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Havaianas Australia
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Sydney, Australia
“We chose Kentico over other
dedicated e-commerce systems
as it provided a much broader
platform for digital marketing
activity. We wanted more than
just a storefront and Kentico
EMS fit the bill.”
Emma Kowaleczko
Marketing Manager
Havaianas Australia
Despite being one of the world’s most recognisable brands and a dominant player in
the Australian retail space, Havaianas Australia previously lacked a robust and
streamlined e-commerce platform.
In 2014, Aqueo (Havaianas Australia’s parent company) engaged Devotion to design
and create an entirely new e-commerce platform utilising Kentico EMS (Enterprise
Marketing Solution).
While they had been selling online for a few years, their previous site had technical
shortcomings and performance issues, failed to offer a positive user experience, and
was tailored only for desktop browsing. Its back office integration (with SAP) was also
extremely limited in terms of extensibility and flexibility.
The design of Havaianas Australia’s previous site was also quite outdated and lacked
clear and consistent navigation. It failed to offer full content or product management,
and the site didn’t offer the ability for customers to purchase gift cards, or for
Havaianas Australia’s marketing team to update promotional offers or add discount
codes and coupons – all core components of a successful e-commerce strategy.
Devotion worked closely with Aqueo to scope, design, and define a new and highly
effective website and e-commerce solution.
The key goals were:
Create the brand’s highest performing
retail outlet/shopfront in Australia.
Create a bright, fun, easy-to-use online
shopping experience.
Showcase the entire product range as
well as offer a limited range of
online-only products that would entice
users to start an online relationship
with the brand.
Allow for customisation and growth
over time.
Enable customers to make sales from
all devices.
Integrate the site effectively with social
Gather and utilise customer insights
throughout the sales cycle – to further
increase the likelihood of purchase.
Make your own tool
To generate interest in the new website – and showcase its exciting new features,
Devotion also worked closely with Havaianas Australia to design and integrate a “Make
your own thong” tool, whereby customers could design a completely unique pair of
thongs online (choosing the size, colours, patterns and rivets), pay for them, and have
them delivered to their door. A beta version of the tool launched 12 months prior, with
a completely reworked version relaunching with the new website.
The key challenges were:
Seamlessly integrate the e-commerce platform with an existing ERP system (SAP
Business One), so Havaianas Australia’s entire ordering process could be more
Create a platform that allowed for a test, learn, and implement approach.
Integrate a simple and effective content management system that enables
multiple authors to upload content, and which supports multiple roles and
Enable the upload of a gift card, promotional offers, and special discounts.
Facilitate secure credit card and PayPal payment
To ensure the new e-commerce site
would meet all Havaianas Australia’s
requirements, grow to become a
successful area of their business, and
fulfil future challenges, Devotion
Digital chose Kentico EMS (Enterprise
Marketing Solution).
This allowed Devotion to
implement easily a fully responsive
site that works across different
devices. The advanced content
management features enable content authoring and administration capabilities – so
Havaianas Australia can independently manage their content. The rich and powerful
WYSIWYG editor also makes it easy for content authors to update content without any
HTML knowledge.
The new e-commerce site is fully integrated with SAP Business One using custom
scheduled tasks that perform the bulk of operations. This includes: near time
integration with their stock database, pricing, content, and image updates from SAP;
near time integration of order and customer information to SAP; and fulfilment of
order integration from SAP to Kentico.
As Kentico comes with a flexible and extensible
API, Devotion Digital’s developers could easily
leverage existing functionality as well as extend
the system to meet bespoke requirements. The
Kentico API was key when it came to migrating
data such as customer data and discount
promotional codes from the former site.
As well as revamping the website, gift card
purchase and redemption was integrated as a new
feature for customers. The out-of-the-box discount
coupon functionality was extended by the
developers to support unlimited, one-time-use per
customer or one-time-use discount coupons in the
shopping cart, as well as maintaining the history of
gift card use. The new functionality also enables
the user to email or print gift cards from the site.
Some custom cart features (such as applying
discount codes in combination with gift card
redemption, free gifts with exclusive product
purchase, free shipping on orders specific
amounts, Google Analytics integration, and
extended payment options) are further examples
of customisation that were integrated into the
new site with the help of the Kentico API.
Make your own thong tool
The interactive “Make your own thong” tool was built using the Kentico E-commerce
API. It utilised a combination of out-of-the-box features as well as customised modules
and web parts.
The overall project development, took roughly four months over a 12-month period,
largely due to SAP upgrading challenges experienced by Havaianas Australia.
The new Havaianas Australia website launched in June 2014, and results have been
For the six months after launch (June until November 2014), Havaianas Australia
experienced a huge 30% increase in online revenue.
Between November 2013 and November 2014, there has also been a 35%
increase in the number of user sessions and a 27% increase in the number of
users. The average session duration is over 4.5 minutes.
The Kentico platform has provided the client with a seamless, end-to-end process that
has resulted in more accurate data being published on the website, as well as up-todate stock inventory. The smoother e-commerce integration between Kentico and SAP
has also dramatically improved Havaianas Australia’s back office operations and
resulted in higher administration efficiency. For Havaianas Australia, this has been one
of the key benefits of the system.
The gift card integration on the site has offered the customer a new online experience
and also offers Havaianas a fantastic new way to introduce the site to new customers.
The significantly improved content management has also given Havaianas Australia a
chance to enjoy up-to-date reporting, and to analyse the visitor activities on the site
and utilise key features such as MVT and A/B testing.
As work continues with Havaianas Australia, it is planned to expand the site further
with more targeted marketing campaigns as part of the overall solution.
Key criteria for selecting Kentico
Kentico EMS was chosen for its:
Robust and scalable platform - that caters
easily to future growth
Value for money – with so many
off-the-shelf features included in the
core package
Ability for customisation where
Easily customisable e-commerce
Integration with third party systems (in
this case, Havaianas Australia’s SAP ERP
Easy, user-friendly interface for
Havaianas Australia’s internal digital