Coaching Q & A: We are very excited to have the Bottle Rockets Wrestling Club be a part of
the Glenn Wrestling Program! Coaches Zaid Ammari and Andrew Hein are alumni and
members of the John Glenn Wrestling Family.
There are always many questions, hopefully you will find the information in this newsletter
helpful in answering some of these questions. A parent meeting is held early in the season to
help answer some of your questions as well.
Practices: Practices are held at John Glenn High School on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
Beginners 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. As in past years, practice times will be adjusted over holiday
break etc. Please note these times may be adjusted depending on the size of participation. If
school should be dismissed early or there is no school due to the inclement weather, we will
NOT have practice.
Rules For Your Safety: In order for us to be allowed to hold Club Wrestling in the building
after school hours, there are some important rules that everyone will be expected to follow for
the safety and liability of all concerned. Please enter the building and go directly to the
Wrestling Room. We will have closed practices. However, parents of K-2 wrestlers should not
leave the building.
In the past we have had problems with younger siblings being left to wait until their older sibling
is finished with practice and vice versa. This is fine as long as they have your parental
supervision. There are just too many kids to expect your coach and club volunteers to supervise
them when they are not wrestling. Wrestlers must stay in the wrestling room - we are not
allowed in any other area of the building!
Merchandise Sales: Club Singlets, Warm-Up Jackets, T-shirts and Sweatshirts are available
for purchase. This merchandise is optional and not required. Please watch your e-mail and the
website for further information. Orders must be received prior to the deadline.
Equipment Needed: Practices: loose, comfortable clothing and shoes *see note below*
Tournaments: MYWA requires all participants to have wrestling shoes, head gear and either a
singlet or shorts & a t-shirt to wrestle.
*Coach Polk has requested that only wrestling shoes or shoes that are not worn outdoors be
allowed on the mats for practices and tournaments. By doing so will help extend the life of the
wrestling mats. Check out any major sports store for shoes.
Equipment/Shoe Sale: Since many returning families have shoes, singlets, and head
gear that their child has outgrown we will be running a Club Sale of these used items.
These items will be available for sale starting at the first practice. Any interested families
that want to sell their gently used items please see Danielle P. for more information.
Website: Bottle Rocket Wrestling Club has a link on the Glenn Wrestling Website. The
address of the website is Please visit this site to watch for updated
information. A calendar is included on the Club link which will list practice times and
tournaments. Please monitor this information as changes in practice times and tournaments will
be posted here as well.
Also, you will find a link to the MYWAY website which has proven to be a very valuable tool, or
you can get to the website directly by going to You will be able to
find the latest club news, forms for tournaments etc...Check it out!
Tournaments: Tournament participation, as always, is totally up to each individual family. We
will not make kids wrestle that are not ready to do so. If you need to miss practice or a
tournament for any reason see a coach and arrangements can be made. Every week a sign-up
sheet will be available for each tournament. If you are going to a tournament, please be sure
your wrestler’s is added to the list. This will help coaches and other parents know which kids
have entered and plan to attend each tournament. It is the coach’s responsibility to send in your
registrations. A coach will register those who are wrestling every Thursday after practice. You
must be registered in order to wrestle. There are many tournaments each weekend and if
you want more information about tournaments other than the ones we provide a copy of, you
can go to for a complete listing of all tournaments around the state.
Our own Bottle Rocket Club hosts a tournament each season. This year we are hosting two.
Our tournaments will be December 8, 2013 and January 12, 2014. Of course much of the
success of these tournaments can be attributed to great parent help! We really need everyone
to volunteer in some capacity, whether it is donating items for the concession stand, assisting
with set up and clean up, bracketing or working a table. We need you and we will train you if
necessary! This one tournament funds everything the club does and eliminates the need for
fundraising by your wrestler and family.
End of Season Banquet: Finally the end of the season party! We always like to wrap up the
year with a fun activity. In the past we have held pizza parties, laser tag or bowling with fun for
the wrestlers and their families. It has been a great way to end the season and the kids really
look forward to it! Further details will be provided at a later date.
If you have any questions at all about anything, please let us know. For the last several years,
this club has been run by a wonderful group of volunteers. If you are interested in helping out in
any way, we would be very grateful.
Bill Polk
Head Coach JGHS
[email protected]
Zaid Ammari & Andrew Hein
Bottle Rockets