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Aug. 22, 2013 - The Trussville Tribune
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Thursday, August 22, 2013
School board approves ‘lean’ budget for 2014
by Gary Lloyd
The Trussville City Board of Education on Monday approved its budget
for the 2014 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1 and runs through Sept. 30,
The budget will be an “extreme,
lean” budget, said Trussville City
Schools Assistant Superintendent for
Business and Operations Jim Kirkland.
The budget projects budgeted revenues and other fund sources Oct. 1
of $8,459,810 and a budgeted expenditures and other fund uses Sept. 30,
2014, of $9,980,147.05. That difference of $1,520,337.05 is about $1
million less than a year ago. Kirkland
said that means the school system is
reducing its deficit spending by about
$1 million compared to last year. This
would leave the budgeted ending fund
balance on Sept. 30, 2014, at $7,329,
Kirkland said the school system
has reduced its deficit spending despite approving a 1 percent pay raise
for the 2013-2014 school year earlier
this summer. The Alabama Senate approved a 2 percent pay raise for K-12
education employees in May.
The 1 percent pay raise the board
approved equates to $235,638 and is
all Trussville City Schools funding,
Superintendent Pattie Neill said in
“That’s big,” Kirkland said.
Neill said despite decreasing the
school system’s budget, increasing the
teachers’ pay feels like the system got
a raise.
“That’s incredible,” Neill said.
The budget projects enrollment at
Hewitt-Trussville High School to be
1,365, at Hewitt-Trussville Middle
School to be 997, at Paine Intermediate School to be 952 and at Paine Primary School to be 858. It states that
the average teaching experience for a
Trussville City Schools teacher is 13
Kirkland said the approved budget
is a “straightforward budget.” Board
President Bill Roberts said that after
this year, the school system will still
have a “healthy reserve,” though he
hopes that two budget approvals from
now Trussville City Schools will have
a balanced budget. Kirkland said that’s
a possibility, assuming no unforeseen
circumstances or state proration.
Monthly financial reports are available at www.trussvillecityschools.
Contact Gary Lloyd at [email protected] and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
2 Hewitt-Trussville
approves teachers travel to
Uganda for nonprofit
sales tax
by Erik Harris
file photo
Clay City Hall
we really learned after this last
tornado that that’s very important. To keep from having to go
another half-a-million dollars in
debt, if we get hit with another
tornado, I would like to have
[that money] in the bank. I want
see CLAY page A-2
by Scott Buttram
Youth evangelist Matt Pitt has
been arrested.
The Basement founder was arrested at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday
on 20th Street near Vulcan after
he ran from law enforcement and
then struggled with officers before being handcuffed. He was
taken into custody on a warrant
for impersonating a peace officer.
The Jefferson County Sheriff’s
For The Tribune
The Clay City Council on
Monday voted to increase the
city’s sales tax by two cents.
Shoppers in Clay will now pay
a 10 percent tax on every dollar
spent. This is the first time sales
taxes have fluctuated in Clay
since 2003.
Ten percent of the increase will
be designated to Clay’s schools,
35 percent will go towards public safety and the remaining 55
percent will be reserved for the
city’s budget.
Mayor Charles Webster believes this decision will provide
Clay with some much-needed
emergency money that could
prevent debt in the future.
“One of my biggest things is
putting some emergency money
back,” Webster said. “We’ve
never had that in the past and
Matt Pitt
photo courtesy of Chris Bond
A Ugandan man crouches near a Designs For Hope bicycle.
by Gary Lloyd
Two Hewitt-Trussville High School teachers last month led a team of 15 people to
Uganda to provide basic necessities such as
electricity and water.
It was the inaugural overseas trip for Designs For Hope, a nonprofit organization
founded by teachers Chris Bond and Matthew Michalke.
Bond called the 12-day trip “a milestone
and a huge success.”
Bond and Michalke, both engineering
teachers, formed the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization two years ago after realizing that
25 percent of the world’s population lacked
basic electricity.
“More than an inconvenience, this means
working and learning all but stop when the
sun goes down,” Bond said. “Reading, washing and sewing require burning expensive
fuel for light. News that could travel via radio, phone or Internet never reaches these regions. In sub-Saharan Africa, the least electrified part of the world, 70 percent of people
live in the dark. Other unwired regions include parts of rural Asia, Latin America and
the Middle East.”
Bicycles, however, are available in abundance in Uganda, at a 100-to-1 ratio to cars.
Bond said the engineers at Designs For
Hope have found a way to harness the energy spent from daily bicycle transportation to
successfully charge a battery, which in turn
gives light to a once dark world.
To help eradicate this problem, the design team not only created a product to store
electrical energy, but also provided a reliable
means to create it for people in some of the
poorest countries of the world.
The design is relatively simple: Use the
rotational energy of the bicycle tire to turn
a generator, which then creates an electrical
current that is conditioned with an electrical
circuit and stored in a battery that is mounted to the bicycle. Once charged, this battery
can then be taken into the home of the rider
and used to power lights and radios, and to
charge cell phones.
Designs For Hope carried 52 bicycle generator kits to local pastors in the surround-
photo courtesy of Jefferson County
Sheriff’s Office
Matt Pitt
Office had developed information
that indicated Pitt was at a local
television station.
The information was relayed
to sheriff’s patrol units and the
Birmingham Police Department.
Birmingham police arrived and
located Pitt. When he saw the
officers, Pitt fled on foot with
Birmingham police officers and
sheriff’s deputies in pursuit, said
Jefferson County Chief Deputy
Randy Christian. He ran toward
the area of Vulcan near the overlook. He was captured near 20th
Street South.
The Jefferson County District
see UGANDA page A-3
see PITT page A-3
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Page A-2 • August 22, 2013
Budget hearing in Trussville tonight
by Gary Lloyd
The Trussville City
Council and heads of
various city departments will meet today
to discuss the next fiscal
year’s budget for the city
and departments.
The discussion is
scheduled for 5:30 p.m.
at Trussville City Hall.
No budget approval
for the next fiscal year
will take place, as that
must happen in a formal
city council meeting.
Earlier this month,
city officials said Trussville has received $15.9
million in sales tax with
two months left in this
fiscal year. Officials had
projected $17 million to
come in this year.
CLAY continued from page A-1
to get some money back
in savings.”
Overall, the increased
taxes are likely to generate another $800,000 to
$1 million annually for
the city of Clay. With
10 percent of that going
toward the schools -roughly $100,000 -- the
council hopes to create
better opportunities for
the students.
“Rather it be security
or upgrading computer
labs, we want to do this
in a way that will help
our schools,” Webster
Webster also said that
he is committed to providing programs for kids
that choose not to go to
college. He wants to give
them the availability to
learn a trade. A school
committee is currently
working toward providing such classes.
With the projected
$350,000 of extra funds
going toward public
safety, the city should
have no problems creating a safer community.
