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Document 6435366
Zachary Elementary Newsletter december 2012
From the Principal’s Desk...
In this season of good will and holiday merriment, it is
easy to think about and appreciate the wonderful community in which
we live. The support of our parents and of the Zachary community makes it
possible for our school and our school district to continue to be successful.
Not only is it critical that we provide our students with a strong academic
foundation, but it is important that we teach them to take pride in their education and their school. We want to also teach them to have generous spirits
and to give back to the community that supports them. Our faculty, staff,
students and their families truly are generous, giving people. This school
year they have supported the Zachary Food Bank, United Way, FAZE, and
students at Pontchartrain Elementary School following Hurricane Isaac. The giving spirit
of our students will serve them throughout their lives and will spread exponentially, helping countless others. While we do emphasize giving
to others, there are definitely needs right here in
Zachary. Use this time to donate to the Zachary
Food Bank or to purchase a gift for a child who may
otherwise not receive one. Thank you for allowing
us to teach your children every day. I wish you a
holiday season filled with peace, joy, and happiness.
Jennifer Marangos
December 18, 2012
9:30 am
(Bridwell, Laborde, Wilkewitz, Howard,
Marchiafava, Pelichet, Noel, and Scott)
(Moore, Dennis, Wigger, Nunnery, Hunt,
Webb, and McKowen)
Zachary Elementary School Auditorium
Second Grade News
Excitement is definitely in the air, and it’s not just from the
holiday season. The move to the new school is getting closer. We
are all getting a wonderful gift this year. The new school looks
amazing! While we’re all getting excited about our new classrooms, we are still working hard. The math is getting more challenging for students and the adults too. It’s different than what we
as adults did in school. Look for instructions from your child’s
teacher on how to work the problems, and don’t be afraid to ask if
you still don’t understand. We’ve all been there.
Reading is also more challenging. When you read with your
child, ask them questions and have them prove where they found
the answer in the story. Make sure some of the questions do not
have obvious answers. For example, if you ask “How does the
boy feel?,” and your child says , “sad,” ask them to tell you how
they knew that. They should be able to tell you clues: the boy
was crying, or he frowned. Also, practice having them answer in
a complete sentence. Rather than just saying “sad,”they should
say “The boy was sad.”
Working with your child is so important to your child’s success. Thank you for your support. And remember to READ!
Third Grade News
The third grade teachers of Zachary Elementary would like to
wish everyone a safe and blessed holiday season. There are several special activities planned for our students during the month
of December. We are looking forward to the Christmas dinner
with family members on December 13th. Please remember that
the deadline for turning in money for this special event is
Wednesday, December 5th. Mrs. Pan’s musicians have been
practicing diligently in preparation for the Christmas program on
December 18th. Early dismissal for conferences will be on December 19th, 20th, and 21st. Our class parties will be on December 21st .
During this hectic time of the year, please make sure that your
child is getting a good night’s sleep as well as completing all
homework assignments. These last few weeks before the holidays will “wrap up” the second nine weeks of this school year!
We will begin our iLeap practice packets upon our return from
the Christmas holidays. These packets will help us to do our best
on the iLeap Test in April. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in educating your child.
Cane’s Night
Free Dress
2nd Grade Spelling Bee
3rd Grade Spelling Bee
Christmas Lunch
3rd Grade Only
“A Holiday of Music”
3rd grade Music Program
9:30 and 1:30
Early Dismissal - 1:15
Early Dismissal - 1:15
Early Dismissal - 1:15
Winter Holiday Break—
Students Return To School
on Jan 8th
Devall Barrow
Darby Freeman
Camren Stewart
Gauge McVea
Averie Manuel
Jackson Sanchez
Sarah Weston
Kaiden Belt
Tessa Hay
Quentin Marcks
Jayden Wright
Cobe Johnson
Stane' Daniels
Davon Brown
Wyatt Roy
Peyton Jones
Will Thomas Beasley
Hayden Harris
Julia Huihui
Kate Sullivan
Andrew Grant
Ian Pope
Kristian Maddie
William Romero
Morgan Mason
Konner Harborth
Destiny Blount
Logan Curry
Laryn Bunch
Ellis McKneely
Trenten Parish
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Drake Mansur
Austin McMorris