February 2012 Watermark - Watercolor Society of Oregon



February 2012 Watermark - Watercolor Society of Oregon
Watercolor Society of Oregon
February 2012
Vol XXXIV, No.1
“One Fine Day”
...in the Heart of the Rose City
on April 14, 2012
By Liz Walker
The Spring Convention Chairperson, Jennie
Chen, and her Committees are ready to
share the splendor of Portland, Oregon and
welcome international watercolor artist
Carla O’Connor from Gig Harbor,
By Liz Walker
Carla O’Connor has graciously agreed
to come from her home in Gig
Harbor, WA to be our Juror and
Workshop Leader for the Portland
Convention. Her dynamic figure
paintings are well-known to our
members, 20 of whom had their
names drawn from a hat and will be
taking her 3-day workshop after the
Carla O’Connor received her BFA in
painting from Kent State University in
Kent, Ohio. She has done additional
See Juror - page 10
Convention Chair Jennie Chen
Meet your old friends and make new ones
as we share and learn about art, and prepare
to be dazzled with all that Portland has to
The site of the day’s lecture, demos and break-out sessions is the First
Presbyterian Church at 1200 SW Alder St. in downtown Portland. The
architecture of the church is breathtaking. Although we can’t hold art
activities in the Sanctuary, you may want to take a moment in there for quiet
reflection. Right outside the Sanctuary is the Narthex area where our
vendors will be located. Members can also visit the Chapel between 9 am
and 4 pm to admire works by our New Members.
The morning will begin with a Convention Introduction and the Welcoming
of 59 New Members and their paintings, followed by a Lecture/Demo from
Carla O’Connor.
See Portland - page 8
February 2012
Watermark is the newsletter of the
Watercolor Society of Oregon and is
published quarterly in February, May,
August, and November.
Mary Coppett
18820 SW Kelly View Loop
Beaverton OR 97007
[email protected],net
Send articles and images that are of
general interest to the WSO membership
to the editor via email and file attachments. The due date for the May issue of
Watermark is April 15, 2012.
Sarah Bouwsma
12380 NW McDaniel Rd
Portland OR 97229
[email protected]
Send advertisements and payment to:
Attn: Paul Bourgault
89467 Territorial Road
Elmira OR 97437-9748
[email protected]
Jayne Ferlitsch
13760 SW Northview Drive
Tigard OR 97223-2699
[email protected]
Happy new year, WSO! Ignore all the Chicken Littles
in the world. 2012 is going to be a great year.
Let’s think of the newborn baby analogy - full of
potential - eager for new experiences - full of
curiosity, and fearless to go forward into the
WSO is in good shape. We have 59 New
Members in our organization and, take my word
Mary Coppett
for it, they’re wonderful artists whose talent is
outstanding. They met the requirements of WSO with flying colors! Watch
out for some competition. Thank you, Lavonne, for your great work as
Membership Council Chair. WSO Members, be sure to check out the New
Member paintings at the Spring Convention in Portland.
As you know from the last Watermark, we have a number of new Board
Members and WSO is grateful to have them as well as new volunteers
within the Councils (Tara Choate in Website, Cindy Briggs in Exhibition
Tours and Bobbie Matthews as our new Education Workshop volunteer.
However, notwithstanding all the good news, Deanna St. Martin as WSO
Convention Consultant still needs volunteers. Take a look at Deanna’s
‘Help Wanted!!!’ article on page 4 and ask yourself - can I help? Has my
area hosted a Convention? If so, was it a long time ago? Can I chair a
Convention? Please give it some thought.
Our Spring Convention in Portland will be a one day event. The “PullOut” section in this issue of the Watermark lays out all of the wonderful
activities you may choose from. Come to Portland and enjoy this exciting
WSO Convention with Carla O’Connor, one of the Master watercolor
painters in the country. The Rose City awaits. I hope to see you there.
Mary Coppett
LaVonne Tarbox-Crone
[email protected]
Enclosed with this issue:
Early Registration Form
2012 WSO Membership Roster
Bonney Lamb Scholarship Application
Awards Donor Form
New Member List
Please contact Jayne Ferlitsch for any
missing items. 503-579-7937
Visit the WSO web site...
Join the WSO Yahoo Group!
Send an email to
[email protected]
Say “please add me to group” and include your full name
and whether you’re an active or subscriber member.
President’s Message
In Memoriam
Board Action
Help Wanted
Report for Western Federation
Menucha Workshops
Education Council Report
2012 Spring Show, Portland
One Fine Day
1, 8
Carla O’Connor, Juror
1, 10
Carla O’Connor Workshop
Lodging Options & Home Stays
Guide to Dining Out in Portland
Early Registration Check List
Pull-Out Guide to Convention Events 11-14
Exhibition Schedule
2012 Fall Convention, Welches
Looking Ahead
59 New Members
Member Profile, Cindy Briggs
Review of Katheryn Davis Book
News from Central Oregon
Slide & Video Rental Report
Book Review
Workshops Ads
February 2012
By Gina Locke
Mary Coppett called
the WSO Board
meeting to order on
Saturday January 14,
2012 at 11:30 am;
17 members were
Financial Business:
Treasurer Dianne Lay reported total
assets of $ 81,787.56.
Helen Trayle
Helen Trayle Kreps passed away from natural
causes on Sunday, November 6, 2011, at the
Hopewell House Hospice Center in Portland.
She was 94 years old.
Helen was born in Portland on July 22, 1917,
to Eldridge and Florence Trayle. Growing up
in the southwest hills of Portland with her two
brothers, Howard and Ray, she attended
Lincoln High School, graduating in 1936. She
attended a number of art schools, including
the Portland Art Museum, as she developed
her skills in watercolor and fine arts oil
In 1942 she married Orville F. Kreps and had
two children, Terry D. Kreps and Raymond A.
Kreps. She made her home in Cutler City on
the Oregon coast, and spent many hours
painting and teaching art at the Lincoln
Country Art Center in Ocean Lake. In 1954
she moved back to the family estate in
Portland, where she resided for the next 57
Helen was one of the finest artists in the
Pacific Northwest. After 35 years of fine art
portrait painting, she branched off in the late
1960s into a number of varied art forms,
including stained glass work, impressionistic
painting and prints. It was in prints where she
excelled and concentrated her talents. Her
prints were shown across the country, as far
away as New York. In the art world, H.X.
Trayle, her painting name, was very well
Helen had been an Active WSO Member
since 1983 and was also a member of the WSO
100 Club. She was a member of the
Northwest Watercolor Society, the Northwest
Print council, Lake Area Artists and Painters
Showcase. Her etchings have been included in
numerous national, regional and local juried
exhibitions and are found in several public and
private collections both stateside and abroad.
The Oregonian
Simeon Hyde Jr.
It was discussed and voted to set
aside $5,000 for the WFWS 2017
Exhibition that WSO will be hosting.
A request was made to make a yearly
Financial Statements:
Born Feb. 25, 1919, Simeon Hyde, Jr. passed
away peacefully on Dec. 26, 2011at Hopewell
House Hospice in Portland. He is survived by
his wife, Ann (of 69 years); daughter, Beth and
her husband Ted; son, Simeon; son, Cutty and
his wife Diane; grandchildren, Sally, Julia,
Ben; and his sister, Anne Long, of Virginia.
A graduate of Phillips Andover Academy and
Princeton University, Simeon then spent five
years in the U.S. Navy serving in the Atlantic
and the Pacific in World War II. Honorably
discharged, he enrolled in a Harvard
University Master's in English program.
Following this Simeon spent 23 years at
Phillips Andover Academy as a teacher,
administrator and acting headmaster.
Retiring from the Academy, he and Ann
moved to Albuquerque where he enrolled in
the School of Architecture. After graduating
he worked for two architectural firms, during
which time he designed a Navajo Community
Center and an Albuquerque Senior Center. In
his retirement years, Simeon joined family
members in San Diego for five years, and
spent his final 18 years with family in
He was a member of the Rose City Yacht Club
and the Multnomah Friends Meeting, where
he will be particularly remembered for his
active involvement in the Meeting House
remodel. In lieu of flowers, contributions may
be made to Central City Concerns, an
organization that particularly interested
Simeon because of its emphasis on helping
the needy of Portland learn to help themselves. Simeon had been an Active WSO
Member since 1998.
The Oregonian
2010 2009
Income $ 84,836 $76,041 $ 82,276
Expense 88,419 80,687
Net Loss $-3,583 $-4,646 $-12,192
Dianne will work with the various
councils this year to develop a
budget that can be voted on at the
October Board meeting.
It was decided that an audit for
2011 would not be necessary.
