Spring/Summer 2014



Spring/Summer 2014
Healthier lives, brighter futures begin here
Meet Christian: Thriving APC Graduate
and my family through the whole
diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
They arranged everything for us
during that difficult time,” said
Christian continued to
receive care at APC through his
adolescence. In 2008, at the age of
14, his nosebleeds started again.
Tests revealed that Christian’s
tumor had returned and had grown
into an artery right below his eye.
Meet APC Graduate – Christian
Now thriving at age 20, Christian
became an APC patient when
he was 7 years old and was
experiencing multiple nosebleeds
each day. His former healthcare
provider had diagnosed the
problem as being related to
allergies and asthma. While
being examined at APC, his
pediatrician learned that Christian
was experiencing excruciating
pain in his nose and referred
him to a specialist in Pediatric
Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and
Throat). With the help of APC’s
special needs care coordinators,
his ENT appointments and
transportation were arranged.
Tests results indicated that
Christian had a benign tumor in his
sinuses which required complex
surgery to prevent the tumor from
spreading. “APC was there for me
Arlington Pediatric Center (APC)
opened its doors in 2001 as a
community benefit program of
Virginia Hospital Center.
APC provides quality, compassionate
outpatient medical care to the
children of low-income families
and uninsured children living in
Arlington County.
Christian was referred by APC to
a surgical specialist at Children’s
National Medical Center. To treat
the tumor, Christian underwent
an embolization, which cuts off
the blood supply to the tumor
and makes the surgery easier to
perform. This process was followed
by a nine-hour surgery to remove
85% of the tumor. Christian was
hospitalized for 11 days which
was followed by 21 radiation
treatments to stunt the growth of
the remaining tumor.
“Christian had a very complicated
case, one of the most complicated
I have seen in my career,” said
APC Care Coordinator Alex Neves.
“Having a son his age, it hit very
close to home, as I helped Christian
and his mother cope with his
diagnosis, specialist appointments,
and treatment,” she said. “His
family was always optimistic, and
I admire Christian for his maturity
and strength through the entire
Six years after his surgery,
radiation, and a lengthy recovery,
Christian is thriving. Now 20 years
old, he is working full-time at a
bank while attending college and is
planning for a career in information
technology (IT). u
APC saved my life. They encouraged
me not to worry and just let me
focus on fighting and healing.
I was always taken care of and
supported by the whole staff at
APC, and they all have a special
place in my heart. Thank you to all
the donors who support APC and
its mission.
AWCA presents
a contribution of
$21,100 to Arlington
Pediatric Center at its
May luncheon held
at the home of Peggy
(L to R) Janice McKelvey
(AWCA president), Alex
Frerotte, (APC Mental
Health Counselor), Dr.
Tatiana Zenzano, (APC
Medical Director), Janice
Wise (AWCA 2014
Benefit Chair).
Commemorating 20 years of friendship and service to our community, the
Arlington Women’s Civic Alliance (AWCA) held its annual benefit on May 3
at Overlee Community Association Clubhouse. Arlington Pediatric Center
was selected as the beneficiary of the 2014 benefit, receiving a generous
grant of $16,000 in support of its mental health care program. Since 1994,
AWCA has provided nearly $350,000 in support to 44 charitable organizations serving a wide range of needs in Arlington and Northern Virginia.
“The members of AWCA give back to our community through service, volunteering, and charitable giving,” said AWCA president, Janice McKelvey.
“As our organization has grown, so has our impact on our community. I am
grateful to our members for their compassion and generosity to children in
need. ” u
In Memoriam: In addition to their grant to APC, AWCA members
contributed $5,100 to a special memorial fund honoring the
memory of AWCA members Emily DiCicco and Anne Penick. This
fund was designated to support Arlington children in need at APC.
A Peace Corps volunteer, Emily had a life-long
interest in other cultures, organizing grassroots
development initiatives throughout Latin American and the Caribbean. Emily was a champion
of women’s rights, a devoted mother, and an
extraordinary community volunteer. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge is missed by all
who had the privilege of knowing her.
