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Spring 2014, Volume 4, Issue 2
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Meet the President
Step into Love
Welcome 3
Quarterly Awards
Alumni Corner
Film, Film, Film!
Secrets to a
long and happy
life by Dr. Park
- Always smile
- Be positive
- Eat healthy
- Be active
Meet the President
Every quarter the school conducts a session for
students to meet Dr. David Park, CALUMS President
in person to get to know more about the school and the
services offered. This quarter, the event was conducted
on January 21, 2014 in the library. The session was
started by Mrs. Laurin discussing the previous quarter’s
topics and the actions taken by the school. Topics
• The CALUMS Career Information Center is now
providing guidance to students in preparing/updating
their resumes according to American standards.
• Dr. Safar is working on introducing hands-on
programming classes for MSCIS students.
• One student has started the necessary paperwork to
form an “art club.”
The meeting with Dr. Park continued with
a question from the President regarding whether or
not physical fitness classes should be mandatory for
students. These courses would be provided tuition-free.
Students who attended the meeting were excited about
the idea, but they also mentioned that they could
not speak for all students. Therefore, it was decided
to conduct a survey so all students could share their
opinions. The survey will be distributed during the
spring quarter.
One student raised a question regarding the
online school system. The President said the new online
school system would be ready for use at the beginning
of summer quarter.
Another student asked about school clubs.
President Park stated that the school will provide
support for any student wishing to start a club. Students
should take the initiative and approach the school.
Another student asked Dr. Park a personal
question: When did you come to the United States?
The President explained that he came to America 59 years ago during the Korean War. He mentioned
that in the beginning it was very difficult and he had
many jobs to save money and study. After completing
his education, he worked in a university for 35 years
before starting CALUMS. He advised students saying,
“The most important thing in life is determination; we
should dig deeper and deeper till we achieve our goal.”
Dr. Park concluded the session by narrating his
personal experience about Nigeria which was very interesting. The story goes like this: One day, Dr. Park
got a letter through the mail from a Nigerian asking
him to invest a certain amount of money describing an
investment plan. So Dr. Park invested around $900 and
never heard from the person again. Actually, he is still
waiting for a reply. On a lighter note, he joked that he
wants to go to Nigeria to find that person and get his
money back.
Step into Love!
Many people anticipate Valentine’s Day because they
can’t wait to show their love, respect, and gratitude
with greetings flowers, chocolates, and warm wishes to
their loved onces. This holiday is celebrated annually
on February 14th and has a long history dating back
many centuries. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in
many countries around the world as Saint Valentine’s
Day. Saint Valentine was a person in Rome who was
imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers
who were forbidden to marry. Saint Valentine was
sentenced to prison to be beaten with clubs and later to
have his head cut off. While in prison, Saint Valentine
was acquainted with his prison-guard, Asterius, who
had a blind daughter. Asterius asked him to heal his
young daughter. Through his faith, he miraculously
restored the sight of Asterius’ daughter. It is said that
Saint Valentine fell in love with the young girl. Before
his execution on the 14th of February, Saint Valentine
wrote her a letter, which he signed: “From your
Valentine.” Now hundreds of years later, Valentine’s
Day is celebrated to honor him.
The day is now celebrated as a romantic day
with heart-shaped gifts, love themed greetings, and red
roses. However, Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers.
It is a special day to remember all those whom we care
CALUMS celebrated the special day with red
and white decorations, balloons, snacks, and greetings.
Students and faculty enjoyed cupcakes and grabbed
greeting cards to give to someone special. The event,
coordinated by the SSA team, was very successful.
These types of activities bring happiness and make life
much more beautiful.
Ivanova, Milena
Stoilov, Martin
Amaranarayana, Ramaprasad
Ambati, Harithavani
Bijja, Abhishek
Duggimpudi, Sandeep Reddy
Jalagam, Sahithi
Konduru, Midhun Kumar
Musale, Priyanka
Rai, Kalpa
Selwal, Ajay
Selwal, Sunil Kumar
Hosoyama, Akemi
Iino, Kanako
Matsumoto, Emi
Mitani, Kohei
Shirai, Haruna
Wakimoto, Sawako
Abu-Humaid, Muad
Al Tawil, Ammar
Alkhawaja, Ahmad
Alzu’bi, Hamd Allah
Deaibes, Omar
Freiwan, Mohammad
Hasan, Abdallah
Mehyar, Mohammed
Qawasmeh, Yousef
Shehadeh, Ahmed
Welcome New Students,
Winter 2014!