Webster said he realizes that the increase might
alarm some citizens, but
has faith that the people
of Clay will stay loyal
to their city and remain
shopping locally.
“I don’t want to discourage them from shopping in Clay,” Webster
said. “If they go to Trussville, they’re going to
spend 10 percent. Why
not want to spend 10 percent in your own city?”
The city council was
also considering a 5-mill
property tax, which
would have generated
about $500,000 per year
for the city, but it was removed from the agenda
after a 3-2 council vote.
The city council also
approved a proclamation
declaring September as
National Preparedness
Month. With this, the city
hopes to increase awareness about how to react
to emergencies. Natural
disasters, such as tornadoes, often catch people
off guard and leave them
confused about what actions need to be taken to
ensure their safety and
the safety of others. For
more information, visit
by Gary Lloyd
Leadership and Success
and will graduate this
school year.
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Trussville native earns
3 scholarships
A Trussville native has
earned three scholarships from the Alabama
Division United Daughters of the Confederacy.
earned the three scholarwww.PeeWeesPawn.
for the 2013-2014
school year
at Auburn
She is a member of
the National Society of
City Clerk Lynn Porter said the city could
receive another $2.5 million to $3 million in the
final two months of the
fiscal year. The fiscal
year ends Sept. 30.
$17.39 million in sales
tax in 2012. During the
2010-2011 fiscal year,
prior to the city increasing its sales tax from 2
cents to 3 cents, Trussville earned $11.91 million in sales tax. Prior to
the decline of the economy, the city received
$13.43 million in sales
tax revenue for the 20062007 fiscal year. Trussville earned $12.77 million in sales tax revenue
by Gary Lloyd
The city of Trussville
in 2005 issued 421 residential building permits
for the construction of
new homes, the most of
any year since 1988.
After 2005, the economy worsened, and the
housing bubble burst.
In 2006, Trussville issued 361 permits, and
197 in 2007. The city issued just 89 permits in
2008, 85 in 2009, 66 in
ginni g
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four permits were issued
per month. This year, it’s
been 16 to 18 per month,
Porter said.
Last month, the Trussville Planning and Zoning Board approved 44
new residential lots in
Stockton Place and seven in Brooke’s Crossing,
two subdivisions located
on opposite ends of U.S.
Highway 11.
2010 and just 45 in 2011.
In the five-year period
from 2003-2007, Trussville issued a total of
1,771 residential building permits. From 2008
through 2012, the city issued just 410.
That downward trend
is turning back upward.
Last year, 125 residential building permits
were issued. From January through July of this
year, 121 permits have
been issued. City Clerk
Lynn Porter said that
in recent years, three or
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for the 2007-2008 fiscal
Mayor Gene Melton
said the city needs to be
“as conservative as possible” with next year’s
“Next year is going to
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file photo by Ron Burkett
Trussville seeing increase
in new home construction
"Reader's Choice Finalist–Best
Michelle Dickey
be a tough year,” Melton
Porter said the city has
also received $1.4 million in property taxes
with an estimated $1.5
million for the year.
Trussville is not likely
to receive much more by
the end of the fiscal year,
though, as most comes in
earlier in the year.
The Trussville City
Council last September
approved a $31.7 million
budget for the 2012-2013
fiscal year. Revenues and
expenditures were both
budgeted to amount to
$25.3 million in the general fund, indicating a
balanced budget.
David Knox • 205-903-9089
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Page A-3 • August 22, 2013
‘Smoothest opening’ to school superintendent has seen
by Gary Lloyd
Trussville City Schools
Neill thought the phone
system was faulty.
It just wasn’t ringing
Monday, the first day of
school for area students.
Normally on the first
day of school, something,
multiple things, go wrong.
Neill used a cell phone to
call her office number, to
make sure it was working.
It immediately rang.
No one was calling because there were no problems.
“Today was the smoothest opening of school I’ve
ever seen,” Neill said
Monday at the Trussville
City Board of Education
Neill said the buses ran
“perfect, flawless.” Trussville City Schools Stu-
PITT continued from page A-1
Attorney last week issued
an arrest warrant for Pitt
on charges of impersonating an officer.
According to a statement from Christian, on
June 15 at about 6 p.m.,
deputies were called to
the 5200 block of Falling Creek Lane to investigate a report of a man
impersonating a law enforcement officer. It was
reported a suspicious vehicle was sitting in front
of the residence about
two hours earlier and the
resident had seen people
going back and forth between the vehicle and a
nearby wooded area. The
caller reported that he
went to investigate and
discovered a rifle hidden
at the edge of the woods.
The people he had seen
were nowhere around
the rifle. He then called
the sheriff’s office to report the discovery of the
“While he was waiting,
two men approached on
ATVs,” Christian said.
“One of the men retrieved
the weapon. The resident
told them that he had
called the sheriff’s office
about the weapon and
asked them what they
were doing. Neither was
able to provide a satisfactory answer. According to the witness, at this
point the suspect that had
retrieved the rifle presented himself as a law
enforcement officer. The
pair then drove off on the
ATVs. The witness did
not speak to them further
because he believed they
were law enforcement officers. The suspect was
later positively identified
as Larry Matthew Pitt.”
Christian said the case
was forwarded to the
Criminal Division to be
investigated, and on Aug.
14, detectives presented
the case to the District
Attorney and an arrest
warrant was issued for
30-year-old Larry Matthew Pitt for the charge
of impersonating a peace
officer. His bond was set
at $15,000.
Sheriff’s officials attempted to notify the suspect of the outstanding
warrant and the suspect
was reported to be out of
dent Support Coordinator
Mandi Logan was present
for one school’s fire drill,
and she said it went “very
HewittTrussville Middle School
Principal Lisa Berry said
her first day “was a very
good day.”
Things went smoothly
at Clay-Chalkville High
School on Monday, too.
“Had an awesome 1st
day back at CCHS!” Prin-
town. He is expected to
surrender on this charge
upon his return, Christian
Shelby County Circuit
Judge Dan Reaves revoked Pitt’s bond Friday
and issued a writ for his
arrest following the arrest
warrant issued by Jefferson County, according to
sources close to the situation. Pitt’s arrest in Jefferson County could be a
violation of the conditions
of his probation. The revocation was sought by
the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office
and granted by Reaves
on Friday afternoon, who
ordered Pitt held without
bond pending a hearing
before the Shelby County
If Pitt is found is found
guilty of violating his
probation, Reaves could
order him to serve the remainder of his sentence in
Pitt was arrested in May
2012 on similar charges of
impersonating a peace officer by the Calera Police
Department. He pleaded
guilty in Shelby County
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cipal Michael Lee tweeted. “Assistant Principals,
and Support Staff did a
great job in preparation!
“Smooth” was also the
word at Pinson Valley
High School.
“A smooth day...thanks
to the hard work of a committed staff. #proudprincipal,” Pinson Valley High
School Principal Terrence
Brown posted on Twitter.
