2012 Foundation Annual Report



2012 Foundation Annual Report
Seeing the Possibilities
A Message from the President
rene Geller enjoyed living at Las Ventanas,
but something was missing.
the construction of The Grove, a memory support
program, and The Lodge, an assisted living residence.
As Las Vegas’ only life care community, Las Ventanas
offered premium accommodations, amenities and
activities. But the seven-year-old community didn’t
provide a way for residents to help improve the lives
of their current and future neighbors.
In fact, during the 2012 fiscal year, local foundation
committees added $886,878 in new contributions
for special projects and donor-directed funds.
Because of such generosity, the Foundation was
able to distribute $1 million in benevolent support
to the CCRCs.
Instead of complaining, Geller did something about
it. She saw the possibilities a robust community
endowment could bring, so she helped establish
the Las Ventanas Foundation Committee.
Geller’s desire to make life better for her neighbors
is not unusual in our communities. Local foundation committees have been established because
residents and local leaders feel a passion for their
neighbors and for each other. They see the possibilities that can spring from investing in their
communities. Through fundraising efforts and
donations, local foundation committees are able
to respond to specific needs at their campuses.
The Foundation also benefited affordable housing
communities, providing $76,147 in grants to enhance
resident life. The annual ABHOW Foundation Golf
Classic, the major fundraiser for the Affordable
Housing Assistance Grant Fund, netted nearly
$100,000. Such contributions enabled the Foundation
to undertake a new initiative in 2012 — the Vial of
Life program, which provides seniors with a reliable
way to keep critical health history easily accessible
to medical professionals in an emergency.
Because of this shared vision of improving the lives of
others, the ABHOW Foundation was able to take many
positive steps in 2012 to enhance life in ABHOW’s
continuing care and affordable housing communities.
The Foundation’s impact is due to residents and
friends who see the possibilities their generosity
can yield. Their gifts are essential for advancing
the mission of ABHOW.
Local foundation committees, for example, helped
raise funds for capital improvements. The Terraces
of Phoenix’s 2nd annual Casino Night raised more
than $180,000 for community projects, including an
expanded resident activities center. At The Terraces
of Los Gatos in Los Gatos, Calif., the Groundbreaking
Gala and Auction raised more than $32,000 toward
– Joe Anderson, President
Cover photo: Artist Kim Emerson, far left, joins Valle
Verde residents Dorothy Burkhart and Helen Chuan
in the Santa Barbara community’s new mosaic
garden, which was funded by resident contributions.
A Message from the Chairman and CEO
hen Boy Scouts go camping, they follow
a simple yet essential rule: Leave the
campground better than you found it.
Foundation Golf Classic raises money to benefit
these communities. This year’s tournament netted
nearly $100,000 to provide services and amenities
that enhance resident life.
The ABHOW Foundation and those who support it
subscribe to the same principle. We recognize and
honor the importance of leaving the environment
better than we found it as we strive to improve the
lives of those within our communities.
The ABHOW Foundation convenes and supports
residents, team members and friends who want to
make their ABHOW communities even better. This
year, local foundation committees at two California
communities, The Terraces of Los Gatos and The
Terraces at Los Altos, created exciting fundraisers
to support expansions that will increase services on
their campuses.
That belief has been a part of the Foundation since
its beginning in 1968. And it is demonstrated every
day when donors provide funds that enhance the
lives of our residents, team members and the cities
and towns we serve.
Through the benevolent care program, for example, donations provide security to residents in
continuing care retirement communities who
have outlived their financial resources because
of unexpected loss of income. Funds given to the
Foundation assist these residents, ensuring that
they can continue to live comfortably in the communities they enjoy, without fear of moving.
The desire to help others and the aspiration to leave
things better than they were found are embedded
in our ABHOW culture. The Foundation provides
a means by which we can act on this passion to
improve the lives of our neighbors. By seeing the
possibilities on a local and organizational level,
the Foundation helps ABHOW fulfill its mission
“to enhance the independence, well-being and
security of older people.”
For many seniors, finding well-maintained homes
that are also affordable is nearly impossible.
ABHOW addresses this demand with its affordable
housing communities, adding five new locations
this year to bring the total number of communities
to 31.