Emily DiCicco
601 S. Carlin Springs Road
Arlington, VA 22204
703.271.8800 / www.arlpedcen.org
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Archie McPherson, MD, MPH
Philip Peck
Assistant Vice President & Controller,
Virginia Hospital Center
James B. Cole
President & CEO,
Virginia Hospital Center
Jeffrey DiLisi, MD, MBA
Sr. Vice President & Chief Medical Officer,
Virginia Hospital Center
Tatiana Zenzano, MD, MPH
Medical Director
Delicia Claure
Clinic Director
Judith A. Fox
Director of Administration
Melissa Burris
Development Assistant
Amy Beth Connick
Donor Relations Officer, Co-editor
Active in politics, Anne served on the Democratic
National Committee and the Clinton-Gore presidential campaigns. Anne also worked tirelessly
for causes that she cared about including the
AWCA, Northern Virginia Alliance League, Avon
Foundation Breast Cancer Center and Living
Beyond Breast Cancer. She is missed by her wide
circle of family, friends, and colleagues.
Anne Penick
Since APC opened its doors 13 years
ago as a community benefit program
of Virginia Hospital Center, the
Hospital has provided more than
$6 million in support of APC’s
mission. Virginia Hospital Center
plays a central role in our community
in meeting the healthcare needs of
children in need. From January 2001
through December 2013, APC
enrolled 10,932 children and
provided more than 140,000
clinical visits to low-income and
uninsured Arlington children.
Kelly Ferris
Development Officer
Alexis Vanderhye
Corporate and Foundation
Relations Officer
Michele Werner
Director of Development, Editor
2013 Impact:
Caring for our Community
APC’s mission is to provide quality,
compassionate, outpatient medical care
to low-income and uninsured children living
in Arlington County.
Who does APC serve? Children less than
19 years of age whose family income is at or
below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line, and
who are not covered by private insurance.
Acute Care Visits
Care Visits
and Grants
Net Patient
Virginia Hospital
APC 2-year-olds
up-to-date on
up-to-date on
and General
3,560 unduplicated children
APC is a Level III
Patient-Centered Medical
Home accredited by the
National Committee
on Quality Assurance.
received care at APC in 2013
670 new patients enrolled
10,254 vaccines administered
339 patients obtaining new Medicaid benefits
521 free prescriptions filled
589 children with special healthcare needs
Thank you to the following
supporters for their gifts of
donated items and services to
benefit Arlington Pediatric
Center in 2013.
Ms. Josephine Allen
Mr. Kevin Allen
Arlington Promotional Products, LLC
Ms. Nicole Arthur
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Avent
Ballston Mall Walkers
Barb & Griff Tennis
Mr. Scott Bauer
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Beatty
Body Dynamics, Inc.
Ms. Suzanne Boothbay
Ms. Katherine Breaks
Mr & Mrs. Larry Burton
Capitol Steps
Cassianna Spa
Mr. Lawrence Cheng
Mr. & Mrs. Eric H. Christenson
Church Of The Covenant
Clyde’s Restaurant Group
Dandy Cruise Lines
Ms. Heidi Daniel &
Mr. Phil Meany
Didi & Adil Salon
Dogfish Head Ale House
Dolce Vita Salon & Spa
Elevation Burger
Elizabeth Arden
Embassy Suites Hotel
Encore Stage & Studio
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fagan
Fairlington Dental
Finemondo Restaurant
Fireworks American
Pizzeria & Bar
Fur-Get Me Not
Greenbrier Baptist Church
Ms. Lisa Gumbs
Gymboree Corporation
Mari Hansan
Chris Harlow
Mr. Jace Hassett
Independent Buddies, LLC
Jane Franklin Dance
Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do
JW Tumbles
Kazan Restaurant
Kinder Haus Toys
Knitting Pretty
Lebanese Taverna
Let’s Dish
Ms. Carlisle Levine
Ms. Lindsay Levy
Live FIT
Lyon Hall
MacPherson Opticians
MadFox Tavern
Mr. & Mrs. David Mann
Ms. Louisa Marinaccio
Marriott Corporation
Ms. Linda McCook
McLean Raquet & Health
Metro 29 Diner Restaurant
Mili Hair Salon
Northern VA Alumni Club
of Pi Beta Phi
Northern Virginia Pediatric Dentistry
Nottingham Elementary School
Min Oo
Perfect Pointe Dance Studio
Ms. Kristin Pierce
Pistone’s Restaurant
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Poth
