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15, 2005
photos by Abhinav Hasija
Mercedes Benz unveils quickest four-door sedan
By Abhinav Hasija
ercedes Benz debuted the
worldʼs quickest four-door
sedan during news media activities
preceding the opening of the 2005
Chicago Auto Show.
The new S65AMG melds the
whisper smooth luxury of the top
Mercedes Benz four door sedan with
astonishing power of AMGʼs six liter
V12 engine. The AMG produces 604
horse power and an unbelievable 738
lb-ft of torque, for 0-60 mph test track
times of about 4.2 seconds.
While the S65 provides acceleration from 0-60 in just 4.2 Seconds, its
super smooth V12 power plant is also
ideally suited for the relaxed as well.
The twelve cylinder engine, of the
SL 65 AMG is hand assembled at the
AMG engine facility using the “one
man, one engine” approach to guarantee the highest standards of quality
and workmanship. And to emphasize
the very same approach, Mercedes
had at hand one of their master mechanics from Affalterbach(Germany),
Michael Pfugfelder, putting together
two 604-horsepower AMG V12 engines from crankshaft to valve covers
at the Mercedes-Benz exhibit.
The S65 AMGs twin turbo engine features a number of high-tech
modifications over the standard V12
power plant: a precision balanced
crankshaft with a longer stroke, larger
bore forged pistons and an upgraded
system for oil spray cooling and bearing lubrication, are but a few of its
technological highlights. The newly
designed engine cover is made from
deep drawn aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic.
Especially in light of the design
awards bestowed on the current S
class since its launch in 2000, the primary task facing AMG designers was
to make subtle enhancements to the
AMG body while remaining true to
the cards fundamental design. First,
an AMG front apron with a large
cooling air intake and the integral
front clear fog lams gives the vehicle
a distinctive appearance.
The dynamic side view of the
S65 AMG is emphasized by the AMG
side skirts, which follow the line of
the front apron, and by a chromed
“V12 Biturbo” badge, the powerful
lines of the AMG rear apron are finished off by two sets of AMG chrome
twin tailpipes and attractive 19 inch
AMG light Alloy wheels with twin
spoke design to compliment the overall appearance. And my oh my... is
this car pretty.
Not only is this car a perfect
picture of beauty to look at, the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG also boasts of
some very innovative safety features.
It makes use of up front crash sensons
Student Orgs Swell
By Faraz Hussain
Auto Show
on Page 10
to help determine impact severity and
the inflation rate of the two stage
front air bags. A sensor in the front
passenger seat classifies occupant
weight and also helps to vary front air
bag deployment accordingly.
Although frontal collisions are
among the most common types of accidents, side impacts are more likely
to cause serious injury. All S Class
sedans come with head protection
window curtain side airbags that span
both sides of the car, as well as a side
impact air bag mounted on each door.
The window curtain air bags deploy
to help protect the head in serious
side collisions, and they work in conjunction with the door mounted side
air bags, protecting the chest and the
So, what is the tag? A final market price is yet to be decided, but a ball
park figure is estimated to be $175,000.
Now thatʼs something to save up for.
he beginning of the new semester
sees the energetic new freshmen
finding a niche for themselves and
launching their own student organizations at IIT. Full of initiative and
needing a platform for expanding
on ideas close to their heart, several
freshmen and their more senior counterparts have banded together to create clubs and societies that cater to
their own goals and aspirations.
Two such organizations making
their SGA debut this Tuesday are the
Writerʼs Forum and the Motor Sports
Fan Club. The Writerʼs Forum, with
the Alice Jacob (MBB ʼ07): at the
helm, is meant for all those with a
literary bent of mind. An informal
vehicle for budding authors, poets,
journalists and writers of every description, this club aims to provide a
stimulating and supportive gathering
of diverse wordsmiths to foster creativity and innovation in writing.
continued on page 16
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
Old News
TechNews covers past auto shows
Twenty-ninth Auto Show to Begin Jan. 26
The editorially independant
student newspaper of Illinois
Institute of Technology, serving
the IIT community since 1928
from Volume 2, Issue 16 1/24/1929
The twenty-ninth annual national automobile show to be held at the Coluseum
starting Saturday, Jan. 26, will hold much of interest to engineering students.
There will shown cars and equipment produced by forty-six manufacturers. Huge
crowds are expected to attend the display, breaking all records of attendance.
More than 300 cars will be exhibited, valued at $5,000,000. The setting promises
to be in keeping, for an expenditure of $90,000 has been made for decorations and
While there will probably be many refinements in the cars, and some change
in motor and chassis design, no radical changes are expected in the design or
operation of the automobiles brought out of 1929. Improvements in body design,
development of beautiful lines, and better interior finish promise to be the keynote of the show. Among the interesting developments of the new year is that the
four-cylinder field is left practically alone to Henry Ford, with the retirement
of General Motors, his biggest competitor, from the manufacture of this type of
First all-class auto show at Technorama
from Volume 57, Issue 19 4/22/1955
Among the many features which will attract visitors and Tech students to
Technorama is the auto exhibition, which will be staged from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday, May 7.
“Being the first all-class auto show in the Chicago area, thousands of motor enthusiasts are expected to visit the roped-off area on Federal street between Thirty-second and Thirty-third,” stated Roger Gay, who, along with David
Walz, is student director of the show.
Automobile Students Visit Service Station
from Volume 1, Issue 2 4/20/1928
On Wednesday, April 11, Prof. Roesch’s classes in automobile engineering
were permitted, through the courtesy of Mr. Waterman, to inspect the modern service station of the Oakland Motor Co., located at the corner of Prairie Ave. and
33rd St. Both mechanicals and non-mechanicals made the trip, which was chiefly
for the purpose of seeing the Cowdrey brake testing and adjusting apparatus.
This machine is one of the latest types of brake equalizers. For the benefit of
the class several new and used cars were demonstrated on this machine. Other
parts of the station were inspected and modern service methods explained.
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TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
Harvard University President theorizes why women
are unable to succeed less in higher levels of science
By Floriann Stankovich
r. Lawrence Summers, president
of Harvard since 2001, who formerly served for several years as the
US Treasury Secretary in Clintonʼs
administration, caused an uproar at
an academic conference last Friday
when he said that the reason womenʼs
careers in science and engineering
was limited, was because they “lack
innate differences” and that social
factors is not the answer in why so
few women pursue careers in science,
but rather genetics.
In a private conference, focusing on women and minorites in the
points on the combined verbal and
math portions of the SAT exam. This
was a four-point increase from 2000.
Dr. Susan Ganter, the executive direction of the Association for
Women in Science in the U.S, said
that research show girls excelling
in math and science until Grade 6,
where social and environment factors
hold them back. However, with the
help of test preps, the gender gap in
SAT scores closes dramatically.
Summersʼ third statement, which
caused an uproar to some of the attendees was when he said women do
not have the same “innate ability” or
“naturally ability” as men in some
fields. Summers, added that “Itʼs pos-
“...the reason women’s careers in science and
engineering was limited, was because they ‘lack innate
differences’ and that social factors is not the answer...”
science and engineering workforce,
the reason why women in acadmeia
were scarce in high leveled positions,
was answered by Summers who gave
three factors:
The first was the indisposition of
women who have children, working
80-hour weeks. The second was that
fewer girls, compared to boys, score
high in math and science tests in the
later on in high school. It was mentioned that “research in behavioral
genetics is showing that things people previously attributed to socialization werenʼt due to socialization after
The College Board announced a
significant gender gap in 2001 SAT
scores, when it reported that males
performed better than females by 42
sible I made some reference to innate
differences... I did say that you have
to be careful in attributing things to
socialization...Thatʼs what we would
prefer to believe, but these are the
things that need to be studied.” Summers believes that research shows
genetics are more imporant than previously thought. He gave the example
of autism and itʼs genetic basis.
Soon after his justification, several guests, including Nancy Hopkins, a
biologist at Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, left the conference. She
later admitted that if she had opted to
stay, “ʻI wouldʼve either blacked out
or thrown up.” Among the audience,
Denise D. Denton, chancellor designate of the University of California,
Santa Cruz, admitted she was deeply
Letter to the Editor
Letters to the editor are accepted at the TechNews office or via email at
[email protected] Letters are printed as received and express the views
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and its staff.
very semester, we, the students
at IIT, spend $60 into a fund
in which one organization has
control. Yet, in this organization,
very few people (relative to the IIT
population) actually have control
over it. This organization is SGA
and around 100-150 people take
part in it.
There are many reasons I am
writing this letter. One of them has
to do with the way the money is
spent. Even though the spending
of money is voted upon by the voting members of SGA (a topic I will
later discuss), many students will
never some of the things some of the
things it purchases. For example,
many of us will never see the chairs
and lamps that a Greek house got
(don’t remember the name) or go to
or hear about the conferences many
organizations partake in. I think that
all of these things are a waste of our
money, because all students should
be able to reap the benefits of their
money, not just a select few.
Another thing that disturbs me
is that even though $60 per student
per semester is in this fund, you
need to go to two of the previous
three SGA meetings before you can
vote (which means a month and a
half of no voting and sitting through
relatively boring meetings). Why,
if SGA spends the student body’s
money, does a student need to go
to at least two meetings before they
can vote on how to use their money?
If it is to educate the voter, I think
that is bull. This is because there are
numerous voting members that still
do not know the basic things that
everyone supposedly should know
after three meetings. For example,
questions always arise about how a
certain amount of money was obtained on a line item. If these voters
were educated, they would know that
each thing has to have at least two
estimates. If there are other reasons
besides maintaining the status quo,
I would like to know.
Anyways, any member of the
student body should be able to vote
at SGA meetings. I know there is
much opposition to this (especially
in SGA), thus I am writing this to
invite people to be entertained for
a couple of hours Feb. 22nd, March
8th and 22nd at 9:30 PM in the
Perlstein Auditorium. If you go to
all three meetings, you will be able to
take part in the March 22nd meeting
(to my knowledge). In addition, we
may finally be able to expand voting
rights to all students. Therefore,
everyone, especially commuters,
please come to these next three
meetings. Any comments or complaints may be sent to [email protected]
edu. Thanks.
John Purpura
[email protected]
offended, while four other attendees
said they were not.
Summers said that the hypotheses were based on research assembled for the conference and did not
express his own judgements.
Summers was invited as an
economist and said “I did not say that
nor do I believe it...I am deeply committed to the advancement of women
in science, and all of us have a crucial
stake in accelerating progress toward
that end.”
Last year, under his administration, the percentage of tenured job offers made available to women by the
universityʼs Facult of Arts and Science, have decliend dramaticatically.
Last year only four of the tirty-two
tenured jobs went to women.
The organizer of the conference, Richard Freeman, said that Dr.
Summers sought to be provocative.
He also acknowledged that Dr. Summers “will get more things done on
women and faculty issues because
he is a straight-talking, no-baloney
president.” Prior to this incident, he
questioned a black studies professor,
Cornel Westʼs scholarship and teaching. West consequently took a job at
Princeton University.
Yuengling - Black and Tan in Review
By Abhinav Hasija
great beer. And the body was weak,
along with the aroma. I mean if a beer
looks like a dark beer, it should feel
and smell like one too, this does a horrible job at both. I started to remember
why I was a skeptic in the first place.
Honestly to me it tasted slightly like
stagnant water from a rusty pipe. I
guess it reminds all the Philadelphians
of home (Just kidding).
There is a distinct aftertaste of
metal, and trust me it is quite overwhelming. So would I suggest it? Well
hhh, another new semester, another new session of beer tasting.
I love this job. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome back to school and I hope
you all had a great new year.
I didnʼt get much drinking done
over the break, very sad I know, but I
had taken a sabbatical from my ardent
spirit pursuits. But since school has
started, and it promises to be a glorious new year, why
not bring it in with
some drinking.
of the constant
whining by one of
my friends, who
happens to be an
die-hard fan of
Yuengling – Black
and Tan( being
from PA after all) I
decided to review
it. My previous
trysts with the brew
had been far from
satisfactory, so I
was a bit skeptical about trying it
B u t
thought, not matter
what, it will be 8
dollars well spent.
The first thing one
notices about the
beer is the Bottle.
As the name goes,
Its black and tan.
Very stylish, from
what I know the
design has remained unchanged
since the brewery
opened its vats for
business in 1829. I
must say I was impressed. The pour:
I poured the beer
into a pint glass (
I insist all of you
should drink beer
this way. Drinking
from a bottle or a
can just doesnʼt cut
it anymore). The
color was a beautiful dark brown
with rosy edges.
Must say so far so
The Tasting
: This beer didnʼt
give me a great
mouthfeel. The
carbonation was
way low than what
one expects from a
if you want to buy a sixpack and just
try it for trying sake, sure go ahead. I
did eventually finish mine, by giving
away 3 beers, but I had to drink a
Killians Red, to get the bad taste out
of my mouth.
But on a serious note, only
try it if you have that certain adventurous streak in you. If anyone has
any suggestions for a review on a
particular beer feel free to email me
at [email protected] Until next time.
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TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
News Briefs
By Sherine George
evin Brown, 13-year-old suspected car thief, died at the
scene of an early morning shooting Feb 6th. Officer Steve Garcia,
31, who has been with the Los
Angeles Police Department for
nine years, fired 10 shots into the
car when the teen driver backed
the vehicle into a patrol cruiser at
the end of a brief 3.5-mile chase.
The shooting occurred just days
after prosecutors announced they
would not file charges against a
Los Angeles Police Department
officer who repeatedly struck a
man with a flashlight after a televised car and foot chase.
four-year-old boy drove his
motherʼs car to a video store
last Friday night, Feb 4th after
losing his video games as a punishment. The boy left his house
at approximately 1:30 AM. The
carʼs unsteady driving attracted
the attention of police who saw
what appeared to be a car with no
ynn Giovanni, 45, used a hammer and a shovel to fatally
beat her 14-year-old daughter as
she slept inside their home on the
morning of Feb 6th, then fled the
house and tried to kill herself. The
police found Giovanni on Sunday
afternoon after she intentionally
drove her car into a guardrail.
arly Fiorina, the first woman
to run a company in the Dow
Jones industrial average, was
asked by HPʼs board to resign on
Feb 9th, and she did, citing differences in opinion on the companyʼs
direction.”While I regret the board
and I have differences about how
to execute HPʼs strategy, I respect
their decision,” said Fiorina who
is expected to collect a severance
package worth $21.1 million.
Board members say they fired the
chief executive because she failed
to slash costs and boost revenue as
quickly as directors had hoped.
sharply divided Congress began debates on the Bush administrationʼs $2.6 trillion budget
for fiscal year 2006, which aims at
holding down government spending on Feb. 8th. The hot topics of
discussion are the nationʼs Social
Security system and a possible
budget deficit once costs in Iraq
and Afghanistan are figured in.
