also
marching along Milbank to Parliament Square at around lunchtime.
The day was warm and dry, if a little overcast, and almost all made it to the
Square. We went in at the Cromwell Green entrance and had to go
through airport style security, passing a very serious looking armed
policeman. Once we had been deemed safe, we entered the vast
Westminster Hall to meet our guide. The Hall is the oldest part of the building
dating from the 11th Century and has seen everything from great state
banquets, speeches and was where the Queen Mother lay in state after her
Page 15
June 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
death. A new stained glass window is waiting to installation to mark the
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
Owen, a Blue Badge guide of 20 years, drew the short straw and got our
group of 19, plus a few others, making 25 in all. At any one time there can
be 30 groups touring the Houses of Parliament during the summer opening
and tours are done in other languages as well!
It soon became apparent that we had a guide who was not only incredibly
knowledgeable but also had a sense of humour. There were some simple
rules and they all started with ‘No’:
No photos
No chewing gum
No hats – which meant Lee had to take his baseball cap off!, &
No sitting down anywhere unless told to.
We were led through the House to start the tour at the Norman Porch where
the Queen arrives for the State Opening, and then into the Queen’s Robing
Room which was stunning. You will have to take my word for it as we
couldn’t take photos! From there we went into the Royal Gallery, which was
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Page 16
Junel 2013
not only ornately decorated but, as the name suggests, full of art of past
Royalty. Owen gave us the history of the building – which had started in the
11th Century as a Palace and only began to be used by Parliament in the
16th Century.
From there we went through the Prince’s Chamber into the House of Lords
which is dominated by the Throne and its surroundings where the Queen sits
during her Speech. Tempting though it was, we weren’t allowed to sit on
the red leather benches (red for the Lords, green for the Commons!).
We then went through the Peers Lobby and Corridor into the Central Lobby
which is where news crews film, and then into the Commons Corridor and
finally into the House of Commons.
Owen came up with so many fascinating facts and anecdotes that I could
fill the magazine with them. (No one is stopping you – Ed.) We also learnt
where some common sayings that we use came from such a ‘3 line whip’
and the word ‘lobbying’.
The Commons Chamber with its green pews was much plainer and smaller
than you imagine it to be but with beautiful wood panel carving all around
it. Just before we entered the chamber we were given a lesson on how the
voting is carried out in rooms either side, and a rare chance to sit down!
Owen got Zane and a child from the other group to act as counting MPs as
we all went through the doors to show how the No’s or the Aye’s are
counted for votes.
The final room on the tour was St Stephen’s Hall, which is currently
undergoing renovation work. It was the original Commons Chamber from
the 16th Century until the fire of 1834.
After passing the inevitable gift shop we returned to Westminster Hall and
after a few photos and thanking Owen, we descended on the Cafe for a
breather before the next event.
We were all very impressed with the tour and it went into a lot more detail
that I had anticipated.
Well worth doing.
Page 17
June 2013
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Those of us that were on the next leg of the day battled towards the
London Eye against the tide of tourists and crossed Westminster Bridge.
Some of those who weren’t joining us were planning a leisurely boat trip
down to Greenwich. The South Bank was heaving – but then in a small area
there is not only the Eye, but the London Aquarium, the London Dungeon, a
McDonalds and the pier for River Boat cruises. You also have street theatre
going on nearby as well as other various attractions. And it was the end of
half term.
Our tickets for the Eye included a 4D Cinema experience first – wasn’t sure
what to expect of this, but it was interesting! I’ll leave it at that.
Our tickets were for 2.30pm so we joined the queue, which seemed to go
on forever, as advised at 2.00pm – and it did take the full 30 minutes to get
onto the Eye but at least we all managed to get in the same capsule!
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Two trips in one view – Ed.
Page 18
Junel 2013
Page 19
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
June 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
As we slowly rose, the full panorama of London and beyond unfolded and
you could see everyone trying to identify well-known landmarks, snapping
away with cameras. The ride was actually quite smooth and you couldn’t
really feel any movement. All too soon, we were at the very top and could
see for about for about 25 miles in every direction. Everyone on the ground
looked very small.