Mr. Eugene Potorac
Mr. & Mrs. John Price
Residence Inn Pentagon City
Ritz Carlton Pentagon City
Roberto’s Creative Cuisine
Rustico Restaurant
Mr. John Schacter &
Ms. Lori Klein-Schacter
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Sher
Sherier Face & Body Works
Signature Theatre
Simply Flowers
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sinsheimer
Sport Bounce
Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars
Ms. Cyndi Stephenson
Mr. Matt Stevenson
Sun & Moon Yoga
Sweet Lime Portrait Design
TayloredFit, LLC
Temple Rodef Shalom
The Arlington Players
The Laser Tag Group
The Lubin Portrait Studio
The Ritz-Carlton
Mr. & Mrs. David Townshend
Tranquil Space Yoga
Virginia Hospital Center Staff
Mr. & Mrs. Rex B. Wackerle
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell T. Wallin
Ms. Janet Walsh
Walt Disney World Dolphin
Washington Nationals
Westover Market’s Great
Wall of Beer
Ms. Cindy Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Yacobucci
Yorktown Nail Salon
APC Transportation and Medication Assistance Funds
Remove Barriers to Care
Low-income families and uninsured patients often
cannot afford transportation and medications. To
address this barrier to care for our patients in need, APC
helps our patients access transportation and covers the
costs of medications for uninsured patients.
The Transportation Fund provides taxi vouchers
to patients for transportation to appointments
with specialists and for emergency room visits. Last
year, APC provided 398 trips. The Transportation
Fund becomes depleted based upon patient use.
Donor support of this program will ensure access to
transportation when our patients need it most.
APC’s Pharmacy Assistance Program pays
for medications offered at a discounted rate at
CVS pharmacy. This program primarily provides
medications for uninsured APC patients with acute
illnesses. APC provided 521 free prescriptions in 2013.
APC is also fortunate to partner with Nova Scripts
Central whose mission is to provide life-saving
medications to the uninsured living in Northern
Virginia. NOVA Scripts supports patient care at APC
by providing long term medications to patients with
chronic illnesses including asthma, fungal infections
and seizures.
Access to transportation and medications are vital
patient services. Please contact Michele Werner on
703.558.5476 or [email protected]n.org to learn more
about supporting these programs. u
Dear Friends:
Just six short months
ago, I became the
medical director at
APC. One of the most
rewarding aspects of
being part of APC is the
relationships that we
form with our patients
and their families. As
a medical home, our
mission is to care for our
patients in a culturally
sensitive, accessible,
and compassionate
environment. That means
learning about our
patients, their families,
and their day-to-day
Tatiana Zenzano, MD, MPH
struggles. It means
really listening, understanding, and sometimes uncovering
problems that have previously been undiagnosed or
Our cover story about Christian captures our mission in
action. Christian, now a young adult, has “graduated’ from
APC. He is on a path to personal achievement and wellness,
which has been a long and difficult journey for him. In four
words “APC saved my life,” Christian poignantly expressed
that he will always remember APC. It is both an enormous
responsibility and privilege to play such an vital role in our
patients’ lives and it is our goal to have every APC patient one
day graduate to become a healthy adult—on their way to a
productive life.
To our donors and supporters—thank you for your
generosity and compassion for our patients. Our work is
made possible by the many individuals, businesses, and
foundations who share our commitment to ensuring that
every child in Arlington has access to quality medical care,
regardless of their financial circumstance. I hope you will take
pride in the positive impact you have made on the lives of
children in need. u
Sharon DeAngelis, Angie Wilcox, and Erin Burns
On February 22, 2014, Arlington Pediatric Center hosted its 9th Annual
benefit at Army Navy Country Club.