Batdorj, Erdembayar
Dorjgotov, Tegshjargal
Enkhbaatar, Purevsuren
Gankhuyag, Khaliunaa
Idersaikhan, Enkhbold
Shijir, Nomin-Erdene
Balogun, Idris
Byass, Samuel
Famofo-Idowu, Olayinka
Fasesan, Tolulope
Ojegbile, Adeola
Opejin, Hammed
Almazar, Eulain
De Jesus, Larry Paez
Faderan, Frances Lara
Jamandri, Karolyn Joyce
Macapinlac, Renelyn
Manajero, Kamila Jazzrina
Pineda, Shereebelle
Quilban, Ma. Christina
S. Korea
Byun, Jae Yun
Choi, Ji Ae
Ha, Myojin
Jang, Eunkyung
Joo, Gwang Yeob
Ha, Myonjin
Hur, Yoonsil
Kim, Kyung Yeon
Kwon, Dan Bee
Kwon, Jaehun
Lee, Dong Ha (B)
Lee, Hyoung Hui
Lee, Jieon
Lee, Kungryol
Park, Chorok
Shin, Chi Sun
Sim, Jin Hyung
Yoo, Ginam
Yoon, Sungwon
Nimsakul, Pimpaporn
Noijaroen, Phantipha
Paecharoen, Sirout
Santivaraphan, Chompunut
Sathoop, Napatsanun
Sornthanarat, Thitikan
Aygun, Nurtac
Goner, Musa Olcay
Ilgaz, Zafer
Kantemur, Adnan
Pham, Tam Chi
Winter 2014
Quarterly Awards
Every year CALUMS bestows
a variety of honors on students in
recognition of outstanding academic
achievements. The university motivates
its exceptional students by presenting
Special Achievement awards to those
who fulfill the benchmarks established
by the university. This quarter the award
ceremony was conducted on Friday,
February 21, 2014, in the auditorium at
5 p.m. The event was concluded with a
luscious and tasteful dinner.
Winter 2014
Quarterly Awards
President’s Scholarship Award
Samphanphorn, Sadawut
Academic Dean’s Award
El Dasouqi, Suhaib
Board of Trustees’ Scholarship Award
Kweon, Min Hoon
Project Director’s Award
Enkhtugs, Sainzaya
Habaibeh, Ashraf
Academic Dean’s List
Abu, Felix
Adzasoo, Mawuli
Akbiyik, Bilgehan
Alomari, Bara
Alramadan, Mamdouh
Amores Cortez, Maria
Asik, Toros
Baldo, Yasmine Monica
Bandong, Karren Marie
Buari, Sidikat
Buot, Jessica Jane Go
Cheelangi Dyamappa, Siddesh
Cho, Kwan Sung
Chung, Jiwon
Dabit, Hani
Doloonjin, Batzorig
El Dasouqi, Suhaib
Enkhtugs, Sainzaya
Erdene, Battogtokh
Ibrahim, Aya
Ilyasova, Olga
Ishak, Amjad
Jadalla, Kholood
Ji, Sunkeun
Jo, Moon Ki
Kaplan, Oytun
Khlaif, Basim Hamed
Kim, Jae Min
Koh, Chooyoung
Langali, Edna Chari
Le, Hai Xuan
Lee, Bo Mi
Lee, Hodong
Malas, Zaid
Medvedeva, Anna
Moses, Sumukhi
Mustafa, Muhammad
Mutiso, Moses
Okelarin, Olapeju
Olimat, Laith
Rumaneh, Thaer
Sadiq, Asisat
Samphanphorn, Sadawut
Son, Jinwook
Tembhare, Vivek
Thalji, Ahmed
Uragonda, Pavani
Uzun, Saban
Alumni Corner
Sudheer “Sid”
I was fortunate to have found a placement at the end of
my term at CALUMS. The place was, believe me, cold and snowy.
That wouldn’t matter much to someone from the United States
who has experienced cold weather. However, for someone from
India, that’s more or less like being in a freezer!! The weather
around California is pleasant and bearable, but my time staying
in Nashua, New Hampshire was a new and unique experience
altogether. I was working in a firm as a web developer and, yes,
enjoying my work thoroughly as I could use the concepts learned
during my courses at CALUMS and apply the same at work. I’m
now working in a firm in Richmond, Virginia. The weather here is
the same, and I guess I have grown accustomed to the same. I’m
glad I made the choice to stay and study in a modern and progressive college and country. Now, it is up to me to define the future,
and I hope to make the best of it!
Alumni Corner
Dongjun Joel
Hello CALUMS students! Professor Laurin asked if I would
share my story with you, and I said, “Of course. I am honored.” I
was a CALUMS student like you. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in Healthcare Business Administration. After graduating, I
transferred to South Baylo University to study acupuncture. I felt,
though, that I needed to experience new things, so I considered
entering the United States Army. The Army provides many opportunities: traveling the world, figuring out how to survive with people
in remote places, and learning more about American culture. In
late 2012, I made my decision to join the Army, but it wasn’t easy
for foreigners like me. I’m from South Korea, and I had only been
in the United States about two years. On my third attempt to join,
in May 2013, SUCCESS! I work as a surgical tech in the Army. My
message to everyone is, “Don’t be afraid to face challenges in
your life.”
