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You have a bunch of bananas sitting on the bench that appear to be
unripe then it feels like you turn around all of sudden you have
bananas that are OVER ripe! It’s like you can’t win!
If you have bananas that NEED to be used check out the
recommendations from our ThermoFun Facebook Members on how
to use those Bananas.
Don’t forget to check out the Banana Use Ideas – Other than Cakes
& Breads documents for more ideas.
If you have a favourite recipe that isn’t featured here please let us
know so we can add it.
Banana and chocolate Chip Loaf:
Banana and Date Loaf:
Banana Bread – Gluten Free:
Banana Bread – Healthy and Yummy Spelt Banana Bread
Dairy Free:
Banana Bread Gluten Free:
Banana Bread:
Every Day Cookbook (sugar can be halved if you wish)
Banana Bread:
Banana Bread:
Banana Bread:
Banana Bread:
Banana Cake:
Banana Cake:
Banana Chia Coconut Bread: (Gluten free and sugar free)
Banana Coconut Bread:
Coconut Banana Bread:
Quick Fix in the Thermomix book
Coconut Pineapple Vegan Bread: (Not a TM recipe but would be easy to convert)
Easy Banana Bread:
Gluten Free Banana Bread:
Gluten Free Chocolate Banana Cake:
Heavenly coconut, berry and chocolate chip cake:!/photo.php?fbid=645
717435446684&set=pb.607431622608599.2207520000.1377076069.&type=3&theater (Gluten free and sugar
My 'Gloria Jean's' Style Banana Bread:
Thermomix Banana Banana Bread:
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