Annual Report



Annual Report
Reflections from the Students of Cotting
My Kingdom - Song by Julie B.
full of miracles
I walked into this world
g where to go
A little sca red, not knowin
you r kin gdom
But you welcomed me into
Willin g to help me to gro
behind me
And once the gate closed
k back
I knew I could never loo
now I’m home
‘Cuz now I’m home. Yes,
Oh, I’m home. I’m finally
to the kin gdom
Faces follow me as I wal
world there at the door.
I see the people of the
My sisters and my brothe
So many people who car
behind me
And once the gate closed
I was free falling with lov
to be ME. I dare to be ME
I dare to be ME. I dare
I’m finally ME!
ting School, visit
To hear Julie’s song about Cot
In Their Own Words
Each day Cotting student writers express themselves through different media
for academic endeavors. Each voice is powerful and unique.
In this, our 2011 Annual Report, the students speak. As you read these
pages, let what each student says confirm what we at Cotting already know:
we serve exceptional students. Whether their thoughts are delivered via
pencils, pens, augmentative communication devices, or a parent’s voice
on tape, each student’s contribution focuses our attention on his or her
compelling message. The song Julie wrote about starting at Cotting School
(opposite page) is the first of many examples.
We invite you to turn these pages to gain deeper insights and an
appreciation for our students’ many talents.
L to R: David Manzo,
Anne Phillips Ogilby and
David Cushing
To the Cotting School Community
This year I witnessed a smooth transition on our Board of Trustees as Chairman
Anne Phillips Ogilby completed her term and passed the baton to David Cushing. A
forward-thinking strategist, Anne balanced the immediate needs of Cotting School
with a clear vision for the future. Our trustees, staff, students and families benefited
from Anne’s extraordinary and visionary leadership. Since her Chairmanship
began in 2000, Anne worked diligently to help Cotting maintain our co-founders’
commitment to excellence and innovation in all areas of our work with children with
special needs.
During Anne’s tenure, Cotting achieved significant milestones, such as accreditation
by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges, a new playing field, a
fitness center, and other major improvements to our campus.
I welcome David Cushing, who has a longtime commitment to the mission of Cotting
School. In addition to his role as a dedicated Trustee, David chaired our Development
Committee. David knows the value of close ties with Cotting students. As a high
school student, his son, Charles, spent one summer as a classroom volunteer and
another as a Program Assistant. It was a time during which David watched Charles
“blossom and gain rich insight into a more vital definition of life.”
I’m deeply thankful for Anne’s leadership and look ahead to working with David in
the 119th year of the “experiment” begun in 1893 by our inaugural Board of Trustees.
Cotting School is fortunate to have a cadre of dedicated Board members whose
leadership is the envy of our peers.
David W. Manzo
Two Fully Funded
With gratitude for the extraordinary
generosity of the many donors who made
these initiatives possible, Cotting School
is pleased to announce the completion
of funding for two major initiatives,
The Cotting Fellowship, ($2 Million)
and The Augustus Thorndike Fellowship
The Cotting Fellowship selects one recent
college graduate in Education to teach
at Cotting for two years under close
mentoring. After successful completion
of the two years, the Fellow is given a
generous stipend toward a Master’s degree
in Special Education, our way of giving
back to the field. It is our hope that, going
forward, Fellows will be ambassadors of the
School, bringing their training, innovation,
and passion for learning with them.
From L to R: Jeanine Dowd, Cotting Fellow 20092011; Erica Schlank, Cotting Fellow 2011-2013; and
Brenna O’Donnell, Cotting Fellow 2010-2012.
Given annually, The Thorndike Fellowship Thorndike Fellows Priscilla Egan and Laura Newton
recognizes a member of the faculty or staff
of Cotting School who exemplifies excellence in service to children with special
needs. While this Fellowship recognizes the extraordinary work of a particular
member of the Cotting School staff each year, it simultaneously acknowledges the
thoughtful, dedicated efforts of the staff as a whole.
2010 Thorndike Fellowship recipient, Laura Newton, expanded the Cotting School
Community Trip Curriculum. 2011 recipient, Priscilla Egan, further developed the
Middle School’s Science Curriculum.
Please see page 21 for the list of donors who have so kindly made these Fellowships a reality.
Not Just A School
by Mena B. Class of 2011
Cotting is not just a school; it’s a community. The support that encompasses the school is
indescribable. At my previous schools, I felt my disability was holding me back, whereas
at Cotting it is my motivation to grow. Between the encouragement of my peers and my
own inner drive, I have accomplished more than I could ever hope. Cotting’s positive
energy is contagious. Anyone can play basketball, no matter what challenges he or she
may face.
What truly separates Cotting from other schools is the students and staff within its
walls. Everyone is so friendly and accepting. My previous school experiences always
tended to lack something. I always felt left out or judged because of my disability. When
I changed to home schooling, I didn’t have many social interactions with kids my age and
the few I was still connected with seemed to slowly fade away. At Cotting I have found
my identity. I have made many friends and feel confident in myself. I have learned more
than what one can read in a textbook. I will carry all of this with me as I take my next
step in life.
Teaching Mena - Brenna O’Donnell
As soon as I met Mena, she shared her desire
to go to a four-year college after graduation.
With the assistance of other staff members,
we created a curriculum that would challenge
Mena in all academic areas while preparing her
for her future.
took the SATs, submitted college applications,
planned for her personal care needs, found
accessible housing, volunteered at a hospital,
got her learner’s permit, and proved to all who
knew her that she was college-level material.
She entered Bridgewater State University in the
fall of 2011. She wants to be a writer.
Mena enrolled in English 101 at Middlesex
Community College’s dual enrollment program,
Nonverbal Communication Says a Lot!
Students at Cotting use a variety of means of communication in their daily interactions.
Some students speak, some use both their own voices and assistive devices, others use
augmentative communication devices that provide them a voice. All of our students know
the importance of nonverbal communication in expressing themselves.
Owen shares news and information via a “Step-by-Step,” a series of recorded messages
made by his caregivers, along with lots of expression that reinforces his message.
Answering yes/no through eye gaze, picture support and nodding, Owen has told us what
he likes about Cotting.
Why I Like Cotting
by Owen L.
I like that my teachers talk to me and ask me questions. I feel proud when I answer. I can
talk to my classmates. I can play in gym class. I feel important in school. My choices matter
to the class and my teachers.
I love having Ms. Alada for a teacher. I like to joke around with Ms. Wini. I love gym. I love
my OT, my PT, my CT. I love using my computer. I do Show and Tell. I don’t always like
doing work in the classroom. I would rather talk with my friends.
Teaching Owen - Alada Caughey and Winifred Birmingham
Owen knows a lot; his head is full of ideas.
There is so much Owen wants to convey.
The “Step-by-Step” communicator gives him
the opportunity to independently share
information. Owen truly enjoys chatting with
his friends and hanging out with them during
the school day. When he wants to engage us,
his eye gaze is determined, intense. He is fun to
work with and very expressive.
I Can Be Independent
by Chris C.
Cotting helps me be independent. I like being on the basketball team and the track
team because I have the opportunity to go to Special Olympics. Cotting has the best
communication therapists (CTs). When I was in my old school I had a chin switch, which
was very hard for me. When I came to Cotting the CT who was working with me gave me a
head switch which is easier for me. Cotting is a good way for people with disabilities to be
Cotting lets me be independent because the physical therapists help me find new assistive
technology. The Cotting staff helps me research my future plans. I like playing in the night
games and playing against the staff.