I think some in the capsule were glad when we started descending and
finally had feet back on solid ground.
As we parted, I think everyone agreed it had been a good day out,
hopefully enjoyable, something different and ready to take part in another
social event!
See you all at the next one.........
George, Mara and I boarded our boat at about the time the rest of the trip
were due to go on the Eye. We rather hoped that there would be a shot of
us shivering on the top deck, viewed from above. – Ed.
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Page 20
Junel 2013
Page 21
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
June 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Charity Days
Our incredibly exciting high octane
track day is back with a brand new
venue, allowing you to really enjoy
some of the world's most exotic
cars up close and personal.
Featuring Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren and
many more. Come along and let the drivers show you what
these amazing cars are capable of and have the ride
experience of your life!
With a classic car show, food, live music, shows and fair
rides, this is the event not to be missed. Finish off your
summer in style and join us for the Little Havens Petrol
23rd June 2013, Chelmsford
Join us in the saddle this
endurance on our 60 or 25
mile courses – both brand new
routes for 2013 - or take it
easy on our family and child
friendly 10 mile jaunt along
cycle paths. With fun for all the
family there are attractions on
site and refreshments on
15th September 2013
09:30 - 17:00
North Weald Airfield, Essex, CM16 6HR
Our scratch cards are on
sale for just £1 in aid of
hundreds of prizes ranging
from £1 to the jackpot £1,000.
available for you to buy in one
of our charity shops. Why not
pass on the chance of
winning? Use the scratch
cards as a unique gift for
family and friends.
8th Sept 2013, London
Run to the Beat powered by
Nike+ is more than just a
running event. With top DJ’s
tunes as you eat up the miles
and a euphoric set from the
headline act to look forward to
at the finish line, the
atmosphere on the day will be
Stuart House, 47 Second Avenue, Westcliff on Sea Essex SS0 8HX
Telephone: 01702 220350 Fax: 01702 22035
RCN 1022119 Company Number 2805007
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Page 22
Junel 2013
Testing and Training
RoSPA Advanced Tutor Training
Tutor training will be provided by the Group’s Advanced Tutors on a
structured three-day programme. Interested Gold and Silver RoSPA Riders
can train to become approved tutors and share their skills and experience
by helping to train associates.
This is a worthwhile exercise and has many benefits other than the obvious
ones. It may be that you haven’t ever considered tutoring others and,
possibly, you don’t think you are suitable for the task. Please don’t let that
put you off - give it some consideration. You may well find that you have
hidden talents and that you find you enjoy helping others to become as
good as you are after all, you will have obtained a Silver or Gold in the first
Talk to Paul Collins or Phil Reader at a group night or contact Paul on his
public email address: [email protected]
Test ready?
Has your tutor advised you are test ready? If so, Smurf has a supply of test
application forms.
You can also obtain these from RoSPA HQ or download from the website.
The full link address is http://www.roadar.org/drivers/info/membershipapplication-form.doc. If you are not reading this on a PC, go to
www.roadar.org and follow the link.
If you submit your application through the Group, ERAM can claim £3 from
HQ towards Group funds. Please make a cheque out to Essex RoSPA
Advanced Motorcyclists for £54.
Paul’s Clinic
No, nothing to do with unmentionable diseases, but an offer from the club
(and Paul Collins) to assist with any matters of riding that can be addressed
by demonstration or examination at the club premises.
If you have any queries, or you would like some advice on aspects of slow
riding, U-turns or other topics, please let Paul know and it can be addressed
‘offline’ – either in a corner somewhere or possibly in the club car park. It is
sometimes better to have a one-to-one and, if practical demos are called
for on some subjects, it is better to be able to deal with the bike, rather than
verbally or on paper. Don’t be afraid to ask…
Page 23
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
June 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Members’ small ads
That page heading is not a euphemism! It is an opportunity for you to sell
those unwanted items, or plead for where you might be able to buy those
hard to find items (or hope someone will take pity on you and offer them for
free, á la Freecycle…)
Blank – for your special wishes!
For sale
Plenty, probably – you just have to list it!
