Program - Ryerson University



Program - Ryerson University
Ryerson Theatre School PRESENTS:
Based on the myths of Ovid
Originally Written and Directed by Mary Zimmerman
Set Design by Jen Fisher
Costume Design by Claire Levick
Lighting Design by John Thomson
October 16-November 14/2008
Abrams Studio Theatre
46 Gerrard Street East
Premiered in New York City by
The Second Stage Theatre, New York, September, 2001
Artistic Director: Carole Rothman
Managing Director: Carol Fishman
Executive Director: Alexander Fraser
METAMORPHOSES was originally produced by
Lookingglass Theatre Company, Chicago
OVID’S METAMORPHOSES translated by David Slavitt,
John Hopkins University Press, 1994.
Rainer Maria Rilke’s Poem ORPHEUS, EURYDICE, HERMES.
Translated by Stephen Mitchell, 1995 Modern Lbrary.
box office 416-979-5118
email [email protected]
Author / Mary Zimmerman
MARY ZIMMERMAN is the recipient of a 1998 MacArthur Fellowship, the 2002 Tony
Award for best direction and 10 Joseph Jefferson Awards, including ones for best
production and best direction. She is the Manilow Resident Director of Goodman Theatre,
a member of the Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago, an Artistic Associate of
Seattle Repertory Theatre, and a professor of performance studies at Northwestern
Works which she has adapted and directed include Mirror of the Invisible World and Silk
at the Goodman Theatre; The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci at the Goodman, Brooklyn
Academy of Music (BAM) and Seattle Repertory; The Odyssey at the Goodman, Lookingglass, McCarter Theatre and Seattle Repertory; Arabian Nights at Lookingglass, MTC and
BAM; Journey To The West at the Goodman, Huntington Theatre and Berkeley Repertory;
Metamorphoses at Lookingglass, Seattle Repertory, Berkeley Repertory, Mark Taper
Forum and Second Stage; Secret in the Wings at Lookingglass, McCarter and Berkeley
Repertory; and Eleven Rooms of Proust at Lookingglass and About Face.
DIRECTOR / Jordan Pettle
Jordan has worked as a professional actor for more than a decade in theatres across
the country. Recent Toronto credits include ESSAY (Factory Theatre), RING ROUND
THE MOON (Soulpepper Theatre Co.), the world premiere of Michael Healey’s GENEROUS, (Tarragon Theatre), THREE SQUARES, SMALL RETURNS, (Theatre Passe Muraille)
opposite William Hutt (Soulpepper Theatre Co.), WRITTEN ON WATER, PICASSO AT
THE LAPIN AGILE (Canstage Co.). Jordan starred in the premieres of two of his brother
Adam Pettle’s popular works ZADIE’S SHOES (Factory Theatre/Mirvish Productions) and
During his four seasons at the Stratford Festival Jordan appeared as “Puck” in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, “Snake” in SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, “Yepichodov” in THE
CHERRY ORCHARD and “The Fool” in KING LEAR, among others such as DANNY KING OF
Theatre), A DOLL’S HOUSE (DVxT), ROMEO AND JULIET (Citadel Theatre), TAMING OF
Theatre Exchange, GCTC and Factory Theatre).
Jordan directed the premiere and subsequent production of another of his brother’s
works, THERAC 25 and SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION for George Brown Theatre School,
as well as Tony Kushner’s TERMINATING at the Summerworks Festival. Jordan is a
graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.
Director’s Note
Ovid (43 BC-18 AD) completed Metamorphoses, a narrative poem in 15 books,
in 8 A.D. Two thousand years later, Mary Zimmerman, an award winning director and professor of performance arts studies, was inspired to adapt several of
his stories for her graduating class. Her adaptation is based on David R. Slavitt’s
translation of Metamorphoses. Ovid’s theme of the triumph of irrational love over
reason is timeless and it has been a joy for me to explore these stories with such
a talented and dedicated group of students.
Special Thanks
Ryerson Theatre School would like to extend a very special
thank you the following people:
Dan Baker / Sam Brown / Drew Butcher / Pippa Domville
Shannon Perreault / Steven Spendiff / Steve Wilsher
This performance includes mature themes and scenes of mild violence.
The running time is approximately one hour and a half.
this production does not have
an intermission
Warren Bain
Silenus, Orpheus, Philomen
Stephanie Bye Mida’s Daughter, Buyer, Eurydice,
Sochi Fried Woman, Lucina, Spirit of the Tree
Mother, Narrator, Myrrha
Michael Iliadis Zeus, Ceyx, Narrator, Eros
Anika Johnson Scientist, Alcyone, Oread,
Barbara Johnston Laundress, Narrator, Ceres, Nursemaid, Psyche
Tyson James Bacchus, Narrator, Hades, Phaeton,
(Fight Captain)
Danny MacDonald Midas, Poseidon, Cinyras, narrator
Araya Mengesha Sleep, Narrator, Vertumnus, Zeus
Matt O’Connor Servant, Erysichton, Hermes, Apollo
Jesse Stanley Laundress, Aphrodite, Hunger,
Claudia Yiu
Laundress, Iris, Narrator, Aphrodite, Baucis
METAMORPHOSES is produced by special arrangement with Bruce Ostler, BRET ADAMS, LTD., 448 West 44th
Street, New York, NY 10036.