Reimbursement Procedures:
The WSO Member Page has the
reimbursement form to be used for
reimbursement requests. The list of
Expense Accounts is also on the WSO
Member Page. The Council Chairman
should approve all requests prior to
sending to Dianne. If at all possible
please select the appropriate
expense account to put on the
reimbursement form.
WSO reimburses 14 cents per mile
for WSO Board meetings and 55.5
cents for exhibition deliveries (when
UPS is not used). These are based on
IRS allowances for charitable work
and business expense, respectively.
It was voted to donate $1,500 to
the WSO 100 Club at this time.
( continued on next page )
Submitted by Jayne Ferlitsch
February 2012
Public Relations
Margaret Godfrey
contacted Gale Webb
as a potential juror for
the Spring Convention
in 2015. Her fees are
in alignment with
other jurors. Gale
would like to do a
4-day workshop.
It was voted and
passed for Margaret to
write up a contract to
send to Gale Webb.
Nomination Committee:
Vinita suggested that we wait until
the Fall Convention for the Service
Board Members prepare
to get down to business.
The two quarterly board
meetings that fall between
conventions are currently
being held at the home of
LaVonne Tarbox-Crone.
Award because there is not a
Banquet at the one day Spring
Convention to honor the recipient.
It was voted and passed to wait until
the Fall Convention.
Convention Council:
Lynn Powers has
agreed to take on
the Image Coordinator position.
By Deanna St. Martin
We have wonderful
Conventions and
Chairpersons lined
up in the future, and
are still looking for
Convention Chairs
for Fall 2013 and beyond.
Portland, Spring 2012 - April 14
Chair: Jennie Chen
Juror: Carla O'Connor
We have Convention Chairs through
2012. Rob Robinson
Lynn Powers
and Stephanie Low
would like to chair a convention in
Albany for Spring 2013. We still need
a chair for fall 2013. Bend would like
to have a convention in 2014.
Publications Council:
Rob is turning over the web job to
Tara Choate. You can send information to both of them for now. Rob is
taking care of the online entries.
Education Council:
Bobbie Mathews is the Workshop
Chair on the Education council.
Bobbie replaces Susan Greenbaum
who has held the position for several
Western Federation of Watercolors:
It was voted and passed to send our
delegates, Ruth Armitage and Jayne
Ferlitsch to Las Vegas for the spring
Western Federation show.
Welches, Fall 2012 - October 5-7
Chairs: Beth Verheyden &
Connie Athman
Juror: Chris VanWinkle
Albany, Spring 2013 - April 5-7
Chairs: Stephanie Low
Rob Robinson
Juror: Mary Ann Beckwith
Fall 2013 (Bend Possible)
- October 4-6
Chairs: Open
Juror: Connie Adams
Spring 2014 (Open) - April 5-7
Chairs: Open
Juror: Open
Fall 2014 (Open) - October 4-6
Chairs: Open
Juror: Open
Spring 2015 (Open) - April 10-12
Chairs: Open
Juror: Gale Webb
Please make note that we have a
suggested location and venue for the
Fall 2013 show but are in dire need
of a Convention Chair. If you would
like to help Chair a WSO Convention
in your community please contact
Deanna St. Martin,
[email protected]
February 2012
expenses from the Nevada
Watercolor Society, but would not
expect them to exceed $150.
By Ruth Armitage,
We have started forming our
committee for our turn to host
WFWS, which rolls around in 2017.
If you are interested in helping out,
please contact Jayne or Ruth!
The results are in for
the 2012 Western
Federation Exhibition. 41 WSO artists
entered 87 paintings;
eight were accepted.
That’s 5.125% - I’m proud of all the
artists that entered! We had to
withdraw one artist’s work because it
had been exhibited before in a
national show, which is not allowed
per the prospectus. How unfortunate
that they overlooked that item.
Nine of our WSO artists have only 2
more shows before they can claim
signature status in WFWS. Accepted
artists were:
Jenny Armitage
Sarah Bouwsma
Cindy Briggs
Leslie Cheney-Parr
Mary Coppett
Margaret Godfrey
Mike Hill
Charlotte Peterson
I hope that some of our members
will be able to travel to the show,
which will be in Las Vegas this year,
April 12 -15. I’m sure Gerald
Brommer has chosen a wonderful
show. If you are interested in
attending, please email me for the
hospitality information.
I’ve just gotten an email tonight
that NVWS has had to change the
exhibition venue as the Marjorie
Barrack Museum is closing unexpectedly. The show will now be exhibited
at the Ham Concert Hall on the UNLV
campus. The good news is there will
be lots of foot traffic viewing the art.
By Mary Burgess
Four art filled days
were enjoyed by the
attendees of our
first workshop in
the Artistic Expression Series at Menucha this past
November 14-17. In partnership
with Menucha Retreat Center, WSO
selects instructors to present their
expertise at this wonderful retreat
center located in the Columbia River
Gorge. Operated by the Presbyterian
Church, the estate features comfortable accommodations, and home
cooked meals are included in the
workshop package.
in articles for the popular magazine
Cloth Paper Scissors, and has just
completed filming for a DVD which
will be released soon.
Two more days of hands-on
instruction by Mary Burgess were
packed with three amazing decorative paper techniques including the
magic of paper marbling, a definite
favorite among participants. The two
days culminated in students creating
their own hand-bound watercolor
journal book to be used on their
future travels. In the end, everyone
came away with a bundle of unique,
beautiful papers to be used for
everything from collage and bookbinding to gift wrap.
Anyone who has had the pleasure
of spending time at Menucha will
agree... art camp for adults is
absolutely the best experience! Please
check out the website, menucha.org
for upcoming workshops scheduled
for March and November and register
Students were treated to two
exciting days of instruction by
Jacqueline Newbold, who divulged
her many secrets and insights into
visual travel journaling including
stamping, lettering, painting and
preparing the watercolor journal
ahead of time to be ready for some
quick and satisfying journal pages.
Jacqueline has shared her techniques
Liz Manczak prepares
to bind her journal.
Costs for Jayne & Ruth to attend as
representatives this year will include:
Hotel: $119+tax per night x three
nights = $360 + tax as well as airfare
of between $230-270.00 each.
Total cost should be about $860. I
have not received any notice of
transportation, meals or other
Caroline Anderson and Deanna St. Martin watch as
Mary Burgess demonstrates paper marbling.
Jacqueline Newbold demonstrates
as Liz Manczak, Bernice Rust
and Claudia Breese look on.
February 2012
By Geoffrey
As new Education
this is my first
column. The first
thing I want to
report is that my predecessor, Diana
Nadal is still involved in WSO education. She has created a new position
on the Education Council; she is now
the WSO Liaison to Menucha with the
goal of continuing the Artistic
Expressions Workshop Series at
Menucha’s beautiful facility. See
complete information for the next
Menucha/WSO event at end of this
I strongly support two WSO
programs that fall under its education
umbrella: Critique Groups, and
Critique Group initiated workshops. If
your Critique Group wants to create
your own workshop, the starting
place is the WSO website. Once in
click on “Members Page” and scroll
down to “Workshop Request Form
and Information.” Here you will find
just about everything you will need to
know. If you have additional questions, email me at: [email protected]
Wolf served as a generous home-stay
host for Ruth, keeping the cost down
for members and instructor alike.
Each artist received a lot of
personal attention and feedback. The
group enjoyed visiting two different
local art shows and a group dinner
together as well.
Thanks to the WSO Education
Foundation, J. Lynn, Nancy, and UV
Arts for making this workshop
possible. The reviews were wonderful and we hope to be able to do it
again one day.
Bev Jozwiak Workshop
The Color Wheels Critique Group,
led by Susan Lyslo in the West Linn
area, organized a workshop with Bev
Jozwiak for January 30-31. The Color
Wheels found an instructor they
wished to learn from, enrolled
enough members to spread out the
cost, then presented it to the WSO
Education Council for funds. Again
WSO helped make their local art
experience really affordable.
Beth Verheyden Workshop
Alice Tetamore’s Brownsville Critique
Group has created their own two-day
workshop for February 24-25. The
Brownsville Art Center will host
popular WSO instructor Beth
Verheyden. Beth’s fees will be offset
with WSO Education funds.
New Critique Groups: I've sent
emails introducing New Members
and Regional Critique Group
Coordinators inviting them to
participate in existing groups or
create a new group. When needed,
WSO offered help starting a new
group by supplying printed materials
and participation by an Education
Council Member.
Two new Critique groups have
formed this quarter: one in Gresham
with the direct help and participation
of Diana Nadal and another in
Corvallis with my help.
The new Gresham Critique Group is
headed by Gail Johnson and was
formed with mostly New Members
including Connie Athman, Glennda
Field, Lori Baker and Pam Eckert. In
mid-November they had their first
meeting, which was also attended by
Diana Nadal for support and guidance. A comment about this critique
experience the next day was, “I
learned a lot and enjoyed every minute.
