November means Thanksgiving, Food, and Fellowship!



November means Thanksgiving, Food, and Fellowship!
Princess Luna loved playing at the kid’s
table at Trunk or Treat
November means Thanksgiving, Food, and Fellowship!
Shalom Salam Peace
Katie Kevorkian, Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry
In the beginning of October, I had the
privilege to attend the Communities of Shalom
Conference in Downtown Los Angeles.
Communities of Shalom is now centered at
Drew University in New Jersey, but was
formed in Los Angeles in response to the LA
Riots in 1992. Community and faith leaders
joined forces to give support to the people
who were affected and manage cultural
conflicts. This conference marked the 20th
anniversary of the riots, yet reminded
participants that the journey toward peace is
far from over.
Tell me more about...
Children’s Ministries
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Youth Ministries
Young Adult Ministries
Family Ministries
Our Words
Calendar and Events
Communities of Shalom exists to bring aid to
torn communities and helps the people of
those communities work together to raise their
quality of life and bring peace to their
community. During the 3 days I participated
in the conference, I heard from a variety of
professionals in the LA community as well as
those who are doing Shalom work overseas. I
was particularly struck by a workshop lead by
the Project Coordinator of Healthy Families,
Healthy Planet for the General Board of
Church and Society of the United Methodist
Church on maternal and family health. The
statistics on infant mortality were staggering,
not only in developing countries, but in Los
Angeles County, as well. Access to family
planning resources and preventative care
continues to be a problem for women
worldwide. This affects financial stability,
nutrition, environment, education and child
Until a community's basic needs can be met,
the journey toward peace or even spiritual
formation is impossible. Nothing is more
universal than childbirth; most of us know the
story of our own birth and have experienced
the birth of our own child, or the child of
someone close to us. The importance of safety
Your News, For You,
By You, With You
and health for mothers and children in our
community and around the world is something
that most of us can agree on: we need
healthy families to ensure a healthy future.
During Advent, we prepare for the coming of
our Savior, a child born to a poor young
woman, who did not even have a clean
surface on which to give birth. Mary's story is
similar to the birth stories of women around
the world; unfortunately many newborns and
mothers do not survive these conditions. Much
of the Christmas miracle is that Jesus and
Mary lived through His birth. On the four
Sundays in Advent I will be offering a Bible
Study for adults and youth (with parental
guidance) . Throughout the season we will
explore ways that we can promote family
health in our community and in developing
countries while considering the experience of
the Holy Family for the months and hours
leading up to the birth of the Christ child.
I invite you to join us in celebrating the
Advent season by adopting commitment to
peace. Shalom to you and your family.
Learn more about the Advent Family Bible
Study on page 6.
You are reading affirm., a publication of
Northridge UMC focused on news that is of
interest to children, youth, young adults,
and families.
What news would you like to spread? Email
[email protected] by the 15th of
the month to appear in the next issue!
Issue #2 - November 2012
Our Missions
poses with a werewolf
(Kwesi Essilfie) after Trick or
Treating for UNICEF
Children’s and Youth
Missions Fall and
Winter Projects
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Thank you to all the children, youth
and families who participated in Trickor-Treat for UNICEF! With your help,
we were able to raise $X in the Youth
Missions Cupcake sale, and much,
much more in the Trick-or-Treat change
Still got your box? You can return it to
the church office and we’ll send it out!
Operation Christmas Child
The second Sunday of the month is
Children’s Missions Sunday! Our very
special mission for November is
Operation Christmas Child! Get ready
for the Christmas season by learning
about giving to those who need it
Trip to the Aquarium raises funds for
The trip to the Heal the Bay Aquarium
at the Santa Monica Pier brought in
$50! The lucky winners will join Katie
and Allegra on a beach picnic and go
visit our aquadopted seahorse,
30 Hour Famine Fundraising Begins!
Youth and families will help hang
holiday lights to raise money for
World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine.
Finding Joy in Giving
The second Sunday of the month is a little bit different in Sunday school. For the past
decade, children have packed snack sacks, providing food to those in need and learning about
hunger in our community. In October, we learned about UNICEF and created a collage of wants
and needs out of magazine and sale-flyer clippings. Participants explored the difference between
a want and a need. What are the things that we can’t live without and what are the things we
simply would like to have? Sometimes the question was easy: a toy compared to a piece of fruit
is simple to categorize. Other objects were harder: do you want or need a fire extinguisher,
mouthwash or a carbon monoxide sensor? How about a pet? Is that a want or a need?