This Mardi-Gras themed event raised
more than $160,000 to support medical care at APC for low-income and
uninsured children living in Arlington. Rebecca Burton, Ellen Sher, Kim
Wackerle, and Angie Wilcox served
as event co-chairs. “This benefit is a
collaborative effort of our host committee, raffle basket and live auction
donors, and event sponsors who give
their time and resources so generously,” said the co-chairs.
More than 350 guests enjoyed dinner, dancing, a magician, juggler, and
psychic. Nineteen specialty baskets
were raffled and guests bid on ten
destination and unique prize
packages auctioned by our guest
Master of Ceremonies, Phil Simonides
of ING Financial Partners. u
Guests enjoy the festive décor and music.
Min Oo, Phil Simonides, Rebecca Burton, and Ellen Sher
Natalie Roy, John Andelin, Virginia Geoffrey, and Maria DiGiulian
A Special Thanks to Our 2014
Sponsors and Host Committee
Circle of Promise
Glenn & Gerri Ferguson
Kaiser Permanente
Drs. Archie & Merle McPherson
Circle of Compassion
Bloomberg BNA
Larry & Rebecca Burton
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
CVS Caremark
Emergency Medicine Associates
Daphne Papamichael
The Corey Group/Morgan Stanley
Vicky Collins Foundation
Circle of Care
John Andelin & Virginia Geoffrey
Arlington Magazine
Clark Charitable Foundation
Events Extrordinaire/
Washington Talent Agency
Prudential (Rex & Kim Wackerle)
Steve and Ann Ridenhour
Bobby & Tobi Rozen
Frank & Sherry Ruffing
Greenburg Traurig
Gary & Angie Wilcox
Circle of Hope
Arlington County Medical Society
Jeffrey & Rachel Bedell
CareFirst Administrators
Cohen, Rutherford & Knight
John & Mary Ellen Gannon
Linda Reed & William Driver
Chris & Amy Hauser
Ed & Colleen Morche
Paul’s Best Lawn Service, Inc.
Mike & Pam Poth
Ratner Companies
Steven A. Rubloff
Robert & Margaret Vanderhye
Greg & Tanya Williams
Circle of Kindness
Nat & Sharon Bartholomew
George & Sue Covucci
James & Anne Doll
Dave & Martha Foster
Allen & Susan Harrison
Maria & Wally DiGiulian Hays
Keller Williams Realty/Natalie Roy
Mary-Anne & Robert Liles
Edd & Anita Nolen
Liles Parker PLLC
Pediatrics of Arlington
Sherri & Jeff Pellegrino
Robert & Cathy Sinsheimer
Nancy Snell
Rebecca Burton, Co-Chair
Ellen Sher, Co-Chair
Kim Wackerle, Co-Chair
Angie Wilcox, Co-Chair
Julia Avent
Katherine Breaks
Anne Campbell
Margaret Clarkson
Michelle Cohen
Heidi Daniel
Sharon DeAngelis
Anne Doll
Tracy Donley
Caryn Fagan
Gerri Ferguson
Lucy Gordon
Carin Lomax
Larry Mayer
Catherine Meek
Chako Morgan
Min Oo
Susan Pascocello
Sherri Pellegrino
Pam Poth
Natalie Roy
Cathy Sinsheimer
Laura Smith
Michelle Zook
APC 2013
Our generous individual,
family, corporate and
foundation donors support
APC’s mission to care for
underserved children living
in Arlington. Every dollar
contributed ensures that a
child in need has access to
quality medical care.
