The Luvin` Spoonful - The Food Bank of Corpus Christi



The Luvin` Spoonful - The Food Bank of Corpus Christi
The Luvin’
Bay Jammin’ Movie Series at Cole Park
benefits Food Bank of Corpus Christi
The Corpus Christi Parks
& Recreation Department’s Cultural Services
Division recently stepped
up to help the Food Bank
of Corpus Christi. Donations were accepted at
their Bay Jammin’ CINEMA Series at Cole Park
Amphitheater . More
than $100 in donations
Hundreds of people turn
were raised at the one
out to support the
night event in which Dis- FBCC.
ney’s FROZEN was
shown to a enthusiasticcrowd, in fact, Santa
Claus even made an early
visit to Corpus Christi
delighting children of all
ages. The Bay Jammin’
CINEMA Series lineup
runs August 15, 2014.
Movies are shown under
the stars against the
beautiful Corpus Christi
Our Retail Donors
Bayfront every Friday
evening after dark.
Special points of interest:
 Remember your insulated blankets or ice chests when picking
up perishable products. Whew,
does it get hot in S. Texas!!
 Place you orders 72 hours before you pick up & call Debbie
to verify before you arrive at the
A member of …...
Inside this issue:
The Food Bank’s ‘Produce Mobile’ Hits
the Road
The Food Bank of Corpus
Christi’s (FBCC)
‘Produce Mobile Truck’ is
a great way for all agency
partners to encourage
their clients to eat
healthy. A FBCC Nutrition team drives the produce truck to your distri-
bution location where
they bag and distribute
the food for you. If you
want to request the
‘Produce Mobile Truck’ at
your next mobile pantry
distribution please contact Kate Hilliard at [email protected]
Please report your monthly
numbers by the 5th of the
month. Takes a lot of time to
contact those who are late. :)
“Eating fresh fruits
and vegetables in the
first step in leading a
healthy, diabetic free
Kate Hilliard
Diabetes Hands On Nutrition
Education Manager, FBCC
Volunteers Needed
Oasis Success
CPL Gives Back
FBCC welcomes new 3
Agency Ranking
Kathy’s Korner
Welcome JoAnn
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The Luvin’ Spoonful
The Food Bank of Corpus Christi Needs Volunteers
The Food Bank of Corpus Christi
(FBCC) is seeking volunteers to
help sort and box our donated food
products at our warehouse located
at 826 Krill Street. We are appealing to all local and area churches,
school groups and community organizations to roll up their sleeves
for this very worthy cause. In 2013,
the FBCC served 180,955 households, 423,403 individuals,
1,707,387 meals and 6,400,990 lbs
of food distributed We sincerely
‘Thank’ our retail sponsors including: HEB, Walmart, Target,
Sprouts and the Naval Station Corpus Christi Commissary for their
continued support. Please reach out
to the churches, schools and community groups in your area. Individuals can help Monday thru Friday from 1 pm to 8pm. Groups of
12 or more can be scheduled for
specific week days or Saturdays. We ask that our volunteers
dress appropriately by wearing
closed toed shoes, dress comfortably, and any volunteer 16 years old
or under will need to be accompanied by an adult. If you’re interested in volunteering your time,
email Julie Martinez at
[email protected], or
Amy Gazin
at [email protected]
You can also contact us directly at
Food Bank of Corpus Christi,
826 Krill
Corpus Christi, TX 78403
Phone: 361-887-6291
Executive Director
Bea Hanson
[email protected]
Agency Relations Manager
Kathy Rios
887-6291 x103
[email protected]
Agency Relations Liaison
Joanne Pearson
887-6291 x112
[email protected]
Monitoring Agent
Nancy White Taylor
887-6291 x113
[email protected]
Operations Manager and
Food Procurement
James Burnett
887-6291 x114
[email protected]
“Just as we rely on our retail
partners to donate food we also rely
on the community to help sort,
inspect and box up the food.”
Bea Hanson, Executive Director,
“ Greed I’ve often regretted.
Oasis Insight registration a success for
Agency Partners
The Nutrition Team
Nutrition Education Manager
Kate Hilliard ,MS,RD,LD
887-6291 x106
[email protected]
Diabetes Program Manager
Georgiana Bradshaw, RN, CDE
887-6291 x111
[email protected]
Megan Tedder, CHW
Diabetes Program Assistant
& Health Worker
The Food Bank’s Agency Relations team recently held a training webinar on
May 8, 2014 for all Food Bank of Corpus Christi Agency Partners interested in
the Oasis Insight computer program. Oasis Insight is the leading client intake and
reporting solution for Food Banks across the country. The Food Bank of Corpus
Christi is proud to announce four agency partners signed up for the program and
many more agency partners have expressed an interest in doing the same. “The
monthly fee for the program is $15 and that’s a great bargain,” said Kathy Rios/
FBCC Agency Relations Manager. “The software streamlines the process of client intake for agency partners and helps keep track of client information.”
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More of the FBCC Team:
Agency Partner Ranking Report
Top 10 in # of HH
Debbie Stahl-Customer Service
Anita Bangle-Store Donation Co.
Herlinda Valasquez-Quality Ctr.
#6 Quiet Time Ministries
Julie Garcia-Assist. Production
#1 Metropolitan Community Church
#7 Alice Volunteer Services
Amado Aguilar-Inventory Coord.
#2 CIS Backpack Program
#8 First Baptist—CC
Darlene Burton-Admin. Asst.