Our Sunday school class learned that the money they collect for UNICEF will be used to buy
children things they need, like protein biscuits, clean water and immunizations. Some funds will
also be spent on school supplies so children can receive an education.
Our mission in November will also be dedicated to wants and needs of children in
developing countries. Operation Christmas Child is an organization that distributes Christmas
boxes around the world. The boxes are filled with Christmas gifts that are both wants and needs:
a toothbrush and washcloth are required, and small toys are encouraged.
On Sunday, November 11 at 11:00am, children in Sunday School will receive shoe boxes,
which they will be invited to decorate, along with Christmas cards to personalize and place in the
boxes. A box will go home with each child or family to fill up with small gifts (a list of suggestions
for the box is included).
Filled boxes may be returned to church on or before Sunday, November 18 or to the
Operation Christmas Child Collection Center.
Mark Your Calendar for Christmas Eve!
A very special Christmas service for children and families is scheduled for December 24 in the
early evening. Come sing carols and participate in an interactive Christmas pageant as we
welcome our Savior to the world.
Invite your friends and extended family. This Christmas celebration is not to be missed!
Weekday Preschool teachers
participate in the Light the
Night Walk in Santa Clarita
Weekday Preschool
Thank you for all your
hard work during Trunk
or Treat!
Weekday Walks For Evan
Weekday Preschool of the Northridge United
Methodist Church is blessed to work with so
many children and families. We share in both
the many joyous occasions and also in the
occasional sad ones. We are truly and
extended family. Recently, the staff and
families, both past and present, have been
supporting and praying for a wonderful and
strong young boy who attended Weekday
Preschool a few years ago. While Evan
attended Weekday Preschool, he was in
treatment for Leukemia. Evan attended
Weekday Preschool during his four and five
year old years. It was the first time in Evan’s
young life that he was able to enjoy a regular
school experience… something most of us
take for granted. Although he was monitored
closely, Evan was able to participate in all the
fun Weekday offered. When he left
preschool, he began kindergarten cancer
However, on April 24, 2012, Evan relapsed
and immediately began chemotherapy. He
underwent treatment at Ronald Reagan UCLA
Medical Center and most recently had a bone
marrow transplant, from which is he
recovering. He is getting stronger every day.
We are all sending Evan positive thoughts
and prayers of healing, and hope that he's
back to his playful ways again soon! He's the
sweetest little boy who continues to
demonstrate his resilience despite being faced
with seemingly difficult odds.
Each year, Evan's family and friends
participate in the Light the Night Walk in
Santa Clarita. The Light the Night Walk is an
event sponsored by the Lymphoma and
Leukemia Society and raises funds for
research and direct patient care and support.
This year Weekday Preschool joined the
team. We called ourselves Weekday Walks
for Evan. We were truly touched by the
support of family and friends. The Weekday
Walks for Evan Team raised over $7,200! It
was quite an outpouring of support.
On Saturday Night, October 13th, the team
arrived at the walk not knowing what to
expect. There were thousands of people at
Bridgeport Park all in support of this cause.
While it was a time to celebrate the great
successes and advancements made, it also
reminded us just how strong and heroic
people can be when faced with a tough fight.
After a festive carnival and awards ceremony,
the entire group set out on a 3 mile walk
down the streets of Santa Clarita carrying
illuminated balloons. It was quite an
inspirational sight as supporters and survivors
walked together. While Evan could not join
the walk this year, due to his recent
transplant, we hope to walk with him next
The Cry Baby
car won
“Funniest Trunk”
at Trunk or Treat!
to Mrs. Casey
and Teacher
Student Ministries:
Kylie and Kyra decorate
cupcakes for UNICEF!
Middle and High School
Interfaith Insights
Students ages 12 - 17 are invited to
attend the interfaith class. No
experience in the subject? No problem!
Come and learn.
November 7 and 14, 7 - 8 pm.
Kendall Building
Youth Group
Every Friday evening in the YAC. Play
games, spend time with friends, and
grow in your faith and spirituality as a
Fridays, 7 - 9 pm.
Youth Activities Center
Ashley Knaack in “Once In A Lifetime”
Email [email protected] for
ticket information and event details.
