Enjoy The Journey Tangling Class with artist, Linda Swanekamp Art Gallery



Enjoy The Journey Tangling Class with artist, Linda Swanekamp Art Gallery
Enjoy The Journey Art Gallery
1168 Orchard Park Rd., West Seneca, NY 14224 (716) 675-0204
Tangling Class with artist, Linda Swanekamp
Dates: Thursday, August 1, 8, & 22, 2013
Class 1: The Patterns and structure
Patterns: repeat, not doodles, one stroke at a time, building
Tangle patterns: for what? Designs 2D and 3D
Alphabet of set, named patterns
Practice/learn basic patterns- grid, free form, wrapping, border
Practice with grids on worksheets
Shading patterns techniques, blending
Using strings: putting the patterns together
Tracer shapes: holding the strings, circles, squares, hearts,
letters, etc.
Explain the whole packet of information
Start simple tangle
Class 2: The Whole Tangle
Review patterns and basic principles (one stroke at a time, strings, shading, darken and fill
Choose project: circle, square, letter, border
Draw on Bristol board- strings, patterns, darken, shade
One or more tangles in black and white
Using pre-made strings
(If some want, can work on fabric with fabric gel pens and sharpies- make arrangements class before)
Class 3: Tackling Color and Form
Adding color to tangles: color pencil, water soluble pencils and markers, pan watercolors, permanent
color markers
Shading done in color values (light to dark)
Using colored paper or canvas stock (black or darker colors) with white pencils, chalks, pens
Using 3D materials: rocks, shoes, fabric- special pens and materials.
Presenting your final work: Matting, floating, transferring to fabric
Gallery walk through class work
Materials includes:
Pigma micron black marker, Red pen, Mechanical pencil, Black prismacolor pencil,
Bristol board, Color paper, Pocket folder, Copies of circle ideas, website information, pattern ideas, Pigma pen
sizes, simple borders, worksheets with grids and without grids, 5 ATC cards to draw pattern steps for
reference, Some precut mats, Use of color media (not to keep)
Will have reference books and materials to look through during classes.
Class Tuition $30 members - $35 non-members + $12 Supplies =
$42 members - $47 non-members
Tangling Class with artist, Linda Swanekamp
1168 Orchard park Road
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