I’m going to get busy making some
changes to my paintings from the
suggestions given last night. I think the
changes will improve my work.”
Corvallis New Member Claudia
Weintraub responded to my email to
New Members in the mid-Willamette
Valley. She told me of a critique
group she had recently started in
connection with the Corvallis Art
Recent and Upcoming
Critique Group Workshops:
Ruth Armitage ‘Spark Session’
at Umpqua Valley Arts
J. Lynn Peterson organized a threeday workshop in Roseburg in
November, featuring Ruth Armitage as
the instructor. The class was
designed to provide ‘sparks’ of
inspiration for later exploration.
Eight artists worked diligently,
experimenting with dominance and
exercising their creativity muscles.
Demonstrations focused on value
studies, yupo techniques, watercolor
& gouache, acrylic, collage and
Umpqua Valley Art Center provided
a wonderful classroom, and Nancy
Students at Ruth Armitage’s “Spark Session” in Roseburg
having a wonderful time
February 2012
Guild and wondered if there would be
a conflict inviting other local WSO
Members to her group. I said it was a
great idea and saw no problem. I did
suggest she request attendees to at
least become a subscriber to WSO.
They meet in a neighborhood clubhouse meeting room in south
Corvallis. This group meets the first
Tuesday each month at 7:00 pm.
Contact Claudia for details at:
[email protected]
WSO-Menucha Artistic
Expressions Workshop Series:
Cost per person includes 4 nights
lodging, program fee and all meals.
Community Lodging - $433
Double Occupancy - $493
Single Occupancy - $533
Menucha also welcomes commuters. Commuter cost is $333 and
includes 4 lunches. The workshop
will be limited to 20 participants.
Register by March 2 at:
Nearby view of the Columbia River Gorge
A partnership of the Watercolor
Society of Oregon and Menucha
Retreat and Conference Center.
Head to the Columbia Gorge for Carol
Carter’s “Watercolor Intuition!” Dates
are March 25-29, Spring Break. About
Carol Carter:
She comes highly recommended
as a teacher who is incredibly
generous with her knowledge and
ability to successfully transmit her
techniques to her students.
Watercolor Magazine named her
one of Twenty-five Watercolorists
to Watch in its 25th Anniversary
Carol Carter, along with Kathleen
Alexander, Mark Mehaffey,
Thomas W. Schaller, Keiko Tanabe
and Nicholas Simmons are
exhibiting their artwork at the
Strathmore Foundation in
Washington, D.C. from January 7
February 4, 2012. The group
formed North American
Watercolor Artists (NAWA) in 2010
and have exhibited in international exhibitions in Mexico City
and Madrid.
Visit www.carol-carter.com
for more info.
Main building at the
Menucha Retreat and
Conference Center
About the Workshop: Participants will
gain insight into Carol’s wet watercolor technique, as well as her
approach to watercolor wash, color
structuring, imagery and content.
The workshop will also include tips
on marketing your art, resources for
supplies, documenting artwork and
developing personal imagery.
February 2012
Portland - ( continued from front page )
After the Lecture, if you have not
ordered a box lunch, you can walk
one block to 9th and Alder and find
some of Portland’s finest food carts
to select the cuisine of your choice.
Right after lunch we will begin the
following Saturday Activities:
Gene Gill’s painting, “Broadway Bright Lights”
Juror Carla O’Connor will offer a Slide
! Our own downtown art muse, Gene
Gill, will offer a “Photo Safari.” He
will begin with a short lecture and
then lead members on a walk to the
photo sites.
! Acclaimed plein air painter Susan
Spears will lead a Paint-Out. She
has painted all over Oregon and will
share her favorite spot for painting
in downtown Portland.
! After years of experiencing painting
on different surfaces, Rene Eisenbart
will introduce you to her new find:
painting watercolor on cradled wood
Rene Eisenbart’s bird series on cradled wood panels
You’ll marvel at Winnie Givot’s journal pages
! High desert artist Winnie Givot of
Sisters will be presenting a session
on Watercolor Journaling. She will
show you how to capture the magic
of what you see.
will roll out the red carpet to invite
you to view the 80 juried paintings
chosen by Juror Carla O’Connor. We
will sample hors d’oeuvres and toast
all the winners.
After we celebrate the successes of
our fellow artists, you are on your
own for dinner or can join others to
experience some fine dining at one
of Portland’s renowned restaurants.
We have included a list of restaurants
in this issue of the Watermark and
have assigned several local WSO
Members to the task of making
dinner reservations ahead of time.
Arlene Millering, Becky Meier, Diane
Pinney and Susan Hook are the
volunteers on the Dining Out
! “Paint it, Sell it” will be hosted by
Janet Livesay from SCORE. She will
provide information on how artists
can start and maintain their small
At 3:45 pm, the first charter bus will
transport us from the church to the
Artists’ Reception and Awards, which
starts at 4:30 pm just a few blocks
away at the Oregon Society of Artists
(OSA) at 2185 SW Park Avenue. OSA
February 2012
For lodging there are plenty of area
hotels to choose from, (see suggestion
list on page 13 in pull-out section) or
consider coming to town early and
signing up for a home stay with one
of our local WSO Members who are
looking forward to having you as
their guest. Many Members have
already begun making home-stay
arrangements – it’s a great way to get
to know your fellow artists. Email
Linda Nye for information about
We hope you make the most of
your time in Portland. Consider
coming in early on Thursday or Friday
and spend a few hours at Powell’s
Book Store, or visit art galleries in
the Pearl District. Then before going
home on Sunday, check out some of
Portland’s art supply stores: Dick
Blick (formerly Art Media), Muse Art &
Design, or Utrecht.
There are plenty of activities for
non-artists who come to visit
Portland. Jesse Walker, husband of
WSO Member Liz, has volunteered to
lead a distillery tour/lunchtime
excursion. For more information on
this tour, see your Yellow Pull-Out
section and be sure to sign up via the
Early Registration form enclosed with
this issue.
Other Portland attractions include
Portland Art Museum, the Rose
Garden and Japanese Garden, a boat
ride on the Willamette River, shopping for handcrafted arts at the
Saturday Market, visiting art galleries, or touring OMSI – Museum of
Science and Industry. We look
forward to seeing you in the Rose
City at the Portland Convention on
April 14.
The First Presbyterian Church at 1200 SW Alder St will be headquarters for the convention.
local volunteers to gallery sit at OSA
from 1 - 4 pm Tuesday - Sunday
throughout the exhibit dates (April
14 - April 29). Contact Gallery Sitting
Chair Rene Eisenbart if you would
like to help.
Consider arriving a few days before
the Convention to get settled in and
enjoy the sights. That will also allow
you to hand deliver your accepted
painting if yours is among the
accepted works.
Prior to the Convention:
Refer to the calendar in your
Prospectus and the dates and times
on your Early Registration Form.
Remember that Early Registration
ends March 20. After that date,
registration will be available only at
the Hospitality Table. Since several
activities (such as having a painting
in the Juror’s Critique) are limited to
20 or 25 participants. Please note
that events are filled on a “firstreceived, first-registered” basis.
Shipped and hand-delivered,
accepted watercolor paintings, must
be received at OSA by Wednesday,
April 11 from 10 - 4 pm. (Consider
“pooling” your hand delivery with other
artists in your area). OSA’s hanging
crew, led by WSO Member Donna
Jarvis, will receive your paintings.
If you live in the Portland area and
would like to help the planning
committees, please email Jennie
Chen. We are especially in need of
February 2012
Juror - ( continued from front page )
One of Carla O’Connor’s amazing paintings
“Passing Fancy” by Carla O’Connor
formal study at the University of the
Americas, Mexico City; University of
Dayton, Ohio; and the University of
Wisconsin, Milwaukee. O’Connor is a
Signature member of the American
Watercolor Society, National Watercolor
Society and Northwest Watercolor
Society and is an AWS Dolphin Fellow.
A bold and innovative painter, Carla
has also been juror for numerous
national and regional groups including the American Watercolor Society,
the National Watercolor Society, the
Northwest Watercolor Society,
Watercolor Art Society - Houston, the
Arizona Watercolor Association, and
the Watercolor Societies of Florida
and San Diego. Carla was Chairman of
Awards Jury for AWS 2008 and was
sole juror for Western Federation of
Watercolor Societies in 2010.
For more information about Carla
and to see images of her many awardwinning paintings, visit her website:
By Joneile Emery,
Early Registration Co-chair
Our new WSO Early Registration Co-chairs
Jolene Christensen and Joneile Emery
It’s time to register early to get all
the selections you want at Spring
Convention in Portland. We are
always trying to streamline the form
and make this an easy process for
you. Here are a few things to
remember when filling out your
registration form:
1. Make sure you fill in every field completely. Don’t overlook your complete
address - street/ city/ zip code.