– Frank Jennings, Chairman of the Board
– David B. Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer
Although federal and state governments provide
some funding for affordable housing, not all
residents’ needs are met. The annual ABHOW
Seeing the Possibilities
urning possibilities into opportunities – that’s been the vision of the ABHOW Foundation
since its inception in 1968. From partnering with local congregations to address the need for
affordable housing to fundraising to create state-of-the-art memory support programs, the ABHOW
Foundation sees beyond what may not exist to what can be.
Seeing the possibilities does not mean ignoring
difficulties, such as an uncertain economy. But
knowing that opportunities do exist, and that
they will yield even greater rewards, the ABHOW
Foundation continues to work to benefit the
ABHOW communities.
Donors are the heart of the Foundation. It is
through their commitment and dedication on an
individual, local and organization-wide level that
the Foundation is able to do its work. Many donors
are ABHOW residents themselves, so they know
that their philanthropic support benefits their
When ABHOW sought
to meet the need for
increased memory support, donors in several
communities raised money
through vigorous fundraising efforts. As a result, two
communities broke ground
in 2012 to augment their
campuses, expanding
memory care support, with
one also increasing its residential living offerings.
neighbors now, as well as
others who will join the
community in the future.
Like the Foundation, these
donors see the possibilities;
they are willing to invest
for the long term, realizing
that the ultimate benefits
are worth the wait.
Consider the 20 donordirected memorial funds
that are managed by the
Foundation. While some,
like the weekly scoop of
ice cream, courtesy of the
Henry’s Treat Fund, garner
an immediate (and sweet)
reward, others, such as the
Foster Family Education
Fund, may not show dividends for years. However,
the Foster fund enables
team members to acquire
job training, basic skills
or education leading to a
degree in gerontology or
related fields. The fund also
provides individuals with
career advancement opportunities that will ultimately
help them make their own
mark in the senior living
ABHOW has always been a
pioneer in the senior living
profession. The development of continuing care
retirement communities
that provide security and
peace of mind, the creation
of affordable housing
communities that enrich
the quality of life, and
innovations in memory
support that celebrate the
particular journey of each
individual – all of these
happened because ABHOW
sees the possibilities of
what vibrant senior living
can really be.
The Foundation shares this
vision. And by working with
donors throughout the
organization, the Foundation
ensures the vision will
become reality.
Through donor contributions, the Foundation
provides significant
benevolent care for residents who have suffered an
unexpected financial loss.
This security, while integral to the lives of residents,
is also essential to the well-being and stability of
their communities. In 2012 the Foundation provided
$1 million in benevolent support to the continuing
care retirement communities.
Donor-directed funds and special campaigns make
great things possible at ABHOW, including, opposite
page, a musical program at The Grove at Piedmont
Gardens, where resident Floria Browning listens to
Rogelio Herrera play; a new memory support
program at The Terraces of Los Gatos, top photo,
where resident and local foundation chairman Joe
Cusick and Executive Director Alex Candalla review
plans; as well as the weekly scoop of ice cream
enjoyed by residents such as Muriel Perkins and
Chuck Appel, above, at The Terraces at Los Altos.
The annual ABHOW Foundation Golf Classic is a
major fundraising effort that benefits residents in
the affordable housing communities who live on
limited incomes. Proceeds from the golf tournament
help provide nutritious meals, transportation and
other amenities to residents. The 2012 event netted
nearly $100,000.
The Impact of the Foundation: CCRC Endowments
or many seniors, it is their biggest fear: running out of money and not being able to stay in their
home. At ABHOW, residents in the continuing care retirement communities are promised that
if they fall short of funds through no fault of their own, they will never be asked to move.
Foster Family Education Fund. Residents benefited
from the Al Houk Fund, which helps those who
have limited finances participate in off-campus
activities. Local foundation committees raised
$886,878 for special projects and donor-directed
funds – all to benefit their communities.
This promise is made possible through the
Foundation’s benevolent care program, which
distributed $1 million to the CCRCs in 2012.
Benevolent care highlights a distinct hallmark
of the Foundation and its impact on the CCRCs:
Resident generosity is the catalyst. Through local
foundation committees, residents act on their
desire to help their neighbors by raising money
for special campus projects. Memorial funds,
which are created by donors and managed by the
Foundation, address a variety of issues, including
training for team members and additional care
and services for those affected by memory loss.
