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AUGUST 21 - 7 P.M.
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 17, 2008
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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary
August 17, 2008
AUGUST 21 - 7:00 P.M.
All are invited to participate in a special Mass in honor of Our Lady of Knock on Thursday, August 21 at 7:00 p.m. Irish harp music and hymns from the Celtic tradition will be
featured. Music will be provided by Lisa Hall, Katie O'Shea, our harpist, and Geoff
Pautsch, our organist.
What is the "story" of Knock?
At about 8 o'clock on Thursday evening of the 21st of August, 1879, the Blessed Virgin
Mary, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist appeared at the south gable of the church at
Knock, County Mayo, Ireland. Beside them to the right was an altar with a cross and the
figure of a lamb. Around the lamb angels hovered aloft.
There were fifteen official witnesses to the apparition. Young and old, they watched it for two hours in pouring rain while reciting the Rosary. Two "Commissions of Inquiry" later accepted the testimony of these witnesses as trustworthy and satisfactory in 1879 and 1936.
Today, Knock ranks among the world's great Marian Shrines. It has enjoyed the full approval of the Church for many years. It
has received "privileges" from four popes. The most recent was the visit of the late Pope John Paul II on September 30, 1979.
A special Polish Mass will be offered by Fr. Przemyslaw "Peter" Wojcik
on Tuesday, August 26 at 7:00 PM. This Mass is a celebration of Catholic
Faith and Polish Culture. While not a feast of the Universal Church, the Festival of Our Lady of Czestochowa is a “landmark event” in Poland. We extend an invitation to parishioners and the faculty, parents and students of the
Ignacy Paderewski School and encourage people of all ethnic groups to
share in this feast of Poland's "Black Madonna."
I invited Fr. Wojcik, a newly ordained priest of the Chicago Archdiocese, because he taught Religion in the Paderewski
School in 2006 and did apostolic work at St. John Brebeuf before ordination to the diaconate.
Fr. Wojcik was born in Poland and completed his elementary and university education there. His priestly formation and education began at the Metropolitan Seminary in Lublin. When he came to Chicago, he enrolled in the Bishop Abramowicz
Seminary and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein. While a law student in Lublin, Fr. Wojcik served as president of
the Catholic Youth Society and was a leader of the Agnus Dei Youth Choir. He was also a journalist for Polish National
Catholic Journal and is the author of a book on Poland's Marian Shrines.
Fr. Wojcik has served as a deacon and priest at St. Francis Xavier Church in Wilmette. I hope our parish and the Paderewski
School will welcome Fr. Przemek and Deacon Bob Kerls for our second annual celebration of the Festival of Our Lady of
- Fr. Luczak
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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 17, 2008
A Procession and Mass in honor of Our Lady of Knock will be held this Thursday, August 21st, at 7:00 p.m.
We will gather outside by the ramp for the procession. After Mass all are welcome to the Holy Family Room
for refreshments. If you would like to bring breads, muffins or cookies, it would be appreciated. If you
are able to help with serving or clean up, please call the RE Office, 847/966-1180.
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process of prayer, reflection, study and discussion for individuals
who have never been baptized, who are baptized Christians but who seek to learn more about the Catholic
Church, or who are baptized Catholic but have not been catechized in the faith and have not received First
Communion or Confirmation. To learn more about the RCIA process, all are invited to an Information Evening
on Thursday, August 28th, at 7:00 p.m. Interested parishioners are encouraged to attend and to pass this information along to someone they know.
Isaiah 22:19-23
Psalm 138:1-3, 6, 8
Romans 11:33-36
Mathew 16:13-20
ISAIAH: “In eighth century Jerusalem God speaks through the Prophet Isaiah who is told to address a problem. The ‘master of the palace’—the equivalent of a secretary of state—was a man named Shebna. God says
that he is to be demoted because he used this office for his own advantage. Today we will hear a description
of what the investiture of Shebna’s successor, Eliakim, will look like.”
ROMANS: “Today’s reading concludes the part of Paul’s letter to the Romans in which he agonizes over the
fate of Jewish people who have not accepted Christ. In the end, Paul simply leaves the matter in God’s
hands, and concludes with a hymn that talks of the mysterious ways of Divine Providence. You will notice that
the ending of this hymn is similar to the way we end every Eucharistic prayer.”
