Clips by show date- January 2007



Clips by show date- January 2007
Complete list of Kevin & Bean clips by show date-2007
Jan 2-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-02.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-02-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 and 13 Dick Clark-New Years Rockin Eve Recapped-2007-01-02.mp3
04 Broken Resolutions-2007-01-02-Listener Call-In.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-02-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
06 Federlezee and Britney-2007-01-02-Kevin Was Overheard Bitching About Kevin and Bean.mp3
07 Dieu To Had Cocaine Planted In Baggage At Indonesian Airport-2007-01-02.mp3
08 CollegeBowlGamesListed-2007-01-02-IncludingPsychoMikeAsPetros.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-02-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
10 The Psycho Body-2007-01-02.mp3
11 Kevin Recaps His African Vacation-2007-01-02.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-02-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
14 Dieu To Had Cocaine Planted In Baggage At Indonesian Airport-2007-01-02-more.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-02-Jetpack At Rose Parade- Catching Girlfriends Parents Having Sex.mp3
Psycho Mike As Petros-2007-01-02-On Why He Is Late.mp3
Jan 3- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-03.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-03-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Alex Went On Date Through SugarDaddyForMe-2007-01-03-Recap.mp3
04 and 15 Donald Trump-2007-01-03-On His Feud With Rosie.mp3
05 Charles The Security Guard-2007-01-03-On Story Of Him Having Sex In Same Room As James Brown.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-03-7 am.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-01-03-Donald Vs Rosie-Oprah Makes Racist Comment.mp3
08 UFO Sightings-2007-01-03-Listener Call-In.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-03-8 am.mp3
10 Saddam Hussein- From Hell-2007-01-03-Plus James Brown And Gerald Ford-But Not Gerald Laverne.mp3
11 AfroCalls-2007-01-03-Sandra Oh Now Single-Clippers Are Going Down-Flaming Lips Lindsay Firecrotch Joke.mp3
12 Scott Mason-Highlights Of His Sunday Morning Call-in Show-2007-01-03.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-03-9 am.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-03-Doggy Massages At The Ritz- Donald Sutherland Hits On Girlfriend-Nick The Sign Holder.mp3
Bean Says Kat Corbett Shot Tami Heidi Out Of A Canon On New Years Eve-2007-01-03.mp3
Jan 4- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-04.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-04-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Pat Robertson-2007-01-04-Predictions For The New Year.mp3
04 Email-2007-01-04- Correct Use Of Word Hung Vs Hanged- Psycho Mike Lola Myspace Page- Tami Heidi Put Out A Contract On
05 Know Your Kings-2007-01-04-Game For LA Kings Tickets.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-04-7 am.mp3
07 Best Of The Smoking Gun-2007-01-04.mp3
08 Sylvester Stallone-2007-01-04-New Ideas For His Comeback.mp3
09 Traveling Sucks And It Is Your Fault-2007-01-04.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-04-8 am.mp3
11 Christmas Horror Stories-2007-01-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Bobby Knight-2007-01-04-On Becoming The Winningest NCAA Basketball Coach.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-04-9 am.mp3
14 Doggie Massages At The RitzCarlton-2007-01-04.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-04-Viggo Mortensen Has A Tail- New Beauty And The Geek- Blind College Football Player.mp3
Jan 5-Friday----00 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-05-Lisa To Go For Green Belt.mp3
01 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-05-6 am.mp3
02 Doggie Massages At The Ritz Carlton-From Thursday 2007-01-04.mp3
03 and 15 Bob Dylan-2007-01-05-Radio Show Theme This Week- Law.mp3
04 AfroCalls-2007-01-05- 7-11 Stamp But Bean Not Fooled- Melissa Ryder Prefers Seeing LA Kings Over Attending A Wedding.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-05-7 am.mp3
06 Sebastian Clark-Lived In His Van-Lost It In An Explosion-2007-01-05.mp3
07 World Tour Destination One Winner Called-2007-01-05-Also Recalling How Kevin Made Bean Sheer Sheep In Scotland.mp3
08 Sean Connery-2007-01-05-On Having Law Suit Against Him Get Dropped.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-05-8 am.mp3
10 You Park Like An Asshole Dot Com-2007-01-05.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-01-05-About Wilson-Behind The Mask-Happily Never After-Code Name The Cleaner-Freedom Writers.mp3
12 CA State Information Bureau-On New California Laws-2007-01-05.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-05-9 am.mp3
14 Guy Who Jumped Into The Subway and Saved A Life- Highlights From Letterman-2007-01-05.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-05-Extracting Own Wisdom Teeth-Florida Man Steals Pants From People At Gunpoint-Timely Marilyn
Manson Sighting.mp3
Lisa On Adopting Mexican Kids In South America-2007-01-05- from 7 am Show Biz Beat.mp3
When Doc Got A News Story Completely Wrong- Highlight Set To Tune Of Brady Bunch Theme-2007-01-05.mp3
Jan 8-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-08.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-08-6 am.mp3
03 Laraine Riddell-BBC Fitness Instructor To Teach British Kids To Pole Dance-2007-01-08.mp3
04 AfroCalls-2007-01-08-Stryker Tail Joke-Comments About Lisa Donating 50 Cents To Mexican Kids In South America.mp3
05 and 14 Ralph-Adult Video News Awards Predictions-2007-01-08.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-08-7 am.mp3
07 Charlton Heston-2007-01-08-On Being Sued By Downhill Neighbors For Slope Failure.mp3
08 Irrational Fears-2007-01-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-08-8 am.mp3
10 Petros Papadakis-2007-01-08-Reggie Bush Disinvited To Rose Bowl -NFL Playoffs- Joining Money On His Radio Show.mp3
11 Consumer Electronics Show- Spokesman Jim Barry-2007-01-08.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-08-9 am.mp3
13 Rudy-2007-01-08-Not Being Helped By Donations From Lisa- Needs More Money.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-08-CHP Theme Song-Listener Receives Ticket From Youparklikeanasshole Dot Com-Repo Man Gets
Sex As Bribe.mp3
Jan 9-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-09-Kevin Is Late- Florida-Ohio State Championship Game.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-09-6 am.mp3
03a Kevin and Bean Recall Being At NHL Finals In Montreal in 1993.mp3
03b and 14 Dr Mo-2007-01-09- On Lindsay Lohan And Her Mysterious Appendectomy.mp3
04 and 15 Stephen Hawking-2007-01-09-On His 65th Birthday.mp3
05 Email-2007-01-09-More Irrational Fears- Donna On Her Conversation In Bed With Bean Who Fawned Over Viggo Having A
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-09-7 am.mp3
07 Nancy-Zeta Talk-2007-01-09-End Of The World-Pole Shift- Etc.mp3
08 Sammy Hagar Or David Lee Roth-2007-01-09-Listener Shawn Feels Hagar Is More Talented Than Roth.mp3
09 Britney-2007-01-09-Reads Her Personal Letter Of Apology.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-09-8 am.mp3
11 Stuff You Traded For Sex-2007-01-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Theme Songs For The LAPD- DMV- US PostOffice-2007-01-09-Inspired By CHP Theme Song.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-09-9 am.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-09-Dry Cleaner Says Tori Spelling Indeed Does Not Wear Underwear-Steven Seagal Coming In
Concert-Gave Mushroom Tea To CHP.mp3
Jan 10- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-10.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-10-6 am.mp3
03 Things You Missed Because You Had To Do Something Else-2007-01-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 Bean-2007-01-10-Attended A Puppet Museum.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-10-7 am.mp3
06 Ghost Of Saddam Hussein-2007-01-10.mp3
07 Wheel O Racial Stereotypes-2007-01-10-Are Jewish People Cheap.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-10-8 am.mp3
09 Smell-O-Vision In Japan-2007-01-10.mp3
10 Lisa May Pole Dances-2007-01-10-Highlights.mp3
11 New Apple Products-2007-01-10-With Dan Franks-Macworld Magazine.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-10-9 am.mp3
13 Product Warning Labels-2007-01-10-From Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch.mp3
14 Stomp The Yard-2007-01-10-Clips From The Movie Trailer.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-10-Kevin And Bean Site Blocked For Postal Employees-Guy Got Out Of Ticket Cuz Cop Liked His
Baywatch CD.mp3
Jan 11- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-11.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-11-6 am.mp3
03 Stomp The Yard-Clips From The Movie Trailer-From Wednesday-2007-01-10.mp3
04 Product Warning Labels-From Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch-From Wednesday-2007-01-10.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-01-11-Missed Paid Vegas Vacation To Have Baby-KROQ Is Cheap Giving Away Brief 30 Second Trip To Mars.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-11-7 am.mp3
07 I Love New York-Highlights From The Show-2007-01-11.mp3
08 Email-2007-01-11-Lisa Pole Dance Comments-Save Turn Signal Flashes-Anell About Stomp The Yard-Wing Sings AC-DC As
Birthday Gift.mp3
09 Desperate Housewife Listener Wants Kevin And Bean To Give Her A Job-2007-01-11.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-11-8 am.mp3
11 Super Wedding Proposals-2007-01-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 King Of Mexico Does Tae Bo-2007-01-11.mp3
13 Loquecia-2007-01-11-Recap Of Armed And Famous.mp3
14 Kevin Asks Why Kenyans Always Win Marathons-Native Kenyan In Africa Had No Idea-2007-01-11.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-11-Alex Should Date Nick Again-John Calls From Iraq-David Beckham Comes To LA Galaxy.mp3
Jan 12-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-12-Flashback To Lisa and Pot Brownies- Omar Exercises With Hula Hoop.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-12-6 am.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-01-12-Britney-Linsday-Anthony Michael Hall Uses The N Word.mp3
05 and 14b Ozzy Osbourne-2007-01-12-On Kelly Wanting To Be In Playboy-Jack Being On Reality TV.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-12-7 am.mp3
07 Tim Leiweke-President-Anschutz Entertainment Group-On David Beckham Coming To LA-2007-01-12.mp3
08 Jared Leto In-Studio-2007-01-12-Including Calling Grand Prize Winner Amber Sweet.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-12-8 am.mp3
10 Movie Beat-2007-01-12-Alpha Dog- Primeval- Stomp The Yard.mp3
11 Mary Lynn Rajskub- Chloe From The Show 24-2007-01-12-Including Stump Chloe.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-12-9 am.mp3
13 Ralph Vs King Of Mexico-2007-01-12-Ralph Wants To Box Dave-Perhaps Drink Boxing.mp3
14a Drink Boxing-2007-01-12-Additional Mention.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-12-Erik Estrada Asked To Sign Prosthetic Boob- Shuttle Driven Given Scientoloy PamphletSignholder Nick Having A Party.mp3
Jan 15-Monday----- Best Of Kevin & Bean (Martin Luther King Jr. holiday)
Top 17 Kevin & Bean clips of 2007 so far
01 Number 17- UFO Sightings- Listener Call-In.mp3
02 Number 16- Rudy- Not Being Helped By Donations From Lisa- Needs More Money.mp3
03 Number 15- Smell-O-Vision In Japan.mp3
04 Number 14 Nancy-Zeta Talk- End Of The World- Pole Shift- Etc.mp3
05 Number 13 Bobby Knight- On Becoming The Winningest NCAA Basketball Coach.mp3
06 Number 12 Kevin Asks Why Kenyans Always Win Marathons- Native Kenyan In Africa Had No Idea.mp3
07 Number 11 Product Warning Labels- From Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch.mp3
08 Number 10 Bob Dylan- Radio Show Theme This Week Is Law.mp3
09 Number 09 Federlezee and Britney-Kevin Overheard Bitching About Kevin and Bean.mp3
10 Number 08 Dr Mo- On Lindsay Lohan And Her Mysterious Appendectomy.mp3
11 Number 07 Sylvester Stallone- New Comeback Ideas.mp3
12 Number 06 Bean- Attended A Puppet Museum.mp3
13 Number 05 Laraine Riddell-BBC Fitness Instructor To Teach British Kids To Pole Dance.mp3
14 Number 04 DonaldTrump- On His Feud With Rosie.mp3
15 Number 03 Charlton Heston- On Being Sued By Downhill Neighbors For Slope Failure.mp3
16 Number 02 Dick Clark New Years Rockin Eve Recapped.mp3
17 Number 01 Saddam Hussein- From Hell.mp3
Jan 16-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-16.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-16-6 am.mp3
03 Ralph Vs King Of Mexico-from Friday-2007-01-12-Ralph Wants To Box Dave-Perhaps Drink Boxing.mp3
04 and 15 Arnold Schwarzenegger-2007-01-16-On Presenting At The Golden Globes.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-01-16-Raking The Yard-Dawan-Drunk Boxing Rematch Already Suggested-Divorce Proposal During
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-16-7 am.mp3
07 Britney and Kevin-2007-01-16-On Using Kids In Divorce-His True Personality Comes Out.mp3
08 KROQ World Tour-Destination 3 Announced-2007-01-16-Muse In Hong Kong.mp3
09 Golden Globes Recapped-2007-01-16.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-16-8 am.mp3
11 Bean-2007-01-16-Likes Ant Farm Gift From Psycho Mike-Will Not Be Putting Ants In It.mp3
12 Embarrassing First Dates-2007-01-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-16-9 am.mp3
14 Golden Globes-2007-01-16-More Highlights and Listener Call-in.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-16-Nude PETA Protest-In Japan Couples Cheat If Paying For Sex-Bush Wanted To Visit A School On
MLK Holiday.mp3
Jan 17- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-17.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-17-6 am.mp3
03 Public Speaking Disasters-2007-01-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-01-17-New TV Show-Britney-Anna Nicole.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-17-7 am.mp3
06 American Idol-Season Debut Highlights-2007-01-17.mp3
07 Wee Man-Armed And Dangerous-2007-01-17.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-17-8 am.mp3
09 Naked PETA Protest-As Covered By Psycho Mike-2007-01-17.mp3
10 Email-2007-01-17-Kevin Gets Email From Ghana-Drunk First Daters Now Married-Snowboard Ticket Winner Got Head Injury.mp3
11 Adult Video News Winners Listed-Adult Entertainment Expo-As Covered By Ralph-2007-01-17.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-17-9 am.mp3
13 Naked Trucker And T-Bones-2007-01-17.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-17-Baby Named Edmund Fitzgerald-Allegedly Nude PETA Protester Melissa Contronted-Booed
Jan 18- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-18-Family Guy Songs-The Vasectomy Song-You Have Got The AIDS.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-18-6 am.mp3
03 Adult Video News Winners Listed-Adult Entertainment Expo-As Covered By Ralph-From Wed 2007-01-17.mp3
04 and 14 Loquecia-2007-01-18-Recaps Armed And Famous.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-01-18-Rachael Ray Hate-First Time American Idol Watcher-Bean Should Change Name To Douche.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-18-7 am.mp3
07 LA News Coverage Of The Weather-2007-01-18.mp3
08 People Who Want To Be Famous-2007-01-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-18-8 am.mp3
10 Sophia Bush-2007-01-18-The Hitcher.mp3
11 American Idol-Season Premier Highlights-2007-01-18-Night 2-From Seattle.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-18-9 am.mp3
13 Omar Hates Rachael Ray-2007-01-18.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-18-Battlestar Galactica Fan Was Mocked 2 Years Ago-Feels Vindicated-Mike Vick Smuggles PotGunther Music On Beauty And The Geek.mp3
Jan 19-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-19.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-19-6 am.mp3
03 Bean And His Inappropriate Behavior When Sophia Bush Was In Studio-2007-01-19.mp3
04 Email-2007-01-19-Hate Rachael Ray But Would Still Do Her- When Will Next Trapped In The Closet Come Out.mp3
05 Omar Hates Rachael Ray-from Thursday 2007-01-18.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-19-7 am.mp3
07 Why We Suck-TheMeeting-2007-01-19.mp3
08 Calling World Tour Destination 3 Winner-2007-01-19.mp3
09 Duff Goldman-Ace Of Cakes On Food Network-2007-01-19.mp3
10a Drink Boxing Update-Ralph In Training-2007-01-19.mp3
10b Show Biz Beat-2007-01-19-8 am.mp3
11 Kevin-2007-01-19-Chocolate Fountain Fiasco At His House.mp3
12 Movie Beat-2007-01-19-The Italian- The Hitcher.mp3
13 Zachary Quinto-Sylar From Heroes-2007-01-19.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-19-9 am.mp3
15 AfroCalls-2007-01-19-King Of Mexico Is Cool-Why Listen To Omar Since He Likes Uncrustables-God Warrior Back On Trading
16 J-Lo Has A New Fragrance-2007-01-19-Talking To Her Ass.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-19.mp3
Jan 22-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-22.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-22-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Loquecia-2007-01-22-Trading Spouses With God Warrior Margerite Perrin.mp3
04 J-Lo Has A New Fragrance-from Friday 2007-01-19-Talking To Her Ass.mp3
05 Signholder Nick Had His Party-2007-01-22-Recap part 1.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-22-7 am.mp3
07 Drink Boxing Update-2007-01-22.mp3
08 World Tour Destination 4-Coachella Line-up Announced-2007-01-22.mp3
09 Former Sports Guy Money-2007-01-22-On Chicago Bears Making It To The Superbowl.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-22-8 am.mp3
11 Munira Syeda-Council On American Islamic Relations-2007-01-22-On Portrayal Of Muslims On 24-Plus Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Signholder Nick Had His Party-2007-01-22-Recap part 2.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-22-9 am.mp3
14 Chang Chang-Fat Panda From Thailand-2007-01-22-Being Put On Diet.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-22-WifeI nduced Labor So Husband Could Watch Chicago Bears-Luc Robitaille Retirement-Another
Take On Party That Nick Threw.mp3
Jan 23-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-23.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-23-6 am.mp3
03 Pimp Your Band Name-2007-01-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 Chang Chang-Fat Panda From Thailand-from Monday 2007-01-22-Being Put On Diet.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-23-7 am.mp3
06 Steve Wozniak-2007-01-23-iWoz-From Computer Geek To Cult Icon.mp3
07 Kevin and Bean Intern Program Accepting Applications-2007-01-23.mp3
08 James Brown Body Watch-2007-01-23.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-23-8 am.mp3
10 Bob Saget-2007-01-23.mp3
11 President Bush-2007-01-23-On His State Of The Union Speech.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-23-9 am.mp3
13 Paul T-Promoter Of Coachella Festival-2007-01-23.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-23-Empty Clipper Game-Looking For Helicopter Ride With Kevin-Psycho Mike Double Seen At Tyra
Banks Show.mp3
Jan 24- Wednesday-----
01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-24.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-24-6 am.mp3
03 Paul T-Promoter Of Coachella Festival-from Tues2007-01-23.mp3
04 and 13 Lisa Will Indeed Get To Have Vaginal Rejuvenation-2007-01-24-Plus Gene Simmons.mp3
05 James Brown Body Watch-2007-01-24-Update.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-24-7 am.mp3
07 DieuTo-2007-01-24-BackFromTheOrient-PlusAskDieuTo.mp3
08 AftoCalls-2007-01-24-MuseumOfTV+RadioWantsTheirPandaSkitGuyAteBoxOfRachaelRayWheatThinsThenPerformedTheActThatDareNotSpeakItsNameOverHerFace.mp3
09 ShowBizBeat-2007-01-24-8am.mp3
10 AmericanIdol-2007-01-24-HighlightsFromTennessee.mp3
11 KevinSufferedFromInsomia-LooksForHelpful_Ideas-2007-01-24-ListenerCall-in.mp3
12 ShowBizBeat-2007-01-24-9am.mp3
14 PimpYourBandName-from Tue 2007-01-23-ListenerCall-in(slightly_edited).mp3
15 WhatItDoNephew-2007-01-24-KingOfMexicoCallsAboutClippersCatererForTheOC_TVshowSaidTheyPerformedTheActThatDareNotSpeakItsNameInTheSandwiches.mp3
Jan 25- Thursday----01 OpeningCollage and Segment-2007-01-25-Talk Of Vaginal Rejuvenation For Lisa- Who Should Go Along With HerEVERYONE.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-25-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Bjork and Anthony Keidis-2007-01-25-On Coachella.mp3
04 Odd Things That You Love-2007-01-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-25-7 am.mp3
06 American Idol Highlights And Lowlights-2007-01-25-From New York.mp3
07 Petros Papadakis-2007-01-25-Pros Versus Joes 2.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-25-8 am.mp3
09 Tom Cruise-2007-01-25-On Being Deemed A Christ-Like Figure.mp3
10 Email-2007-01-25-Odd Love Of Taste Of Keys-Weird Name Seen Online-Abcde Shibao-For Next Wheel Of Racial StereotypesBlack Actresses Are Deadly Drivers.mp3
11 Loquecia-2007-01-25-Recaps Armed And Famous.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-25-9 am.mp3
13 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-01-25-Miss USA-Rachael Ray Oprah Comment-Brandy Car Accident-Lindsay.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-25-Snowboarder Danny Kass-Last Minute Interview-Mexican Cops Lose Guns-Get Slingshots
Jan 26-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-26-Song Clip-God Hates Fags.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-26-6 am.mp3
03 Harvey Levin-TMZ-from Thursday 2007-01-25-Miss USA-Rachael Ray Oprah Comment-Brandy Car Accident- Lindsay.mp3
04 Mystery Guest-Steve Franks-Kevin And Bean Listener Who Created TV show Psych-2007-01-26.mp3
05 Dick Cheney-2007-01-26-On His Interview With Wolf Blitzer.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-26-7 am.mp3
07 Columbus Short-2007-01-26-Stomp The Yard.mp3
08 Jeremy Piven-2007-01-26-Smokin Aces-Entourage.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-26-8 am.mp3
10 Movie Beat-2007-01-26-Funny Money-Blood and Chocolate-Catch and Release-Smokin Aces-Epic Movie.mp3
11 Sarah Silverman-2007-01-26-The Sarah Silverman Program.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-26-9 am.mp3
13 Ed Begley Jr and Wife Rachel Carson-2007-01-26-new TV show-Living With Ed.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-26-Kevin Stay Away From Rage Against- Caffeinated Donuts-National Pancake Day-Midget On
Wheel Of Fortune.mp3
Jan 29-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-29.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-29-6 am.mp3
03 Ed Begley Jr and Wife Rachel Carson-from Friday 2007-01-26-TV show-Living With Ed.mp3
04 Miss Double D-cember-2007-01-29.mp3
05 and 16 Sean Connery-2007-01-29-On Being Voted 3rd Best Action Star.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-29-7 am.mp3
07 Bam Margera-2007-01-29-New MTV show-Unholy Union.mp3
08 World Tour Destination 5-The Killers In Amersterdam-2007-01-29.mp3
09 Sarah-eBay Listing-2007-01-29-Wants Someone To Bid To Take Her To Superbowl.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-29-8 am.mp3
11 Loquecia-2007-01-29-Trading Spouses With God Warrior Marguerite.mp3
12 Muddbutt Mafia-2007-01-29-Debut Of The Lakers Song-featuring Kevin- Mike- Omar.mp3
13 AfroCalls-2007-01-29-Reading Beans Blog Cures Insomnia-Outdated Rage Against The Machine Commercial-I Love Pot Song.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-29-9 am.mp3
15 You Should Not Eat Too Many Squirrels-2007-01-29-Calling New Jersey To Confirm.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-29-Squirrel Jerky-Father Son Making Out-Muddbutt Mafia-New Tim Allen Movie.mp3
Jan 30-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-30.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-30-6 am.mp3
03 Muddbutt Mafia-from Monday 2007-01-29-Debut Of The Lakers Song-featuring Kevin- Mike- Omar.mp3
04 People Who Eat Bizarre Things-2007-01-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-30-7 am.mp3
06 Bean-2007-01-30-Starts A Podcast.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-01-30-Paris Hilton-Storage Contents On ParisExposedDotCom.mp3
08 Shaq-2007-01-30-On The Superbow lBeing Held In Miami.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-30-8 am.mp3
10 Pet Parents Who Have MySpace Pages For Their Pets-2007-01-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
11 Email-2007-01-30-Soundfiles Into Ringtones-Doc Talks Iguana Penis Amputation-Unusual Things You Eat.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-30-9 am.mp3
13 Mark Thompson-2007-01-30-On Our Winter Weather-Doppler Talk.mp3
14 Lightning-2007-01-30-Clips From Him Being Lightning At Santa Anita.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-30-Petster-Stud Offer For Lola-Heroes-Catching Parents Having Swinger Party.mp3
Bean Wonders If Tami Heidi Is Still Next-2007-01-30-Ralph Said Tami Lives In The Tree And Makes Cookies.mp3
Jan 31 - Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-31.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-31-6 am.mp3
03 Catching Your Parents Having A Threesome-2007-01-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 Lightning-from Tuesday 2007-01-30-Clips From Him Being Lightning At Santa Anita.mp3
05 and 15 Man In China Marries Himself-2007-01-31.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-31-7 am.mp3
07 John Cena-2007-01-31-WWE Raw- The Marine.mp3
08 American Idol-2007-01-31-Highlights From Birmingham.mp3
09 AfroCalls-2007-01-31-Lisa G-Spot Shot-Tyra Hate-Jared Leto Moan-Proposed Theme For Bean Podcast.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-31-8 am.mp3
11 Stacy Keebler-2007-01-31.mp3
12 Tijuana Police Only Have Slingshots-2007-01-31-Deputy Commander Guillermo Gonzalez Smith Confirms Story.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-01-31-9 am.mp3
14 Dan Garcia-Race And Sports Book-Hard Rock Las Vegas-2007-01-31-On Super Bowl Betting.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-01-31-Breast Pump Demo By Instructor-Miniskirts In Cold Weather Are Tramps-Doc Should Be
Feb 1- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-01.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-01-6 am.mp3
03 Tijuana Police Only Have Slingshots-from Wednesday 2007-01-31-Deputy Commander Guillermo Gonzalez Smith Confirms
04 American Idol-2007-02-01-Highlights From Los Angeles.mp3
05 Email-2007-02-01.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-01-7 am.mp3
07 Rate My Turban-Dot-Com-2007-02-01.mp3
08 Kevin and Bean Intern Program Interview Highlights-2007-02-01.mp3
09 Rich Eisen-NFL Network-2007-02-01.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-01-8 am.mp3
11 Tricia Helfer-Battlestar Galactica-2007-02-01.mp3
12 King Of Mexico On Doug Christie Getting Signed By The Clippers-2007-02-01.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-01-9 am.mp3
14 Who Would You Rather F--k-2007-02-01-Lisa Picks Between Various Pairs Of Men.mp3
15 Dateline NBC-To Catch A Predator-2007-02-01-Highlights.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-01-Doug Christie Signing-Felon Gets Jury Duty-Dog Crap Revenge-Kosher Israeli Porn.mp3
Bean-Inappropriate Comment About Still Being Sore From Stacy Keebler Visiting The Previous Day-2007-02-01.mp3
Feb 2-Friday----01 Opening Collage Segment-2007-02-02-Kevin In Florida-Still Late To Show Despite Time Difference.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-02-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Clark Heston-Judy Garland Rehab Center-2007-02-02.mp3
04 AfroCalls-2007-02-02-Alex Is A Dirty Ad Whore-Just Had Sex With Intern Nicole-PetrosT heme Song-Tami Heidi Found In Paris
Hilton Storage Unit.mp3
05 Who Would Lisa Rather F--k-2007-02-02-New Episode.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-02-7 am.mp3
07 Matt Money Smith-2007-02-02-Not In Miami For The Super Bowl.mp3
08 World Tour Destination 5 Winner Called-2007-02-02.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-02-8 am.mp3
10 Psychic Jill Marie Combine-2007-02-02-Super Bowl Predictions And More.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-02-02-Beckett-from 1964-Because I Said So-The Messengers.mp3
12 Tyra Banks Fights The Opinions That She Has Gained 40 Lbs-Highlights-2007-02-02.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-02-9 am.mp3
14 Federlezee-2007-02-02-On Being Invite To Work At Taco Bell.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-02.mp3
Bean Says Super Bowl Football Is Made Out Of Tami Heidi's Skin-2007-02-02.mp3
Federlezee-Sprinkle That Cheese-2007-02-02.mp3
Feb 5-Monday-----
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-05.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-02-05-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
and 15 Chris Hansen-Dateline NBC-2007-02-05-To Catch A Predator.mp3
Super Bowl Pregame Entertainment Highlights-2007-02-05.mp3
Federlezee-from Friday 2007-02-02-On Being Invited To Work At Taco Bell.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-02-05-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
Patrick Warburton-2007-02-05-New TV Show-Rules Of Engagement.mp3
World Tour Destination 6 Announced-2007-02-05-Incubus In Iceland.mp3
Spiro Dedes -2007-02-05-Announced Super Bowl In Greek.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-02-05-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