[email protected]
An Anatomical Exhibition
of Real Human Bodies
By Mehjabeen Nazim
he invention of plastination (a
technique that replaces bodily fluids and fat with reactive plastics that
are initially pliable and then harden
after infusion), has now enabled the
general public to get amazing insights
into the most fascinating machine of
all times – the human body.
In 1977, Gunther Von Hagens
invented the plastination technique
which is now a unique contribution to health education. Plastination lends a high degree of rigidity
to the tissue, enabling bodies to be
displayed in upright, lifelike poses.
BODY WORLDS, one of the most
highly attended touring exhibitions
in the world, features more than 200
authentic human specimens, including entire bodies, individual organs
and transparent body slices that have
been preserved through the process
of plastination. Diseased specimens
due to infections or cancer are also
on display; a lung blackened by tar
illustrates the effects of tobacco consumption.
A fine line between art and science, BODY WORLDS is not only
for those with a morbid fascination
for dissecting bodies but is also for
those who appreciate art. “Rider
on a vaulting horse” brings to mind
the Greek statues of Alexander the
Great riding his warhorse Bucephalus. Many people have questioned
the moral and ethical grounds for
displaying human bodies, however,
the educational value of this exhibit
cannot be denied. All the bodies belonged to people who authorized the
use of their bodies after their deaths
for the educational benefit of medical
professionals and non-professionals
alike. During exhibit stops, about
6,000 people signed papers donating
their bodies to von Hagensʼ institute
for possible plastination. Most hope
to further medical science, he said.
Nearly 16 million people have
viewed BODY WORLDS, including
children. Due to the sensitive nature
U.S government charged for
violation of human rights
By Y. Chrysostomidis
at Tuesday has arrived at New
Orleans although in the midst
of some light rain. The beer and
beads are plentiful on Bourbon
Street where the Mardi Gras carnival celebrations will culminate on
Feb 8th. Eleven parades are scheduled for Tuesday beginning in the
morning and ending at midnight.
lawsuit was filed late Thursday
by the New York-based Center
for Constitutional Rights - a humanrights lawyersʼ group - at the U.S.
District Court for the District of Columbia seeking the release of more
than 500 unnamed “suspects” held by
the U.S. government at Guantanamo
Bay, Cuba.
This suit charges that the detainees
are being improperly held and comes
to add to more than 70 cases that are
already pending in the U.S. District
Court for the District of Columbia
against the U.S. Government filed by
family members of other detainees.
Barbara Olshansky, the centerʼs legal
director said: “The vast majority of
the detainees at Guantanamo have not
been able to communicate with loved
ones who have the ability to contact
lawyers in the U.S. For all of those
who remain unrepresented, todayʼs
lawsuit is a giant step forward.”
Amnesty International expressed
its opinion about Guantanamo Bay:
“More than two years after the first
of the detainees arrived in the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Camp
X-Ray and its successor Camp Delta,
the United States Government continues to exert unfettered executive
power in total disregard for the rule
of law. Hundreds of detainees remain
held in tiny cells for up to 24 hours a
day without any legal process.
International law has been flouted
from the outset. None of the detainees
was granted prisoner of war status nor
brought before a competent tribunal
to determine his status, as required by
the Third Geneva Convention. None
has been granted access to a court to
be able to challenge the lawfulness
of his detention, as required by the
International Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights (Article 9) to which
the United States is a party.
Detainees have been denied access
to legal counsel and their families.
When a state, let alone one as powerful as the United States of America,
adopt a selective approach to international law and standards, the integrity
of those standards is eroded.
Guantanamo Bay is a human rights
scandal, and Amnesty International
believes that the Commission on
Human Rights must urgently address this situation in all its aspects.
Amnesty International considers that
draft resolution L.88 on the question
of arbitrary detention in the area of
the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo is
a welcome development, but it does
not go far enough.
Shanley convicted in
clergy sex abuse case
By Floriann Stankovich
ne day before Ash Wednesday,
ex-priest Paul Shanley has been
given his judgment. It took thirtyeight years after Shanley was first accused of molesting children for him
to be brought to trial. At the age of
74, the former priest may spend what
remains of his life in prison.
Prosecutors have not said what
sentence they will propose to the
judge for Shanley, however, it is likely that when he is sentenced on Feb.
15 he will get life in prison, for repeatedly raping and fondling children
in 1980s. Since the first sex scandal
that shook the Boston Archdiocese
almost three years ago, he is conceivably the most infamous figure in the
child-sex scandal.
The Boston Archdiocese began
receiving complaints that Shanley in
1967. Instead of reporting the sexual
abuse or removing him, church officials simply sent him from parish
to parish. In 2002, he was arrested
in California and charged with raping four boys from the Newton parish. Prosecutors later eliminated two
of the accusers in a bid to strengthen
their case. A third victim was also
dropped because they were unable to
find accuser after a pretrial hearing.
His accuser, now 27, put his
head down begging the judge not to
force him to testify in explicit detail.
He shed tears as the verdicts were
read after a trial that hinged on the
reliability of what the man claimed
were recovered recollections of decades-old abuse. The abuse started
when the accuser was 6 years old,
where the molestation occurred in
the bathrooms, the rectories, the confessional and the pews. The accuser
had said that he repressed his memories of the abuse but they came back
three years ago, generated by media
coverage of the scandal that began in
Bostonʼs Archdiocese.
Shanley is one of the few priests,
prosecutors have been able to bring
charges against.
Since the 1940s there have been
about 1,000 children in the Boston
Archdiocese who had been molested
by some of the 240 priests, says the
state attorney generalʼs office.
Interested in
the news?
Want to
make money?
Write for TechNews.
[email protected]
of this exhibit, the Museum requires
that children under 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult,
parent, guardian or school chaperone
.The BODY WORLDS is now at the
Museum of science and Industry,
(57th Street and Lake Shore Drive).
Combination admission for the museum and the exhibit is $21 for adults,
$11 for children ages 3-11 and $17
for seniors. Through March 15, the
museum will be offering free general
admission on Mondays and Tuesdays,
and on those days “Body Worlds”
admissions are $16 for adults, $9 for
children 3-11 and $15 for seniors.
Museum passes are also available at
Chicago Public Libraries.
Fetal remains
found in
By Mehjabeen Nazim
15 to 17 weeks old fetus was
found in the laundry room of an
Evanston hospital.
The fetus was discovered
wrapped in freshly washed linen in
the laundry room of St. Francis Hospital. It was the second time in four
months that a deceased infant or fetus had turned up there. However, the
fetus could not be identified due to
lack of soft tissue. St. Francis is one
of several owned by Resurrection
Health Care and provides laundry
service for nine hospitals.
Police said they have ruled out
the Evanston hospital as the source
of the remains. They now want to
determine what other hospital they
may have come from. Deputy Police
Chief Joe Bellino said, ““We are contacting the hospitals to ask them to
double check records to account for
any miscarriages, weʼre asking them
to make sure theyʼve got a complete
paper trail documenting the incidents
and the disposition of the remains.”
“The investigation is in preliminary stages,” the deputy chief added.
“There is a lot we have to accomplish
so we can move forward.” Last October, Evanston police asked for help
locating the mother of a baby boy
whose body was found entangled in
newly washed laundry at the same
In that case, which is still under
investigation, the baby apparently
had been placed in a basket of soiled
linen. The body of another infant boy
was found late Wednesday in a box
outside Westlake Hospital in west
suburban Melrose Park, authorities
said. Westlake is also owned by Resurrection Health Care.
A note in Spanish was found
with the body, asking that a Christian
burial be given the infant. Police said
the baby, only four or five days old,
apparently was dead when it was left
at the hospital.
Mad World
By Alex Belzer
arious traders in Zimababwe have been using female
condoms (almost a commodity in
Zimbabwe now, given out freely
to the people at hospitals in an attempt to curb the dangerous AIDS
epidemic), to fashion arm bracelets for women. Officials are upset
at the misuse of condoms.
orth Korea declared last
week, rather triumphantly,
that it had nuclear weapons, and
simultaneously pulled out of international talks. Still, the United
States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, remains uncertain
if North Koreaʼs claim is true.
While Kim Jon-Il, evil dictator of
North Korea, spends money on his
nuclear program, millions of his
people starve in the horrendous
economic climate.
ran promised last week that it
would not make any nuclear
weapons, but that it would still
pursue its nuclear program as a
source of energy, despite growing
international pressure, including
from the U.S.
omes near Sydney have been
attacked by falling chickens,
estimated to have been dropped
by over a thousand feet. Police are
still investigating details; various
theories include low flying aircraft
or a chicken catapult.
risoners held in the U.S. military base in Guantanamo Bay,
Cuba, are complaining of various
abuses from interrogators, including sexual taunts and humiliation,
religious disrespect, and various
physical abuses. The Pentagon is
looking into the matter.
Palestine and Israel leaders agree to ceasefire
By Mehjabeen Nazim
fter four years of violence, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas
and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called for an immediate ceasefire,
although they did not sign a formal
ceasefire deal.
TV pictures showed Mr Abbas
and Mr Sharon smiling as they shook
hands across a table at the talks. “We
have agreed on halting all violent actions against Palestinians and Israelis, wherever they are,” Mr Abbas
said. “The calm which will prevail in
our lands starting from today is the
beginning of a new era.” Mr Sharon
said: “For the first time in a long time,
there is hope in our region for a better
future for us and our grandchildren.”
The talks were also attended by
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak,
who hosted the summit, and Jordanʼs
King Abdullah. Mr Mubarak hailed
the “positive spirit” of the meeting,
saying: “The task is very great, but
our hopes are greater.”
he latest scientific data confirms
that the earthʼs climate is rapidly changing. Global temperatures
increased by about 1 degree Fahrenheit over the course of the last century, and will likely rise even more
rapidly in coming decades.
The cause? A thickening layer
of carbon dioxide pollution, mostly
from power plants and automobiles,
that traps heat in the atmosphere.
Scientists say that unless global
warming emissions are reduced, average U.S. temperatures could rise
another 3 to 9 degrees by the end
of the century -- with far-reaching
effects. Sea levels will rise, flooding coastal areas. Heat waves will
be more frequent and more intense.
In their session together, Sharon and Abbas agreed to coordinate
efforts on the disengagement from
Gaza and the northern West Bank, as
well as step up security coordination
efforts that had already begun in the
few weeks since Abbas assumed office. However, the transformation of
Palestinian leaderʼs declaration into
actual reality is largely dependent
on members of groups like Hamas
who Palestinian security officials allege are being increasingly funded by
the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah. The Palestinian militant group
Hamas has said it will not be bound
by Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire declarations made at the Sharm el-Sheik
summit, the groupʼs representative
in Lebanon said. The comments by
Osama Hamdan came shortly after
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas
and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared at the summit an end to
all military and violent operations.
“The talk about what the leader of the
Palestinian Authority called a cessa-
tion of acts of violence is not binding on the resistance because this is a
unilateral stand and was not the result
of the outcome of an intra-Palestinian
dialogue as has been agreed previously,” Hamdan said.
Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas tried to nail down his pledge to
stop attacks against Israel by preparing for talks with Gaza-based militants and dispatching a top aide for
a showdown with Hezbollah. Dampening optimism, gunfire from an Israeli settlement killed a Palestinian
on Wednesday, the first death by firing since the truce was declared on
Tuesday at a summit in Egypt. Witnesses said a 20-year-old Palestinian man died hours after he was shot
from a Gaza Jewish settlement.
3,225 Palestinians killed by Israelis (3,135 by military in the occupied
territories, 54 by military inside Israel, 34 by settlers in the occupied
950 Israeli killed by Palestinians (431 inside Israel, 218 settlers, 218
soldiers on duty in the occupied territories
Female sailor beats world record
By Sherine George
ritainʼs Ellen MacArthur headed
home to a jubilant welcome yesterday after breaking the record for
sailing solo round the world. “Iʼm
elated and absolutely drained,” a
tearful MacArthur said by radio after
crossing the finishing line in just over
71 days and 14 hours to smash the
record set last year. The diminutive
28-year-old was garlanded with congratulations from Queen Elizabeth
and Prime Minister Tony Blair.
MacArthurʼs voyage that began
on Nov. 28 covered 27,353 miles,
and she averaged 15.9 knots an hour
and about four hours of sleep a night,
nearly all of it in the form of 20 to
30 minute naps. She ate freeze-dried
meals in cramped quarters and drank
water desalinated from the sea. She
was forced to fix a generator and a
watermaker, survived 65 mph wind,
and twice had to climb the 98-foot
mast to repair mainsail damage.
There was also a daily battle with exhaustion and a close encounter with
a whale.
Only two people have completed a single-handed circumnavigation
of the planet in a multihull, which is
a much more volatile, easy-to-capsize
craft than the monohulls that MacAr-
By Y. Chrysostomidis
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
Droughts and wildfires will occur
more often. Disease-carrying mosquitoes will expand their range. And
species will be pushed to extinction.
Many of these changes have already
Global warming is already
causing damage in many parts of the
United States. In 2002, Colorado,
Arizona and Oregon endured their
worst wildfire seasons ever. The
same year, drought created severe
dust storms in Montana, Colorado
and Kansas, and floods caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage in Texas, Montana and North
Dakota. Since the early 1950s, snow
accumulation has declined 60 percent and winter seasons have shortened in some areas of the Cascade
Range in Oregon and Washington.
Of course, the impacts of
thur and others have used in the Vendée Globe round-the-world race. The
first to go around alone in a multihull
was the Frenchman Francis Joyon,
who took 72 days 22 hours 54 min-
as to sponsors on each side. French
President Jacques Chirac also hailed
her “extraordinary performance.”
Ellenʼs trip was followed widely in
“...she averages 15.9 knots an hour and about four
hours of sleep a night, nearly all of it in the form of 20
to 30 minute naps...”
utes 22 seconds last year. That record
looked out of reach.
Solo sailing is not as solitary as
it used to be. There are Web cams
and Internet links, satellite telephone
conversations with friends, family,
benefactors, and, most important for
MacArthurʼs race against the clock,
meteorologists. “I had a clock not
dissimilar to this one on board, and
for 71 days 14 hours 18 minutes 33
seconds, I watched it tick away,” MacArthur said. “To see that clock there
with the seconds not moving is absolutely, completely unbelievable. Iʼm
so relieved, above all.”
The daughter of school teachers,
MacArthur was raised in Derbyshire,
England, and saved most of her meal
money during her schooldays for eight
years to buy her first boat. Becoming
fluent in French, she is a rare public
figure who can speak to sensibilities
on each side of the channel as well
“Thereʼs no doubt this trip has
been harder than anything Iʼve taken
on before,” she said. “There were
more pleasures to be found in the
Vendée. This was exceptionally difficult, and it pushed me exceptionally
hard, but there are always moments
when the boat is sailing fantastic,
and some days when the boat was
just awesome and everything seemed
right. And you get this huge buzz.