#3 Sacred Heart Charities
#9 Bread for Life Pantry
#4 Rockport Fulton Good Sam
#5 Church of Acts
Visit: for videos
Santos Herrera-Production Mgr.
#10 Tri County Christian Services
Frank Gallegos-Transportation
Kudos, love & kisses to those pantries going the extra mile to reach
out and feed the food insecure.
Cassandra Guerra-Nutrition Coord.
Diana Murillo-Accounting Mngr.
David Nuss-Culinary Instructor
Miceala Stewart-Accounting Asst.
Sylvia De La Cerda-Admin. Mngr.
CPL gives back to the Food Bank of Corpus Christi
The Food Bank of Corpus Christi’s Kids’
Café Backpack Program recently got a
special gift thanks to the folks at CP&L. In
June 2014, the company presented the Food
Bank of Corpus Christi with a check for
$10,000 which goes towards providing backpacks full of food for kids taking part in the
Boys and Girls Club’s and the Emmanuel
Christian Center just to name a few. The
backpacks, distributed each Friday contain
enough kid friendly food to provide children
with six nourishing meals.
The Food Bank of Corpus Christi welcomes new partner
FAMILY SERVICES in Portland, Texas recently joined the Food Bank of
Corpus Christi’s agency partners program. CONNECTIONS is a 501 (c) 3
private, non-profit organization that
was founded by a group of community
leaders in 1981 to provide a safe and
secure alternative to the “streets” for
homeless, abused, or at-risk youth.
They also offer a 24 hour crisis hotline
at (800) 532-8192. For more information on how your organization can
partner with the Food Bank of Corpus
Christ please contact Kathy Rios/FBCC
Agency Relations Manager at (361)
887-6291, extension103 or email
directly at
[email protected]
The Luvin’ Spoonful
Page 4
Kathy’s Korner
Happy summer everyone!!
Hope you are staying hydrated
and picking up our food
numbers reported by the 5th
and cool. This season brings its
properly as well. Insulated
blankets and /or ice chests are
for the preceding month. It re-
own set of opportunities to help
a must when picking up frozen
down late Agency Partners and
there are children everywhere
FBCC. I hope you are getting
one another. With school out
ally takes a long time to track
or perishable items from the
we have a deadline, too. I thank
and that is an additional strain
emails from me on a regular
on the family grocery budget.
basis. I have finally put my
If you have special “personal
Be prepared to see an increase
contact group together to the
and in the number of clients
haven’t heard from me, let me
served. With the extreme heat,
know so I can get you added.
in the amount your clients need
we have to be aware of storing
best of my ability so if you
you in advance.
interest” stories; please send to
me. Those are great to share!
Kathy Rios
Agency Relations Manager
361-887-6291 X 103
[email protected]
Please have your monthly
Welcome JoAnn Pearson to Agency Relations
JoAnn Pearson is our new
Agency Relations Liason for
the FBCC! She will be working side by side with myself
and Nancy Taylor to support
Agency Partners in every
way we can. Our beloved
Martha Malone resigned to
begin the next chapter of
her life and pursue other
frontiers; mainly grandchildren!
I know you will all give JoAnn your support as she
transitions from her
as “Outreach Coordinator” to Agency Relations. She will be concentrating on our Mobile Pantry
program this summer and
then in the Fall will be in
charge of the Backpack and
Kid’s Café programs. Welcome JoAnn!!
[email protected]
Blessed is this day. It is the only day
I’ve got. May I use it wisely for the
things that truly matter.
us on
Remember to
‘Like Us’ on
Pest Management
With the change in the weather, comes another challenge — pests of all shapes and sizes. Keep a sharp eye
on your agency and the critters that might be coming in
looking for water.
The FBCC is even offering glue boards at our cost for
any Agency Partner experiencing a problem
with rodents. See your Grocery List.
Monitoring for pest activity is a critical
aspect to a well-functioning pantry program.
Don’t wait until there is a problem. We suggest
Professional pest control on a regular basis.
Talk to the expert—Herlinda Velazquez
@ the FBCC 878-6291 X 110
[email protected]
Joy is the echo of
God’s life within us!
It’s not a matter of if…..but when
Hurricane Preparedness is a serious matter here in South Texas.
Thank you to all the agencies who volunteered to remain open in the
event of a disaster. If you would like to add your pantry to the disaster relief request list contact Kathy Rios/Agency Relations Manager.
“SHARE YOUR CHRISTMAS 2014” [yep, it’s time]
Criteria for “box pantries” only!
Must have been an Agency Partner since Jan. 2014.
Be serving a minimum of 50
households per month.
Be open 2 days per month.
Must be open all 12 months.
Must have attended the AR Conference in April.
Show growth in clients served
and pounds distributed.
Paperwork and reports must be
Monthly reports must be on
Pantry must be open to general
public. (zip code specific is fine)
Account must be current with
our Financial Manager.
Many Agency Partners received
funds from this program last year.
WE hope you were blessed and
reached out to more food insecure
families with the funds you received. KIII TV and HEB are the
sponsors for this program and we
thank them for the support of the
Food Bank. In order to receive a %
of the funds raised by your local
HEB Agency Partners must meet 8
out of the 10 criteria listed above.
This program is an incentive to
serve more clients and distribute
more food; especially produce.
Let’s work together to make a difference in the lives of those that
need our help. The ill, children, elderly, disabled, & needy individuals
are counting on us.
If your pantry is struggling;
please let us know! Let’s grow
together!! Always be ready to
bring in new volunteers to your
team. If your pantry team needs
a refresher course on handling
food bank food or clients; just
call, that’s all!! WE ARE

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