Famous Grahams-2007-02-05-Game For Grammy Tickets.mp3
Super Bowl Highlights And More-2007-02-05.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-02-05-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
Sarah Spain-eBay Listing-Went To Super Bowl-2007-02-05.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-02-05.mp3
Feb 6-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-06.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-06-6 am.mp3
03 and 13 Kevin And The Street Preachers In Florida-2007-02-06.mp3
04 and 14 George Sulu Takei-2007-02-06-On Appearing On TV show Heroes.mp3
05 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-02-06-Game For Grammy Tickets.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-06-7 am.mp3
07 Sex With Mom and Daughter or Dad and Son-2007-02-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 New Music Tuesday-2007-02-06-Fall Out Boy-Block Party.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-06-8 am.mp3
10 Bobby Slayton-The Pitbull Of Comedy-2007-02-06.mp3
11 Jimmy Kimmel-2007-02-06-On Andy Dick Getting Removed From His Show.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-06-9 am.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-06-Dildo Accident Becomes Gang Rape Lie-14 Year Old With Blow-Up Doll-Got On Tyra Show But
Topic Switched.mp3
Feb 7- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-07-More Talk About Tyra Banks.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-07-6 am.mp3
03 American Idol Highlights-2007-02-07-From San Antonio.mp3
04 AfroCalls-2007-02-07-Would Lisa F---Kevin Or Bean-Psycho Mike Love-King Of Mexico To Beat Ralph Cuz He Likes
05 Zach Gilford-Friday Night Lights-2007-02-07.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-07-7 am.mp3
07 Katharine McPhee-2007-02-07.mp3
08 Reverend Ted Haggard-2007-02-07-Completely Straight After 3 Weeks.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-07-8 am.mp3
10 Jamie Bamber-Battlestar Galactica-2007-02-07.mp3
11 Master Kiedis Theater-2007-02-07-Game For Grammy Tickets.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-07-9 am.mp3
13 Trish Stratus-Armed And Famous-ex-WWE-2007-02-07.mp3
14 What It DoNephew-2007-02-07.mp3
Feb 8- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-08-Dawan Met Drew Barrymore-LOST-American Idol.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-08-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Kevin-Grammy Rehearsal Outtakes-2007-02-08.mp3
04 Norbitt-New Eddie Murphy Movie-Clips-2007-02-08.mp3
05 and 15 Ozzy Osbourne-2007-02-08-On Free Ozzfest This Year.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-08-7 am.mp3
07 Champain-Pillow Fight League World Champion-2007-02-08.mp3
08 I Smell Bacon-2007-02-08-Game For Grammy Tickets.mp3
09 Kara-Former Intern-Obsessed With Fall Out Boy-2007-02-08.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-08-8 am.mp3
11 American Idol-2007-02-08-Last Of The Bad Auditions-Highlights.mp3
12 Confronting The Other Woman-2007-02-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-08-9 am.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-08-Super Bowl Bet Gone Bad-Girl Walks Nude Into Darkened Room Of Wrong Guy-Iceland Not
Feb 9-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-09-Anna Nicole Smith Death.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-09-6 am.mp3
03 Cowgirls Espresso-Dress To Attract Customers But Bean Does Not Notice-Will Not Cover For The Show-2007-02-09.mp3
04 Freeway Flirting-2007-02-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-09-7 am.mp3
06 Ken Ehrlich-Executive Producer-Grammys-2007-02-09.mp3
07 World Tour Destination 6 Winner Called-2007-02-09.mp3
Anna Nicole Smith Death Discussed-2007-02-09-Including Listener Calls.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-02-09-8 am.mp3
Movie Beat-2007-02-09-Norbit-Hannibal Rising-Factory Girl.mp3
Former Intern Kara Must Wear Straightjacket Before Fal lOut Boy Comes In Studio-2007-02-09.mp3
Fall Out Boy-Patrick and Andy-2007-02-09-In-studio Interview and Acoustic Performance.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-02-09-9 am.mp3
I Smell Bacon-2007-02-09-Game For Grammy Tickets.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-02-09-Shaved Off Nipple-Boob Job Too Small-Dawan Has Drew Barrymore Sighting.mp3
Feb 12-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-12-Anna Nicole Media Coverage.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-12-6 am.mp3
03 Fall Out Boy-Patrick and Andy- from Friday 2007-02-09-In-studio Interview and Acoustic Performance.mp3
04 Grammy Awards Highlights-2007-02-12-Plus Al Gore.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-12-7 am.mp3
06 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-02-12-Anna Nicole Smith Death Etc.mp3
07 Flea-Red Hot Chili Peppers-2007-02-12-Backstage At Grammy Rehearsals.mp3
08 Drink Boxing-2007-02-12-Listener Assistance Sought-Plus Sylvester Stallone.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-12-8 am.mp3
10 Richard Machowicz-Host Of Future Weapons-Discovery Channel-2007-02-12.mp3
11 Grammy Awards Highlights And Lowlights-2007-02-12.mp3
12 Carl Edwards-NASCAR-2007-02-12.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-12-9 am.mp3
14 Joan And Melissa Rivers On The Grammy Red Carpet-2007-02-12-Lowlights.mp3
15 Tyra Banks Really Blows-2007-02-12-Interview With Stephanie-Woman Who Went To High School With Tyra.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-12-Shaved Nipple Update-Valentine Day Set-up-Expressions You Cannot Say At Work.mp3
Feb 13-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-13-Joan Rivers Red Carpet-How Much Alcohol For Lisa To Sleep With Bean.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-13-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Drink Boxing Update-2007-02-13.mp3
04 AfroCalls-2007-02-13-Nightmare Of Good Sex With Bean-Dateline NBC-Eat All The Old People.mp3
05 Omar-oki-2007-02-13-Game For Incubus Tickets.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-13-7 am.mp3
07 Political Correctness Gone Awry-Things You Cannot Say At Work-2007-02-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Talking Urinal Cake Theater-2007-02-13.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-13-8 am.mp3
10 Kristen Bell-2007-02-13-Veronica Mars.mp3
11 The Pimped Out John-2007-02-13-The Ultimate Toilet.mp3
12 Omar Iceman Sharif-2007-02-13-On Britney And Her Gay Secret.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-13-9 am.mp3
14 Kevin And His Drunk Dialing From Miami-2007-02-13.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-13-Police Dress Rehearsal-Younger Brother Seen At Gay Club-Hot KTLA Weather Girl-Dawan On
Drew Barrymore.mp3
Feb 14- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-14-Bean Thinks Lisa Will Come Crawling To Him At Hotel-Dateline To Catch A
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-14-6 am.mp3
03 Who Hurt Bean-2007-02-14.mp3
04 and 14 Dolphins And Sea Lions To Protect Our Shores-2007-02-14-Interview With An Angry Militant Sea Lion.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-14-7 am.mp3
06 Eric Schotz-2007-02-14-Producer Of Thats Gotta Hurt And 101 Things Removed From The Human Body.mp3
07 AfroCalls-2007-02-14-Anna Nicole Should Have Crashed Into Paris Hilton-No Arms No Legs Joke-The Act That Dare Not Speak Its
Name Copycat.mp3
08 Delman Newton-Creator Of Fever Aphrodesiac Drink-2007-02-14.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-14-8 am.mp3
10 Ali Dixon-Senior Investigator-800 Cheaters-2007-02-14.mp3
11 Romantic KROQ Songs For Valentines Day-2005-02-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-14-9 am.mp3
13 Dateline NBC-To Catch A Predator-2007-02-14-Highlights.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-14-Found Mom Using A Vibrator-Howard K Stern On ET plus Body Language Expert-Signholder
Feb 15- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-15-Live From Big Bear.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-15-6 am.mp3
03 Kevin And Bean Download Rodeo-2007-02-15.mp3
04 and 15 Psycho Mike And Lightning On The Red Carpet--2007-02-15-Premier Of The Movie 23-Highlights And Lowlights.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-02-15-Pooping Now-Double Valentine-Do You Like Anna Nicoles Composing Body.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-15-7 am.mp3
07 In N Out Vs White Castle-2007-02-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Korean Robot-2007-02-15-On Koreans Being Concerned With Their Ugly Robots.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-15-8 am.mp3
10 Lisa Notices Snow-King Of Mexico Reports While Snowboarding-2007-02-15.mp3
11 Email-2007-02-15-Freeway Flirting Backfires-Vasectomy Causes Diminished Mental Capacity-Windowlicker-Dot-Com Is ProtectedDrink Boxing Needs Judge Panel.mp3
12 King Of Mexico And His Outlandish Theories-2007-02-15.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-15-9 am.mp3
14 Mickey Avalon-2007-02-15-Jane Fonda song.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-15-LOST-Harvey Levin Looked Orange On TV-Joe Rogan Vs Carlos Men-steel-ia Mencia.mp3
Feb 16-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-16-Comparing Return Trips From Bear Mountain.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-16-6 am.mp3
03 Michael Jackson-2007-02-16-On Living In The States Again Etc.mp3
04 Josh-New To California-Does Not Understand The Women Here-2007-02-16.mp3
05 King Of Mexico Gets Valentines Flower From Kristen Bell-Or Someone Posing As-2007-02-16.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-16-7 am.mp3
07 Tim Hardaway-Retired NBA Star-And His Homophobic Remarks-2007-02-16-Highlights.mp3
08 World Tour Destination 7 Winner Called-2007-02-16-They Said Sounded Like She Was 8-Years-Old.mp3
09 Carson Daly-2007-02-16-Last Call Celebrating 5th Anniversary.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-16-8 am.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-02-16-Daddys Little Girls-Ghost Rider-Breach-Music And Lyrics.mp3
12 Brandon Boyd-2007-02-16.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-16-9 am.mp3
14 Chris Pronger-Anaheim Ducks-2007-02-16.mp3
15 Lewis Black-2007-02-16.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-16-Friend Saw Bean At Airport-Hefner Might Marry-Missing Friend On Mushrooms Chops Off A HandGuy To Appear On 1 vs 100.mp3
Feb 19-Monday----- Best Of Kevin & Bean (President’s Day holiday)
01 Catching Your Parents Having A Threesom.mp3
02 Omar Hates Rachael Ray.mp3
03 Britney and Kevin-On Using Kids In Divorce-His True Personality Comes Out.mp3
04 Odd Things That You Love.mp3
05 Fall Out Boy-Patrick and Andy.mp3
06 Who Would Lisa Rather F--k-New Episode.mp3
07 Saddam Hussein-From Hell.mp3
08 Rate My Turban-Dot-Com.mp3
09 Tyra Banks Fights The Opinions That She Has Gained 40 Lbs-Highlights.mp3
10 Tom Cruise-On Being Deemed A Christ-Like Figure.mp3
11 Reverend Ted Haggard-2007-02-07-Completely Straight After 3 Weeks.mp3
12 Chang Chang-Fat Panda From Thailand-Being Put On Diet.mp3
13 Duff Goldman-Ace Of Cakes On Food Network.mp3
14 Talking Urinal Cake Theater-2007-02-13.mp3
15 Sarah Silverman-The Sarah Silverman Program-edited.mp3
16 Federlezee-On Being Invited To Work At Taco Bell.mp301 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-01-19.mp3
Feb 20-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-20-Crazy Britney Behavior.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-20-6 am.mp3
03 Brandon Boyd-Incubus-from Friday 2007-02-16-highlights.mp3
04 and 16 Jerry Springer-2007-02-20.mp3
05 Take Your Ping Pong Game To The Next Level-2007-02-20.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-20-7 am.mp3
07 Christina Ricci-2007-02-20-Black Snake Moan.mp3
08 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-02-20-Crazy Britney Behavior-Howard K Stern Video Of Stoned Anna Nicole.mp3
09 Omar And King Of Mexico Party In Vegas For NBA All-Star Weekend-2007-02-20.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-20-8 am.mp3
11 Anze Kopitar-LA Kings-2007-02-20.mp3
12 Nicolas Cage-2007-02-20.mp3
13 Who Wants To Be A Superhero-Audition Highlights-2007-02-20.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-20-9 am.mp3
15 Michael Jackson-From Friday 2007-02-16-On Living In The States Again Etc.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-20-High Speed Chase-Heroes-Lebron James Party-Phone Worker Sees Woman Change-Ping Pong
Feb 21- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-21.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-21-6 am.mp3
03 Who Wants To Be A Superhero-Audition Highlights-from Tuesday 2007-02-20.mp3
04 and 15 Paula Abdul-2007-02-21-On Her Erratic Behavior.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-02-21-Hot For Mike Except His Gay Middle Name-Vagina With Deeper Voice Than Lightning Has.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-21-7 am.mp3
07 Bean Grilled For Liking The Movie Jump In Despite It Being For Children-2007-02-21.mp3
08 Girls With Webcams-2007-02-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-21-8 am.mp3
10 LOST-Debating The Merits Of TheS how-2007-02-21.mp3
11 Doctor Drew-2007-02-21-On Britney And Her Recent Behavior.mp3
12 DieuTo-2007-02-21.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-21-9 am.mp3
14 How Jimmy Kimmel Handled The Tim Hardaway Remarks-With George Sulu Takei Piece-Highlights-2007-02-21.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-21-To Catch A Predator-Eddie Is To Blame For No Van Halen Reunion-Mariah Carey Not Nude In
Feb 22- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-22.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-22-6 am.mp3
03 and 13 Tyra Banks Really Blows-2007-02-22-Put On Her Old Bikini To Celebrate Black History Month.mp3
04 Wheel O Racial Stereotypes-2007-02-22-Black Men Do Not Give Oral.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-22-7 am.mp3
06 Listener Nicole Sickened At Sound Of Word Moist-TV Writer Claims She Did Not Steal The Idea-2007-02-22.mp3
07 Kevin And Bean Download Rodeo-More Highlights-2007-02-22.mp3
08 KROQ Parent CBS Wants To Know Employees Online Presence-Especially Bean-2007-02-22.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-22-8 am.mp3
10 BookThursday-LookAtMyStripedShirt-ThePeopleYouLoveToHate-2007-02-22-PlusListenerCall-in.mp3
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-22-9 am.mp3
12 Federlezee-2007-02-22-On Britney And Her Recent Behavior.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-22-Unsatisfied With LOST-Why So Much Celebrity Coverage-Rodney To Get His Star-MTV True LifeLisa G-spot Shot On March 27.mp3
Feb 23-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-23-Kevin Calls From Car With 50 Cent Blaring.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-23-6 am.mp3
03 and 16 Jimmy Kimmel-2007-02-23-On His Post-Oscar Show.mp3
04 Email-2007-02-23-LOST Secrets-Tyra Is Jealous-People You Love To Hate-Stuff To Add To Download Rodeo.mp3
05 Federlezee-from 2007-02-22-On Britney And Her Recent Behavior.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-23-7 am.mp3
07 Mister Skin-2007-02-23-On Oscar Nominees And Past Nude Scenes.mp3
08 Rashida Jones-Karen From The Office-2007-02-23.mp3
09 AfroCalls-2007-02-23-Zodiac Brokeback Comment-CBS Form Refers To The Talent But None Here-People You Love To Hate.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-23-8 am.mp3
11 Jesse Jackson-2007-02-23-On Lack Of Diversity In Oscar Nominees.mp3
12 Movie Beat-2007-02-23-Reno 911-The Number 23-The Astronaut Farmer.mp3
13 Bad Interview Pitches-2007-02-23.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-23-9 am.mp3
15 Horn Tones-2007-02-23.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-2-23-Knows Glenda From The Play Wicked-Loss Bet So Has To Have Threesome With Boyfriend.mp3
A Moment With Kevin-The Outside Office Not The Main Office-2007-02-23-From During Rashida Jones Interview.mp3
Feb 26-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-26-Bean Bitches About The Oscars.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-26-6 am.mp3
03 Academy Awards Highlights-2007-02-26.mp3
04 Preparing Lisa For The Vagina Monologues-2007-02-26.mp3
05 Nashieqa Washington-Author Of Why Do Black People Love Fried Chicken-2007-02-26.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-26-7 am.mp3
07 Joan And Melissa Rivers On The Red Carpet-2007-02-26-Lowlights.mp3
08 Chang Weisberg-from Rock The Bells-On Rage Against The Machine Playing-2007-02-26.mp3
09 Jack Coleman-Mr Bennett From Heroes-2007-02-26.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-26-8 am.mp3
11 Nick Hexum-Singer For 311-On Running LA Marathon-2007-02-26.mp3
12 Academy Awards-More Discussion-2007-02-26.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-26-9 am.mp3
14 Kevin And Bean Kornhole-2007-02-26-Game For Breakfast With Korn Tickets.mp3
15 Al Gore-2007-02-26-On His Appearance At The Academy Awards.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-26-Kevin and Bean Curse-Halloween K-Fed Sighting-Props From A Brother.mp3
Feb 27-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-27.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-27-6 am.mp3
03 Bat Boy-2007-02-27.mp3
04 Horn Tones- from Friday 2007-02-23.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-02-27.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-27-7 am.mp3
07 Antonella Barba From American Idol-Nude Photos Discussed-2007-02-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Hardcore Kornography-2007-02-27-Game For Breakfast With Korn.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-27-8 am.mp3
10 Rudy-From Eco Alberto Park In Mexico-Tourists Pretend To Be Illegal Immigrants-2007-02-27.mp3
11 Kevin And Bean Download Rodeo-2007-02-27.mp3
12 Hero Or Zero-2007-02-27-Game For Tickets To Museum Of TV and Radio Heroes Night.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-02-27-9 am.mp3
John C McGinley-Scrubs-2007-02-27.mp3
Preparing Lisa For The Vagina Monologues- from Monday 2007-02-26.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-02-27.mp3
Feb 28-Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-02-28.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-28-6 am.mp3
03 Kevin And Bean Download Rodeo-2007-02-28.mp3
04 and 15 Dick Cheney-2007-02-28-On The Suicide Attack During His Recent Visit To Afghanistan.mp3
05 Email-2007-02-28.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-28-7 am.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-02-28.mp3
08 The Secret-Book And DVD Discussed-2007-02-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-28-8 am.mp3
10 Matt Birch-Operacion Repo-2007-02-28.mp3
11 Lick Lisa-2007-02-28-Korn Edition.mp3
12 AfroCalls-2007-02-28.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-02-28-9 am.mp3
14 Kites Of Death-2007-02-28-Calling Pakistan About The Kite Festival.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-02-28.mp3
Bean Says Tami Heidi Not In-Kat Filling In For Her-2007-02-28.mp3
March 1-Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-01.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-01-6 am.mp3
03 Kites Of Death-from Wed 2007-02-28-Calling Pakistan About The Kite Festival.mp3
04 Vitelio Aguilar-1736 Family Crisis Center-Charity For Vagina Monologues-2007-03-01.mp3
05 A Moment With Kevin-A Retrospective Of His Clips-2007-03-01.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-01-7 am.mp3
07 The String Korntet-2007-03-01-Game For Breakfast With Korn Tickets.mp3
08 Ian Urbino-Wrote Newstory On KidsI n Magazine Subscription Crews-2007-03-01-Plus Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-01-8 am.mp3
10 Donnie Davies-YouTube Star-Sings God Hates Fags-2007-03-01-Plus Listener Call-in.mp3
11 Al Gore-2007-03-01-On Why He Uses Ten Times The Electricity Of Regular Households.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-01-9 am.mp3
13 Showdown At The OK Carell-2007-03-01-Game For Tickets To The Office Night At The Museum Of TV and Radio.mp3
14 Bat Boy-from Tuesday 2007-02-27.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-01-100-Yr-Old Kicks Muggers-Condom In Sock Surprise-Tyra Got Fat On New Top Model
March 2-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-02.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-02-6 am.mp3
03 Thomas McCarney-from Ireland-Charged With Unlawful Accommodation Of Donkeys-2007-03-02.mp3
04 El Rey De L aMusica-2007-03-02-Game For Breakfast With Korn Tickets.mp3
05 Email-2007-03-02.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-02-7 am.mp3
07 Teacher-Student Sex-2007-03-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Roland-2007-03-02-Helps Give Away Tickets For George Lucas Night At Museum Of TV and Radio.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-02-8 am.mp3
10 John Singleton Does Not Call-Lightning Impersonates Him Poorly-2007-03-02.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-03-02-Zodiac-Black Snake Moan-Wild Hogs.mp3
12 AfroCalls-2007-03-02-Using The Secret Cannot Make Kevin and Bean Funny-Is Korn Breakfast An April Fools Joke-Donnie Davies
Is A Fake.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-02-9 am.mp3
14 Susan Miller-Astrologer-2007-03-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-02-Delivery Guy Uses Wrong Restroom-Gets Cops Called- Two Girlfriends Make Out In Shower
Before Guy Leaves For Iraq.mp3
March 5-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-05-Vagina Monologues-Nick The Sign Holder.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-05-6 am.mp3
03 Black C--k Down-2007-03-05-Trying To Arrange For Alex To Have Sex With A BlackMan.mp3
04 and 15 Former Canadian Defense Minister Demand World Governments Release Alien Technology To Stem Climate Change-200703-05.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-03-05-Raiders Misspelled On Hand-painted Truck Logo-Using The Secret To Make Traffic Worse-Dawan Calls As
Count Blackula.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-05-7 am.mp3
07 Psycho Mike Does Interviews At Auditions For Shelarious On Oxygen Network-2007-03-05.mp3
08 Man On Man Massages-Does It Make You Gay-2007-03-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-05-8 am.mp3
10 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-03-05-For Breakfast With Korn Tickets.mp3
11 Omar-Man Of A Thousand Voices-2007-03-05-Was Secretly Taped Doing Voices When Prepping The Line For Ralph.mp3
12 Nick The Sign Holder-2007-03-05-Does Not Want To Be A Sign Holder Anymore.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-05-9 am.mp3
14 Samwell-Sings What What In The Butt On YouTube-2007-03-05.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-05-Tito Ortiz Jenna Jameson Seen At Costco-William Hung Sang At Hockey Game-Haircut By
Armenian Comedian.mp3
March 6-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-06-Bean-The Marathon-LA Prostitutes-Lisa Does Not Like Parking Enforcement.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-06-6 am.mp3
03 Samwell-Sings What What In The Butt On YouTube-from Monday 2007-03-05.mp3
04 Your Smallest Role In Movies Or TV-2007-03-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-06-7 am.mp3
06 Michael Jackson-2007-03-06-On His Trip To Tokyo.mp3
07 Ban On Booing Proposed In Washington State-2007-03-06.mp3
08 Deleted Borat Scenes-2007-03-06-Clips.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-06-8 am.mp3
10 Bean And His Baked-Good-Loving Cow-2007-03-06.mp3
11 AfroCalls-2007-03-06.mp3
12 Breakfast With Korn-2007-03-06-part 1.mp3
13 Breakfast With Korn-2007-03-06-part 2.mp3
14 Breakfast With Korn-2007-03-06-part 3.mp3
March 7-Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-07.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-07-6 am.mp3
04 Bean Sits Next To Buzz Aldrin On Airplane-2007-03-07.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-07-7 am.mp3
06 Loquecia-2007-03-07-Who Wants To Be A Pussy Cat Doll.mp3
07 AfroCalls-2007-03-07.mp3
08 Britney and Kevin-2007-03-07.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-07-8 am.mp3
10 Sick Puppies-2007-03-07-Live In-studio Performance.mp3
11 Jerry 300 Pound Lab Mouse-Turned Muscle Into Fat-2007-03-07.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-07-9 am.mp3
13 Anna Nicole Coverage From ET and The Insider-2007-03-07-Clips.mp3
14 Thomas McCarney-Ireland-Charged With Unlawful Accommodation Of Donkeys-from Friday 2007-03-02.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-07.mp3
Federlezee-An Ode To Britney-2007-03-07.mp3
March 8-Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-08.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-08-6 am.mp3
03 Anna Nicole Coverage From ET and The Insider-from Wednesday 2007-03-07-Clips.mp3
04 and 15 Roland-2007-03-08-Mourning The Death Of Captain America.mp3
05 and 16 Armenian Comedian-2007-03-08-To Attempt Record-Most Haircuts In 24-Hour Period.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-08-7 am.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-03-08.mp3
08 Gerard Butler-New Movie 300-2007-03-08.mp3
09 AfroCalls-2007-03-08.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-08-8 am.mp3
11 OJ Simpson-2007-03-08-On Claiming To Be The Father Of The Anna Nicole Baby.mp3
12 You Met Your Hero And It Went Horribly-2007-03-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 You Met Your Hero And It Went Horribly-2007-03-08-They Surprise Bean With Buzz Aldrin On The Phone.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-08-9 am.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-08.mp3
March 9-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-09.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-09-6 am.mp3
03 Samuel L Jackson-2007-03-09.mp3
04 Dick Cheney-2007-03-09.mp3
05 My Chemical Romance-2007-03-09.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-09-7 am.mp3
07 Drew Curtis-Fark Dot Com-2007-03-09.mp3
08 Kurt Russell-2007-03-09-The Grindhouse.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-09-8 am.mp3
10 Stewart Claxton-Guinness Book-2007-03-09-On Armenian Comedian Trying To Pursue Haircutting Record.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-03-09.mp3
12 Email-2007-03-09.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-09-9 am.mp3
14 Rodney Gets His Star-2007-03-09-Great Moments With Rodney On The Roq.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-09.mp3
March 12-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-12-Rodney Gets His Star.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-12-6 am.mp3
03 Rodney-2006-03-12-His Songs Discussed-I Hate The 90s and Teenage Girl.mp3
04 Who Is The Worst Driver In The KROQ Audience-2007-03-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-12-7 am.mp3
06 The Pope Vs Bob Dylan-2007-03-12.mp3
07 SXSW Trip Winners Called and Spring Break Trip Announced-2007-03-12.mp3
08 Brandy-Wife Of Lightning-2007-03-12-On Sam Setting Haircut Record In Her Salon.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-12-8 am.mp3
10 Rise Against-2007-03-12-In-studio Interview and Performance.mp3
11 Rodney Gets His Star-2007-03-12-Highlights Of Guests and His Speech.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-12-9 am.mp3
13 Guitar Hero Showdown-Kevin Vs King Of Mexico-2007-03-12.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-12.mp3
March 13-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-13.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-13-6 am.mp3
03 Guitar Hero-The Aftermath-2007-03-13-King Of Mexico To Switch Jobs With Kevin.mp3
04 Guitar Hero-The Rematch-2007-03-13.mp3
05a King Of Mexico And Kevin Have Swapped Jobs-2007-03-13.mp3
05b and 15b Niu Niu The Legless Panda-2007-03-13.mp3
06a King Of Mexico And Kevin In Their New Roles-2007-03-13.mp3
06b Show Biz Beat-2007-03-13-7 am.mp3
07a King Of Mexico And Kevin Switch Back-2007-03-13.mp3
07b Maxim-20 Greatest Awful Movies-2007-03-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Kevin And Bean Download Rodeo-Listener Remixes-2007-03-13.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-13-8 am.mp3
10 Lisa May Almost Gets Into A Fight At The Movies-2007-03-13.mp3
11 AfroCalls-2007-03-13.mp3
12 Armenian ComedianNeedsAnAgentNow-2007-03-13-Interviewed By Agent Who Reps For Will Ferrell And Borat.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-13-9 am.mp3
14 Dawan Gets A Surprise-2007-03-13-Drew Barrymore Promo Brought To His House.mp3
15a Guitar Hero Rematch Results-Highlights Of Dave and Kevin In Their New Jobs-2007-03-13.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-13.mp3
March 14-Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-14 Lisa Is Late For The Very First Time.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-14-6 am.mp3
03a Spring Break In Norway Previewed-2007-03-14.mp3
03b Jeff Goldblum-2007-03-14-New TV Show-Raines.mp3
04 Dawan Gets A Surprise-from Tuesday 2007-03-13-Drew Barrymore Promo Poster Delivered By Mike.mp3
05 Email-2007-03-14.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-14-7 am.mp3
07 Simpsons Trivia-2007-03-14-Game For Tickets To Simpson.mp3
08 Fights In Movie Theaters-2007-03-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-14-8 am.mp3
10 Eric Idle-2007-03-14-Spamalot Comes To Las Vegas.mp3
11 Loquecia-2007-03-14-Who Wants To Be A Pussycat Doll.mp3
12 Phil Gunn-Producer Of Miss USA-2007-03-14-On Kevin Being Invited To Announce The Pagent.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-14-9 am.mp3
14 Brian-KROQ Commercial Voice Over Guy-2007-03-14.mp3