The Terraces of Los Gatos Resident Foundation
raised $333,463 toward The Grove, a new memory support program. The Terraces of Phoenix
Foundation brought in $79,284 for the new
Resident Activities Building. The Las Ventanas
Foundation raised $44,167 for a new grand piano
and outdoor landscaping at the Las Vegas community. And in Santa Barbara, the Valle Verde
Endowment and Development Committee reached
$36,572 for the community’s mosaic garden fund.
In 2012, for example, 15 team members were
able to heighten their skills using money from the
Sept. 30, 2011 Additions Distributions Other changes Sept. 30, 2012
Grand Lake Gardens
Judson Park
Piedmont Gardens
Plymouth Village
The Terraces at Los Altos
The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens
The Terraces of Los Gatos
Las Ventanas
The Terraces of Phoenix
Valle Verde
Total Endowment Funds
Additions include new donations and assets transferred from matured trusts.
Distributions are funds returned monthly to the community from the Foundation.
Other changes include realized and unrealized investment income less Foundation expense.
The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens Foundation
Chair: Rhonda Herb; Members: Galen Adam, Ray
Haworth, Nancy Jen, Earl Knobloch, Jessica Lopez,
Janet Morgan, Darren Tharp, Chuck Wilkinson,
Harvey Zimmerman
These resident-led efforts are about seeing the
possibilities in ABHOW’s CCRCs. In 2012 residents
served with board members and team members on
the following local committees:
Grand Lake Gardens Development Committee
Chair: Dr. Rosa James; Members: Ed Bonsey, Carol
Byrne, Charmaine Doherty, Linda Rae Hardwick,
Norma Holden, Scott Sebastian, Joe Walsh, Betty Will
The Terraces of Los Gatos Resident Foundation
Chair: Joe Cusick; Members: Lamar Allen, Pam Bancroft,
Cynthia Biasca, Helen Brazil, Alex Candalla, Bill
Cilker, Terry Duryea, Madelyn Furze, Dr. Bobbye
Gorenberg, Kern Hamilton, Karl Muller, Thomas
O’Donnell, Dr. Selma Opie, Terri Raynaud, Al Slutman
Judson Park Resident Foundation
Chair: Trudy Thompson; Members: Maie Allen,
Irene Gordon, Gay Hasselblad, Nikole Jay, Natalie
Wilcox McCann, Harriet Oyen, Bill Painter, Virg
Staiger, Bob Stensland, Terri Streleski, Bruce Wolff
The Terraces of Phoenix Foundation
Chair: Lou Binick; Members: Laura Birmigham,
Gene Buchli, Brenda Burks, Ann Campbell, Barbara
Dean, Tom Dorough, Mary Ann Fledderjohn, Leon
Gean, Peg Moseley, Stan Sutphin, June Rector,
Linda Zale
Las Ventanas Foundation
Chair: Lois Ann Larson; Members: Rollie Berry,
Irene Geller, Dennis Gradillas, Jerry Harmon, Molly
Jeppson, Harold Larson, Carolyn Leontos, Warren
Mullen, John Peck, Trish Pytel, Ken Reim, Shannon
Rochester, Jeanne Rush, Bob Rush, Ruby Vance
Valle Verde Endowment & Development Committee
Chair: Don O’Dowd; Members: Paul Barrett, Dave Cole,
Linda Hughes, Jim Jameson, Bob Jenkins, Herb
Linville, John Mandle, Sally Mandle, Suzanne
Mellichamp, Joanne Morley, Jane Rieffel, Tim Wetzel
Plymouth Village Foundation Task Force
Chair: Vi Wiant; Members: Mike Ballinger, Herb
Dominquez, Keith Kasin, Vera Peery, Jim Sharp,
Glen Vernet
Left: Friends of The Terraces at Los Altos break
ground for The Grove, the new memory support
program for the Los Altos, Calif., community.
Right: Ed Bonsey, a resident of Grand Lake Gardens in Oakland, benefits from estate-planning
services offered by the Foundation.
Rosewood Foundation
Chair: Jim Pierson; Members: Steve Annis, Terry
Barnett, Lois Blakemore, Beryl Corrie, John Friauf,
Dottie Hefner, Ruth Levey, Gloria Marshall, Marie
Myers, Sara Oliver, Ellen Renner, Chet Troudy,
Helen Troudy, Dave Urner, Avanelle Woody
The Terraces at Los Altos Resident Foundation
Chair: Jane Reed; Members: Rae Holt, George
Limbach, Marie Mong, Terry Morrison, Dinah
Nicolas, Jim Rutherford, Frank Verlot, Fred
Wellmerling, Roger Willey
The Impact of the Foundation: Affordable Housing
enior living looks different in ABHOW affordable housing communities, thanks to the
ABHOW Foundation.