I liked going on the S.A.LS.E.* weekends because I like to do things with my friends
independently. Cotting has helped me to be more independent. After Cotting, I will
continue to be independent.
* SALSE (Summer Adapted Living Skills
Experience) is a 5-week summer program
for our oldest upper school students to study
transportation, housing, vocational opportunities,
community resources and recreation/leisure.
Students also have the option of spending 1-2
weekend overnights practicing their skills.
Teaching Chris - Brenna O’Donnell
Chris has contagious willpower and an
unwavering desire to learn. With his
augmentative communication device, he shares
his thoughts and visions and enlightens others
with his unique perspective and infectious
A student like Chris makes educators work
harder. He has an exceptional attitude and
ambition, and he brings out the best in others.
His admirable work ethic has led him to his
current status as a dual enrollment student at
Middlesex Community College.
I have learned a lot at Cotting School. I have been practicing algebra in my math class. I
do algebra every day and it’s easy for me. Our gym teacher, Mr. Cuddy, taught us how to
play Dr. Dodgeball. I have fun throwing the balls to people who are on the other team. In
Communication Therapy, I have been practicing using my iTouch and iPad, and I am going
to use my iTouch in the community. My Occupational Therapist has taught me how to play
mancala and use a slant board to write better. I love to learn at Cotting School every day.
Cotting School has many things I like. I like Cotting because it’s handicap accessible. I like
my teacher, Mrs. Kattermann, because she’s so nice to me. I love going to recess. I love to
hang out with my friends. Cotting School is a great place to learn and a great place to be.
Teaching elizabeTh Nora Bailey and Larae Kattermann
Elizabeth is an exceptionally bright and
spirited twelve-year old girl. She shares her
thoughts and expresses herself with a range of
communication methods. Her creativity and
imagination shine through in her writing.
In class Elizabeth takes advantage of numerous
creative writing opportunities, loves to read,
and steps up to any math challenge. Everyone
who spends time with Elizabeth can see that
she is a hardworking student. Each day she
comes to school bringing along a smile and a
can-do attitude.
Katie F.
Hopes, Fears
& Dreams
For a recent writing assignment,
Middle School students were asked to
convey their hopes, fears, and dreams.
Their comments speak volumes!
Helpful, determin
Lover of yogurt,
Cotting School, th
e outdoors
Who wonders ho
w things work
Who fears trying
new things
Who feels happy
when he meets
someone new
Who would like t
o see the
Boston Marathon
in person
Who dreams of li
ving on his own
one day
Eric B.
Hopes, Fears
& Dreams
Adoring, exciting, talkative
Lover of sports, salad, animals
Tessa G.
Who wonders what will happen to
endangered animals
Who fears horror movies and bees
Who feels happy when playing
with kittens
Who would like to travel to Brazil
Who dreams of going to
Harvard University and working
with animals
Sweet, loving,
Lover of my moms,
school, and chocolate
Who wonders how
to be a mom
Who fears heights
Who feels happy with
friends and family
Who would like to travel
to China
Who dreams of walking
India S.
Board of Trustees
Officers of the Corporation
David Cushing, CFA
Chairman; Boston, MA
John Beach, Bridges Associates
Paul Goodof
Treasurer; Private Financial and
Management Consulting
Michael Durkin, CEO, United Way of
MA Bay and Merrimack Valley
Raymond L. Killian, Jr.
Chairman Emeritus; Investment
Technology Group, Inc. (retired)
Lynda G. Kabbash, M.D.,
New England Baptist Hospital
Anne P. Ogilby, Esq.
Chairman Emerita; Ropes & Gray
David W. Manzo, M.Ed.
President, Cotting School
D. Eliot Klein
Secretary; Cambridge Trust Company
Henry W. Clark, Esq., Clark, Hunt & Embry
Susan Halby, Concord, MA
Richard E. Keeley, Dean, Boston College
Katherine Martien, M.D., Director, TRANSCEND, MGH
Makeeba McCreary, Abekam Consulting
Virginia L. Nicholas, Concord, MA
Stuart A. Randle, GI Dynamics, Inc.
Joan Thorndike, Brookline, MA
Trustees Emeriti
H. Phelps Edwards, Jr., Wellesley, MA
William O. Taylor *
Charles T. Haydock, CFA, Treasurer
Emeritus; Welch & Forbes
John L. Thorndike, Treasurer Emeritus; Fiduciary Trust Company (retired)
David S. Lee, Senior Vice Chairman (retired)
Elise R. Wallace, Sherborn, MA
Paul F. Perkins, Esq., Ropes & Gray (retired)
* Deceased
Treasurer’s Report
We make every effort to give our students the full range of
services which optimize their independence, while stewarding
our resources carefully. In recent years we have made
significant changes toward a “greener” campus, while realizing
considerable cost savings. Those efforts continue, particularly with regard to energy
efficient lighting, water conservation, and recycling.
In fiscal year 2011, Cotting School raised $1,017,950 to support operating expenses, the
Cotting Fellowship and the Augustus Thorndike Fellowship, a $193,500 increase from the
previous year.
Since 1893, Cotting alumni, staff, trustees, families, and friends have contributed to our
endowment through bequests of all sizes. The benchmark of a strong organization, these
gifts further our long term financial stability and enhance what we can offer our students.
Please consider supporting Cotting School in perpetuity as you plan your estate.
Thank you for your ongoing support for our deserving students.
Charles T. Haydock, Vice Chairman and Treasurer
Cotting School’s IRS 990 is available at or upon request.
Parent Organizations
We are grateful to the many parents whose ideas, experience,
expertise, and time support our learning community. We also
thank those who volunteer to participate in the Cotting Family
Community, the Parent Advisory Council, and the Government
Affairs Committee.
Cotting School Communities
Acton-Boxborough Regional
Ayer-Shirley Regional
Blackstone Millville Regional
East Bridgewater
Hamilton-Wenham Regional
Hollis, NH
King Philip Regional
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional
Londonderry, NH
Merrimack, NH
North Andover
North Middlesex Regional
North Reading
Silver Lake Regional
Wachusett Regional
Project Bridges Employers
American Cancer Society (Acton)
Arthur W. Coolidge Middle
School (Reading)
Brookhaven at Lexington
Buddy Dog Humane Society
Cambridge Public Library
Catchin’ Rayz Tanning Salon
(North Reading)
Citizens Bank (Lexington)
Children’s Hospital
Commodore Builders
DeCordova Museum &
Sculpture Park (Lincoln)
Eastern Mountain Sports
Epicurean Feast (Maynard)
HomeGoods (Bedford)
HomeGoods (Reading)
Lahey Lexington
Lexington Healthcare
Lexington Senior Center
LL Bean (Burlington)
Magic Garden Preschool
Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge
Marriott Hotel (Burlington)
McWalter, Barron and
Boisvert (Concord)
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Petco (Burlington)
Sancta Maria Nursing Facility
TJ Maxx (Acton)
TJ Maxx (Bedford)
Toshiba Business Solutions
VA Hospital (Bedford)
Wagon Wheel Nursery &
Farm Stand (Lexington)
Waltham Community Day
Center (Waltham)
Waltham Crossings
Waltham Museum (Waltham)
Waltham Police Station
Xerox Corporation (Waltham)
Medical & Senior Advisors Committee
Patricia M. Annino, Esq.
Julie Bickel, M.D.
Walter M. Cabot
Nancy Carlson, O.D.
Timothy J. Connelly
Edward Diehl
Arthur and Geraldine
John Emans, M.D.
Andrew Feinberg, Esq.
Laurie Glader, M.D.