Circle of Promise
(Gifts of $10,000 & Above)
Arlington County
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Ferguson
John Edward Fowler Memorial
Dr. Archie McPherson &
Dr. Merle McPherson
Northern Virginia Health
The Community Foundation
for Northern Virginia
United Way of the National
Capital Area
Vicky Collins Foundation
Washington Forrest
Circle of Compassion
($5,000 - $9,999)
Mr. John Andelin &
Ms. Virginia Geoffrey
BJ’s Charitable Foundation
Bloomberg BNA
CVS Caremark Charitable Trust
Emergency Medicine Associates, P.A., P.C.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Kellogg
Ms. Daphne Papamichael
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Ruffing
Mr. & Mrs. Vineet Singhal
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
The Boeing Company
The Corey Group/
Morgan Stanley
Circle of Care
($2,500 - $4,999)
CareFirst BlueCross
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Kiwanis Club of Arlington, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Bart B. McKenzie
Optimist Club of Arlington
Mr. & Ms. Matthew
L. Pascocello
Mr. & Mrs. Phil and Dolores Peck
Prudential Financial
Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Rozen
Circle of Hope
($1,000 - $2,499)
Arlington County Medical
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Bacas
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Basile
Mr. Mark J. Burch
Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Burton
CareFirst Administrators
Caruthers Foundation Inc.
Church Of The Covenant
Cohen, Rutherford &
Knight, P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford
R. Coyle
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey DiLisi
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Doll
Ms. Amy Fredenburg &
Mr. Mark C. Dorigan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Dwyer
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Francis
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Gannon
Mr. James C. Gould &
Ms. Laura M. Winfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Allen
H. Harrison, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Huntoon
Mr. & Mrs. Keith O. Kurtz
Marjorie Hughes Fund
for Children
Mr. & Mrs. Felix Martinez
Maximus Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. James Means
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey
R. Pellegrino
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poth
Mr. Bill Driver and
Mrs. Linda Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ricchetti
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
L. Riesenberg
Mr. Steven A. Rubloff
Mr. & Ms. Robert Schlossberg
Ms. Kathleen Gilles Seidel
Mr. Martin Shahbazian
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sinsheimer
Ms. Susan A. Snell
The Kiplinger Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Junius Tillery
Mr. & Mrs. Robert
A. Vanderhye
Mr. & Mrs. Gary B. Wilcox
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Zook
Circle of Kindness
($500 - $999)
12 North Capital, LLC
Mr. & Mrs.Tyler Anbinder
Ms. Elaine Arkin
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel
T. Bartholomew
Mr. & Mrs. F.
Charles Benjamin
Mr. David A. Boling
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Claure
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Foster
Ms. Judith A. Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Gordon
Mr. Wally Hays & Ms. Maria
T. DiGiulian
Ms. Susan Hatcher
Mr. Scott D. Helsel
Independent Buddies, LLC
Kiwanis Club of S. Arlington
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Meek
Ms. Dorothea Megna
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Mest
Mr. & Mrs. Edd C. Nolen
Mr. & Mrs. David Parker
Permit Pushers
Ms. Nancy B. Pilchen
Premier Primary Care
Physicians, P.C.
Resurrection Evangelical
Lutheran Church
Ms. Natalie Roy
Mr. Richard J. Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Sellers
Ms. Kendron Simon
Mr. Ahmed Ullah
Circle of Friends
(Gifts to $499)
Mr. Mohamed Abdelouahabi
Ms. Catherine N. Abrahams
Mr. & Mrs. Evan Allen
Mr. & Mrs. James V. Alpi
America’s Charities
Mr. and Mrs. Henry
R. Applebaum
Mr. Jeff Beatrice
Ms. Ann M. Beckman
Bethel United Church
Of Christ
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blancato
Mrs. Stacy Blumenthal-Leff
Dr. Lillibeth Boruchow
Ms. Betty Bott
Dr. Wendy Bowers
Mr. Christopher S. Branigan
Mr. & Ms. James Brennan
Ms. Deborah C. Britt
Mr. & Mrs. Leger
N. Brosnahan
Brown’s Arlington Honda
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Brozak
Dr. & Mrs. Barry Byer
Cardinal Bank
Ms. Pamela L. Carpenter
Mr. Ron Cathell and
Ms. Tagrid Wahba
Ms. Margaret C. Clarkson
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Cochran
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Vinyard V. Cooke
Mr. & Mrs. David Copenhaver
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Covucci
Mr. Philip Meany &
Ms. Helene Daniel
Mrs. Katherine Danyliw
Ms. Mary J. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Deatley
Mr. David Deitch &
Ms. Suzanne Tosini
Mr. & Mrs. Sy C. DeWitt
Dr. Michael DiMattina
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Doan
Mr. & Mrs. Max Donley
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. Duke
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace L. Duncan
Ms. Kim Durand
Ms. Abdelaziz Elhag
Ms. Caryn S. Fagan
Fairlington Dental
Mr. & Mrs. Robert
S. Fairweather
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Fatemi
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Melvyn P. Fontaine
Dr. & Mrs. Eduardo R.