15 Matt Wilkinson-Editor-Cal State Long Beach Paper-2007-03-14-On The Haircutting Record Attempt.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-14.mp3
March 15-Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-15.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-15-6 am.mp3
03 Haircutting Record Attempt-2007-03-15-Begins At Cal State Long Beach.mp3
04 Brian-KROQ Voice-Over Guy-from Wednesday 2007-03-14.mp3
05a Show Preview and update 3-15-07.mp3
05b and 15b King Of Mexico Gets Hugged and Kissed By Kristen Bell-2007-03-15.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-15-7 am.mp3
07 Haircutting Record Attempt-2007-03-15-update.mp3
08 Gene Simmons-2007-03-15-Wizard World Convention-Family Jewels Returning.mp3
09 Money-Former Sports Guy-2007-03-15-On NCAA Tournament.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-15-8 am.mp3
11 Chris Hansen-2007-03-15-Ralph Character.mp3
12 Haircutting Record Attempt-2007-03-15-update-Bean Storms Off.mp3
13 AfroCalls-2007-03-15.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-15-9 am.mp3
15a A Black Moment With Lisa.mp3
16 Haircutting Record Attempt-2007-03-15-The Aftermath.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-15.mp3
March 16-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-16.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-16-6 am.mp3
03 VoteForTheWorst-Dot-Com-2007-03-16.mp3
04 Richard Smalley-Tourism Marketing Manager-Kansas-2007-03-16.mp3
05 Julian McMahon-2007-03-16-New Movie-Premonition.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-16-7 am.mp3
07 Frank Caliendo-2007-03-16.mp3
08 AfroCalls-2007-03-16.mp3
09 Show BizBeat-2007-03-16-8 am.mp3
10 Armenian Comedian-2007-03-16-Recapping Failed World Record Haircutting Attempt.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-03-16-Dead Silence-Premonition-I Think I Love My Wife.mp3
12 Tom Cruise-2007-03-16-Scientology Psychiatry Museum.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-16-9 am.mp3
14 Bas Rutten-International Fight League Coach For LA Anacondas-2007.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-16.mp3
March 19-Monday----01 Tom Cruise-from 2007-03-16-Scientology Psychiatry Museum.mp3
02 Bean And His Baked-Good-Loving Cow-from 2007-03-06.mp3
03 Kevin And Bean Host The Addams Family Marathon-from 1993 on KCAL-TV-2006-10-25.mp3
04 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-19-6 am.mp3
05 Strange Fetishes-from 2006-10-11-Listener Call-In.mp3
06 Looking For The Funniest Joke In The World-from 2006-10-18-Listener Call-In.mp3
07 Calling Nepal Despite Ralph Protesting.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-19-7 am.mp3
09 Omar And King Of Mexico Party In Vegas For NBA All-Star Weekend-from 2007-02-20.mp3
10 Man On Man Massages-Does It Make You Gay-from 2007-03-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
11 Britney and Kevin-from 2006-06-20-Maybe Having Next Baby In Namibia.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-19-8 am.mp3
13 Kevin And His Amazing Poker Luck-from 2006-11-09-With Call From Poker Host Ray Romano.mp3
14 New Boy Scout Merit Badges-from 2006-10-27.mp3
15 Things You Got Stuck Up Your Butt-from 2006-11-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
16 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-19-9 am.mp3
17 Dr Marcus Wolfson-Refuting Claims In New Book-In The Female Mind-from 2006-11-29.mp3
18 My Chemical Romance-from 2006-10-31.mp3
19 Farewell To Beans Blog-from 2006-10-31.mp3
March 20-Tuesday----01 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-20-6 am.mp3
02 Sick Puppies-from 2007-03-07-Live In-studio Performance.mp3
03 Cartoon Characters You Would Like To Bang-from 2006-10-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 Talking Urinal Cake Theater-from 2007-02-13.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-20-7 am.mp3
06 Dick Cheney-from 2006-10-20-Speech In Topeka Plus Sings KISS-Roc.mp3
07 Jeff Bridges-from 2006-04-28.mp3
08 Rudy-from 2006-09-20-On Cell Phone Smuggling In Jails.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-20-8 am.mp3
10 Stryker Has A Tail-from 2006-12-12-The Truth Is Revealed From Stryker Himself.mp3
11 Lisa May Pole Dances-from 2007-01-10-Highlights.mp3
12 CrackingUnderPressure-ListenerCall-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-20-9 am.mp3
14 A Moment With Kevin-A Retrospective Of Clips-from 2007-03-01.mp3
15 Charlton Heston-from 2006-10-05-Turned 83 Years Old.mp3
16 Rise Against-from Monday 2007-03-12.mp3
March 21-Wednesday----01 Lightning Ends Up DJing For Tom Leykis and Girlfriend.mp3
02 Phil Gunn-Producer Of Miss USA-from 2007-03-14-On Kevin Being Asked To Announce.mp3
03 Duff Goldman-Ace of Cakes On Food Network- from 2007-01-19.mp3
04 Federlezee Autobiography-Wifebeater And Cigarettes- from 2006-11-13.mp3
05 Bird That Hates Bean- from 2006-06-07.mp3
06 Vasctomy Horror Stories.mp3
07 ShowBizBeat-2007-03-21-7 am.mp3
08 Opus Dei Monk-from 2006-05-23- On The Da Vinci Code.mp3
09 Bean Has A Website Called Nigga Please-from 2004-03-30.mp3
10 Tom Cruise-Crusing Through Life-from 2006.mp3
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-21-8 am.mp3
12 Brandon Davis-from 2006-11-03-New Song-Lips Of Glory.mp3
13 Malaysian Man Gets 218 Trillion Dollar Phone Bill-from 2006-04-11.mp3
14 Thanks For That Info Bean- from 2006-04-18.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-03-21-9 am.mp3
Muslim-Themed Porn-from 2006-011-20.mp3
Omar Heckling K-Fed At His Show-from 2006-11-20.mp3
Rudy-from Eco Alberto Park in Mexico-Tourists Pretend To Be Illegal Immigrants-from 2007-02-27.mp3
March 22 -Thursday----01 Prison Pals-dot-net.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-22-6 am.mp3
03 Bob Dylan-from 2006-06-08-Radio Show Theme This Week Is Coffee.mp3
04 Eric Idle-from 2007-03-14-Spamalot Comes To Las Vegas.mp3
05 Hu Is The President Of China-from 2006-04-25.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-22-7 am.mp3
07 Kat Corbett Psycho Mike And Jenny Might Have A Threesome-from 2006-05-16.mp3
08 AOL Will Not Let You Cancel Your Account-EVER-from 2006-06-23.mp3
09 Bad Celebrity Encounters-from 2006-05-03-Listener Call-In.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-22-8 am.mp3
11 President Bush-from 2006-06-12-Rumored To Be A Closet Bisexual.mp3
12 Penis Injury Stories.mp3
13 Britney and Kevin-from 2006-02-23-With Dr. Phil Living With Them.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-22-9 am.mp3
15 Bean and His Blog-from 2006-01-04-Starts His Own Blog.mp3
16 Bobby Knight-from 2006-02-22.mp3
17 Fear Of Zombies-from 2006-02-21-Listener Call-In.mp3
March 23-Friday----01 Dick Cheney-from 2007-03-09.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-23-6 am.mp3
03 Working With You Is Killing Me-Thinly Veiled Calls From Each Other-2006-04-04.mp3
04 Fall Out Boy.mp3
05 Bean and His Neighbors Who Kill Their Rooster When Bean Asks Them To Take Care Of It.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-23-7 am.mp3
07 Smell-O-Vision In Japan-2007-01-10.mp3
08 Samwell-Sings What What In The Butt On YouTube-from 2007-03-05.mp3
09 Thai Prime Minister and Buzzer-Not Constructive-2005-11-29.mp3
10 ShowBizBeat-2007-03-23-8am.mp3
11 Uncrustables Or Peanut Butter and Jelly-The Great Debate-from 2006-12-01-Listener Call-In.mp3
12 Movie Beat-2007-03-23.mp3
13 Keeping Nude Photos While Developing Them-from 2004-09-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-23-9 am.mp3
15 Paul Moyer Fighting With Ann Martin-from 2004-11-15.mp3
16 Bean Crashed Truck Of Friend Who Is On Vacation-from 2006-09-18.mp3
17 Chang Chang-Fat Panda From Thailand-from 2007-01-22-Being Put On Diet.mp3
March 26-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-26-Bean Was In Kansas On Break.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-26-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Mel Gibson Meltdown At CSUN-2007-03-26-More Discussion.mp3
04 and 16 Federlezee-2007-03-26-On Having His Own Search Engine.mp3
05 Who Would Lisa Rather F--k-2007-03-26.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-26-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
07 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MovieDiscussed-2007-03-26.mp3
08 Fall Out Boy-Honda Civic Tour Contest-2007-03-26.mp3
09 Bean Brings In Slides From Kansas Vacation-2007-03-26.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-26-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
11 Matt Money Smith-2007-03-26-On NCAA Final Four.mp3
12 AfroCalls-2007-03-26.mp3
13 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-03-26-Anna Nicole Autopsy Results.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-3-26-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
15 Pakistan Called-2007-03-26-Asking About Strangled Cricket Coach.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-26.mp3
March 27-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-27-Bean Crashes New Car.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-27-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Movies That Make Guys Cry-2007-03-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 and 13 Rodney Wants To Sue Kevin And Bean-2007-03-27.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-27-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
06 Rudy-2007-03-27-On Mexican Simpsons Voice Actors Striking.mp3
07 The Secret-2007-03-27.mp3
08 Lisa To Get Vaginal Rejuvenation Today-2007-03-27-A Preview.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-27-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
10 Looking For Date To Swingers Weekend-2007-03-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
11 Email-2007-03-27.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-27-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
14 Sisters And Mom Pregnant By Same Guy-2007-03-27-Sister Julie Calls In.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-27.mp3
March 28-Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-28-Sanjaya-Lisa G-Shot.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-28-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Chief Pagdilao-Philippines-Gay Police Not To Sway Hips-2007-03-28.mp3
04 Farting Stories-2007-03-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-28-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
06 King Of Mexico and Psycho Mike Harmonic Orchestra-2007-03-28.mp3
07 Lisa Invited By 14-Year-Old To See Her Play-2007-03-28.mp3
08 AfroCalls-2007-03-28.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-28-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
10 Lisa Got Her G-Shot-2007-03-28-Highlights.mp3
11 Bean Is Accident Prone-2007-03-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-28-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
13 Jed Fought With A Retarded Midget-2007-03-28.mp3
14 Citizen Of The Day-2007-03-28-Man Gives Pot To Small Children.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-28.mp3
March 29-Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-29.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-29-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Hooters Opening In Israel-2007-03-29.mp3
04 Jed Fought With A Retarded Midget-FROM WED 2007-03-28.mp3
05 Sisters And Mom Pregnant B ySame Guy-FROM TUE 2007-03-27-Sister Julie Calls In.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-29-No Ralph-Midgets For Kevin On His Birthday.mp3
07 Tyra Banks Really Blows-2007-03-29-Had The Christies On Her Show.mp3
08 Cesar Milan-2007-03-29-The Dog Whisperer.mp3
09 Email-2007-03-29.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-29-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
11 Chris Cornell-2007-03-29-Interview and Performance-53 Minutes Total.mp3
12 David Alan Grier-2007-03-29.mp3
13 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-29.mp3
March 30 -Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-03-30-Fisting.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-30-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Chris Cornell-from Thur 2007-03-29-Highlights.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-03-30-On Britney-Federline Divorce.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-30-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
06 Blades Of Glory-Interview With Cast-2007-03-30.mp3
07 Matt Money Smith-2007-03-30-On NCAA Final Four.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-30-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
09 Lisa Tried Out Her G-Shot-2007-03-30-Update.mp3
10 Movie Beat-2007-03-30-With Mr Moviefone- Meet the Robinsons-Blades Of Glory.mp3
11 Afro Calls-2007-03-30.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-03-30-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
13 Jacoby Shaddix-Papa Roach-2007-03-30-Host Of TV Show Scarred.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-03-30.mp3
April 02-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-02.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-02-6 am.mp3
03 Jacoby Shaddix-Papa Roach-from 2007-03-30-Host Of MTV Show Scarred.mp3
04 and 14 Roland-2007-04-02-On New Star Wars Stamps.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-02-7 am.mp3
06 Dating Dealbreakers-2007-04-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
07 Linkin Park-Mike and Brad-2007-04-02.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-02-8 am.mp3
09 Sean Connery-2007-04-02-On If He Will Act Again.mp3
10 Nicole-Former Intern-2007-04-02-Fundraiser For Cancer Research-Will Send Boob Photo To You.mp3
11 Petros-2007-04-02-On Final Four and Other Topics.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-02-9 am-With Petros.mp3
13 Bad Pitches For You-2007-04-02.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-02-Swinger Blind Date Update.mp3
April 03-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-02.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-02-6 am.mp3
03 Jacoby Shaddix-Papa Roach-from 2007-03-30-Host Of MTV Show Scarred.mp3
04 and 14 Roland-2007-04-02-On New Star Wars Stamps.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-02-7 am.mp3
Dating Dealbreakers-2007-04-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
Linkin Park-Mike and Brad-2007-04-02.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-04-02-8 am.mp3
Sean Connery-2007-04-02-On If He Will Act Again.mp3
Nicole-Former Intern-2007-04-02-Fundraiser For Cancer Research-Will Send Boob Photo To You.mp3
Petros-2007-04-02-On Final Four and Other Topics.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-04-02-9 am-With Petros.mp3
Bad Pitches For You-2007-04-02.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-04-02-Swinger Blind Date Update.mp3
April 04-Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-04.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-04-6 am.mp3
03 German Brother and Sister Are In Love With 4 Children-2007-04-04.mp3
04 Psycho Mike Coaches Girls Softball-2007-04-04-Plus Wife Jeni Calls In.mp3
05 Cheng Cheng The Fat Panda-2007-04-04-Admits He Is Gay.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-04-7 am.mp3
07 Rosario Dawson-2007-04-04.mp3
08 Special Greeting Cards-2007-04-04.mp3
09 AfroCalls-2007-04-04.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-04-8 am.mp3
11 Pranks On Teachers-2007-04-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Email-2007-04-04.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-04-9 am.mp3
14 Loquecia-2007-04-04-Who Wants To Be A Pussycat Doll.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-04.mp3
April 05-Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-05.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-05-6 am.mp3
03 Hilary Swank-2007-04-05-The Reaping.mp3
04 Loquecia-from Wed 2007-04-04-Who Wants To Be A Pussycat Doll.mp3
05 Email-2007-04-05.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-05-7 am.mp3
07 Kevin Nealon-2007-04-05.mp3
08 Keith Richards-2007-04-05-On Reports He Snorted Ashes Of Father.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-05-8 am.mp3
10 Bad Jobs You Liked-2007-04-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
11 AfroCalls-2007-04-05.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-05-9 am.mp3
13 Kevin Is Obsessed With A Woman Who Only Orgasms When Giving Oral Sex-2007-04-05-Plus Dr Drew Calls.mp3
14 Kevin Drinks Breast Milk-2007-04-05-Security Guard Charles Says It Cures Insomnia.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-05-Do Not Share Breast Milk-AnotherWomanWhoOnlyOrgasmsWhenGivingOralSex.mp3
April 06-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-06.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-06-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Lightning Is Fat and Scares His Kids-2007-04-06.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-3007-04-06.mp3
05 Kevin Is Obsessed With A Woman Who Only Orgasms When Giving Oral Sex-from Thur 2007-04-05-Plus Dr Drew Calls.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-06-7 am.mp3
07 Sopranos Recap-2007-04-06.mp3
08 AfroCalls-2007-04-06.mp3
09 Ken Gushi-Formula Drift Racer-2007-04-06.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat 2007-04-06-8 am.mp3
11 Beer Pong-Professional Champions and Southern California Beer Pong Association-2007-04-06.mp3
12 Movie Beat-2007-04-06-The Hoax-The TV Set-Are We Done Yet.mp3
13 Stephen Hawking-2007-04-06-Going Into Zero Gravity.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-06-9 am.mp3
16 Rex Lee-Lloyd From Entourage-2007-04-06.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-06.mp3
April 09-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-09.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-09-6 am.mp3
03 Joel McHale-2007-04-09.mp3
04 Email-2007-04-09.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-09-7 am.mp3
06 Is Kevin Smarter Than A Fifth Grader-2007-04-09.mp3
07 Penis Injuries-2007-04-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-09-8 am.mp3
09 Porn Titles-2007-04-09-Joy King-Wicked Pictures.mp3
10 AfroCalls-2007-04-09.mp3
11 Shia LaBeouf-2007-04-09-Disturbia.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-09-9 am.mp3
13 Bobcat Goldthwait-2007-04-09-Sleeping Dogs Lie-On DVD.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-09.mp3
April 10-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-10.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-10-6 am.mp3
03 and 12 Death Pool Dave-2007-04-10.mp3
04 Bobcat Goldthwait-from Monday 2007-04-09-Sleeping Dogs Lie-On DVD.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-04-10.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-10-7 am.mp3
07 Sean Connery-2007-04-10-On His Demands For Appearing In New Indiana Jones Movie.mp3
08 Dream Jobs-2007-04-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-10-8 am.mp3
10 Joe Rogan-2007-04-10.mp3
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-10-9 am.mp3
13 Is Lisa Smarter Than A Fifth Grader-2007-04-10.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-10.mp3
April 11-Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-11.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-11-6 am.mp3
03 Is Lightning Smarter Than A Fifth Grader-2007-04-11.mp3
04 Sex Exceptions-And Do They Work-2007-04-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-11-7 am.mp3
06 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-04-11-Anna Nicole Paternity Results.mp3
07 Jay Mohr-2007-04-11.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-11-8 am-With Jay Mohr.mp3
09 Jesse Jackson-2007-04-11-On Don Imus.mp3
10 AfroCalls-2007-04-11.mp3
11 John Madden-2007-04-11.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-11-9 am.mp3
13 Loquecia-2007-04-11-Who Wants To Be A Pussycat Doll.mp3
14 FCC Indecency Refresher Time-2007-04-11-Pyscho Mike Makes Intern Circus Vargus Fill Out His Test.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-11.mp3
April 12-Thursday----01 Opening Collage Segment-2007-04-12.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-12-6 am.mp3
03 Loquecia-from Wed 2007-04-11-Who Wants To Be A Pussycat Doll.mp3
04 Email-2007-04-12.mp3
05 and 14 FCC Indecency Training Hotline-2007-04-12.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-12-7 am.mp3
07 Swinger Vacation Update-2007-04-12.mp3
08 Don Bolles-Drummer For The Germs-2007-04-12-Illegal Soap Bust.mp3
09 AfroCalls-2007-04-12.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-12-8 am.mp3
11 Quentin Tarantino-2007-04-12.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-12-9 am.mp3
13 Chris Pronger-Anaheim Ducks-2007-04-12.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-12.mp3
April 13-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-13.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-13-6 am.mp3
03 Shia LaBeouf- from Monday 2007-04-09-Disturbia.mp3
04 Chris Pronger-Anaheim Ducks-from Thursday 2007-04-12.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-04-13.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-13-7 am.mp3
07 Who Supports Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton-2007-04-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Paul Tracy-Grand Prix Driver-2007-04-13.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-13-8 am.mp3
10 Lightning Does Beer Pong Play-By-Play-2007-04-13-Highlights.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-04-13-Aqua Teen Hunger Force-Redline-Perfect Stranger-Disturbia.mp3
12 Matt Money Smith-2007-04-13-On Clippers Beating Lakers.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-13-With Money.mp3
14 Is King Of Mexico Smarter Than A Fifth Grader-2007-04-13.mp3
15 Dave Willis-Aqua Teen Hunger Force Creator-2007-04-13.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-13.mp3
April 16-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-16.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-16-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Charm School-VH1-2007-04-16-Highlights.mp3
04 Lisa And Her Suicidal Dog-2007-04-16.mp3
05 Email-2007-04-16.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-16-7 am.mp3
07 Federlezee-2007-04-16-On Rumors He Hooked Up With Lindsay Lohan.mp3
08 Spiderman 3 In Paris Giveaway Winner Called-2007-04-16.mp3
09 AfroCalls-2007-04-16.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-16 8 am.mp3
11 Stump Rodney-2007-04-16-Game For Coachella Tickets.mp3
12 Crazy Creepy Neighbors-2007-04-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-16-9 am.mp3
15 Britney Paparazzi Video Discussed-2007-04-16.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-16.mp3
April 17-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-17.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-17-6 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
03 Blind Butt Psychic-2007-04-17.mp3
04 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-04-17-For Coachella Tickets.mp3
05 Britney-2007-04-17-On Her Ironic Paparazzi Video.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-17-7 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
07 Party Disasters-2007-04-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Who Has Been Hiding Anal Lube-2007-04-17.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-17-8 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
10 AfroCalls-2007-04-17.mp3
11a Kevin Sees Asian Woman In Movie Theater Sitting Under Umbrella During Movie-2007-04-17.mp3
11b Psycho Body-2007-04-17.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-17-9 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
13 Virginia Tech Shootings-2007-04-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-17.mp3
April 18-Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-18.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-18-6 am-Ralph In Philidelphia.mp3
03 Craig Ferguson-Late Late Show-2007-04-18.mp3
04 Childhood Fears-2007-04-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-18-7 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
06 Fake Band Real Band-2007-04-18-For Coachella Tickets.mp3
07 Mexican Millionaire-2nd Richest Man In The World-2007-04-18.mp3
08 Virginia Tech College Radio Station Program Director-Chris Moore-2007-04-18.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-18-8 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
10 Eric Schott-Producer Of New 101 Things Removed From The Human Body-2007-04-18.mp3
11 Petros Papadakis-2007-04-18-On Lakers-Clippers Rivalry.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-18-9 am-With Petros-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
13 Who Has Been Hiding Anal Lube-2007-04-18-The Search Continues-With Charles and Jed.mp3
14 Lisa And Her Suicidal Dog-from Monday 2007-04-16.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-18.mp3
April 19-Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-19.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-18-7 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
03a Lisa Likes The Gay Travel Lifestyle-2007-04-19.mp3
03b AfroCalls-2007-04-19.mp3
04 Proud FM-Toronto-First Commercial Radio For Gays and Lesbians-2007-04-19.mp3
05 Clippers Do Not Make Playoffs-Clipper Nation Part 2-2007-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-19- 7am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
07 Dr Drew-2007-04-19-On Virginia Tech Killer.mp3
08 Jamie Masada-Laff Factory Owner-2007-04-19-On Dave Chappelle Doing Stand-up For 6 Hours.mp3
09 Xzibit-Pimp My Ride-2007-04-19-Plus Arnold Schwarzenegger.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-19-8 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
11 Master Keidis Theater-2007-04-19-For Coachella Tickets.mp3
12 Should NBC News Have Aired Video From Virginia Tech Killer-2007-04-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-19-9 am-Ralph In Philadelphia.mp3
14 Daniel Wilson-Author Of Where Is My Jet Pack-2007-04-19.mp3
15 Craig Ferguson-Late Late Show-from Wednesday 2007-04-18.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-19.mp3
April 20-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-20.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-20-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Kate Beckingsale-2007-04-20.mp3
04 Recounting When Lisa Got Sick Last 420-2007-04-20.mp3
05 and 15 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-04-20-On Alec Baldwin Screaming Voice Message To Daughter.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-20-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
Nick-Simon-Edgar-Creators Of Movie-Hot Fuzz-2007-04-20.mp3
Wake And Bake Theater-2007-04-20-For Coachella Tickets.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-04-20-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
David Duchovny-2007-04-20-New Movie-The TV Set.mp3
Movie Beat-2007-04-20-With Mr Movie Fone.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-04-20-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego-Creators Of Flava Of Love And Many Other Reality Shows-2007-04-20.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-04-20.mp3
April 23-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-23.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-23-6 am.mp3
03 Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego-Creators Of Flava Of Love And Many Other Reality Shows-from Friday 2007-04-20.mp3
04 and 15 Psycho Mike-Red Carpet Interviews-Heroes-2007-04-23.mp3
05 and 16 Michael Jackson-2007-04-23-Father Of The Year In Japan.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-23-7 am.mp3
07a Channel 7-Stormwatch-2007-04-23.mp3
07b Minnie Driver-2007-04-23.mp3
08 Mole-2007-04-23.mp3
09 Santiago Cabrera-Isaac From Heroes-2007-04-23.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-23-8 am.mp3
11 KingOfMexico-NewClipperSong-2007-04-23.mp3
12 How Will Kevin Get To Coachella-2007-04-23-For Tickets.mp3
13 AfroCalls-2007-04-23.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-23-9 am.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-23.mp3
April 24-Tuesday---01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-24.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-24-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Channel 4 News-2007-04-24-Doug Kriegel.mp3
04 Orchestra De La Raza-2007-04-24-For Coachella Tickets.mp3
05 Alec Baldwin-2007-04-24.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-24-7 am.mp3
07 King Of Mexico Has To Pay Off His NBA Bet To Kevin-20007-04.mp3
08 Things King Of Mexico Can Do To Make Money To Pay His Bet-2007-04-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 James Worthy-2007-04-24.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-24-8 am.mp3
11 DL Hughley-2007-04-24.mp3
12 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-04-24-On Alec Baldwin.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-24-9 am.mp3
15 Blind Butt Psychic-from Tuesday 2007-04-17.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-24.mp3
April 25-Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-25.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-25-6 am.mp3
03 Liam Sullivan Song-Shoes-from YouTube-2007-04-25.mp3
04 and 16 Loquecia-2007-04-25-Who Wants To Be A Pussycat Doll Finale.mp3
05 King Of Mexico-Out Earning Credits To Pay Off Bet To Kevin-2007-04-25.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-25-7 am.mp3
07 Matt Dunphy-The NIN Hotline-2007-04-25.mp3
08 Stump Bjork-2007-04-25-For Coachella Tickets.mp3
09 AfroCalls-2007-04-25.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-25-8 am.mp3
11 J S Giguere-Anaheim Ducks-2007-04-25.mp3