If you would like to buy a polo shirt or sweatshirt embroidered with our
group logo please speak to Dimitar or Sandra at group night, or post a
message on the forum of www.rospariders.co.uk
Samples are available to look at but other sizes, styles and colours can be
ordered from our catalogue. Prices vary according to choice of garment.
Buying and wearing the Regalia is for a good cause as it supports
Advanced Motorcycling which we all love. Thank you for your support!
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
Page 24
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Junel 2013
ERAM necktubes
necktubes. £11!
The material is 2-way stretch
that retains its original shape
after use. It is a breathable
fabric that wicks moisture away
from the skin, so is therefore
cool in the summer and warm
in the winter. It is extremely
comfortable to wear and looks
The printing is digital and the
SILVERPLUS® which provides
99.9% antimicrobial protection to the wearer that does not wash out, so is
hygienic and fresh at all times. The fabric is also machine washable and
colours are not susceptible to fading. They are handmade with seamed
Interlude II
Page 25
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
June 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
SUNDAY 4th AUGUST 2013 10am–5pm
All motorcycles welcome:
Veteran, vintage, classics,
racing, cruisers, scooters,
(Free entry to exhibitors)
Bike equipment and jumble
stalls welcome
(Pitches £22)
Trials riding demonstrations, live band, beer tent, food, stalls &
bouncy castle. Museum and tearoom open with working historic
machinery and mini steam train rides.
The bar will be open on Saturday night to stallholders & clubs
camping overnight. £5 pitch fee booked in advance.
Admission: Adults £6.00, Seniors £5.00, Children 0-11 free
For further details contact Mick on tel. 07762 889408 or e-mail
[email protected]
Entry forms available at www.museumofpower.org.uk
Museum of Power
Hatfield Road, Langford near Maldon Essex CM9 6QA
Charity no. 1087459
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Page 26
Junel 2013
Diary dates 2013
Date Event information
2nd MotoGP Round 6: Mugello
14th-16th BSB Knockhill
16th MotoGP Round 7:
27th Group Night – First Aid for
29th MotoGP Round 8: Assen
5th-7th BSB Snetterton 300
7th MotoGP Round 9:
18th Social evening @ Steve &
19th-21st BSB Brands Hatch GP
21st MotoGP Round 10:
Laguna Seca
Aug 4th Bike meet at Langford
Museum of Power (see advert
9th-11th BSB Oulton Park
Cheshire Triple Header
18th MotoGP Round 11:
24th-26th BSB Cadwell Park
25th MotoGP Round 12: Brno
Sep 1st MotoGP Round 13:
6th-8th BSB Donington Park GP
8th Essex Air Ambulance Run
15th MotoGP Round 14:
15th Little havens Track day –
Date Event information
North Weald
20th-22nd BSB Assen The
29th MotoGP Round 15:
30th Copdock Motorcycle
Oct 4th-6th BSB Silverstone GP
13th MotoGP Round 16:
18th-20th BSB Brands Hatch GP
Kent Triple Header
20th MotoGP Round 17: Phillip
27th MotoGP Round 18:
Nov 10th MotoGP Round 19:
Got any dates you want to add, remind or
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Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
June 2013
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Classifieds II
Paul Collins is Chief Instructor and owner of his own advanced rider training
school Perfect Control. The school specialises in advanced riding skill tuition
and all post-test motorcycle rider training. Using radio communications,
Perfect Control give on-road, real time tuition, with advice and correction
given at breaks in road sessions, skills check sessions, briefings and session
critiques. Structured training courses are: Back-2-Bikes, skills improvement
training, DSA enhanced rider scheme, advanced riding techniques and
training to RoSPA, IAM and DIA standards. Perfect Control offers great
opportunities for riders of all abilities to improve their skills and continue their
Mob: 07941 803043
Email: [email protected]
Essex RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists
RoSPA Riders Issue 25
Junel 2013
01702 338843, or [email protected]
Keys cut for bikes, cars and domestic
Motorcycle physical security products
Locks and safes supplied and fitted
Advice freely given
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Tank bags, tank covers and accessories

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