Youth Group field trip on Friday,
November 9th. Meet at the YAC to
leave at 7pm. $5 students/$10 adults.
Harvest Hoedown
November 11. Meet at the YAC at
5:00pm to carpool.
Additional permission form needed.
Harvest Hoedown!
It’s Fall - and time for pumpkins, apples, pie and... line dancing?
Join the Middle and High School Student Ministries on a trip to Simi Valley UMC’s Harvest
Hoedown on Sunday, November 11. Simi Valley put on a great event last year, and due to
popular demand they’ve made it even bigger and better this year!
Middle and High School students from UMC’s all over San Fernando Valley have been
invited. Take this opportunity to make new friends in our District while having a whole lot of fun!
Special permission slips are required to attend, and there must be a 1:8 ratio of leaders to
students. If you are interested in being a chaperone for this awesome event, please contact
[email protected] Participants will meet at the YAC at 5pm to carpool.
Hope to see you there!
Crop Walk
November 4th in Sherman Oaks.
Contact [email protected] for
more information.
Middle School, High School, What’s Next?
High school can be a time of high stress. Between balancing classes, sports and activities, and
searching for the right college, students also make lasting friendships and discover the things that
they are passionate about. At NUMC, our Middle and High School Student Ministries strive to
help students along in this difficult and exciting time of discovery.
I have received requests for workshops in financial aid and scholarships for our high school
students, parents and grandparents at NUMC and in the community. Financing college can be
the hardest part of the college search, and we want to be there to support you. Stay tuned for
our offerings this winter. If you have a request for a specific workshop, please email
[email protected]
Ben, Kwesi, and Katie
celebrate Ben’s birthday
during Study Nights!
Student Ministries:
Our Goals for NUMC
“Radical Welcoming”
Create an open, safe space for all
who wish to enter, regardless of faith,
background, culture, ethnicity, or
sexual orientation.
Sustenance and Shelter
Provide space and nourishment for not
only those who are in need, but also
the greater community of college-age
young adults surrounding our church.
The Second Bi-Annual
Study-a-Thon is Coming to
the YAC!
The end of the semester is bittersweet.
It’s bitter because it’s riddled with finals, and
it’s sweet because it’s the mark of a new
accomplishment: getting through another
semester of college. We’re here to help you
get through that bitter part. Come to the YAC
anytime between December 6-9 and we’ll be
there, doors open and food ready for you
and your friends. That’s right; we’ll be open
24 hours a day! We’ll be caffiene-equipped,
and the wi-fi is free! Can’t beat that at 3 in the
morning when you need to get a paper done.
So stop on by. We want you to get that A as
much as you do!
Email [email protected] for
more info!
Life as a Frat Boy at CSUN
My name is Kwesi Essilfie and I am
a second year student at Cal State
Northridge. At CSUN I am currently majoring
in Health Administration and someday hope
to change the health care system in the U.S. I
would like to change policies to provide
services to those in need, especially college
students who need access to basic health
During the last semester of my
freshman year I joined a new fraternity called
Phi Delta Theta. I never thought I would join a
fraternity because it never interested me
before and I heard stories about hazing,
bullying and the expensive costs to be a
member from one from my friends, so I
decided it wasn't something for me. Later, in
middle of the semester, I got an email about a
scholarship being offered by Phi Delta Theta
and I applied for it. Next thing I knew, I
joined Phi Delta Theta and became one of the
many Re-Founding Fathers, since there hadn’t
been a chapter at CSUN for several years. I
decided it was for me after I learned that they
had a policy of no hazing and being an
alcohol-free fraternity house.
After joining Phi Delta Theta, I
became the Philanthropy and Community
Service Chairman of our chapter. My first
community service event was American Lung
Association’s Fight for Air Climb which we
supported. It turned out to be a great success
and many of my fraternity brothers and
friends participated. The second community
service project I organized was a team for the
annual Aids Walk in Los Angeles. It didn’t
turn out as well as since many of my frat
brothers were not able to come. I’ve learned
that being the Philanthropy and Community
Service Chairman has not been the easiest
job for me, but it is very rewarding when I
can organize groups to support important
Being able to contribute to the
Northridge United Methodist Church's Annual
Trunk or Treat event was really rewarding,
and it was the most successful community
service event that I have done with my
brothers. After being a part of NUMC’s
event, I feel much closer to the Northridge
community. I hope next year that we will be
able to make Trunk or Treat bigger better and
that we can continue to build our relationship
with Northridge United Methodist Church and
help with other community events.