12 King Of Mexico Out Earning Credits To Pay Bet-2007-04-25-Update.mp3
13 Matt Money Smith-2007-04-25-On LA Lakers Crushing Loss.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-25-9 am.mp3
15 Lick Lisa-2007-04-25-For Ducks Playoff Tickets.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-25.mp3
April 26-Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-26.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-26-6 am.mp3
03 King Of Mexico-Out Earning Credit To Pay Bet To Kevin-2007.mp3
04 Stump Rodney-2007-04-26-For Coachella Tickets.mp3
05 Email-2007-04-26.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-26-7 am.mp3
07 Liam Sullivan-From YouTube Song-Shoes-2007-04-26.mp3
08 Sean Connery-2007-04-26-On Starting Political TV Station In Scotland.mp3
09 Sales Guy Wayne-2007-04-26-Angry That Roseanne Barr Got Cancelled From Appearing On KROQ.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-26-8 am.mp3
Tori Amos-2007-04-26-In-studio Interview and Performance.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-04-26-9 am.mp3
Captain Sig-From The Deadliest Catch On Discovery Channel-2007-04-26.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-04-26-Plus King Of Mexico Update.mp3
April 27-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-27.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-27-6 am.mp3
03 Captain Sig-Deadliest Catch On Discovery Channel-from Thursday 2007-04-26.mp3
04 Mark Burnett-2007-04-27-New Show-On The Lot.mp3
05 King Of Mexico-2007-04-27-Working A tThe Carwash To Finish Earning Credits To Pay Off Bet to Kevin.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-27-7 am.mp3
07 Jon Cryer-Two And A Half Men-2007-04-27.mp3
08 Psycho Mike Gets Personal Invitation For Gay Concert Date On Craigslist.mp3
09 Nicolas Cage-2007-04-27-New Movie-Next.mp3
10 Movie Beat-2007-04-27-Kickin It Old Skool-The Condemned-Next.mp3
11 Tom Morello-Rage Against The Machine-2007-04-27-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-27-9 am.mp3
13 King Of Mexico Still A Dollar Short To Pay Off Bet-Eats Yak Meat-2007-04-27.mp3
14 Chuck Liddell-UFC-2007-4-27.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-27.mp3
April 30-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-04-30.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-30-6 am.mp3
03 Tom Morello-Entire Interview from Friday 2007-04-27-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
04 Coachella Highlights-2007-04-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-30-7 am.mp3
06 Rockin Taco Cantina Commercial Analyzed-Voiced By Adam-2007-04-30.mp3
07 Weenie Roast 2007 Announced-2007-04-30.mp3
08 Man Among Wolves-2007-04-30.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-30-8 am.mp3
10 The Benefits Of Being Gay-2007-04-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
11 AfroCalls-2007-04-30.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-04-30-9 am.mp3
13 Stump Rodney-2007-04-30.mp3
14 Dying Bees-2007-04-30.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-04-30.mp3
MAY 1- Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-01.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-01-06 am.mp3
03 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-05-01-Fo rWeenie Roast Tickets.mp3
04 Gerald and LindaPolley-2007-05-01.mp3
05 and 15 Steven Seagal-On His New Energy Drink-2007-05-01.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-01-7 am.mp3
07a Smallest Pregnant Woman On The Insider-2007-05-01.mp3
07b Gambling Losses You Could Not Afford To Lose-2007-05-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Rudy-2007-05-01-On Immigration Marches.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-01-8 am.mp3
10 Unusually Stupid Celebrities-Co-Author Kathy Petras-2007-05.mp3
11 Kevin and Bean Promos Deemed Offensive-Will Be Edited-2007-05-01.mp3
12 Rudy-2007-05-01-On Immigration Marches-Update.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-01-9 am.mp3
14 Bean 2007-05-01 Offers Food To Wife Donna At Ballgame-Comes Back With Only His Food.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-01.mp3
MAY 2- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-02.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-02-6 am.mp3
03 Kevin and Bean Promos Are Deemed Offensive-Will Be Edited-From Tuesday 2007-05-01.mp3
04 People Who Got Busted By Email-2007-05-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-02-7 am.mp3
06 Thomas Haden Church-2007-05-02-Spiderman 3.mp3
07 EPA Scientist-On Pollution In LA-2007-05-02.mp3
08 Bean-2007-05-02-Runs Out Of Gas On Purpose-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-02-8 am.mp3
10 Kevin and Bean Whistle The Hits-2007-05-02-For WeenieRoast Tickets.mp3
11 Matt Money Smith-2007-05-02-On LA Lakers-De La Hoya-Mayweather Fight.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-02-9 am.mp3
13 Dawan-2007-05-02-Wants To Work At In-n-Out.mp3
14 Blind Butt Psychic-from 2007-04-17.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-02.mp3
MAY 3 - Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-03.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-03-6 am-From Philadelphia.mp3
03 Dawan-from Wednesday 2007-05-02-Wants To Work At In-n-Out.mp3
04 and 13 DickCheney-2007-05-03-On The Washington DC Madam.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-05-03.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-03-7 am-From Philadelphia.mp3
07 Lesbians More Likely To Be Overweight-2007-05-03-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Jim Lampley-2007-05-03.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-03-8 am-From Philadelphia.mp3
10 Gustavo Arellano-Ask A Mexican-2007-05-03-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-03-9 am-From Philadelphia.mp3
12 Lick Lisa-2007-05-03-Weenie Edition.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-03.mp3
MAY 4- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-04.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-04-6 am.mp3
03 De La Hoya-Mayweather-24-7-Highlights-2007-05-04.mp3
04 Shortest Marriages-2007-05-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-04-7 am.mp3
06 Peter Krause-2007-05-04-New Movie-Civic Duty.mp3
07 Orchestra De La Rossa-2007-05-04-For Weenie Roast Tickets.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-04-8 am.mp3
09 Email-2007-05-04.mp3
10 Movie Beat-2007-05-04-Waitress-Lucky You-Civic Duty-Spiderman 3.mp3
11 Sugar Shane Mosely-2007-05-04.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-04-9 am.mp3
13 President Bush-2007-05-04-On Not Being Named In 100 Most Influential People List.mp3
14 Nick The Signholder-2007-05-04-Will Be On MTV Reality Show About Virgins.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-04.mp3
MAY 7- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-07.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-07-6 am.mp3
03 President Bush-from Friday 2007-05-04-On Not Being Named In 100 Most Influential People List.mp3
04 De La Hoya-Mayweather Fight Reviewed-2007-05-07.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-05-07.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-07-7 am.mp3
07 Nick The Signholder-from Friday 2007-05-04-Will Be On MTV Reality Show About Virgins.mp3
08 MTV SuburbanVirgin Reality Show Auditions-2007-05-07.mp3
09 Bob Dylan-2007-05-07-Sings To Kindergarten Class.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-07-8 am.mp3
11 Alyson Hannigan-2007-05-07-How I Met Your Mother.mp3
12 Email-2007-05-07.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-07-9 am.mp3
14 Stringy Weenie-2007-05-07-For Weenie Roast Tickets.mp3
15 De La Hoya-Mayweather Fight Reviewed-2007-05-07-More.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-07.mp3
MAY 8- Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-08.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-08-6 am.mp3
03 Rodney-Highlights Of Old Interview With The Go-Gos-2007-05-08.mp3
04 and 15 Pastor Kevin Bean- On Former Governor James McCreedy-Entering The Seminary-2007-05-08.mp3
05 Doc-On Being Out With Shingles-2007-05-08.mp3
06a Bean For Hayden Panettiere Eyelashes-2007-05-08.mp3
06b Show Biz Beat-2007-05-08-7 am.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-2007-05-08-On Paris Hilton Going To Jail.mp3
08 Kevin and Bean Title Fight-2007-05-08-For Weenie Roast Tickets.mp3
09 Roland-2007-05-08-On Spiderman 3.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-08-8 am.mp3
11 Girl Needed For Threesome-2007-05-08.mp3
12 Sad Girl-From Prison-Tips For Paris Hilton-2007-05-08.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-08-9 am.mp3
14 Lightning-2007-05-08-Supports Movie Bootleggers.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-08.mp3
MAY 9- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-09.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-09-6 am.mp3
and 14 The Starkey Foundation-Dont Say What Campaign-2007-05-09.mp3
Telemarketing Jobs-2007-05-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-09-7 am.mp3
John Schoen-MSNBC-Why A Gas Boycott Will Not Work-2007-05-09.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-09-8 am.mp3
Nicolai Gutanov-Merchandiser For Policital Candidates-2007-05-09.mp3
Wheel Of Celebrities-2007-05-09-For Weenie Roast Tickets.mp3
Channel 4 News-Fire Coverage-2007-05-09.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-09-9 am.mp3
DieuTo Goes Back To College-2007-05-09-Classmate Tim Reports.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-05-09.mp3
MAY 10 - Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-10.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-10-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Zach Braff-2007-05-10.mp3
04 DieuTo Goes Back To College-from Wednesday 2007-05-09-Classmate Tim Reports.mp3
05 Email-2007-05-10.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-10-7 am.mp3
07 JS Giguerre-Anaheim Ducks-2007-05-10.mp3
08 FreeParisDotOrg Creator Kyle Vincent-2007-05-10.mp3
09 Arnold Schwarzenegger-2007-05-10-On Being Asked To Pardon Paris Hilton.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-10-8 am.mp3
11 Joe Rogan-2007-05-10.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-10-9 am.mp3
13 All Killer No Filler-2007-05-10-For Weenie Roast Ticket.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-10.mp3
MAY 11- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-11.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-11-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Dick Cheney-2007-05-11-On His Recent Visit To Iraq.mp3
04 Psycho Mike-On What Young Girls Think Of Paris Hilton-2007-05-11.mp3
05 Harold Perrineau-2007-05-11-New Movie-28 Weeks Later.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-11-7 am.mp3
07 Name Those Songs-Quick Montage Of 6 Bands-2007-05-11-For Weenie Roast Tickets.mp3
08 National Emo Kid Beatdown Day-2007-05-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-11-8 am.mp3
10 Greg Grunberg-2007-05-11-Heroes.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-05-11-Delta Farce-Georgia Rule-28 Weeks Later-The Ex.mp3
12 Farfour-The Hamas Mickey Mouse-2007-05-11.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-11-9 am.mp3
15 The Resistance Manifesto-Mark Dice-2007-05-11-Celebrating Paris Hilton Going To Jail.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-11.mp3
MAY 14- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-14.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-14-6 am.mp3
03 How Will Kevin Get To Weenie-2007-05-14-For Weenie Roast Tickets.mp3
04 and 14 Jesse Jackson-2007-05-14-Not Enough Black Baseball Players.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-05-14.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-14-7 am.mp3
07 Lick Linkin Park Contestants Sought-2007-05-14.mp3
08 Pasadena Outsources City Council Coverage To India-2007-05-14.mp3
09 Circus Vargus The Intern-2007-05-14-On Her Phone Skills.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-14-8 am.mp3
11 Mothers Day Gone Wrong-2007-05-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Dawan-2007-05-14-Applying To In-N-Out.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-14-9 am.mp3
15 Psycho Mike-On What Girls Think Of Paris Hilton-from Friday 2007-05-11.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-14.mp3
MAY 15- Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-15.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-15-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Brows The Intern-2007-05-15.mp3
04 Email-2007-05-15.mp3
05 Nudist Colonies Need More Young Members-2007-05-15.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-15-7 am.mp3
07 You Dont Know Dick-2007-05-15-For Ducks Playoff Tickets.mp3
08 AfroCalls-2007-05-15.mp3
09 Sylvester Stallone-2007-05-15-Pled Guilty For Importing HGH Into Australia.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-15-8 am.mp3
Linkin Park-Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson-2007-05-15-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Lick Linkin Park-2007-05-15-Or Lick Rob From Warner Brothers Records.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-15-9 am.mp3
Geoffrey Rush-2007-05-15-Pirates Of The Carribean.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-05-15.mp3
MAY 16- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-16-Jerry Falwell Passes Away.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-16-6 am.mp3
03 King Of Mexico Is A Girly-Man-2007-05-16.mp3
04 Speed yWeenie-2007-05-16-For Weenie Roast Tickets.mp3
05 AfroCalls-2007-05-16.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-16-7 am.mp3
07 Cop Stole Pot-Made Brownies-Thought He Was Dying-2007-05-16-The 911 Call.mp3
08 Emo Jokes-2007-05-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-16-8 am.mp3
10 Tim Armstrong-Rancid-Transplants-2007-05-16.mp3
11 Bad Miami Drivers-2007-05-16.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-16-9 am.mp3
13 Sex Secrets Of An American Geisha-Author Py Kym-2007-05-16.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-16-Elementary Classmate Of SignholderNick-Hasslehof Sighting.mp3
MAY 17 - Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-17.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-17-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Orlando Bloom-2007-05-17-Pirates Of The Carribean.mp3
04 Heal The Bay-President Mark Gold-2007-05-17-Weenie Roast Charity.mp3
05 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-05-17.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-17-7 am.mp3
07 BJ Novak-The Office-2007-05-17.mp3
08 Can An Engagement Ring Be Too Big-2007-05-17-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-17-8 am.mp3
10 Tiger Army-Nick 13-2007-05-17.mp3
11 Brows The Intern-Armeroki-2007-05-17.mp3
12 AfroCalls-2007-05-17.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-17-9 am.mp3
15 Bad Surprise Story-Man Has Non-Cancerous Testicle Removed.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-17.mp3
MAY 18- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-18.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-18-6 am.mp3
03 Scavenger Hunt Y Fiesta-2007-05-18.mp3
04 Luke and Andrew Wilson-2007-05-18-The Wendell Baker Story.mp3
05 and 14 Ozzy Osbourne-2007-05-18.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-18-7 am.mp3
07a Ducks Hockey Playoff Highlights-2007-05-18.mp3
07b National Bingo Night-2007-05-18-Host Ed Sanders.mp3
08 Astrologer Susan Miller-2007-05-18.mp3
09 Movie Beat-2007-05-18.mp3
10a Scavenger Hunt Y Fiesta-05-18-Update.mp3
10b Surfrider Foundation-Spokesperson Laura Mazzarella-2007-05-18.mp3
11 Bad Religion-2007-05-18.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-18-9 am.mp3
13 Scavenger Hunt Y Fiesta-2007-05-18-Winner Announced.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-18.mp3
MAY 21- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-21.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-21-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Keith Richards-On Getting Millions To Write His Autobiography.mp3
04 Naming Your Car-2007-05-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-21-7 am.mp3
06 Weenie Roast Highlights-2007-05-21.mp3
07 Andy Bushnell-Cal State Fullerton Student-Lives In His Truck.mp3
08 National Bingo Night-Lowlights-2007-05-21.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-21-8 am.mp3
10 David Alan Grier-2007-05-21-Coming To Irvine Improv.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-21-9 am.mp3
13 Adrian Pasdar-Heroes-2007-05-21-Season Finale Tonight.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-21.m
MAY 22- Tuesday-----
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-22.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-22-6 am.mp3
Adrian Pasdar-Heroes-From Monday 2007-05-22.mp3
Michael Jackson-2007-05-22-On His Storage Unit.mp3
LA Dodger PR Director-2007-05-22-Stitch and Pitch Is Returning.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-22-7 am.mp3
Mark Burnett-2007-05-22-New Show-On The Lot.mp3
Pick-up Lines That Supposedly Work-2007-05-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-22-8 am.mp3
The Bravery-2007-05-22-Interview and Performance.mp3
Psycho Mike-Wants To Get Ozzy Autograph Tattoo-2007-05-22.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-22-9 am.mp3
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne-2007-05-22.mp3
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne-2007-05-22-Listener Calls.mp3
MAY 23- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-23.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-23-6 am.mp3
03 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne-from Wednesday 2007-05-22.mp3
04 Tyra Banks Really Blows-2007-05-23-Makes Everything About Her.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-23-7 am.mp3
06 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-05-23-Law Aimed At TMZ Passes.mp3
07 Email-2007-05-23.mp3
08 Comic Book Challenge-2007-05-23-The Search For Comic Heroes.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-23-8 am.mp3
10 Lightning And His Green Suit-2007-05-23.mp3
11 Potpartner-dot-com-2007-05-23.mp3
12 Bean-The Greatest Story In The History Of The World-2007-05-23.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-23-9 am.mp3
14 AfroCalls-2007-05-23.mp3
15 Michael Jackson-from Wednesday 2007-05-22-On His Storage Unit.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-5-23.mp3
MAY 24 - Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-24.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-24-6 am.mp3
03 Geoffrey Rush-from Tuesday 2007-05-15-Pirates Of The Carribean.mp3
04 DieuTo-Emailed Psycho Mike About His Plans To Beat A Guy For Making Fun Of His Speech-2007-05-24.mp3
05 Save Jericho-Send Nuts Campaign-2007-05-24.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-24-7 am.mp3
07 American Idol Finale Highlights-2007-05-24.mp3
08 Bob Dylan-2007-05-24-On How He Feels About Talk Like Bob Dylan Day.mp3
09 Bam Margera-2007-05-24.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-24-8 am.mp3
11 Jay Mohr-2007-05-24.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-24-9 am.mp3
13 Movie Beat-Pirates Of Carribean Edition-2007-05-24.mp3
14 Kevin and Bean Back Hair Police-2007-05-24.mp3
15a Kevin and Bean Back Hair Police-Update-Lightning Gets Back Waxed 2007-05-24.mp3
15b What It Do Nephew-2007-05-24.mp3
MAY 25- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-25.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-25-6 am.mp3
03 The 15 Greatest Informercials-Mike Olson-Stuff Editor-2007-05-25.mp3
04a Kevin and Bean Back Hair Police- from Thursday-2007-05-24.mp3
04b Kevin and Bean Back Hair Police-Update-Lightning Gets Back Waxed- from Thursday 2007-05-24.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-25-7 am.mp3
06 LOST Season Finale Recapped-2007-05-25-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
07 HotChicksWithDouchebags-dot-com-2007-05-25.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-25-8 am.mp3
09 Movie Beat-2007-05-25-Pirates- Bug.mp3
10 Mole-2007-05-25-Still Looking Forward To Weenie Roast.mp3
11 Star Wars 30th Anniversary-John Singh-Lucasfilms-2007-05-25.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-25-9 am.mp3
13 JS Giguerre-Anaheim Ducks-2007-05-25.mp3
14 King Of Mexico-2007-05-25-In Rare Form At Weenie Roast.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-25.mp3
MAY 29- Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-29.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-29-6 am.mp3
JS Giguerre-Anaheim Ducks-from Friday 2007-05-25.mp3
Rudy-Now At Marvel Comics-On Mexican Superhero Ideas-2007-05-29.mp3
and 15 National Anthems Sung At NHL Finals-Stephen Stills Highlights-2007-05-29.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-29-7 am.mp3
Chicks Who Love Ugly Guys-2007-05-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Celebrity Fit Club-With Dustin Diamond-Highlights-2007-05-29.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-29-8 am.mp3
Kevin Has A Near Altercation At LAX Parking Structure-2007-05-29.mp3
Name That Duck-2007-05-29-For Ducks Finals Tickets.mp3
UCF 71-Recapped By Psycho Mike-2007-05-29.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-05-29-9 am.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-05-29.mp3
MAY 30 - Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-30-Including Dawan.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-30-6 am.mp3
03 Former Chinese Food and Drug Safety Chief Sentenced To Death-2007-05-30.mp3
04 Female Flashers-2007-05-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-30-7 am.mp3
06 Britney-2007-05-30-On Her New Letter To Her Fans.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-05-30-Lindsey Lohan Bust.mp3
08 Clooneys Clues-2007-05-30-Game For Oceans 13 Tickets.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-30-8 am.mp3
10 John Rambo-2007-05-30-On New Rambo Movie.mp3
11 Threesome Wednesday-2007-05-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
12a A Moment With Lisa May-Several-2007-05-30.mp3
12b Show Biz Beat-2007-05-30-9 am.mp3
13 Matt Money Smith-2007-05-30-On His Interview With Kobe Bryant.mp3
14 Rudy-Now At Marvel Comics-On Mexican Superhero Ideas-From Tuesday 2007-05-29.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-30.mp3
MAY 31 - Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-05-31.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-31-6 am.mp3
03 and 13 Keith Richards-Pirates Of The Carribean-2007-05-31.mp3
04 AfroCalls-2007-05-31.mp3
05 Lindsay Lohan-2007-05-31-From Rehab.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-31-7 am.mp3
07 Kobe Bryant Controversy-2007-05-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-31-8 am.mp3
09 Lick Lisa-2007-05-31-Oceans 13 Edition.mp3
10 Seth Rogan-2007-05-31-New Movie-Knocked Up.mp3
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-05-31-9 am.mp3
12 Email-2007-05-31.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-05-31.mp3
JUNE 1- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-01
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-01-6 am
03 Bean-2007-06-01-Writes Strongly Worded Letter To StronglyWordedLetter-Dot-Com
04 Movies You Have Seen Over 100 Times-2007-06-01-Listener Call-in
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-01-7 am
06 Fark-Dot-Com-Drew Curtis-2007-06-01-Wrote A New Book
07 Mike Ness-2007-06-01-Interview and Motorcycle Giveaway
08 Ottawa Coach Brian Murray-AKA Lispy-2007-06-01
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-01-8 am
10 Stump Rodney-2007-06-01-For MTV Movie Awards Tickets
11 Movie Beat-2007-06-01-Gracie-Mr Brooks-Knocked Up
12 The Wild Panda Gang Leader-2007-06-01
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-01-9 am
14 The Psycho Body-2007-06-01-Listener Call-in
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-01
JUNE 4- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-04-MTV Awards-Paris Goes To Jail
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-04-6 am
03 and 14 Wireless Device To Report Talkers In Theaters-2007-06-04
04 KROQ Listener Jason-Lives In Ottawa-2007-06-04-On NHL Playoffs
05 MTV Movie Awards-2007-06-04-Highlights
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-04-7 am
07 Gustavo Arellano-Ask A Mexican-2007-06-04-Listener Call-in
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-04-8 am
09 Jerry Weintraub-Oceans 13 Producer-2007-06-04
Dodger Catcher-Russell Martin-2007-06-04
The Pitt Stop-2007-06-04-Game For Oceans 13 Premier Tickets
Show Biz Beat-2007-06-04-9 am
Psycho Mike-2007-06-04-On The Red Carpet For MTV Movie Awards
What It Do Nephew-2007-06-04
JUNE 5 - Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-05-Dawan Calls In
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-05-6 am
03 Psycho Mike-from Monday 2007-06-04-On The Red Carpet For MTV Movie Awards
04 and 14 Larry Flynt-2007-06-05-On His Latest Offer For Proof Of Political Sex Scandal
05 Kevin Is Scheduled To Throw Out First Pitch-2007-06-05-Kevin and Bean Dodger Day
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-05-7 am
07 Women In Prison-2007-06-05-Listener Call-in
08 Nessie The Loch Ness Monster-2007-06-05
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-05-8 am
10 Nigger Wetback Chink-Performance Piece Creators-2007-06-05
11 Psycho Mike-2007-06-05-His Band Bandpax And Their Recent Performance
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-05-9 am
13 Fake Dodger-Real Dodger-2007-06-05-Game For Kevin and Bean Dodger Day
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-05
JUNE 6 - Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-06
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-06-6 am
03 Baseball Movie Game-2007-06-06-For Kevin and Bean Dodger Day Tickets
04 Paris Watch 2007-2007-06-06
05 KROQ-dot-com-2007-06-06-New Stuff On Kevin and Bean Page-Including Charity Auction
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-06-7 am
07 Billy Connolly-New Zombie Movie-Fido-2007-06-06
08 Ottawa Senators Coach Brian Murry-AKA Lispy-2007-06-06
09 What Would You Do For Ducks Playoff Tickets-2007-06-06-Listners Pitch Ideas
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-06-8 am
11a What Would You Do For Ducks Playoff Tickets-2007-06-06-More Listener Ideas
11b Paris Watch2007-Doug Kriegel Reports-2007-06-06
12 Everyone Thinks Someone Is Super Hot-You Just Do Not See It-2007-06-06-Listener Call-in
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-06-9 am
14 What Would You Do For Ducks Playoff Tickets-Winner Pees On Desk Of His Boss
15 Paris Watch 2007-Doug Kriegel Reports-update-2007-06-06
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-06
JUNE 7 - Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-07-Ducks Win The Stanley Cup
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-07-6 am
03 Paris Watch 2007-2007-06-07
04 Bjork and Bob Dylan-Steel Cage Deathmatch-2007-06-07
05 Anaheim Ducks Win The Stanley Cup-2007-06-07
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-07-7 am
07 Hot Girls Who Cannot Find A Man-2007-06-07-Listener Call-in
08 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-06-07-On Paris Already Getting Out Of Jail
Show Biz Beat-2007-06-07-8 am
Pope Benedict-2007-06-07-On Cocaine and Pot Residue Found In The Vatican Air
Have You Even Been Let Out Of Jail For Medical Reasons-2007-06-07-Listener Call-in
JS Giguerre-Anaheim Ducks Goalie-2007-06-07-On Winning The Stanley Cup
Show Biz Beat-2007-06-07-9 am
Stump Rodney-2007-06-07-For Kevin and Bean Dodger DayT ickets
Dawan-2007-06-07-Trying To Get A Job At In-N-Out
What It Do Nephew-2007-06-07
JUNE 8- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-08
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-08-6 am
03 JS Giguerre-Anaheim Ducks Goalie-from Thursday 2007-06-07-On Winning The Stanley Cup
04 Top 50 TV Shows Of All Time-2007-06-08-Listener Call-in
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-08-7 am
06 Why Warner Brothers Sucks-2007-06-08-Oceans 13 Fiasco
07 Road Trip USA-Stop Number 1 Winner Called-2007-06-08
08 Eli Roth-Director-Hostel 2-2007-06-08
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-08-8 am
10 AfroCalls-2007-06-08
11 Movie Beat-2007-06-08-Hostel 2-Surfs Up-Oceans 13
12 Kevin And Bean Dodger Day-Lightnings Challenge-2007-06
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-08-9 am
14 Paul McCartney-2007-06-08-On His New Single
15 Thanks For That Info Bean-2007-06-08
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-08
JUNE 11- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-11
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-11-6 am-No Ralph
03 Thanks For That Info Bean-from Friday 2007-06-08
04a Sopranos Comments-2007-06-11
04b Paul McCartney-from Friday 2007-06-08-On His New Single
05 Kevin and Bean Dodger Day Recapped-2007-06-11-Plus Listener Calls
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-11-7 am-No Ralph
07 Intern Hammerhead-2007-06-11
08a KROQ Road Trip USA-Stop Number 2 Announced-2007-06-11
08b Sopranos Series Finale-2007-06-11-Listener Call-in
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-11-8 am-No Ralph
10 Steve-O-2007-06-11
11 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-06-11-On Paris Hilton and How The Judge Is Mad At Him
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-11-9 am-No Ralph
13 Kevin and Bean Dodger Day-2007-06-11-Listener Call-in
14 Bjork and Bob Dylan-Steel Cage Deathmatch-from Thursday 2007-06-07
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-11
