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Broward College - District Bookstores
3/6/13 4:31 PM
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Booklists, Term 2 (20132) 2012-2013 are posted. The first day for Financial Aid and Refunds for Term 2, Sessions I &
II is December 10, 2012. The last day for Financial Aid and Refunds for Term 2, Sessions I & II is January 18, 2013.
The first day for Financial Aid and Refunds for Term 2, Session III is January 16, 2013. The last day for Financial Aid
and Refunds for Term 2, Session III is January 30, 2013. We will be providing free Broward College shopping bags for
a limited time. Please remember to shop early.
Broward College Bookstores have a new program where you can rent your textbooks online.
Broward College Bookstores are owned and operated by the college and function as a service to the students, faculty,
administration and staff by providing the tools necessary for education.
The bookstores offer a complete line of textbooks, both new and used, and a large selection of trade and reference
books. We also have an extensive assortment of art supplies, gift items, engineering supplies, college rings, license
plate holders, mugs, shirts, hats, health science uniforms, health science supplies, dictionaries, backpacks, computer
supplies, Microsoft, Adobe & Macromedia software's, candies and snacks, soft drinks, pennants, calculators, digital
recorders, PDA's, jump drives, MP3 players, printers, UPS protectors, zip drives, pens and pencils, notebooks,
highlighters, diploma and picture frames, decals, newspapers, 3-ring binders, index cards, test supplies and a whole lot
more. Gift certificates are available in the bookstores in various denominations. E-Book readers, E-Textbooks &
Laptops are now available!
Services also include special orders for books and software not normally carried as basic stock, and buyback of used
college books. Prices are established according to the national standard typically found at other colleges and
The Bookstores are looking forward to serving you. Please feel free to contact me, or any of the staff, if we can be of
further assistance.
A. Hugh Adams Central Campus Bookstore
North Campus Bookstore
Judson A. Samuels South Campus Bookstore
Pines Center Bookstore
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Broward College - District Bookstores
3/6/13 4:31 PM
Willis Holcombe Center Bookstore
Weston Center Bookstore
Off Campus Locations
Your original cash register receipt is required.
Refunds can only be accepted at the campus where the original purchase occurred.
Do not write or mark in your books or open any packages until you are certain you will actually use them!
Textbooks that were purchased as "new" and cannot be resold as "new" due to opened package, soiling,
highlighting, writing, et cetera, will be refunded at the "used" book price.
Supplies are refundable if they are in their original unopened package.
Reference books, quick study cards & aids, computer hardware and software are nonrefundable.
Due to health and sanitary reasons we are unable to accept returns for any items purchased that come in to
contact with the eyes, ears, nose & mouth, i.e. goggles, stethoscopes, etc.
Defective books & supplies are nonrefundable - exchange only!
The time limit for full refund is two weeks before and after the first day of classes for Terms I and II and one
week before and after the first day of classes for Term III and all mini-sessions. The actual dates are posted
in the bookstores, on your receipts and on the web site. The posted refund dates apply for all purchases.
A. For items purchased with cash, cash will be refunded.
B. For items purchased with a credit card, the refunds must be credited to the same credit card
C. For items purchased with a check, cash will be refunded after a 10-business days from the date of
D. For items purchased using financial aid, refunds must be credited back to the original source of
financial aid.
E. For items purchased using an authorization/voucher, refunds must be credited back to the source
that issued the authorization/voucher.
!What types of identifications are required for all BuyBack transactions?
1. Broward College student ID card.
2. A fee schedule, grade report or transcript that contains the course information which corresponds to the
textbook(s) being sold back to the bookstore for all BuyBack transactions.
3. BuyBack closes 30 minutes prior to the store closing.
What types of books are "BuyBacks"?
Books Readopted - these textbooks have been selected, by the faculty, for the upcoming term.
Textbook Bundles & Packages - some textbooks are sold with study guides, CD's and other ancillary materials.
Please be sure to save all of the materials and bring them back when you are selling back your books. This can
affect the buyback price significantly. Also, not all textbook bundles & packages are bought back to be resold in the
bookstores. In some instances they may be resold to a used book wholesaler.