Susan Halby
Elizabeth Harstad, M.D.
Richard Hay
Bayard Henry
Lynda G. Kabbash, M.D.
D. Eliot Klein
Susan Nelson
David Scheff, M.D.
Terri Scheff
Alexander Thorndike
Harry C. Webster, M.D.
Former Cotting Superintendent
(1955-1984) Bill Carmichael
celebrated his 90th birthday on
November 30, 2011. He continues
to share his wisdom and counsel
with the School.
To honor both his birthday and his
wise leadership at Cotting School,
many alumni, staff, trustees, and
fans sent in gifts of $90.
These excerpts from Annual
Reports during his tenure and an
alumna’s recollection reveal
the amount of care he took and
the high standards he set for his
If we are to accept the theory that education of the
handicapped is preparation for living in a world with the
non-handicapped, then we must accept the responsibility
of providing the means for them to share in the same
experiences, insofar as possible. They must be challenged
to their capacities.
- Letter from Bill Carmichael, Superintendent,
Annual Report 1956
There have been a great many changes made since 1894
with new buildings, expanded programs, increased
services, larger enrollment, extended transportation
routes, and many other ways. And yet, while the nature
and severity of disabilities continues to change and
increase, it has not been necessary to deviate from our
original philosophy or guiding principles. This truth lends
testimony to the wisdom, foresight and careful planning
on which this School was founded.
- Letter from Bill Carmichael, Superintendent,
Annual Report 1966
Mr. Carmichael was always fair and expected nothing but
the best from his students, which encouraged us to set out
into the world expecting the best from ourselves.
- Elaine Burns, Class of 1968
Cotting School thanks the many donors who have so generously funded these two Fellowships since their inception. Since the role of a teacher in a student’s life has the most
profound impact on his/her success and ability to prepare for the future, we are thrilled to
offer our staff these Fellowships. They ensure Cotting’s role as a national leader in the field
of Special Education.
The Cotting Fellowship
21st Century Leaders
$20,000 and greater
C. F. Adams Charitable Trust
Mrs. Lucy A. Burr
Estate of John Chaves
Estate of Wilfred Corey
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Coughlin
David Cushing and Deborah Spring Cushing
Ms. Susan M. Halby
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Killian, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lee
The Lynch Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Nicholas
Anne P. and Henry M. Ogilby
Mrs. Sarah B. Porter
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Remondi
Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike
Jon Tullis and Jeannette Newman
Neil and Elise Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. John F. White
Leadership Circle
$1,000 - $1,999
Brad and Susan Bailey
Elizabeth B. Bailey Beckel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bradford
Linda Cabot and Edward Anderson
Mrs. Charles Mathias, Jr.
Paul and Mary Perkins
David and Terri Scheff
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Skates
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Steinert, Jr.
Cotting Society
$10,000 - $19,999
Julie and Bayard Henry
Lynda G. Kabbash, M.D.
Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation
A very special thank you to the additional 434 donors
who gave generously (in the $10-$499 range) to make the
Fellowship possible.
Chairman’s Society
$5,000 - $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cabot
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Barrett
Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc.
David, Noreen and Lou Manzo
Louise H. Marr Legacy
President’s Guild
$2,000 - $4,999
Anonymous (2)
Arcadia Publishing Royalty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Delaney
Mr. and Mrs. H. Phelps Edwards, Jr.
Arlene Andrew Pippin
Dr. Paul Russell
Founder’s Association
$500 - $999
Mrs. Madeline Gregory
Rebecca Bailey Holmes
Mr. Charles Bradford Mathias
Deborah and Timothy Moore
Phyllis and Bernard Spring
The Augustus Thorndike Fellowship
Dr. Daniel S. Cheever, Jr.
Eaton Vance
Mr. Paul Goodof
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Haydock
Mr. Roger Haydock
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Kistner
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Manzo
Mr. William M. Payne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thorndike
Miss Frances P. Thorndike
Mr. John L. Thorndike
Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Thorndike
Mr. and Mrs. William Nicholas Thorndike, Jr.
Boston Security Traders Amaze Us Again!
The Boston Security Traders Foundation
hosts an annual holiday gathering that
provides a festive, networking atmosphere,
while benefitting Cotting students. This
year marked the 31st such gathering, which,
over time, has raised well over $4 Million
for Cotting School. Our sincere thanks go
to Committee members Kim Swift, Jeanne
Austin, Tom Kane, Christopher Dorin,
Walter Radulski, Noreen McCloskey, and
the entire investment community.
Annual Giving
21st Century Leaders
$20,000 and Greater
Boston Securities Traders*
David Cushing and Deborah
Spring Cushing*
James W. Dunphy Trust*
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L.
Killian, Jr.*
Anne P. and Henry M. Ogilby*
Cotting Society
$10,000 - $19,999
James F. Casey Fund at
The Boston Foundation*
The Ciliv Family
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lee*
Harry D. Neary Fund at
The Boston Foundation*
Mr. and Mrs. John Remondi
Neil and Elise Wallace*
Chairman’s Society
$5,000 - $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Cabot, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Connelly
Mr. John Drake
Mr. and Mrs. H. Phelps
Edwards, Jr.*
Charles W. Gibson*
Julie and Bayard Henry*
Ms. Anna Hanks and
Mr. Paul Sicard
Adelaide B. Howland Trust*
William A. Lynch Trust*
Noreen McCloskey
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Nicholas*
Dr. Paul Russell
Shire Human Genetic Therapies
Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas
President’s Guild
$2,000 - $4,999
Mrs. Charles F. Adams*
Bank of America
Mr. Louis J. Carr, Jr.*
Clyde Media Productions
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Delaney
Marc and Libby Firenze
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Flanagan
Catherine Fleming
Paul S. Goodof
Grand Royal Arch Chapter
of Mass.
Helen W. Handanian Trust*
Mr. Roger Haydock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Hluchyj
Kathleen and Warren Lammert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Langen
Pam and Kent Larson
Mr. and Mrs. William Leyden
David, Noreen and Lou Manzo
Kay O’Halloran
Charles H. Pearson Charitable
Arlene Andrew Pippin
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Randle
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Skates
Anne and Lanny Thorndike
Leadership Circle
$1,000 - $1,999
Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ball*
Ann Bersani and Michael Durkin
Ms. Linda Cabot and
Mr. Edward Anderson
Joseph E. Corcoran
Gina and Thomas Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J.
Charles Davis Legacy
Floyd and Laura Dewhirst
Mark D. Greenman
Susan M. Halby*
Charles C. Harwood*
Mr. John J. Henebury
David and Jackie Hennessey*
Laura and Jim Hopkins
Lynda G. Kabbash, M.D.*
Marilyn Levine
Alfred V. Lincoln Trust
Lions Club of Lexington
Mrs. Shirley Locke
David S. Lynch Trust*
Alec Moore
Deborah and Timothy Moore
Ms. Melissa Myers
Ms. Susan M. Myers
Paul and Mary Perkins*
Mr. and Mrs. H. Bradlee Perry*
Mrs. Sarah B. Porter
Mr. and Mrs. William N.
Thorndike, Jr.
Alice Tian
Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge
F. and AM.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Williams
Founder’s Association
$500 - $999
Brad and Susan Bailey*
Bateman & Slade, Inc.
Mr. Alan Becker
Julie Bennett
Mr. Kerry Brennan
Mrs. Eleanor Campbell*
Mr. and Mrs. Levin H. Campbell
Dr. Nancy B. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cermenaro
The Fitzgerald Family
Mr. and Mrs. M. Dozier Gardner
Elizabeth and John Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Herd,
Class of 1944*
Margie and Curt Johnson
Mrs. Dorothy H. Kelso
Zavan Khachadoorian,
Class of 1943
Mr. Eliot Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Krause
The LaVangie Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lawrence
Mrs. Ann Luce
Ms. Maureen Manning and
Mr. Michael Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E.