2. When registering for a Critique session, remember there are two ways to participate.
If you check “yes - I will send one image,” the first 25 people registered will
get a confirmation letter with instructions for how to send their image to be
included in the slide show.
If you check “observer/ non-participant,” you will simply be a spectator in
the Critique. When there are two Critique sessions, Members may only
register an image in one session to allow more people the opportunity.
3. Early registration closes March 20. If you think your form will arrive later than
that date, don’t send it and instead register in Portland at the Hospitality Table.
4. Look over your form carefully and watch times of events so you don’t double
schedule yourself! Don’t forget to include your check, make it out to WSO, and send
it off to Jolene Christensen, 3092 Herald Ln, Eugene, Oregon 97405.
This Spring Convention looks to be full of great opportunities to celebrate
art in Portland! Jolene and I are new at serving in Early Registration but we
are eager to help you. If you have any questions, please contact us.
February 2012
WSO Spring Convention
& Exhibition in the Heart
of the Rose City
April 14, 2012
at First Presbyterian Church in
downtown Portland and Oregon
Society of Artists (OSA)
New Member Show
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
The Chapel
Paintings by our New Members will be on
display in the Chapel throughout the day.
Convention Introduction
9:00 - 9:20 am
Geneva Room
The Convention will begin with a
welcome from our President, Board
announcements and a Fall Convention
Welcome of New Members
9:20 - 9:55 am
Geneva Room
LaVonne Tarbox-Crone will introduce
New Members with their paintings.
Carla O’Connor
Show Chair Jennie Chen welcomes you to the WSO Spring
Convention in Portland
Board Meeting (Friday night)
7:00 pm
Calvin Library in the
Church Basement
8:00 am - approx. 4:00 pm
The Registration Table opens at 8:00 am.
This is where you will pick up your
registration materials. Pre-registered and
unregistered attendees need to check in
to get name tags, etc. You will receive a
folder containing a Restaurant Guide and
other items of interest. Make dinner
reservations for Saturday evening after
the Artist’s Reception & Awards using the
Restaurant Guide in your folder. Arlene
Millering, Becky Meier, Diane Pinney and
Susan Hook are heading up the Dining
Out committee.
If your painting was one of the Fall
Award winners, be sure to ask at the
Registration Table for the location of
those paintings and pick them up on
April 14.
10:00 - 11:30 am
Geneva Room
Juror Carla O’Connor from Gig Harbor,
Washington will help us discover the
power of her “what if ” approach to
painting. Carla likes to stay in the
moment while discovering the message
of a painting, and as a result she always
creates something unexpected. We can
all look forward to an exciting morning.
Lunch (on your own):
Explore Portland Food Carts
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
If you have not ordered a box lunch (see
form) you can walk one block
to 9th and Alder to find some of
Portland’s finest food carts and select the
cuisine of your choice.
[Non-Artist Activity] Distillery
Outing/Lunch at Portland Pies
10:30 am - 3:00 pm
Church Narthex
Cost: $15 to cover tasting fees,
plus the cost for lunch.
As part of WSO’s Portland Convention,
Jesse Walker will lead a tour of three
distilleries. Portland is enjoying a
boomlet in boutique distilleries and we
will visit three. The first stop is the
Stone Barn distillery, known for its
whiskeys. For lunch we will eat at
Portland Pies, an Eastside purveyor of
both savory and dessert pies in the $5 to
$7 range. After lunch the tour will visit
the New Deal Distillery, a gin shop, and
finish at Clear Creek Distillery, world
famous for its pear brandy. Once you
sign up via the Registration Form you’ll
be emailed with Jesse’s contact information (cell & email).
Juror Carla O’Connor’s Critique
1:00 - 2:15 pm
Geneva Room
Juror Carla O’Connor will critique 25
Members’ paintings (The first 25 who
enrolled and checked “yes,” that they will be
sending a digital image). There is plenty
of room for any observers.
When you receive your confirmation
letter from the Convention Registration
Chairs that you are one of 25 selected
for the Critique Session, please take the
time right then to email your digital
image to Suzi Blaisdell. Resize your jpeg
file to 1200 pixels on the longest side
with a resolution of 72 ppi, naming the
image as follows: last name, first initial
(example: NadalD.jpg). The deadline for
receiving images is April 2.
Gene Gill Photo Safari
1:00 - 3:30
Church 2nd Floor
Gene graduated from
the Art Center School
in Pasadena, CA, had
a successful advertising career in Detroit,
and eventually moved
to Portland in the
1970’s. He attended
Portland Museum Art School (now known
as the Pacific Northwest College of Art).
Besides a thriving career in watercolor
painting, he also teaches, lectures,
designs advertising and does private
Gene’s muse is the City of Portland.
He often walks around city blocks taking
pictures of what inspires him and
capturing moments that evoke emotion.
Sometimes he even hires a model when
necessary. He admits it’s too dangerous
to set up his easel on the street, so he
instead develops his paintings in his
studio with lively color and skillfully
executed brush strokes. Gene paints
February 2012
with vibrant colors, using his delightful
story telling ability to craft his realistic
and impressionist style paintings.
On Saturday, he will begin with a short
lecture in the classroom and lead
members on a walking tour to several of
his favorite photo sites. “A good photo can
inspire a successful painting,” says Gene.
Please let him inspire your next cityscape,
figures or abstract painting.
Susan Spears Paint-Out
1:00 - 3:30 pm
Church lobby
Susan Spears received
her BA in Art and
teaching credentials
from California University at Fullerton.
She then obtained a
degree in Commercial
Art, worked in the illuminated sign
business, and taught high school art for
several years. Currently, she leads a plein
air workshop called Eye on the Sky Outdoor
Workshop, held at different sites every
Friday from April through October. Susan
revels in the chance to paint outdoors.
“Only by painting en plein air can light and
depth be achieved as it is,” says Susan.
When the rain arrives in Oregon, she
teaches a drawing class called “Inside
Many of Susan’s paintings are individual
or corporate commissions. Her work is
on display at companies including Intel,
Portland City Grill, Salem Hospital,
Willakenzie Winery, and Marywoods
Retirement Center. Her creativity and use
of clean, vibrant colors define her unique
style. It will be a great opportunity to
follow her on an outing, pick your city
scene and create your own masterpiece
on location in downtown Portland.
Winnie Givot -- Watercolor
2:30 - 3:45
Church 3rd Floor
Begin or continue a
watercolor journal in
this hands-on class
as we explore ways
to record our journeys, whether traveling or at home.
We’ll play with painting, writing and page
embellishments on watercolor paper in a
simple handmade journal.
Her inspiration can come from a face, a
flower, a still life or landscape, whatever
she sees with the eye of her heart. That
seeing is what she teaches, along with
drawing and handling the wonderful
medium of watercolor.
In 2002 she presented 24 paintings to
members of the U.S. Congress as
inspiration so that instead of basing
decisions on greed and fear, they might
find new and better solutions. Her
paintings are in collections internationally, including those of President and
Mrs. Barack Obama, George W. Bush,
Colin Powell, Deepak Chopra, Senator
Ron Wyden, United Parcel Service,
Colorado College, Harley Brown, the Gov.
and Mrs. John Kitzhaber, and the
Congress of Chile.
She lives in a straw bale house on a
small ridge overlooking the Three Sisters
and Cascade Mountains. Her studio in
the barn is welcoming to students,
collectors and those who simply want to
share the beauty and peace. To visit
Winnie Givot’s Barn Studio and Gallery
near Sisters and see her work, or for
information about classes and workshops in her studio and abroad, contact
René Eisenbart Painted Surfaces:
Watercolor on Cradled Wood Panels
2:30 - 3:45 pm
Church 2nd Floor
Artist/instructor René
Eisenbart will introduce you to her
process of permanently sealing
watercolor paintings
using acrylic mediums, so there is no need to frame under
glass. The wood panels she uses have a
contemporary look and feel that can be
preferred over traditional framing with
no mats to cut and no reflective glass. It
is also economical.
Pros and cons of adhering finished
artwork (versus attaching blank watercolor paper to the board before painting)
will be addressed in this session.
Instruction will cover archival techniques
and how to add acrylic to a watercolor
without smearing the paint. René will
also demonstrate using a wax medium to
protect art from the elements. One 8x8
cradled panel, handcrafted by American
Easel in Salem, Oregon, will be provided
to each workshop participant.