Youʼre averaging 20 knots in the
middle of nowhere on a boat who has
your life in its hands.”
For her efforts, she was bestowed
the title: Dame Ellen by Queen Elizabeth II who approved damehood, the
female equivalent of knighthood, for
MacArthur. Sheʼs the youngest to receive the honor. MacArthur now has
other challenges in mind, including
the west-to-east solo trans-Atlantic
record, which she missed by 75 minutes last year.
global warming are not limited to
the United States. In 2003, extreme
heat waves caused more than 20,000
deaths in Europe and more than
1,500 deaths in India. And in what
scientists regard as an alarming sign
of events to come, the area of the
Arcticʼs perennial polar ice cap is
declining at the rate of 9 percent per
Recently, researchers -- and
even the U.S. Defense Department
-- have investigated the possibility
of abrupt climate change, in which
gradual global warming triggers a
sudden shift in the earthʼs climate,
causing parts of the world to dramatically heat up or cool down in
the span of a few years.
In February 2004, consultants
to the Pentagon released a report
laying out the possible impacts of
abrupt climate change on national
security. In a worst-case scenario,
the study concluded, global warming
could make large areas of the world
uninhabitable and cause massive
food and water shortages, sparking
widespread migrations and war.
While this prospect remains
highly speculative, many of global
warmingʼs effects are already being
observed -- and felt. And the idea
that such an extreme change is possible underscores the urgent need to
start cutting global warming pollution.
There are many simple steps
you can take right now to cut global
warming pollution. Make conserving energy a part of your daily routine.
Each time you choose a compact fluorescent light bulb over an
incandescent bulb, for example,
youʼll lower your energy bill and
keep nearly 700 pounds of carbon
dioxide out of the air over the bulbʼs
By opting for a refrigerator
with the Energy Star label, indicating it uses at least 15 percent less
energy than the federal requirement,
over a less energy-efficient model,
you can reduce carbon dioxide pollution by nearly a ton in total.
Prince Charles
to wed Camilla
Parker Bowles
By Floriann Stankovich
ritainʼs Prince Charles has asked
his long-term companion, Camilla Parker Bowles, to be his fiancé.
Thirty years after their first romance
they continue to see each other. Some
say their affair caused the destruction
of Prince Charles marriage to Princess Diana.
Their relationship first began
in the early 70s, and ended when
Charles entered the navy. Camilla
then married another suitor, army officer Andrew Parker Bowles. Even
with Charles and Dianaʼs lavish wedding at St.Paulʼs Cathedral, Camilla
and Charles continued to see each
other. Diana once was quoted as saying that there were “three people” in
her marriage.
The couple plans to wed on
April 8, 2005 with a civil ceremony at
Windsor Castle. For those who disapprove of Parker Bowles, she will never hold the title of queen, but instead
the royal title of “Princess Consort.”
After her marriage she will carry the
title “Duchess of Cornwall.” This
will be the first time a kingʼs spouse
will not be a queen.
The wedding will be a “private
occasion for family and friends”
quite different than his marriage to
Diana. Prince Charlesʼs and Dianaʼs
two sons: Prince William, and Prince
Harry said they were “delighted”.
Parker Bowles is especially unpopular with the British public unlike
Diana. In a poll of 8,708 Sky News
viewers, 63 percent disapproved of
the wedding, while 37 percent, voted
they should marry. This is attributed
to the belief that many consider Parker Bowles to be reason why the marriage of Charles and Diana disintegrated. To this today, Diana remains
extremely popular even eight years
after her death.
It is reported, however, that
Parker Bowels is pleasant and dynamic in person; however, some find
her unapproachable. Her stigma is her
apparent lack of interest in her public
image as well as being a fashion faux
After the ceremony, the new
husband and wife will honeymoon
around Balmoral Castle, the familyʼs
favorite summer vacation spot.
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
By Jason Wyman
donʼt know if everyone was as
touched/scared as I was by Deanna
Latsonʼs Healthy Eating presentation
last Monday, but for those of you that
were, here are a few of restaurants
that fit her vegetarian/vegan profile:
Soul Vegetarian East
205 E 75th St
Chicago, IL 60619
Okay, itʼs a bit far 75th
street south, but worth the trek (and I
think you need a car for this one, unless you have some amazing bus navigating skillz) The food is excellent,
though made totally without meat
and dairy. You wonʼt even miss the
“slow poison” because everything is
fried delicious. The staff makes you
feel like youʼre not the only white
person there. They are super friendly
and will help you pick out your entree. They might convince you to try
some of that wonderful vegan pie.
Popular favorites are the “you wonʼt
miss the meat” BBQ sandwich, Garvey veggie burger, and fried tofu bits
(which I saw a man order three orders
of). Everything comes smothered
in gravy, sauce or grease, so youʼre
tastebuds will not be disappointed.
Best part is, itʼs cheap too!
Healthy Food Lithuanian
3236 S Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60608
The name is a bit misleading. I donʼt
know how “healthy” the food is, but
it sure is delicious. They even have
two vegetarian entrees on the menu.
Either way, itʼs close and definitely
somewhere you want to check out.
They boast being the oldest Lithuanian restaurant in the world! Yeah,
and itʼs right here, in Bridgeport,
just a hop skip and jump away from
sheltered IIT. And for those of you
with a lacking sense of direction, it
is just across the street from San Jose
Taqueria. I dined on the specialty
Kugelis (though not vegetarian). It
was hearty. I decided that the name
of the restaurant was really a typo.
Hearty Food sounded much more
plausible. My friend had the blueberry and cheese crepes, which looked
fantastic, though she would advise
against the cheese. The atmosphere
really made the place. They had authentic Lithuanian decor and woven
wallpaper. They sell T-shirts, Baltic
amber and Lithuanian literature for
those that really want the full experience.
The Chicago Diner
3411 N. Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60657
Iʼll be honest with you. I didnʼt
eat here. But my friend, who is too
bogged down with 2nd year studio
work to write an article, did. She
said it was fabulous. Even after being
stuffed from a meal at the aforementioned Healthy Food, I still salivated
from looking at the food on their online menu. No Meata Fajitas? That
even sounds delicious or hilarious,
one of the two. Either way, it gets
her seal of approval. And itʼs honest
vegetarian and even partially vegan.
Check it out if you donʼt believe me.
Meat free since ʻ83!
Want more?
Find a comprehensive list of Chicago
vegetarian restaurants at:
[email protected]
Creepy Guy on the ʻLʼ On
By Mike Condei
his weekʼs Creepy Guy approved
ʻLʼ stop is Belmont on the Red
Line. Everyone knows this Lakeview enclave is a haven for risqué sex
shops and the overly-pierced. But,
if youʼre not into electro-shocking
nipple-stud attachments and leather
straps, donʼt despair there are still a
lot of great attractions here.
Second Stop:
Red Line
Chicago Comics
3244 N. Clark St.
Need something to read during class?
This little comic book store is sure to
please anyone from
novices to the seasoned addict. They
on a nice collection of local zines
and underground
comics in addition
to the standard fare. They also boast
an assortment of older superhero collectible comics as well as a variety of
anime and hard to find Asian cinema
DVDs. If comics arenʼt your thing
they also have a bunch of cool toys
(yes, some are Simpsons related), and
Strange Cargo
Blue Havana
3448 N. Clark St.
Now that youʼve picked up the essential reading material, you need some
custom t-shirts and a vintage jacket
to look like the perfect yuppie poser.
This store may not be the cheapest around, but I think itʼs definitely
worth taking a look at. As soon as
you walk in youʼll see all the walls
covered with iron-on t-shirt logos;
they have everything from Rocky
Balboa, The Transformers, and even
Back to the Future. If you shrunk
your favorite 80s tee, than come here
and theyʼll most likely have what
youʼre looking for. They also sell
vintage clothes; those are old clothes
that people once threw out that are
now selling for excessive amounts of
money. Even if you donʼt buy any
new threads, pick up a pack of Duran
Duran trading cards, with included
bubble gum (donʼt chew the gum,
just trust me).
856 W. Belmont
So youʼre eaten more than you should
have and you need something classy
to top off your meal. I recommend
a good cigar. Lucky for you, Blue
Havana is around the corner. This
Chicago favorite has the largest
walk-in humidor in the city; itʼs like
what the cigar-store in heaven would
be like. Whatʼs also great about this
store is that the staff is really helpful;
their philosophy is to be as inclusive
as possible and help match you with
the perfect cigar. I also listed Blue
Havana because theyʼre moving at
the end of February, so if you want
a good deal on some good cigars or
a humidor, go now to get some awesome discounts!
Mama Destaʼs Red Sea
3216 N. Clark St.
Impress your friends, with your cultural enlightenment and worldliness,
by bringing them
to this Ethiopian
eatery. The more
people you bring
the better. The
food is served in
the center of the table and everyone
gets flat bread to use instead of silverware, thatʼs the fun of eating here.
Iʼm going to have to say that the food
is awesome and they have excellent
poultry, beef, lamb, fish, and vegetarian dishes. Thereʼs something for
everyone, and sharing is definitely
The Vic Theatre
3145 N. Sheffield Ave.
There are three great concert venues
in Chicago: The Metro, The Vic, and
The Riviera. If you
have the opportunity
to check out a concert here you wonʼt
be sorry (acoustically). However, The Vic also has
a great promotion: Brew and View.
For $5, you can watch two second
run movies, usually starting at 8pm.
But thatʼs not the best part, you get
to drink!!! (21+) Or if youʼre not
21, but in that golden period between
18 and 21 (the “fun” years), you can
watch two movies and your friends
drink themselves stupid. You canʼt
put a price on that but apparently
The Vic can: $5!!! Tuesdays are key,
MGD and Miller Light drafts for $2.
For the weekly movie schedule check
By Melissa Pros
Bit of Bridgeport
Love resale shops? Hate it when you
find that perfect acid wash denim
jacket, just to find that the tag isnʼt
the correct color to warrant you 50%
off? No one wants to pay full price.
Cheap is cool, but dirt cheap is even
better. Thatʼs why I make it a point
to shop Unique on Mondays. On
Mondays everything is half price,
so youʼll never be disappointed.
Unique can, of course, be found in
Bridgeport on Halstead next to other
great finds like the Egg Store, Walgreens, and Little Ceasars. Never
pay full resale value for that 80ʼs
relic again!
Better than cheap, itʼs free!
If you were inspired to hit up the
Museum of Science and Industry by
the article in the Local News section, then make sure you hit it up on
a Monday or Tuesday, because now
through March 15, Mondays and
Tuesdays are MSI free days. The
Body Worlds exhibit will still run
you $16, but if you stand by the exit,
Iʼm sure someone can fill you in on
all the essential details. And you can
save that $16 for astronaut ice cream
in the gift shop. Yum!
Best of Bridgeport Betold
Compiled by M. Pros
ridgeport is a hidden gem. It
seems so far being all the way
across the 90/94 trench. In reality,
Bridgeport is access to restaurants,
groceries, thrift stores and other student havens within walking distance
or just a short bus ride away. These
Bridgeportians have given their selections for the “Best of Bridgeport”
to make the journey more enticing.
Best Pizza
Donnieʼs Pizza & Cafe
3258 S Wells St.
Recommended by Natalie Orrison
If you go to IIT, you should know
about Donnieʼs. Itʼs the closest pizza
place to campus and for that reason,
itʼs good. Itʼs also relatively cheap
and the staff loves II students, as we
probably make up a good percent of
their business. They also offer delivery, which makes them a student
favorite. In the past, Donnieʼs has
always supported IIT organizations,
making donations for campus events,
but they just recently went under new
ownership. I was told that the name
and menu might slightly change, but
Iʼm sure that the friendly service and
good relations will stay the same.
Best Italian
Gioʼs Cafe
2724 S. Lowe Ave.
Recommended by an Anonymous
This place is so good that the person
who recommended it wants to keep it
a secret. It must be really good then.
Youʼll have to check it out to see for
Best Mexican
Taqueria San Jose
3253 S Halsted St.
Recommended by James GrothOlson
Taqueria San Jose is good. They have
cheap burritos, which usually stretch
for 2 or more meals and the best part
is that they deliver. They are open until 2am, but will deliver until 11. You
canʼt eat Taqueria without ordering a
burrito, but they also have excellent
guacamole, quesadillas and horchata,
a yummy rice drink to wash it all
Best Hot Dog
Morrie OʼMalleyʼs Hot Dogs
3501 S. Union Ave
Recommended by Melissa Pros
I might be biased, as Morrieʼs is the
most convenient place for me to dine
in Bridgeport. Being located just
across the street, I can walk there in
my bathrobe and slippers (which I
may have done once or twice). It is
really good though. They are famous
for their hot dogs, mostly because of
their proximity to U.S. Cellular Field,
but they also have amazing hamburgers, nachos, and my favorite, pizza
puffs. Right now they are closed for
the season, but come March 10, a
massive flood of hot dog starved fans
will be meeting up at Morrieʼs. There
goes all the weight I lost during the
off season.
Best Grocery
The Egg Store
Recommended by Erick Fields
The Egg Store sells much more than
eggs. Primarily a produce market,
they also carry a decent selection of
ethnic foods and spices, dairy, and
pastas. Itʼs not a “one stop shop”
but it is the first place you should
hit when grocery shopping. The Egg
Store has the best prices on produce
you will ever find and lots of other
cheaply marked goods.
Best Diner
The Bridgeport Restaurant
3500 S Halsted St.
Recommended by Sabine Kollwitz
The Bridgeport Dinner is a jewel
among various construction sites, police sirens, and busy streets. Upon entering the homey little haven of deep
fried goodness, you feel yourself decompress and your breath slow down.
Everything at the dinner is a little bit
more relaxed, a little bit warmer, and
a little bit more comforting. Also, the
food is typical wonderful diner fare.
The diner touts low prices, excellent
breakfast food, and average sandwhiches. I also hear, from an outside
source, that the banana splits are not
to be taken lightly. The Bridgeport
Diner can be found on 35th and Halsted.
Best Chinese
Edʼs Pot Sticker House
3139 S Halsted St.
Recommended by Melissa Pros
This is one of the few Chinese restaurants outside of Chinatown that
can be trusted. They have excellent
pot stickers in both meat and vegetarian. They also have a full menu
of other Chinese favorites. The staff
doesnʼt speak very much English,
but they are very friendly and eager
to please, which makes it a great dining experience.
Best Entertainment
Bridgeport Cafe
31st and Mogan
Recommended by Mindy Sherman
Despite offering typical cafe fare,
this place shines with its Monday
night Open Mic, hosted by IIT student Dan “Puffy” Lenart. With large
windows and relaxed lighting, you
can enjoy an eclectic mix of live music, while enjoying everything from
ice cream to lattes.
