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Document 6473105
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Aaron-Carl, DJ Bone and Donna Black
Subject Detroit
12” vinyl / Poster Pack
Q-3 2008
Although this is his first release, Trench is no stranger to techno. With more than two decades behind the
decks, this Detroit native has the knowledge and experience to throttle a dance floor.
This debut is celebrated with custom packaging designed and illustrated by Trench which expands into a
24”x36” poster. This pivotal record is a must have for collectors, featuring remixes by pioneers that need
no introduction: DJ Bone, Aaron-Carl and Donna Black.
“I awoke unable to move. There were voices in the room with me. I tried to call out for help, but
couldn’t make a sound. The voices grew louder and louder screaming in my ears. I felt my body
floating upwards. I was hovering near the ceiling. It went on and on. Am I mad?” - Trench
A1: Trench - The Original Slumber
The flagship of this concept piece features the slow rise of powerful drums that lift synthetic vocals and
teasing chords. A haunting reminder of helplessness for those entranced by inaction, with a climactic
delivery of pounding bass and raw, unleashed fury.
A2: Aaron-Carl - Can’t Catch Electric Sheep
This housey approach offers up a reflective journey. Laced with distorted samples and tape rewind, a
playfully modern, melodic march with a nod to yesteryears. Welcome to club insomnia.
B1: DJ Bone - Narcoleptic Nightmare
Hard hitting loops of unadulterated underground. A whole lot of “bang” with subtle synth stabs
progressing steadily to deliver a powerful floor filler.
B2: Donna Black – BlackisBack Remix
This Detroit lyricist bangs out a crescendo of layered vocals to spread a message of unity. Classic 303
synth lines entwine and bind the deceptively chaotic percussion to a steady course of purpose. Early
Detroit revisited.
For more info please contact:
Ahnne Araza
Label Manager – Subject Detroit Records
[email protected]

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