René writes about transferring her
painting, "Free As A Fish" from a frame
with plexiglass to a cradled panel on her
blog. See “Out of the Frame - Onto the
Cradle,” March 9, 2011
René is well known for her plant and
wildlife renderings published in the
Homes & Gardens section of The
Oregonian. While her passion for
gardening continues to inspire her art,
she now enjoys working with portraits
and other figurative images as well. Her
contemporary work images that speak to
her heart are expressed with vibrant
color and rich texture. René teaches
watercolor painting in classes and
workshops at Oregon Society of Artists
and throughout the region. On a sunny
day though, you’re just as likely to find
her making trails in the woods near her
home in the Tualatin Mountains
northwest of Portland.
“Paint it, Sell it” –
Janet Livesay from SCORE
2:30 - 3:45 pm
Geneva Room
Are you a hobbyist or a working artist?
Are you compelled to paint but not
skilled at keeping track of your inventory? If so, this is the presentation
you’ve been waiting for.
Janet Livesay will speak on behalf of
SCORE, a nonprofit association and part
of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Founded in 1964, SCORE is
dedicated to educating entrepreneurs
and helping small businesses start, grow,
and succeed nationwide. They volunteer
free counseling in all areas of managing
and growing a business.
In this discussion, Janet will touch on
working artists’ issues such as establishing and maintaining a website, portfolio
albums, published albums, and selling
artwork through galleries and representatives.
For a minimal fee SCORE schedules
marketing workshops which focus on
business plans, social media sales,
Quickbooks and website management.
They connect small business owners
(such as working artists) with the people
and information they need to start,
grow, and maintain their businesses.
There are even online workshops
available 24/7.
This presentation will feature the
opportunity to ask lots of questions.
Janet will make every effort to answer
your questions and provide a variety of
handouts for you to take with you.
Don’t miss this informative Q&A
Bus Ride, Church to OSA and back
first bus - 3:45 pm (returns at 5:45)
last bus - 5:45 pm (returns at 6:30)
Because of limited parking at OSA, we
highly recommend that you take the bus
provided by WSO to and from the OSA
reception. Be sure to indicate how many
will be riding the bus on your
Registration Form (included with this
February 2012
Artists’ Reception and Awards
4:30 - 6:00 pm
Oregon Society of Artists (OSA)
2185 SW Park Place
The Gallery opens at 3:30 pm to
reveal Juror Carla O’Connor’s
selection of 20 award winners amid
the 80 selected aqueous media
paintings. There will be People’s
Choice Award slips so you can vote
By LaVonne
Members will
need to show
up early on
Saturday, April
14 for the
Spring Convention in
Portland. The New Member
Orientation will kick off the day
of activities at the First
Presbyterian Church. We invite
all newcomers from all over the
state to be part of a separate nonjuried show by bringing along a
painting for the one day exhibit.
The 9:20 am meeting will take
place in the Geneva Room
downstairs in the church. After
the meeting the show will move
upstairs to the Chapel. So if you
are new, start planning now to
bring one of your best smaller
works for this show. The orientation will help answer many
questions you might have. It will
also give you a chance to meet
each other. We even hope to
arrange for you to have dinner
Home-stays and Downtown Hotels
By Jennie Chen
We are very fortunate to have Linda
Nye as the chair for the Home-Stay
program, which pairs out-of-town
Members with local Members who
have generously offered weekend
lodging in their own homes. Email
Linda and let her know if 1) you
would like to host a guest or 2) you
are coming in from out of town and
would like to stay with a local
Portland Member.
Alternatively, you can stay in the
for your favorite.
Light food and wine will be provided. After the reception, plan to
dine out at one of the many restaurants in Portland and the surrounding
area. Make your own reservations, or
sign up to join a dinner group that
will be led by one of our hostesses.
A restaurant guide will be in your
registration packet.
New 2012, 59 Members sorted by town:
Debbie Janssen Astoria
Sandra Pearce Banks
Joanna Hay
Liz Thoresen
Chris Elliott
Pam Talley
Mary Heflin
Ireta Sitts Graube Cannon Beach 503-436-2019
Glennda Field
that evening with one of our
Victoria Martinez Corvallis
Board volunteers.
Ernest Richter Corvallis
I will be contacting you soon
Claudia Weintraub Corvallis
with a special invitation and
Kay Beckham
details on bringing in your
Raejean Steele Carter Eugene
painting. For those of you who
Patty Duncan
have entered the competition and Chuck Roehrich Eugene
been accepted into the regular
Betty Vail
Spring Exhibition, this will be a
Joyce Cannon
Grants Pass
double opportunity to show us
Gail Johnson
what you can do.
Joyce Cheatham Happy Valley
Fourteen New Members were
Sue Anne Seckora Hillsboro
left off the November Watermark Kathy Gunson Junction City
list. I hope you can check this
Hong Bai
Lake Oswego
reprinted list for folks who live
Karen Berg
Lake Oswego
near you, and make them feel
Amanda James Lake Oswego
included by inviting them to join
Patricia Bargen Medford
in nearby art activities. Those of
Marilyn Zupan Medford
you coming to the Convention
Susan Benski
Oregon City
might consider inviting a new
June Clapp
Oregon City
person from your area to ‘ride
along.’ It is always a challenge to
Jerry Dickason Portland
venture into the unknown, so
Hebe Greizerstein Portland
help the new folks get
Julie Harris
Steve Kleier
Feel free to contact me if you
Mason Parker
have any questions...I love to
Gayatri Vasudevan Portland
share my enthusiasm for my
Don Welty
favorite events.
Winky Wheeler Portland
LaVonne Tarbox-Crone
William Woods Portland
Dorothy Roth
Becky Jacob
Rhododendron 503-201-1185
Jani Brown
Nancy Jolley
suburbs and ride a TriMet bus or MAX Judy Waller
light rail into town. You can also stay
Catherine Wayne Roseburg
in the city center downtown close to
Kathryn Decker Salem
the main events.
Janet Orso-Allen Salem
Unlike past Conventions, WSO
Nita Wipper
hasn’t made contracts with the
Dana Hamburg Sandy
hotels, so it is best if you book
Linda Robison Sisters
through an internet discount website Alisha Whitman The Dalles
or your discount agent. A word of
Dianne Hicks
caution about parking: downtown
Elaine Frances Moriarty Umpqua 541-459-1107
hotels often charge you for parking
Ellen Swets
along with your room fee. Since
Sheila Parsons Warrenton
parking is a big concern in Portland,
Mary Holt
West Linn
we highly recommend members car
John Miller
West Linn
pool with local WSO Members or take
Judy Robinson West Linn
( continued on next page )
February 2012
public transportation if they are
not staying in the downtown
Here are a few hotel recommendations located near the First
Presbyterian Church:
The Governor Hotel
614 SW 11th Ave
503-224-3400 $$$
Hilton Portland &
921 SW 6th Ave
503-226-1611 $$$
Mark Spencer
409 SW 11th Ave
503-224-3293 $$
University Place Hotel
310 SW Lincoln St
503-221-0140 $$
Econo Lodge City Center
1889 SW 4th Ave
503-226-7646 $$
Travelodge Ptld City Center
2401 SW 4th Ave
503-226-1121 $
Downtown & Church Parking
Next to the church is an
underground parking garage
(city-owned). The entrance to
the garage is located on 12th
Street. On Saturday, the
maximum cost is $8.50/day or
pay the following:
By Jennie Chen
Brew Pubs:
North 45
517 NW 21st Ave
Pub Burgers, etc.
Ringler’s Pub
W. Burnside at 12th
Fish dishes, steak,
veggies, and appetizers
Plates & entrees from
$9.50 to $12.75. Most
dishes are under $15.00
Henry’s 12th St. Tavern
10 NW 12th Ave
Large brewery blocks
restaurant, great onion rings
Deschutes Brewery & Public
210 NW 11th Ave
Traditional brew pub, good
food and beer, lively
NW Public House
2327 NW Kearney
Saturday Day Rate
$1.00 / Hour (until 5:00 PM)
Saturday Evening Rate
$4.00 flat rate (After 5:00 PM)
Ethnic and small plates:
Masu Sushith
406 SW 13 Ave
salads, soup and hot entrees
Salads $8 - $9. Hot dishes
vary from $2 for miso soup
to $14 for short ribs
1314 NW Glisan
Peruvian food - not highly
spiced, more like Caribbean
food than Mexican
Price range $19 to $29
Italian/ Mediterranean
Pizza Oasis
2241 W Burnside
Mama Mia Trattoria
439 SW 2nd Ave
2112 NW Kearney
Upscale atmosphere, good
Blue Olive
500 NW 21st Ave
Greek, Mediterranean,
Ristorante Roma
622 SW 12th Ave
2601 NW Vaughn St
Mediterranean influences
Prices $20-$30
Mexican/ Tex-Mex
Casa del Matador
1438 NW 23rd Ave
Authentic Tex-Mex, original
and fresh recipes. Tequila
bar and margaritas
American/Steak House
Ringside Steakhouse
2165 W Burnside St
1331 SW Washington
Prices $20-$30
Call for reservations. For
additional suggestions, check
out www.yelp.com or
February 2012
46th Transparent Show
Fall 2011, Sunriver
Juror: Ted Nuttall
20 Touring Paintings
February 1-24, 2012
Emerald Art Center
500 Main Street
Springfield 97477
Commission 40% (Members 30%)
Tues-Sat 11am-4pm
Guy Weese
March 1-31, 2012
Southern Coos Hospital
& Health Center
900 E 11th St NE
Bandon 97411
No Commission, donations
Open daily 7am-7pm
Victoria Tierney
47thth Aqueous Media Show
Spring 2012, Portland
Juror: Carla O'Connor
All 80 Paintings
April 15 - April 29, 2012
Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place
Portland 97205
No Commission
Tues-Sun 1-4pm
Hal Wright
20 Touring Paintings
May 11 - July 6, 2012
Umpqua Valley Arts Center
1624 Harvard Avenue
Roseburg 97471
Commission 40% (Members 30%)
Tues-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-2pm
Aleta McGee
For questions and suggestions about
the traveling show, you may contact
Cindy Briggs.