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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 17, 2008
*Families who are registered for this year’s RE Program should have received a classroom assignment sheet
and calendar of the year by now in the mail. If you have not received this, please call the RE Office this week,
*Religious Education classes for Grs. 1-Confirmation Year II begin on Monday, August 25th. Families are to
gather in the church at 6:30 p.m. for prayer. The RE Faculty will be introduced and they will bring the children
to class (please remember to bring your classroom assignment sheet). Parents and guardians will have a
presentation by Sr. Rene of the Office for Divine Worship and then go to the rooms to meet the Catechists
and Assistants. Hospitality follows in the Holy Family Room, where families may also make tuition payments
and leave copies of baptismal certificates. We look forward to a new season with our young people and their
*Kindergarten Religious Education classes will begin on Sunday, September 7, with Open House at 10:00
a.m. followed by class at 10:30 a.m.
*Families who have not yet registered their children for the 2008-2009 Religious Education Program are
strongly encouraged to do so this week. Please call the RE Office at 847/966-1180.
All Catechists and Assistants will gather on Monday, Aug. 18th, at 6:30 p.m. in the hall for dinner, a presentation by Benedictine Sister Kathy Maloney and then particulars of the new year. Please be here and on time.
All Catechists and Assistants are encouraged to attend the Cluster Formation Session which will be held here
in the Holy Family Room, 7-9 p.m. this Wednesday, August 20. Help with greeting, serving refreshments and/
or clean-up will be appreciated. Please give Dee a call at 847/966-1180.
Our SPRED Community invites you (adults 21 and older) to consider joining us as a helper catechist working
with one of our adult friends who is cognitively challenged. The team meets 12 times a year and the whole
group meets 12 times a year to share faith and friendship (sessions held on Wednesdays from SeptemberApril with a long break near Thanksgiving/Christmas) and then we meet for Mass a couple times (September
and Ash Wednesday). As part of your commitment you observe a SPRED session at another parish and you
attend a training session (usually on a Saturday). When you join the team, per Archdiocesan requirements,
there is paperwork to fill out, a mandatory workshop and a background check. For further information about
this ministry or to discuss your possible participation, please call Dee Stanton at 847/966-1180.
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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 17, 2008
Wednesday morning Bible Study resumes on September 3rd, 9:30 a.m. in Rm. 6 of the school (enter from
Holy Family Room). We will be studying the Gospel and Epistles of St. John. Cost for materials will be $12.
If finances are a difficulty, please come anyway. This is a study and faith sharing experience. Previous bible
study participation is not necessary. To register or for more information call Dee Stanton at 847/966-1180.
Healthy Summer Cooking
Part 1
As I wrote last week, healthy living need not take a back seat to summer fun. These warm, relaxing months
provide plenty of opportunities for eating a balanced and nutritious diet. The wide variety of fresh fruits and
vegetables that are available offer ways of getting the vitamins, minerals and fiber we need to keep us healthy
and “help protect us from some chronic diseases.” (1) Proper storage and preparation of these foods and
meats, poultry and fish will help minimize our risks of getting a foodborne illness. If you don’t want to become
one of the 76 million people who fall victim to such conditions each year, read on!
On Your Mark, Get Set… (2)
When preparing for that picnic or barbeque, you need to keep safety in mind.
Keep cold food cold – Store these items in the “frig” until you’re ready to cook or serve. Packing the
cooler? Use ice or frozen gel packs. Include a refrigerator thermometer to make sure that your cold
foods stay at 40 degrees or below. You can pack your burgers, hot dogs and chicken while they’re still
frozen. If possible, put drinks and perishables in separate coolers.
Watch those juices – Wrap meats, poultry and fish so that juices can’t escape and leak onto other
foods, thus contaminating them.
Wash and dry…your fresh fruits and vegetables. Their surfaces may be tainted with bacteria, herbicides
or pesticides.
Contaminated foods and beverages are not the only sources of foodborne illness. Your hands, surfaces and
utensils may be as well.
Wash those hands – Whether eating or cooking outdoors, scrub and rinse them before preparing your
meal or chowing down. Cleaning up “can be as simple as using a water jug, some soap, and paper
towels.” (2) Products like Wash and Dry are an option. Hand gels are ok as long as your hands aren’t
dirty or soiled with food (esp. meat, poultry, fish) juices.
Make sure these are clean – Food serving and preparation surfaces can house germs. Wash and dry
counters and table tops before assembling your meal or plating it. Cooking utensils, plates and platters need t be clean as well.
Next time: Healthy Summer Cooking – Part 2
I hope you have a good week!