Jen Fisher
Claire Levick
John Thomson
Bhamini Ramanan
Nick Rose
Michelle Barker
Mike Keays
Nadia Ismail
Elizabeth Maraston
Lauren Gallacher
James Plouffe
Niall Unwin
Marie-Claude Valique
Simone Gibson
Diego Franzoni
Eva Kuo
Beth Wong
Acey Rowe
Nicole Paserin
Caroline Watters
Daniel Bradley
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Manager
Technical Director
Stage Manager
Changeover Technical Director
Head of Props
Head of Electrics
Head of Paints
Head of Audio
Head of Carpentary
Assistant Director
Assistant Set Designer
Assistant Costume Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer
Assistant Stage Manager
Assistant Technical Director
Assistant Production Manager
Assistant Production Manager
Assistant Carpenter
Lauren Pietrowski
Lauren Pietrowski
Diego Franzoni
Wardrobe Supervisor
Wardrobe Mistress
Wardrobe Master
Samantha Sundermann
Andrew McAllister
Hannah Cherrett
Sean Marshall
Aaron Bernstein
Samantha Spendiff
Tansy Chau
Carin Crabtree
Andrea Ouellette
Rachel Forbes
Marianne Jette
Andrew Barnacki
Nirmala Jadoonanan
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Veronica Baker
Emily Wright
Anastassia Lavrinenko
Anna Swiderski
Joseph Pagnan
Natalie Cooper
Co-Head of Public Relations
Co-Head of Public Relations
Marketing and Publicity Manager
Marketing and Publicity Manager
Front of House Manager
Box Office Manager
ACtor’s biographies
Warren Bain: Past Ryerson credits: Period Study 2007, The Widowe,
Hurlyburly and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Other Credits: Gameshow: The
Musical (New Voices / Toronto Fringe 2008), The Blue Seal (Adonis Cinema),
and Picasso at the Lapin Agile (Scarborough Players).
Stephanie Bye: Past Ryerson credits: Period Study 2008, Clown Workshop,
Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train, All Fall Down, A Midsummer Night`s Dream,
Figaro Gets Divorced, and Elektra.
Sochi Fried: Past Ryerson credits: The Widdowe, Sophonisba, Epicoene,
Clown Workshop, My Sweet Charlie, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Karla
and Grif, Don Juan Comes Back from the War; and Elektra.
Michael Iliadis: Past Ryerson credits: Thaiing the Knot (New Voices
Festival 2008), Love’s Sacrifice, Some Girl, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Other credits: Anything Goes (Unionville Theatre Company).
Anika Johnson: Past Ryerson credits: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Electra, Hurley Burley. Other credits: European tour with Corpus; many seasons
at the Stratford Festival, the Huron Country Playhouse, and the Mercury
Theatre. Various works with Beggar’s Bag Music Theatre Company and her
band, Stonefox.
Barbara Johnston: Past Ryerson credits: Period Study 2008, Clown 2008,
American Scene Study, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Canadian Scene
Study, Tales, Elektra . Other credits: Too Darn Hot (Beggars Bag Productions), and Something’s Rockin’ in Denmark (Capricorn 9 Productions).
ACtor’s biographies Continued
Tyson James: Past Ryerson credits: Epicoene, Love’s Sacrifice, The Widdowe, Jesus Hopped the A Train, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Birthright,
Orestes. Other credits: Things That Go Bump (InspriraTO Festival), and Queen
Bee Syndrome (InspiraTO Festival)
Daniel MacDonald: Past Ryerson credits: Tomas Otter in Epicoene, Petruchio in Love’s Sacrifice, Francisco in The Widdowe, Lalieus in Sophonisba,
Joe in Days of Wine and Roses, Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream,
Mercer in Line in the Sand, Forrester in Figaro Gets Divorced, and Menelaus
in House of Atreus.
Araya Mengesha: Past Ryerson credits: Sophonisba, Epicoene, My Sweet
Charlie, Clown 2007, Line in the Sand, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Don
Juan Comes Back from the War, and Orestes.
Matt O’Connor: Past Ryerson credits: Love’s Sacrifice, Of Mice and Men, A
Midsummer Night’s Dream, You’re Gonna Be Alright Jamie Boy, Don Juan.
Other Credits: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theatre by the Bay), and Too
Darn Hot (Beggars Bag Productions).