Best Grease Pit
Freddieʼs Pizza & Sandwiches
701 W 31st St.
Recommended by Rachael Winter
Freddieʼs is comfort food at its best.
Itʼs the type of food that makes you
feel so good while eating it and so
sorry afterwards – sorry that you
stuffed yourself so full of delicious
greasiness. They have a full menu,
with everything from Italian Beef
sandwiches to hot dogs. And here
comes the deal maker, they deliver
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
IIT programmers take on world
Prodcut Spotlight:
Atomic Solar Watches
By Anthony Gaddini
By Andrei Pop
he worldʼs toughest watch is now
the worldʼs smartest watch. Introducing this week: the Casio G-Shock
Atomic Solar. The G-Shock line of
watches date back to 1982, the year
when Casio decided to make solid,
rugged watches for heavy-duty purposes. Over the years, the G-Shock
line has evolved, improving in durability, functionality, and implementing the latest technology. The most
recent watch combines the individual
technologies offered in nearly every
watch for the past 15 years.
The picture shown is of the GShock MTG900DA-8V, one of the
basic models in the Atomic Solar line
of watches. With substantial improvements in internal padding, shock absorbers, and a new shock-absorbing
frame, this watch can withstand almost anything. Tests have been done
where semi-trucks would run over
the watch, leaving it in perfect running condition (with the exception
of a scratch or two). Truly, G-Shock
watches are made for the most extreme conditions, appropriate for any
sport or work environment.
While the G-Shock watches offer truly amazing durability and ruggedness, the Atomic Solar series is
anything but “another rugged watch.”
The name Atomic Solar is derived
from two specific types of functionality: solar power and radio-controlled
link to the NIST/USNO atomic clock
in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Around the LCD display is a tiny
array of 6 photovoltaic cells, which
gather light from any source, natural
or artificial, and charge a lithium ion
cell. Under normal operating conditions with absolutely no light source,
this watch will function for a period
of 6 months on a full battery. Most
likely you will never have to replace
the battery in the watchʼs useable
lifetime. The on-screen battery level
indicator further enhances the userfriendliness of the watch.
The receiver for detecting the
AM signal emitted from the atomic
clock is superior to receivers on other
radio-controlled watches. Four times
a day, at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00
AM, the watch will receive a calibration signal from Fort Collins, Colorado and update the time, so you never
have to set the time as long as youʼre
within a 2,000-mile radius of Colorado. The watch maintains a maximum
1/100th second error.
Another amazing feature is the
automatic backlight. When you view
the watch at an angle between 40o and
90o to the ground, the backlight automatically turns on if the ambient light
is below a certain intensity.
Combined with the standard features of any normal watch and a total of 5 individual alarms, this watch
truly lives up to its reputation—the
toughest and smartest watch in the
world. While there may be other
watches that are more feature-packed,
this watch wonʼt empty your wallet
Currently, the standard model
sells for $100, the higher end models
selling for $350. For more information, visit
he Association for Computing
Machinery (ACM) International
Collegiate Programming Contest
(ICPC) will gather the worldʼs best
and brightest collegiate programmers
for an all-out “battle of the brains,” at
Pudong Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai, China, from April 3-7, 2005.
Led by Dr. Gruia Calinescu,
the IIT A Team of computer science
graduate students Chris Meyers and
Sterling Stein and undergraduate
Hart Wilson won the Mid-Central
Region of the ACM International
Collegiate Programming Contest
held on November 6 at Loyola University in Chicago. The team solved
five problems out of seven, defeating
by time the University of Illinois A
Team and the University of Chicago
Dead Fun team. IIT also bested teams
from Washington University, Indiana
University, Rose-Hulman Institute
of Technology, and Southern Illinois
Teams of three students will be
challenged to solve a series of complex, real-world programming problems—equal to a semesterʼs worth of
computer programming curriculum—
under a grueling five-hour deadline.
The team that solves the most problems correctly, in the least amount
of time, emerges as the international
champion, earning scholarships, IBM
prizes, and bragging rights to the
worldʼs smartest “trophy.”
The most challenging task required of this yearʼs teams will be to
create a parallel computing application and run it on an IBM POWERbased eServer Blue Gene Supercomputer. POWER microprocessor
technology can be found in Nintendo
game consoles, Apple computers, and
some of the worldʼs most powerful
supercomputers and storage systems.
A larger version of the Blue Gene
system was ranked the worldʼs most
powerful supercomputer in November 2004 with a sustained speed of
70.72 trillion calculations per second,
or teraflops (
The contestʼs regional competitions drew over 3,150 teams from 71
countries, and only 78 teams emerged
as finalists earning coveted spots on
the World Finals roster. IIT A is one
of only 19 U.S. teams scheduled
to compete in the World Finals, attempting to bring the “worldʼs smartest trophy” home to the U.S. for the
first time since 1997. The competition will be stiff. California Institute
of Technology, MIT, IIT-Bombay,
University of Tokyo and St. Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and
Optics (the reigning champion) are
all vying for #1.
Baylor Univesrity is posting the
ICPC results on the web @ http://icpc.
Symantec flaw: an open window for viruses
By Anthony Gaddini
n February 9th, Symantec has
released a patch to amend a flaw
in their scanning software that opens
a new and critical venerability.
The vulnerability affects an
anti-virus library used in Symantecʼs
anti-virus and anti-spam products,
including Norton SystemWorks
2004, Symantec Mail Security for
Exchange, Symantec Brightmail, and
Symantec Web Security.
“The impact of this vulnerability
is exaggerated by the fact that many
e-mail and other traffic routing gateways make use of file-scanning utili-
ties that make use of the vulnerable
library,” Symantec wrote in an advisory.
Computers running an unpatched version of Symantec software
that scans files to detect malicious
code are at risk. Symantec software
runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
X, Linux, Solaris and AIX operating
The venerability exists in scanning code that handles a compression
format known as Ultimate Packer
for Executables (UPX). An attacker
could create a virus to exploit this
UPX flaw and use e-mail or Web
site as a transmission vector. An un-
patched Symantec program with the
flawed scanner checking incoming email or the Web pages could initiate
the virus.
“The UPX parsing engine
could allow a remote attacker to gain
complete control of the system...if
successfully exploited, an attacker
can gain complete control of the system running the Anti-Virus engine,
as well as any system the Anti-Virus engine protects,” wrote Internet
Security Systems, the company that
found the flaw.
To fix Symantec products:
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
Automotive Technology Spotlight
By Anthony Gaddini
fter steadily losing ground to
the Japanese over the last two
decades, Ford Motor Company fell
from the number-two position it has
held since 1933. It is now the 3rd
largest automobile manufacturer in
the world, behind Toyota.
Ford has established an aggressive vision to reclaim its position in
the market. It aims to turn over 60%
of its models by 2008. The changes
are already apparent. The Thunderbird, the Mustang, the Freestyle, the
Five Hundred, the Escape. All new
vehicles, with new platforms, to take
on a new, more competitive markets.
One of the strategic missions
for Ford is to reestablish a flagship
plant in the United States. Ford chose
Chicago Assembly, rather than a
Michigan-based plant, after extensive
analysis of south Chicagoʼs manufacturing opportunities. The Chicago
Manufacturing Campus is the largest
industrial supplier park in the United
States. A key reason why Ford picked
Chicago Assembly was that suppliers were willing to work in tandem
with Ford to allow for a new “flexible manufacturing process” aimed
at reducing costs, increasing customization, and increasing production
“When we talk about ʻbullʼseye sourcing, this is exactly what we
mean,” said Tony Brown, vice president, Ford Global Purchasing.
After Chicago Assembly was
chosen, Ford began investing substantial capital to re-vamp this historical pant, which has been the
birthplace of many of Fordʼs most
successful cars. The Chicago Assembly plant was erected in 1924, making it Fordʼs oldest operational plant,
and it has built the Model T, Model
A, Model B, 1949 Ford, Fairlane,
Galaxie, Thunderbird, Cougar, Grand
Marquis, Torino, LTD, Taurus, and
Sable over the years.
The plant covers 2.8 million
square feet of manufacturing and
office space on a 155-acre site. The
plant employs 2,800 people. Ford has
invested over $250 million to expand
and re-tool the plant.
“This shows what can happen
when business, government and labor
work together,” said Chicago Mayor
Richard M. Daley. “Weʼre creating
jobs for the hard-working people of
Chicago, improving the environment,
restoring land to productive use and
solidifying Chicagoʼs position as the
nationʼs number-one manufacturing
The Chicago Assembly plant
features some of the most cutting
edge manufacturing techniques. It is
a “fully flexible plant,” which means
that automotive platforms can be
rapidly changed and improved with
little re-tooling. Numerous production technologies have improved the
plant as well.
Laser welding will replace spot
welding, which will eliminate the
need for access holes in the body of
the new vehicles. There will also be
in-line coordinate measuring machines for real-time data collection.
Machines will immediately record
body dimensions to maintain constant
quality control. The entire vehicleʼqs
body construction will be electronically
controlled, eliminating human error.
The Ford Five Hundred, Mercury Montego, and the Ford Freestyle are already in production, and
a Mercury crossover (similar to the
Freestyle) is on the way. These vehicles embody the new Ford vision.
All these vehicles incorporate the latest automotive technology, modern
production techniques, and prudent
All these vehicles feature a new
Ford AWD system (see technical
side bar 1) and continuously variable
transmissions (see technical sidebar
2). All vehicles feature Fordʼs new
3.0-liter, 200-horsepower V-6 engine
(see technical sidebar 3). All vehicles
are built on a band new, Volvo-designed, frame that boasts torsional
rigidly on par with $60,000 automobiles (see technical sidebar 4).
By combining these features
with tasteful styling and careful market research Ford is poised to take a
bite out of the competition.
Ford is trying to remake its image. Ford no longer wants to be seen
as a volume-oriented maker of mediocre cars. It wants to be seen as a
company that can build innovative
cars that can compete in any market.
Ford is beginning a rebirth now much
like the rebirth Ford underwent in the
60s under Lee Iacocca.
Ford has launched other automobiles to affirm its new image.
Evidence abounds. The Mustang is
a hot competitor in the sub-$30,000
sport coupe market. The Ford GT is
a supercar that can take on Ferraris
and Lamborghinis (for a fraction of
the cost), and the new Shelby imbues
unmistakable American automotive
design into Fordʼs lineup.
Volvo designed the new frame. It boasts exceptional torsional rigidity and force
Front, side and rear structural elements were designed with crash safety in
mind. Force absorbing zones are engineered throughout the vehicle to make it more
crash worthy.
A “tripod” structure is located in the front foot wells to channel force upward
and downward rather than towards the cabin. Octagonal front bumper rails are exceptionally strong and prevent twisting of the frame during a frontal impact. A reenforced structural roof bow provides side impact protection. The frame was even
designed with the fuel tank in mind; it is completely surrounded by frame rails to
protect it in a collision.
The new Ford 3.0-liter V-6 produces 203 horsepower at 5,750 rpm and
207 ft.-lb. of torque at 4,500 rpm. The
cylinders are positioned at 60-degrees
and the block and heads are aluminum.
It features dual overhead camshafts and
sequential multi-port fuel injection. It is
very clean burning at LEV II level and
uses 5W20 oil, which provides better fuel
economy and some durability benefits.
500 transmission inThe new Ford Transmission offers
more gear ratios than any automatic
“step” transmission. In fact, it does
away with gears entirely! Instead, it uses
two, two-piece pulleys connected by a
chain loop and varies the effective size
of the two pulleys to produce various
drive ratios.
As the pulleys narrow, the diameter
of the effective pulley increases due to
the slope of the of the sides of the pulley.
The two pulleys change width at
exactly the same time, so that the chain
length remains unchanged. For example,
if the input pulley widens, the output pulley will narrow at the same rate, and the
overall effect will be similar to shifting to
a higher gear.
500 CVT internal. In place of traditionally
machined gears, a continuously variable
transmission (CVT) uses sloped surfaces to allow for a much higher number of
gear ratios.
In the Ford AWD system, power is transferred from the engine through a continuously variable transmission (CVT) into a
lightweight, balanced aluminum drive shaft that leads to a Haldex coupler. In normal driving, the vehicle uses front-wheel-drive,
but the driveshaft also turns whenever the vehicle is moving, ready to supply power to the rear wheels at a moment’s notice
through the coupler.
Whenever the driveshaft spins
faster than the rear wheels – indicating
front-wheel slippage – it builds hydraulic
pressure inside the Haldex coupler, engaging clutch plates that quickly divert
power to the rear wheels.
The system on the Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle and Mercury Montego
utilizes computer-controlled sensors to
continuously monitor wheel speeds and
engage the coupler using an electrohydraulic pump when appropriate. This
system acts within 50 milliseconds—so
quickly that it can prevent wheel slippage before it occurs.
RFID: Automotive security
By Anthony Gaddini
adio Frequency Identification
(RFID) is a controversial new
technology used to track cattle, packages, and potentially people. RFID
chips are small devices that emit
and radio signal that can be detected
at various distances. RFID has been
controversial since it debuted on the
public market in 1996. Many people
feel that it will inevitably lead to “big
brother” government citizen tracking.
Legislation has been introduced in the
UK to bar used of RFID in people.
Now, there is a new RFID
controversy with immediate consequences. Mr. Green, a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University,
announced on January 29th that his
team has cracked the security key
behind RFID-based “immobilizer”
systems from Texas Instruments Inc.
The RIFD chip emits a signal with an
encoded key to unlock automobiles.
The “immobilizer” is used in millions
of Fords, Toyotas and Nissans. Theoretically, all that would be needed to
steal a car, or any other device relying
upon Texas Instrumentʼs “immobilizer” would be a brief encounter where
the attracter could be within the keyʼs
broadcast radius and about one hour
of computing on a conventional PC.
Mr. Greenʼs research has opened a
whole new door for RFID criticism.
Similar RFID-based technologies have been implemented in many
ways. The I-Pass system is used to
automatically deduct highway tolls
from driversʼ accounts. Wal-Mart uses
RFID to track inventory. The Food
and Drug Administration is considering it to foil drug counterfeiting. The
United States Military is planning on
adopting RFID-based technologies,
as is the Immigration and Naturalization service, which has proposed
having tourists carry a RFID-tag with
them at all times while in country.
Mr. Greenʼs team obtained some
technical schematics from Texas
Instruments courtesy of Dr. Ulrich
Kasier, a top-level engineer working
on the “immobilizer” project. They
then reverse-engineered the 40-bit
transponder based upon techniques
developed by American military scientists that cracked Japanʼs “cipher”
communication authenticator. Mr.
