Our Product



Our Product
Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are:
 edible with great texture
 bright crimson in color
 full of natural flavor with a
similar taste to raspberry &
 whole premium flowers in a
cane sugar syrup
Our Company
Our Product
 The Original Premium Garnish… The idea was originally
conceived by company founder Mr Lee Etherington in 1996,
one fateful night back in Australia. He dropped a flower into a
glass of bubbly at a dinner party and accidentally discovered
their beautiful effects.
 Australian made…Our product is processed in the Company’s
purpose built factory (commissioned 2008) in Sydney where
they go through 11 separate stages and are even hand packed
in the jars.
We are the proud inventors, producers and distributors of
our flagship product - Wild Hibiscus Flowers in SyrupTM
 Handmade quality… Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are a
very unique and high end product. They are hand made in
Australia with the upmost care for quality.
After discovering the initial concept, 3 years of research
and development were spent refining the product and
learning how to grow the flowers commercially.
 100% Natural… Only 3 ingredients including Wild Hibiscus
Flowers, cane sugar and water.
Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup have become
synonymous with classiness, fun and special occasions.
Customers will use any excuseTM to open a jar.
 Tastes great … The flowers and syrup have a natural sweet
rhubarb-raspberry flavor, although they offer much more than
just that. The texture of the flower is firm but pliant and delicious
on the palate, especially at the end of a glass of bubbly.
5 years later we entered the export market with a very
stable, high quality and marketable product.
Many new culinary and cocktail applications have been
discovered for our product by gourmet food enthusiasts,
chefs, cocktail mixologists and enthusiasts abroad.
Repeat business and innovative use of our product
shows promise for the future.
Wild Hibiscus Flower Company has strong foundations:
 Passionate about what we do
 Family owned and operated
 Exporting with distributors in 30 countries
 Appointed PR support for USA
 Local warehousing for USA (CA) and Europe (NL)
 Dedicated network of contract growers in Australia
who grow the flowers to an exact specification
 Only sustainable farming practices used to grow,
pick, de-seed and clean flowers. Many growers are
certified organic
 State of the art factory commissioned January 2008
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 Stable and lasting… The flowers and color are heat stable and
because of our special processing techniques, will remain firm
and hold their shape and color when used in any cocktail or
culinary application. The product is shelf stable for 2 years.
 Versatile… The flowers are best served as a garnish in a good
sparkling wine but are also great as a premium garnish in
cocktails and other culinary applications. Our own 8-page
Cocktail Recipe Guide is included on each jar to inspire
consumers and keep them coming back for more.
 Popularity… They are in peak demand during summer, holiday
season, Thanksgiving, Valentines and Mothers day. They are
also widely used for corporate, media and wedding events.
Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are often rated as a top seller
by fine food retailers and delis, restaurants, bars, department
stores, homeware, gift and liquor stores.
To use in sparkling wine or champagne, simply place
a whole Wild Hibiscus Flower in the bottom of a
Champagne flute (pointed part of the flower standing
up). Pour some of the crimson syrup in on top and
then fill up with bubbly!
The spectacular, crown shaped flower sits in the
bottom of a flute with all the bubbles streaming off
and subtly unfurls the flower.
The drink graduates from crimson at the bottom to
light pink at the top.
At the end of the drink you can eat the flower!