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Document 6432753
6C Joyce Chan
14 May 2014
Living with the Dursley
Harry Potter’s parents are James Potter and Lily
Potter. They were killed by Lord Voldemort. Therefore,
when Harry Potter was a baby, he was sent to the Dursley,
which were Harry’s aunt and uncle. Since they are muggles,
they hate Harry Potter very much as well as Lily. They think
they are very strange.
The Dursley are very mean to Harry Potter. They forced Harry to sleep under the
stairs. Every time when the Dursleys went downstairs, there would be a lot of dusts
fell onto Harry. It was very dirty but Harry did not say a word. Also, the sound of
walking on the stairs would wake Harry up too. It was very loud and annoying. It
disturbed Harry every day. Furthermore, in where Harry sleeps, there were many
insects. They were disgusting and scary. Last but not least, his ‘room’ was very dark
and small, no windows was in the room and he cannot see any sunlight or breathe
fresh air at all. Living in a cupboard like that was miserable.
Every morning, Harry has to cook their breakfast. Then Harry has to clean the
house and do many housework and the Dursley just sit on the sofa and relax. If
Harry did something wrong or did not please them, they will lock Harry up in the
tiny cupboard. They will not give any food or drink at all to Harry, just let Harry to
be hungry and thirsty all day. Also, when there are guests visiting them, the Dursley
will force Harry to go back to his ‘room’ and stay inside and not to make a sound. I
think Hagrid should do some magic on the Dursley and let them have a taste of
Harry’s life when living under their roof. They should know how it feels to have no
food and drinks during the whole day, and no air-conditioner during summer, and
doing all the housework and still being scolded, and not being able to go out and
meet up with friends in holidays. If they ever know how Harry feels, they would
not do what they have done to Harry.
However, if I was one of the Dursley, I would try my best to not let Harry to
attend Hogwarts too. This is because if he uses magic on us then we will be in
danger. Also, as Voldemorts tried to kill his parents before, then I am afraid that
Voldemort will come and kill all people that are related to Harry. Then we will be in
great danger. Therefore, I would be collecting all the acceptance letters from
Hogwarts to Harry just like the Dursley. Although there will be more and more
owls coming to send those letters to Harry, I will stay home and not go to work to
make sure no letters will be received by Harry. Or I will burn them all on the
fireplace. I will use every way to not let Harry to receive those acceptance letters.
Nonetheless, if I was Harry and I know magic. I will turn myself into an owl so
that I can leave the house easily. The Dursley will think I am just another owl who
tried to send letters to Harry. In this way, I can go out and meet my friends or go
to Ron’s house. I can play magic chess with them too. Then it would be the best
holiday ever for Harry. If someone has been kind enough to leave a spell book on
my blanket under the stairs, I would also try the charm, ‘Arresto Momentum’ too
whenever the Dursley tried to hurt me. I can use this spell the escape quickly and
this can protect myself.
If I woke up one day in the morning and found a letter on top of my cover. I
read the note, ‘You are invited to join other young wizards at Hogwarts School of
Wizardry. Please be at the train station tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock sharp. We
look forward to seeing you at Hogwarts.’ If I was Harry, I will quickly change the
letter into, ‘Congratulations Harry! You have won a prize of a three days USA travel!
Please bring along your luggage to the train station tomorrow.’ This way, the
Dursley will at least let me out so I can successfully go to Hogwarts.
I think Harry Potter was very poor and did not enjoy
during his summer
vacation. He has to live with the
Dursley. They are very rude and cruel to him. Luckily, the
Weasley has helped Weasley to escape from the Dursley and
allowed him to live with his family until the end of the holiday so Harry can finally
have some fun during holiday. I hope Dursley’s life without Harry would be good
just like how Harry is having a happy life without them.
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