“The Courtesans” by Carla O’Connor
Carla O’Connor’s 3-day Workshop, to
be held April 16-18 at OSA in Portland,
will stress bold composition and strong
design using the human figure for
inspiration. Each day’s lesson will
focus on a different aspect of design:
shape, light, linkage, texture, space,
etc. You will explore abstraction,
emphasize “the process” and concentrate on composing the entire page.
Each participant’s preferences,
originality, and creativity are most
important. Carla will be using transparent watercolor and gouache, and
include frequent mini-demonstrations
in a direct painting method.
Sessions include clothed models as
your subject for finding as many
different ways as possible of “seeing.”
“If a model is posing for the workshop, I
insist that people work and not waste time
chatting, breaking for snacks, or allowing
themselves to be distracted,” O'Connor
says. “We'’re paying for the model’s time
and we need to have a collection of
drawings available when we start painting,
so it’s imperative that we take full
advantage of the opportunity to draw. The
model is a precious commodity, and
drawing is the basis of all art.”
“My painting process is so open-ended
that I don’t even attempt to complete a
painting during one of the demonstrations
I offer in a class,” O’Connor adds. “It is a
process of trial and error back and forth,
put it down, lift it off, experiment until all
the effort used to produce the painting is
no longer evident. There are so many
changes taking place that students can get
confused, frustrated, and sometimes bored
if I made them sit through it all. Instead, I
just do short demonstrations of specific
ideas, materials, and approaches to
illustrate some of the points I cover in
conversation. I may go back and work on
the same painting, but only if there is a
point I can make that might be helpful to
the participants.”
Carla has a lot of clear ideas of how
she might be able to help other artists
derive more enjoyment from the
creative process, and that's one of the
reasons she is willing to conduct so
many workshops and why students
return to work with her year after year.
“One of the best ways to grow and develop
as an artist is to teach someone else, and I
certainly have learned about myself as I’ve
tried to help others,” she explains. “The
creative process is almost 80 percent
mental and 20 percent physical.”
Under Carla’s watch, that creative
process happens in a very structured
workshop program that includes minidemonstrations, clear recommendations, group discussions, and individual conversations. “I suggest to people
that they take on a new identity when they
participate in one of my workshops,” she
says. “I want them to be prepared to try
something completely new. I presume they
signed up for a workshop with Carla
O’Connor or someone else because they
want to learn from that instructor. Why
spend all that time and money taking a
workshop if the student only intends to
demonstrate what he or she already
This workshop, which is full with a
waiting list, promises to be an extraordinary experience for our Members
who are fortunate enough to take it.
Workshop coordinator Harold Walkup
encourages attendees to brown bag
their own lunch or enjoy nearby
eateries on their noon break.
Workshop Information:
Dates: April 16-18, 2012
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Place: Oregon Society of Artists
2185 SW Park Place, Portland
February 2012
By Beth Verheyden and Steve Ludeman
Watercolor painting by Chris Van Winkle
Chris Van Winkle - Juror
and workshop instructor
Plan now to visit the Villages of
Mount Hood, centered in Welches,
for the WSO Fall Convention. Chris
Van Winkle, award winning artist and
past-president of the National
Watercolor Society, is our featured
Juror and Workshop Instructor. Mark
your calendars for October 5, 6 and 7
and plan to bring your family to
enjoy the scenic beauty and many
recreational opportunities near
Mount Hood!
Convention Co-Chairs Beth
Verheyden (Boring) and Connie
Athman (Sandy) are working with
their Show Committee to plan an
educational and fun weekend.
The Resort at the Mountain in
Welches will be the center of this
Convention. The activities will take
place in various locations between
Welches and Timberline Lodge the
area known locally as “Hoodland.”
Friday, October 5 Events:
Special event! “SYD Round-aBout.” In memory of fellow artist,
friend and WSO member, Syd Kruse,
an acronym-influenced round-robin
painting experience awaits you! Suzi
Blaisdell will teach you how to “Spray
Your Drips;” Kara Pilcher will help
you “Strip Your Dancer”, and others
will share their tips on “Saving Your
Dog” and other fun and witty
Your “Meet & Greet” starts with
a hosted bus ride up to Government
Camp to the Mt. Hood Cultural
Center and Museum. This alpine
venue will provide our members and
guests with a relaxing and beautiful
setting in which to enjoy visual art
displays, and local historical artifacts
and photographs.
the Croquet Court dressed in
Victorian Costume. Observe and join
a few of our WSO quick draw artists
for a fun plein air sketching opportunity.
Saturday, October 6
Breakout Sessions:
For the past 21 years Chris has
been teaching watercolor at Citrus
College, California. He has conducted workshops in California,
traveled and painted throughout the
United States and Canada, and has
led painting trips to Spain, Holland,
Britain, Middle Europe and Russia.
Chris is a member of National
Watercolor Society, Watercolor West,
Transparent Watercolor Society of
America, and Whiskey Painters of
Jan Rimerman will share her
insight and tips on how to host an
open studio without becoming
lateral afterwards!
Angi Grainger will lead participants in her steps to creating
dynamic reflections in water drops.
Susan Spears and Hyon Fielding
will lead a dual Paint-out at the
overlook on the 1st tee of the golf
course, as participants are serenaded
by bagpipes in the distance.
Bill Baily will lead a Paint-in for
participants to practice their own
still life compositions against a black
Dyanne Locati will show how to
paint an abstract using fluid acrylic
and watercolor pencils.
 Lynn Powers will explain her
secrets to choosing and painting a
portrait subject.
 Harold Walkup will lead a Paintout to Trillium Lake, where he will
challenge you to see and paint a
beautiful but typical scene in an
anything but typical way.
Join Jayne Ferlitsch and other
WSO Members and their guests at
Our Juror Chris Van Winkle:
Chris has never been to Oregon.
He is excited about coming here and
doing some workshop plein air
painting! His website is
Chris’ art philosophy:
“The minute we use line, we are
abstracting. Some art is more realistic,
some more non-objective, but all art
must be poetic. The artist does not just
report. The artist re-interprets; he
experiences his subject with all his
senses. He sees art through 360
degrees. He is touched by sounds,
smells, colors and a myriad of other
elements. And from all of this, he
paints the essence of place and time.
I enjoy art in all its forms and isms. I
like to experiment in abstract and nonobjective themes. But I love to travel,
February 2012
see new places, meet new peoples.
I like the music, color and dress in
foreign cultures. I react to the
country's landscapes, animals,
architecture and machines. My art
tends to reflect this interest. I want
my art to communicate.”
Watercolor painting by Chris Van Winkle
Upcoming WSO Conventions
Spring 2012: Portland
Juror: Carla O'Connor
Convention: April 14
Workshop: April 16-18
Convention Chair: Jennie Chen
Fall 2012: Welches
Juror: Chris VanWinkle
Convention: October 5-7
Workshops: October 3-4 & 8-10
Convention Chairs:
Beth Verheyden
Connie Athman
Hoodland also offers a wide
variety of recreational activities
for the artist and non-artist alike.
These activities include hiking,
golfing, fishing, biking, tennis all located at or near the Resort
at the Mountain. Visit the
Wildwood Recreation Site, hike
some of the many trails in Mt.
