Your infestation came to you through exposure to bed bug activity at another
location or a visitor. To stop further infestation to your residence take care not to
bring in used furniture or other items showing evidence of bed bugs. Visitors
who stay with you may have bed bugs in their luggage and sleeping bags.
These items should be treated.
Clothing must be hung in closets loosely (3 to 6 inches apart). Closet floors and
closet shelving must be cleared of all storage (ie. bedding, clothing, furniture
and boxes) before treatment.
All rooms/areas being treated need to be at least 70o F at time of treatment.
All electronics (not appliances) need to be unplugged from outlets and all socket/
outlet covers removed. Cable or phone jack covers that are secure against
the wall may stay in place.
All items in dresser drawers, night stand drawers, end table drawers
need to have only 1 inch of clothing in each drawer. All other items from
drawers and children’s playthings (not heat sensitive) can be temporarily
placed in milk crates or other well-ventilated plastic containers during
treatment. DO NOT stack items on beds, couches, dressers or other
pieces of furniture. They may need to be moved by the technicians
during the treatment.
All walls must be accessible to the technicians. Furniture must be moved
18 inches away from all walls in the rooms to be treated. All loose items
need to be off the floor and centered away from the walls. Make sure
doors and drawers are accessible.
When instructed by representative make sure beds and furniture (that are in
need of steam or insecticide treatment) are accessible and free of any other
loose items. Dust covers on the underside of the upholstered furniture and
box springs may be punctured to allow for treatment.
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Consumables (ie. food, drinks, and medicines) must be stored in
refrigerator, bins or cupboards. Heat sensitive items may include wigs,
cosmetics, make up, hair products, aerosols, candles, crayons, artwork
and vinyl records. Always read labels if you are concerned about an item.
The method of application, whether steam or an appropriate insecticide,
used to treat for bed bugs in/on a particular piece of furniture or
situation will be at technician’s discretion, based on the composition
and finish of the item.
We insist that all mattresses and box springs be covered with Varment Guard
endorsed bed-bug-resistant encasements (not vinyl plastic mattress covers)
to hinder further bed bug activity on and in the mattress.
Bed bug interceptor (e.g., BlackOut®) devices may be installed
under couch and bed legs when the style and situation in the
room is conducive to isolating the couch and/or bed from floors,
walls and other furnishings.
Do not remove or discard any furniture that may be bed-bug-infested
from your residence without taking precautions to prevent bed bugs from
dropping off and spreading. If you rent, first notify the property manager,
then contact Varment Guard. Should the infestation be graded “serious”
then infested items (such as mattresses, box springs, bed frames and
furniture) must be completely wrapped in plastic and the seams sealed
with strong tape before you remove it from your home.
Completely destroy anything that you throw away!
All people, aquariums and other pets must leave residence upon the arrival of the technicians.
Re-enter the serviced residence only after the posted time (at least 4 hours) has passed.
Take minimal items when leaving your home during treatment. When coming back into the treated
area, avoid bringing items that have not been prepared and/or treated.
All over-the-counter insecticides MUST be cleaned up before ANY treatment. DO NOT apply
insecticide sprays or dusts to furnishings following treatment.
Failure to comply at any point will void the service agreement, in which case additional
applications will be chargeable.
LR 11/2013
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