Presentation for Cultural Affairs



Presentation for Cultural Affairs
at the Coral Gables Museum March 5 – May 31, 2015 Public Art Component Proposal • 
The exhibit that brought "ArtBikes" to the Coral Gables Museum returns for three months in March 2015 with a powerful third ediCon that focuses on what maDers: the human on the bike. ARTcycle invites the viewer to consider biking as a sustainable form of transportaCon and as a fun way of exercising. ARTcycle also brings awareness to our driving habits, and how effecCve and conscienCous acCons at the wheel can put a stop to the growth of bike-­‐related accidents and fataliCes in South Florida. • 
In an effort to bring awareness to road safety and to promote the healthy biking lifestyle, ARTcycle not only features its tradiConal ARTbikes, but also public, engaging installaCons that remind us that awareness, respect and tolerance could save lives. This original exhibit, created from works submiDed to an internaConal call for arCsts includes the following: sculptures ● large scale images ● audio/visual components exhibiCon films ● interacCve kiosk • 
Events will include: the opening recepCon, curator tours and presentaCons, Gallery Night Live, Family Day, bicycle tours including a tour of Public Art in Coral Gables , film and panel discussions, Gables Bike Day, Bike 305 Month, NaConal Bike Month and the Bike Rack Design CompeCCon. An Art Basel component may also be added as promoCon for the springCme exhibit. •  ARTcycle will be curated by long-­‐Cme Miamians, Tachi Llamas and Giselle Delgado, who are engaged in the effort to promote cycling in Miami and pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in cycling accidents. ARTcycle bikes debuted during Art Basel 2012, with bike tours and a one-­‐night show at the Coral Gables Museum. On the heels of its amazing debuCng success and community interest, the 2015 ARTcycle exhibit features a three-­‐
month run at the Museum and associated events that promote not only the bike scene but also the arCsts responsible for such creaCve work. 2014 ARTcycle arCsts: Maria CasCllo Mariano Costa-­‐Peuser
Floyd Danilo González Lucinda Linderman
Nancy MarCni Carolina Molina Edgar Ramos + Jhon Vinasco
Cesar Rey Cesar Santos Katy Stallfus
Andy Toonz
Giancarlo Ciavaldini Giselle Delgado Buraye Astolfo Funes Rudolf Kohn Matachos Aurora Molina Janet Mueller Max Pecce Gioconda Rojas Cesar Santaló Aida Tejada Proposed locaCons for public ARTbikes installaCons: •  City Hall •  Ponce Circle Park •  Museum Plaza •  Youth Center •  Village of Merrick Park •  Biltmore Hotel InstallaCons would be pre-­‐approved by City staff and display appropriate signage with credits and exhibit informaCon 

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