Fall 2014: Open
Juror: Linda Baker
Convention: October 3-5
Workshop: October 6-10
Convention Chair: Needed
If you would like to help Chair a WSO
Convention in your Community…
Please contact Deanna St. Martin:
[email protected]
Western Federation of
Watercolor Societies
Host: Nevada Watercolor Society
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Spring 2013: Albany
Juror: Mary Ann Beckwith
Convention: April 5-7
Workshop: April 8-12
Convention Chairs:
Rob Robinson
Stephanie Low
Host: Southwestern Watercolor
Location: Dallas, Texas
Fall 2013: Open
Juror: Connie Adams
Convention: October 4-6
Workshop: October 7-11
Convention Chair: Needed
Host: West Texas Watercolor Society
Location: Lubbock, Texas
Spring 2014: Open
Juror: Robert Burridge
Convention: April 4-6
Workshop: April 7-11
Convention Chair: Needed
Host: Arizona Watercolor Association
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Host: Colorado Watercolor Society
Location: Denver, Colorado
Host: Watercolor Society of Oregon
Location: Oregon
Hood National Forest, go
downhill skiing (weather permitting), take several scenic drives,
or hike, fish and boat at Trillium
Lake. A visit to historic
Timberline Lodge on the south
slope of Mt. Hood is a must!
This national treasure will
celebrate its 75th anniversary in
We look forward to seeing you
at WSO’s “Art with Altitude”
Convention in October 2012!
February 2012
By Blenda Tyvoll
During our last
Convention in
Sunriver, I had the
pleasure of getting to
know Cindy Briggs. She
had a few empty bedrooms that weekend
and graciously invited some of us to stay
in her beautiful hillside home with a
panoramic view of the East slope of the
Cascades. Cindy teaches workshops in
Bend as well as Seattle and regularly
organizes painting tours to Europe and
along the US West Coast. She has coauthored an artist handbook of painting
techniques and inspiration. But this is
only a small slice of who Cindy is.
Curious to learn more, I asked her the
following questions:
How long have you been creating?
It’s always been in my DNA to create. From
a family in the arts, I remember watching my
aunt paint a portrait and wanting to be like
her when I was 14. I’ve always been
encouraged to paint, and was fortunate to
have a number of excellent mentors along the
way. I had an art scholarship to Brigham
Young University and earned a degree in
Communication Arts. After working as an
Advertising Art Director in San Francisco, LA,
and Seattle, creating magazine ads and
billboards for clients like Levi Strauss,
Universal Studios and California Pizza
Kitchen, I changed my focus to painting.
What are your motivations
for creating?
Creating uplifts my soul. Every day that I
paint, whether I create a “breakthrough”
painting, a “study,” or even just a few dabs of
paint on the paper, the day is gratifying. I
thrive on the unpredictable qualities of
watercolors. It’s like life, the more I make the
most of it, the more interesting it becomes. I
am constantly motivated to explore new
concepts and grow as an artist, moving away
from the technical to making a personal
How do you know when a piece you’re
working on is finished?
My goal is to reverently capture the essence
of my subjects with a meaningful composition
and as I proceed I find that the painting is
usually finished before I think it is. I’ve
learned to walk away from the painting and
let it be.
Cindy Briggs, our new Traveling Show Chair, in her studio/gallery
Are there any other things in life
besides art that bring you creative
I adore my family and my dogs - time with
them is very fulfilling on all levels. I’ve
worked with teenage girls for 20 years as an
advisor and enjoy helping them with their
goals. I also enjoy traveling, writing,
photography and utilizing my computer for
design work.
What other artists or movement
influence your work?
With Art History as my minor in college,
I’ve always been drawn to the study of
artists throughout time. I have a wide
selection of artbooks that date back as far as
1910 gifted to me by my great grandmother,
and continue to add to my library. Some of
my favorite artists are John Singer Sargent,
Georgia O'Keeffe, Judy Morris, Mel Stabin,
Richard Schmid, and my mentor and aunt,
Ellie Weakley.
Tell us about your
artistic goals for 2012.
As always, I would like to paint more exploring new concepts and compositions,
publish another Watercolor book, and
experiment with oils. Also, I often paint onehour demonstrations and want to continue
to refine the exhilarating process so I can
consistently “nail it” making quick, decisive
painting decisions en plein air and in studio
What would you like your fellow WSO
artists to know about you and/or your
My plein air and studio paintings are
inspired by my travels and life experiences.
I’m fortunate to have been teaching
workshops for over 15 years, leading
numerous European and West Coast tours
through my Seattle based agency. My book,
“Make Every Day A Painting, co-authored
with Theresa Goesling is in its 6th edition. I
am a NWWS Signature Member and active
Board Member; I also have had 3 paintings
accepted into recent NWS shows, the
upcoming WFWS Show, and have 3
paintings in the 2012 America’s Best of
Watercolorists book. My upcoming Italian
Riviera painting tour in June has a few
spaces still available. I have workshops
scheduled at Daniel Smith in Seattle, in Bend
at the Art Station, and in Florence, Oregon
with Art Workshops by the Sea this year. It’s
an honor to be involved with the WSO; I
really respect the organization and the artist
What do you find visually
stimulating right now?
I love to travel to new places and noticed
lately I am drawn to people; faces and
figures. The human element is becoming
more important to my work - we will see
where it leads me.
Finally, where can your readers find
your art and workshop information?
On my website at www.CindyBriggs.com
and at www.MakeEveryDayAPainting.com
February 2012
Below are three of the five WSO Member
paintings that will appear in the 2012 publication
of “Best of America Watercolor Artist”
LaVonne’s Painting “A Cut Above” was accepted
in the AWS show earning her ‘signature status’
By Sarah Bouwsma
LaVonne TarboxCrone, Lane Hall and
Geoffrey McCormack
all had paintings
accepted in the
American Watercolor Society’s 145th
Annual Exhibition. With this
acceptance LaVonne achieved AWS
Signature Status, and she plans to
head to New York City on April 20 for
the Awards Dinner!
Geoffrey McCormack opened a solo
show to well over 150 art lovers on
Jan. 6th at the Newport Visual Arts
Center’s Runyan Gallery. He also will
have a painting published in Splash
13, Alternative Approaches: The Best of
Watercolor, due out in mid-2012.
Kris Preslan won the First Place
Award at the Northwest Watercolor
Society’s 2011 Waterworks
Exhibition for her transparent
watercolor painting, The Perch.
Alexandra Eyer won the Excellence
Award for In the Pink; Kathleen Haney
won the Northwest Vision Award for
Seeking Shade; and George
Schoonover won the Shirley Jordan
Merit Award for Coming Out. Other
WSO Members with paintings in the
show were Airi Foote, Maud
Durland, Denny Snyder, Beth
Verheyden, and Hal Wright. The
Exhibition was held at the Seattle
Design Center from October 24 to
Geoffrey McCormack’s painting
was accepted in the AWS Show
“A Time for Every Season”
by Beth Verheyden
January 6. The Juror was John
Chris Keylock Williams was
included in the National Watercolor
Society Donors Exhibition. Her
painting titled Seeking Possibilities
won an award and was used on the
show announcement postcard.
Phyllis Meyer’s painting King of the
Penguins was also in the show. The
jurors were Loa Sprung, Chris Van
Winkle and Bonese Turner.
Airi Foote’s “Rising Ambitions 2”
The following WSO Members were
juried into the 1st Annual Oregon
Artist’s Showcase at the Chehalem
Cultural Center in Newberg: Tangie
Belmore, Bill Baily, Kathleen Buck
and Phyllis Meyer. The exhibition
will be open during regular business
hours from January 31 to March 30.
Mike Hill was given a full page in
the March 2012 issue of Artist’s
Magazine in their annual “Over 60 Art
Competition.” They will use an
image of his painting, Ain’t She A
“Toscano” by Mary Burgess
Just one of four Maud Durland paintings
in the current edition of “Best of
International Landscape Artist”
Beth Verheyden, Airi Foote, Mary
Burgess, Cindy Briggs and Mike Hill
will each have work featured on two
full pages of Best of America
Watercolor Artist, Kennedy Publishing,
2012. Mike Hill’s painting will appear
on the cover.
Maud Durland has four paintings in
( continued on next page )
Maud Durland’s “Quiet Water”
February 2012
Judy Findley’s “Red Caution" won a
Sponsor Award in the December
‘Something Red’ Show in Salem.
Kris Preslan’s painting “The Perch” garnered
1st Place in the Northwest Watercolor Society Show
Mike Hill’s painting “Aint She a Duesy”
was featured in Artist’s Magazine
the current edition of Best of
International Landscape Artist, Kennedy
Publishing, 2011.
Ray Thompson of Shady Cove,
Oregon had his transparent watercolor Garage Relic accepted in the
North East Watercolor Society’s 35th
International Juried Exhibition, in
November 2011 at the Kent Art
Association Gallery in Kent, Connecticut. Juror was Jean Uhl Spicer.