With 31 locations in California and Washington,
ABHOW communities offer a stylish, comfortable
and affordable place to call home. But money can
still be tight for many adults age 62 and older who
have a limited income. Although the communities
are subsidized by federal and state funding, not all
residents’ needs are met.
That’s where the ABHOW Foundation comes in.
Through generous donations from residents,
friends and partners, the Foundation provides
amenities that make retirement life on a limited
budget a little easier.
Each year, the Foundation hosts a golf tournament
to raise funds to provide additional services and
amenities. The 2012 ABHOW
Foundation Golf Classic netted nearly $100,000 through
tournament fees, sponsorships
and auctions. Funds from this
event, as well as from other
fundraising efforts, were put
to work in a variety of ways
in 2012.
Lomita Manor, a public housing
community in Lomita, Calif.,
is one of the newest additions
to the communities managed
by ABHOW. Lomita Manor
residents needed computers
to stay abreast of the news and
to stay in touch with friends
and family. The Foundation
provided computers, as well as
brain fitness games, which help
strengthen memory.
“We are committed to
creating affordable communities that are beautiful and
improve the quality of life of
our residents. Because of the
ABHOW Foundation’s support,
we are able to honor
that commitment.”
Ancel Romero,
ABHOW Senior Vice President
for Affordable Housing
Residents at Pacific Meadows
in Carmel, Calif., requested
something unusual from the
Foundation: a ballet barre.
Several resident-run exercise
classes incorporate Pilates
moves to increase strength
and flexibility. Students in the
class used chairs for balance
during the moves, but the
chairs could tip and were not
the right height for everyone.
Ballet barres, paid for by the
Foundation, were installed
at two different heights so
residents in both the Pilates
and the Tai Chi classes could
exercise safely.
The Foundation awarded a total
of $76,147 in grants to communities in 2012. These are just some of the ways that
Foundation supporters meet the needs of residents,
providing comfort, more options for healthy living
and even some of life’s special amenities.
At Tahoe Senior Plaza in South Lake Tahoe, Calif.,
residents enjoy the walking paths that wind around
the community. When the weather turns cold, ice
and snow can coat the paths. So that residents can
remain active even during winter, the Foundation
provided the funds for a new treadmill.
Opposite page: Caroline Bartholomew of Mount
Rubidoux Manor in Riverside, Calif., benefits from
the Foundation’s new Vial of Life Program. Above,
left: Participants in the 16th annual ABHOW
Foundation Golf Classic enjoy a fun day on the
links for a great cause. Above, right: Residents
exercise at Pacific Meadows in Carmel, Calif.,
using ballet barres paid for by the Foundation.
Community activities are important at Valley Vista
in San Ramon, Calif. With a craft room, a library,
computer lab and exercise room, Valley Vista naturally draws residents together. A Foundation grant
enabled the community to purchase a table tennis
table so residents could engage in a little friendly
competition, while exercising and socializing.
Clockwise, from top left: Grand Lake Gardens
Development Committee members and volunteers
celebrate the Oakland community’s first annual
Foundation dinner. Golfers enjoy a new venue
at Blackhawk Country Club in Danville, Calif.,
as they support the Foundation’s annual fundraiser to benefit affordable housing. The Terraces
of Phoenix Foundation hosts its annual Casino
Night, featuring a visit from “Mae West,” shown
here with resident and committee member Gene
Buchli. Jean Woodward, a resident of Mount
Rubidoux Manor in Riverside, Calif., learns about
the Foundation-supported Vial of Life program
from a local firefighter. Las Ventanas Foundation
member and charter resident Bob Rush plays a
new baby grand piano paid for by the Las Vegas
community’s fundraising.
