Yellow Core Brochure



Yellow Core Brochure
Notion to Vision
Corporate Brochure 2015
02. The agency.
04. Capabilities.
06. Screenshots 2014.
08. Music stars.
09. Companies & directors.
10. International filming locations.
12. Pre and post-production
international edge.
14. Collaborations.
16. Outro.
The agency
Yellowcore is an independent film and video production
agency founded in the year 2008 and headquartered in
Our company specializes in turnkey advanced digital video production and film
project management.
Moreover we also use our expertise
comprehensively to undertake endeavors in films, documentaries, TV commercials, short movies, and corporate promotional videos.
We have established our professional and
highly acclaimed standing within the
Arabic music video industry by meticulously tailoring complete creative, technical and financially effective production
solutions for pan-Arab & international clientele alike. Our consolidated grid of partnerships and affiliates worldwide enables
us to offer clients unparalleled support
network facilities for pre and post-production film & video services including location sourcing in 18 different countries.
Yellowcore creates great visual content for any screen - be it
a commercial, documentary, short film or music video.
Š Feature Films
Š Documentaries
Š TV Commercials
Š Corporate Videos
Š Music Video Clips
Š Production Service
Š Photo Production
Š Audio Production
Š Aerial Photography
Š Aerial Video Material
Š Post-Production Services
Š 2d and 3d Animation
Š Storyboarding
Š Scriptwriting
Š Directors Consulting
Š Location Scouting
Š Casting Services
Screenshot glimpses of 2014
This spread is a snapshot highlighting a portion of Yellowcore’s
executed projects in the year 2014, showcasing a synergy
between professional video production, identity endorsement,
visual communication & the appeal of target audience satisfaction.
Š Ahlam - Gelt Athadak.
Š Bentley - Product Placement.
Š Ceryne Abdel Nour - Habaybi.
Š Diana Haddad - Thaleth Al23yad.
Š Elissa - Hob Kol Hayati.
Š Joe Achkar - Taai.
Š Khalil Bou Obeid - Isar.
Š Lazurdi - TVC.
Š Majed El Mouhandes - Tesalni.
Š Majed El Mouhandes - Ma 3ad Baghi.
Š Nido - TVC.
Š Nawal El Zoghbi - Ma’rafsh Leih.
Š Ramy Ayache - Joubran.
Š Mouawad Jewelers - Product Placement.
Music stars we work with
Ceryne Abdel Nour
Chady Farah
Diana Haddad
Dr. Alban
Lebanon Apple North Direction Beirutworks
Bonja Jewelers Mouawad Jewelers Music
Is My Life Rotana Signature Zougheib
Middle East Filmworks Dubai Habtour
(Bentley) Highend Films Joy Films ME
JWT KSA Lazurdi Mazzika MBC Melody
Millimeter Production KSA Qudurat Media
Silvergrey Pictures Shadow
Europe Universal Paris
Local: Angy Jammal Bahaa Khadaj Fadi
Haddad Farah Alameh Ingrid Bawab Joe
Abou Eid Nabil Mehshi Salim el Turk
Samir Abdel Masih Walid Nassif Wissam
International: Boris Miljkovic Cric David
Zennie Fabien Dufils Fabrice Carazo
Hady El Bajouri Martin Geisler Milo
Djukelic Milos & Milo Vladimir Djukelic.
Houda Saed
Ibrahim Saeed
Joe Achkar
Khalil Bou Obeid
Majed El Mouhandes
Marwan Khouri
Maya Diab
Myriam Fares
Nawal El Zoghbi
Nisrine Zreik
Ramy Ayache
Sophia Essaidi
Sophia El Marikh
The Kordz
Balkans - South Eastern Europe
international locations for filming
Yellowcore offers its clients the advantage
of diverse international locations for filming of Music Videos, Films, TV Commercials or any related visual mediums where
there is a necessity for beautiful landscapes, countryside’s, beaches, mountains,
cosmopolitan cities or pristine settings.
From Istanbul to Madrid, from Belgrade
to Dubai and beyond, your choice of exact
scenic requirement and shooting atmosphere are now made easily and readily
available. Yellowcore’s film and location
management services will facilitate and
organize all required technical, logistical,
provisional and legal parameters in any of
our partner countries to give clients the
exact desired environment, location or
setting that they need.
The following is a list of Yellowcore Partner Countries for Filming Locations:
Turkey - Greece - Hungary - Romania Serbia - Montenegro - Croatia - Albania
- Bulgaria - France Spain - UAE - Lebanon Egypt - KSA - India - Thailand - Seychelles.
Middle East
International edge in
pre and post-production services
Yellowcore offers an array of services for
pre and post-production film and video
projects. Our clients are offered the
advantage of accessing our select network of esteemed international partner
and affiliate companies for preliminary
pre-production project planning and
post-production project finalization.
Yellowcore collaborates, manages and
liaises with its affiliate partner companies to ensure that our clients receive the
highest deliverable standards and results
towards their projects when their needs
and requirements extend to the following
production services:
04. Post-Production
Editing - Modeling - Texturing - Shading Lighting - Rigging - Animation - Compositing - Matte painting - Set extension - FX
02. Pre-Production
Crew - Casting - Cinematography - Screen- - Match moving - Keying - Rotoscoping play - Script Writing - Story Boards - Loca- CGI - Sound Design - Sound Effects - Color
tions - Props - Costumes - Set Building.
01. Development
Idea Generation & Creation - Screenplay
03. Production
Film Shooting
Yellowcore proudly collaborates with
internationally renowned industry professionals and companies when engaging in film and video production projects.
Our line of work demands excellence as
an evident result and that is why we
continuously strive to strengthen our
principles of transparency, longevity and
good work relations with our respected
collaborators, partners and colleagues.
Ground Floor - Yazbek Building
St. John Street, Jdeideh, Beirut, Lebanon
+961 9 230 423 | +961 70 161 518

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