Leadership compact



Leadership compact
Leadership compact
Fresh-up for leaders
Mag. Dr. Stefan Gatt
e: [email protected]
a: A-4040 Linz-Puchenau / Forstnerstr. 5
m: (+43) 664-210 50 95
h: www.gatt-ce.at
Goaloriented development for individuals and organisations . . .
Ziele / Themen
Time is one of the ressources with a very high value in our life.
One of the insights of neurobiology is, that we learn best /
remember for a long time, if we are engaged emotionally, if the
story gets „under our skin“.
One of the insights of learning psychology is, that we make
changes, if we have clearcut goals, if we know why we want to
change it & if we have clear actionplans to implement our change.
These three factors are the reason, why I decided to develop this new
format “leadership compact“.
It is a 2-6-hours mixture of:
- stories out of my experience as a mountainguide & expeditionleader
sometimes in extreme situations
- newest insights from research on leadership and
- debriefquestions, leading to actionplans for the daily work as a leader.
An innovative format for leaders, that have little time and want to make a
efficient step in their development.
„Stefan, your speech was inspirational lively, exactly spot on on our problems and
very much teaching.” (Sonja Karall, Head of Human Resources, Wienerberger).
„His speech offers a powerful blend of theory and stories of leadership practice.
Managers gain the spirit to tackle testing challenges and resilience to maintain
morale in tough people management situations. Delegates will leave feeling
inspired, confident, clear-headed and motivated to commit to the challenges faced
back at work.” (James Reed, CEO Reed personal services).
„Stefan is a skilled facilitator who knows how to challenge a team and individuals
at the right pace.” (Wolfgang Neumann, CEO Rezidor-Group).
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- challenging experiences
Difficult crackclimbing in the area of Montblanc
Each „leadership compact“ is desigend individually on the demands
of my customers. You can choose all the topics that are relevant for your
leaders / your business-situation. By that this programme is able to fulfil
your expectations.
setting goals
creating a vision for me as a leader
dealing with challenges
fear & courage
dealing with borders – how can I make quantum
leaps possible
keeping my own boundaries
styles of leadership
dealing with adversity & kickbacks
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- challenging experiences
Climbing at Devil´s Tower, Wyoming
mixture of experience-based stories from my work as an
expeditionleader & extreme climber, insights from leadershipresearch and debriefs in your individualized „Leadership
compact – workbook“ with appr. 50 pages for your personal
notes to debrief-questions and actionplans for the transfer into
your daily business.
mixture of speech (my words & my photographs),
debriefquestions and questions & answers
where: not fixed yet
how long: appr. 3-6h, depending on the amount of topics
when: not fixed yet a possibility is to divide the topics on to 2-3
dates as well
delegates: not fixed yet
language: German / English
your investment for my performance:
overall amount of Euro 2.900,-- (including 8h preperation, and
4h traveltime) plus travelcosts and appr. 12,-- per delegate for
the „leadership compact – workbook“ (depending on the chosen
topics the pages vary).
your advantage: no travel- & lodgingcosts for your managers
and a small amount of time for a strong impulse for development
© Mai-16
- challenging experiences
Iceclimbing at Cho Oyu at appr. 6.000m
In this list only the names of the companies are listet, for whom I have
made a speech in the past. For recommendations I would ask you to send
me an e-mail in order to be able to get you in touch with one of our
customers as we do not want to spoil our relationship.
Antenne Bayern
Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg
BTV – Bank für Tirol & Vorarlberg
Cap Gemini
Duotone Snowboards
Das Kino – Bergfilmfestival
Erste Bank
Executive Academy
First Class Concept
General & Cologne Re
Hilton International
LIMAK – Austrian Business School
Max Mobil
Mondi Business Paper
Moser Holding – Die Neue
Oberbank AG
Oberösterreichische Rundschau
Reality Consult
Reed Global
Reed Employment
Resch & Frisch
Rundschau am Sonntag
Sächsischer Innovationsgipfel
Tetra Pak
Tiroler Tageszeitung
Wiener Stadtgärten
WU Wien – Center of Excellence
WU Executive Academy
YPO – Young Presidents Organ.
Abseiling in Thailand
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- challenging experiences
Stefan Gatt – a profile
His career as an extreme climber „started“ as an eightyear-old boy on the summit of Zuckerhütl 3.556m – a
mountain of the Stubaier Alpen. In the following years the
climbs got longer and more difficult. Since 1982 he climbs
regularely in extreme rock & ice.
After guiding his first expedition to Southamerica in January
1990 he was faszinated to climb & to guide groups into wild,
remote mountainranges and to document these adventures
with his camera.
Over the last decades he could climb a lot of the highest
peaks of America and did numerous first ascents in the
area of Patagonia. Four peaks have been baptized by him
in the nationalparc „Los Glaciares“. In 1996 and 1999 he
guided two expeditions on top of the sixth-highest peak of the earth – Cho Oyu 8.201m.
During the first expedition he organized the salvation of a climber who broke his leg above
7.500m (normally this would have been a death-sentence). When he climbed the peak three
years later for the second time he used his snowboard to descend. 2001 he was able to
realize the couragous goal to snowboard from the top of the world as the first human being
without any artificial oxygen.
His main business is to support teams & leaders in organisations on their path to
efficiency. His background as an entrepreneur, his studies of management and his
experience working with teams & indivuals in extreme situations makes him a spezialist for
team- and personal development. The effects of his work are that the trust is high, goals
are clear, communication & cooperation is fluent
all teammembers pull the same rope.
To keep up with the newest insights on research he regularely attends educational
workshops himself and works as a trainer / academic leader for the faculty of LIMAK –
Austrian Businessschool.
As he is a passionate climber his personal values are reliability, commitment to the core,
safety, endurance, efficient technique, but also courage . . . anyway get more to know
about him in your leadership compact!
Climbing on Eiffel-tower
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- challenging experiences
A visual foretaste . . .
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- challenging experiences
Leadership compact
Fresh-up for leaders
Mag. Dr. Stefan Gatt
e: [email protected]
a: A-4040 Linz-Puchenau / Forstnerstr. 5
m: (+43) 664-210 50 95
h: www.gatt-ce.at
Goaloriented development for individuals and organisations . . .