Greenʼs team then wrote software
that mimics Texasʼs instruments
“immobilizer” system, which works
through a pattern of challenge and
response. The researchers took the
chips they were trying to crack and
imputed challenges, and then they
tried to duplicate the response by testing all 1,099,511,627,776 possible
encryption keys. Once they had the
right key, they could answer future
challenges correctly in a small fraction of the time.
The best defense now against
RFID key theft is to avoid suspicions
laptop users. The broadcast range for
the “immobilizer” is only 12 inches.
This means that a would-be thief will
have to move his antenna very close
to the victimʼs RFID chip. Crowded
elevators and subways make are
the most opportune places for these
thieves to operate. Owners of Mobil
Speedpass, automotive RFID systems, and other RFID technologies
should be on the lookout for attacks
until a new method is developed to
better encrypt the RFID keys. Automotive manufactures will also have
to respond, possibly by augmenting
the “immobilizer” system with good,
old-fashioned, keys. User-keyed
passwords may also be helpful.
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
photos by Abhinav Hasija
Dodge Charger
eaturing a newly manufactured 5.7-liter V-8 engine with hemispherical
combustion chambers and MDS, an innovative system that disengages 4
of the 8 cylinders under normal and light loads, the Charger enters the market
with brawn and efficiency. The new engine saves 20% more fuel than engines
of similar displacement and output. The new engine generates 340 hp at 5000
rpm and 390 lb.-ft. of torque at 4000 rpm, launching the Charger to 60 mph in
under six seconds.
GM attempted cylinder shut-off systems in the early 80s in several Cadillac models. Rough operation and meager efficacy gains doomed the cylinder-shut off systems. DiamlerChrystlerʼs MDS system is so smooth that many
drivers cannot detect it.
“One Man, One Engine”
his yearʼs Chicago Autoshow featured a rare glimpse of the extraordinary
engineering prowess and craftsmanship of AMG, an engine maker that has
been a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler since 1999 and is located near Stuttgart
in Affalerbach, Germany.
AMG staffs a technician at the
auto show who actually builds an
AMG 5.0-liter V8 engine. The engine
is a technological marvel, featuring
a new air-to-water intercooler and 4
catalytic converters that us patented
ceramic membranes.
What really separates AMG engines from mass-produced counterparts is the individual workmanship
each technician puts into installing
each part himself, from the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons to
the supercharger. When the engine is
completed, the technician affixes his
unique plaque to the block and signs it personally.
Watching a block transform into an engine by the hands of a skilled German technician is a sight to behold.
Jeep Hurricane
eep Hurricane is simply the most maneuverable, most capable and most
powerful 4x4 ever built,” said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President,
Chrysler Group Design.
Indeed! Two 5.7-liter HEMI engines power the Hurricane. One for the
front axle and
one for the rear.
and 370 lb-ft
of torque for a
total of 670 hp
and 740 lb-ft of
The copious amount of
torque allows
the hurricane to
climb obstacles
other 4x4 vehicles canʼt. It has the power and traction to move from 0-60 in
less than five seconds.
The power is delivered through a central transfer case and split axles with
a mechanically controlled four-wheel torque distribution system. The front and
rear suspension is short/long arm independent with 20 inches of suspension
travel, controlled by coil over shocks with remote reservoirs.
With 14-inch ground clearance, 60 and 80-degree approach and departure
angels, and a zero degree turning radius (a la 4 wheel steering), there are few
terrains that the Hurricane cannot negotiate.
The Hurricane employs many experimental technologies such as a onepiece body shaped of structural carbon fiber. The chassis is integrated into the
frame and the suspension and power train are mounted directly to the body.
An aluminum spine runs under the body to both connect the underside and to
function as a complete skid plate system, offering excellent protecting from
underside damage.
Chevrolet Corvette
he Chevrolet has always been a hallmark of American automotive engineering. The Corvette was the first fuel injected American car, one of the first
production cars to feature a fiberglass body, and made folding headlights the
rage from the 60s through
the 80s. The Corvette still
carries on these traditions
(sans folding headlights)
and continues to be manufactured by GM in Bowling
Green, Kentucky.
The 6th Generation
Corvette (C6) features a
brand new, all aluminum,
6.0-liter V-8 that produces
400 horsepower at 6000
rpm and 400 ft-lb. of torque at 4400 rpm. GM includes many other technological novelties in the Corvette. A magnesium steering column is safer and
lighter. A rear-mounted transmission gives the Corvette 50/50 weight distribution. Magnetic selective ride control is a feature introduced in the last corvette
as an option and an improved version was made standard on the C6.
Magnetic Selective Ride Control is a ride control system that adjusts
shock absorber damping
by means of electromagnetically charged particles contained within
the shock fluid. When
exposed to a magnetic
charge, the fluid properties change, stiffening
and loosening depending
upon input from position
sensors at each wheel.
This allows for improved
road holding and a more comfortable ride.
GM may have abandoned folding headlights, but they have not abandoned the performance spirit of the Corvette.
Land Rover LR3
and Rover has introduced a new 7-passneger off-road vehicles, the LR3.
The fruits of the Ford/Land Rover merger are being seen in new impressive chassis and suspension design.
The LR3ʼs suspension was designed to accommodate two rows of passenger seating without compromising off-roadability. On many vehicles of this
size, pick-up truck based leaf spring suspensions are used in the rear.
The LR3 comes standard an air
suspension system that has all of the
functionality of the top-of-the-line
Range Rover, including the ability to
raise the ride height by 2 in. for offroading and lower it by 2 in. to facilitate easier cargo loading.
This is one impressive traction
system, having been tested to deliver
optimized results on over 50 different
types of surfaces, including oil slick,
ball bearings, and enormous drainage
Toyota Prius
he automotive golden boy of last year was a small economy car. The Toyota Prius features a hybrid drive train that combines an efficient 4-cylinder
engine with an eclectic motor and battery bank to augment the engine.
During acceleration the electric motor engages to give the Prius more
scoot. At cruising speeds the engine runs at low speeds to recharge the battery. During breaking, the momentum
is gathered by the
motors (which act
like dynamos) and
siphoned back to the
The overall effect is synergistic.
Each part is already
quite efficient. Together they are extremely
The Prius has similar acceleration figures to most cars its size and boasts 60
mpg in the city and 55 on the highway. It is also and Advanced Technology
Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV), which meets Tier 2-Bin 3 Federal
emissions standards.
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
By Casey Franklin
hatʼs cooler than being cool?
Ice Cold! Whatʼs hotter than
being hot? Fireside Lovinʼ! Thatʼs
right! Now, I realize that it may be
hard to set the mood at IIT given our
horrifying lack of fireplaces and bear
skin rugs, but there is one thing I have
found that can either make or break
it for all you kids out there. And that
thing is alcohol. However, for the
underage of us, there is another solution: Fake IDs! Just kidding! Really though, what I am getting at is
that choosing the proper music for
situations where one might be participating in an invigorating “game of
chess” with significant others is quite
pertinent. After thinking long and
hard on the huge and very exciting
amount of musical choices available
for such activities, I was finally able
to come to a decision and thus bring
La Amor del Lado del Fuego
(Sure, this translation might not be
totally correct, but come on, itʼs in
the language of love, baby!)
1) Bad Religion—I Love My Computer
If you are a male, or in some rare
cases a female, and the massive boy/
girl ratio at this, our lovely school,
proves too overwhelming in size for
you, there is always another solution.
I wonʼt go there right now, but this
song will, and that is why I dedicate
it to you. Cheers, Mate! May you hit
all the right spots and be careful of
the keyboard.
2) Barry White—Canʼt Get Enough
of Your Love, Babe
Oh no! If you are facing an emergency date situation such as bad
breath, wearing underwear that says
“Wednesday” on Friday, or your date
is just slowly spiraling down into the
fiery pits of humiliation and torment
we refer to as Hell, then the first thing
I recommend you do is take a shower
or become more charming, however,
putting on some Barry White would
most definitely be a close second.
Very close.
3) The Beatles—Besame Mucho
Not only is this song very cute, partially in another language (by partially I mean exactly the same two words
over and over again), and including
them singing “cha cha boom,” but it
has also been stuck in my head for
two weeks! Wow, I bet you really
want to listen to it now! I know I do!
If only I could understand their foreign tongues....
4) Ben Harper—Steal My Kisses
Ben Harper: Good guitarist, good
singer. With his smooth melodies Iʼm
sure you will feel inspired to steal a
few kisses yourself, you sly fox, you.
5) The Shins—Girl Inform Me
I have no idea why, but for some reasons The Shinsʼ music just makes me
want to fall in love. So, basically, this
song should be handled with care,
similar to the love potion #9 in the
movie Love Potion #9. If you use it
unwisely or too often it is completely
possible that a herd of crazy people
Dark Studios Alpha’s own Documentarians (TM), Bradley Go (left), and Andrew Nelles
(right) demonstrate their own unique style of fireside lovin’ this Valentine’s Day. The
style is self-described as, “The standard-only much more patriotic. [It] sets a deeper,
more passionate mood.” Photograph taken by Spencer James Elliott-Manheim.
Million Dollar Baby
fights to top
By James Tschirhart
will flock after you in complete and
unbending adoration, and some of
those people may be monkeys.
6) Coldplay—Yellow
Letʼs not lie. Everyone thinks a good
accent is hot, even if what you are
saying is something completely ridiculous such as “wooden pillow.”
Most people would think the color of
love is red, but no way, man, Coldplay tells us different. Okay, keeping
with the not lying thing, I donʼt really
know what this song is about; I donʼt
have time to look at the lyrics. But it
sounds sweet.
7) The Darkness—I Believe In A
Thing Called Love
Few things are hotter than a guy singing sexy lyrics a cappella in a rock
song. The only thing I can think of
that makes me want to rip my clothes
off quicker is spandex.
8) Diana Krall—Popsicle Toes
Rock and R&B not your thing? Need
something a little jazzy for you and
your lover to enjoy? Well look no
further. Diana Krall has a killer voice,
and her wit ainʼt bad either. Who
knew Jazz could be so dirty? No one
has thought that since the fifties.
9) Coheed & Cambria—The Velourium Camper I: Faint of Hearts
Enjoy sci-fi and rocking out while
making out? Thatʼs cool, I guess,
whatever floats your boat. Oh yeah,
by the way, this is a quite awesome
song you might just fall in love with.
Then youʼll be all “forget you, (insert
lovers name here), Iʼm just going to
go marry Faint of Hearts, because,
yes, I love it that much.” Then they
will be like “Oh yeah, screw you, you
canʼt even speak Trekie!”
10) Jamiroquai—Little L
From the little man with a big hat who
brought you that rad song youʼve all
seen Napoleon bust a move to, comes
this equally awesomeness filled hit.
Donʼt get too distracted and start
dancing like a crazy! It may be hard
True love is never having to ask, “Entertainment?”
since the man knows how to groove a
body, but stay focused dang you!
11) Keith Sweat—My Body All Over
Your Body
The kinkiest of sex music was written
by none other than the Sweat! I really canʼt say much more about this, I
mean, look at the title for freaks sake!
But, basically, this is an old skool
classic and you should know about
12) John Mayer—Your Body Is a
Overplayed? Possibly, but it could be
for a reason, and that reason could be
because its freakin burning with uberlusty hotness! Or because there was a
big conspiracy. Iʼm thinking the second one, but who really knows?
13) The Spice Girls—2 Become 1
Deep down, everyone either loves the
Spice Girls or knows all the words to
their songs. If thatʼs not true then at
least everyone likes Beckham. That
helps, right?
14) Tom Jones—Sex Bomb
This song just oozes with stupefying
goodness. It explodes with awe-inspiring lyrics and a bad donkey beat.
Plus you have to give props to any
guy that is so old and can still kick
out the jams like Tommy does. Way
to be, man.
15) Rick James—Give It To Me
If everyone had a theme song for life,
you know, a song that just continually played as they walked around, then
this would be mine. Oh yeah, and of
course, it goes nicely when played
next to that toasty fire (lounge TV)
and bear skin rug (beat up old couch).
So, when youʼre lookinʼ to jump on
the good foot and do the naughty
thang: Set the right atmosphere. Get
a good vibe going. Take your lover
by the hand. Then shut up and turn up
the music, fools.
Besides, [email protected]!
Directed by: Clint Eastwood
Written by: Paul Haggis, based on
Rope Burn by Jerry Boyd
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Hilary
Swank and Morgan Freeman
Running Time: 133 minutes
My Rating: 4 of 4 asterisks
or the last month, this little-filmthat-could has been hailed as The
Best Movie of the year. Returning
from his success with Mystic River,
Clint Eastwood takes the directorʼs
chair and a lead role in this touching,
layered tale of a hillbilly girl rising up
in the world through boxing. Frankie
Dunn (Clint Eastwood) is an aged
trainer who owns a seedy gym in Los
Angeles while coaching a fighter to
the championship title. One night a
wide-eyed and determined girl by the
name of Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary
Swank) approaches Frankie and asks
for training. He turns her down with
the response, “I donʼt train girlies.”
Nevertheless, she shows up at
Frankieʼs gym in the morning with
a 6-month membership, already
training and calling Frankie “Boss.”
Watching from the side is the gymʼs
janitor, Scrap (Morgan Freeman),
who was once a boxer himself. After
Frankieʼs fighter leaves him for another manager, Scrap suggests Frankie
train Maggie. He declines. Later, its
revealed that Maggie has known one
thing since she was born: That she
was trash. Wanting to escape wairessinging, she pesters Frankie until
he complies. Otherwise she “might
as well go back home and buy a used
trailer and get a deep fryer and some
Oreos.” Reluctantly, Frankie takes
her in and together they try to make
something of her life.
As clichéd as the elements in this
movie may be, Eastwood manages to
bring them to a new light with such
great emotional impact and earnestness that it is hard not to let it pass.
The trailers make it seem like another Rocky success story of an underdog coming out on top. But this
movie has a few sucker punches of
its own that surprise the viewer with
its depth. The three leads play their
parts to near perfection with immense
passion that brings truth and reality to
the movie. No wonder that all three
of them are nominated for Oscars.
Eastwood, who has always played
the hard-boiled types, brings his
tough-as-nails personality and comes
off as the old, but tough, father figure.
Swank brings her tomboyish attitude,
and all the spunk of a puppy, as she
pesters Frankie to train her. Freeman,
as in Shawshank Redemption, plays
the man on the sidelines while narrating to the audience, but still has a
spirit of his own.
Eastwood seems to have become a
better director with age. With many
great titles to his name, Unforgiven,
Mystic River, and The Outlaw Josey
Wales, he creates another film with a
dark look, but not as dark in content.
Million Dollar Babyʼs story provides
hope in the form of Maggieʼs character as everyone cheers for her success.
