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Organisateur : L'Office de Tourisme du Grésivaudan
Latest News
Latest News
Spring 2010
The 2nd Festival International de la Petite Reine is
the 20 and 21 March, still at Fort Barraux, with
more exhibitors plus a small festival of cycling films.
One film is the story of a grand tour on the 'Silk Trail'
to China, a 2nd the story of the Leadville 100, an
impressive mountain bike race in Colorado won by
Lance Armstrong. Also scheduled is a slide show of
mountain biking in Morocco. Still not verified but we
should have some films on some of the Italian Grans
Fondos, like the famous Nove Colli near Rimini. The
Leadville 100 and the Fondo films are in english.
You don't want to miss this exceptional opportunity to
see these fine cycling films plus the extraordinary
work of artisan frame builders.
Handmade Bike Raffle
This is your chance to win the bike frame of your
dreams. Buy a ticket for only 4€ and you could win
the frame of your choice from any of the participating
custom builders at the show. Yes, you read correctly;
a custom frame by one our participating artisan
builders. Click here for the details on a truly
exceptional opportunity.
Defining an Artisanal Bike
hat defines a handmade bike, or rather artisanal bike
as they’re called in France. Artisanal is the better
term because it places the emphasis on the person,
the artisan, rather than on the bike. The Festival
International de la Petite Reine is about the artisans
who hand-craft custom-made bikes. To read all the
article, click here.
October 2009
The Festival International de la Petite Reine, the first
handmade bike show in France, is in the books.
The weekend was magnificent, blue skies,
temperatures that seemed like summer instead of
early October. Inside the hall a relaxed ambiance that
felt like a family gathering. To say that exhibitors and
visitors alike had never experienced a bike show like
this one would be an understatement. To read the rest
of the article on the 1st Festival, click here.
Exhibitors - 2010
Cyfac, an odd
name and little
known outside the
The Exhibitors - 2010
Exhibitor Info
Location, Dates, Hours
The Exhibitors - 2009, the first French Handmade
Bike Show
peloton. Within
the peloton,
Cyfac is famous.
They’ve been
providing a good
percentage of the
peloton's bikes for
20 years, only their frames were hidden under
various brand and team names until relatively
recently. Hard to believe but by 2002 they were
supplying a third of the peloton’s frames! They
have their own registered fit system to optimize
the positioning for each buyer of a custom frame.
This is not a one or two-man shop; it’s a small
team of people working together to create
gorgeous handmade frames. Even the paint can
be custom ordered. Click here for his website..
Zullo Cycles
Tiziano Zullo started
building frames in the
70s after a 10-year
career of racing
professionally. Those
years of racing were
poured directly into this
frame design criteria.
He started by building
frames for some well
known brands then
started furnishing
frames to teams in the region around Vérone, near Lake Garde. Later he built frames for TVM for 5
ans. His bikes have rolled in all the grand courses, le
Tour de France, le Giro, etc. Today he builds custom
frames in carbon and in steel. The latter is his
preferred material especially with the lightweight steel
tubing that is available today. He builds custom only.
Click here for his website.
Cycles D. Guédon
Daniel Guédon,
frame builder
since 1977, well
known for his
tandems and
bikes, will be
showing his
exquisite work at
the show. Only
one other french
builder has a
longer history
than Daniel. He builds every bike imaginable,
fixed gear track bikes, special trials bikes, coupled
tandems, touring bikes, and racing bikes. He
works primarily in steel but, despite his reputation
as a classic frame builder, has also produced a
series of racing bikes with custom steel lugs and
carbon tubes. All frames are made to order,
including the steel/carbon frames. If he has a
specialty, it's frames for long distance,
unsupported touring, like riding across Africa.
Click here for his website.
Edelbikes is a classic
one-man shop run by a
young French builder
in the village of Quaix
en Chartreuse (near
Grenoble). François Cau has been building
frames since 2006,
producing mountain,
road, and urban bikes.