Pat Kellen, Parish Nurse – Advocate Health Care/ St. Isaac Jogues
(1) “Keeping You and Your Foods Safe,” Healthe Trends: Take Charge of Your Health! July 2008
(2) “Outdoor Eating Food Safety Tips,”
Page Six
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 17, 2008
Ministry of Care Basic Training Course
Resurrection Medical Center and Advocate Lutheran General Hospital are co-sponsoring this preparatory
course for those interested in this parish ministry. Sessions focus on particular aspects of the Ministry of Care
and development of the skills and confidence needed to be a source of comfort to those who are sick. Completion of the course is required in order to receive the Archdiocesan mandate to bring Communion to the
sick, homebound and hospitalized of our parish. Classes will be held Wednesdays from 7-9PM from September 17 to October 15. The Sept. 17 and 24 and Oct. 1 sessions will be held at Resurrection. The Oct. 8 and
15 classes will be on the Lutheran General campus. Recommendation to attend training must be received
from the Pastor/ Ministry of Care Coordinator. To schedule an interview, please call Pat Kellen at 847-9671094. Registration ends Sept. 8. This course, likely, will be the last in our area until 2009.
St. Isaac Jogues’ Women’s Club
Guild #7
Coming soon!
From the weekend of May 18th through Thanksgiving Day, November 27th, 2008, parishioners are invited to decorate the altar with flowers in honor or
memory of a loved one, There will be two arrangements each week. Your name and intention will be
listed in the Bulletin.
The cost this year of a larger flower arrangement
will be $50.00, The flowers are yours to take home
after the 12:00 noon Mass on Sunday if you wish.
Dates fill up quickly, so please book well in advance. Please call the Rectory at 847-9671060 to
arrange the date to make your remembrance special!
The flowers on the altar this week are from:
Frank Lisowski Family
“In Loving Memory of Peter Pecori”
Frank Lisowski Family
“In Loving Memory of the Deceased Members
of the Lisowski Family”
What the whole parish has been
waiting for! Yes, you are right.
A Pasta Dinner ~
Save the Date.
September 27, 2008
Holy Family Room
After the 5 PM Mass
Much more information to follow.
Just remember to keep the date open.
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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 17, 2008
Stewardship …………………………………………………………..Sunday Collection
Weekly (this year) 8/10/08— $9,602.20
(last year) 8/12/07- $9,535.60
In today’s second reading, St. Paul tells the Romans, “god’s gifts and his call are
irrevocable.” To what is God calling me today? What gifts are mine to share?
On July 1, 2008, the Committee working to re-form the Parish Pastoral Council sponsored an open
meeting with Ms. Rita Kattner, Director of the Archdiocesan Office of Pastoral Councils. Ms. Kattner
re-emphasized the importance of having a PPC and described various strategies for re-forming a
PPC. Discussion covered various topics:
past PPC experiences,
the role of the staff in relation to the PPC and,
different operational models for a PPC.
Following the discussion, the “next steps” in the re-formation process were outlined. These Included:
encouraging wider parish participation in the re-formation process
increasing membership in the various commissions
re-establishing the Parish Life Commission and
convening a formal Steering Committee to oversee the re-formation process.
We strongly encourage the interest and involvement of all parishioners as we take our “next steps”
toward a PPC.
Fr. Luczak and the Parish Council Re-Formation Committee
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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 17, 2008
Dear Parishioners,
Welcome to the new school year. School begins on Monday,
day of school for our first through eighth grade students and
Kindergarten children and their parents. We are looking forward
year with all of our families, old and new.
August 25th , with a half
Open House for our
to beginning another
We have been busy over the summer preparing for the new school year and working on the school
building. We have purchased and installed 30 new computers for our lab so that we will continue to provide the best technology for our students. New windows have been ordered for the upper grade wing and
Extended Day wing of the school which we hope will be installed in September. We are coming back to
school ready for another year of challenging academics and providing an atmosphere where our children
can learn and live their faith.
Thank you for all that you do to help make our school such a vital place. We are honored to be part of
such an important ministry of the parish. Please keep us in your prayers this year. You will be in ours.