While the surroundings and lighting
of the movie provide a contrasting
mood of darkness and doubt, but not
so overwhelming that it looks artificial. The lighting actually appears to
be quite natural. Although, there are
times a certain shot might look like
something out of a Nike commercial.
Whatever the case, it provides an
appropriate mood for the movie. As
violent as the nature of boxing may
be, this movie has brought a certain
honor and gracefulness to the sport,
where it becomes all about respect.
One of the fighters must take that respect from the other. Yet it still remains a blood sport in the sense that
the fighters in this movie do get hurt,
but not so much as in Raging Bull.
However, the fact that women are
fighting, makes each punch feel as if
it carries more impact. An example is
one scene where Maggieʼs nose gets
broken in a fight. Watching this tugs
more at the human heart than watching a man built like a tank get hurt.
In a time of box office blockbusters with cheap thrills and abundant
special effects, Million Dollar Baby
comes out on top telling a simple, but
great story of three people and the
reasons and results of their actions.
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
Editorʼs Column
Good touch, or bad touch?
Jen: Still in By Casey Franklin
the spotlight I
t has been weeks since Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and
Jennifer Aniston broke-up after being together for seven years straight,
and new details and news regarding
the split still surface in the tabloid
news bins of America. Perhaps it is
the mystery that draws the tabloid
press to this former Hollywood couple like sawdust to freshly spewed
vomit on the playground.
Unable to leave this couple alone, an
entire front page of a certain magazine was devoted to a picture of Jennifer without her ring. Near the time
of that incident, rumors sprung up of
a relationship between Brad and his
Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star, Angelina Jolie. Could those gargantuan lips
have stolen Brad from Jenʼs lovinʼ
arms? Or was it because of the frequent reports of fights between the
couple about starting a family? Probably not. In fact, Brad and Jen claim
that the rumors of why the split happened are all false.
After weeks of speculation, the
couple formally announced that
they were separated on January 7th,
followed by weeks of follow-up rumors. Ironically, while the media
tries to figure out the real reason
why the couple split up, the media
itself probably played a key role.
The stresses of a closely watched
Hollywood couple are many. Even
going out for dinner could spell a
terrible evening if they are spotted
by the press. All the while pretending everything is peachy. If anything, breaking up has made the
media put even more attention on
the couple, with follow up articles
devoted to seeing how Brad and Jen
are coping.
Details as to the exact reason why
they separated still remain a mystery. However, it seems that it was
done nicely. Jen and Brad told the
press that they consider each other
“committed and caring friends,”
and were both spotted having dinner together nearly a month after the
Even more interesting is the fact that
both stars still wear their wedding
rings. Who knows what the rumormongers will drag up next. Will
Brad and Jen pursue their separate
lives? Or will they rebuild their relationship? Only time will tell. That
is, time and innumerable tabloid
news magazines.
f you have been paying any attention to recent news regarding
everyoneʼs favorite pop hero/weirdo/
accused molester/zoo owner, then
you may feel as though youʼve been
watching a slowly developing vh1ʼs
behind the music.
Right now we are at the section
where the musician experiences their
dreadfully dark and death defying
downward spiral after which they are
just on the verge of a big comeback!
How will the future turn out? What
will become of the so called king of
pop? What happened to transform
that little black boy into a scary white
woman? Wonder no more my fellow
pop culture enthusiast, because I have
the facts, and they are in bullet form,
which makes them real easy to read.
* In 1993 Jackson is accused of molesting one of his younger friends,
but no charges were filed
* “Living with Michael Jackson” is
broadcast in 2003 with reporter
[email protected]
Martin Barshir and commentator
Barbra Walters. The nation is puzzled and shocked by Jacksonʼs bizarre behavior, and open defense of
his practice of sleeping in the same
bed as his young boy friends. Also
discussed is the incident where
Jackson dangled his infant out a
window for fans to see.
* Jackson is now on trial for child
molestation committed at his Neverland Ranch, administering an
intoxicating agent, attempted child
molestation, and conspiracy to
commit extortion and child abduction.
* Among those set to testify against
Jackson is his ex-wife, and mother
of his two children (Prince and
Paris) Debbie Rowe. The two were
married from 1996 to 1998 and
Debbie is also filing for full custody of the two children now.
* “Adult” material taken from Jacksonʼs home in 2003, both heterosexual and homosexual in nature,
is being allowed as evidence in the
case. Approximately 50 print and
video items were seized including
a magazine with both the accuser
and Jacksonʼs fingerprints on it.
* Corey Feldman, known for his roles
in The Lost Boys and Stand By Me,
also plans to testify after he decided his childhood friendship with
Jackson was not exactly kosher;
however, he is still swearing that
Jackson never molested him. In a
recent interview, Feldman claimed
that at sleepovers the two of them
would wear pajamas, pray before
bed time, and chill in the Jacuzzi.
* A survey of the jurors has shown
that most of them have kept up
with news on the case, and that
several know people who know
Jackson through work or family,
thus making selection for a fair trial
very difficult.
Aside from the hard facts though,
a great deal of finger pointing has
been going on as well. In Jacksonʼs
defense, close friends claim that the
mother of the boy accusing Jackson
was constantly looking for someone
to take care of her children, this is
only being done for money, and of
course, the children are brats. Well,
arenʼt they all? We have the facts, we
have the aaccusations, all we have to
do now is watch and wait to see who
is really telling the truth. I only hope
that Jackson picks out a good variety
sparkly gloves and masks to wear to
the trials, because hey, why not?
Straight try
for the queer
By Alex Belzer
n Germany, a zoo struggles with
their gay penguinsʼ progeny. The
zooʼs efforts thus far have been
thwarted because of one small problem: their penguins are gay.
Because a penguinʼs gender
cannot be recognized on the outside,
the zookeepers did not at first realize
that any of the penguins were gay.
However, after years of the gay penguin couples not producing any eggs,
the zoo decided to perform a DNA
test to determine the gender; they
were surprised to find that the three
penguin couples were in fact homosexual.
Contrary to popular sentiment, homosexuality runs rampant in
the animal kingdom. A similar incident occurred several years ago in a
New York City Zoo, and a Brooklyn
aquarium, where a penguin couple
thought to be straight was actually
gay. The couple exhibited monogamy, and one of the couples even
raised a baby penguin. Scientists in
Japan have even found gay penguins
in sixteen Japanese zoos and aquariums.
The specific type of penguin found in this German zoo are
an endangered species, so keeping
new penguins coming remains a top
priority. Determined to produce baby
penguins yet, the zoo imported four
female penguins to try and tempt the
gay penguins over to heterosexuality. Needless to say, the gay penguins
could care less of the new female
presence, and the gay couples were
quite difficult to separate. The female
penguins are not completely out of
luck; two male penguins have been
imported to keep the ladies busy. In
the meantime, the German zookeepers are still trying to “straighten out”
the penguins, thus far without much
success, and to the protesting of gay
rights activists everywhere.
Super Bowl advertising: winners and losers
By Sherine George
hile the nationʼs top pro football teams squared off Sunday,
the best minds in advertising were
also set to pitch products from beer to
computer chips.
It is estimated that this year, a 30-second ad in Sundayʼs Superbowl cost a
record 2.4 million dollars. While this
may seem like a ridiculously large
amount of money, in the past some
of the best creative work and almost
mini-movies have been found in the
Superbowl ads. Case in point - the
half-time ad of the 1984 Super Bowl
(while the Los Angeles Raiders were
crushing the Washington Redskins)
that featured a 45 second ad that was
declared in 1995 the best ad of the
last 50 years.
The commercial, directed by Ridley
Scott (of Alien and Blade Runner
fame) for the Apple Corporation, announced the imminent arrival of the
Macintosh computer. The ad cost
$1.6 million to produce, and Apple
Corporation paid $500,000 for the
one-minute time slot in which it ran.
It ran only once.
This year, around 86 million people
watched the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles in
Superbowl XXXIX. But the game
wasnʼt the only thing people tuned in
to see. In addition to Sir Paul McCart-
ney performance during the half-time
show that took viewers back in time
with some oldies, viewers at home
enjoyed the various ads that were
According to a comScore survey
conducted during the week preceding
the Super Bowl, viewers were well
prepared for advertisements both on
television and on the Web. 28 percent
of those planning to watch the Super
Bowl reported that “watching the
ads” would be their favorite aspect
of the game. When asked to select
which three brand advertisements
they most look forward to seeing, 80
percent of survey respondents chose
Budweiser/Bud Light.
An undoubtedly controversial ad by
Web services company GoDaddy.
com drove traffic to that site 378 percent above average. Apple iTunes
also saw a jump in site traffic driven
largely by the second annual Pepsi
promotion offering the chance to win
free songs through the pay-per-download music service. Napster, which
advertised for the first time as a rival to iTunes, posted a greater than
30-percent increase on Super Bowl
A commercial promoting the Cadillac
V-Series throttled traffic to Cadillac.
com by close to two hundred percent
above average, while a pair of advertisements for Ameriquest Mortgage
Company, in addition to sponsorship
of the Super Bowl halftime show,
nearly doubled activity at the lenderʼs
Web site.
According to a poll by USA Today,
the Anheuser Busch Company won
in the ad wars. Superbowl viewers
liked the beermakerʼs commercials
the best. One not so great ad was the
Visaʼs ad with the superheroes- no
one seemed to appreciate the use of
celebrities this year.
Another ad that generated a lot of
positive buzz was the Budweiser spot
that paid tribute to soldiers returning
from war. But in the end, Budweiser.
com was declared this yearʼs Top
Gaining Advertiser Site.
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
This Week I I T b a n d s u c c e e d i n g i n m a n y w a y s
in Chicago arts
By Patrick Brown
730 N. Franklin
Bertrand Goldberg, designs and
other documentation of Marina
City, River City, and other architectural projects
Through Saturday, March 12.
Thu-Sat noon-5 PM
Chicago Art Source
1871 N. Clybourn.
Work by 14 artists with “red as
an accent, a theme, a forethought,
an afterthought, a subject, or a description,”
Through Sat March 26
Mon-Fri 9 AM-6 PM, Sat 10 AM5 PM
734 N. Milwaukee.
“Crushed Crushes,” “anti-valentines” by 28 artists; Tamara Petrov,
paintings; “Everyday Ingredients,”
work by Betsy Timmer; Societal/
Fragmental In-Securities, sound
and image installation by Ann
Blaas and Adam Zinanni; Unmask,
installation by Yee Ling Tang,
Through Sat 2/26
Wed-Sat noon-6 PM, Sun noon-4
700 N. Carpenter.
“Punch in the Face,” drawings
crowded with “deviant characters”
by Richard Colman, works on paper depicting monsters and humans
by Sayre Gomez, and screen prints
of “characters searching for relief
from the incessant overload of violence” by Mark Price, through Sun
Sun 1-5 PM
515 N. State St. AMA Building
“Showcase of work submitted by
artists from around the country to
reflect the theme “ArtFutura.” Artwork selected by James Rondeau of
the Art Institute will be on display.”
Until February 18th
hough few may know, IIT has
at this very moment, a group of
musicians who are actually succeeding. More than getting a few shows
here and there, or gaining a few fans;
but being signed to a label and having a full length album recorded. That
band is Eshu, made up of John, Lois
and Sam Han. I spoke with Lois regarding her brothers, their music, and
their recent success.
Patrick: I want to know what your
biggest influences are... I mean I can
hear a few, but I want to know what
you think they are.
Lois: I think that, well obviously
Radiohead influenced us vocally
and instrumentally as did Bjork. The
Smiths influenced us lyrically and
maybe The Pixies with our distorted
Patrick: Ah yes, I can see that I
guess. So what do you guys listen to
these days?
Lois: To be honest, Iʼve been so
broke I havenʼt bought any albums
lately... and we donʼt have internet at
our house, so I never download new
music. So we have been listening to
what we have. So stuff like Blonde
Redhead, The Paper Chase, Devendra Banhart, The Magnetic Fields.
John and I prefer more dissonant and
harsh music, Sam definitely prefers
more melodic stuff
Patrick: Well I know you guys have
been playing some shows, how have
they gone? What has been your favorite show thus far?
Lois: I donʼt really think I have a favorite show, but I think that we played
the best when we played at Phyllisʼsʼ,
but we could only play a few songs
because my guitar string broke.
Patrick: Yeah, I remember that, I offered you mine but you just decided
to call it quits for that night.
Lois: Yeah, oh well... but we also
played this great show at the bog our
last time we were there. We played
with another band called The Vanishing Kids. That show was great
because they were such a good band
and we got a really good response after that show
Patrick: Yeah that was a good show,
Vanishing Kids were great... I dug
that. I wanna know the bad shows
too... what was the worst show?
Lois: Oh man... When we played The
Needle House, in the basement of our
downstairs neighbors, it was raining
really badly and the sewer backed up.
So there was 2” of backed up sewage,
we could totally see human poo and
condoms floating around, it smelled
horrendous. I dropped my lead in the
sewage and had to pull it out with
my hands. Everyone left because it
smelled so bad; that was by far the
worst show.
Patrick: (Laughing quite a bit) Human Poo? And condoms?? Am I even
allowed to put that in the newspaper?
Lois: I donʼt care! It was there.
Patrick: Alright... Well letʼs get off
that subject then. Itʼs pretty cool you
are in a ʻfamilyʼ band. You and your
two brothers have always played together; what do you all bring to the
Lois: We donʼt really do a lot of writing as a band, it usually works out
that one member will write a song
with good ideas for every part of the
song. Then we will bring it to the
band and each of us will incorporate
the ideas of the others, and it will follow the idea of the original writer.
But it usually works itself out. Sam
tends to create a lot of the more pleasing sounds while I tend to create the
more dissonant sounds, so it comes
together really well: makes it unique.
Patrick : whatʼs it like playing with
your family? Is it good, bad, neither,
Lois: Hmm... ok the advantages
would be that since we are so comfortable with each other, we can be
completely honest with each other;
we are very frank about songs that we
write and donʼt like. Itʼs just in our
genes that we work together so well;
like I will write something and then
Sam will write something that compliments it so well... itʼs meant to be.
Disadvantages would be that we are
all together all the time. We all live in
the same apartment so we never have
very much time apart and that definitely gets a little annoying at times.
Patrick: I can totally imagine; I
kicked my sister in the face 9 times
when she annoyed me this one time.
Lois: BUT! Most of the time I really
like spending time with my brothers.
Patrick: Ah, good answer, I love my
sisters as well... I was just joking bout
the kicking thing. Ok, well, last question... What is your favorite band and
Lois: Ah, um, well Radiohead is
probably all of our favorite band. But
there are just too many favorite albums to pick one... so thatʼs not fair.
Patrick: Ok, well my bad then... but
I lied, that wasnʼt the last question
cause I forgot to ask about the album.
