Guitar in a Show Me State of Mind:



Guitar in a Show Me State of Mind:
Guitar in a Show Me State of Mind:
You Ask, We’ll Show
Saturday, December 7th, 2013
9:00am- 2:30pm
*Check in 8:45am*
UMKC Grant Hall Rm 122
Learning Objectives
 Participants will learn and play
basic guitar techniques for
therapist and for client use.
 Participants will learn about and
play intermediate guitar
techniques for therapist use for
 Participants will learn about and
attempt to play advanced guitar
techniques for therapist use for
All Learning objectives address
CBMT Scope of Practice I.C.9;
II.A.2.b,r,s; q; IIA5a-c, e, h; r, s,
w3, y; IVA6; IVB2
Bring a guitar, capo, slide, flatpicks,
guitar tuner, anything you want
projected on a screen (paper, sheet
music, flashdrive), and any links to
materials (e.g. YouTube). Some
guitars can be made available,
including left handed ones.
Robert Groene, Ph.D. MT-BC
Peter Meyer, MA, MT-BC
This 5 hour CMTE will cover guitar
techniques based on the wishes of the
participants. A form listing options is
included to print and send in with the
registration form or through online
registration. Priority will be given to MT’s
taking CMTE’s, followed by MT students,
and by the date the form is returned. The
presenters are confident that their combined
75 years of guitar experience will allow
take away skills from the novice to the
advanced. A Good Time Will Be Had By
Schedule of Events:
8:45- Registration/Check in
9:00-12:00- Introductions, Presenter
Demonstrations, Ordering of Requests
12:00-12:30- Lunch
12:30-2:30- Cycles: Request, Explanation,
Demo, Practice, Perform
The course learning outcomes will be
evaluated by presenter observations of
demonstrated skills with verbal feedback,
and participants will complete the CMTE
Course Evaluation Form.
Pre-requisite to receive CMTE credit: Current MT-BC status. This course may be cancelled due to
inclement weather, presenter illness, or if a minimum of 7 professional members enrolled is not met. In
the event the course is cancelled, pre-registered participants will be notified via phone and the course
will be rescheduled. Refunds will be issued if the rescheduled date is unavailable to the participant.
This course is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists for 5 Continuing Music Therapy
Education credits. Credits awarded by CBMT are accepted by the National Board for Certified
Counselors. The Kansas City Metro Music Therapists, P-096, maintains responsibility for program
quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria
About the Instructors
Robert “Bob” Groene is the Director of Music Therapy at UMKC. He has played and taught guitar
and related frets since 1961, including over 25 guitar and related frets workshops at KCMMT,
NAMT, AMTA, & CAMT (local, regional, national and international) music therapy conferences.
His research involves the quality of musicianship on the efficacy of client response. He hails from
St. Paul, MN.
Peter “Pete” Meyer does his clinical work at Good Samaritan Society-Specialty Care Community.
He is teaching Worlds of Music, Class Guitar, Music Therapy Methods and Clinical Improvisation
at Augsburg College in Minneapolis and Clinical Assessment in Music Therapy Assessment and
Clinical Musicianship at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College in Indiana.
He has presented at the American Music Therapy Association’s (AMTA) Great Lakes, Midwestern,
Western Regional and National conferences, the Canadian Association of Music Therapy’s national
conference and Huntington’s Disease Society of America’s national and local conferences. He has
written articles for HDSA’s publication The Marker, contributed to Kevin Kirkland’s International
Dictionary of Music Therapy and has authored a book entitled Guitar Skills for Music Therapists
and Music Educators that was released by Barcelona Publishing in 2010.