Balance Sheet
As of September 30
(in thousands) Cash and cash equivalents
Restricted investments
Other receivables — net
Prepaid expenses & other assets
Total assets
Temporarily restricted net assets
Changes in temporarily restricted net assets
Permanently restricted net assets
Changes in permanently restricted net assets
Liabilities and Net Assets
(in thousands) Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Revocable trusts
Obligations under annuity agreements
Other liabilities
Total liabilities
(in thousands)
Unrestricted net assets
Changes in unrestricted net assets
Total unrestricted net assets
Total temporarily restricted net assets
Total permanently restricted net assets
Total net assets
Total liabilities and net assets
2012 Donors
he ABHOW Foundation is able to see the possibilities because many people share the vision.
We thank the following individuals and organizations who helped make our vision reality in
fiscal year 2012.
$100,000 and Above
Thomas Beatson
Barbara S. Chapman
Doris Hannah
Phyllis Harding
Craney Ogata/Tamaki Ogata
Kenneth M. Reim
$10,000 - $99,999
Orville Armstrong
Auxiliary of the Terraces of Los Gatos
Rollie D. & Shirley H. Berry
Miriam Eller Bjornson
Mark Carlin
Art Christman
Marian K. Chuan
Helen Connolley
Dorothy Diekman
John Ford, Jr.
Greystone Communities
J. Kern Hamilton
Rowena Jackson
Molly Ann Jeppson
Glenn & Elizabeth Knight
Marion Kremen
Wayne E. & Patricia C Locher
Lockton Insurance
Warren E. & Pat Mullen
Plymouth Village Resident Associates
Esther Ryan
Allen & Roberta Slutman
Morris & Patricia Spellman
Fred Wellmerling
Ziegler Senior Living Finance Group
$2,000 - $9,999
Clara Alderson
Waunita Adamson
Donald L Allari
Alliant Credit Union
Joe & Cherrie Anderson
Arnold & Porter, LLP
Terry & Diane Barnett
Cynthia B. Biasca
Pamela M. Bondelie
Joan Broshar
Betty Bryne
R. Bruce Williams & Carol Byrne
Elvamae Carl
Ross & Carol Y. Castro Foundation
Wall’s Hearing Aid Center
Rev. Dr. Samuel Chetti
William H. Cilker Family Foundation
John & Pamela Claassen
Anne G. Cushing
Joe & Kathy Cusick
Erika C. Davis
Ada Del Duca
Albert Drain
David S. Durham
Douglas Eadie
Terese Farkas
Dave & Debi Ferguson
Founders Healthcare, LLC
George & Mary Fullmer
Gemcare Health Plan, Inc.
Lucille M. Goldsen
Hansen, Hunter & Co., P.C.
L. Bruce & Jeane Johnson
Rev. Ron & Kay Kallander
August Kapellas
Doris-Mae O. Konecny
Cecil H. Lauffer
Dorothy Lee
John & Ruth Lyles
Dennis Maples
Masterpiece Living
Ruthalee Mauldin
Stanley L. Mayer
Lou McCollum
The Medline Foundation
Rich & Kay Michael
Mary Mohorovich
James Moll
Moss Adams
Colbert & Winifred Nakata
John & Evelyn Oliver
Douglas E. Pancake
Michael & Jo-Ann Paul
Marian Peterson
Mary Petri
William & Susan Piche
Quiring Construction LLC
Ancel & Florian Romero
Rosewood Resident Council
Rossi Family Foundation
Amy Runge
Thomas T Sakamoto
Janet Schwegman
Jo-Ann Seiquist
Joseph & Gloria Sell, Jr.
Brian Sharpes
Sloan Bentley & Dan Weimer
Sylvia Gay Snyder
Doris Stephens
Lucille T. Stillman
Charles Swift
William C Tobin
Itsuo & Marian Uenaka
La Tienda de Valle Verde
Walsh Construction
Bill & Audrey Wiley
$500 - $1,999
Susan Ackerman
Galen & Gloria Adam
Enitan Adesanya
Marcia S. Anderson
Mark & Linda Anderson
Oleta J. Kohfeld & Nancy S. Annis
Anonymous donors
Around The Clock Care
Pamela & Edward Bancroft
Frances Bannerman
Paul Barrish
Beacon Development Group
Jean Bell
Bellflower Friendship Manor
Mary Jane Bender
Chuck & Louise Benjamin
Louis & Yoshiko Binick
Laura Birmingham
David & Valerie Black
Gloria Blakely
Joseph J. & Antonietta S. Blazina
Ron & Judy Borcherding
Opal Reimers & Bertha Boullion
Mr. & Mrs. Norm Boyan
Sally Boyd
Alice B. Bradley
Wlliam & Allie Brattmiller
Anita Brown
G. Clayton & Susan Bruntz
John & Ruby Caceletto
Dee Ann Campbell
Alex Candalla
Clifford M Carrigan
Chad M. Caravatta, D.M.D.