Mrs. Margaret Whitman,
St. John Brebeuf School
2008-2009 St. John Brebeuf School Faculty & Staff
Preschool Aides
Kindergarten Aide
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Special Education
Computer Education
Physical Education
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Kathy Nichols
Mrs. Margaret Lalich, Mrs. Gina Doumouras
Mrs. Eileen Ries, Miss Alison Dziedzic
Mrs. Ann Mitchell
Mrs. Molly Schwartz & Mrs. Joanna Oliva
Mrs. Sandie Beierwaltes & Mrs. Betsy Dusbiber
Ms. Cathy Maltese & Mrs. Ellen Obirek
Mrs. Gina Byrne & Sr. Carol Ann Hauber
Mr. Adam Taylor & Miss Sandra Schertzing
Mrs. Christine Macella & Miss Rebecca Giannelli
Miss Janelle Siwiec & Mrs. Janice Bargamian
Mrs. Penny Guerrieri & Mrs. Lynn Baer
Miss Stephanie Urban
Miss Kelly Ryan
Mrs. Michele Boyer
Miss Jennifer Bubis
Mrs. Liz Willert
Mrs. Jennifer Hodge
Mrs. Jean Mall
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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Church History Course
A series of sessions on the history of the Catholic
Church will be offered this Fall at St. Martha Church
in Morton Grove. They will extend over twelve
Thursday evenings, beginning on September 11 and
ending on December 11. Each session will take place
in the large auditorium church building and will last
from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. They will be offered by Father Dennis O'Neill. All are welcome, and there is no
charge. The only expense would be the book we will
use as a text - "A Concise History of the Catholic
Church - Revised and Expanded Edition", by Thomas Bokenkotter (New York: Image Books, 1990). It
is available in paperback edition and can probably be
obtained second-hand either from or You are welcome to invite any nonCatholics who are interested in our faith. To register,
please phone your name and give your phone number to St. Martha Rectory, 8523 Georgiana Avenue,
Morton Grove, Illinois 60053.847-9650262.
- Fr. Dennis B. O’Neill
"Online Study of
Prayer, Marriage and the Family"
Would you be willing to participate in a study of
prayer in marriage and family life? Besides praying
in church or temple and at meals, how, when, where,
and why do couples pray? Do partners pray together?
Do they have similar or different ways of praying? Is
marriage and family life part of their prayer life?
Does prayer change over the course of marriage and
family life? These and other questions will be explored in an online, confidential study conducted by
Dr. Paul Giblin, Associate Professor of Pastoral
Counseling at Loyola University Chicago. Please
consider reflecting on and writing about your prayer
experience in this study. Contact Dr. Giblin at either
312-915-7483 or [email protected] if you are willing to
participate and/or have questions.
August 17, 2008
Isabela de Flores y del Oliva ,
known as Rose, was born at
Lima, Peru in 1586 to parents
of Spanish origin. She entered
the Dominicans as a tertiary
and since there were no convents in Peru, she kept her
vows in a hut in the garden of
her home, in a state of destitution and mortification characterized by ecstatic experiences. She died in 1617 and
was canonized in 1671, the first person in the Americas to be canonized a saint.
She is depicted as a youth, in the habit of the Dominicans, her attributes are roses and the Christ
Child. She is invoked against fever, dropsy, and
Protector: Gardeners and Dominican nuns.
Patron: Rose is the patron saint of South America
and the Philippines.
Page Ten
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday, August 17
7:30 am Richard Arendt
9:00 am Irene Virginia & Frank Joseph Tomczak
10:30 am Marius Zurat
12:00 pm Caridad Mikulec
Monday, August 18
8:00 am Purgatorial Society;
Joseph Dyja, Sr.
August 17, 2008
Liturgies next weekend
August 23 — 24
5:00 pm
7:30 am
9:00 am
10:30 am
12:00 pm
Tuesday, August 19
8:00 am Es Hernandez
Fr. Kalas
Fr. Kennedy
Fr. Stagaman
Fr Luczak/Deacon Bob
Fr. McGlynn
Altar Servers
5:00 pm
Wednesday, August 20
8:00 am Charles Falco
7:30 am
Thursday, August 21—Our Lady of Knock
8:00 am Irene Virginia & Frank Joseph Tomczak
7:00 pm Jan Krakowski
9:00 am
10:30 am
Friday, August 22
8:00 am Special Intention—Grant Family
Saturday, August 23
8:00 am Communion Service—No Intentions
5:00 pm Mr. & Mrs. Kopp
Sunday, August 24
7:30 am For the Living & Deceased Members of
St. Isaac Jogues & their Families;
Anthony J. Angello
9:00 am Edward Dyja
10:30 am Rose Vicenti & Caterina Cozzoli
12:00 pm Josephine Pignato
Fr. Luczak
12:00 pm
Joana Hidalgo, John Hidalgo,
Carlo Lasco
Anna Koziol, James Herrera,
Rachel Nieva
Kathleen DeLeon, Ian DeLeon,
Rene Dumayas
Edrienne Yap, Althea Yap,
Adam Ratner
Sandra Kietlinska, Nilakshi Fernando,
Aisha Fernando
Thursday, August 21—Our Lady of Knock
7:00 pm Adam Ratner, Elizabeth Stanton,
Joana Hidalgo, John Hidalgo
Sacristy Committee
Marguerite Smoczynski, Wanda Kennedy
Relatives & Friends
Please remember the sick and hospitalized:
Bob Arns, Andre Baros, Noah Baros, Marian De Meo,
Marie DeMeo, Marge Doyle, Gerard Dreyfuss,
Shirley Klein, Mark Koz, Maria Ladd, Megan Lawler,
Joanne Lyczak, Lillian McCloud, Mary Ellen McNicholas,
Bob Meyers, Marilyn Michaels, Margaret Murphy,
Pat Olech, Tammy Heffernan Propst, Tony Romito,
Linda Bong Sanchez, Paul Sitkowski,
Pat Terzakis, Chuck Watson, Laura Wright,
Mary Zimniewicz, Megan Zimniewicz Upshaw.