Court in September 2012
to charges of impersonating a peace officer, a Class
C felony in Alabama. He
was originally sentenced
to one year in jail, but that
sentence was reduced.
Pitt is serving two years
on unsupervised probation and was ordered to
pay a $1,000 fine.
According to sources,
at the time of the May
arrest, Tyler Wilkerson,
an on-air personality for
WDJC and host of “The
Ty Show,” was a passenger in Pitt’s vehicle. Calera police responded to a
call saying that Pitt was
flashing blue lights to pull
over cars on Interstate 65.
According to a Calera
Police Department statement, Calera police received a complaint May
11, 2012, at about 11:57
p.m. about an unmarked
Chevrolet Tahoe on Interstate 65 pulling behind traffic and activating
emergency flashing blue
“The complainant said
that once traffic began to
file photo
Trussville City Schools Superintendent Pattie Neill
said Monday was the smoothest opening to a
school year she’s ever seen.
pull over, the SUV would
turn off the blue lights and
speed around the traffic
and that the vehicle had
done this several times,”
the statement said.
Calera police officers
stopped the suspect vehicle on I-65 in Calera,
records indicate. When
officers approached the
vehicle, Pitt held up his
wallet displaying a badge
and photo ID card. Officers asked Pitt if he was
an officer and he stated
he was a deputy with Jefferson County Sheriff’s
Office. The vehicle Pitt
was driving was not registered to any governmental
agency, but was equipped
with multiple working
LED flashing blue lights
in the fog lights, grill,
front windshield and
back window. The vehicle was also equipped
with a working audible
emergency siren. It was
verified that Pitt was not a
certified law enforcement
officer. Pitt was arrested
on scene for impersonating a peace officer and
transported to the Shelby
County Jail.”
Christian said at the
time that Pitt had never
been on the office’s roster
as a reserve deputy. Christian said Pitt would “absolutely not” be authorized
to identify himself as a
deputy with the sheriff’s
office or a law enforcement officer through the
sheriff’s office.
Basement representatives have provided copies of an honorary Jefferson County Sheriff’s
badge and a signed oath
card presented to Pitt.
Christian said the honorary badge carries no
“No authority whatsoever and after the initial arrest where he pled
guilty, surely he had a
good understanding of
that,” Christian said.
“There is no excuse for it
to happen a second time.
It’s sad and really hard to
Gary Lloyd contributed
to this story.
UGANDA continued from page A-1
ing area of Lira, Uganda
for distribution. The
kits were given to leaders of a church organization that has planted
38 churches in the once
war-torn area. Designs
For Hope also provided
50 water filtration kits.
One kit can offer one
million gallons of clean
drinking water.
“This is equivalent to
helping 100 people for
five years,” Bond said.
“The filters remove waterborne diseases such
as cholera, botulism, typhoid, amoebic dysentery, E. coli, streptococcus and salmonella.
Bond said the nonprofit organization has plans
for four additional trips
in 2014 to India, Zambia,
western Uganda/Congo
and Nicaragua.
photo courtesy of Chris Bond
Hewitt-Trussville High School engineering teacher
Chris Bond shows Ugandan people how bicycles can
help generate electricity.
Designs For Hope is
also in the field testing
stages of a solar generation sustainable electricity kit, which uses a solar
panel instead of a bicycle
to provide electricity.
“This is a need for
those who live in locations where roads/paths
for bicycles have not
been established and for
people of poor health
who do not travel by bicycle,” Bond said.
For more information,
find “Designs For Hope”
on Facebook or visit
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
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Page A-4 • August 22, 2013
The Trussville Tribune
‘Project Runway’ designer Ken Laurence lives by 1 Corinthians 2:9
by Abby Hathorn
For The Tribune
a Birmingham
native who is
a designer on this season’s “Project Runway,”
recently sat down with
Abby Hathorn, a fashion
and community blogger
who is currently residing in Trussville, to discuss his inspiring road to
Lifetime’s show.
“My biggest thing is
to follow your dreams,”
Laurence said. “No matter what people say, or
the circumstances or
situations that may oc-
cur in the process, push
extremely hard, and keep
persevering. One thing
that has kept my moving
toward my dream is that
I only focus on the positives. You cannot let the
distractions of life stop
you from following your
Realizing his love for
fashion design when he
was only 10, Laurence
immersed himself in
anything and all things
“I am a self-taught designer,” Laurence said.
“When people ask me
where I went to design
school, I joke and say
‘YouTube University.’
When I enrolled myself
in a home economics
class at age 14, I began
learning the ropes of
fashion design. I remember the first garment I
ever sewed. It was a total
disaster; however, practicing made my design
work much, much better.”
Laurence lives by
1 Corinthians 2:9 and
strives to inspire others
through his work.
“I like to incorporate
things from the Bible into
my clothing,” he said. “I
design with a lot of purples because of the spiritual meaning. In fashion,
Christianity has been left
submitted photo
Abby Hathorn, left, talks with fashion designer Ken
out, and I feel like God
has put me in this industry to help push His message, push His words.
I am currently designing a collection where
the main inspiration has
come from the resurrection of Christ. When a
woman wears my clothing, I want her to feel a
boost of confidence and
the inside out. In order
to be healthy, the brain,
from above, has to send
healthy mental impulses
down the spinal cord
and out the nerves so
the body can get what
is needed for life and
Do you remember
Christopher Reeve and
what happened to him?
He fell off a horse, onto
his head, and dislocated
his top two bones. It
caused a lesion on his
brain stem and thus,
stopped his life flow to
a certain degree. This
affected the health and
healing in his body because, from that point
on, his brain had trouble sending out healing
messages to the rest of
his body. This led to
paralysis, organs shutting down and eventually death. Most people
do not have a lesion
like Christopher Reeve
did, however, many do
have pressure on their
brain stem, spinal cord
or nerves blocking their
healing flow.
The concept of healing flowing from above,
down, inside and out is
not just a chiropractic
slogan. It is how God
designed our bodies to
work. A chiropractic adjustment does not heal
the body. However, an
adjustment does remove
pressure off the nerve so
that the brain can send a
empowerment. I want
the wearer to forget his/
her every imperfection
while sporting Ken Laurence.”
Laurence has a bright
future ahead of him.
is only the beginning,”
Laurence said. “I have
gotten a lot of positive
feedback not only from
Birmingham, but worldwide. Being from a small
town, that support means
the world to me.”
Abby Hathorn is a
freelance writer, fashion
stylist and blogger. Her
blog is at
Health flows from above, down, inside, out
inside, out is
used phrase in the chiropractic
but what does it mean?
This phrase simply explains where life and
health comes from and
how it works. So many
still believe that health
comes in a bottle, and
yes, sometimes a vitamin or pill may help the
body, but you can’t actually buy health by putting more things in your
body as the primary
framework. Your body
was uniquely designed
to function and heal, it
just needs to have interference removed.