What was it like recording your first
full length?
Lois: The recording was very stressful because we recorded during the
summer of 2004, and during that
time, John was living in Texas while
Sam and I were in Chicago. Even
though the basics of the songs were
there, the songs all came about in one
month when John was able to come
to Chicago. We couldnʼt practice
them much and we had to just go in
to record... there was a time when I
hated music and I yearned to listen
to just silence... but at the same time
it was really good experience and at
times fun.
Patrick: Yeah, I remember that last
summer you were really stressed out.
But next, I know the story of how
Eshu came about, but I think itʼs
interesting and should be common
knowledge... give the young ones
Lois: Bah, ok... well... Eshu was
formed basically as soon as John was
born. John Sam and I would just play
music for each other until Sam moved
to Chicago to attend school in August
of 2001. The next year I moved here
as well to rejoin Sam and continue
writing. After numerous attempts to
find a drummer, we finally accepted
we would have to wait four years for
John to graduate high school. We
kept writing during the breaks and
then recorded our first EP during the
summer of 2003. It caught the ear of
Fabien Van Der Stappen who immediately signed us onto his label,
Fabsound Records. After unfathomable difficulty, John finally moved to
Chicago in Sept of 2004 to complete
the band.
Patrick: Thatʼs pretty incredible that
Fabien was so impressed as to just
sign you on the spot... you are studs.
BUT! For real now... this is the last
thing. Your record release show is
coming up!
Lois: Yes, yes, yes! We are going to
have it here at IIT in the new bog, or
U-Club. Itʼs on Thursday March 3rd.
It will probably start around 10. This
other band from our label Vamplifier is going to play with us. It will
be great, a lot of people are going to
come, and we will get to let people
hear our album then as well.
Patrick: Well I will definitely be
there and I will buy an album for sure
too. Anyway, Lois, thank you very
much for your time, and best of luck
from here on out.
So that was about it. I do have to say
however that I really believe itʼs important for people to get out of their
rooms and over to the U-Club on
Thursday March 3rd. The show will
be free, and so there is no excuse
not to come. We should all support
our local artists with vigor because
itʼs this kind of thing thatʼs going to
make IIT a MUCH more interesting
place to go to school.
A r t
is in everything.
Dance: Those who tell the truth shall live forever
By Sabine Kollwitz
general mood is one of mild depression. Top that off with a healthy dose
of school work, a good swift kick
in the rear end from the state of the
world these days, add worries about
money and family and life in general,
you feel like breaking it down Dirty
Dancing style, go for it.
To make things even better, dance
parties are generally pretty versatile
and mobile. You donʼt need a giant
vinyl dance floor, nor do you need a
huge dj booth. All you need are some
sweet tunes, Iʼve always been a fan
of The Cars (Shake It Up, Just What
I Needed, You Might Think Iʼm
ʼve noticed that life is much better
when dancing is involved. Snicker and smirk all you like, but most
people dancing in their cars, at work,
or in their room are generally much
more cheerful. I think the overall importance of dance parties has been
drastically overlooked, and what a
tragedy it is! Imagine life without
inhibitions and people expressing
themselves freely and joyously.
Especially in the wintertime, I mean,
come on. This time of year is dreary
and depressing and everyoneʼs shoulders take on an unnatural sag and the
and we make for a pretty depressing
bunch of people. So, seriously, stop
taking yourself so seriously. (Seriously, no pun intended.) Have a little
fun. Cut loose, for heavenʼs sake! No
one is going to laugh, but even if they
do, you will know that youʼve made
at least one personʼs day a little better. And honestly, isnʼt that a great
source of gratification in itself? So, if
Crazy), Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody,
Bicycle Song), and Hot Hot Heat,
pretty much any of their songs will
do. Beck and Britney Spearsʼ Toxic
are also pretty high up on my list of
favorites. You can dance at work, in
your car (duh, we already all know
that), in your room, living room,
walking on the way to school, parking lots, karaoke bars, but maybe not
in the shower.
All joking aside – this time of year is
a trying one. It seems like itʼs never
going to stop snowing, Spring Break
is like an oasis in a very huge and
very dry desert, and you feel like everything youʼre doing is barely keeping you afloat. You canʼt always be
studying, cooped up in your room.
Itʼs imperative that you have some
good clean fun. Donʼt worry about
looking like an ass, thereʼs no time
for worrying.
Art is technology. Art is
fun. Artis inspiring. Art
is science. Art is architecture. Art is music. Art
is cool. Art is new. Art is
old. Art is constructive.
Art is destroying. Art is
life. Art is in everything.
If you can find it, write
for us! Then you too
will find the art in receiving compensation.
Contact: [email protected]
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
ArtFutura speaks to past
By Mindy Sherman
rtists from around the country
are currently being displayed in
an exhibition sponsored by the Associate Board, a group of young business and civic leaders committed to
building awareness of the best ranked
rehabilitation hospital in America,
as reported by U.S. News & World
Report every year since 1991. The
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
will receive funds from an auction
of exhibit pieces during an event to
held this Thursday night, February
17, from 6:30 to 9PM. While tickets
for this award party might be out of
range for student budgets, the exhibit
is able to be viewed for free in the
lobby of the AMA building, 515 N
State, until February 18th.
Entitled ArtFutura, American artists
submitted work based on this theme
and were selected by James Rondeau
of the Art Institute.
While it is an American-themed exhibit, many Chicago-based artists are
featured, including IITʼs own Bob
Krawczyk, of the School of Architecture.
Among the works there are a variety
of media presented, beginning with
the first presentations in the exhibit.
Using a variety of symbols and letters,
a handful of artists submitted work
that abstracted the ordinary meanings
of a clock or groups of words placed
in a variety of colors. Within the initial group of exhibited art is a unique
quilting-inspired piece that provides
unobstructed cuts of fabric that are
seamlessly layered and interwoven.
Strategically placed sewing thread
lines complete the piece. However,
the exhibit quickly changes pace
with a second section filled with
paintings and the compositions of
twelve-to-fifty-seven million points
which make up Krawczykʼs work.
Possibly the artist who presents most
competently to the theme ArtFutura,
Krawczyk uses “the value of the color, red, ranges from early time, nearly
black, to the recent time, bright red”
to define his three ArtFutura pieces in
addition to the nearly two thousand
other images online at http://home. . By using color
to crossover dimensions, Krawczyk
creates illusions, whether real or unnatural. The three dimensional images present a highlight in a show
that questions the future of art by not
questioning it at all. Although no one
would be able to fortune tell about
the real plight of art, there were no
digital elements represented at all in
this exhibit which presented a major
disappointment and absolutely no inspiration.
Getting back to aged methods of art
production, painter Deborah Adams
Doering, gained inspiration from
holy subjects such as the inside of a
stain-glass church and priest figure
for her pixilated works. Two other
artists were be found with similar
By A. Hugh Whitmore
works, but each with their own variation such as Anni Holm who chose to
work with black ink and her thumbs
to create her pixelations. Larry Deemer also took an eye-pleasing option
of comparing different tones of blue
through a cubed painting.
The theme of ArtFutura becomes
blurred with a series of three paintings of a suspended nude model. Using two straps hung from the ceiling,
a variation of positions and household spaces are used for an unclear
meaning. Not too much thought
was expended on these pieces as the
following etchings were too noticeable. One artist used two layers of
glass and papers to produce shapes by
poked holes, similar to an unfinished
connect the dots. The result is fascinating with a variety of depth.
Another not so clear intention is that
of artist Wendy Park, who blurred
and superimposed objects that are accompanied by a single, defined line
cutting through her two pieces. Combined with the titles “Integrity” and
“Artificial Boundaries”, no meaning
at all was derived.
One artist, however, indeed used
technology to create his version of
Union Station by using the same shot
filled with different people. These
shots were then seamlessly put together and subjects were placed in
a Polaroid frame, which made the
composition less effective. Another
disappointing piece of “futuristic art”
was the documentation of airport call
names, such as OʼHare international
airportʼs ORD, gathered together in
a square section of graphing paper.
One last redemption for the show
was Larry Chaitʼs close-up view of
decaying leaf edges on an otherwise
healthy leaf.
Exhibit hosts:
Exhibit beneficiary:
Photo above, right: ArtFutura introduction in the American Medical Association Building.
Photo below, right: Art Futura exhibit viewed from street-both courtsey of Mindy Sherman
Center graphics starting top, clockwise: Gathering Bends I, Within Shell, Bends Unraveeling by Bob Krawczyk
ast weekʼs lecture by Dutch
architect Nathalie DeVries of
the firm MVRDV presented a series
of interesting recent and on-going
projects. The firm she co-founded
15 years ago has come up with
some wonderfully playful and interesting buildings. Though they
profess to work based on logic and
analysis, they produce designs that
are quite simply funny—witty and
cheerful jokes anyone interested in
architecture can get.
My first reaction to the Dutch Pavilion for the World Expo 2000
in Hanover, Germany was confusion—what is this awkward chunk
sitting in an empty field? The humor of the building comes out after
understanding a bit of its use, as an
exhibition space for studies on future design, planning, and technology. The building is thought of as
a slice of the Dutch landscape cut
from the ground like a piece of cake.
The Netherlands is built largely on
artificial land, former ocean walled
off by dikes and pumped dry by
windmills. The Pavilion stacks up
all these layers—a cavernous concrete ground level, a strange empty
space of giant hanging flower pots
(one of them is sliced open on the
buildingʼs side) holding trees, and
a roof-top pond and restaurant.
Sleek, pointy windmills top it off
like birthday candles, and generate
electricity for the building.
A cultural center for Matsudai, Japan plays with layers as a response
to the more severe climate of this
small city in the mountains, where
heavy snows would completely bury
the building in winter. The building
is a simple low-lying white box—it
stands in the air on legs that are the
stairs and escalators connecting the
different roads and paths that lead
to the cultural center. They punch
right through the building and out
the roof, where the tangled structure
forms a beautiful sculpture mimicking the excellent mountain view. It
would be even better if these angled
pylons double as slides, ski jumps
and sledding runs for the winter.
My favorite building in Nathalieʼs
presentation was a library proposed for Spijkenisse, Holland that
put a ziggurat inside a caricature
Dutch house. The site is right on
the townʼs main square, a pleasant red-brick plaza across from the
old church—zoning limitations required the building be shaped like
the traditional architecture around,
with heavy hip-roofs. The design
fills out the site to the maximum
with an elegant wood-framed building that looks as if it could be an
inflatable house. The big-volumes
inside is a spiraling mountain of
books—underneath and inside sit
all the archives and staff offices.
The contrast of this heavy core and
the sheet-like wrapping seems very
satisfying, while the space itself
would be an excellent place to read
quietly and watch the life of a quiet
town. I love the humor that imitates
the shape of surrounding buildings,
but in light wood and glass that
make it look like a full-size architectural model.
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
MSV East Hall Laundry Machines Vandalized
By O.I Celestine
or the last past two weeks, there
has been a notice on every floor
of the East Hall that has aroused
many reactions from the students.
The notice on the fourth floor
reads, “BE ADVISED, Due to the
recent vandalism in the East Hall
laundry room, every resident of the
East Hall may be held responsible for
the repair costs. If youʼre upset about
that, come talk to me. –TIM.”
It is only natural for such a notice to make the residents question
how sound an argument it is to think
that they should be held responsible
for an act they did not collectively
participate in. A lot of studnets questioned the decision of the RAʼs and
Residence Life.
This week TechNews has looked
into the issue and has gathered the individual opinions of some residents
of the hall concerning the course of
action the Residence Life is planning
to take on the issue.
The Residence Life allegedly
is planning on charging all of the
residents of the East Hall, if the perpetrator of the act is not identified.
Residents have aired their view on
whether it will be fair to charge the
residents of the East Hall, knowing that the perpetrator of the crime
might not even be from their hall. A
sample of the students from each of
the floors were interviewed to see
what their opinion is on the issue.
On the First floor, two students
representing the sexes on the floor
were questioned. First was Hyein
Jang, who said, “The machines have
not been functioning properly even
before now and they actually need
maintenance. A lot of times, my
friends and I have lost money to those
machines because of the malfunctions. I think the school or Residence
Life should take care of the repairs,
instead of charging students for what
they should not be held responsible
The second student was Wonjin
Lee, He made his opinion very matter-of-factly. According to him, “We
donʼt use those machines for free,
we pay for the services and I think
the money realized from the business should be used in repairing the
machines. It would be rather unfair to
charge the students for it.”
On the Second floor, another student had a very different opinion on
the issue. Jin Muk Park said, “Since
the problem is ours, I think we should
pay for it, but it would be better if the
Residence Life takes care of part of
it and the students pay for the other.
The cost could be shared between the
students and the Residence Life so
that no party feels too bad.”
A third floor resident, Nathan
Salvaggio stated, “It will be very un-
fair to bill the inmates of this hall for
the repairs of the machines. The best
thing to do is to look out for clues on
the culprit. And, if it happens that nobody get identifies as the perpetrator
of the evil act, then the school should
go ahead and pay for it. It could
have been anybody from anywhere.
Therefore, Residence Life does not
have any grounds to say that the inmates of the East Hall should be held
responsible for the act. It does not
make sense at all to want to charge
the East Hall inmates.”
Another opinion came from
Kanishk Sharma, a resident of the
fourth floor, who pointed out, “Since
the facility is accessible to every inmate of MSV hall, not just the East
inmates, and the basements as well
are all linked, I do not see any point
in trying to bill only the inmates
of East Hall. If somebody must be
billed, then all of the inmates of MSV
should be billed. If the inmates of the
East Hall get billed for this act, then
it tells the perpetrator that he could
go ahead and vandalize any machine
thatʼs not in his hallʼs basement because he is not going to share in the
punishment. I think it doesnʼt make
any sense for us to be billed for it.”
Still on the fourth floor, Alex
Wilga, commented, “I have been
down there at the laundry room and
all the machines are all working
fine. And, I wonder what machines
they are talking about repairing. If
anything machines need repair as a
result of vandalism by an unidentified person, then everybody in MSV
should be billed for it. Since, almost
everybody uses those machines because they are close to the computer
labs, a lot of people do their laundry
there because they can work in the
labs while their laundry gets done. I
think it will be very unfair for them
to want to bill the inmates of this
Professor Profile: Dr. Ali Emadi
By Brianna Swenson
r. Ali Emadi, Assistant Professor
with the Electrical and Computer
Engineering (ECE) Department, was
born in Tehran, Iran in 1973. He attended Sharif University of Technology (SUT), the best technical university in Iran, due to his ranking first in
the Iranian National Entrance Examination. In 1995, Dr. Emadi graduated
with highest distinction and a B.S. in
electrical engineering and went on to
receive his M.S. degree from SUT in
1997, again with the highest distinction.