Enrichment and Success
Strive to inspire academic achievement
by offering resources such as
homework help, tutoring, and and a
quiet, supportive space to study.
Participation and Inclusion
Invite college-age young adults to take
part in community events such as Trunk
or Treat, Soul Food Café, and worship
services to welcome them into the
NUMC family.
Spiritual Formation
Present resources, literature, and
opportunities to explore spirituality,
the Christian faith, and the teachings
of the United Methodist Church
through invitation to bible studies,
interfaith exploration classes, and
participation in worship and the arts.
“Radical Welcoming”
was coined by UCLA campus minister
Jeanne Roe Smith, who has
revolutionized ministry with collegeage young adults in the LA area.
Jeanne currently oversees 580 Cafe,
an open space for college students
housed at St. Alban’s Episcopal
Church in Westwood, CA.
More information can be found about
the UCLA campus ministry and the
580 here.
Girl Scout Troop 2236 joined
in on the fun at Trunk or Treat!
Family Ministries
This web version contains additional
photographs and links to exclusive
“No woman should ever die giving life.” -United Nations Population Fund
The General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church will be
distributing a curriculum for a very special Advent Bible Study this season through the Healthy
Families, Healthy Planet initiative. I am very excited to bring this program to Northridge UMC,
especially during the season of Advent when we are called to remember the coming of the
The advent story begins with the Annunciation: the angel Gabriel’s message to Mary.
Some believe that Mary was about 14 years old when she conceived the Christ child. She was
married, but in the tradition of her people, she had neither lived with her husband, nor
consummated their marriage yet. Mary was chosen by God, even though she was young and a
virgin, and therefore would undoubtedly endure hardship as a result of her pregnancy.
The baby Jesus was born beside animals and laid in a manger. While we imagine this
situation to be ancient, and take for granted the hospitals, doctors and nurses available to us
now, it is important to remember that in many parts of the world, women continue to give birth in
deplorable conditions. Much of the miracle of Christmas is that Mary and Jesus survived the birth
and both lived to be healthy adults.
I hope you will join us during Advent to study the Bible and consider the ways that we
can improve infant and maternal health. Bible Study classes will be held at noon during the four
Sundays in Advent. Lessons will be designed for adults and youth. Ages 12-17 are invited to
attend, with parental guidance, and childcare will be provided for children under 12.
Advent Crafts Workshop and Puppet Show
Sunday, December 2, 2012 in the Fellowship Hall
Featuring the famous Bob Baker Marionettes
Start the Holiday Season by gathering together your family for an afternoon of crafting and fun!
At our Advent Craft Workshop, you will make ornaments, decorate wreaths, and even frost a
gingerbread house! - just in time for the holidays! Then the Bob Baker Marionette puppet show
will perform a very special Christmas show for the children of NUMC and Weekday Preschool!
Crafts 3 -5 pm, Show 5 - 5:30 pm
Adults $12, Children $6
Tickets available now in the Preschool and Church offices!
For more information, call the office at (818) 886-1555
Christian Education for
You and Your Family
In order that we may better serve the
needs of parents and caregivers in our
community, childcare will be offered
for families participating in both the
Interfaith Insights and Advent Family
Bible Study classes.
Both classes are appropriate and
valuable for kids and adults ages 12
and up. Childcare for the younger
ones will be available in the NUMC
Interfaith Insights
Two Workshops on religious literacy
and multifaith engagement
November 7 and 14
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Kendall Building
Advent Family Bible Study
Prepare for the coming of Christ by
making a commitment to family health
Every Sunday during Advent:
December 2, 9, 16, and 23
12:00 - 1:00 pm
Room 4
Let’s Start a Revolution
Allegra Wilson, Director of Communications and Young Adult
I grew up at Northridge United
Methodist Church. I first walked through the
open doors in 1995, within a year of the
Northridge Earthquake. I was pretty young,
and I can only remember snippets of my
beginnings in this wonderful place. A lot has
changed since then.