Juana J. Carter
Casa de la Vista
Joe & Ruby Castilletto
Louise Chamberlin
Lily K. Chan
Roxanne Chase
The Coates Living Trust
Coulson Family Trust
Dorothy Danford
Barbara Dean
Christian Deceuster
Mike & Carole Dispensa
Diversified Investment
Robyn Dorsey
Eleanor Douglas
Elizabeth Doyle
Thelma Dry
Jim Dunn
Mabel E. Dunn
Carrie Eckert Trustee
Ruby Ek
Anthony & Marie Emerson
Janet Finch
Ned Finkle
Darlene R. Fisher
Mary Ann Fledderjohn
Margaret Ford
Rita A Ford
Audrey W. Freeman
Allen C. & Nancy J. Friebel
George & Miriam Friedland
Madelyn Furze
Leon Gean
Dick & Mary Jo Gelhaus
Charles & Marilyn Gilbert
Jeffrey Glaze
William & Joyce Goodrow
Jay Gordon
Melissa Hamilton
Travis Hanna
Dignity Health
Dorothy Hefner
Helwig Winery
Daniel & Wendy Hendry
Stephanie & Bob Herbert
Robert L Herhusky
Shirley Hofmeister
Douglas & Michelle
Rae & Charmaine Holt
Lloyd E. Howard
Christopher Ichien
International Ministries,
Wes & Barbara Ireland
Arnold Jacobs
Ivor & Doreen James
Dr. Robert A. & Meryl
Frank & Sandy Jennings
Rev. Alvin & Mary
Elizabeth Jepson
Arthur & Barbara Johnson
Catherine Johnson
Lacey Johnson
Chuck & Katie Joseph
Benjamin Keh
Dr. Edgar LaVeque
James & Florence Lambert
Evelyn G. Landry
Robert Larsen
Harold & Lois Ann Larson
Howard Lawrence
Jean Thompson Leonard
Odette Leone
Allison Rubinstein Levy
Lucille Lewis-Bauerly
Roy H. & Bernice S. Lippert
Ruth Lippman
Joseph M.Machata
Michael Madden
Wilma Madden
Gerald W. & Tamara A.
Mary Ellen Martin
Mike Martin
Charlot Masterton
Janice McGibbon
Tara McGuinness
Dorothy Miller
Harlan & Becky Miller
Wilda K. Moller
Catherine C. Montgomery
Marguerite Morrison
Sallie Morton
Beryl Corrie & Janet Moss
Mrs. Gerda Mosse
Deborah L Mueller
Karl & Miriam Mueller
John & Dorothy Munson
J. Marie Myers
Janice M. Nelson
Dinah Maureen M. Nicolas
Geraldine O’Malley
Thomas P. O’Donnell
Phillip & Norma Olavarri
Joan Oliver
Della Opperman
Mrs. Harriett Oyen
Boulder Associates, PC
John & Nancy Peck
George & Janet Pfleger
Phuc H. Pham, MD
Arthur & Rita Prieur
Doris F. Prince
June Rector
Walter Regan
Jane Rieffel
Riverside First Baptist
Homes, Inc.
Mary Jane Roney
Nan B. Rook
Rotary Manor
George Royer
David Salahi
Al & Jane Salottolo
Beatrin Salveson
Santa Barbara Foundation
Bernice Scheible
Kenneth Schreiner
Joyce B. Sebert
Shaw Industries
Terry & Betsy Shoup
Signal Hill
Edwin F. Skonicki
Louise & Charles
Nina Smith
Hollis Sons
Peggy Spencer
Jody Staszesky
Rick Stein
Elizabeth Steinbrugge
Robert & Lora Stensland
Queen Stevens
Michael P. Stone
Joanne Strem
Structure Networks
George Tebbets
The Terraces at San
Joaquin Gardens
Health Center
Joan Thatcher
Gertrude Thompson
Carl E. & Kay Thoresen
Clayton & Phyllis Tidyman
Ehla Jo Triplett
Chester & Helen Troudy
David Troxel
Valle Verde Retirement
Doris Van Aken
Berto Van Veen
Frank & Marian Verlot
Mrs. Margery H. Vernon
Ernest & Myra Viau
Geraldine A. Wahto
Betty M. Walters
Rachel R. Wascher
Steve & Ann Wheeler
Betty J. Wiseman
Maria Wong
Steve & Marge Wood
Thomas Yamanaka
Under $500
Adventist Health
Susan & John Ahn
Gloria Alabaster
Rev. Lamar & Nancy M.