Before coming to the United
States in January 1998, Dr. Emadi
had his own company, Samin Pazhoohesh Engineering Co., a firm that
designed and manufactured DC/DC
power electronic converters and AC
induction motor drives. In the U.S.,
he attended Texas A&M University,
where he garnered the Electric Power
and Power Electronics Institute (EPPEI) fellowship for his graduate
studies, and graduated in 2000 with
his Ph.D., specializing in power electronics and motor drives.
In August of 2000, Dr. Emadi
joined the IIT ECE Department.
While IIT has been one of the finest electrical power programs since
the 1940ʼs, it is the only university in
the Chicago area to offer power engineering; however, IIT did not have a
program in power electronics or motor drives before Dr. Emadi.
In only the four years that he has
been here, Dr. Emadi has come a long
way towards realizing his goal of becoming the number one university in
power electronics and motor drives.
He established the multi-million
dollar Grainger Power Electronics
and Motor Drives Laboratory (www. from the ground
up. With Dr. Emadi as director, this
program has already produced five
books, more than 150 technical journal and conference papers, more than
40 presentations for companies, 10
M.S. and 4 Ph.D. graduates.
Dr. Emadi himself is the principal author of over 120 journal and
conference papers as well as three
books, including: Vehicular Electric
Power Systems: Land, Sea, Air, and
Space Vehicles (2003); Energy Efficient Electric Motors: Selection and
Applications (2004); and Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Active
students and his philosophy, which
is “integrated education, research,
business, and leadership.”
“In business, customers are of
prime importance. Students are not
only our main customers, but also our
“...I continually identify excellent students in my
course and try to be effective in directing their talents. I
establish a long term relationship with them...”
Filters (2004).
Dr. Emadi is also the co-founder
and co-director of the IIT Consortium
on Advanced Automotive Systems
(ICAAS, which includes
the Society of Automotive Engineers
(SAE, and the Hybrid
Electric Vehicle Team. Additionally,
he has been the recipient of many
awards: the Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer of the
Year 2003, the 2005 Ralph R. Teetor
Educational Award form the Society
of Automotive Engineers, the 2002
University Excellence in Teaching
Award form IIT, and the 2004 Sigma
Xi/IIT Award for Excellence in
University Research.
One of his proudest
achievements was being the
director of a group of students
that won the First Place Overall
Award of the 2003 IEEE/DOE/
DOD International Future Energy Challenge for Motors
Dr. Emadi is a senior
member of IEEE, a member
of SAE, Associate Editor for
three different IEEE publications, a member of the editorial
board for the Journal of Electric
Power Components and Systems, a member of the Power
Generation and Renewable
Energy Sources Symposium,
a member of the vehicle power
and propulsion committee in
Vehicular Technology Society
of IEEE, a member of the organizing committee of the Annual Conference on Properties
and Applications and Magnetic
Materials, and a member of the
Power Sources Manufacturers
Association University Resources.
The following are comments Dr. Emadi had on his
main products. I believe that students
have the first priority always. I make
ure that they know this. I treat all students as special.
“In teaching courses, I have a
closed-loop approach. I meet with
every single students individually
and evaluate his/her performance...
This indirectly forces them to spend
more time on my course and do better. I continuously identify excellent
students in my course and try to be effective in directing their talents. I establish a long-term relation with them
and try to be a good mentor and be
helpful to nominate them for awards,
find financial support for them, help
them with job searches, etc.”
“For my research students, I believe in ʻno goals, no glory.ʼ Goals
shape the plans, direct energy, and
focus the resources. I have estab-
lished a long-term strategic plan and
have developed a system and culture.
I repeat this as many times as I can
and involve research students in everything. I train them to be aggressive and energetic.”
“I make my research assistants
feel that they are asked, no questioned, are overpaid, not underpaid,
are measured, not monitored, are
people, not personnel, are sold on
what to do, not told, are instrumental, not instruments, are workers, not
worked, are contributors, not costs,
are needed, and heeded...”
“I believe that a studentʼs research idea doesnʼt have to perfect,
but the execution of it does. I do not
think that having the biggest budget
and the most students is better. It
is better to get the job done and be
productive with less funding. Promotions and power go to producers.”
Dr. Emadi has only been at IIT
a short time, but he has already made
a significant impact upon the students
and the university. Keep your eye on
him, there is sure to be a lot more to
If you have a professor that
you admire and would like to see
interviewed, please email Brianna at
[email protected]
Students Orgs
continued from page 1
In time, it is hoped the work
will be exposed to a wide-ranging
audience and be critically appraised;
plans to publish their work on a
regular basis are also in the works.
Enjoying such enthusiastic and talented leadership, and given their
evident mastery of the written word,
the Writerʼs Forum is sure to be a
The Motor Sports Fan Club
[MSFC] is a posse of fervent Formula-1 fans is being founded by
Abhishek G S (MMAE ʼ08). It has
a variety of goals ranging from organizing and hosting video game
racing tournaments to watching live
motor races with large groups of racing aficionados – they are working
towards promoting the viewership
and appreciation of motor sports in
the IIT community.
They ultimately wish to arrange trips to the Chicago Motor
Speedway and the Chicagoland
Speedway to witness the exciting
NASCAR and Indycar tournaments
next semester, which a number of
IIT graduate students enjoyed attending last year. Hopeful of being
approved during Tuesdayʼs SGA
meeting, the MSFC has tentatively
scheduled their first meeting for Friday evening.
Existing organizations are also
enjoying the influx of new blood,
with freshmen playing an active role
in programs and activities being organized by them and being inducted
into the exec boards. The student
organization fair was filled with
new faces at the old tables, and the
atmosphere was looking revitalized
as the student organization scene at
IIT gets a facelift.
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
The Crossword
Created with EclipseCrossword -
1. chunk of bacon
2. delegates
6. may be a little over 26miles
9. “steppenwolf” author
11. f1 neighbor
13. word of grace
14. existed
15. certain battle trophies
16. snowy
21. burn in a way
24. jewish wedding dance
26. prepare for exam
28. oil of_(cosmetic brand)
30. promissory note
31. physique,slangily
32. first name amongst gymnasts
33. certain tow job
35. seraphic light
36. intro 2 physics?
37. nolle_(court record entry)
38. _case(court room quote)
39. its eye is used in spooky recipes
43. refrain part
45. blunt sword
46. foes at reichenbach falls
1. ceremonial dinner
3. links letters
4. “friends character”
5. break_(inspirational phrase)
6. wrong prefix
7. nimble
8. well known loch
10. “as u like it” character
12. “CSI” network
14. it is made often with the eyes
17. metal bar
18. old tokyo
19. emulated
20. “gullivers travelʼ savage
22. overflowing
23. dietary courses
25. dhabi
27. melodic tune
28. kind of bran meal
29. pulling the weeds eg
34. like a sprite
40. personable quality
41. word of welcme
42. west indies citrus fruit
44. speak highly of
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
[email protected]
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 2005
Swim Team Prepares For National Meet
By Brianna Swenson
ast weekend, the Illinois Tech
Swim Team traveled to Lake Forest College for their last dual meet of
the season. The meet included three
teams, IIT, Lake Forest and North
Central College, but was scored
as a “double-dual” meaning that it
counted as three separate dual meets
(IIT vs LFC, IIT vs NCC and LFC
vs NCC). Illinois Tech held its own,
with the men beating both opponents,
75 to 42 versus Lake Forest and 92 to
6 vs North Central. The women were
also successful, out-swimming North
Central 80 to 18, but narrowly losing
to Lake Forest, 60 to 52.
The meet was a little different in that
it was swum in a short course meters
pool. The pool is 25 meters long instead of 25 yards like Ekco Pool.
This made for some interesting races
with encouraging results. A highlight
of the meet was freshman Aron Varhegyi placing first and getting his first
National qualification in the 400 M
Freestyle – a huge accomplishment
that will go a long way towards helping the menʼs team place higher at
Nationals. Other first place finishes
include: Amanda Babicz in the womenʼs 800 Freestyle, Ryan Feuerstein
in the menʼs 800 Freestyle and 100
Butterfly, Liz Wong in the womenʼs
50 and 100 Freestyles, Jef Larson
in the menʼs 200 Individual Medley
and 100 Breaststroke, Tony Carfang
in the menʼs 1 Meter and 3 Meter
Diving, John Groszko in the menʼs
100 Backstroke, Marina Hartung in
the womenʼs 100 Breaststroke, the
womenʼs 200 Medley Relay of Babicz, Hartung, Sam Staley, and Amy
Beribak, and the womenʼs 200 Freestyle Relay of Wong, Kaylyn Siefkas,
Beribak and Sarah Stone.
The other swimmers individually
placed as follows: Matt Pearson – 4th
100 Breaststroke; Daniel Crandall
– 2nd 200 Individual Medley; Siddha Pimputkar – 3rd 200 Freestyle;
Beribak – 3rd 100 Butterfly; Julia
Northrop – 3rd 1 Meter Diving, 3rd 3
Meter Diving; Hartung – 4th 200 Individual Medley; Michael Merkley –
2nd 200 Freestyle; Siefkas – 5th 2nd
By Shivam Srivastava
The Pakistan security team is
likely to suggest changes in some
of the venues proposed by India for
this monthʼs tour. Pakistan is likely
to object to the hosting of matches
by Ahmedabad and Kanpur, which
have had incidents of riots in the
past. However, the move to send the
security team seems more of retaliation to the heavy security that the Indian team carried with itself when
they toured Pakistan. Cricket teams
in Pakistan have been hit with terrorist attacks in the past. In fact, the
New Zealand team faced with bomb
explosions right outside their hotel
a few years ago. India, on the other
hand, has always been an extremely
safe venue for teams from both the
sub-continent, and other parts of the
Shoaib Akhtar now seems to be
looking at injury reasons to explain
not being selected for the tour to In-
[email protected]
100 Backstroke, 200 Freestyle; Luke
Shorette – 2nd 50 Freestyle, 2nd 100
Freestyle; Groszko – 2nd 800 Freestyle; Stone – 2nd 200 Freestyle, 2nd
100 Freestyle; Josh Nedrud – 3rd 200
Freestyle, 2nd 100 Backstroke; Sarah
Johnson – 4th 400 Freestyle, 5th 50
Freestyle, 5th 100 Breaststroke; Varhegyi – 4th 50 Freestyle; Babicz – 5th
100 Butterfly; Staley – 3rd 200 Individual Medley, 2nd 400 Freestyle;
Kyle Carlton – 4th 100 Butterfly; and
Rob Whittlesey – 3rd 400 Freestyle.
The final meet before Nationals will
be the Midwest Championships at
Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. The championship meet will
be held Friday and Saturday, February 18th and 19th. Prelims will start
at 9:30am Friday, 10:00am Saturday,
and the Championship Finals will
start at 6:30pm Friday, 5:30pm Saturday. For the swimmers that have
not yet qualified for Nationals, this
will be the last chance to swim under
the National cuts and earn the trip to
St. Louis the first week in March. So
best of luck to all swimmers – swim
dia, which seems to be an increasingly likely prospect. Shoaib has said
that his hamstring is not improving
because the Pakistani trainer has left
on a holiday. He might also face some
disciplinary action due to his conduct
on the recent tour to Australia. The
committee dealing with this is to produce its report soon.
Earlier last week, Australia defeated Pakistan in the first two games
of a best of three finals to take the
VB series. However, both the games
were closely contested with Pakistan
coming very close to overhauling the
mediocre Australian scores.
resmo defeated Mary Pierce 6-3, 6-4;
and fifth seed Nathalie Dechy lost
4-6, 2-6 to unseeded French player
Marion Bartoli. Mauresmo will play
the Bulgarian eighth seed Magdalena
Maleeva. Serena Williams also advanced into the quarters earlier when
she claimed a 6-3, 6-2 victory over
Stephanie Cohen-Aloro.
Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick
both moved into the quarterfinals of
the San Jose ATP tournament. Agassi
won 7-5, 6-1 over Kenneth Carlsen
and Roddick needed three sets to defeat South Korean player Hyung-Taik
Lee 6-3, 3-6, 6-2.
The latest teen sensation on the
WTA circuit, Sania Mirza overcame
Tzipora Obziler of Israel 4-6, 6-3, 7-6
to reach the semi-finals of the Hyderabad Open.
The Paris Indoor Open is currently taking place before the French
Open starts. In the quarter final round
of the womenʼs draw, Amelie Mau-
A huge row broke out last week
between Chelsea and Arsenal over the
apparent illegal approach by Chelsea for the Arsenal full-back Ashley
Cole. This led to the Premier League
launching an investigation into the
matter. On the field, Chelsea was
once again thwarted by Manchester
City, as they were held to a 0-0 draw.
City has been the only team to beat
Chelsea this season. Liverpool remained in contention for one of the
four English Premier League spots
for the Champions League, with a
3-1 victory over Fulham. Charlton
drew with Newcastle and Everton
drew with Southampton in other
games over last weekend. In the current standings, Chelsea leads the table
with 61 points, Manchester United is
second with 53, and Arsenal is third
with 51.
In Italy, AC Milan scored a dramatic 2-1 victory over Lazio to close
the gap with rivals Juventus. Hernan
Crespo claimed the win with a goal
in the fourth minute of stoppage time.
Juventus, on the other hand, was subjected to a 0-1 loss against Palermo.
They currently lead AC Milan by
only 5 points.
In the Spanish League, Real
Madrid thrashed Espanyol 4-0, while
Valencia drew 3-3 with Real Sociedad. Barcelona crashed to a 0-2 loss
to Athletico Madrid at home and Sevilla managed a 3-0 win over Levant.
The race for the Primera Liga has
become a lot closer now, with Real
Madrid trailing leaders Barcelona by
only 10 points.
David Coulthard is reported to
have had considered a test-driving
position with Ferrari after being released from his contract with Mercedes-McLaren. He was however
signed by Red Bull racing as a race
driver. Narain Karthikeyan and Tiago
Monterio tested out the new Jordan
Toyota EJ15 car over three days at
the Silverstone circuit. Together, they
clocked over 700 km and both the
team and the drivers were delighted
with the performance of the car. F1
president, Max Mosley, has warned
that new cost cutting measures may
be abandoned, as most teams now
seem reluctant to implement these
changes. Nine teams boycotted a
meeting scheduled for last month to
discuss these measures.
This Week
at Saint Xavier
7:00 PM
at Saint Francis
at Midwest Champ. at Midwest Champ.
Last Week
Men’s Basketball
Won, 70-68
Moody Bible
at Indiana S. Bend
12:00 PM
Women’s Basketball
Saint Francis
7:00 PM
Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Lost, 93-124
Olivet Nazarene
Lost, 63-70
Purdue Calumet
Lost, 55-83
Saint Xavier
at Purdue Calumet
1:00 PM
9:00 AM