Mintz Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Carl W. Mores*
William M. Payne, Jr.
Ms. Theresa M. Rooney
Mr. Nicholas T. Russo*
David and Terri Scheff
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Steinert, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Steward
Ms. Martha Stewart
Dr. Paul Sullivan
James and Patricia Tweedy
Mr. and Mrs. William Veronelli
William Webber and Joan G.
Howland, Class of 1971
Faculty Council
$150 - $499
Anonymous (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ardita
Katherine Bacon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barrett
Michael Bassichis and
Sylvia Freed
John and Mary Jane Beach
Robert Benson and Maria
Mr. and Mrs. Raynard D.
Annette M. Bertino
Lou and Paige Bertocci
Charles and Norma Blizard
Boston Lodge of Elks
of the USA, #10
Mr. Jim Botticelli
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bradford
Diane and George Burns
Robert Burns and Deborah Dorsey
Ms. Krista Busnach
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Calitri
Mr. and Mrs. David Cappellucci
Jonathan and Patricia Carey
Mr. and Mrs. William Chiasson
Henry W. Clark, Esq.
John and Mary Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J.
Connolly, III
J. L. Coolidge
John Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daly
Robert D’Amico
Tracy and Jeff Deharo
Department of Disability Services
Robert Downing
Atty. and Mrs. Thomas Dupont
Susan Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hart Evans
Mr. Richard Evensen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fahey
Kim A. Falvey
Jean D. Ferreri
Fidelity Corporate Services
First Presbyterian Church,
Janet and Jim Fitzgibbons
Mrs. Karen Foley
Miss Joan E. Forrester,
Class of 1955
Drs. Albert and Barbara Fullerton
Sandra, John and Kristina Gillis
Rita and Starr Giovannucci
Ms. Susan J. Glynn
Mr. C. Gerald Gnerre
John and Lucy Gorham
Sam and Gerry Gray
Mrs. Madeline Gregory
Gregory Gullickson
Ms. Lauren B. Hale
Mrs. Kathy Harlamon
Mrs. Elinore F. Hartz
Mr. Richard Hellmold
Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Hoffmeister, Jr.
IBM Employee Services Center
Bridget Irish and Alan Kump
Grace (Rosselli) Irwin,
Class of 1947
Margie and Curt Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kanin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Killian
Mrs. Verna B. Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kourepenos
Mrs. Lillian Towner Leary
Vita M. Loiacono and family
Mrs. Joan L. Lowney
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lucente
Mr. Kenneth J. MacAdams
Ms. Krista M. Macari
Moira and Donald Mahegan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayer
Mrs. Gale S. Mayfield
David and Cheryl McCarthy
Ms. Makeeba McCreary
Mr. Thomas P. McDonough,
Class of 1976
Gayle and Pat Meehan
Theresa Melchin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Morgan
Amy and Shapur Naimi*
Susan L. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Nunes
Brian and Carol O’Donnell
Joe and Pat O’Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. George S.
Hunter and Andrea Payne
Mr. Michael Pembroke
Ms. Elizabeth C. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Petroski
Maureen and Andy Piotrowski
Steven T. Potter
The Prior Family
John S. Provost
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Raker
Dr. Howard W. Rashba
Mr. and Mrs. James Gavin
Reardon, Jr.
James J. Reilly, Class of 1955
Charles A. Rheault, Jr.
Louise C. Riemer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.
Rodgers, Jr.
Anne and Buddy Rogers
Elizabeth and Derek Russell*
Miss Christine Russo, Class of 1980
Mrs. Jane C. Saltonstall
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sandstedt
Mr. Howard Saxner
Ed and Catherine Scanlan
Anne Marie and Steve Scarlata
Robert J. Scorzoni
Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Semel
Joan and John Serdensky
Dr. and Mrs. Navil Sethna
Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke
Paul and Ann Sicard
South Quincy Social Club, Inc.
Mr. Gary James Stacy
Caroline D. Standley
David and Erica Supple
Target Take Charge of Education
Tentindo, Kendall, Canniff &
Keefe, LLP
John and Bronwyn Teixeira
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troiano
Ann and Brad Wallace
Thomas and Janice Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. William Watkins
William Weber
Ms. Larainne Wilson
Mr. Charles K. Woodworth
Gifts up to $149
David Abaid, Class of 1975
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco C. Alonso
Mrs. Antonio Alves
Ms. Rosa Alves, Class of 1982
Miss Elizabeth M. Ames
Ms. Barbara E. Andersen
Ms. Mary N. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Angell
Anonymous (10)
Ms. Yvonne Arey
Ms. Bette Arey
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Arey
David and Barbara Arne
Mr. James Ash
The Atchue Family
Ms. Carolyn Athens
Frederick Balfour
Elizabeth Hicks Ballard
Alison Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Barry
Ann Bausman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Battista
Ms. Fadiala Beauvais
Mena Bell, Class of 2011
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J.
Belscher, Jr.
Ms. Christa Bercy,
Class of 2008
Ruth J. Berg
Ms. Jeanine Bergeron
Esther M. Bertino*
Mr. Joseph E. Bevere
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and
Wendy Bilezikian
Sheila E. Bills, Class of 1961*
Ms. Paulette Binder
Virginia M. Birmingham*
Winifred Birmingham
Mr. William J. Blackett
Christine Blake
Lisa Blethen
Dr. Amy Bodiford
Ms. Sandra Bordenca, Class of 1981
Johann and Jack Boyajian
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Boyajian
Ms. Ethel Boyne
Jane and John Bradley
Mrs. Agnes C. Brengle*
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Brengle, III
Elementary School PTC
Ms. Francesca Brown,
Class of 2005
Mr. Theodore Brown
Ellen and George Browning
Ms. Susanne Brueggeman
Ms. Ann P. Buckley
Ms. Jillian N. Burke, Class of 2008
Burlington Historical Society
Elaine Burns, Class of 1968
Ms. Joanne F. Burns
Mrs. Maureen Burns
Ms. Jennifer Burson
Linda Byam
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Caban
Ms. Deborah A. Cahill
Ms. Amy Caissie
Ms. Mary Cahalane
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Camille
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Campbell
Ms. Dorothy Canavan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cappuccio
Elizabeth Carmichael and
Kristen Cucchio
Ms. Karen J. Carr
Gerald S. Carroll, Class of 1967
Donna, Ed, and Marissa Cashman
Ms. Diane Catania
Ms. Alada C. Caughey
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ceurvels
Ms. Sue Chamberlain
Ms. Kim Choi
Ms. Patricia Ciampi
Mr. Brian Cishecki
Ms. Eleanor A. Coffin
Ms. Pamela Cogliandro
Ms. Carolyn A. Cohen
Ms. Sarah Collins, Class of 1993
Ms. Corey Sue Collins and
Ms. Darci Danielle
Thomas J. Concannon,
Class of 1976
Ms. Joanne Condon
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Condon
Ms. Amanda Condon-Rivera
Ms. Stephanie Conelias
Lisa and Sean Connor
Ms. Julie Contrada
Ms. Noelle Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Coppinger
Ms. Danielle M. Corea
Gavin Corey
Ms. Sejal P. Costa
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Coughlin,
Class of 1969
Carole Coyne
Mr. Daniel J. Cuddy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G.