If you were to cut off
the brain connection to
your body, what would
happen to your life and
health? Obviously, it
would stop. It would
Dr. Channing King
stop because the health
flow from above would
not be able to flow down
the body to heal from
School board approves geotechnical,
material testing for stadium site
by Gary Lloyd
The Trussville City
Board of Education on
Monday approved thirdparty geotechnical observation and material
testing for the HewittTrussville Stadium site.
The school board approved Terracon at a cost
of $117,000 to perform
the work, which includes
concrete strength testing,
geotechnical testing and
more. The work will be
done in phases to coincide with the construction of the stadium, said
Trussville City Schools
Facilities Coordinator
Barry Davis.
The Trussville City
Board of Education has
until Aug. 30 to sign a
contract with Blalock
Building Company to
construct the stadium.
At press time, the school
better neurological message out to the injured
or weak part of the body
to heal. In order to be
healthy and to heal optimally, the goal is to
make sure there is nothing blocking that flow of
life. This is the reason
you cannot gauge health
on how you feel, but
rather how your body is
functioning. For those
who are unsure of how
their bodies are functioning, there are different tests as well as Xrays to see if any bones
have shifted out of place
and may be blocking
healing to areas of your
photo courtesy of Trussville City Schools
Husky Field at Hewitt-Trussville Stadium rendering
board was still awaiting
a permit from the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers to build the stadium on the site. The
school board approved
Blalock Building Company as the builder last
dig at the site was completed earlier this month
by researchers from the
University of Alabama’s
Office of Archaeological
The Trussville City
Council last month authorized Mayor Gene
Melton to establish
an $18 million line of
credit for construction
of Hewitt-Trussville Stadium, the bridge over
the Cahaba River and
the completion of Husky
The new stadium is
expected to open for the
2014 high school football season.
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
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estimates to enhance your
outdoor living! From outdoor
kitchens to natural stone
walls and patios, we are
your hometown
hardscape experts…..
Scott Denson
Visit us on Facebook
Fireplaces * Outdoor Kitchens * Patios
Child Find at Trussville City
Pursuant with the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act and Act 106,
Trussville City Schools offers special
programs for children with disabilities
and for children who are gifted. Child
Find is an attempt to locate and provide
appropriate educational and related
services to all children with disabilities
between birth and age 21 and all school
age children who are gifted who reside
within the city limits of Trussville. If
you are the parent of a child between
the ages of 3 and 21 with disabilities or
would like to make a referral for gifted
services and reside within the city limits
of Trussville, contact the Exceptional
Education Office for Trussville City
Schools at 205-228-3043.
Wrestling at Palmerdale
Homesteads Community
GCW Wrestling is the first Saturday
each month at 7 p.m. at the Palmerdale
Homesteads Community Center. The
Mark Taylor Band performs the fourth
Saturday each month, clogging and
line dancing, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Page A-5 • August 22, 2013
PHCC Labor Day Bar-B-Que
The Labor Day Bar-B-Que at
Palmerdale Homesteads Community
Center will be Sept. 2 from 11 a.m.
to 1 p.m. Plates are $8. Buy tickets in
advance at Unique Gifts or calling 205680-0588. For more information, visit
Trussville approves stormwater services near stadium site
by Gary Lloyd
The Trussville City
Council last week approved a proposal for the
construction of stormwater services on Husky
Parkway and near the
Hewitt-Trussville Stadium site.
The Alabama Department of Environmental
Management’s regulations require on any
construction site that a
best management plan
be approved, detailing
how storm runoff from
the site will be managed
to prevent erosion and
silt being deposited into
streams and waterways.
The regulations typically consists of silt
fencing or hay bales,
sand bags or some similar type of barrier to silt
leaving the site and getting into storm drains or
streams, said Trussville
City Clerk Lynn Porter.
The regulations require that an inspection
be done, and a report as
to the condition of the
best management plan to
be turned in, every time
there is a 3/4-inch of
rainfall recorded in one
day and/or monthly.
Spectrum will perform
these evaluations and
reports on the Husky
Parkway and stadium
photo courtesy of Trussville City Schools
A rendering of Hewitt-Trussville Stadium
project for the projects’
durations. The company
will advise the city of
Trussville and contractor
of the inspection results
with the deficiencies and
any required corrections
or improvements after a
storm event or at the end
of the month.
The cost is $300 per
inspection, which means
Tribune adds E-Paper to website
From staff reports
The Trussville Tribune has
added a new feature to its
website to enhance the online
experience for readers.
The E-Paper is the PDF version of the weekly printed edition of The Trussville Tribune,
which is now be available to
readers online each week at
“Virtually everything we do,
whether it’s in print, online or
through our Facebook page
is reader driven,” Publisher
Scott Buttram said. “This is
no different. The addition of
the E-Paper is another step toward the ultimate goal of delivering as much information
as possible to our readers in
Trussville, Clay and Pinson in
every available format.”
In the last 30 days, readers have interacted with The
Trussville Tribune more than
300,000 times through print,
web and social media. More
than 185,000 articles were
read online in that same 30day period, according to
Google Analytics.
“Every week, we have content online that doesn’t make
it to print and print content
that doesn’t appear on the
website,” Buttram said. “The
E-Paper really brings all of
the content together in one
place. Despite doubling our
print over the last few years,
it is very difficult to find the
printed edition 48 hours after
the cost could be as low
as $300 per month during a dry period, or could
require several inspections per week if there is
enough rain.
The Trussville City
Board of Education has
until Aug. 30 to sign a
contract with Blalock
Building Company to
construct the stadium.
The board approved
Blalock as the builder
last month. The new stadium is expected to open
for the 2014 high school
football season.
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
it hits the stands. Now readers can see that edition even
if they couldn’t find a copy on
any given week.”
The E-Paper will be published online within 24 hours
of the print edition going to
newsstands every week, and
can be found at the “E-Paper”
tab on www.trussvilletribune.
We offer the following services:
Injury Prevention
1st Personal Training
session is FREE!
Wellness and Fitness
Personal Training
Integrated Sports-Specific Deep Tissue
• Functional Training
183 Main St. Suite D Trussville, AL 35173
Like us on Facebook
Phone: 205.655.1009 Fax: 205.655.1264
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buy your bulk materials for your landscaping. Trimm
Landscapes carries, 8910, 57 stone, pea gravel, pine
straw, shredded pine mulch, top-soil, and sod.
We are open Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm
and Saturday’s 8am to 1pm.
If you need a shovel full or a truck full we have it!
Trimm Landscapes is located at
20 Cedar Street, Trussville, AL 35173
Page A-6 • August 22, 2013
The Trussville Tribune
Pinson approves demolition of building to
make way for parking
by Erik Harris
For The Tribune
The Pinson City Council, which approved the
removal of asbestos
from a building located
at 4286 Main St. on Aug.
1, agreed last week to demolish the structure at a
cost of $7,500 as soon as
the asbestos is cleared.