Overstocked Books - these are books that we do not need for the upcoming term because we have a sufficient
number of used, or new, books in stock.
Discontinued Books - these books have not been selected by the faculty for the upcoming term. If these textbooks
have a national wholesale value, we will buy them back at that value. We also accept donations for various groups.
Please check with your campus bookstore for more details.
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Broward College - District Bookstores
3/6/13 4:31 PM
What types of books are not "BuyBacks"?
Books having no market value will not be bought back. Examples of these are old editions, damaged books, some
study guides, spiral-bound books, workbooks, lab manuals, heavily marked books, sun/liquid damaged books and
some textbook bundle/packages.
When is the best time to sell back your books?
Broward College Bookstores will buy your books back on a year-round basis. You should sell your books back to
the bookstore as soon as you have finished your course(s) or they may become valueless. Higher prices are
generally paid at the end of the term. You may sell your books back at any Broward College Bookstore.
Payment: Course materials (textbooks and supplies) may be purchased using Financial Aid, cash, personal check,
American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. Please make checks payable to Broward College.
How are course materials (textbooks and supplies) organized in the Bookstores?
Course Materials (textbooks and supplies) are arranged on the shelves alphabetically beginning with course ACG
1003 and ending with course ZOO 4713L. Course materials must be purchased at the campus/center where you
attend because course materials requirements for the same course may vary from campus/center. You will need to
bring your class schedule with you to the bookstore because different section numbers for the same course may
have different course material requirements
Shelf-cards indicating Required are for course materials required by all professors. (White Cards)
Shelf-cards indicating Choice of Text are for textbooks that are required. However, you will have the choice of
purchasing different textbook packages or text only. (Green Cards)
Shelf-cards indicating Choice of Supplies are for supplies that are required. However, you will have the choice of
purchasing different models or types. (Green Cards)
Shelf-cards indicating Study Aid are for study guides, workbooks and supplies that will benefit you in studying for
your classes. They may be recommended by some of the professors. However, they are not required. (Lt. Blue
Shelf-card indicating Attend Class First should not be purchased until after you have attended class. (Yellow
Shelf-cards indicating Adoption Pending are for textbooks that have been temporarily adopted by the bookstore
with the anticipation that the professor will formally adopt them. You should not purchase these course materials.
Check back later and see if the status has changed. (Pink Cards)
Shelf-cards indicating Recommended are for course materials that have been recommended by the professors.
(Green Cards)
Shelf-cards indicating Optional are course materials that are not required by the professors. However, it is your
option to purchase them. (Yellow Cards)
Remember, buy your course materials within the refund period whenever possible because course material
requirements may change each semester and even up to the first day of classes.
February 2013 - Adams, North & Samuels Campus Bookstores
February 2013 - Willis Holcombe Center Bookstore
February 2013 - Pines Center Bookstore
February 2013 - Weston Center Bookstore
March 2013 - Adams, North & Samuels Campus Bookstores
March 2013 - Willis Holcombe Center Bookstore
March 2013 - Pines Center Bookstore
March 2013 - Weston Center Bookstore
!Broward College Bookstores have partnered with STUDYtactics, a division of MBS Direct, and are pleased to
announce that students can now purchase their textbooks online through the STUDYtactics Fulfillment Center. The
Bookstores will still continue to be your primary source for textbooks and supplies.
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Broward College - District Bookstores
3/6/13 4:31 PM
How to purchase your textbooks online?
1. Have your schedule next to you while shopping online.
2. From the box below this text, select the campus/center you are attending.
3. At the bottom of the booklist page, select the location where your classes are held.
4. Locate the course and section number for each of your classes.
5. Write down the textbook requirements (ISBN) from the booklists for each of your courses.
6. Then, return back to the booklist page and click on the link at the bottom of the page that says: "Click here to
order books online!"
All returns must be sent back to the STUDYtactics Fulfillment Center. The bookstores are unable to credit your
online purchases in the bookstores. Shopping online may not fulfill all of your course textbook requirements.
Custom published textbooks, course notes and required supplies are some of the examples of what are not
available for purchase online.
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