Fox, M.D.
Randolph A. Frank, Jr.
Ms. Bonnie Freeman &
Mr. John E. Davis
Ann Fulenwider, M.D.
Ms. Catherine W. Funkhouser
Mr. and Mrs. David Gieseman
Mr. William M. Habeeb
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hamilton
Mr. Russell D. Helper
Ms. Susan Herlick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T.
Ms. Ronda D. Hetterson
Mr. Thomas Hibarger
Ms. Lisa Hill
Mr. Frederick H. Hufford
& Ms. Ann Ulmschneider
Dr. Sheila Jahan
Mr. William C. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Simon H. Kfoury
Mr. & Mrs. Maximillian
J. Kieba
Mr. Daniel Koehl
Mr. Mitchell L. Kornblit
Ms. Christie Kramer
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Kundinger
Mr. Raphael Laufer
Mr. & Mrs. William Lawson
Ms. Priscilla R. Linn
Ms. Jill Lubore
Mr. Edwin Mac-Lomotey
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Malone
Mr. & Mrs. J. David Mann III
Ms. Nadia Masri
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey McClure
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGovern
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond
L. McGovern
Mrs. Martha Ann Miller
Ms. Nancy R. Mohler
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Monborne
Mr. & Mrs. Cary Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morche
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Mullen
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Nassetta
Mr. Michael Nester
Mr. H. Marc Nguyen &
Ms. Amy Tenhouse
Mr. James F. Norris
Northern Virginia
Ethical Society
Ms. Christina O’Donnell
Mr. William J. O’Malley &
Ms. Deborah C. Martin
Kimberlee H. Overdeck, M.D.
Ms. Sarah Parris
Ms. Christina Pauze
Mr. David Pfeffer
Ms. Winifred A. Pizzano
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Platner
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Pomeroy
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Prominski
Mrs. Margaret C. Richardson
Ms. Ann B. Ridenhour
Mrs. David Rogers
Dr. Faye R. Rosenbaum
Ms. Sheila M. Ryan
Mr. John Schacter &
Ms. Lori Klein-Schacter
Mr. & Mrs. Matteson M. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. John P.
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Shaw
Ms. Barbara S. Sheehan
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Shiffman
Ms. April Shores
Mr. Jay M. Silverman &
Ms. Lois Godel
Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Smith
Ms. Nancy E. Snell
Mr. & Mrs. Adrian R. Stanton
Ms. Abbe Steel
Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Stotland
SunTrust Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Swain
Mr. Robert E. Tiernan &
Dr. Loretta Staudt, M.D.
Ms. Jane E. Tingley
Mr. and Mrs. David Townshend
Ms. Cynthia M. Tripodi
Ms. Odile J. Updegrove
Mr. Vladimir Vidaurre
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Vihstadt
Ms. Kathy Viola
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Wade
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell T. Wallin
Ms. Julie Wells
Mr. Neil Whiteman
Ms. Heather D. Wicke
Ms. Kathy Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Williams
Hiroko Yasuda
Mr. Felipe Zapata
*This list includes all giving from
Every effort has been made to
ensure the accuracy of this donor
listing. Please accept our apology
if an error has been made and
notify Melissa Burris at
703.717.4438 with the