Ms. Julie M. Cummings,
Class of 2008
Mr. Lawrence F. Cummings
Alec Cunningham
Ms. Mary Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cunningham
Susan Cunningham
Daisylene Cyr
Wendy and Joseph Czarnecki
Patricia Dabrowney, Class of 1960
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dagle
Christopher and Diane Daly
Mrs. Joseph Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B.
Damon, Jr.
Ms. Priscilla A. Damon
Mr. and Mrs. Larry DeAngelis
Mrs. Arthur DeBiasi
Peter and Gloria DeBiasi
Mr. Douglas A. DeCosta
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L.
Mrs. Nancie DeJoie
Catherine DelBene
Barbara DeLuca
Katherine L. Dewhirst,
Class of 2008
Ms. Antonetta DiCicco
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiCiero
Mr. and Mrs. James J.
DiGiovanni, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Dinneen
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DiPanfilo, Sr.
Sherri A. DiPippo
Carmine Diruzza Revocable Trust
Ms. Catherine E. DiSciullo
Ms. Anne M. Donahue
Ms. Mary E. Donahue
Ms. Cheryl Donnellan
Ms. Jeanine Dowd
The Drexhage Family*
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Duggan
Ms. Carolyn Downie
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Downie
Lyndia Downie and John Francis
Lisa Dowse
Mr. and Mrs. William Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Doyon
DTC Communications, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Duggan
Ms. Kaitlin Dumont
Ms. Nancy Dumont
Ms. Sharon Duncan, Class of 1989
Ms. Margaret Dunn
Shea Dunnigan and Family
Rarie Taylor Dye
Ms. Harriett M. Eckstein
Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards
Ms. Priscilla Egan
Mrs. Alexander Ellis, Jr.
Seth R. Emery
J. W. Eugene
Mary Helen Fabiszewski,
Class of 2006
Ms. Rhonda L. Falk
Mrs. Ruth H. Falk
Peter and Paulette Farmer
Angelina Fasano
Nancy Faulkner
Ms. Linda S. Fennell
Ms. Olivia Ferrante
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Ferrara
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferrara
Mary and Michael Ferrara
Michael and Ricky Ferrara
Pete and Tiffany Ferrara
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Ferreri, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ferrone
Mr. Elliot Field
Ms. Esther Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Finnerty
Mrs. Frances Fleming
Ms. Abigail K. Foster-Howard
Franco-American War Veterans
Ladies Auxiliary
Mrs. Frances M. Fraser
Mr. Chaz Freeman, Class of 1999
Ms. Sara E. Frost, Class of 2010
Ms. Cynthia A. Furbish
Mr. Kevin M. Gallant,
Class of 1988
Mr. and Mrs. John Galley
Elizabeth Garrett
Ms. Hannah Geezil
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Geomelos
Ms. Conchita Geyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Giberti
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Giglio
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilligan
Ms. Alison Glass
Mrs. Katherine Good
Ms. Esther Bella Greenspan,
Class of 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grifoni
Ms. Elaine R. Guay
Mr. and Mrs. John Hall
Audra Hamilton
Mr. William J. Hansis,
Class of 1976
Dr. Barbara D. Hardaway,
Class of 1968
Mrs. Kathy Harlamon
Mrs. Virginia A. Hanlon
Ms. Pia K. Haapanen-Banzy
Ms. Susan M. Hartnett
Mr. Richard Hay, Class of 1995
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Haydock
Honorable Paul Heffernan
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Heigham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G.
Ms. Kathleen D. Hickey
Ms. Marilyn F. Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hildreth
Ms. Kathleen Hirsch
Jennifer Hodgdon
Ann Hodson
F. Sheppard and Emily W. Holt
Mr. Gregory Houde
Amy Houghton
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Hovey
Mr. Richard F. Howard
Sandra and Frank Howell
Mr. and Mrs. George Hureau
Ms. Mary Huse
Mrs. Nora M. Hutchings
Mr. Mark Hutchinson
Althea Ioakimidis
Mr. C. Robert Jingozian
Mr. William Johnston
Ms. Eleanor Jones
Mr. John Jones
Ms. Martha Jordan
Stephen and Sara Yun Jordan
Ms. Larae L. Kattermann
Jamie Katz
Mary and Stephen Kearns
Ms. Sally Keene
Ms. Christine Kelley
Kelliher & Callahan
Ms. Lorraine E. Kelly
Ms. Joanne Kemp
Naomi Kennedy
Ms. Shannon R. Kerr
Eileen F. Kiernan
James, Jonathan and Tina Kileen
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kilroy
Mrs. Verna B. Kirby
Olivia and Stephen Kistner
Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Kneeland, Jr.*
Mr. Shawn P. Koehler
Ms. Joanne Kotelly
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kuhn
Ms. Lucille M. Kulis
Thaddeus ‘Ted’ Kurpiel
Susan and Jim LaBrecque
Beth and Rob Ladd
Mr. Tyler H. Lagasse, Class of 2005
Ms. Catherine T. Lahiff
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Lapides
Mr. David Lapin
Mrs. Peggy Laprise
Mrs. Mary LaPuma
Mr. Peter P. Lattanzi
Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Lattanzi, Jr.
Willie Mae Lawson
Donna LeCam
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. LeClair*
Ms. Mary Lincoln
Mr. Michael P. A. Lee, Class of 2009
Ms. Marie LeGrow
Mr. David Leon and
Ms. Barbara Hansberry
Hannah Aseher Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Litman
Ellie Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Locke
The Loftus Family
Kara Loiacono
Ms. Carol J. Loomis
Ms. Susan G. Loring
Mr. Francis J. Lovell*
Miss Enid Lubarsky
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lucente
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luciano
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lundy
Josephine and Dale Lutz
Ms. Jeanne (MacKey) Lyons
M.T. Group 27East
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J.
Liz MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
Kathleen Regan MacIvor
Ms. Meredith MacLeod
Mrs. Mary MacMullin
Ms. Margaret A.
Mr. James Mactavish
Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney
Adrienne Manson
Mr. and Mrs. Vazrick Mansourian
Mr. Joseph Marinelli
Miss Terri Ann Marino
Ms. Courtney F. Martinello
Maryanne Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Mathios
Ms. Catherine A. Mayo*
Ms. Jean McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. John McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. McCrystal
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. McDonald
Ms. Marie A. McDonnell
Ms. Kathleen E. McDonough*
Mr. Michael McGann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McGann
Ms. Jamie McGlame
Ms. Megan McGoldrick
Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. McGuire
Mr. David W. McHardy
Mrs. Catherine McLeavey-Fisher
Mr. Kevin McManus
Ms. Julie M. McMillan
Mr. James McNamara
Ms. Courtney Meaney
Ms. Liz Medeiros
Ms. Vanessa Medeiros
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Merullo
Mr. Paul E. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller
Andrew Miller
Connie P. and Richard A. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Moccia
Ms. Lianne Moccia
Donna and Donald Mofford
Mr. Robert G. Molinari
Hazel B. Mollica
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Moloney
Mr. Michael S. Monette,
Class of 1981
Ms. Susan Montford
Leni and David E. Moore, Jr.
Ms. Lucy R. Morse-Fortier,
Class of 2009
George F. Moran
Melissa Mulvey
Mr. David V. Murphy
Mrs. Kathryn M. Murphy
Ms. Margaret N. Murphy
Marie C. Murphy*
Michael and Kay Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Narkevicius
John L. Navaroli
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Newman
Ms. Laura Newton
Mr. Richard Nicklas
Anita Nirenberg
Ms. Catherine Nolan
Ms. Loretta S. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. John P. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Connell
Brenna E. O’Donnell
Brian and Carol O’Donnell
Ms. Kathleen E. O’Donnell,
Class of 2006
Ms. Mary A. O’Donnell
Mr. Thomas L. P. O’Donnell
James & Catherine O’Donoghue
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H.
