issaas 2012 news 2



issaas 2012 news 2
International Society
for Southeast Asian
Agricultural Sciences
Society of
Development Abroad
ISSAAS NewsLetter
2012 ISSAAS International Symposium and Congress
A Special Issue
13-16, 2012
Bicol University
Synthesis closes ISSAAS Congress 2012
Scientific presentations per thematic
area were synthesized and presented in
the Closing Program on November 14 at
the BU Amphitheatre. The thematic areas
covered were: Climate Risk Management
and Sustainable Agriculture (Prof. Estrella
A. Calpe); Support Services for Productive
Agriculture (Dr. Katsuya Tanaka); Food
Security and Poverty Reduction (Dr.Ghizan
Salleh & Dr.Yanuar J. Purwanto); Enhancing Agri-business Enterprises (Dr. Norsida
Man); Strategic Partnership in Agricultural
and;R&D Governance System in Agriculture (Dr. Zaharah Rahman).
All are in agreement that the 236 papers presented and 39 posters exhibited
aptly addressed the needs, concerns and
issues of agriculture-related disciplines,
and more importantly, of those directly involved in agriculture sciences. The research results generated by this exchange
of scientific information are certain to impact local developments, and spawn more
studies in the future.
The program ended with an invitation
from Dr. Fernando Sanchez, Jr. VP for the
Philippines, to attend the 2013 ISSAAS
Symposium and Congress to be held in
Manila. □□□
ISSAAS tours Albay
Farewell Party Features Filipino Street Food
ISSAAS flaunted an all-pinoy (all-Filipino)
party featuring exotic Filipino street cuisine on
its Farewell Party, November 14, 2012, 6pm
at the Ibalong Centrum for Recreation (ICR).
Foreign participants, in particular, feasted
(albeit with apprehension at first) on sorbetes,
balut at penoy, kutsinta, puto bumbong,
lugaw, nilaga at adobong mani, kekiam, squid
balls at fishballs and buko juice. Though Filipino street food are usually sold by vendors in
almost every street corner of this country,
these are better enjoyed on Christmas season. That is why, the “eating” part had for its
theme: Christmas in the Philippines. (The
Philippines is said to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world, spanning the
months of September to January).
BUNGCUL singers and Magayon dancers
charmed the crowd with their repertoire of
songs and dances. The Trio singers of the
City Mayor’s Office likewise provided added
The farewell party was hosted by Honorable Geraldine Rosal, Mayor of Legazpi City
through the Fellowship Committee Chair,
Prof. Samuel Bobiles, Director of Global Linkage [email protected] Bicol University.
About Filipino street food:
· Sorbetes – the traditional ice cream variation uniquely made from coconut milk
· Balut – is a fertilized duck embryo boiled
and eaten in the shell; it is often seasoned
with salt
· Penoy – is an unfertilized duck’s egg, sold
as hard-boiled egg and often displayed with
balut eggs.
· Kutsinta – is a brown rice cake served with
freshly grated coconut.
· Puto bumbong – is steamed glutinous rice
(puto) cooked in bamboo (bumbong)
· Lugaw – is rice porridge or congee served
with hardboiled eggs, spring onions, fried
garlic and kalamansi (warm lemon)
· Nilagang mani – boiled peanut
· Adobong mani – roasted peanut sprinkled
with lots of salt, roasted garlic and occasionally siling labuyo (chili)
· Kekiam/Squid balls/Squid balls – balls
made from fish, skewered and offered with
dippings: vinegar, sweet or spicy.
· Buko Juice – “buko” means young coconut;
its juice and shredded meat make a refreshing drink. □□□
Cagsawa Ruins
Kawa kawa
Mayon Planetarium
Embarcadero de Legazpi
Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas
Dr. Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio
Dr. Jocelyn I. Bartolata
Dr. Ma. Celina Eladia G. Meneses
Earl Epson L. Recamunda
Ruby Ann Fajardo