George A. Marschalek
Jim McIntyre, cousin of Fr. Roman
Observe what is right, do what is just;
For my salvation is about to come,
My justice, about to be revealed.
— Isaiah 56:1
Page Eleven
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
PASTOR: Rev. Andrew Luczak
Deacon Bob Kerls, Parish Business Administrator
Mrs. Dolores Stanton, Director of Religious Education
Mrs. Patricia Kellen, Parish Nurse
Mrs. Lisa Hall, Music Director
Deacon & Mrs. Robert C. O’Keefe
Deacon Rod Ranola
Deacon & Mrs. Paul M. Stanton
Rev. Ron Kalas
Rev. Larry Janowski, O.F.M.
Rev. Bernard Kennedy, O.F.M.
Rev. Philip McGlynn, O.S.M.
Rev. David Stagaman, S.J.
Eucharistic Celebrations:
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:30, & 12:00 Noon
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM
Saturday: 8:00 AM & 5:00 PM
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday, 11:00 - 12:00 Noon or anytime by request.
August 17, 2008
Sacrament of Matrimony: Must be registered for six
months prior to setting the wedding date with an additional six months for necessary preparation. Note: The
following wedding times can be scheduled:
Friday at 5:00 p.m.;
Saturday at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m.;
Sunday at 3:00 p.m. (Ceremony only)
Sacrament of Baptism: Second and fourth Sunday of
each month at 1:30 PM. Baptism Preparation Session
must be completed before Baptism. Contact the Parish
Office as soon as possible for details.
Parish Office Website:
E-mail: [email protected]
8149 Golf Road, Niles, IL. 60714. . . . . . . 967-1060
Mrs. Janet Piovosi (Parish Secretary)
Mrs. Emilie Casacchia (Data Processor)
Mrs. Marlene Garber (Data Processor)
Mrs. Jane Piper (Bulletin Editor)
Religious Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Staff Secretary
Parish Nurse. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 967-1094
Music Ministry. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 967-1091
Parish Hall. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 965-1091
Ministry Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Parish School:
St. John Brebeuf School. . . . . . . . .
Principal: Mrs. Margaret Whitman
It has always been the policy of St. Isaac Jogues to offer our parish community an opportunity to pray for those parishioners who are ill and in need of our prayers. We have tried to keep close track of these names for our Bulletin as they
are made available to us.
However, now we face an important privacy issue, very much like the issues faced by hospitals, health institutions, and
certainly by other parishes.
We cannot (by law) publicly let our parish community know the health status of any of our members without
their permission.
We appreciate the fact that often friends, neighbors, and acquaintances wish to do something special for a person who is
ill, and ask to place their name on the list to be prayed for. While their intentions are surely good, we simply can no
longer accept names in this manner.
We will institute a new process regarding calling in names for the Bulletin list.
Names for the sick list placed in the Bulletin have to be called in by the person who is ill, or by a member of
their family. At the time they call in the name, they will be asked whether they are the sick person him/ herself, or a
member of their family, and if they give permission for the name to be placed on the list. They will be asked for the correct spelling of the sick person's name. If a family member, they will be required to give their name for our records.
Thank you for your patience regarding this new process. We wish to do all we can to offer our parish community the
opportunity to offer prayers for those who are ill — but we must also be cognizant of the fact that all members of our congregation are entitled to their privacy in this regard.
8149 Golf Road
Niles, IL 60714
847 967-1060
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