The building will be
replaced with a parking
lot. Customers have had
limited parking options
down Main Street for
quite some time and the
soon-to-be demolished
building will make for
a much easier shopping
“We will preserve the
original slab perhaps for
some off-street parking
because that’s been a
concern for many years,”
said Mayor Hoyt Sanders.
Sanders hopes the
building will be flattened
by the end of the month.
The council also approved the insurance settlement on a stolen Kawasaki Mule for $3,750.
The machine was stolen
from the Pinson Valley
Youth Association earlier this summer and is
now presumed stolen.
“Naturally, it’s still
listed as stolen with the
and there are still bulletins out for it, but it
has not been recovered
in the month or so since
it’s come up missing so
we’re going to go ahead
and settle on it,” Sanders
There have been few
leads in the investigation, but the $1,000 re-
ward still stands for information regarding the
whereabouts of the missing Mule.
Barry Wilson, the director of the Palmerdale
Community Center, announced
that construction on the
Insanitarium haunted attraction has begun.
This haunted house is
operated by the Pinson
Valley High School Arts
Department and is designed to raise money for
the department, which
made roughly $16,000
the first year and $18,000
last year.
The cost is $10 to walk
the haunted halls located
at the community center
on Miles Spring Road in
Pinson. The doors will
open on the last weekend
of September. All ages
are welcome.
p.m. at Trussville City
Trussville’s Downtown
Redevelopment Authority last Thursday night
approved the execution
of subleases for the former Food World building
on Main Street.
The city council will
hold a public hearing to
consider a tax incentive
deal to bring a grocery
store – Triple N Enter-
prises – and 24e Fitness
into the space. The incentive will likely include abating a portion
of the sales tax, up to an
amount of $800,000 over
a four-year period.
Retail Specialists, Inc.
asked the city council in
May to consider abating
a portion of city sales tax
that would total $800,000
over a four-year period
for a grocer to locate in
a portion of the building. There is no sales
tax abatement possibility for the fitness center
to locate in part of the
vacant building, authority Chairman Jef Freeman said last month. All
incentives or sales tax
abatements for the grocer
will be determined by the
city council.
The city council will
also consider spending
about $800,000 to divide
the former Food World
into two spaces.
Freeman said he is glad
to see two new businesses likely occupying the
“We put a lot of hard
work into this,” Freeman
The city has spent
about $22,000 per month
for rent on the building
since leasing it in Octo-
ber 2011. The city spent
$250,000 to end a 15year lease with America’s Thrift Stores, which
had planned to open a
store there.
The Food World building has been vacant since
Trussville to consider lease agreements for new tenants
by Gary Lloyd
The Trussville City
Council at its meeting
Tuesday will consider a
the approval and execution of agreements of vacant space subleased by
the Downtown Redevelopment Authority.
The meeting is at 6
Center Point man charged with
stealing car batteries in Pinson
by Gary Lloyd
A Center Point man
has been charged with
breaking into cars and
stealing car batteries
from a Pinson car lot.
Frink, 22, of Center
Point was charged with
unlawful breaking and
entering of a vehicle,
second-degree theft of
property and possession
of burglary tools. He is
in Jefferson County Jail
with a $45,000 bond.
At about 8 a.m. Tuesday, deputies were called
to a Pinson car dealership in the 4100 block
of Center Point Road
to investigate a report
that several vehicles had
been broken into. The
victim told deputies that,
when he arrived, he noticed several of the vehicles on the lot had hoods
up and batteries missing.
In all, 23 cards had
been broken into and
20 batteries were stolen. Frink had gained
entry by cutting a lock
off a gate, said Jefferson
County Sheriff’s Office
Chief Deputy Randy
Around noon Tuesday,
Frink was arrested when
he tried to sell the batteries at an area recycling
center. Frink was also
found to be in possession of a set of bolt cutters, possibly used to cut
the lock, Christian said.
the hopes and dreams of
four young ladies at their
senior prom and then at
their 10-year reunion.
The musical includes
1950s and 1960s pop
songs such as “Mr. Sandman,” “Lollipop,” “Mr.
Lee,” “It’s in his Kiss,”
“It’s my Party,” “Respect” and more.
The show will be tonight at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are
available by calling 205879-0411 or at the door.
Those who dress in their
prom attire for the Saturday night show receive
half off the ticket price.
Tickets are $15 for adults
and $12 for students.
For more information,
HTMS teacher, CCHS
grad in musical
by Gary Lloyd
A Hewitt-Trussville
Middle School teacher
High School graduate
are appearing this month
in a play at Theatre LJCC
in Birmingham.
Kim Hutchens has
taught at Hewitt-Trussville Middle School for
11 years and previously at
Clay-Chalkville Middle
School for seven years.
Megan Lucas appeared
in musicals throughout
her high school career
and at Montevallo.
Both are featured along
with two other Birmingham women in “The
Wonderettes,” a musical about
Unemployment rate
drops to 6.3% in state
by Gary Lloyd
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Gov. Robert Bentley on Friday announced that Alabama’s preliminary,
seasonally adjusted July unemployment rate is 6.3 percent, down from
June’s rate of 6.5 percent and well below July 2012’s rate of 7.6 percent.
July 2013’s rate represents 135,089
unemployed persons, down from
140,024 in the previous month and
163,932 in July of 2012. The last time
Alabama’s unemployment rate was at
or below 6.3 percent was October 2008
when the rate was 5.9 percent.
“While we are encouraged to see another drop in our unemployment rate,
we need to remember there is still a lot
of work to be done,” Bentley said. “We
will continue to recruit more jobs. We
will continue to show how Alabama is
a great place to do business. We will encourage more companies to build here
and expand and hire more people. And
we will continue these efforts until everyone who wants a job is able to find
In Jefferson County, the unemploy-
ment rate was 6 percent in July, compared to 6.3 percent in June. In July
2012, the unemployment rate in the
county was 7.6 percent.
“Employers are hiring in Alabama,”
Alabama Department of Labor Commissioner Tom Surtees said. “The most
in-demand jobs posted – meaning jobs
available now – are relatively highpaying jobs that translate into lifelong
careers. Additionally, we know that
more jobs are coming, as more companies have announced that they are locating or expanding in Alabama.”
Counties with the lowest unemployment rates for July are Shelby County
at 4.2 percent, Baldwin County at 5.3
percent and Cullman County at 5.4 percent. Counties with the highest unemployment rates are Wilcox County at
16.3 percent, Perry County at 14.7 percent and Dallas County at 14.4 percent.
For assistance in applying for jobs,
or to determine eligibility for available
vocational and education training assistance, visit your local career center. A
listing of career centers is available at or at www.
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Page A-7 • August 22, 2013
Merged Trussville churches District Masters Games
to have new name, pastor
in Trussville next week
by Gary Lloyd
by Gary Lloyd
Church on Deerfoot
Parkway, which merged
with Eastminster Presbyterian Church in May,
has a new name.