JUNE 12 - Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-12
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-12-6 am-No Ralph
03 Harvey Levin-TMZ-from Monday 2007-06-11-On Paris Hilton and How The Judge Is Mad At Him
04 and 12 Sean Connery-2007-06-12-On Dropping Out Of New Indiana Jones Film
05 and 13 Nick The SignHolder-2007-06-12
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-12-7 am-No Ralph
07 Tattoos That You Regret-2007-06-12-Listener Call-in
08 Rudy-2007-06-12-Latino AOL_Commercials-2007-06-12
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-12-8 am-No Ralph
10 Kathy Griffin-2007-06-12
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-12-9 am-No Ralph
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-12
JUNE 13- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-13
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-13-6 am- No Ralph
03 Lightning-2007-06-13-Potential Health Problems-Doubles Life Insurance-Still Eats Poorly
04 Proms Gone Wrong-2007-06-13-Listener Call-in
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-13-7 am-No Ralph
06 New Jersey Reporter-Did Only David Chase Interview After Sopranos-2007-06-13
07 Armo-Roki-With Intern Brows-2007-06-13-For Project Revolution Tickets
08 Tyra Banks Is A Big Fat Whore-2007-06-13
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-13-8 am-No Ralph
10 Cynthia Sass-Dietician-Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap-2007-06-13
11 No Fly List Mix-ups-2007-06-13-Listener Call-in
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-13-9 am-No Ralph
13 Joel McHale-2007-06-13
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-13
JUNE 14- Thursday----01 Opening Collage andSegment-2007-06-14
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-14-6 am-No Ralph
03 and 14 LA Mayor Villarigosa-2007-06-14-On Leaving Official Mayoral Residence
04 Jane Valez Mitchell-2007-06-14-New Book-Secrets Can Be Murder-Plus Listener Calls
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-14-7 am-No Ralph
06 Celebrity Fit Club-2007-06-14-Highlights
07 Dr Choadler-On Pentagon Developing Gay Bomb-2007-06-14
08 Ricky Carmichael-Motorcross Rider-2007-06-14
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-14-8 am-No Ralph
10 Popularity Dialer-dot-com-2007-06-14
11 People Who Start Their Own Porn Companies-2007-06-14-Lister Call-in
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-14-9 am-No Ralph
13 Email-2007-06-14
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-14
JUNE 15- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-15
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-15-6 am-No Ralph
03 Brow Down and The Reaction From Armenians-2007-06-15
04 Having Sex In A Moving Car-2007-06-15-Listener Call-in
Show Biz Beat-2007-06-15-7 am-No Ralph
Obama Love Video On You Tube-Other Discussions When Chester Bennington Does Not Call-2007-06-15
Chester Bennington-Linkin Park-2007-06-15-Plus Calling Road Trip USA Winner
Will Tidman-Red Bull Illume-2007-06-15-website
Show Biz Beat-2007-06-15-8 am-No Ralph
Movie Beat-2007-06-15-With Mr Movie Fone
Seth Green-2007-06-15-Star Wars Robot Chicken
Show Biz Beat-2007-06-15-9 am-No Ralph
Jim Lindberg-Pennywise-2007-06-15-New Book-Punk Rock Dad
Robert Bradley-Blackwater Surprise-2007-06-15-Singer Of Dont Bogart That Joint
What It Do Nephew-2007-06-15-Plus Robert Bradley Sings Dont Bogart That Joint
JUNE 18- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-18
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-18-6 am
03 Jim Lindberg-Pennywise-from Friday 2007-06-15-New Book-Punk Rock Dad
04 Celebrity DUI Pool-2007-06-18
05 and 15 Arnold Schwarzenegger-2007-06-18-On His Recent Comments To The Latino Community
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-18-7 am
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-06-18
08 KROQ Road Trip USA-Stop 3 Announced-2007-06-18-Queens Of The Stone Age In Indianapolis
09 John Cusack-2007-06-18-New Movie-1408
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-18-8 am
11 Manny Gambaryan-UFC 5-2007-06-18
12 AfroCalls-2007-06-18
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-18-9 am
14 Psycho Mike-2007-06-18-Porn DVD in His Truck While At Girls Softball Game
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-18
JUNE 19- Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-19
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-19-6 am
03 Celebrity Fit Club-2007-06-19-Highlights
04 Man Who Awoke From 19-Year Coma-2007-06-19
05 Psycho Mike-2007-06-19-Spoofs Plain White Ts Album
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-19-7 am
07 Matt Money Smith-2007-06-19-Kobe Bryant Update
08 Women Who Steal Men From Pregnant Women-2007-06-19-Listener Call-in
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-19-8 am
10 Jeffrey Ross-2007-06-19-The Next Best Thing
11 White Stripes-New Album Icky Thump-Previewed-2007-06-19
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-19-9 am
13 Kevin Smith-2007-06-19
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-19-With Kevin Smith
JUNE 20 - Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-20
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-20-6 am
03 Kevin Smith-from 2007-06-19-Highlights
04 Email-2007-06-20
05 Dr Drew Pinsky-2007-06-20-On Diet Drugs
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-20-7 am
07 Lisa May-2007-06-20-Performs Past Hobbies For Charity Fundraiser
08 AfroCalls-2007-06-20
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-20-8 am
10 Pope Benedict-2007-06-20-10 Commandments Of Driving
11 Handling The Irritating Co-Worker-2007-06-20-Listener Call-in
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-20-9 am
13 Psycho Mike-from Tuesday 2007-06-19-Spoofs The Plain White Ts Album
14 Man Who Awoke From 19-Year Coma-from Tuesday 2007-06-19
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-20
JUNE 21- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-21
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-21
03 and 15 OJ Simpson-2007-06-21-On His Book Manuscript Getting Out
04 The Vagina Song Removed-2007-06-21-Plus Listener Calls
05 Lightning To Take New Diet Drug-2007-06-21
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-21-7 am
07 Plain White Ts-Tom Higginson-2007-06-21
08 Why Does Kevin Hate The Earth-2007-06-21-The Debate About Light Bulbs
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-21-8 am
10 Melissa Ryder-2007-06-21-What Is Going On With Kevin At Home
11 AfroCalls-2007-06-21
Show Biz Beat-2007-06-21-9 am
Hey There Vagina Song Removed-2007-06-21-New Song Hey There How Are You
What It Do Nephew-2007-06-21
JUNE 22- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-06-22
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-22-6 am
03 Ali Velshi-CNN Business Correspondent-On The New iPhone-2007-06-22
04 Jonathan King-Director-New Movie Black Sheep-2007-06-22
05 and 16 Michael Jackson-2007-06-22-Still Has Diehard Fans
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-22-7 am
07 Feederism-Article By Elisa Ludwig-2007-06-22
08 Road Trip USA Winner Called-2007-06-22
09 Megatron-Transformers Tribute Band--2007-06-22-Live Performance
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-22-8 am
11a Hey There Vagina Download Available-2007-06-22
11b Jenna Jamison-Erotica LA-2007-06-22
12 Movie Beat-2007-06-22
13 Brad Bird-Director- New Movie-Ratatouille-2007-06-22
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-22-9 am
15 Transformers Japan Screening Contest Winner Called-2007-06-22
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-06-22-Plus Snoop Dogg
01 Hot Chick With Douche Bags-dot-com-from 2007-05-25
02 Stuff Done To Friends When Passed Out Drunk-from 2006-07-18- Listener Call-in
03 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-25-6 am
04 Talking Urinal Cake Theater-from 2007-02-13
05 Brian-KROQ commerical Voice-over Guy from 2007-03-14
06 Bean-from 2007-06-01-Writes Strongly Worded Letter To StronglyWordedLetter-Dot-Com
07 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-25-7 am
08 Emo Jokes-from 2007-05-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Road Trip USA-Beastie Boys In Boston-Winner Announced-2007-06-25
10 Rate My Turban-Dot-Com-from 2007-02-01.mp3
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-25-8 am
12 Chris Cornell-from Thur 2007-03-29-Interview and Performance-Highlights.mp3
13 The Wild Panda Gang Leader-from 2007-06-01.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-25-9 am
15 Psycho Mike Does Interviews At Auditions For Shelarious On Oxygen Network-from 2007-03-05
16 Who Would Lisa Rather F—k
17 Uncrustables Or Peanut Butter and Jelly-The Great Debate-from 2006-12-01
01 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-26-6 am
02 Odd Things That You Love-from 2007-01-25
03 Rockin Taco Cantina Commercial Analyzed-Voiced By Adam- from 2007-04-30
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-26-7 am
06 Pirates Vs Ninjas
07 Kites Of Death-from 2007-02-28-Calling Pakistan About The Kite Festival.mp3
08 Hu Is the President Of China-from 2006-04-25
09 Show Biz Beat 2007-06-26-8 am
10 iPod Police
11 Guy Who Wants To Propose On A Superbowl Commercial-from 2007-01-11
12 Rudy-from 2007-03-27-On Mexican Simpsons Voice Actors Striking.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-26-9 am
14 Dr Marcus Wolfson-Refuting Claims In New Book-In The Female Mind-from 2006-11-29.mp3
15 No Fly List Mix-ups-from 2007-06-13
16 Steven Seagal-On His New Energy Drink-from 2007-05-01.mp3
01 Show Biz Beat 2007-06-27-6 am
02 HatsOfMeat-Dot-Com
03 Federlezee-from 2007-04-16-On Rumors He Hooked Up With Lindsay Lohan
04 Brandon Boyd-2007-02-16.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-27- 7 am
06 Mexican Millionaire-2nd Richest Man In The World-from 2007-04-18
07 Sex With Mom and Daughter or Dad and Son-from 2007-02-06-Listener Call-in
08 Pasadena Outsources City Council Coverage To India-from 2007-05-14
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-27-8 am
10 Bean Has A Nude Picture Of OJ Simpson In His Bathroom
11 Sean Connery-from 2007-01-05-On Having Law Suit Against Him Get Dropped
12 Women In Prison-from 2007-06-05-Listener Call-in
Show Biz Beat-2007-06-27-9 am
Brow Down and The Reaction From Armenians-from 2007-06-15
Blind Butt Psychic-from 2007-04-17
Catching Your Parents Having A Threesome-from 2007-01-31-Listener Call-in
01 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-28-6 am
02 Jay Mohr-from 2007-05-24
03 Rudy-Now At Marvel Comics-On Mexican Superhero Ideas-from 2007-05-29
04 Tyra Banks Is A Big Fat Whore-from 2007-06-13
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-28-7 am
06 Kevin and Bean Host Request Video 1991-from 200507 Lisa-Pet Parent Intervention
08 Muslim-Themed Porn-from 2006-11-20
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-28-8 am
10 Omar Hates Rachael Ray-from 2007-01-18
11 Kevin Invited To Announced The Miss USA Pagent-from 2007-03-14
12 Cartoon Characters You Would Like To Bang-from 2006-10-27
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-28- 9 am
14 Fear Of Zombies-from 2006-02-21-Listener Call-in
15 Bean-from 2007-05-01-Offers Food To Wife At Ballgame-Comes Back With Only His Food
16 Dawan-from 2007-05-02-Wants To Work At In-N-Out
01 Robert Bradley-SweetwaterSurprise-from 2007-06-Sings Dont Bogart That Joint
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-29-6 am
03 Psycho Mike-On What Girls Think Of Paris Hilto
04 Michael Jackson-from 2007-04-23-On Being Father Of The Year In Japan
05 Dawan-from 2007-05-02-Wants To Work At In-N-Out
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-29-7 am
07 Malaysian Man Gets 218 Trillion Dollar Phone Bill-from 2006-04-11
08 Ralph Announces Smashing Pumpkins KROQ Jet Giveaway
09 Movies That Make Guys Cry-from 2007-03-27-Listener Call-in
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-29-8 am
11 People Who Start Their Own Porn Companies-from 2007-06-14
12 Movie Beat-2007-06-29
13 Voice Lifts-Dr Robert Saddleof
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-06-29-9 am
15 Dick Cheney-from 2007-02-28-On The Suicide Attack During His Recent Visit To Afghanistan
16 Psycho Mike Asks Why Blacks Yell At Movies-from 2005-12-13
17 Brandon Davis-from 2006-11-03-New Song-Lips Of Glory
01 Things You Got Stuck Up Your Butt-from 2006-11-14
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-07-02-6 am
03 Bob Dylan-from 2007-05-07-Sings To Kindergarteners
04 Calling Nepal Despite Ralph Protesting
05 Britney and Kevin-from 2006-02-23-Dr Phil Living With Them
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-07-02-7 am
07 Ralph Angry At Commercials That Create A Need
08 Stephen Hawking-from 2007-01-09-On His 65th Birthday
09 Wheel Of Racial Stereotypes-from 2007-02-22-Black Men Do Not Give Oral
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-07-02-8 am
11 A Moment With Kevin-A Retrospective-from 2007-03-01
12 Pope John Paul Hosts Break Dancing Demo
13 DieuTo-from 2005-02-23-Tries Stand Up
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-07-02-9 am
15 Bean and His Neighbors Who Kill Their Rooster When Bean Asks Them To Take Care Of It
16 Breakfast With KORN-from 2007-03-06
01 Shia LaBeouf-from 2006-06-26-Transformers
02 Lisa May Almost Gets Into A Fight At Movies-from 2007-03-13
03 Tom Cruise-From 2007-01-25-On Being Deemed Christ-Like Figure
04 Can An Engagement Ring Be Too Big-from 2007-05
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-07-03-7 am
06 Proud FM- Toronto-First Commercial Radio For Gays and Lesbians-from 2007-04-19
07 Nick The Signholder-from 2007-05-04
08 Brandon Davis-from 2006-08-25-Fire Crotch
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-07-03-8 am
10 Rudy-from Eco Alberto Park In Mexico-Tourists Pretend To Be Illegal Immigrants-from 2007-02-27
11 Movie Beat-2007-07-03
12 Chang Chang- Fat Panda From Thailand-2007-01-22
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-07-03-9 am
14 Kevin and Bean Promos Are Deemed Offensive-Will Be Edited-From Tuesday 2007-05-01
15 Duff Goldman-Ace Of Cakes-from 2007-01-19
16 Bean-The Greatest Story In The History Of The World- from 2007-05-23
JULY 5- Thursday-- Calling Freedom Of Choice song requesters
Kevin And Bean Make Freedom Of Choice Weekend Calls-2007-07-05
JULY 6- Friday-- Calling Freedom Of Choice song requesters
Kevin And Bean Make Freedom Of Choice Weekend Calls-2007-07-06
July 09- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-09.mp3
03 and 15 Al Gore-2007-07-09.mp3
04 Kevin and Bean Booty Cruise 3 Announced-2007-07-09.mp3
05 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-09-Guys.mp3
07 Optimus Prime-Transformers-2007-07-09.mp3
08 KROQ Road Trip USA Stop 6 Announced-2007-07-09-Family Values Tour in Orlando.mp3
09 Kevin Nearly Kills Family On 4th Of July-2007-07-09.mp3
11 Afro Calls-2007-07-09.mp3
12 JS Giguere2007-07-09-In-Studio With Andy McDonald and the Stanley Cup.mp3
14 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-09-Girls.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-09.mp3
July 10- Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-10.mp3
03 Apu-Kwik-E-Mart 7-11 Conversion-2007-07-10-Plus Other Characters.mp3
04 Lightning-2007-07-10-Why He Is Wrong Man.mp3
05 Burying The N-Word-With Anell-2007-07-10.mp3
07 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-10-Girls.mp3
08 New Music Tuesday-2007-07-10-Sampling New Releases.mp3
09 Criss Angel Is A Douche-2007-07-10.mp3
11 Flight Of The Concords-2007-07-10-In Studio.mp3
12 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-10-Guys.mp3
14 Elvira-Mistress Of The Dark-2007-07-10.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-10.mp3
July 11- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Sgement-2007-07-11.mp3
03 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-11-Guys.mp3
04 LA Mayor Villaraigosa-2007-07-11.mp3
05 Left Lane Drivers Of America-2007-07-11.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-07-11.mp3
08 Shaquille ONeal-2007-07-11-On His New TV Show.mp3
09 King Of Mexico-2007-07-11-Taking Jenny Away From Psycho Mike.mp3
11 Michael Jackson-2007-07-11-Visited The Inn At Perry Cabin.mp3
12 Baseball All-Star Game Recap-2007-07-11.mp3
13 Brow Down-The Making Of The Video-2007-07-11.mp3
15 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-11-Girls.mp3
16 Apu-Kwik-E-Mart 7-11 Conversion-from Tuesday 2007-07-10-Plus Other Characters.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-11.mp3
July 12- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-12.mp3
03 Worst First Date Ever-Dead Hooker In Bath Tub-2007-07-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 Roland-2007-07-12-On Harry Potter Tribute Bands.mp3
06 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-12-Girls.mp3
07 Bear Grylls-Man Vs Wild-2007-07-12.mp3
09 Worlds Largest Bullsh-t-2007-07-12.mp3
10 President Bush-2007-07-12-On HisLow Approval Ratings.mp3
11 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-12-Guys.mp3
13 Ed Begley Jr-2007-07-12-On Star Magazine.mp3
14 LA Mayor Villaraigosa-from 2007-07-11.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-12.mp3
July 13- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-13.mp3
03 and 14 Criss Angel-On Larry King Live-Highlights-2007-07-13.mp3
04 Accidentally Breaking Bad News-2007-07-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
06 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-13-Guys.mp3
07 Road Trip USA-Stop 6-Winner Called-2007-07-13.mp3
08 Federlezee-2007-07-13-On Rumors Of Dating Lucious Liz.mp3
09 Movie Beat-2007-07-13.mp3
10 Jimmy Kimmel-2007-07-13-On Hosting The ESPYs.mp3
11 Brian Deegan-Motorcross Rider-2007-07-13.mp3
13 Selecting Singles For Booty Cruise 3-2007-07-13-Girls.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-13.mp3
Movie Beat-New Intro-2007-07-13.mp3
Movie Beat-New Outro-2007-07-13.mp3
July 16- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-16.mp3
03 Booty Cruise 3 Recap-2007-07-16.mp3
04 Omar-2007-07-16-Crazy At The Booty Cruise Afterparty.mp3
05 Dont Forget The Singing Bee Lyrics-2007-07-16-Game For Breakfast With Linkin Park.mp3
07 Criss Angel-2007-07-16.mp3
08 Ralph Rants-2007-07-16-Stop Telling Us To Eat Until We Burst.mp3
09 Road Trip USA-Stop 7 Announced-2007-07-16-White Stripes In Mount Rushmore.mp3
11 Patton Oswalt-2007-07-16.mp3
12 Famous Parks-2007-07-16-For Linkin Park Tickets.mp3
14 Booty Cruise 3 Recap-2007-07-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
15 Roland-from Thursday 2007-07-12-On Harry Potter Tribute Bands.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-16.mp3
July 17- Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-17.mp3
03 and 15 Osama Bin Laden-2007-07-17-On His Son Getting Married.mp3
04 Email-2007-07-17.mp3
05 People Who Love To Fart-From A Craigslist Ad-2007-07-17.mp3
07 Paula Abdul Reality Show-Hey Paula-Highlights-2007-07.mp3
08 Kevin and Bean Title Fight-2007-07-17-For Brekfast With Linkin Park Tickets.mp3
09 David Hasselhoff-2007-07-17-On His Birthday.mp3
11 Kevin Smith-2007-07-17.mp3
12 Does Kevin Smith Know-2007-07-17-For Kevin Smith Prize Pack.mp3
14 Stump Rodney-2007-07-17-Fo rBreakfast With Linkin Par Tickets.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-17.mp3
Jed In For Kat Corbett-2007-07-17-Preview.mp3
July 18- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-18.mp3
03 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-07-18-For Breakfast With Linkin Park Tickets.mp3
04 and 14 Dick Cheney-2007-07-18-On Recent Polls.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-07-18.mp3
07 Intern Shaolin Robot-2007-07-18.mp3
08 Bean-2007-07-16-Should He Rat On Cat-Shooting Neighbor Kid-Listener Call-in.mp3
10 Quinton Rampage Jackson-UCF-2007-07-18.mp3
11 Howard Baltice-US Council For Amusement Ride Safety-2007-07-18.mp3
13 Famous Lincolns-2007-07-18-For Breakfast With Linkin Park Tickets.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-18.mp3
July 19- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-19.mp3
03 and 15 Criss Angel-2007-07-19-On Lindsey Lohan Rumors.mp3
04 Rock Paper Scissors Championship-2007-07-19-Highlights.mp3
05 Omar-Oki-2007-07-19-For Breakfast With Linkin Park Tickets.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-07-19.mp3
08 Joe Rogan-2007-07-19.mp3
10 Intern Gator-2007-07-19.mp3
11 Jobs Where You Wear Costumes-2007-07-19-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Stringkin Park-2007-07-19-For Breakfast With Linkin Park Tickets.mp3
14 Are Asian Babies Born With Blue Spots On Their Butt-2007-07-19.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-partial-rest will be up Friday afternoon.mp3
01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-20.mp3
03 Are Asian Babies Born With Blue Spots On Their Butt-from Thursday 2007-07-19.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-07-20.mp3
05 and 12 HarryPotter-AudioBookPreview-2007-07-20.mp3
07 James Denton-Desperate Housewives-2007-07-20.mp3
08 White Stripes Road Trip USA Winner Called-2007-07-20.mp3
09 John Leguizamo-2007-07-20-New TV Show-The Kill Point.mp3
10a Brow Down-Plus Mention Of Intern Gator-2007-07-20.mp3
10b Movie Beat-2007-07-20.mp3
11 Breakfast With Linkin Park-2007-07-20.mp3
13 Closing Segment-No What It Do Nephew-2007-07-20.mp3
July 23- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-23.mp3
03 Breakfast With Linkin Park-Highlights-from 2007-07-20.mp3
04a Breakfast With My Chemical Romance Announced-2007-07-23.mp3
04b and 12 President Hu-2007-07-23-China To Host Next Olympics.mp3
06 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-2007-07-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
07 Federlezee-2007-07-23-On Wanting To Be A DJ At KIIS-FM.mp3
09 Queens Of The Stone Age-2007-07-23-Interview and Performance.mp3
11a Gerald and Linda Polley-2007-07-23-Heaven Loves The Kevin and Bean Show.mp3
11b Hotline To Heaven-2007-07-23-God Clarifies How He Feels About The Show.mp3
July 24- Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-24.mp3
03 Queens Of The Stone Age-from 2007-07-23.mp3
04 and 15 Dick Cheney-2007-07-24-Acting President.mp3
05 Sean-Hermosa Beach-Ran With Bulls In Spain-2007-07-24.mp3
07 Wheel Of Celebrities-2007-07-24-For Breakfast With My Chemical Romance.mp3
08 Presidential Debate-Highlights-2007-07-24.mp3
09 Roland-2007-07-24-Excited About Comic-Con.mp3
11 Armenian Comedian-2007-07-24-New Song-Up Brow You.mp3
12 Drunk Dialing-2007-07-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
14 Lick Lisa-2007-07-24-My Chemical Romance Edition.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-24.mp3
Armenian Comedian-Up Brow You-2007-07-24.mp3
July 25- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-25.mp3
03 Real Song Fake Song-2007-07-25-For Breakfast With My Chemical Romance Tickets.mp3
04 Middle Names-2007-07-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
06 Cesar-2007-07-25-Won Contest To Work WARPED Tour.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-07-25-Sat In For Larry King Live.mp3
08 BetUS-dot-com-2007-07-25-On The Upcoming NFL Season.mp3
10 Cantonese-aroki-2007-07-25-Intern Shaolin Robot Sings My Chemical Romance In Cantonese.mp3
11 Kevin and Bean Celebrity DUI Pool-2007-07-25.mp3
12 Stan Lee-2007-07-25.mp3
14 Ted Huntington-Submitted Crazy Debate Questions Via YouTube-2007-07-25.mp3
15 Up Brow You Update-2007-07-25-Armenian Comedian To Shoot A Video.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-25.mp3
July 26- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-26.mp3
03 Ted Huntington-Submitted Crazy Debate Questions Via YouTube-from Wednesday 2007-07-25.mp3
04 and 13 Bat Boy-2007-07-26.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-07-26.mp3
07 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-07-26.mp3
08 Celebrities You Like But Can No Longer Support Their Behavior-2007-07-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
10 Matt Money Smith-2007-07-26.mp3
12 Do You Know Your Chemicals-2007-07-26-For Breakfast With My Chemical Romance.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-26.mp3
July 27- Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-27.mp3
03 and 15 Al Gore-2007-07-27-On New His TV Show.mp3
04 Comicon-Ralph Settles Age Old Comic Book Questions-2007-07-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
06 Hugh Randolph-75-Year-Old Motorcycle Racer-2007-07-27.mp3
07a Road Trip USA-Stop 8 Winner Called-2007-07-27.mp3
07b Road Trip Grand Prize Car Winner Receives Car From Super Steve-2007-07-27.mp3
08 President Bush-2007-07-27-On His 65 Percent Disapproval Rating.mp3
10 Les Stroud-Shark Week-2007-07-27.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-07-27-The Simpsons.mp3
12 Welcome To The Black Parade-2007-07-27-For Breakfast With My Chemical Romance.mp3
14 The Simpsons Movie Yellow Carpet Interviews-2007-07-27.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-27.mp3
July 30- Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-30.mp3
03 Bad Kevin and Bean Show Production-2007-07-30.mp3
04 Drunk Astronauts-2007-07-30.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-07-30.mp3
07 Gustavo Arellano-Ask A Mexican-2007-07-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
The Cure In New Zealand-Winner Called-2007-07-30.mp3
Tom Wilson-FansLoveBaseball-dot-com-On Barry Bonds-2007-07-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Lightning Gets Jury Duty-2007-07-30.mp3
Break fast With My Chemical Romance-Why You Should Go-2007-07-30-Listener Call-in.mp3
Sal Masekela-X-Games-2007-07-30.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-07-30.mp3
01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-07-31.mp3
03 and 10 BoycottBarry-dot-com-2007-07-31.mp3
04 People Who Do What Psychics Tell Them-2007-07-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
06 BreakfastWithMyChemicalRomance-2007-07-31.mp3
07 Ryan Sheckler-X-Games-2007-07-31.mp3
09 Flex Pets-Rent A Dog-2007-07-31.mp3
11 What It Do Nephew-2007-07-31.mp3
Aug 1- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-01.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-01-6 am.mp3
04 Thanks For That Info Bean-2007-08-01.mp3
05 Dick Cheney-2007-08-01-On His Larry King Appearance.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-01-7 am.mp3
07 Ashley Casale-Walking Across Country For Peace-2007-08-01.mp3
08 Barry Bonds Vs Dodgers-King Of Mexico Recaps-2007-08-01.mp3
09 Afro Calls-2007-08-01.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-01-8 am.mp3
11 Schizophrenic Mouse-2007-08-01.mp3
12 Intern Shaolin Robot-2007-08-01-On The Reason She Is A Virgin.mp3
13 Steve Zahn-2007-08-01-New Movie-Rescue Dawn.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-01-9 am.mp3
16 Drunk Astronauts-from Monday 2007-07-30.mp3
16 Travis Pastrana-X-Games-2007-08-01.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-01.mp3
Aug 2- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-02.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-02-6 am.mp3
03 Austin Nichols-John From Cincinnati-2007-08-02.mp3
04 Travis Pastrana-X-Games-from Wednesday 2007-08-01.mp3
05 and 15 OJ Simpson-2007-08-02-Did An Online Interview.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-02-7 am.mp3
07 BeanForPresident-dot-com-2007-08-02.mp3
08 Oh No-My Butt-KROQ Staffer Has Accident In Lobby Chair-2007-08-02.mp3
09 Email-2007-08-02.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-02-8 am.mp3
11 Petros-2007-08-02.mp3
12 The Simpsons Are Popular Worldwide-2007-08-02.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-02-9 am.mp3
14 Jeremy McGrath-X-Games-2007-08-02.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-02.mp3
Aug 3-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-03.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-03-6 am.mp3
03 The Simpsons Are Popular Worldwide-from Thursday 2007-08-02.mp3
04 Sex Game Or X-Game-2007-08-03-For X-Games Tickets.mp3
05a X-Game Double Back Flip Crash Discussed-2007-08-03.mp3
05b and 16 Matt Damon-2007-08-03-Bourne Ultimatum.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-03-7 am.mp3
07 Furries-2007-08-03.mp3
08a Barry Bonds Vs TheDodgersRecap-2007-08-03.mp3
08b Scott Murray-X-Games Double Back Flip Recap-2007-08-03.mp3
09 Criss Angel-2007-08-03.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-03-8 am.mp3
11 Matt Hoffman-X-Games-2007-08-03.mp3
12 Movie Beat-2007-08-03.mp3
13 Dave Grohl-Foo Fighters-2007-08-03.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-03-9 am.mp3
15 Cameron Steel-X-Game sMoto-X Announcer-2007-08-03.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-03.mp3
Aug 6-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-06.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-06-6 am.mp3
Dave Grohl-Foo Fighters-from Friday 2007-08-03.mp3
and 15 Nick The Sign Holder-2007-08-06-On Santa Ana Crackdown Of Sign Holders.mp3
Kevin Recaps X-Games-2007-08-06-His Photos Are Only Of Boobs.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-06-7 am.mp3
Tom Cruise-2007-08-06-Cruising Through Life.mp3
Kevin Smith Clip From Comicon-Deals With Heckler-2007-08-06.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-06-8 am.mp3
Paul Moller-Flyer Saucer Jetpack-2007-08-06.mp3
Intern Shaolin Robot Does Not Show Up-2007-08-06-Got Locked Out Of Dorm.mp3
Amnesia-2007-08-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-06-9 am.mp3
Afro Calls-2007-08-06.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-08-06-Sign Holder Seen Arrested-Grandpa Caught Having Sex.mp3
Aug 7-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-07.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-07-Ralph Not In Yet.mp3