Oesterle, Jr.
Mr. Brendan O’Keefe, Class of 1998
Joe and Pat O’Keefe
Ms. Katherine O’Keefe
Ms. Jane O’Leary
Will and Heather Oliver
Mrs. Mary J. O’Malley
Ms. Suzanne O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Osgood*
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Paone
Michele Passanisi
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Paster
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Paye
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Pearl
David Peduto
Mrs. Catherine M. Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Penney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pennisi
Joseph and Beth Pennucci
Mrs. Maria Pennucci
Mr. Etienne Perley, Class of 2005
Ms. Jane Perera
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Pessotti
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Petersen
Yerevan Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Petro
Ms. Evelyn M. Petroski
Mr. William D. Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pigeon
Maureen and Andy Piotrowski
Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Piparo
Lola Piscopo
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Plapinger
Mr. Harlan Plumley and
Ms. Michelle Miller
Mr. Michael T. Pojman
Ms. Judith A. Pollins
Dorothy and Wilbur Poole
Paul Porter
Steven T. Potter
Katherine Powers
Ms. Marie Prendergast
Procacci Financial Planning
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pruitt
Ms. Alyssa Purington
Mr. and Mrs. John Quirk
Mr. Irving W. Rabb
Mr. Paul J. Rahn
Randolph Preschool Staff
Douglas and Mary Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Raymond
Mr. David Reed
Edward L. Reed
Allison P. Reichentahl
Lynne and Ed Reichentahl
Ms. Kathi-Anne Reinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Reilly
Revere Little League, Inc.
Sandra J. and Ann M. Richardson
Timothy Richmond
Ms. Rebecca E. Robinson
Ms. Julie Robles
Ms. Paula F. Rocheleau
Ms. Elizabeth Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rodgers
Anne and Buddy Rogers
R. Craig and Marlene
Lockwood Roney
Deidra Rooney
Ms. Eileen Roper
Ms. Maxine J. Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rossi
Pauline Rousseau
Mr. Charles H. Rudd
Mr. Frederick S. Rupp
Mr. Paul H. Rupp and
Ms. Rosemary Torraco
Ms. Constance J.
Russell-Spellman, Class of 1971
Ms. Alana J. Russo, Class of 2003
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Rutila
Ms. Elizabeth York Ryan,
Class of 2002
Ms. Bethany Ann Sabbag,
Class of 2003
Jennifer Sabia-Lopez
Mrs. Mary A. Safstrom
Mr. Peter Salerno
Patricia V. Salmonson
Mr. and Mrs. G. West Saltonstall
Ms. Lisa and John Santoro
Mr. Richard D. Saul
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Savastano
Ms. Louise Sawyer
Mrs. Jane Scarborough
Ms. Erica Schlank
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sclafani
Mr. and Mrs. Simone Sclafani
Ernest Van B. Seasholes*
Ruth Selby and Family
Ms. Kathleen A. Sharpe
Miss Alice M. Shea
Ms. Patricia Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sicard
Beth Singer
Ms. Diane Singer
Mrs. Jeanne M. Small
Anne T. Smith
Mrs. Deborah C. Smith*
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Smith
Ms. Theresa G. Smith
Ms. Stephanie E. Soule
Connie Sousa
Fatima Sousa
Mr. Arnold Springer
Ms. Karalyn Spurr, Class of 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spurr
Ms. Mary St. Hilaire
St. Mary’s Parish, Lynn, MA
Mrs. Joan C. St. Pierre
Mr. Thomas J. St. Pierre
Barry Stafford, Class of 1977
Caroline D. Standley
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Steuart
Ms. Mary Steuart
Ms. Carolyn Stoller
Ms. Carrie A. Stolt
Mrs. Molly Stone
Ms. Judith C. Strzempko
Ms. Diane M. Studley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sturrock
Ms. Kimberly A. Sturrock,
Class of 1987
Peggy Sugrue-Temple,
Class of 1951
Mrs. Joan M. Sullivan
John and Sally Sullivan
Kate Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Sullivan
Mrs. Rita Caldrone Sullivan,
Class of 1971
Ms. Sandra Sullivan
Susan A. Sullivan
Sunshine Club at Cotting School
Elizabeth N. Suter
Ms. Rose Tacelli
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Talbot
Joyce Tamburino
Ms. Joanne C. Tarason
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tarentino
Mr. John M. Tartaglia
Mr. Michael S. Teuber
Ms. Susan Theriault
Ms. Zoe C. Thibodeau
Cathi and Marty Thomas
Marcie Thomas
Barbara Thompson, Class of 1961*
Ms. Gina Timberlake, Class of 1981
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Tortolano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troiano
Ms. Rosanne E. Trolan
Ms. Maureen Tucker
Al and Margie Turcotte*
Mr. and Mrs. David Turcotte
Ms. Carol A. Tye
Ms. Kathleen E. Tyrer-Vasell
Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Uhlenhopp
Ellen and Peter M. Uram
Pamela Varrin
Ms. Elia Divi Veloso
Ms. Hilda E. Veronelli
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Veronelli
Ms. Thelma Veronelli
Mr. and Mrs. Mary and
Harold Vigdor
Ms. Rachel S. Vorkink
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Waddick
Ms. Karen Waddill
Ms. Corinne Waite
Mr. Gregory Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. William Watkins
Ms. Michelle Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Webber
Mrs. Violet Wellington
Mr. Matthew G. Wellins,
Class of 2008
Ms. Donna Wenners
Weymouth High, Class of 1946
Ms. Jennifer A. Wharff
Mr. Brett Wheatley
Mr. and Mrs. David S. White
Demelza White
Mr. Larry White
Virginia S. White
Mr. William A. White, III
Bob and Kathleen Willett
Ms. Adama T. Williams,
Class of 1993
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Willinsky
Cynthia Wisniewski and
Michael Sakowich
Jennifer and Steven Wojtczuk
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Wolf
Mrs. Joan P. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Woods
Mrs. Rita Yannetti
Ms. Holly Yasaitis
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Young
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Harris R. Young
Mr. and Mrs. James Young
Mr. James J. Young, Class of 1972
Gina Zaccardi
Dr. and Mrs. David Zelbovitz and
Mr. Christos A. Zikos
Ms. Lauren M. Zolla, Class of 2010
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Zolla
*10+ consecutive years of giving to the
Annual Fund
In Memory of
Barbara Ahearn
Lisa Arey
Mary Arey
Cameron S. Blizard
Madeline Bloom
Marvin Bloom
My Father, Vernon K. Brackett
Edward H. Bradford, Jr.
Natalie Brengle
Hannah Caban
Carol A. Ceurvels
Bill Clark
My deceased classmates
Angeline Colangelo
Charles E. and Sarah W. Cotting
Alec Cunningham
Mary F. Curtin
Rita Czochanski
Joseph F. Daly
Elisabeth Townsend Damon
Deanna Deleidi
Alexander Ferraro
Donald R. Ferreri, Sr.
Frances Field
Sara Flad
Clare B. Flaherty, Class of 1954
Francis L. Fleming, Jr.,
Class of 1963
Eileen O’Donnell Franklin
Andrew Geljookian
Clara Wagner Gnerre
David M. Greenman
Jackie Greenwood
George Harlamon
John and Eleanor Harper
Sarah E. Haydock
Agnes Henebury
Matthew Hennessey
Norman Ingram
Vincent Irwin, Sr.