The name of the new
church will be Cahaba
Church, assuming the
merger is completed and
Previous interim minister at Grace Presbyterian, Terry Newland,
said the hope is that the
merger and name will be
official by Oct. 1. The
approval process is being
guided by the Presbytery
of Sheppards and Lapsley of the Presbyterian
The church’s new pastor is the Rev. Shelaine
Bird, chosen by the two
congregations and approved by the Presbytery of Sheppards and
Lapsley. Bird was most
recently transitional paster at Chapel in the Pines
Presbyterian in Hoover.
Eastminster Presbyterian’s preschool closed
in May, and Grace Presbyterian’s preschool continues and has enrolled
some of the Eastminster students. The Grace
program will continue
The 2013 District Masters Games
will be in Trussville next week.
Events will be Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday at the Trussville Civic
Center and Lightning Strikes off Highway 11 in Trussville.
Events at the Trussville Civic Center
include nerfball throw, frisbee throw,
softball throw, basketball free throw,
rook, dominoes doubles, checkers,
shuffleboard, horseshoes, dominoes
singles, table tennis and line dance.
photo by Greg Browning
The entrance to Grace Presbyterian Church in
its program, including
infant through 4K children. The first day for
students was Aug. 14.
The new name for the
preschool is Grace at Cahaba Springs.
The Eastminster Presbyterian location, on
U.S. Highway 11, is
currently under an option contract with a local commercial real estate developer, Newland
said. The developer is in
the process of analyzing
the site for potential future commercial development, he said.
Programming, however, such as Friday Night
LIVE and Zumba classes, will continue at the
Eastminster site. Should
that site be sold in the
future, Cahaba Springs
hopes to lease or buy a
multipurpose facility in
Trussville to not only
continue the programs
and missions currently
housed at the Eastminster campus, but to expand its outreach and
service in northeast Jefferson County, Newland
Eastminster has served
the city of Trussville
for the last 22 years. At
a May 5 worship and
communion service, Jon
Scholl rang the bell outside the church 22 times
to honor the 22 years of
Eastminster’s service in
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
file photo
The Trussville Civic Center
Events at Lightning Strikes include
bowling and billiards.
The games’ wrap-up and reception
will be at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at the
civic center.
• Computerized Embroidery
• Tackle Twill • Logos • Digitizing
• Silk Screening • Discount Rates
Jeff & Regina Norwood
[email protected]
6401 Old Springville Rd., Suite 113
Pinson, AL 35126
"Next to Clay Animal Clinic"
March 31, - April 9, 2014
$3450 per Person
Walk where Jesus walked. See the Land of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob. Visit the Sea of Galilee and the
Jordan River. Walk the streets of the Old City of
Jerusalem and stand on top of the Temple Mount.
Explore the underground “Rabbi’s Tunnel.”
Complete Itinerary & Tour Details available upon request.
Reservations: $250 deposit at time of registration.
Only have 20 seats available at this price.
For registration and additional information please contact:
Dr. Stan Cooke, Pastor
Kimberly Church of God
P.O. Box 100
Kimberly, AL 35091
[email protected]
Page A-8 • August 22, 2013
Pinson woman wins
Ms. Senior Alabama
by Gary Lloyd
A 62-year-old Pinson woman has
claimed the title of Ms. Senior Alabama 2013.
Donna McGuffie entered the pageant
as Ms. Senior Heart of Dixie and competed against eight other preliminary
winners from around the state.
The 27th annual Ms. Senior Alabama
Pageant was held in the Betty Leeth
Haynes Theatre at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville. McGuffie will now compete in the Ms. Senior America Pageant to be held Oct.
24 at Resorts Casino and Hotel on the
Boardwalk in Atlantic City, N.J.
McGuffie is a vocalist and sang
“Hurt” by Timi Yuro at the competition. McGuffie and her husband, Ron,
have four children and eight grandchildren. McGuffie has volunteered with
the American Red Cross, The Care
Group and has been involved in other
community service organizations. She
is a trained aesthetician and has also
been in marketing and sales.
A scholarship will be presented by
the Ms. Sr. Alabama Board of Directors to a deserving young lady who is a
high school senior from the area of the
new Ms. Senior Alabama. The criteria
for the scholarship includes academic
photo by Dona Bonnett of A Digital
Reflection Photography
Donna McGuffie
standing, school activity, community
service, need and an essay about a senior adult woman who has been a significant role model for the young lady.
Information will be furnished to high
schools located in Jefferson County in
the spring of 2014. This year’s scholarship went to Laurel Tolbert, of Shelby
County, the home county of Niva Dorough, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2012
Contact Gary Lloyd at [email protected] and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Miss Hewitt Husky set
for Saturday
by Gary Lloyd
The 2013 Miss Hewitt
Husky Pageant is set for
Saturday at the Performing Arts Center on the
Hewitt-Trussville High
School campus.
The pageant is a fund-
raiser sponsored by the
Hewitt-Trussville Band
The pageant will feature girls in kindergarten
through fourth grades
and girls in the fifth
through eighth grades.
through fourth grade will
perform at 10 a.m. The
girls in the fifth through
eighth grades will perform at 3 p.m.
For more information,
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Our approach to
joint replacement
can help you
get on with
your life.
The Center for Advanced Joint Care offers a collaborative approach to hip and knee replacement. Orthopedic surgeons on the
medical staff, certified nurses, specialized physical and occupational therapists, your personal coach, and many others focus their
skills and support on a single goal. We’re here to help you get back to the things you enjoyed before being sidelined by joint pain.
From your initial visit through your full recovery, our team is with you every step of the way. To find out more about the Center
for Advanced Joint Care at Trinity Medical Center, visit or call 205-592-1866.
Orthopedic surgeons are members of the medical staff at Trinity Medical Center. Patient results may vary. Consult your physician about the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure or treatment.
69366_TRIN_JointCntr_10x10c.indd 2
8/1/13 11:54 AM
S p o rt s
Page B-1 • August 22, 2013
HT cross country coach ‘excited’ Auburn AD talks
for largest team in school history to Trussville
chamber about
by Gary Lloyd
The Hewitt-Trussville cross
country team is ready to chase
down a trophy.
Coach David Dobbs has fielded
his largest team since the cross
country program began under his
leadership in 1991, with 91 runners ready run this fall -- 49 boys
and 42 girls. There were more than
90 runners during the 1992 season, but that included the seventh
through 12th grades.
“We’re excited,” Dobbs said.
Of the 91 runners, about 2022 are freshmen, ensuring some
freshman-only races for HewittTrussville this season. Dobbs said
having a nice crop of freshmen
with a “wide range of talent” is a
good thing.
“It bodes well for the future,” he
Dobbs said just over half of the
team’s runners went to team camp
in Brevard, N.C., last month. The
team usually rides on a school bus
with luggage in two to North Carolina. This summer, Dobbs rented a
cargo van that strictly carried luggage, while the runners filled up a
“It’s a nice problem to have,”
Dobbs said.