Did You Know?
In our busy day-to-day life between school, work, and other activities, we don’t find much time to learn
or read interesting facts about the food we eat, our health, interesting places, our history, or other fascinating facts and things that are happening around us. The Pipleline editorial team has compiled some
interesting and fascinating tidbits from various sources. Have you read or heard about any of these?
If you put a piece of pineapple
somewhere in your mouth it will
start eating you. It has proteins
that degrade meat.
Do you know a medium size coke
container has 23 sachets of
sugar and a large cup contains
around 44 sachets of sugar?
The rumbling noise
stomach is called
mus”. It is not a sign
it’s caused by your
from your
“Borborygof hunger;
Taiwan has become the first
country in the world to offer free
Wi-Fi to its citizens and all its
foreign tourists.
Drying your hands in a paper towel will reduce the bacterial count
to 45 – 60%; however, using a
hand dryer will increase bacteria by 225% because it blows
out bacteria already living in the
warm moist environment.
Seattle is planning to build a new
city park with hundreds of edible
trees and plants free to anyone
and everyone. If successful it will
be the first “Food Forest” of the
Google rents goats to replace
lawn mowers at their mountain
view headquarters.
The Sahara is only in a dry period and is expected to be green
again in 15,000 years.
Grad Student’s Exeptional Life
is an Inspiring Example to Many
In the beginning of winter quarter, the Pipeline editorial team members participated
in a brainstorming session to
generate ideas for articles that
would be interesting and inspiring for students from around the
world. While researching, the
team came across a fascinating
article: “Duke Grad Student Secretly Lived In a Van to Escape
Loan Debt,” which was featured
on 27th December, 2013 in Business Insider by Mandi Woodruff.
This article was selected as the
favorite of 2013 by Yahoo editors
and it first ran in Yahoo finance
on June 10th.
Duke University,
as portrayed on website: http://arohabahuguna.wordpress.
The article speaks about a student, Ken IIgunas, from
Duke University, who made some bold and exceptional decisions
to pay his under graduate student loan of around $32,000.
Even though his chosen field of study, English and History, failed to land him a decent job, he did not think of declaring
bankruptcy and did not go to his parents for help. He was determined to pay back his loan. It took around two and a half years
for him to pay back every dime. And when he registered himself in Duke University for graduate school later, he make a resolution of not taking the same road of student loans again. He
made some extreme choices. To learn more about the choices
made by Ken IIgunas and how he converted a van to his home to
stay out of debt, log onto the following link:
This excerpt printed with permission from
Business Insider, March 21, 2014.
Converted van as portrayed on website:
Film, Film, Film!
How do you capture memories and share them with those you love? How do you explain what the
atmosphere was to a person, who was absent? Make a movie!
CALUMS started to make short videos over a year ago when former SSA members Bilgehan Akbiyik
and Serdar Kalkan, who already graduated, made a two minute fun film about a CALUMS climbing event.
The next video was a beach party. Short, fun and dynamic, these videos quickly became popular among
CALUMS students and their friends.
Later, the CALUMS marketing team decided to continue these successful experiences and shoot
short movies about university life. What a good way to take a moment and create something that matters;
something that other people will keep for many years as a treasure of a wonderful time, and something
from a time when everyone was young and full of energy.
Videos are also a good promotional tool. When you are from far away and thinking about relocating, it would be helpful to know what a certain place looks like. Video is the best choice. That is why CALUMS kindly asked several graduates to share their memories and feelings about the university. The movie
is now used to provide a hint to our prospective students about what it is like to be a CALUMS alumni.
The most adventurous idea was to start shooting short scenes with “new birds,” students who
started their education at CALUMS in January 2014. The plan is to follow-up with these students each
quarter and make a summary film showing the time lapsing. The main purpose of this endeavor is to
illustrate how people improve their skills and mature.
Watch for the first episode to be posted on the CALUMS Facebook page next quarter!
Check all the videos about California University of Management and Sciences on our YouTube channel!
Social Media Promotion Increases
CALUMS Recognition Around the World
It is hard to imagine any modern
business not using social media tools,
such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp.
California University of Management and
Sciences is changing its marketing strategy, focusing primarily on Internet promotion. Several significant changes took
place last quarter.
CALUMS structured Facebook activity, highlighting one main page for the
university that captured the latest news,
useful advise and links, and pictures from
the latest events. The number of people
who “liked” the CALUMS official page has
doubled since the beginning of last quarter.
CALUMS is now registered on
LinkedIn and started a video channel on
YouTube. Also, new and effective promotion efforts are being presented on the
College Week Live website where students from all around the world can find
the best educational institution to get
their American degree. The CALUMS page
is popular there with over 80 people visiting the page every day.
The Internet will bring many more
students to the university in quarters to
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