Thelma Allen
Allen Temple Arms I
Allen Temple Arms II
Allen Temple Gardens
Allen Temple Manor
All Homecare
Charlotte Anderson
Dale & Jean Anderson
Joseph & Jean Anderson
Steve Annis
Anonymous donors
Alice Arata
Janet Ashley
Geraldine Aten
Lynn & SharaLynn Austin
Robert & Marjorie Aven
Axis Petroleum Company
Joseph R. Ayoob
Azure Capital Partners, LP
Corrine Bagatell
Shirley J. Bailey
Harold Ekern & Joan
Jesus & Irma Barboza
Kathleen Barnes
Stanley & Kathleen Barnes
Susan Barnett
Bill Beamon
Mary Beatty
Chuck & Decky Bell
Elton H. & Rachel W. Bell
Rachel W. Bell
Bellflower Friendship
Bellflower Oak Street
Charles & Kathryn Bennett
Frances L. Bennion
Barbara Richmond
Patricia Biasca
Albert & Shirley
Lois Blakemore
Robert Blashek
Margaret Blasingame
Gretchen Bock
Verne Boddicker
Edward & Barbara Boldt
John & Eleanora Bonin
William Edwin Bonsey
Herman & Irene Boschken
L. Dianne Boschken
Gordon & Lois Bottemiller
Kathy Boudinot-Johnson
M. Christopher Boyer
Helen Brazil
Mr. & Mrs. Horst Brenner
Shirley Bring
Broadmoor Plaza
Marion H Brown
Beverley B. Bryant, Ph.D.
Gene Buchli
Betty Ann Bue
Catherine Bumpers
Robin Bushell
Alene Butler
Marjorie V.H. Butler
Elizabeth Caldwell
Ann Campbell
Emily Campbell
Capstone Construciton
Alternative Care
Kevin & Roxanne Carroll
Glenda F Castro
Alice Chaignon
Kathy Chao
Cordy Chavez
Ruth Cheifetz
Leonard & Betty Cherry
Chevron USA
Curtis Chong
John & Myrtle
Robert T. & Louise T.
Marjorie Clark
Walter J. Clarke
George Clarren
Martha Clayton
Malkah Cohen
Phyllis Cohen
Alexandra C. Cole
Costco Wholesale Store
# 688
Marie Counce
Harold & Elizabeth Crane
J.A. & Virginia L. Crane
Helen Cunningham
George Cutler
Ruth Daehler
Wesley & Delores Dahl
Ted & Mary Daley
Ruth E. Dallin
Mickey Daniels
Mildred Daniels
Richard & Marian Davies
Eileen Davis
Janet W. Davis
Virginia DeFord
Dirk DeWolfe
Patricia Decano
JoAnn A. Devries
Margaret Dickeson
Rabbi Melanie Aron
& Mr. Michael Dine
Max & Marilyn Dodson
Charmaine Doherty
June Dupre
Richard & Kathleen
Shirley J. Edwards
Thomas Edwards
E.E. Cleveland Manor
Charles & Frances Ego
Shirley J. Elbe
Bernice A. Elia
Edward & Dorothy Ernst
Glenna D. Evans
Evergood Sausage
Gwendolyn M. Farey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Faz Restaurant
Debbie Duenas Fears
Fern Lodge
Ruth Fielding
Betty Lee Finn
Werner & Pauly Fitze
Dorothy B. Fitzwater
Robert Flori
Ronald D. Fredlund
Anna Freidell
Dolores Frichberg
Stanley Froid
Mr. & Mrs. Fryer
Janise S. Fuess
Kathleen Fuller
Linda A. Gaad
C. Violet Gant
Anthony Garcia
Mrs. Richard Garland
Lynda C. Gass
Irene C. Geller
Gregory Gilbert
Mueller Mirror & Glass
Hector & Argentina
Nadine B. Goodenough
Carol Gordon
Francis I. Gordon
Skye Goshorn
Margarida Gouveia
Ruben Gouveia
C. Violet Grant
David Grant
Elizabeth L. Green
Virginia Greenlee
Dr. J. C. & Jerrilou Grillo
Virginia F. Gross
Catherine Gunther
Rebecca A. Gwillim
James & Martha Hager
Steve Hall
Jack S. Hallenbbeck
Orville Hanel
Harbor View Manor
Linda Rae Hardwick
Trish Harman
J.P. Harmon
Mary Jane Harrison
Frederick & Margaret
Interim Healthcare
Elizabeth Heaslet
Mrs. Marion C. Hegeman
Frederick & Patricia
Joan Henderson
Robert & Alicia Herman
Dorothy Hill
Marjorie Hill
Shirley L. Hill
Hillcrest Gardens
Beatrice C. & Bernard Hirsh
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hoang
Hoffmann Hospice