Plato Kangis
Wayne and Lillian Kennedy
Rosalie Deveau Kurpiel
David J. Leary
Joseph P. Loiacono
Paul W. Lowney
Louis and Elaine Manzo
Louise Marr
Frances McCarthy
Donald McGrath
George H. Molinari
Samuel J. Mollica, Class of 1947
In loving memory of
Kate C. Moore
Noreen V. Murphy
Michael P. Myers, Jr.
William J. ‘Peco’ Myers
Mary & Vytautus Narkevicius
Sgt. Joseph M. Nolan
Kate O’Donnell
Charles O’Malley
Bill and Jackie Payne
Jacqueline Payne and
Alice W. Read
Matching Gift
Community Partners
Chubb & Son, Inc.
Deland, Gibson Insurance
Fidelity Corporate Services
FM Global Foundation
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors
State Street Matching Gifts for
Education Program
UBS Matching Gift Program
Woodland Partners, LLC
Bostonian Solutions
Brodney and Sons, Inc.
Burlington Plumbing and
Heating Co.
James Devaney Fuel Co.
Leonard, Mulherin &
Greene, P. C.
Martha Stewart Photography
Nardone Landscaping, Inc.
North Shore Fuel, Inc.
Retrofit Technologies
Miss Mary Perry
Paul and Joan Pruitt
Daniel T. Raboin
Alice W. Read
Theresa A. Regan
Edward C. Richardson, Jr.
Dr. Philip Richardson
Phyllis Russo
Mary Salerno
Doris Sarkisian
Karl Sheehan
George Sofronas
Kurt Riley St. Pierre
Richard Stacy
Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Steele
James J. Sullivan Jr., Esq.
Philip J. Sullivan
Katherine and Pehr Swenson
William O. Taylor
Charles H. Taylor, Jr.
Augustus Thorndike, M.D.
Mr. Peter F. Tomasello
Daniel R. Turcotte
Nicholas Vinios
Mrs. Carol Titus Young,
Class of 1974
Rosemarie Zunke
Please join us in supporting these local vendors who support our students.
Seasons Four, Inc.
Wagon Wheel Nursery &
Farmstand, Inc.
These Lexington businesses
support The Falcon Flyer.
Candy Castle, Inc.
Crafty Yankee, Inc.
Salon Ursino, Inc.
In Honor Of
Elizabeth Barrett
Joanne Burns
Michael Camille
William J. Carmichael
Brian Cass
Justin Cermenaro
Melissa Chiasson
The Class of 1977
The Class of 2011
Ryan Connelly
The Wonderful Students at
Cotting School
Cotting School Faculty & Staff,
past and present
Caroline Craig
Conor Daly
Colby Deharo
Michael A. DiCiero
Ranjana Easterbrook
Annamarie Fasano
Samantha Wilson Ferreri
J.R. Foley
Hannah Potter Geezil
Vanessa Grifoni
Shannon Kerr
Raymond L. Killian, Jr.
Shawn Koehler
Rebecca Kourepenos
Susannah LaCroix
Tyler Lagasse
Owen LaVangie
Josh Lilley
Sr. Hilary Lyons
David Manzo
Amanda McGuire
Dr. Carl Mores
David V. Murphy
Jacob Murphy
All of my friends at Cotting
Bella O’Donoghue
Anne Phillips Ogilby
Katie O’Keefe
Maria Pappagianis
Michael Pennisi
Elizabeth Peters
The Stuart Randle Family
Tori Rapoza
Allison Reichentahl
William M. Sandstedt
Melanie Scanlan
Peter Sclafani
Hillary Semel
Daniel Sicard
Mrs. Geraldine Sullivan
Delaney Supple
Alexandra Talbot
Joan Thorndike
David Veronelli
Elise Wallace
James and Margaret Walsh
In Kind Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Jose V. Alvero
Mrs. Margaret Beam
Mr. Burton Brooks
Mr. Richard Caughey
Jeremiah Jordan, Clyde Media
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Connor
Mr. Chris Dowell
Euro-Pro Company
First Presbyterian Church,
Miss Mary Fitzgerald
Frugal Framer, Waltham
Mr. and Mrs. John Geljookian
Mr. Michael Geljookian
Harrington’s Trophies & Awards
Mr. George Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hershey
Ms. Betsy Holcombe
Ms. Linda Hosmer
Mike and Betsy Kamio,
dba Anna’s Tacqueria
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Kistner
Mr. Eliot Klein
Mr. Steve Leone
Ms. Sheryl Levy
Lexington Youth Commission
Ms. Elizabeth MacDonald
Mr. Thomas P. McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Nardone
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Nicholas
Ms. Mary Nuovo
Ms. Anne P. Ogilby, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Piotrowski
Sagamore-Spring Golf Club
Shaw’s Market, Waltham
Mr. Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.
South Station, Boston
Tentindo, Kendall, Canniff &
Keefe, LLP
Mr. William A. White, III
Mr. James J. Young
The 1893 Society
Comprised of donors who gave $500 or
more, The 1893 Society makes it possible
to purchase specific equipment and other
designated gifts.
$10,000 - $49,999
Mrs. Nancy Glynn
Massachusetts Charitable Society
Peabody Foundation, Inc.*
Slaggie Family Foundation
$5,000 - $9,999
The John W. Alden Trust
Lodge of St. Andrew Charity
Dr. Scholl Foundation
$1,000 - $4,999
George A. Ramlose Foundation,
Mattina R. Proctor Foundation
Mary Kaye Fund
Massachusetts Charitable
Mechanic Association
Commodore Builders
New England Aquarium
Dive Club
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Jones
$500- $999
Mr. Robert E. Botticelli, Jr.
The Jackie Greenwood
Scholarship Fund
Established in memory of Jacqueline E.
Greenwood to benefit students in need
of financial assistance to participate in
after-school programs.
Elizabeth Camire
Ms. Katherine L. Dewhirst,
Class of 2008
Deborah and Gayle Greenwood
Mr. and Mrs. William Greenwood
Heather A. Hey
Yolette Ibokette* and
Christa Bercy, Class of 2008
Albert, Martha, and Erin North
Brian and Carol O’Donnell
Edward and Evelyn Silva
Anne M. Steele
The Sarah E. Haydock
Memorial Fund
The Francis Joy
Cotting Circle
Established in memory of Sarah E.
Haydock to provide support for student
The following individuals have notified
the School that they have chosen to
include us in their estate plans.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Haydock*
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Whittemore
Anonymous (2)
William J. Carmichael
Mrs. B.J. Isaacson Chaves
Kelly Clark
Robert C. Delaney
Rosamond T. Dye
H. Phelps Edwards, Jr.
Miss Joan E. Forrester,
Class of 1955
Richard and Patricia Herd
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L.
Killian, Jr.
Charles F. Kropp
Mrs. Lillian Leary
David and Noreen Manzo
Carl W. Mores, Ed.D.
Nancy P. Osgood
George S. and Helen Pappagianis
Susan A. Sullivan
John L. Thorndike
Elise R. Wallace
The Kate C. Moore
Memorial Fund
Established in memory of a dedicated
staff member, these funds support the
arts, communication equipment, materials, and financial assistance to students.
Alec Moore
The David and Katherine Moore
Family Foundation, Inc.
Deborah and Timothy Moore
Mr. Elliot Shepatin
Legacy Received
Wilma “Billie” Hockett
We have made every effort to include all
gifts. If we have erred, please accept our
apology and inform the Advancement
Office at 781-862-7323 ext. 178.