As always there is a lively local art
scene in the Salem area. The month
of November found the following
WSO artists at Keizer Art
Association’s Black, White Gray Show:
Kathy Decker with Budding Artist;
Sharon Diebel with Honor the Sun and
Moon and Ketchum Idaho Snow Scene;
Handmade with the
most beautiful
pigments available
and a touch of
natural honey to
keep your colors
smooth flowing and
Nancy Ericksen Ward with
Disintegration (3rd Place); Kathy Haney
with Shy One and Woman of Grace
(Merit Award); and Pat Matthews with
In December, Artists-in-Action
sponsored their annual Something Red
exhibit in downtown Salem. Seventyeight artists were juried into the
show, with 106 paintings displayed
in 31 businesses. This included the
following WSO artists:
Barbara Folawn with Autumn
Surprise and Salem Art Festival; Nancy
Eng with Inferno (Best of Show) and
Our Distant Future (3rd Place); Dorothy
Eshleman, Queen of the Pond; Judy
Findley, Red Caution (Sponsor Award);
Kathy Haney with Luscious Grapes and
Taking A Bow (Honorable Mention);
Gerry Hart, A Summer Carnival; Robin
Humelbaugh, Polonaise (Sponsor
Award); Marilyn Krug, Celebration
Scape and Symphony Sky; Jean Lea,
Red Candied Apples; Linda Lowery,
Winter Ride; and Maggie Sams, On the
Keizer Art Association’s January
show, “Pacific NW Artists,” included
Gerry Hart’s Mountain Stream; Kathy
Haney’s Sunflower and Taking A Bow;
and Dianne Lay’s Stillness.
Let me hear from you. Send your
news about shows, awards, and
publications to Sarah Bouwsma
West Linn, Oregon
By Cindy Briggs
The Riverhouse Convention Center in
Bend is very much
interested in hosting
one of the upcoming
WSO Conventions.
Is there anyone out there that would
like to chair the event? Helen Brown
recently did an outstanding job in
Sunriver and could possibly tell you
what is involved. Dates haven’t been
set yet, so if you are interested let
Convention Consultant Deanna St.
Martin know. You can contact her at
[email protected]
I recently took over the responsibility for the traveling show and would
appreciate any suggestions from
anywhere in the state; we are in
pretty good shape for 2012, but
looking for locations for 2013. Just
email me with contact information
and I’ll follow up. It was fun driving
over the pass for the WSO Board
meeting in Eugene - I’m really
impressed with our leaders and
volunteers. Fortunately it wasn’t
snowing too hard on the way back
over the pass.
Central Oregon Artists that have
news to share, just email me and I’ll
include it in the next WSO newsletter.
February 2012
Self portrait by Katheryn Davis
The Art of Katheryn Davis
By Leroy Krzycki
Quiet Waters Publishing, 2011
Review by Chris Keylock
Go ahead…take a
walk…turn the pages
and follow the path
through the life and
times of one of
Oregon’s premier painters. You will
be amazed and inspired. You will
come to know this wonderful lady,
her family, her favorite painting
models and her skillful and emotional
renderings of numerous subjects.
Katheryn was a prolific, dedicated
full-time artist, attributing her talent
to God. The quality of her paintings,
breadth of creativity, beautiful
compositions and exciting color are
just part of the story. I found that,
page after page, painting after
painting, she had a special connection
with each subject. She seemed to
capture on paper the soul, essence
and drama of the subject.
She created over 2,000 paintings in
her lifetime. She painted in Florence,
OR for decades but she had, at
various times, studios in California
and Maine. She painted throughout
the USA, and in Portugal, Italy, Nova
Scotia, Tahiti and Hawaii; she also
taught and painted in Greece.
Katheryn painted primarily in
watercolor, occasionally using oil,
collage and other mixed media. As a
30+ year member of WSO, she was
the ninth member to reach Diamond
Level (50 points) and won numerous
other awards including the Katherine
Wengi Memorial Award. She also
exhibited with the Northwest
Watercolor Society, Watercolor West
and the San Diego Watercolor
Portraits were one of her favorite
subjects, and she always painted
them from life. Family members,
including her husband Leroy, were
willing models. The Florence Figure
Eight Portrait Club met every two
weeks with wonderful, interesting
models. One of my favorite paintings in the book is titled “Somber
Reflections.” It is of a striking young
woman (her granddaughter) with
strong light and dark shapes…a
great composition!!
The Art of Katheryn Davis is a high
quality 11 ¼ x 8 ¾ inch, hard cover
book, approx. 250 pages. The book
contains about 250 paintings and
sketches in 17 chapters, and
includes horses, flowers, children,
beaches, lakes and urban scenes.
She painted a number of series, two
of which are included in the book.
One is of a stunning group of
portraits titled “Human Tapestry
Series” and another is titled “Seven
( continued on next page )
February 2012
Days of Creation” which
actually took seven years to
Her students were astonished
when she mentioned that she
tore up at least 100 failed
paintings every year. She said
“that’s because I experiment all
the time. If you take away that
risk of failure, painting isn't
what it could be and I don't
want to play.”
This beautiful book full of his
wife’s art is truly the creation of
Leroy Krzycki. What a gift! His life
story is as fascinating as hers. A
Masters Degree in Mechanical
Engineering led to the Navy’s largest
research and development facility in
the country. He headed up projects
for NASA. Katheryn was the messy
artist, but Leroy was the super
organized engineer who had previously published a book used at MIT
on small liquid-fuel rocket engines.
They were married for 22 years and
during that time he framed, photographed and cataloged Katheryn's
paintings. He kept records of who
bought them and where they were.
With the help of her five children, he
had a perfect trail to follow. Now, we
too, with this book, can walk in her
footsteps. She lives in those pages.
The book contains about 250 paintings and sketches
in 17 chapters, and includes horses, flowers, children,
beaches, lakes and urban scenes.
By Doyle Leek,
This past quarter we
rented 35 videos,
which was a very
good quarter.
We have a couple of new videos in
the library. They are Design Dynamic
Paintings with Ed Labadie, and My
Vision in Watercolor by Australian artist
Herman Pekel. The Ed Labadie video
was donated by Molly Freitag. It is a
workshop that includes chapters on
Visual Design Theories, Elements of
Design, Shapes, Values, Contrast, Focal
Point, Conflict and Resolution. It is a
video that is loaded with information
for artists of all levels and styles. The
video by Herman Pekel consists of
three ‘en plein air’ paintings that he
does on site in London, and the
English countryside. He utilizes
traditional impressionist values, and
places a strong emphasis on technique to create paintings that are full
of atmosphere and light.
In the last Watermark we made a
Special Offer to our members. We
have not had anyone take advantage
of it, so in an effort to stimulate use
of our library, we are offering it
again. If any of you have a favorite
painter, or are familiar with a video
that we do not have in our library
and you are thinking of purchasing it,
please let me know. If it is a video
that we think other members would
be interested in, you can purchase
the video and keep it for up to two
months, then send it along with your
receipt of purchase to me and we will
reimburse you for 50% of the cost of
the video, and include it in our
library. In addition, remember that
you will also still receive two free
rentals for donating the video. With
the currently reduced price of many
videos, and the fact that you are
receiving 50% rebate, and two free
rentals, the actual cost to you is
almost negligible. So, be the first to
take advantage of this terrific offer,
and help improve our library.
We continue to charge only $7 for
the rental of one video, and $5 each
if you rent more than one at a time.
Please give me a call, or email me
with your requests.
Doyle Leek
WSO Slides/Video Librarian
February 2012
business is check out the supply list
and stock up. An arsenal of new
tools and a willingness to take risks
are going to be part of your new
creative process.
By Carrie Holst
The author’s emphasis is on the
expressive side, leaning toward the
abstract. You can apply these
exercises and techniques to realistic
(formal) representational drawing
styles just as well. You will find good
examples of foundation instruction,
useful for teachers on any level.
These pages are also loaded with
good contemporary ideas. Very
freeing compared to my previous
Expressive Figure Drawing
Author, Bill Buchman
Watson Guptil/ paperback, 2010
You had me with the cover! What a
great color-charged drawing, and the
title, Expressive Figure Drawing says it
all. Surely these pages will motivate,
inspire, and bring new life to all your
future drawings.
The table of contents is so well
organized. The author, Bill
Buchman, has laid out a succession
of units each containing the important concepts, principals, and
exercises relative to that group. You
can start anywhere as long as you
get around to all of it. First order of
I was drawn to this book because so
many plein air artists work with the
model during the cold wet months.
Working from life is fundamental to
keeping your drawing skills and
powers of observation sharp. I
highly recommend this book, in fact I
say take it with you to your next life
February 2012