03 Thai Police Punished With Hello Kitty Armbands-2007-08-07.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-08-07.mp3
05 Britney-2007-08-07-On Recent Rumors.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-07-7 am.mp3
07 Lip Balm Anonymous-2007-08-07.mp3
08 Dr Drew-On The Lip Balm Controversy-2007-08-07.mp3
09 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-08-07-On Lindsay Lohan.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-07-8 am.mp3
11 Lisa May-2007-08-07-Does Not Think Dazed And Confused Is Funny-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
12 Lawmaker Bob Allen Busted By Undercover Cop-2007-08-07.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-07-9 am.mp3
14 Kat Von D-LA Ink-2007-08-07.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-07.mp3
Doc News-2007-08-07-8am.mp3
Aug 8- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-08.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-08-6 am.mp3
03 Kat Von D-LA Ink-from Tuesday 2007-08-07.mp3
04 Armless Legless Preacher-2007-08-08.mp3
05 Mayor Villaraigosa-2007-08-08.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-08-7 am.mp3
07 Bobby Slayton-2007-08-08.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-08-08.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-08-8 am.mp3
10 You Thought He Was A Woman-2007-08-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
11 Barry Bonds Breaks The Home Run Record-2007-08-08.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-08-9 am.mp3
13 Thai Police Punished With Hello Kitty Armbands-from Tuesday 2007-08-07.mp3
14 Britney-from Tuesday 2007-08-07-On Recent Rumors.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-08.mp3
Aug 9- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-09.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-09-6 am.mp3
03 Tay Zonday-Chocolate Internet Song plus Answer Songs-2007-08-09.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-08-09.mp3
05 Federlezee-2007-08-09-On Rumons That He Slept With Britneys Mom.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-09-7 am.mp3
07 Calling Off Weddings At The Last Minute-2007-08-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Loquecia-2007-08-09-Recaps The Pick Up Artist.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-09-8 am.mp3
10 Flea-Red Hot Chili Peppers-2007-08-09.mp3
11 Jim Barry-Consumer Electronics Association-2007-08-09.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-09-9 am.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-09.mp3
Aug 10-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-10.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-10-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Flea-Red Hot Chili Peppers-from Thursday 2007-08-09.mp3
04 and 15 Armenian Comedian Vs Pscyho Mike-2007-08-10-Mike Records Party Like An Armo.mp3
05 Jason Chambers-The Human Weapon-2007-08-10.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-10-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
07 Darrell Hamond-2007-08-10.mp3
08 Email-2007-08-10.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-10-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
Les Stroud-Survivorman-2007-08-10.mp3
Afro Calls-2007-08-10.mp3
Movie Beat-2007-08-10-With Mr Movie Fone.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-10-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
Tay Zonday-Chocolate Internet Song plus Answer Songs-from Thursday 2007-08-09.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-08-10.mp3
Aug 13-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-13.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-13-6 am.mp3
03 Heatseek-dot-com-2007-08-13.mp3
04 Rock The Bells-Concert Recap-2007-08-13.mp3
05 and 15 Nahoul The Jihad Bee-2007-08-13.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-13-7 am.mp3
07 Flavor Flav Roast-Comedy Central-Highlights-2007-08-13.mp3
08 LA Invasion Announced-2007-08-13.mp3
09 Chocolate Rain Discussed-2007-08-13-Clips From Jimmy Kimmel Live.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-13-8 am.mp3
11 Slash-Velvet Revolver-2007-08-13.mp3
12 Guy Rules-2007-08-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-13-9 am.mp3
14 Hand Farter-2007-08-13-partial.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-13.mp3
Aug 14-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-14.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-14-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Trapped In The Closet-The Newest Chapter-2007-08-14.mp3
04 Bean Gets Jury Duty-2007-08-14.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-14-7 am.mp3
07 Drew Carey-2007-08-14.mp3
08 Mike Rowe-Dirty Jobs-2007-08-14.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-14-8 am.mp3
10 Dick Cheney-2007-08-14-On Karl Rove Leaving.mp3
11 TMZ Comments On The Federlezee Song MILF Does A Body Good-2007-08-14.mp3
12 The Hills-Recap-2007-08-14.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-14-9 am.mp3
14 Jared Spencer-SizeOfAMan-dot-com-2007-08-14.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-14.mp3
Aug 15- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-15.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-15-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Michael Jackson-2007-08-15-On Hanging WithMarion Berry.mp3
04 Jared Spencer-SizeOfAMan-dot-com-from Tuesday 2007-08-14.mp3
05 Intern Shaolin Robot-2007-08-15-Late Again.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-15-7 am.mp3
07 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-08-15.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-08-15.mp3
09 Trapped In The Closet-2007-08-15-Chapter 14.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-15-8 am.mp3
11 Donna-On Bean Getting Jury Duty During Their Vacation-2007-08-15.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-15-9 am.mp3
14 Heatseek-dot-com-from Monday 2007-08-13.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-15.mp3
Aug 16- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-16.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-16-6 am.mp3
03 and 12 King Of Mexico Is To Visit Bean In Seattle-2007-08-16.mp3
04 Email-2007-08-16.mp3
05 Calling Japan-Cookies That Can Enlarge Breasts-2007-08-16.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-16-7 am.mp3
07 Joe Rogan-2007-08-16.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-16-8 am.mp3
09 Jonah Hill-Super Bad-2007-08-16.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-16-9am-PARTIAL.mp3
11 Trapped In The Closet-Chapter 15-2007-08-16.mp3
13 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-16.mp3
Aug 17-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-17.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-17-6 am.mp3
Psycho Mike-Super Bad Red Carpet Interviews-2007-08-17.mp3
and 14 Chinese Export Minister-2007-08-17.mp3
Afro Calls-2007-08-17.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-17-7 am.mp3
Trapped In The Closet-Chapter 16-2007-08-17.mp3
King Of Kong-Ed Cunningham-Seth Gordon-Steve Wiebe-2007-08-17.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-17-8 am.mp3
Frank Caliendo-2007-08-17.mp3
Criss Angel-2007-08-17.mp3
Movie Beat-2007-08-17.mp3
Seth Rogan-Super Bad-2007-08-17.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-08-17.mp3
Aug 20-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-20.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-20-6 am.mp3
03 Criss Angel-from Friday 2007-08-17.mp3
04 and 14 King Of Mexico Visited Bean-2007-08-20.mp3
05 Intern Shaolin Robot-2007-08-20-Her Pitches For The Show.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-20-7 am.mp3
07 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-08-20-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
08 Worst Movie Plots-2007-08-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-20-8 am.mp3
10 Bob Saget-2007-08-20.mp3
11 Tom Cruise-2007-08-20-On Recent News Stories.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-20-9 am.mp3
13 Trapped In The Closet-Chapter 17-2007-08-20.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-20.mp3
Aug 21-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-21-6 am.mp3
03 Omaroki-2007-08-21-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
04 Breaking Into A House By Accident-2007-08-21.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-21-7 am.mp3
06 Hayden Panettiere-On Letterman-2007-08-21-Highlights.mp3
07 Trapped In The Closet-Chapter 18-2007-08-21.mp3
08 Worst Movie Plots-more-2007-08-21-Email Submissions.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-21-8 am.mp3
10 Nikki Sixx-Motley Crue-2007-08-21.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-21-9 am.mp3
13 Where Do Flies Go At Night-Ralph Wonders-2007-08-21-Listener Call-in.mp3
14 Paula Abdul-About Ryan Seacret Hosting Emmy Awards-2007-08-21.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-21.mp3
Chinese Minister Of Information-2007-08-21-No False News Stories Allowed.mp3
Aug 22- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-22.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-22-6 am.mp3
03 Chinese Minister Of Information-from Tuesday 2007-08-21-No False News Stories Allowed.mp3
04 Ali Velshi-CNN-On HD-DVD vs Blu Ray-2007-08-022.mp3
05 Jason Statham-New Movie-War-2007-08-22.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-22-7 am.mp3
07 Tom Anderson-MySpace-2007-08-22.mp3
08 Captain Dan-Hangs From Vacuum By His Penis-2007-08-22.mp3
09 Afro Calls-2007-08-22.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-22-8 am.mp3
11 Trapped In The Closet-Chapter 19-2007-08-22.mp3
12 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-08-22.mp3
13 Bean As Flash Phillips-WPGC-2007-08-22.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-22-9 am.mp3
15 Intern Shaolin Robot-from Monday 2007-08-20-Her Pitches For The Show.mp3
16 Lightning-2007-08-22-Lame Ad For His Store.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-22.mp3
Aug 23- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-23.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-23-6 am.mp3
03 Bad Bosses-2007-08-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 and 14 David Hasselhoff-2007-08-23.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-23-7am.mp3
06 Radio Station From Jordan Wants To Air Kevin and Bean Show-2007-08-23.mp3
07 Email-2007-08-23.mp3
08 Trapped In The Closet-Chapter 20-2007-08-23.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-23-8 am.mp3
Cesar Milan-2007-08-23.mp3
J-Fed-KROQ Genera lManager-2007-08-23-Timesheets Waste Paper.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-08-23-9 am.mp3
Lick Lisa-2007-08-23-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-08-23.mp3
Aug 24-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-24.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-24-6 am.mp3
03 Kevin Has A Personal Assistant-from Thursday 2007-08-23-Linus Calls In.mp3
04 Jordan Radio Wants Kevin and Bean-Sample Of How They Would Sound-2007-08-24.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-08-24.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-24-7 am.mp3
07 Unusual Fears-2007-08-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 The Kevin and Bean Players Perform The Hills-2007-08-24.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-24-8 am.mp3
10 B-Real-Cypress Hill-2007-08-24.mp3
11 Got To B-Real-2007-08-24-Game For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
12 Older Folks Are Still Having Sex-2007-08-24.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-24-9 am.mp3
14 Trapped In The Closet-Chapter 21-2007-08-24.mp3
15 Movie Beat-2007-08-24.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-24.mp3
Got To B-Real-2007-08-24.mp3
Aug 27-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-27.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-27-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Tom Cruise-2007-08-27-On Recent News Stories.mp3
04 Email-2007-08-27.mp3
05 Kevin and Psycho Mike See Slayer In Concert-2007-08-27.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-27-7 am.mp3
07 Trapped In The Closet-Chapter 22-2007-08-27.mp3
08 Miss Teen South Carolina-YouTube Video-2007-08-27.mp3
09 David Duchovany-Californication-2007-08-27.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-27-8 am.mp3
11 DieuTo-2007-08-27.mp3
12 Injured During Sex-2007-08-27-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-27-9 am.mp3
14 Kevin and Bean Title-2007-08-27-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-27-partial.mp3
Aug 28-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-28.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-28-6 am.mp3
03 Stump Rodney-2007-08-28-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-08-28.mp3
05 and 15 Pete Doherty-2007-08-28-His Cat On Cocaine.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-28-7 am.mp3
07a Kevin Bacon Doe sNot Call Yet-Stalling-2007-08-28.mp3
07b Kevin Bacon-2007-08-28-Death Sentence.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-28-8 am.mp3
10 The Monkeys Are Taking Over-2007-08-28.mp3
11 Loquecia-2007-08-28-The Pick-Up Artist.mp3
12 Email-2007-08-28.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-28-9 am.mp3
14 Signals In The Mens Room To Solicit Sex-2007-08-28.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-28.mp3
Aug 29- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-29.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-29-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Gerald Polley-2007-08-29-God Wants To Be On The Jerry Lewis Telethon.mp3
04 Mexican Superstitions-2007-08-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-29-7 am.mp3
06 How Will Kevin Get To LA Invasion-2007-08-29.mp3
07 Afro Calls-2007-08-29.mp3
08 100-Year-Old Woman Who Smoked 170 Thousand Cigarettes-2007-08-29.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-29-8 am.mp3
10 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-08-29.mp3
11 Psycho Mike-2007-08-29-on SiTV.mp3
12 Psycho Mike-2007-08-29-Busted For His Poor Story Telling.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-29-9 am.mp3
14 Criss Angel-2007-08-29-Booed At UFC.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-29.mp3
Aug 30- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-30.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-30-6 am.mp3
03 Criss Angel-from Wednesday 2007-08-29-Booed At UFC.mp3
04 AfroCalls-2007-08-30.mp3
05a Stalling For Jay Mohr-Talk About Foo Fighters-Miners-2007-08-30.mp3
05b and 14 Jay Mohr-2007-08-30-On The Fox Sports Website.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-30-7 am.mp3
08 Michael Jackson-2007-08-30-Celebrated His 49th Birthday.mp3
09 News Coverage Of The Heat-2007-08-30-Channel 7 Now Rules.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-30-8 am.mp3
11 Orchestra De La Raza-2007-08-30-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
12 What Offends You About The Show-2007-08-30-Listener-Call-in.mp3
13 Linus-Personal Assistant To Kevin-2007-08-30.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-30.mp3
Aug 31-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-08-31.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-31-6 am.mp3
03 Rob Zombie-2007-08-31-Has Redone The Movie Halloween.mp3
04 Rudy-2007-08-31-On The Injuction Against East Side Riva Gang.mp3
05 Email-2007-08-31-Comments On Recent Controversy.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-31-7 am.mp3
07 Mary McCormack-New Movie-Right At Your Door.mp3
08 How To Win The Lottery-2007-08-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-31-8 am.mp3
10 Seth Green-2007-08-31-Robot Chicken On DVD.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-08-31.mp3
12 USC Football Coach Pete Carroll-2007-08-31.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-08-31-9 am.mp3
14 Can You Name That Foo-2007-08-31-For LA InvasionTickets.mp3
15 Loquecia-2007-08-31-On Celebrity Rap Superstar.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-08-31.mp3
David Bowie Will Be On Doctor Who-song-2007-08-31.mp37-31.mp3
Sep 4-Tuesday----08 Afro Calls-2007-09-04.mp3
10 Bill Cowher Former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach-2007-9-04.mp3
11 Heat Wave TV Coverage Highlights-2007-09-04-Plus Doug Kriegal Calls.mp3
12 Wheel O Celebrities-2007-09-04-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
14 Donna Baxter-Strongly Opposed To Bean Growing A Moustache-2007-09-04.mp3
15 Elephant In China Who Was Addicted To Heroin-2007-09-04.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-04.mp3
Clive Owen-2007-09-04-New Movie-Shoot Em Up.mp3
Dr Cyril Pendergrass-Scientific Study About Sexy Walking-2007-09-04.mp3
Loquecia-from Friday 2007-08-31-On Celebrity Rap Superstar.mp3
Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-04.mp3
Serving Subpoenas-2007-09-04-Listener Call-in.mp3
Sep 5- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-05.mp3
03 Donna Baxter-Strongly Opposed To Bean Growing A Moustache-from Tuesday 2007-09-04.mp3
04 Elephant In China Who Was Addicted To Heroin-from Tuesday 2007-09-04.mp3
05 and 15 Roy Horn-Of Siegfried And Roy-2007-09-05.mp3
07 James Gavigan-KROQ Listener Looking For An NFL Team To Root For-2007-09-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Hawking The Hits-2007-09-05-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
10 Noah Thompson-Documentary-Children Of God Lost and Found-2007-09-05.mp3
11 Kevin Previously In Las Vegas-Recounting How He Struggled-2007-09-05.mp3
12 Afro Calls-2007-09-05.mp3
14 Ernie-The Gun Store Las Vegas-2007-09-05.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-05.mp3
Sep 6- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-06.mp3
03 President Bush-2007-09-06-New Book Says He Cries A Lot.mp3
04 Ask A Gay-2007-09-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
06 Rich Eisen-NFL Network-2007-09-06.mp3
07 Shooting Weapons At The Gun Store Las Vegas-2007-09-06.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-09-06.mp3
10 Bobby Slayton-2007-09-06.mp3
11 Cantonese-aroki-2007-09-06-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
13 Carey Hart-2007-09-06.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-06.mp3
Sep 7-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-07.mp3
03 Sports Bars That Specialize In Certain NFL Teams-2007-09-07-Listener Call-in.mp3
04a Kevin Saw Metal Skool-2007-09-07.mp3
04b Criss Angel-2007-09-07-Has A Tiny Souvenir Shop In Las Vegas.mp3
06 Lisa Poops Out In Vegas-2007-09-07-Plus Bean Shaved His Moustache.mp3
07 Email-2007-09-07.mp3
08 Charlton Heston-2007-09-07-On America Having The Most Guns.mp3
10 Lisa Books A Dancer From Thunder From Down Under-2007-09-07.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-09-07-Shoot Em Up-Plus Others.mp3
12 Linkin Park-Mike Shinoda-2007-09-07.mp3
14 Jay Rood-Race And Sports Book Las Vegas-2007-09-07.mp3
15 Linus-Assistant To Kevin Of The Kevin and Bean Show-2007-09-07.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-07.mp3
Sep 10-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-10.mp3
03 Britney Spears At MTV Video Music Awards-Recapped-2007-09-10.mp3
04 Shaolin Robot-2007-09-10-Could Not Get Into Building.mp3
05 and 15 50 Cent-2007-09-10.mp3
07 Kevin and King Of Mexico Did Not Get Into VMAs-2007-09-10.mp3
08 LA Invasion Backstage Winner Called-2007-09-10.mp3
09 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-09-10-Kid Rock-Tommy Lee Fight-plus TMV TV Debuts Tonight.mp3
11 MTV VMAs Recapped-2007-09-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Serj Tankian-System Of A Down-2007-09-10.mp3
14 Joe Maloof-Owner Of The Palms Hotel-2007-09-10.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-10.mp3
Sep 11-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-11.mp3
03 Serj Tankian-System Of A Down-from Monday 2007-09-10.mp3
04 Lightning and Psycho Mike Went To The Gym In Las Vegas-2007-09-11.mp3
05 and 15 Britney-2007-09-11-On Her VMA Performance.mp3
07 Alex Hates Committed Relationships-2007-09-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-09-11.mp3
10 9-11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride-2007-09-11.mp3
11 Rudy-2007-09-11-On The Raiders.mp3
12 Kevin-2007-09-11-Was An Ass At The Airport.mp3
14 Name The Songs In The Montage-2007-09-11-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-11.mp3
Sep 12- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-12.mp3
03 How Fat Is Too Fat-2007-09-12-Listener Call-in-2007-09.mp3
04 Email-2007-09-12.mp3
06 Gerald and Linda Polley-2007-09-12-God Wants Him To Run For President.mp3
07 Stump Jed The Fish-2007-09-12-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
08 Soliciting Ideas For More Ask A So-and-So Segments-2007-09-12.mp3
10 Angels and Airwaves-2007-09-12.mp3
11a Other Ask A So-and-So Ideas-2007-09-12.mp3
11b TMZ TV Asks People What Year The September 11th Attacks Occurred.mp3
12 Afro Calls-2007-09-12.mp3
15 Ask A Jew-2007-09-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-12.mp3
Sep 13- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-13.mp3
03 Ask A Jew-from Wednesday 2007-09-12-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 and 14 Tommy Lee-2007-09-13.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-09-13.mp3
07 Russians Have National Conception Day-2007-0913.mp3
08 Lets Paint-YouTube Sensation-2007-09-13.mp3
09 Kid Rock-2007-09-13.mp3
11 Federlezee-Wiggin Out-2007-09-13-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
12 Code Words For Minorities-2007-09-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
15 Psycho Mike Invited To Perform Brow Down In Glendale-2007-09-13.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-13.mp3
Sep 14-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-14.mp3
03 Omar-2007-09-14-Forced To Watch His Hated Rachael Ray On Larry King Live.mp3
Accidental Cell Phone Dialing-2007-09-14-Listener Call-in.mp3
Kevin and Bean Whistle The Hits-2007-09-14-For LA Invasion Tickets.mp3
John Kilduff-from Lets Paint-The Cable Access Show-2007-09-14.mp3
Paramore-2007-09-14-Live Interview and Performance.mp3
Movie Beat-2007-09-14-With Mr Movie Fone.mp3
Joe Rogan-2007-09-14.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-09-14.mp3
Sep 17-Monday----- Best Of Kevin & Bean
01 John Kilduff-Lets Paint Cable Access Show-from 2007-09-14.mp3
02 News Coverage Of The Heat-from 2007-08-30.mp3
04 Mexican Superstitions-from 2007-08-29-Call-in.mp3
05 Breakfast With Linkin Park-highlights-2007-07-20.mp3
07 Dick Cheney-from 2007-02-28-On The Suicide Attack During His Recent Visit To Afghanistan.mp3
08 King Of Mexico Visited Bean-from 2007-08-20.mp3
09 Tyra Banks Is A Big Fat Whore-from 2007-06-13.mp3
11 Steven Seagal-On His New Energy Drink-from 2007-05-01.mp3
12 Emo Jokes-from 2007-05-16-Listener Callin.mp3
13 Sean Connery-from 2007-06-12-On Dropping Out Of New Indiana Jones Film.mp3
14 Harvey Levin-2007-09-17-On OJ Simpson Getting Arrested.mp3
16 Queens Of The Stone Age-from 2007-07-23.mp3
17 Elephant In China Who Was Addicted To Heroin-from 2007-09-04.mp3
18 Kevin-Poor Drunk Performance In Las Vegas-Melissa Sees 2000 Dollar Credit Charge From Strip Club.mp3
Sep 18-Tuesday----- Best Of Kevin & Bean
01 Michael Jackson-2007-07-11-Visited The Inn At Perry Cabin.mp3
03 Paramore-2007-09-14-Live In-studio.mp3
04 Pasadena Outsources City Council Coverage To India-2007-05-14.mp3
05 Carey Hart-2007-09-06.mp3
07 Schizophrenic Mouse-2007-08-01.mp3
08 Uncrustables Or Peanut Butter and Jelly-The Debate-2006-12-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Dick Cheney-2006-10-20-Speech In Topeka Plus Sings KISS-Rock N Roll All Nite.mp3
11 Breaking Into A House By Accident-2007-08-21.mp3
12 Psycho Mike Does Interviews At Auditions For Shelarious On Oxygen Network-2007-03-05.mp3
13 Rudy-2006-09-20-On Cell Phone Smuggling In Jails.mp3
14 Al iLarter-Resident Evil 3-2007-09-18.mp3
15 A Moment With Kevin-A Retrospective Of Clips-2007-03-01.mp3
16 Duff Goldman-Ace Of Cakes On Food Network-2007-01-19.mp3
17 Serj Tankian-System Of A Down-2007-09-10.mp3
Sep 19- Wednesday----- Best Of Kevin & Bean
01 Ask A Gay-2007-09-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
03 Flex Pets-Rent A Dog-2007-07-31.mp3
04 Oh No My Butt-Staffer Has Accident-2007-08-02.mp3
05 Kevin and Bean Host Request Video 1991-2005-08-19.mp3
07 Older Folks Are Still Having Sex-2007-08-24.mp3
08 Bean and His Neighbors Who Kill Their Rooster When Bean Asks Them To Take Care Of It.mp3
09 Tommy Lee-2007-09-13.mp3
11 Criss Angel-2007-08-17.mp3
12 Psycho Mike Asks Why Blacks Yell At The Movies-2005-12-13.mp3
13 Federlezee-2007-07-23-On Wanting To Be A DJ At KIIS-FM.mp3
15 Mike Rowe-Dirty Jobs-2007-08-14.mp3
16 Howard Baltice-US Council For Amusement Ride Safety-2007-07-18.mp3
Sep 20- Thursday----- Best Of Kevin & Bean
01 The Cult Of Pinkberry-2007-08-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
03 New Boy Scout Merit Badges-2006-10-27.mp3
04 Angels and Airwaves-2007-09-12.mp3
05 Ask A Mexician.mp3
07 Talking Urinal Cake Theater-2007-02-13.mp3
08 Things Listeners Have Never Done-Call-In.mp3
09 American Moustache Institute-2007-08-30.mp3
11 Rudy-2007-03-27-On Mexican Simpsons Voice Actors Striking.mp3
12 AOL Will Not Let You Cancel Your Account-EVER-2006-06-23.mp3
13 Rockin Taco Cantina Commercial Analyzed-Voiced By Adam-2007-04-30.mp3
15 Axe A Black-2007-08-09-with Annelle.mp3
16 Hand Farter-2006-08-13.mp3
Sep 21-Friday----- Best Of Kevin & Bean
01 Brian-KROQ Commercial Voice Over Guy-2007-03-14.mp3
03 Breakfast With My Chemical Romance-highlights-from 2007-07-31.mp3
04 Dr Marcus Wolfson-Refuting Claims In New Book-In The Female Mind-2006-11-29.mp3
06 Chinese Minister Of Information-2007-08-21-No False News Stories Allowed.mp3
50 Cent-2007-09-10.mp3
Space Shuttle Gets Repaired By Mexican Repairman Rudy-2005-08-04.mp3
Men Harrassed At Work-2007-08-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
Movie Beat-2007-09-21.mp3
LA Mayor Villaraigosa-2007-07-11.mp3
Bob Dylan Radio Show-2006-11-29-Theme This Week-Food.mp3
Kevin Has A Personal Assistant-2007-08-23-Linus Calls In.mp3
Lightning-2007-06-13-Potential Health Problems-Doubles Life Insurance-Still Eats Poorly.mp3
Sep 24-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-24.mp3
03 Dennis-Listener and Frequent Emailer-Wants To Skydive With Patrick Swayze-2007-09-24.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-09-24.mp3
05 and 13 Bob Dylan Radio Show-2007-09-24-Theme This Week-Shoes.mp3
07a Heroes Season 1 Recapped-2007-09-24.mp3
07b Jack Coleman-Heroes-2007-09-24.mp3
08 Matt Money Smith-2007-09-24.mp3
10 Foo Fighters-Dave and Taylor-2007-09-24.mp3
12 Not The Bradys-2007-09-24.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-24.mp3
Sep 25-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-25.mp3
03 Foo Fighters-Dave and Taylor-Highlights From Monday 2007-09-24.mp3
04 and 14 OJ Simpson-2007-09-25-On The Charges Against Him.mp3
06 Hilary Goldstein-X-Box Channel-On Halo 3-2007-09-25.mp3
07 Halo 3-2007-09-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Kevin Smith-2007-09-25-New Show-Reaper-Directed 1st Episode.mp3
10 Gustavo Arellano-Ask A Mexican-2007-09-25.mp3
11 Queen Elizabeth-2007-09-25.mp3
13 King Of Mexico Steals The Screener DVDs-2007-09-25.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-25.mp3
Sep 26- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-26.mp3
03 and 14 Iranian President-2007-09-26.mp3
04 What Is Up With Oscar De La HoyaInFishnets-2007-09-26.mp3
06 Howie Mandel-Deal Or No Deal-2007-09-26.mp3
07 Afro Calls-2007-09-26.mp3
08 Matt Hughes-UFC Coach-2007-09-26.mp3
10 Denny Blazin Hazen-Average Homeboy-2007-09-26.mp3
11 Listener Brian-Dispute With Cousin Over Circumcision-2007-09-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 College Football Coach Screams At Reporter-Now On You Tube-2007-09-26.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-26.mp3
Sep 27- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-27.mp3
03 College Football Coach Screams At Reporter-Now On You Tube-from Wednesday 2007-09-26.mp3
04 and 14 Milke Kelly-Omaha World Herald-2007-09-27-On The State Senator Who Is Suing God.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-09-27.mp3
07 Kanye West Loves Kanye West-2007-09-27.mp3
08 Petros Papadakis-2007-09-27.mp3
10 Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman-2007-09-27.mp3
11 Barry Manilow Music As Punishment-2007-09-27.mp3
12 Courtney Love-2007-09-27-New Perfume Line.mp3
15 What Is Up With Oscar De La Hoya In Fishnets-from Wednesday 2007-09-26.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-27.mp3
A Moment With Bean-2007-09-27-Trying To Say Where UFC Can Be Found.mp3
Sep 28-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-09-28.mp3
03 and 16 Tom Cruise-2007-09-28-Moment Of Silence Ruined By A Fart.mp3
04 Calling South Africa-Baboons Stealing Food-2007-09-28.mp3
05 Amy-Grid Iron Goddess-2007-09-28.mp3
07 Jason Bateman-2007-09-28-New Movie-The Kingdom.mp3
08 Omar-2007-09-28-Wrote A Song About Rachael Ray.mp3
09 President Bush-2007-09-28-On His UN Speech.mp3
11 Emil Hirsch-2007-09-28-New Movie-Into The Wild-partial.mp3
11 Emil Hirsch-2007-09-28-New Movie-Into The Wild.mp3
12 Movie Beat-2007-09-28.mp3
13 Afro Calls-2007-09-28.mp3
15 John Langley-Creator Of Cops-2007-09-28-Starting Its 20th Season.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-09-28.mp3
Oct 1-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-01.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-01-6 am.mp3