Now, I am the Director of Young Adults
and Communications here at NUMC. I run the
Facebook page, the Twitter feed, and I
update the website every week. I even send
out all email communication that comes to you
on behalf of the church; weekly blasts, prayer
chains, and special event invitations. affirm. is
the newest addition to my plate, and it might
be one of my favorite duties as the Director of
Communications. I love the idea of having a
newsletter that is flexible and catered to the
needs of those who are reading it. PS - that’s
you, young people!
This newsletter is by, for, and about the
young people that are interested in or are
already engaged in the life of this church.
That means that I want to hear from you! If
you have an idea for a young adult or media
ministry, I want to hear you out. We can work
together to make your dreams a reality.
From October 17-19, I flew across the
country to attend the Change the World
Conference in Ginghamsburg, OH. I’ll be
honest - I had no idea what to expect. I had
never been to Ohio, and I was certainly new
to the idea of a church conference, much less
one whose main message was to change the
world. That’s a little bit daunting, isn’t it?
And yet, I came back to our humble little
town of LA a rejuvenated leader. The concept
of changing the world was overwhelming at
first, but as we went through the conference, it
was broken down into bite-sized chunks that
were easier to chew. Now, it’s not so hard to
believe that we can do amazing things to
revolutionize our neighborhood. If we stand
together, and work together as a team, we
can accomplish anything that we set our
minds to. So, start dreaming! We can work
together to make that dream a reality.
It’s funny how just a couple days can
change the way you view your world. Ideas
have come rushing into my brain for how I
can serve and lead my community (again,
that’s you!) better. I know that you’ve had
some ideas too. No idea is too big or small.
Let’s talk. Email me. Facebook me. Text me.
Let’s start a revolution.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Young adults from CSUN (and
Phi Delta Theta) ran the
haunted house at Trunk or
Weekly Happenings:
Sunday School!
9 am: Preschool &
11 am: Elementary
Nursery care throughout
both services.
Study Nights!
College students welcome
7pm - 11pm (or later!) in
the YAC. Food and wifi
Youth Group
Fridays at 7pm in the YAC.
Field trips TBA.
Special Weekly Events:
Advent Family Bible Study
Advent Sundays: Dec. 2, 9,
16, and 23. 12-1pm in
Room 4. Lunch and
childcare provided. Ages
12 to adult invited to
CROP Walk in Sherman Oaks.
Join NUMC members as they
walk to support the end of
hunger. Contact Barbara
Shields for more information!
Advent Workshop with the
Bob Baker Marionettes.
Christmas snacks, crafts and
projects for ages 2 to adult.
Crafts 3-5pm, Show 5-5:30
Tickets available at the NUMC
Happy New Year! What’s your
Soul Food at 6pm. Look for
the college table! Interfaith
Insights: a religious literacy
class for young adults and
adults to follow at 7pm in the
Kendall Building. Led by Katie
Soul Food at 6pm. Look for
the college table!
Soul Food at 6pm. Welcome
home, NUMC college
students! Look for the college
Operation Christmas Child
during Sunday School at
11:00 am. Get your OCC box
and learn about what to put
inside. Return filled gift boxes
by November 18.
48-hour Study-a-Thon! Join us
in the YAC to prepare for your
college finals! Free food, wifi,
and parking. The basketball
court will be open to all!
Welcome back, LAUSD
students! Youth group will meet
at a new date and time during
the Spring semester. Stay
tuned for more information!
Interfaith Insights. A
continuation of the religious
literacy class on November 7.
7-8pm in the Kendall Building.
Led by Katie Kevorkian.
NVCS Children’s Mart.
Volunteer to help kids pick out
Christmas presents for their
parents at North Valley
Caring Services.
Welcome back, CSUN
students! Join us for another
great semester of weekly study
Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
at Temple Ramat Zion at 7pm.
Join members of Jewish,
Catholic, Sikh, and Muslim
communities to offer prayers
of thanksgiving.
Caroling to the Homebound.
Join teams from NUMC to
bring Christmas cheer to those
who worship from home.
Contact Denise Woerner for
more information.
Weekday Preschool Goodwill
Truck Fundraiser. Bring all your
discarded items from 9am-3pm
to raise money for Weekday
No Study Nights or Youth
Group. Happy Thanksgiving!
Special Christmas Eve service
for families. All are welcome
to celebrate Christ’s birth!
Girl Scout cookie preorders!
See your favorite Girl Scout to
order your cookies! Church
boothing day TBD.

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