Edna Hollingsworth
Mary Alice Holt
Lynne Hopper
Sarah Hopper
Frances Horn
Donald E. Hukari
William Hulls
J. Pauline Humphrey
Gerald Hutchinson
Elaine J. Iddings
Interfaith Housing Inc.
JP Oil
Nicholas P. Jackman
Ray & Miriam Jacobs
Margaret J. Jacobson
Cynthia Jam
Olga Jarombek
Cathy A. Jensen
J. Jessup
Arthur & Phyllis Jing
Robert & Vera Johnsen
Arthur & Barbara Johnson
Adeline N. Jordan
Miriam Jordan
Judson Terrace Homes
Judson Terrace Lodge
Judson Press
Paul Keat
Victor & Lynda Kelaita
Kelly Ridge
June Kemper
Milton & Jo Ann
Dave Kiddoo
Ethel King
Perry L. & Mary L. King
Marie Kinnally
Arthur & Jane Kinneberg
Patricia Kirby
Edyth Knopf
Dori Kojima
Mary R. Kopp
Richard Kopp
Marianna Korte
Pacifica Bakersfield LP
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Almus & Carol Larsen
Irma Laughlin-Kolstad
Ernest W. & Sylvia E.
Minita Levenson
Ruth Levey
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Josephine Liebhaber
Annette Lindeman
Longview Ind Inv
Bakersfield OP Account
Eugene W. Lott
Erlyn Lucas
Suzette Luer
Kay Lunes
Crystal Lutes
Richard & Christine Lyman
Bill & Margaret Macom
Virginia Majszak
Irma G. Maldonado
Howard Financial &
Wealth Management, Inc.
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Manila Terrace
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Managing Moves &
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Mt. Rubidoux Manor
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Ernest & Marlene Nelson
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Parnow Friendship House
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The Drain Surgeon
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Tahoe Senior Plaza
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Barbara Taniguchi
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The Terraces of Phoenix
Resident Council
Terrio Therapy
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Three Rivers
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Vineyard Village Board
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WAFAB International
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Mary Suzanne Wilson
Tsegu Wondwesan
Jessie Wong
Natalie Woodman
Woodmont Country Club
L. Jeanette Wright
Tomoye June Yamasaki
Harvey Zimmerman
Foundation Says Goodbye to Vice President
The ABHOW Foundation bid farewell to longtime team member Leonard Kelly in 2012.
Kelly served 26 years with ABHOW. He was the Foundation’s vice president for 14
years. Prior to joining the Foundation staff in 1999, Kelly was executive director
of The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens in Fresno, Calif. As the Foundation’s vice
president, Kelly helped developed planned giving programs that benefit residents
and their communities.
“The ABHOW family is grateful for Leonard’s commitment,” said Foundation
President Joe Anderson, “and we wish him the best.”
Board and Staff
Frank Jennings
Board Chair
David B. Ferguson
CEO / Ex Officio
Enitan Adesanya
Stephen M. Annis
Louis Binick
Chris Pereira
Al Salottolo
Dr. Jane Wilson
Linda Zale
Joe Anderson
Dr. Richard E. Ice
CEO Emeritus
American Baptist Homes
Foundation of the West
6120 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 300
Pleasanton, CA 94588
800.222.2469 ext. 7151

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