03 Blowing Stuff Up-2007-10-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 and 15 William Shatner-2007-10-01-Boston Legal Returns.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-01-7 am.mp3
06 Jason Schwartzman-2007-10-01-New Movie-The Darjeeling Limited.mp3
07 John Madden-2007-10-01-On The Green Bay Packers Being Undefeated.mp3
08 Linus-2007-10-01-Kevin Is A Bad Parent.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-01-8 am.mp3
10 Shaolin Robot-2007-10-01-Likes To Stalk Guys.mp3
11 Anthony Anderson-2007-10-01-K-Ville.mp3
12 Jed The Fish-2007-10-01-Has Videos On YouTube.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-01-9 am.mp3
14 P-rn Fantasy Camp-2007-10-01.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-01.mp3
Oct 2-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-02.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-01-6 am.mp3
03 Jed The Fish-from Monday 2007-10-01-Has Videos On YouTube.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-10-02-On Britney Losing Custody.mp3
05 James Fitzgerald-2007-10-02-Book-The Joys Of Smoking Cigarettes.mp3
06 ShowBiz Beat-2007-10-02-7 am.mp3
07 Nick Kaye-Hard Rock Park-South Carolina-2007-10-02.mp3
08 Ray Wise-New TV Show-Reaper-2007-10-02.mp3
09 Afro Calls-2007-10-02.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-02-8 am-Cutoff Near End.mp3
11 Sean Connery-2007-10-02-On The Death Of Moneypenny.mp3
12 Things You Saw Briefly But Can Never Forget-2007-10-02-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-02-9 am.mp3
14 Nick The Sign Holder-2007-10-02-Lost His Virginity To A Hooker In Mexico.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-02.mp3
Oct 3- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-03.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-03-6 am.mp3
03 Nick The Sign Holder-from Tuesday 2007-10-02-Lost His Virginity To A Hooker In Mexico.mp3
04 Minka Kelly-Friday Night Lights-Does Not Call-2007-10-03.mp3
05 and 14 Bean Is Tested For Aspergers-2007-10-03.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-03-7 am.mp3
07 Matt Money Smith-2007-10-03-On The LA Lakers.mp3
08 George Carlin-2007-10-03.mp3
09 Email-2007-10-03.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-03-8 am.mp3
11 AshleyMadison-dot-com-Helps People Cheat-2007-10-03-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
12 Federlezee and Britney-2007-10-03-On The Custody Decision.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-03-9 am.mp3
15 Brain Eating Amoeba-2007-10-03-John Randolph.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-03.mp3
Oct 4- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-04.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-04-6 am.mp3
03 Federlezee and Britney-from Wednesday 2007-10-03-On The Custody Decision.mp3
04 Brain Eating Amoeba-from Wednesday 2007-10-03-John Randolph.mp3
05 and 16 China Bans Sexually Provocative Sounds-2007-10-04.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-04-7 am.mp3
07 Afro Calls-2007-10-04.mp3
08 Don King-2007-10-04.mp3
09 Jools Kline-Kline Kline Kline Kline and Kline-2007-10-04-Christmas Catalogue.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-04-8 am.mp3
11 Kevin Smith-2007-10-04-Book Signing.mp3
12 Lisa Reviews The New Show-Carpoolers-2007-10-04.mp3
13 Tommy Lee-2007-10-04-On His Recent Birthday.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-04-9 am.mp3
15 Geoff Boucher-LA Times-2007-10-04-On Radiohead Giving Away New Album.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-04.mp3
Oct 5-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-05.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-05-6 am.mp3
03 Geoff Boucher-LA Times-from Thursday 2007-10-04-On Radiohead Giving Away New Album.mp3
04 Mick Kazarowski-Meerkat Manor-2007-10-05.mp3
Rex Hudler-Angels Baseballl-2007-10-05.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-10-05-7 am.mp3
Luc Robitaille-former LA Kings-2007-10-05.mp3
Charlton Heston-2007-10-05-On His Recent Birthday.mp3
Movie Beat-2007-10-05.mp3
Perry Farrell-Satellite Party-2007-10-05-In-studio Performance.mp3
Afro Calls-2007-10-05.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-10-05-9 am.mp3
Andrew Siciliano-The Red Zone-2007-10-05.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-10-05.mp3
Oct 8-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-08.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-08-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Bruce Springsteen-2007-10-08-New Album-Plus 60 Minutes Interview.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-10-08.mp3
05 Debating Whether Or Not To Interview Criss Angel-2007-10-08.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-08-7 am.mp3
07 Lisa Raps-2007-10-08.mp3
08 Sean Connery-2007-10-08-Does A Sports Report.mp3
09 Tila Tequila-2007-10-08-New MTV Show-A Shot At Love.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-08-8 am.mp3
11 Inappropriate Wood-2007-10-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Reggie The Puppy-2007-10-08.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-08-9 am.mp3
14 Bean Hates The Blind-2007-10-08.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-08.mp3
Oct 9-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-09.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-09-6 am.mp3
03 Ethiopia Celebrates The Millennium-2007-10-09.mp3
04 Thanks For That Info Bean-2007-10-09-Still In Denial About Having Aspbergers.mp3
05 and 14 J-Lo Ass-2007-10-09-On Her Being Pregnant.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-09-7 am.mp3
07 Dressing Too Hot For Airlines-2007-10-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Kid Rock On Larry King-2007-10-09-Highlights.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-09-8 am.mp3
10 JS Giguere-Anaheim Ducks-2007-10-09.mp3
11 Ask A Cop-2007-10-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-09-9 am-Missing first 2 minutes.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-09-9 am-complete but with static.mp3
13 Beer Mug The Intern-2007-10-09-Drunk Messages.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-09.mp3
Oct 10- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-10.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-10-6 am.mp3
03 Beer Mug The Intern-from Tuesday 2007-10-09-Drunk Messages.mp3
04 Worst Songs Of The Past 5 Years-2007-10-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-10-7 am.mp3
06 Omar-2007-10-10-Went To Disneyland On Gay Day.mp3
07 David Hasselhoff-2007-10-10-Was Hospitalized.mp3
08 Dem Federline Boys Video-2007-10-10-Comments From TMZ.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-10-8 am.mp3
10 Loquecia-2007-10-10Recaps Tila Tequila-A Shot At Love.mp3
11 Radiohead-New Album Previewed-2007-10-10.mp3
12 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-10-10.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-10-9 am.mp3
14 Ethiopia Celebrates The Millennium-from Tueday 2007-10-09.mp3
15 Thanks For That Info Bean-from Tuesday 2007-10-09-Still In Denial About Having Aspbergers.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-10.mp3
Oct 11- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-11.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-11-6 am.mp3
03a Alex Oversleeps-2007-10-11-Gets A Wake Up Call.mp3
03b and 13 Jed The Fish And Bob Dylan-2007-10-11.mp3
04 Funny Internet Videos-2007-10-11.mp3
05 Email-2007-10-11.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-11-7 am.mp3
07 Paul Pringle-LA Times-The Trouble With Rehab-Malibu Style-2007-10-11.mp3
08 Dr Drew-Comments About Paul Pringle Rehab Story-2007-10-11.mp3
09 Anthony Keidis-2007-10-11-On Bad Lyrics.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-10-11-8 am.mp3
Things You Caught Your Co-worker Doing-2007-10-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
Afro Calls-2007-10-11.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-10-11-9 am-missing tail end.mp3
Bad Pitches-2007-10-11.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-10-11.mp3
Oct 12-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-12.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-12-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03a Dem Federline Boys-2007-10-12.mp3
03b Sean Astin-2007-10-12-New Movie-The Final Season.mp3
04 Gridiron Goddess-2007-10-12-On USC and NFL Football.mp3
05 Mark Wahlberg Did Not Call In Time-2007-10-12-Talk Of Homemade Tattoos Etc To Stall.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-12-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
07 Intern Shaolin Robot-Sexy Time Radio Show At UCLA-2007-10-12.mp3
08 Incubus Grand Prize Winner Called-2007-10-12-Could Not Be Reached.mp3
09 Movie Beat-2007-10-12-With Mr Movie Fone.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-12-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
11 Afro Calls-2007-10-12-Plus Lisa Is Watching Basbeball Now.mp3
12 Sharon Osbourne-2007-10-12-No Ozzy.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-12-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
14 Eva Mendes-2007-10-12-New Movie-We Own The Night.mp3
15 George Takei-2007-10-12.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-12.mp3
Jed-Likes Toe Jam-2007-10-12.mp3
Oct 15-Monday----01 Opening Collage and segment-2007-10-15.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-15-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Homemade Tattoos-2007-10-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
04a Brow Down Will Be Performed Live-2007-10-15.mp3
04b and 14 Michelle Ryan-The Bionic Woman-200710-15.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-15-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
06 Tony Hawk-2007-10-15-Proving Ground.mp3
07 Bean Loves Death Valley-Kevin Had To Travel The 5 Fwy Despite Closure-2007-10-15.mp3
08 Craig Fergeson-2007-10-15.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-15-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
10 Matt Money Smith-2007-10-15-Talks Baseball-Patriots-Lakers-BCS poll.mp3
11 Afro Calls-2007-10-15.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-15-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
13 David Duchovny-2007-10-15-Californication.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-15.mp3
Oct 16-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-16.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-16-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 David Duchovny-from 2007-10-15-Californication.mp3
04 and 14 The Internet Round-up -Video Of News Story On The Phanotm Popper-2007-10-16.mp3
05 Rudy-2007-10-16-Working At Home Boy Bakery.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-16-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
07 Sex Addiction-2007-10-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-16-8 am.mp3
09 Jimmy Eat World-2007-10-16-Playing Live In-Studio.mp3
10 Who Is Tyler Perry-2007-10-16-With Anell.mp3
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-16-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
12 Instructables-dot-com-Eric Wilhelm-2007-10-16.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-16.mp3
Oct 17- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-17.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-17-6 am-No Ralph.mp3
03 Instructables-dot-com-Eric Wilhelm-from Tuesday 2007-10-16.mp3
04 and 14 R Kelly Is Crazy-2007-10-17-Likes To Flip Burgers To Relax.mp3
05 Peter Segal-The Book Of Vice-Very Naughty Things and How To Do Them-2007-10-17.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-17-7 am-No Ralph.mp3
07 The Psycho Body-2007-10-17.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-10-17.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-17-8 am-No Ralph.mp3
10 David Koechner-2007-10-17-New Movie-The Comebacks.mp3
11 The Phantom Pooper-Update-2007-10-17.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-17-9 am-No Ralph.mp3
13 Gene Simmons-2007-10-17.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-17.mp3
Oct 18- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-18.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-18-6 am.mp3
03 The Phantom Pooper-Update-from Wednesday 2007-10-17.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-10-18.mp3
05 Gene Simmons-from Wednesday 2007-10-17.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-18-7 am.mp3
07 Defending Dancing With The Stars-2007-10-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Richard Walter-UCLA School Of Film-2007-10-18-On The Pending Writers Strike.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-18-8 am.mp3
10 Ask A Whore-2007-10-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
11 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-18-9 am.mp3
12 Loquecia-2007-10-18-A Shot At Love.mp3
13 Psycho Mike-Bandpax Benefit Show Recapped-2007-10-18.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-18.mp3
Oct 19-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-19.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-19-6 am.mp3
03 Kim Kardashian-2007-10-19.mp3
04 Loquecia-from Thursday 2007-10-18-A Shot At Love.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-10-19.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-19-7 am.mp3
07 Dick Cheney-2007-10-19.mp3
08 Sean Penn-2007-10-19-New Movie-Into The Wild.mp3
09 Kevin Smith-The Decider-2007-10-19.mp3
10 Movie Beat-2007-10-19.mp3
11 Weird Al Yankovic-2007-10-19.mp3
12 Shaolin Robot-2007-10-19-Last Day Of Her Internship.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-19-9 am.mp3
14 Gridiron Goddess-2007-10-19-Football Picks.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-19.mp3
Oct 22-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-22.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-22-6 am.mp3
03 and 13 Kevin-2007-10-22-Did A Poor Job With Sean Penn Interview.mp3
04 Wrong Place-Wrong Time-2007-10-22-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-22-7 am.mp3
06 Profanity In The Workplace Is Good For Moral-2007-10-22.mp3
07 Serj Tankian-2007-10-22-Headling KROQ Freak Show.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-10-22.mp3
09a Kristen Bell-2007-10-22-On Heroes Tonight.mp3
09b Show Biz Beat-2007-10-22-8 am.mp3
10 Steve-O-2007-10-22-New TV Show-Dr Steve-O.mp3
11 Dr Clark Novak-Hardees Food Chain-2007-10-22.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-22-9 am.mp3
14 OJ Simpson-2007-10-22.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-22.mp3
Oct 23-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-23.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-23-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Dave Gahan-2007-10-23.mp3
04 OJ Simpson-from Tuesday 2007-10-22.mp3
05 Bob Tur-Why They Run-2007-10-23.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-23-7 am.mp3
07 Ask A Muslim-2007-10-23-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-23-8 am.mp3
09 Tobin Bell-2007-10-23-New Movie-Saw 4.mp3
10 Afro Calls-2007-10-23.mp3
11 Paul Shulz-Red Cross-Fire Relief Efforts-2007-10-23.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-23-9 am.mp3
13 Name That Kreep-2007-10-23-For Creep Show Tickets.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-23.mp3
Oct 24- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-24.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-24-6 am.mp3
03 Criss Angel-2007-10-24-New Show On NBC.mp3
04 Proposals Gone Wrong-2007-10-24-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-24-7 am.mp3
06 Psycho Mike Story-telling Intervention-2007-10-24.mp3
Afro Calls-2007-10-24.mp3
Loquecia-2007-10-24-A Shot At Love.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-10-24-8 am.mp3
Tera Patrick-2007-10-24-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
Intern Beer Mug-2007-10-24-Danced For His Dinner at LA Kings Game.mp3
Bob Tur-Why They Run-from Tuesday 2007-10-23.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-10-24.mp3
Oct 25- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-25.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-25-6 am.mp3
03 Name That Creep-2007-10-25-For KROQ Kreep Show Tickets.mp3
04 The Internet Round-up-2007-10-25.mp3
05 and 15 Jerry Seinfeld-2007-10-25-On His Parade Magazine Interview.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-25-7 am.mp3
07 106-Year-old Newlywed-2007-10-25.mp3
08 Criss Angel-2007-10-25-On How TV Show Phenomenon Did Last Night.mp3
09 Kevin Has Expressive Aphasia-2007-10-25-With Dr Neil.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-25-8 am.mp3
11 Tourettes Syndrome-2007-10-25-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Dumbledore Is Gay-2007-10-25.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-25-9 am.mp3
14 Afro Calls-2007-10-25.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-25.mp3
Oct 26-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-26.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-26-6 am.mp3
03 Gridiron Goddess-2007-10-26.mp3
04 and 14 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-10-26-Britney Spears And More.mp3
05 MyExcusedAbsence-dot-com-2007-10-26.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-26-7 am.mp3
07 Britney-2007-10-26-On Reviews Of Her New Album Plus Clips.mp3
08 Fan Clubs You Are Embarrassed To Be In-2007-10-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-26-8 am.mp3
10 Clive Barker-2007-10-26-New Book and Video Game.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-10-26.mp3
12 Guess What The Picutre Is-On KROQ website-2007-10-26.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-26-9 am.mp3
15 Scott Weiland-Velvet Revolver-2007-10-26.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-26.mp3
Oct 29-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-29.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-29-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Arnold Schwarzenegger-2007-10-29-One Of 25 Most Awesome Action Heroes-Plus Ford and
04 Lisa Rants About Races For Causes-2007-10-29.mp3
05 Email-2007-10-29.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-29-7 am.mp3
07 Kevin-Summarizes His Gambling In Las Vegas-2007-10-29.mp3
08a Kevin Briefly Recaps Vegoose Show-2007-10-29.mp3
08b Afro Calls-2007-10-29.mp3
09 Bob Dylan-2007-10-29-On His New Commercial For Cadillac.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-29-8 am.mp3
11 Dressing Up Pets For Halloween-2007-10-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Division 3 Collage Football-15 Lateral Passes To End Game-2007-10.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-29-9 am.mp3
13 Travis Pastrano-2007-10-29-Won 100 Mile Race By 3 seconds.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-29.mp3
Oct 30-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-10-30-07.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-30-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Gerald and Linda Polley-2007-10-30-Went To Ozzy Osbourne Concert.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-10-30.mp3
05 and 13 Matt Money Smith-2007-10-30-On The LA Lakers and LA Dodgers.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-30-7 am.mp3
07 Joe Rogan-2007-10-30.mp3
08 GOP Website-List Of Scariest Democrats-2007-10-30.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-30-8 am.mp3
10 Maynard James Keenan-2007-10-30-New CD-Puscifer.mp3
11 Mr Skin-2007-10-30-Skintastic Video Guide.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-30-9 am.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-30.mp3
Oct 31- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-10-31.mp3
02a Bean Not Here-Calling His House-2007-10-31.mp3
02b Show Biz Beat-2007-10-31-6 am.mp3
03 Real Life Ghost Stories-2007-10-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 and Rodney-2007-10-31-On Halloween-Etc.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-31-7 am.mp3
06 Bobby Boris Pickett-2007-10-31-Monster Mash-Climate Mash.mp3
07 Psycho Mike-2007-10-31-On Crips Coming To His Neighborhood For Halloween.mp3
08 Stump Ozzy-2007-10-31.mp3
09a Email Response To Psycho Mike Zip Code Halloween Candy Policy-2007-10-31.mp3
09b Show Biz Beat-2007-10-31-8 am.mp3
10 Tom Kenny-Lucha VaVoom-2007-10-31.mp3
11 The Great Candy Debate-2007-10-31-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-10-31-9 am.mp3
13 Rob Zombie-2007-10-31.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-10-31.mp3
Nov 1- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-01.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-01-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Colonel Pittman-US Army-2007-11-01-On Recruiting Ads On GLEE Website.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-11-01.mp3
05 Worlds Sluttiest Women-2007-11-01.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-01-7 am.mp3
07 Lying About Being A Celebrity-2007-11-01-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 NeverGetBustedAgain-dot-com-2007-11-01.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-01-8 am.mp3
10 Slash-2007-11-01-On His New Autobiography.mp3
11 Loquecia-2007-11-01-A Shot At Love.mp3
12 Bean-2007-11-01-Has A New Blog.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-01-9 am.mp3
14 The Kevin and Bean Players-2007-11-01-Recreate The Britney Spears Interview.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-01.mp3
Nov 2-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-02.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-02-6 am.mp3
03 and 15 Larry Flynt-2007-11-02-Celebrated His Birthday.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-11-02.mp3
05 King Of Mexico-2007-11-02-new LA Clippers song.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-02-7 am.mp3
07 Rich Eisen-NFL Network-2007-11-02-New Book-Total Access.mp3
08 Ask A Dog Trainer-2007-11-02.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-02-8 am.mp3
10 Jesse Spencer-House-2007-11-02.mp3
11 Movie Beat-2007-11-02.mp3
12 Anel-Comments On Dog The Bounty Hunter Using N Word-2007-11-02.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-02-9 am.mp3
14 Dawan-2007-11-02.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-02.mp3
Nov 5-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-05.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-05-6 am.mp3
03 King Of Mexico-2007-11-05-Criticized For His Poor Enunciation.mp3
04 and 15 Supermouse-Gene Manipulated Lab Mouse-2007-11-05.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-11-05.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-05-7 am.mp3
07 Bobby Cave-Selling Albert Texas On eBay-200711-05.mp3
08 Ralph-The Video Vault-2007-11-05-Reviews Bad Ronald.mp3
09 Email-2007-11-05.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-05-8 am.mp3
11 Angel and Airwaves-2007-11-05-Live Studio Performance.mp3
12 Sean Connery-2007-11-05-On Daniel Craig Being Chosen For Next 4 Bond Films.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-05-9 am.mp3
14 Bean-2007-11-05-New Blog StronglyWordedLetter-dot-com Has Only One Complaint Letter.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-05.mp3
Nov 6-Tuesday-----
01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-06.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-06-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Tyra Banks Really Blows-2007-11-06-Topic Was Vaginas.mp3
04 Dr Mohammid Al Arifi-On The Correct Way To Beat Your Wife.mp3
05 Lets Paint-Cable Access and YouTube-2007-11-06.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-06-7 am.mp3
07 and 13 Borat-2007-11-06-Two New Books Out.mp3
08 Beth-Listener-Men Will Not Talk To Her-2007-11-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-06-8 am.mp3
10 Mike Shinoda-Linkin Park-2007-11-06.mp3
11 Kevin Smith-2007-11-06-On The Writers Strike.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-06-9 am.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-06.mp3
Tyra Banks-Its Just A Vagina.mp3
Nov 7- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-07.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-07-6 am.mp3
03 Lightning-2007-11-07-On The Writers Strike.mp3
04 Jerry Seinfeld-2007-11-07-Upset Bee Movie Was Not Number One At Box Office.mp3
05 Clips Of What TV Shows Will Sound Like Without Writers-2007-11-07.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-07-7 am.mp3
07 John Robison-Author of Look Me In The Eye-2007-11-07-Book On Aspergers Syndrome.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-11-07.mp3
09 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-11-07.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-07-8 am.mp3
11 Jonathan Davis-2007-11-07-In-Studio Performance.mp3
12 Loquecia-2007-11-07-A Shot At Love.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-07-9 am.mp3
14 Susan Miller-Astrologer To The Stars-2007-11-07-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-07.mp3
Jonathan Davis-Golden-2007-11-07.mp3
Jonathan Davis-Hold On-2007-11-07.mp3
Kevin Impersonates Jonathan Davis Singing-2007-11-07.mp3
Nov 8- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-08.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-08-6 am.mp3
03 Susan Miller-Astrologer To The Stars-from Wednesday 2007-11-07-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
04 People Who Shot Someone-2007-11-08-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-08-7 am.mp3
06 Dog The Bounty Hunter On Larry King-2007-11-08-Highligts.mp3
07 D L Hughley-2007-11-08.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-08-8 am.mp3
09 Carey Hart-2007-11-08.mp3
10 Bean-2007-11-08-Cannot Pronounce Vowels.mp3
11 Petrol China CEO-2007-11-08-On His Company Being Worth Over One Trillion Dollars.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-08-9 am.mp3
13 Kevin Nealon-2007-11-08.mp3
14 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-08-With Kevin Nealon.mp3
Nov 9-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-09.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-09-6 am.mp3
03 Dan-Senior VP-Movie Production Company-2007-11-09-On The Writers Strike.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-11-09.mp3
05 Michael Jackson-2007-11-09-Having A Yard Sale To Cover His.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-09-7 am.mp3
07 Andrew Siciliano-The Red Zone-2007-11-09.mp3
08 Vince Vaughn-2007-11-09-New Movie-Fred Claus.mp3
09a Bean Wants To Tell Rachel Nichols He Loves Her-2007-11-09.mp3
09b Doug Kriegal-On The Writers Strike-2007-11-09.mp3
10 Movie Beat-2007-11-09.mp3
11 Rachel Nichols-2007-11-09-New-Movie-P2.mp3
12 Email-2007-11-09.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-09-9 am.mp3
14 John Waters and Jeff Garland-2007-11-09.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-09.mp3
Nov 12-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-12.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-12-6 am.mp3
03 Bean-2007-11-12-A Review Of Rachel Nichols Interview and How Bean Does Not Have Game.mp3
04 Arnold Schwarzennegger-2007-11-12-On The Writers Strike.mp3
05 and 16 Psycho Mike-2007-11-12-Interviews Writers Striking.mp3
06a Bean-2007-11-12-Was Outbid On 1966 Batman Punching Bag Gift For Ralph.mp3
06b Show Biz Beat-2007-11-12-7 am.mp3
07 Matt and Scott-Directors Of Born Hye-Documentary On The Armenian Comedian-2007-11-12.mp3
08 Almost Acoutic Xmas-Night One Announced-2007-11-12.mp3
09 Kevin-2007-11-12-Attended Jimmy Kimmel Birthday Party In Las Vegas-Saw Big Tad.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-12-8 am.mp3
11 Miss Double December Contest Announced-2007-11-12.mp3
12 Psycho Mike-Lakers Song-2007-11-12-Answers King Of Mexico Clippers Song.mp3
13 Afro Calls-2007-11-12.mp3
14a King Of Mexico Loves Fingerless Gloves-2007-11-12.mp3
14b Show Biz Beat-2007-11-12-9 am.mp3
15 Armenian Comedian-2007-11-12-New Documentary-Born Hye.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-12.mp3
Nov 13-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-13.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-13-6 am.mp3
03a Miss Double December Entries Discussed-2007-11-13.mp3
03b and 13 Brandon Flowers-The Killers-2007-11-13.mp3
04 Psycho Mike Has Turets-2007-11-13.mp3
05 and 14 OJ Simpson-2007-11-13-Las Vegas Hotel Room Now Off Limits.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-13-7 am.mp3
07 Stump Rodney-2007-11-13-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
08 Pranks On Drunk Friends-2007-11-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-13-8 am.mp3
10 Paramore-Josh and Hailey-2007-11-13.mp3
11 Anna Faris-2007-11-13-New Movie-Smiley Face.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-13-9 am.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-13.mp3
Nov 14- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-14.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-14-6 am.mp3
03 Richard Cheese-2007-11-14-For Beans Birthday.mp3
04 Alex-2007-11-14-Hot For Deaf Dude At Trader Joes.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-14-7 am.mp3
06 Howard Gorden-Writer and Producer For 24-2007-11-14-On The Writers Strike.mp3
07 Acoustic Xmas Night Two Annouced-2007-11-14.mp3
08a Miss Double December Contest Discussed-2007-11-14.mp3
08b Afro Calls-2007-11-14.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-14-8 am.mp3
10 Feist-2007-11-14-In-studio Performance.mp3
11 Loquecia-2007-11-14-A Shot At Love.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-14-9 am.mp3
13 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-11-14-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-14.mp3