Jesse Stanley: Past Ryerson Credits: A Boston Marriage, A Midsummer
Night’s Dream, Clown 2007, and The Tragedy of Women.
Claudia Yiu: Past Ryerson Credits: Figaro gets Divorced, A Midsummer
Night’s Dream, Karla and Grif, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, Clown
2007, The Tragedy of Sophanisba, Love’s Sacrifice, Epicoene, Thaiing The
Knot (New Voices 2008). Other Credits: The Matt Bernard Show, and The
PRODUCTION biographies
Jen Fisher: Set designer. Past Ryerson credits: Ryerson Dances 2007, Mass
Exodus: Platform, Measure for Measure, Enemies. Other Credits: Jen has
worked on a number of shows with Theatre Orangeville.
Claire Levick: Costume Designer. Past Ryerson credits: Assistant Costume
Designer Miracle Man, Stage Manager New Voices 2008, Assistant Set
Designer Measure for Measure. Other credits: Lighthouse Theatre Head of
John Thomson: Lighting Designer. Past Ryerson credits: Head of Lighting
for Choreographic Works 2008, Assistant Flyman for Dances 2007, Assistant
Technical Director for Heart of America, Production Manager and Technical
Director for The Trojan Woman, and Head Electrician for Choreographic Works
Bhamini Ramanan: Production Manager. Past Ryerson Credits: Ryerson
Dances 2008, Choreographic Works 2007, Mass Exodus: Platform, House of
Atreus. Other Credits: Casa Loma’s Stable Dancers (Nuit Blanche 2008), Casa
Loma’s Bird’s View (Nuit Blanche 2007), The Package Deal (Toronto Fringe
Nick Rose: Technical Director. Past Ryerson Credits: Lighting Designer Choreographic Works 2008, Abram’s Technical Director, Head Electrician Mass
Exodus. Other credits: Space Technician for Act II’s On The Sly (Winter 2008).
Upcoming Ryerson: Head Flyman Mother Courage.
Michelle Barker: Stage Manager. Past Ryerson credits: Production Assistant Caucasian Chalk Circle, Production Assistant Measure for Measure,
Box Office Manager The Flu Seasons/The Dwarves, Choreographic Works
2008, Stage Manager Metamorphoses . Upcoming: Assistant Front of House
Manager Mother Courage.
PRODUCTION biographies
Mike Keays: Changeover Technical Director. Past Ryerson credits: Choreographic Works 2008,
Ryerson Dances, Choreographic Works 2007, LOFT 2006.
Niall Unwin: Head of Carps. Past Ryerson Credits: Enemies, Head of Carpentry for A Midsummer
Nights Dream , Head of Fly for Choreographic Works 2007, Repertory 2007, Repertory 2008. Upcoming Productions: Mother Courage and All Her Children.
Elizabeth Maratson: Head Electrician. Past Ryerson credits: Loft (2007) and New Voices (2008).
Upcoming productions: Mother Courage and Her Children
Lauren Gallacher: Head of Paints. Past Ryerson Credits: King Lear, Measure for Measure, Head
Painter and Props for Choreographic Works 2007, Head of Props for Lion in the Streets, Front of
House manager for Clown 2007.
James Plouffe: Head of Audio. Assistant Lighting Design for Dwarves / Flu Season. Other credits:
Production Manager for Black Meadows Music Festival from 2003 to 2008. Upcoming Productions:
Period 2009.
Nadia Ismail: Head of Properties. Past Ryerson Credits: Head of Paints for Mass Exodus: Paramnesia 2008, Props Buyer/Builder The Dwarfs and The Flu Season, Production assistant for Measure
for Measure, and Fuenteovejuna. Upcoming productions: Assistant Head of Paints for Period 2009.
Lauren Pietrowski: Wardrobe Supervisor. Past Ryerson credits: Production assistant for
Fuenteovejuna and Wars, No Men, Men, Wardrobe Mistress for Lion in the Streets, and Box Office
manager for Choreographic Works 2008, New Voices 2008, and Period Study 2008. Upcoming
productions: Assistant Costume Designer for Mother Courage and all her Children.
Veronica Baker: Co-Head of Public Relations. Past Ryerson Credits: Front of House Manager for
New Voices 2005 , Marketing and Publicity for Choregraphic Works 2006, House of Atreys, Front
of House Manager for Trojan Woman, Head of Props for The Monument and The Dwarves/Flu
Season, and Assistant production Manager for Miracle Man.
Emily Wright: Co-Head of Public Relations. Past Ryerson Credits: Production Assistant for
Period Study, Scenic Painter for Measure for Measure, Box Office Manager for Choreographic
Works, Head of Paints for Acting I, Marketing and Publicity for Ryerson Dances 2007.
Sponsors Continued
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Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416.966.3888
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