He has served on the Music Therapy Association of MN as the public relations representative 20072010, and the president (2012). He has served on the Great Lakes Region of AMTA Assembly of
Delegates and Standard of Clinical Practice, and He has served on the American Music Therapy
Association and Certification Board of Music Therapists joint state task force from 2008 until
As a professional guitar player he has taught both individual and group lessons. He has studied
guitar with BMA award winners Paul Rishell, Ronnie Earl and John Cephas. In addition, he has
shared the stage with some of the top names in blues including James Cotton, Roomful of Blues,
Ronnie Earl and W.C. Clark.
Guitar in a Show Me State of Mind: You Ask, We’ll Show
Registration Form
Pre-registration is required to ensure availability. Please submit this form with
payment to KCMMT, c/o Margaret Grote, KCMMT Continuing Ed Director, 8510 Spring
Valley Road, Raytown, MO 64138 postmarked by November 27, 2013.
Name:____________________________________________ CBMT Certificate Number: __________
Phone: ________________________ Email: ____________________________________________________
Registration fee
Select one: (checks payable to KCMMT)
______KCMMT member fee $65
______non-member fee $90
______KCMMT Student member—FREE!
______non-KCMMT Student fee $15
(No CMTE credit awarded for student attendees)
Lunch options (select one):
_____Turkey sandwich boxed lunch
_____Ham sandwich boxed lunch
_____Veggie sandwich boxed lunch
For KCMMT membership forms, please visit Questions? Please
contact Margaret at (816) 807-7851 or [email protected]
Request Form: “Guitar in a Show Me State of Mind: You Ask, We’ll Show”
Dec 7 , 2013 Robert Groene & Peter Meyer KCMMT at UMKC
1) Place an “X” in front of the term whatever items you would like us to talk about and
2) Number prioritize 1-5 in large font in front ofyour five top choices of things you
want to learn/try. We shall try to cover as many items as persons and time allows.
3) Email the attached file or PDF back to Robert Groene [email protected] ASAP
Date Sent:
Professional Credential:
MT Student?
Basics: Warm-ups Safety/Injury Practicing Posture/Positioning : sitting standing fret
hand/fingers strum hand fingerpicking(FP) bar chording palm muting
flat picking/alternate pick thumb pick fingerpicks capos Maintenance Changing Strings
Setup Transcription
Tablature Simple Note/chord charting
Guitars: Acoustic Classical Electric 12 String High String Bass Uke Electric Bass
Resonator Tenor Other:
Notes: 1st Position Scales: Major Minor Modal Blues Pentatonic Closed System
Reading/Playing Melodies Bass Guitar
Chords: 1st Position Embellishing Bar Chords/”Shape’s ClosedSystems Major Minor
7ths 9ths Sus dim aug added Jazz Blues Rock Power Other:
Tunings: Traditional/Regular Drop D DADGAD G D E Other:
Accompaniment: CW Rock Bends Hammer -ons Pulloffs slides Blues
Slide/Bottleneck/Slack Key Bass-Brush/Boom-Chuck “Johnny Cash” “Bob Dylan”
“chuck”/”shuffle strumming” “staccato playing” Harmonics ArtificialHarmonics Folk
Folk/Rock Jazz Funk Latin Soul Alternative Pop Other:
Fun Riffs: Chuck Berry Travis Picking Bass Runs G/C Folk G Modal/Indigo Girls “
Ballad of Easy Rider/Byrds” Others:
Fun Songs: Gloria Johnny B. Goode Kansas City Proud Mary Others:
Adaptations: Open tunings with capo EZChord; Chordbuddy Assisted Playing
Particular Song(s):
Particular Artist(s):
Particular Genre(s):
Particular Link(s):
Further Learning:
Guitar Skills for Music Therapists and Music Educators, Peter Meyer, Jessica De Villers Erin
Ebnet Barcelona 2010 :
The Use of Guitar in Music Therapy, Jonathon Oden, 2013, Barcelona:
Numerous other books, online materials, YouTube lessons, Original Artist sites, Hal Leonard
Publications, Alfred Publications, Home Spun Videos Other:
Other artists in AMTA: Robert Kraut, Paul Nolan, Other:

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