Nov 15-- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-15.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-15-6 am.mp3
03 Video Clips Of Studio Heads-Expectations Of Digital Media-2007-11-15.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-11-15-Donda West Etc.mp3
05 Lori H-Hosts Resident-dot-net-2007-11-15.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-15-7 am.mp3
07 Psycho Mike-2007-11-15-Spoke At The Pentagon.mp3
08 Blinded By Love-2007-11-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
09a What Is Ralph Not Getting For His Birthday This Year-2007-11-15.mp3
09b Show Biz Beat-2007-11-15-8 am.mp3
10 Name That Famous Two-2007-11-15-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
11 Melissa Ryder-2007-11-15-FriendsAndHelpers-dot-org.mp3
12 Josh-Jehovah Witness Who Went Door-To-Door With Michael Jackson-2007-11-15.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-15-9 am.mp3
14 Miss Double December Contest Submissions-2007-11-15.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-15.mp3
Nov 16-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-16.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-16-6 am.mp3
03 Meredith-Little Person-2007-11-16-Angry At Kevin And Bean-from Thursday What It Do Nephew.mp3
04 and 15 LA Mayor Villaraigosa-2007-11-16-On The Drought Busters Program.mp3
05 Afro Calls-2007-11-16.mp3
06a Miss Double December Contest-2007-11-16.mp3
06b Show Biz Beat-2007-11-16-7 am.mp3
Ask A Mormon-2007-11-16.mp3
Serj Tankian Sings Lyrics -Game For Acoustic Xmas Tickets-2007-11-16.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-11-16-8 am.mp3
Morgan Spurlock-2007-11-16-New Movie-What Would Jesus Buy.mp3
Movie Beat-2007-11-16.mp3
Santa Claus-2007-11-16-On Not Being Able To Say Ho Ho Ho Anymore.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-11-16-9 am.mp3
Andrew Siciliano-The Red Zone-2007-11-16.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-11-16.mp3
Nov 19-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-19.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-19-6 am.mp3
03 Afro Calls-2007-11-19.mp3
04 Omar-oki-2007-11-19-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
05 and 15 Gerald and Linda Polley-2007-11-19.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-19-7 am.mp3
07a Butterball Hotline Call Previewed-2007-11-19.mp3
07b Masi Oka-Heroes-2007-11-19.mp3
08 Almost Acoustic Xmas Ticket Onsale Info Announced-2007-11-19.mp3
09 Intern Beer Mug-2007-11-19-Was In A Wedding-Hated Bride.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-19-8 am.mp3
11 Gene Simmons-2007-11-19.mp3
12 Matt Money Smith-2007-11-19-Did Lakers Play-By-Play.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-19-9 am.mp3
14 Miss Double December Entries Discussed-2007-11-19.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-19.mp3
Nov 20-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-20.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-20-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Tom Cruise-2007-11-20-On Portraying Hugh Hefner In A Movie.mp3
04 Words You Hate-2007-11-20-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-20-7 am.mp3
06a Miss Double December Contest Closing-2007-11-20.mp3
06b Calling Street Team Member-Giving Away Acoustic Xmas Tickets-2007-11-20.mp3
07 Kathy Griffin-2007-11-20.mp3
08 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-20-8 am-Kathy Griffin Sits In.mp3
09 Miss Double December Entries Discussed-2007-11-20.mp3
10 William Shatner-2007-11-20-Lost The Call.mp3
11a Butterball Hotline Call Rehearsed-2007-11-20.mp3
11b Heidi Klum-2007-11-20-Project Runway.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-20-9 am.mp3
13 Afro Calls-2007-11-20.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-20.mp3
Nov 21- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-21.mp3
02a Ralph Is Listless-Saw Van Halen In Concert-2007-11-21.mp3
02b Show Biz Beat-2007-11-21-6 am.mp3
03 and 16 Bob Dylan Radio Show-2007-11-21-Theme This Week-Thanks.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-11-21-Jan Adams Not On Larry King Etc.mp3
05 Bean-2007-11-21-Has Another New Blog.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-21-7 am.mp3
07 Miss Double December 2008 Finalists-2007-11-21.mp3
08 Calling Street Team Member-Giving Away Acoustic Xmas Tickets 2007-11-21.mp3
09 Afro Calls-2007-11-21.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-21-8 am.mp3
11 Butterball Hotline Call-2007-11-21.mp3
12 Movie Beat-2007-11-21-This Christmas-Enchanted-Hitman-The Mist.mp3
13 Loquecia-2007-11-21-A Shot At Love.mp3
14 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-21-9 am.mp3
15 Andrew Siciliano-2007-11-21-Previews NFL Games.mp3
17 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-21.mp3
Nov 26-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-26.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-26-6 am.mp3
03 Thanksgiving Horror Stories-2007-11-26-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 and 15 Clark Monroe-World Against Toys Causing Harm-2007-11-26.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-26-7 am.mp3
06 Miss Double December Contestant Irene-2007-11-26.mp3
07 Calling Street Team Members-Giving Away Acoustic Xmas.mp3
08 Email-2007-11-26.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-11-26-8 am.mp3
Matt Money Smith-2007-11-26.mp3
Karen Covell-Hollywood Prayer Network-2007-11-26.mp3
Afro Calls-2007-11-26.mp3
Show Biz Beat-2007-11-26-9 am.mp3
Miss Double December Contestant Tawny-2007-11-26.mp3
What It Do Nephew-2007-11-26.mp3
Nov 27-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-27.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-27-6 am.mp3
03 Miss Double December Contestant Cassandra-2007-11-27.mp3
04 Email-2007-11-27.mp3
05 and 15 President Bush and Al Gore-2007-11-27.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-27-7 am.mp3
07 Frank Caliendo-2007-11-27-Frank TV.mp3
08 Miss Double December Contestant Kassidy-2007-11-27.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-27-8 am.mp3
10 Chinese Adoption Agency-On Britney Trying To Adopt Twins-2007-11-27.mp3
11 Calling Street Team Members-Giving Away Acoustic Xmas Tickets-2007-11-27.mp3
12 Miss Double December Contestant Chanel-2007-11-27.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-27-9 am.mp3
14 Afro Calls-2007-11-27.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-27.mp3
Nov 28- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-28.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-28-6 am.mp3
03 and 14 Santa Claus-2007-11-28.mp3
04 Chocolate Footprints-2007-11-28-Phantom Pooper Back At KROQ-Plus Listener Calls.mp3
05 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-28-7 am.mp3
06 Miss Double December 2008 Contestant Elizabeth-2007-11-28.mp3
07 Kevin Is Unhappy About Leonard Nimoy Releasing Photo Book Of Fat Nude Women-2007-11-28.mp3
08 Leonard Nimoy-The Full Body Project-2007-11-28.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-28-8 am.mp3
10 Miss Double December 2008 Contestant Kelly-2007-11-28.mp3
11 Joel McHale-The Soup-2007-11-28.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-28-9 am-Joel McHale Sits In.mp3
13 Miss Double December 2008 Contestant Drea-2007-11-28.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-28.mp3
Nov 29- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-29.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-29-6 am.mp3
03 LA Mayor Villaraigosa-2007-11-29.mp3
04 and 15 Jessie-Team Britney-2007-11-29-Angry At How Ralph Reports On Britney.mp3
05 Calling Street Team Member-Giving Away Acoustic Xmas Tickets-2007-11-29.mp3
06a Miss Double December Live Event Promoted-2007-11-29.mp3
06b Show Biz Beat-2007-11-29-7 am.mp3
07 Gustavo Arellano-Ask A Mexican-2007-11-29.mp3
08 Bruce-C.O.F.F.E.E-2007-11-29-Baseball Needs More Black Players.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-29-8 am.mp3
10 Randy Couture-2007-11-29-UFC.mp3
11 Mole-2007-11-29.mp3
12 Loquecia-2007-11-29-A Shot At Love.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-29-9 am.mp3
14 Miss Double December 2008 Contestant Caitlan-2007-11-29.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-11-29-partial.mp3
Nov 30-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-11-30.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-30-6 am.mp3
03 Ozzy Osbourne-2007-11-30.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-11-30-Britney Update.mp3
05 Sgt Joshua Carillo-US Marine Corps-2007-11-30-Collecting Toys For Ta Tas.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-30-7 am.mp3
07 Miss Double December 2008 Contest-2007-11-30-Round 1.mp3
08 Matt Money Smith and Petros Papadakis-2007-11-30.mp3
09 Miss Double December Contest-2007-11-30-Round 2.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-11-30-8 am.mp3
11 Miss Double December Contest-2007-11-30-Round 3.mp3
12 Federlezee-2007-11-30-On Being Named 7th Most Influential Person Under 45.mp3
13 Miss Double December Contest-2007-11-30-Swim Suit Interviews.mp3
14 Miss Double December Contest-2007-11-30-Former Miss Double Decembers.mp3
15 Miss Double December Contest-2007-11-30-Kassidy Crowned Miss Double December 2008.mp3
Dec 3-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-12-03.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-03-6 am.mp3
03 Gerald and Linda Polley-2007-12-03.mp3
04 Afro Calls-2007-12-03.mp3
05 Miss Double December Contest-2007-12-03-Highlights From The Live Broadcast.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-03-7 am.mp3
07 Ali Larter-2007-12-03-Heroes.mp3
08 Putting On The Pits-2007-12-03-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
09 Michael Jackson-2007-12-03-On The Jackson Five Touring Again.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-03-8 am.mp3
11 Nicole V-Entertainment Editor-Details Magazine-2007-12-03-On Their Top 50 Influential People Under 45 List.mp3
12 Psycho Body-2007-12-03.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-03-9 am.mp3
14 Beans Blog-2007-12-03.mp3
15 LA Mayor Villaraigosa-from Thursday 2007-11-29.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-12-03.mp3
Dec 4-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-12-04.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-04-6 am.mp3
03 Beans Blog-2007-12-04.mp3
04 Calling Street Team Member-Giving Away Acoustic Xmas Tickets-2007-12-04.mp3
05a Tat Tuesday-2007-12-04.mp3
05b and Linus-Personal Assistant To Kevin Ryder-2007-12-04.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-04-7 am.mp3
07 Christopher Mintz-Plasse-Superbad-2007-12-04.mp3
08a Tat Tuesday-2007-12-04-update.mp3
08b Kelly Pickler On Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader-2007-12-04.mp3
09 Toilet-To-Tap Water Program In Orange County-2007-12-04.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-04-8 am.mp3
11 Craig Fergeson-Late Night-2007-12-04.mp3
12 Ralph-Video Vault-Holiday Edition-2007-12-04-Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-04-9 am.mp3
14 Tat Tuesday Winner-2007-12-04.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-12-04.mp3
Dec 5- Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-12-05.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-05-6 am.mp3
03 Ralph-Video Vault-Holiday Edition-from Tuesday 2007-12-04-Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.mp3
04 and 15 Who Wants To Marry A US Citizen-2007-12-05-With Rudy.mp3
05 Calling Street Team Members-Giving Away Acoustic Xmas Tickets-2007-12-05.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-05-7 am.mp3
07 Things Girls Do To Each Other-2007-12-05-Listener Call-In.mp3
08 Email-2007-12-05.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-05-8 am.mp3
10 Diablo Cody-Screewriter For New Movie Juno-2007-12-05.mp3
11 Orchesta De La Raza-2007-12-05-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
12 Damian Lewis-TV Show-Life-2007-12-05.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-05-9 am.mp3
14 Loquecia-2007-12-05-A Shot At Love.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-12-05.mp3
Dec 6- Thursday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-12-06.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-06-6 am.mp3
03 Loquecia-from Wednesday 2007-12-05-A Shot At Love.mp3
04 Ralph Rants-2007-12-06-eVites.mp3
05 Bob Dylan Radio Show-2007-12-06-Theme This Week-Party.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-06-7 am.mp3
07 The Internet Round-up-2007-12-06.mp3
08 Calling Street Team Members-Giving Away Acoustic Xmas Tickets-2007-12-06.mp3
09 Dr Kirk Langstrom-Moderate Drinking-2007-12-06.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-06-8 am.mp3
11 Bad Behavior At Work Holiday Parties-2007-12-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-06-9 am.mp3
13 The Hardest Game In The World-2007-12-06-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
14 Dave Grohl-2007-12-06.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-12-06.mp3
Hanukkah Jews-2007-12-06-Halloween Spooks spoof.mp3
Dec 7-Friday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-12-07.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-07-6 am.mp3
03 Dave Grohl-from Thursday 2007-12-06.mp3
04a Naked With Grandparents-2007-12-07-For AcousticXmasTickets.mp3
04b Donald Trump-2007-12-07-On Leaving A 10,000 Dollar Tip.mp3
05 Dont Forget The Singing Bee Lyrics-2007-12-07-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
06a Naked With Grandpa-2007-12-07-Listener Moe.mp3
06b Show Biz Beat-2007-12-07-7 am.mp3
07 King Of Mexico-2007-12-07-Takes Home KROQ Mail.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-12-07.mp3
09 Stump Rodney-2007-12-07-ForbAcousticbXmasbTickets.mp3
10 Movie Beat-2007-12-07-Revolver-The Amatuers-Juno-Atonement-The Golden Compass.mp3
11 Jeffrey Ross-2007-12-07.mp3
12 Kevin Smith-The Decider-2007-12-07-Who Is The Best Batman Ever.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-07-9 am.mp3
14 Naked With Grandpa-2007-12-07-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets-End Of Contest.mp3
15 Wheel O Celebrities-2007-12-07-For Acoustic Xmas Tickets.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-12-07.mp3
Dec 10-Monday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-12-10.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-10-6 am.mp3
03 Kidflix-dot-org-2007-12-10.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-TMZ-2007-12-10-Britney Etc.mp3
05 Acoustic Xmas Recap-2007-12-10.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-10-7 am.mp3
07 Bad Bean Experiences In Public -2007-12-10-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Ralph-2007-12-10-Attended The Mayweather-Hatton Fight In Las Vegas.mp3
09 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-10-8 am.mp3
10 Adrianne Curray-2007-12-10-Appearing In Playboy.mp3
11 Acoustic Xmas-Listener Recaps-2007-12-10.mp3
12 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-10-9 am.mp3
13 Carson Daly-2007-12-10-Back On The Air Despite Writers Strike.mp3
14 Bob Dylan Radio Show-from Thursday 2007-12-06-Theme This Week-Party.mp3
15 What It Do Nephew-2007-12-10.mp3
Dec 11-Tuesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-12-11.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-11-6 am.mp3
03 Carson Daly-from Monday 2007-12-10-Back On The Air Despite Writers Strike.mp3
04 Intern Beer Mug-2007-12-11-Not At Work-Gets Called.mp3
05 and 15 Scientists Want To Give Kangaroo Stomachs To Cows-2007-12-11-Calling Australia.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-11-7 am.mp3
07 Jessi-Team Britney-2007-12-11-Unhappy With News Coverage Of Britney.mp3
08 Afro Calls-2007-12-11.mp3
09 Hotline To Heaven-2007-12-11-The Three Stooges.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-11-8 am.mp3
11 Things You Found In Your Fast Food-2007-12-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
12 People Who Had Stars Named After Them-2007-12-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
13 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-11-9 am.mp3
14 Joe Francis-Girls Gone Wild-2007-12-11-Calls From Prison With His Lawyer.mp3
16 What It Do Nephew-2007-12-11.mp3
Holiday In Armenia-2007-12-11.mp3
Dec 12 - Wednesday----01 Opening Collage and Segment-2007-12-12.mp3
02 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-12-6 am.mp3
03 Calling QVC-Getting Lisa May A Christmas Gift-2007-12-12.mp3
04 Email-2007-12-12.mp3
05 Duff Goldman-Ace Of Cakes-2007-12-12.mp3
06 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-12-7 am.mp3
07 Omar Gives Kevin The Best Present Ever-2007-12-12.mp3
08 Iran President-Has His Own Blog-2007-12-12.mp3
09 John C Reilly-2007-12-12-New Movie-Walk Hard-The Dewey Cox Story.mp3
10 Show Biz Beat-2007-12-12-8 am.mp3
11 David Alan Grier-2007-12-12.mp3
12 Dennis Hoff-Cathouse On HBO-2007-12-12.mp3
13 Movie Beat-2007-12-12.mp3
14 Kat Von D-LA Ink-2007-12-12.mp3
15 Kevin Wants To Light Off Fireworks-2007-12-12-Fire Department Comes To KROQ.mp3
Dec 13- Thursday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
Loquecia-Reviews How The Grinch Stole Christmas.mp3
Omar Hates Rachael Ray.mp3
Bean And His Baked-Good Loving Cow-from 2007-03-06.mp3
Santa Karl.mp3
Thai Prime Minister Buzzes If Question Is Not Constructive.mp3
RateMyTurban-dot-com-from 2007-02-01.mp3
Christopher Walken Gets A Cooking Show.mp3
Jimmy Eat World live in-studio-from 2007-10-16.mp3
Federlezee and Britney-On Kevin Getting Sole Custody of the Kids.mp3
Mexican Superstitions-from 2007-08-29-Listener Call-in.mp3
Roland-Lost Episode Of Batman-from previous Xmas CD.mp3
A Moment With Kevin-A Retrospecitve-from 2007-03-01.mp3
Oh No My Butt-from 2007-08-02.mp3
Dating Dealbreakers-from 200704-02.mp3
Kevin Smith-A Christmas Memory-from 2006 Xmas CD.mp3
Wheel of Racial Stereotypes-Black Men Dont Give Oral.mp3
Ask OJ-Gives Relationship Advice To Listnerer Mika.mp3
Dec 14-Friday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Britney and Kevin-from 2006-06-20-Maybe Having Next Baby In Namibia.mp3
02 Kevin-New Years Wishes from Christmastime In The 909.mp3
03 Sarah Silverman- Give The Jew Girl Toys- from Christmastime In The 909.mp3
04 Made-up Names-Listener Call-in.mp3
05 Man On Man Massages-Does It Make You Gay-from 2007-03-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
06 Smell-O-Vision In Japan-from 2007-01-10.mp3
07 No Fly List Mix-ups-from 2007-06-13-Listener Call-in.mp3
08 Calling Nepal Despite Ralph Protesting.mp3
09 LA Mayor Villaraigosa-from 2007-11-16-On The Drought Busters Program.mp3
10 Ryan Seacrest Gets A Star-Mike Interviews Fans-from 2005-04-21.mp3
11 Steven Seagal-On His New Energy Drink-from 2007-05-01.mp3
12 Bean-New Years Wishes-from Christmastime In The 909.mp3
13 Older Folks Are Still Having Sex-from 2007-08-24.mp3
14 Omar-from 2007-09-14-Forced To Watch His Hated Rachael Ray On Larry King Live.mp3
15 MySuperProposal-dot-com.mp3
16 Saddam Hussein- From Hell-from 2007-01-03-Plus James Brown And Gerald Ford-But Not Gerald Laverne.mp3
17 Vasectomy Horror Stories-Listener Call-in.mp3
Dec 17-Monday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Chinese Adoption Agency-On Britney Trying To Adopt Twins-from 2007-11-27.mp3
02 Bean Has A Date With Mark Thompson-from 2002.mp3
03 Hu Is The President Of China.mp3
04 Kevin and Bean Host TV Game Show- Pure Insanity.mp3
05 Kevin and Bean Christmas CD songs.mp3
06 Muslim-Themed Porn-from 2006-11-20.mp3
07 Tenacious D.mp3
08 Talking Urinal Cake Theater-from 2007-02-13.mp3
09 Jay Mohr Christmas Wish.mp3
10 Product Warning Labels-from 2007-01-10-From Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch.mp3
11 Bean and His Neighbors Who Kill Their Rooster When Bean Asks Them To Take Care Of It.mp3
12 Voice Lifts-Dr. Robert Saddleof.mp3
13 Lisa May-Her QVC Gift Prank On Kevin and Bean.mp3
14 Psycho Mike Asks Why Blacks Yell At The Movies-from 2005-12-13.mp3
15 Scientology-from 2006-07-20-How They Attack Critics Exactly The Same Way.mp3
16 Fear Of Zombies-from 2006-02-21-Listener Call-In.mp3
17 Bobcat Goldthwait Christmas song.mp3
18 Gene Simmons On His New Marketing Company-from 2006-03-07.mp3
Dec 18-Tuesday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Tom Cruise-Cruising Through Life.mp3
02 Working With You Is Killing Me-Thinly Veiled Calls From Each Other-from 2006-04-04.mp3
03 Bob Dylan-from 2006-06-08-Radio Show Theme This Week Is Coffee.mp3
04 Kevin-Bathroom interviews 2002.mp3
05 Psycho Mike To Get Anus Bleached-from 2005-09-14.mp3
06 Celebrity Anti-Piracy Commercials.mp3
07 Lightning Ends Up DJing For Tom Leykis And Girlfriend.mp3
08 Mole-How To Wrap A Present.mp3
09 Melissa Outs Kevin For Trying To Address Packages To The Man Of All Men.mp3
10 Santa Claus-from 2007-11-16-On Not Being Able To Say Ho Ho Ho Anymore.mp3
11 Dave Grohl-Foo Fighters-Acoustic Performance.mp3
12 Bobby Knight.mp3
13 Does Every Woman Have An Inner Lesbian- Listener Call-in.mp3
14 Sexual Cleansers In Kenya.mp3
15 Bob Hope-Asks Kids What They Want For Christmas.mp3
16 Bean Crashed Truck Of Friend Who Is On Vacation-from 2006-09-18-Including Listener Call-In.mp3
Dec 19- Wednesday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Bob Hope Asks Kids What They Want For Christmas.mp3
02 The Act That Dare Not Speak Its Name-from 2006-05-26.mp3
03 Stryker Has Tail-from 2006-12-12.mp3
04 Larry Flynt Holiday Wish.mp3
05 Breakfast With Coldplay.mp3
06 Dieu To.mp3
07 Steve-O Christmas Wish.mp3
08 Michael Jackson-Celebrated His 49th Birthday-from 2007-08-30.mp3
09 Sex In Elevators-Listener Call-in.mp3
10 Britney and Kevin-On Rumors Of Their Break-up-from 2005-12-05.mp3
11 Al Gore-An Inconvenient Christams.mp3
12 Bean-Listens To Christmas Music Every Day.mp3
13 AOL Will Not Let You Cancel-EVER.mp3
14 Music Way Too Loud In Taco Bell.mp3
15 Charlton Heston vs Santa Claus.mp3
16 Space Shuttle Gets Repaired By Mexican Repairman-from 2005-08-04.mp3
Dec 20- Thursday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Charlton Heston vs Santa.mp3
02 Music Way Too Loud In Taco Bell.mp3
03 Keeping Nude Photots While Developing Them-from 2005-09-09-Listener Call-in.mp3
04 Bean Has A Website Called Nigga Please-from 2004-03-30.mp3
05 New Boy Scout Merit Badges-from 2006-10-27.mp3
06 Strange Fetishes-from 2006-10-11-Listener Call-in.mp3
07 Federlezee-Christmas In Malibu.mp3
08 Looking For The Funniest Joke-from 2006-10-18-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Ask Santa Karl.mp3
10 Breakfast With Radiohead.mp3
11 Anna Nicole Smith-from 2002-08-15.mp3
12 Mole-Bong Water Dude Man Guy.mp3
13 101 Things Removed From The Human Body.mp3
14 Chang Chang-Fat Panda From Thailand-Being Put On Diet-from 2007-01-22.mp3
15 Duff Goldman-Ace Of Cakes On Food Network-from 2007-01-19.mp3
16 Bruce Springsteen Chrismas Song.mp3
17 Bean In A Porn-Jail Babes 4 Features Interview from KROQ.mp3
Dec 21-Friday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Uncrustables Or Peanut Butter and Jelly-The Great Debate-from 2006-12-01-Listener Call-In.mp3
02 Bird That Hates Bean-from 2006-06-07.mp3
03 Rudy-from 2006-09-20-On Cell Phone Smuggling In Jails.mp3
04 Harvey Levin-Breaking News On Santa-from Kevin and Bean Super Christmas.mp3
05 Dick Cheney-from 2006-10-20-Speech In Topeka Plus Sings KISS-Rock And Roll All Nite.mp3
06 Dr Marcus Wolfson-Refuting Claims In New Book-In The Female Mind-from 2006-11-29.mp3
07 Britney And Kevin-from 2006-02-23-With Dr Phil Living With Them.mp3
08 Santa Karl.mp3
09 Bob Dylan Radio Show-2006-11-29-Theme This Week-Food.mp3
10 Kevin and Bean Host Addams Family Marathon On KCAL-from 1993.mp3
11 Ryan Seacrest Gets A Star-Mike Interviews Fans-from 2005-04-21.mp3
12 Ricky Bobby Christmas-from Kevin and Bean Super Christmas.mp3
13 Bean Writes To Celebrities.mp3
14 Armenian Comedian-Has The Cure For Cancer and AIDS.mp3
15 John C Reilly-from 2007-12-12-New Movie-Walk Hard-The Dewey Cox Story.mp3
16 Loquecia Reviews How The Grinch Stole Christmas.mp3
17 Omar Heckling K-Fed At His Show-from 2006-11-30-Highlights And Audio Clips.mp3
Dec 24-Monday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
00 Heat Wave TV Coverage-from 2007-09-04-Plus Doug Kriegal Calls.mp3
01 Armenian Comedian and Steve-O Christmas Wishes.mp3
02 Gene Simmons-from 2007-10-17-On Picking Up Women.mp3
03 The Psycho Body-from 2007-12-03.mp3
04 Ask A Mormon-from 2007-11-16.mp3
05 DieuTo and Ray Romano-Christmas Wishes.mp3
06 What Is Up With Oscar De La Hoya In Fishnets-from 2007-09-26.mp3
07 The Phantom Pooper-Update-from 2007-10-17.mp3
08 Men Harrassed At Work-from 2007-08-15-Listener Call-in.mp3
09 Lewis Black-Jimmy Kimmel-Christmas Wishes.mp3
10 Queens Of The Stone Age-from 2007-07-23.mp3
12 Jed The Fish-from 2007-10-01-Has Videos On YouTube.mp3
12 Meredith-Little Person-from 2007-11-16-Angry At Kevin and Bean.mp3
13a Harvey Levin-Breaking News On Santa.mp3
13b Greenbriar Lane-Christmastime In The 909.mp3
14 LA Mayor Villaraigosa-from 2007-07-11.mp3
Josh-Jehovah Witness Who Went Door To Door With Michael Jackson-from 2007-11-15.mp3
Dr Clark Novak-Hardees Food Chain-from 2007-10-22.mp3
John Madden Christmas Wishes.mp3
Flight Of The Concords-from 2007-07-10.mp3
Dec 26- Wednesday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Kid Rock On Larry King-from 2007-10-09-Highlights.mp3
02 Michael Jackson-from 2007-08-15-Hanging With Marion Barry.mp3
03 Kites Of Death-from 2007-02-28-Calling Pakistan About The Kite Festival.mp3
04 Kevin Smith-The Decider-from 2007-10-19-Kristen B or Hayden P.mp3
05 Chris Cornell-from 2007-03-29-Interview and performance.mp3
06Howard Baltice- US Council For Amusement Park Safety-from 2007-07-18.mp3
07 King of Mexico-New Clipper Song-from 2007-04-23.mp3
08 Hand Farter-from 2007-08-13.mp3
09 Falling Asleep In Strange Places-from 2007-09-06-Listener Call-in.mp3
10 TV Ads Aimed At Gays-Flaming O Hotel-Bobbins Brothers Jewelers.mp3
11 Petrol China CEO-from 2007-11-08-On His Company Being Worth Over One Trillion Dollars.mp3
12 Psycho Mike-On What Young Girls Think Of Paris Hilton-from 2007-05-11.mp3
13 The Cult Of Pinkberry-from 2007-08-28-Listener Call-in.mp3
14 Brain Eating Amoeba-from 2007-10-03-John Randolph.mp3
15 Nick The Sign Holder-from 2007-10-02-Lost His Virginity To A Hooker In Mexico.mp3
16 Gustavo Arellano-Ask A Mexican-from 2007-05-03.mp3
17 Chang Chang-Fat Panda from Thailand-from 2007-01-22-Being Put On Diet.mp3
Dec 27- Thursday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Women Who Only Orgasm When Giving Oral Sex-from 2007-04-05-Plus Dr Drew Calls.mp3
02 Ultimate Guy and Chick Cars.mp3
03 Kevin Has A Personal Assistant-from 2007-08-23-Linus Calls In.mp3
04 Tyra Banks Is A Big Fat Whore-from 2007-06-13-Urination Segment from Tyrashow-dot-com.mp3
05 The Phantom Pooper-update-from 2007-10-17.mp3
06 Space Shuttle Gets Repaired By Rudy-from 2005-08-04.mp3
07 Breakfast With My Chemical Romance-2007-07-31.mp3
08 iPod Police-from 2006-04-06.mp3
09 Criss Angel-from 2007-08-03.mp3
10 Stryker Has A Tail-from 200-12-12-The Truth Is Revealed From Stryker Himself.mp3
11 Axe A Black-from 2007-08-09-With Anel.mp3
12 Anthony Keidis-from 2007-10-11-On Bad Lyrics.mp3
13 Are Asian Babies Born With Blue Spots On Their Butt-2007-07-19-With Paul Lee.mp3
14 Bob Dylan Radio Show-from 2007-12-06-Theme This Week-Party.mp3
15 Bean Hates The Blind-from 2007-10-08.mp3
16 Tom Cruise-Cruising Through Life.mp3
Doc Sings.mp3
Doc Speaks French.mp3
Doc Story On Shoe Size Vs Penis Size.mp3
Doc Stutters and Stammers.mp3
Dec 28-Friday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Women In Prison-from 2007-06-05-Listener Call-in.mp3
02 Psycho Mike at the Shelarious Auditions On Oxygen Network-from 2007-03-05.mp3
03 Breakfast With Linkin Park-from 2007-07-20.mp3
04 Sean Connery-from 2007-10-02-On The Death Of Moneypenny.mp3
05 Federlezee-from 2007-11-30-On Being 7th Most Influential Person Under 45.mp3
06 American Moustache Institute-from 2007-08-30.mp3
07 Alex-from 2007-11-14-Hot For Deaf Guy At Trader Joes.mp3
08 Worlds Largest Bullsh-t-from 2007-07-12.mp3
09 Mexican Billionaire-2nd Richest Man In The World-from 2007-04-18.mp3
10 Jay Mohr-from 2007-05-24.mp3
11 AOL Will Not Let Y ou Cancel-EVER.mp3
12 Rudy-from 2007-03-27-On Mexican Voice Actors Striking.mp3
13 Dog The Bounty Hunter On Larry King-from 2007-11-08-Highlights.mp3
14 King Of Mexico Visited Bean-from 2007-08-20.mp3
15 Bruce-C.O.F.F.E.E-from 2007-11-29-Baseball Needs More Black Players.mp3
16 A Moment With Kevin-A Retrospective Of His Clips-from 2007-03-01.mp3
Doc Goofing.mp3
Doc Reflecting On His Career.mp3
Dec 31-Monday----- Best of Kevin & Bean
01 Gene Simmons-from 2007-10-17-On Picking Up Women.mp3
02 Saddam Hussein-from Hell-from 2007-01-03-Plus James Brown And Gerald Ford-But Not Gerald Laverne.mp3
03 Nick The Sign Holder-from 2007-05-04-Will Be On MTV Reality Show About Virgins.mp3
04 Ralph and Has Chanting Neighbors.mp3
05 Flex Pets-Rent A Dog-from 2007-07-31.mp3
06 Elephant Who Was Addicted To Heroin-from 2007-09-04.mp3
07 Tay Zonday-Chocolate Rain-Plus Answer Songs-Shaolin Rain.mp3
Paramore-from 2007-09-14-In-studio Interview and Performance.mp3
Rudy-from 2006-09-20-On Cell Phone Smuggling In Jails.mp3
Emo Jokes-from 2007-05-16-Listener Call-in.mp3
Jed The Fish and Bob Dylan-from 2007-10-11.mp3
Mike Rowe-Dirty Jobs-from 2007-08-14.mp3
Tommy Lee-from 2007-09-13-On Kid Rock Fighting Him At MTV Awards.mp3
Is There A Munchkin Land in Long Beach.mp3
Dick Cheney-from 2007-02-28-On The Suicide Attack During His Recent Visit To Afghanistan.mp3
Breakfast With Korn-from 2007-03-06.mp3
Heat Wave TV Coverage-from 2007-09-04-Plus Doug Kriegal Calls.mp3

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