Faculty and Staff
Senior Administrative Team
David W. Manzo, M.Ed.
President/Executive Director
Krista Macari, M.S., CCC-SLP
Chief Academic Officer
Bridget Irish, M.B.A., S.P.H.R.
Chief Operating Officer
Ann Buckley, M.Ed.
Curriculum Specialist;
Director, Middle School
Michael Pembroke, M.B.A.
Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth Campbell Peters, M.A.
Director of Advancement
Elizabeth Fay Russell,
M.A., C.A.G.S.
Director of Admissions
Leah Thibodeau, M.Ed., C.A.G.S.
Special Education Coordinator
Pamela Varrin, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Family
Support Services
Larainne Wilson, M.Ed.
Director of Upper School Services
Ruth J. Berg, M.Ed.
Remedial Specialist
Paulette Binder, B.A.
Pre-Vocational Instructor;
Home Economics Teacher
Winifred Birmingham,
M.S.W., M.Ed.
Preschool Classroom
Assistant; Team Leader
Alada Caughey, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Eleanor Coffin, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Julie Contrada, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Sejal Costa, B.S.
Classroom Teacher
Daniel J. Cuddy, B.S.
Adaptive Physical
Education Instructor;
Director, Student Activities;
Transportation Coordinator
William DeAngelis, M.Ed.
Job Coach
Susan DeLuca
Job Coach
Jeanine Dowd, B.A.
Cotting Fellow; Classroom Teacher
Priscilla Egan, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Larae Kattermann, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Naomi Kennedy, M.Ed.
Remedial Specialist
Donna LeCam, M.Ed.
Remedial Specialist
Elizabeth MacDonald, B.A.
Music Teacher
Adrienne Manson, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Catherine Mayo, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher; Team Leader
Megan McGoldrick, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
George Moran, M.Ed.
Library/Media Director;
Senior Class Advisor
Business, Administration and
Advancement Offices
Barbara Elizabeth Andersen
Executive Assistant
Jeanine Bergeron, B.S.
Staff Accountant
Linda Byam, A.S.
Administrative Assistant
Kim Choi, B.S.
Senior Accountant
Althea Ioakimidis, B.A., P.H.R.
Human Resources Manager
Ann Bausman, B.S.
Advancement Assistant
Suzanne O’Neil, B.A.
Advancement Associate
Paula Rocheleau, A.S.
Office of Student Services Assistant
Laura Newton, M.Ed.
Employment Transitional
Brenna O’Donnell, B.S.
Cotting Fellow; Classroom Teacher
William Phelan, M.Ed.
Industrial Arts Instructor
Lola Piscopo, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Allison Reichentahl, B.A.
Classroom Teacher
Erica Schlank, B.S.
Cotting Fellow; Classroom Teacher
Lynn Stoller, M.S., OTR/L
James R. Tanner, B.A.
Director of Prevocational Services
Michael Teuber, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Zoë C. Thibodeau
SPED Office/
Program Director
Rosanne E. Trolan, B.F.A.
Fine Arts/Creative
Activities Instructor
Jennifer Wharff, M.Ed.
Classroom Teacher
Occupational and Physical
Virginia M. Birmingham,
M.A., P.T., ATP
Physical Therapist Team Leader
Amy Houghton, B.S., OTR/L, ATP
Occupational Therapist Team
Leader; Feeding Team Leader
Lisa Blethen, M.S. OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Barbara DeLuca, M.S.,
P.T., M.Ed., ATP
Physical Therapist
Cynthia Furbish, B.S., P.T.
Physical Therapist
Alison Glass, M.S., P.T.
Physical Therapist
Audra Hamilton, M.S.,
Occupational Therapist
Ann Hodson, B.S., OTR/L, RYT
Occupational Therapist
Timothy Richmond, B.S. OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Deidra Rooney, DPT
Physical Therapist
Beth Singer, B.S. OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Communication Therapy
Stephanie Soule, M.S.,
Communication Therapist
Team Leader
Susan Hartnett, M.S., CCC-SLP
Communication Therapist
Shannon Kerr, M.S.,
Communication Therapist
Susanne Brueggeman,
Communication Therapist
Melissa Mulvey M.S.,
Communication Therapist
Jane Perera, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP
Communication Therapist
Medical and Other Clinical
Support Services
Julie Bickel, M.D.
Medical Director
Michele Passanisi, R.N.
Team Leader
Karen Carr, LPN
Associate Team Leader
Cheryl Donnellan, R.N.
Kaitlin Dumont, R.N.
Nancy Dumont, R.N.
Nancy J. Faulkner, R.N.
Cathleen Fevrier, LPN
Abigail Foster-Howard, R.N.
Richard Jamara, O.D., FAAO
Director of Seamark Vision Clinic
Maria Kritsineli, D.M.D.
Director of Tufts Dental Clinic
Audra Maria, R.N.
Courtney Martinello, CNA
Carrie Stolt, R.N.
Kathleen Tyrer-Vasell, M.Ed.,
Rachel Vorkink, M.A.,
Technology Center
Patricia V. Salmonson, B.S.
Director of Technology
Karen M. Waddill, M.A.,
Pace Assistive Technology
Assessment Center Coordinator
Eileen Kiernan, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Instructional
Demelza White, M.Ed.
Technology Teacher
Program Assistants
Nora Bailey, B.A.
Brenda Baker, B.S.
Fadiala Beauvais, B.S.
Lisa Brown, M.Ed.
Teresa Brown, M.Ed.
Erin Carney
Morgan Chase, M.Ed.
Joanne Condon, M.S., P.T.
Stephanie Conelias, B.A.
Noelle Cooper
Susan Cunningham
Cynthia Estremera, B.S.
Lucia Felix, B.S.
Madison Flowers, B.S.
Kwadwo Frempong, B.S.
Ashley Hall, B.S.
Pia Haapanen-Banzy, B.A.
Jennifer Hodgdon, B.A.
William Johnston
Kathleen Kelly, A.A.
Anna Kerr, M.Ed.
Peter Krafka, B.A.
Linda Killian, B.A.
Jenna Matthews, B.A.
Elizabeth McLean, B.S.
Julie McMillan
Courtney Meaney, B.A.
Vanessa Medeiros
Judith Pollins
Katherine Powers, B.S.
Edward Reed
Joshua Robinson, B.S.
Eileen Roper
Jennifer Sabia-Lopez, B.A.
Louise Sawyer
Mary Shepley, B.A.
Theresa Smith, B.S.
Maria Sousa
Marcie Thomas
Michelle Tighe, B.A.
Food Services
Fatima Sousa
Director of Food Service
Travis Benoit
Maria Gonçalves
Liz Medeiros
Rosa D. Pontes
Physical Plant and Maintenance
David Peduto, B.S.
Director of Facilities
Robert Dixon
John Fallon
James Hakemian
David McHardy
John Navaroli, B.S.
Affiliations and Memberships
Affiliate member, Association of Independent
Schools of New England
Best Buddies of Massachusetts
Boston College
Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and
Rehabilitation Sciences
Children’s Hospital Boston
Children’s League of Massachusetts
Emerson College Clinical Training Program
International Association of Special Education
Massachusetts Association of 766-Approved
Private Schools
Massachusetts Council of Human Service
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
Massachusetts Special Olympics
National Association of Private Schools for
Exceptional Children
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
New England Handicapped Sports Association
New England College of Optometry
Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health
Outdoor Explorations
Perkins School for the Blind
Regis College
Salem State College
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Wheelock College
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