Dobbs said he’s excited about seniors Sean Williamson and Palmer
by Gary Lloyd
submitted photo
Some of the Hewitt-Trussville cross country team at camp in Brevard,
N.C., earlier this summer
Chambliss, juniors Tyler Jackson
and Austin Norwood, and sophomore Benjamin Knox, among others, from the boys’ side. The girls
will be led by Veronica Lyle -- who
has an Alabama scholarship offer
-- and the team’s No. 1 runner in
Alexandria Pidcock, Alexandria
Calma and Isabella Calma.
“I believe if the girls stay focused, this could be their year to
go after a trophy,” Dobbs said. “I
really do. The boys, I think we can
finish top five. I’m not saying they
won’t surprise me. They have the
ability to go after a trophy.”
The girls’ team finished seventh
in the state cross country meet last
year. The boys finished 10th.
“Our expectations are greater
than that now,” Dobbs said.
The team’s first meet is Aug. 31
at Montevallo. The 21st annual
Husky Challenge in Trussville is
scheduled for Oct. 19. The state
sectional meet is Oct. 31 and the
AHSAA State Championship is
Nov. 9 in Moulton.
Coaches include Dobbs, Anita
Dobbs, Jamey Curlee, Mike Higginbotham and Brooke Kelso.
Dobbs said he believes HewittTrussville will surprised a lot of
teams and be in the hunt for a state
“They’re ready to roll,” he said.
Contact Gary Lloyd at [email protected] and follow
him on Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Cougars travel to Decatur for
jamboree Friday
by Gary Lloyd
Clay-Chalkville plays
its jamboree game on the
road Friday.
The Cougars will play
at Decatur at 7 p.m.
Clay-Chalkville head
football coach Jerry
Hood said the varsity
teams will play the first
two quarters and a series
in the third quarter, followed by the junior varsity players getting some
playing time.
Hood said the goal in
the game is to get some
work in against another
team and knock off some
Decatur finished the
regular season last year
with a 7-3 record and
was easily beaten by
Clay-Chalkville, 45-14,
in the first round of the
Class 6A playoffs. The
Cougars led that game
31-7 at halftime and
cruised to a win.
In that game, quarterback Hayden Moore
completed 4-of-14 passes for 140 yards and two
touchdowns, a 34-yard
pass to Brian Clark and
file photo by Anna Malone
Clay-Chalkville wide receiver Brian Clark looks for running room in last year’s
Class 6A playoff game against Decatur.
a 70-yard throw to Terrelle West. Former ClayChalkville quarterback
Blake Bailey, now at
Hewitt-Trussville, threw
a touchdown to DeAndre Woods, Kenterrius
Gray rushed for a 5-yard
touchdown and Sidney
Battle ran for a 4-yard
score. The Cougars
also scored a defensive
touchdown in the game,
a fumble recovery and
score by Lyrone Steed.
Clay-Chalkville posted a 12-2 record last season, reaching the Class
6A semifinals before
losing 44-20 to Hoover,
one game shy of the state
The Cougars enter this
season ranked No. 2 in
Class 6A in the Alabama
Sports Writers Association poll, behind just
Hoover, last year’s state
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Auburn University Athletics Director Jay Jacobs
told Trussville Area Chamber of Commerce members last Thursday to encourage people in their everyday lives.
Jacobs said the goal at Auburn is to work with
student-athletes how community leaders work with
employees and students.
“You never know what somebody is going
through,” Jacobs said.
He told a story from 2 Samuel, about Benaiah, a
fighter from Kabzeel, who lived in the snowy forest,
always concerned about a lion that lived in the forest
killing him and his family, taking their food.
One day, Jacobs said, Benaiah saw the lion and
surprised it by running after it with a hammer. The
lion fled and fell into a pit. Knowing the lion would
eventually climb out of the pit, Benaiah jumped into
the pit and killed the lion.
Jacobs said the story applies to today, and people
can ignore the metaphoric lion, do nothing about it or
kill the lion.
“We all have lions in
our lives,” Jacobs said.
Jacobs also said he believes his new football
coaching staff, led by
head coach Gus Malzahn,
has “character and integrity.”
Tony Blackwell of Scan this QR code
with your smartphone
Serra Mazda was award- to watch and listen
ed the August Customer to Jacobs speak at
Service Award and Truss- last week’s chamber
ville Area Chamber of luncheon.
Commerce Executive Director Diane Poole said
Hewitt-Trussville head baseball coach Jeff Mauldin
will be the Sept. 19 luncheon speaker.
Contact Gary Lloyd at [email protected]
com and follow him on Twitter @GaryALloyd.
section in
next week’s
by Gary Lloyd
Next week’s edition of The Trussville Tribune will
feature a special football section previewing the season and first week’s games.
The section will likely consist of 12 pages and reports on teams and players from Hewitt-Trussville,
Clay-Chalkville and Pinson Valley. Each team’s season schedule and roster will be printed in the preview
Be sure to pick up a copy of next week’s edition to
learn all you need to know about your favorite area
high school football team.
Contact Gary Lloyd at [email protected]
com and follow him on Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Hewitt-Trussville hosts Pinson Valley in jamboree
by Gary Lloyd
H e w i t t - Tr u s s v i l l e
hosts Pinson Valley on
Friday at Jack Wood Stadium in the teams’ jamboree game.
Kickoff is scheduled
for 5:30 p.m.
Pinson Valley head
football coach Matt
Glover said the freshman
teams will play first, then
varsity and junior varsity
The game could go a
long way in determin-
ing Hewitt-Trussville’s
starting quarterback for
this season. Senior Blake
Bailey and sophomore
Zach Thomas are battling for the starting spot.
Bailey is a transfer from rival ClayChalkville. Bailey was
Hayden Moore’s backup
a season ago, completing 6-of-13 passes for 38
yards and three touchdowns to zero interceptions. Riddle said Bailey
did not participate in
spring drills due to playing baseball. He throws
the ball “extremely well”
and has good experience,
Riddle said.
Thomas is an “extremely talented” quarterback with a good arm
and who runs the ball
well, Riddle said.
Pinson Valley has an
experienced quarterback
in senior Brooks Garrett,
and one of the Birmingham metro area’s best
running backs in junior
Nick Gibson.
H e w i t t - Tr u s s v i l l e
posted a 4-6 record last
season and missed the
Class 6A playoffs for the
first time since the 2006
season. Pinson Valley
compiled an 8-4 record
last season and lost in
the second round of the
Class 5A state playoffs
to Muscle Shoals.
H e w i t t - Tr u s s v i l l e
opens the 2013 season
at No. 2 Clay-Chalkville
next Friday at 7 p.m.