He's one of the very
few Europeans who
jumped into the 29ers,
mountain bikes with
700mm rims front and
back (29 refers to the outside diameter of the wheel
with a tire mounted - 29 inches) and 69ers (front
wheel a 29er, back wheel a traditional 26-incher).
François works in steel only with fillet brazing and all frames are built to order. Click here for his website.
Cycles Dejonckheere
Dejonckheere is
young Belgian
builder who
started building
BMX frames in
1983 then
mountain bikes in
1987. Today
there are three
people in shop building road, triathalon, track,
cyclocross, touring, tandem bikes in steel and
aluminum. Their speciality are frames made to
Cycles Cattin
The frames built by
Daniel Cattin reflect
his long history as an
enthusiastic and skilled
cyclotouriste, on- and
off-road with his bikes
well known for their
comfort and fit. The
shop was originally
opened by his father
and it was at his side
that Daniel discovered
his passion for cycling,
a passion that has
never diminished. He
also discovered a joy
of adventure that quickly led to his exploring unpaved
mountain tracks and roads by bike and then building
bikes with which he could do so, laden or unladen.
His early explorations on dirt tracks and mountain
trails put him at the forefront mountain biking though
he's never been recognized in the mountain bike
world dominated by the Americans as one of the
pioneers. He works in steel and builds road bikes for
racing, cross, and touring, and tandems, all custom.
Kent Eriksen Cycles
Kent Eriksen
started building
frames in 1982.
Ten years later
he started building
frames in titanium
and never looked
back. His name is
famous in the
world of mountain
biking but he's
equally adept at
building - and
riding for that
matter - road
bikes, sworn to be
the best ever by those who have them. Eriksen
frames are celebrated for their unsurpassed
welds, perfect alignment and fit, and faultless
finish. He builds road, cross, time trial, and tandem
frames and mountain bike frames in all their
genres - full suspension (with a choice of 3 rear
suspensions), hard tail, 29r's, 96r's with all frames
made to order. Click here for his website
oTm Bikes
oTm is the shop of a
young French builder,
Tom Bailly-Salins,
open since 2008. He
works in steel and
titanium and builds all
types of bikes but as
he says on his site, he
has a soft spot for
bikes slightly out of the
mainstream European
production model, like
the 29ers and 69ers
made popular in the
US and in a look back
at the past, a real
classic in the old style, touring bikes built to carry
loads for unsupported, extended adventures anywhere
in the world. He's also one of the rare Europeans
building fixed gear urbane bikes, only his are slighltly
modified for 'real world' conditions and are equipped
with brakes and 3 or 4 cogs with a chain tensioner.
All frames are built to order. Click here for his
Vagabonde Cycles
Cycles was
created by
Patrice et
Pascale Drouin
in the Drôme near the Vercors
Regional Park.
Their passions
are mountain
bikes and touring
bikes, all custom
built in steel with
lugs or fillet
brazing. They
opened in 2008
after 2 years of preparation and 30 years of
touring by bike and foot throughout the world.
Their objective is to combine classic artisinal
craftsmanship with modern techniques and
materials. Click here for his website.
Julie Racing Design
He started welding at
the age of 15, taught
by the village
blacksmith. Then he
started repairing bikes,
followed by modifying
the frames and then
the paint. Today Kris
Vacheron builds
custom bikes in steel.
He works with his
wife and prides himself
on creating frames
from design right to the
finished product ready
to roll out the door. He
builds tandems, mountain bikes, road bikes, singlespeeds, fixies, the lot. Click here for his website.
Michel Roux
Michel Rouxhey
is a supplier of
tubing, lugs for
frames, and forks
for custom
builders. He
stocks tubes in
carbon fiber,
aluminum, steel,
and titanium
made by
Amadeu, etc.
Cycles Bentoline
Gabriel Mensi
discovered his passion
for long distance
touring in the 70's. In
1980 he headed off to
Peru for 6 months of
touring by bike, mostly
around Lake Titicaca.
In 1991 he built his
first recumbent. Today
he's the regional expert
for recumbents and
electric bikes, including
electric recumbents,
and as passionate as
ever for touring. Click
here for his website.

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