Pinson Valley travels to
Class 4A No. 2 Oneonta
for a 7 p.m. game next
file photo by Ron Burkett
Pinson Valley sophomore running back Reggie
Levins (20) runs upfield in May’s spring game at
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Page B-2 • August 22, 2013
Former Cougar earns
scholarship at Auburn
by Gary Lloyd
HT volleyball
begins next week
by Gary Lloyd
A former Clay-Chalkville standout
has earned a scholarship at Auburn.
Dimitri Reese, a walk-on football
player, posted on Twitter last week that
he had earned a scholarship for this season.
“Hard work pays off,” Reese’s Twitter post partly read.
According to www.auburntigers.
com, Reese in high school blocked a
field goal and returned it 84 yards for
a touchdown, and returned an interception 45 yards for a touchdown, in the
same game.
In high school, Reese also lettered in
basketball, was Student Government
Association president, was a member of the National Honor Society and
was a Fellowship of Christian Athletes
youth leader.
Contact Gary Lloyd at [email protected]
photo courtesy of
Dimitri Reese and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
Former softball standout
to host lessons in Pinson
by Gary Lloyd
Former Wallace State
softball player Jordana
Crowdis will be performing hitting lessons
in Pinson at the high
school’s softball field.
Days are not exact,
and Crowdis will set
schedules by the number
of athletes she has. The
schedule is on a personto-person basis right
Crowdis played at
Wallace State from
2005-2007. She batted
.360 in 2005 and batted
at a .358 clip in 2006.
She ranked fourth in
her division with a .475
slugging percentage and
fourth in the division in
runs batted in.
In high school, Crowdis’ four-year batting
average was .685 and
led her team in RBIs all
four years. Crowdis was
the United States Marine
Corps’ distinguished athlete of the year in 2005.
Crowdis has worked
as a pitching and hitting
instructor at The Sports
Clinic in Dothan and has
owned her own softball
For more information
or to schedule an instruction, contact Crowdis
at 229-309-2120 or at
[email protected]
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
The Hewitt-Trussville
varsity volleyball team
begins its season next
The Lady Huskies open
next Thursday with Hillcrest at home. The junior
varsity plays at 5 p.m.
and the varsity plays at 6
On Sept. 4, the HewittTrussville junior varsity
and varsity both hostTuscaloosa County and
Homewood at 5 p.m. and
6 p.m., respectively.
Other notable games
include a Sept. 12 home
match against rival ClayChalkville at 5 p.m. and 6
p.m., the varsity’s Husky
Challenge on Sept. 21
and at Clay-Chalkville on
Oct. 15.
The varsity volleyball
team features three seniors, one junior, nine
sophomores and five
This season’s Hewitt-
Trussville varsity team is
coached by Karen Riggins, and the JV team
is coached by Rachel
Dickey. The eighth-grade
team at Hewitt-Trussville
Middle School is coached
by Amanda Hayes, and
the seventh-grade squad
is coached by Morgan
All Hewitt-Trussville
volleyball team schedules
are available at www.
under the “Athletics” tab.
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
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Friday Feature this
football season
From staff reports
Area football coverage by The Trussville
Tribune this season will
include a weekly “Friday
Feature” game.
Tribune Editor Gary
Lloyd will pick a game
of the week each week
to cover this season and
provide detailed cover-
age from that week’s
game. The game each
week will be selected
based on team matchups,
hype and region importance. The “Friday Feature” game will be previewed in the Thursday
edition of The Trussville
Tribune prior to that Friday night’s matchup.
Feature” game will be
next Friday’s HewittTrussville at No. 2
Clay-Chalkville rivalry
game at Cougar Stadium. Kickoff is at 7
p.m. The Cougars beat
Hewitt-Trussville in last
season’s opening game
51-10. Clay-Chalkville
leads the all-time series
between the rivals 10-6.
AUG. 29 - SEPT. 3
Page B-3 • August 22, 2013
Semipro football team
moving operations to
Trussville area
by Gary Lloyd
The Alabama Avengers semipro football
team is in the “starting
stages” of moving its
football operations to the
Trussville-Clay area.
Alabama Spring Football League Director/
Bell said the football
operations is moving
to the area from Gadsden because there are
more Class 6A schools
and more players in the
areas, as well as surrounding parts of Birmingham.
Bell said the team will
be strictly made up of
players from this area.
“We want to keep it
homegrown,” Bell said.
Bell said he’s spoken
with Trussville Parks
and Recreation officials
about the possibility of
having practices and
games at the football
field in the Trussville
Sports Complex.
Bell said he’s seeking
coaches and area general
managers for teams for
the 2014 winter/spring
season. Each team has a
general manager, head
coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and scouting
coach. Teams practice
two days per week, but
once on weeks in which
there’s a game.
The season starts in
March and runs through
The Avengers will be
a part of the Alabama
Spring Football League,
which plays football
teams in the state of Alabama. Other teams are
located in Gadsden, St.
Clair County, Huntsville,
Bessemer, Childersburg/
Centre and Fayette.
The Avengers play on
Saturday afternoons, and
all games are played by
NFL rules.
The Alabama Avengers was founded in Gadsden in 2006 and won the
2010 National Developmental Football League
For more information,
[email protected], find
Avengers Football on
Facebook or call Bell at
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Page B-4 • August 22, 2013
AHSAA releases fines, ejections numbers; 9 from area in last year
by Gary Lloyd
The Alabama High
School Athletic Association last Thursday released school fines and
ejections statistics for
the 2012-2013 school
year for high schools
and middle schools, and
there were nine from the
Hewitt-Trussville had
two ejections in the last
school year, both for unsportsmanlike conduct
in baseball and soccer.
Those two fines totaled
Clay-Chalkville had
three ejections in the last
school year, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in a football game
file photo by Ron Burkett
Former Clay-Chalkville baseball player Jordan Rutter collides with a Grissom
catcher in the first round of the Class 6A playoffs this spring. He was ejected after
the collision.
and two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in
a baseball game against
Grissom. Those fines to-
taled $300.
also fined a total of $600
for two coaches not attending a rules clinic.
Pinson Valley had two
ejections for unsportsmanlike conduct in football in last year’s game
against Hayden, resulting in total fines of $200.
In December 2012,
a Jeff Davis wrestler
was ejected in a match
Hewitt-Trussville for unsportsmanlike
conduct. That resulted
in a $100 fine for Jeff
Davis. In March of this
year, a Huffman soccer
coach was ejected in a
game against HewittTrussville for unsportsmanlike conduct, a $300
penalty for Huffman.
Against Hewitt-Trussville last school year, a
Hoover soccer player,
Gardendale soccer play-
er and Hoover baseball
player were ejected.
Those three fines for
those schools totaled
A Gadsden City football player was ejected
conduct in last season’s
game at Clay-Chalkville,
resulting in a $500 fine
for Gadsden City. In
February, a Smiths Stations baseball player
was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct against
Clay-Chalkville, resulting in a $100 fine for
Smiths Station.
Contact Gary Lloyd at
[email protected]
com and follow him on
Twitter @GaryALloyd.
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