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Home & Garden Feet Up, Relaxed,
Home & Garden
Feet Up, Relaxed,
But Are You Happy With The View?
Diane Guididas
Cleared out five years
worth of clutter…check.
Rearranged the furniture…check.
So, why do you still have
that feeling that something’s
missing…yes, it’s something
subtle, but something still
feels unfinished. What is
it?? Well, here’s the big news
flash, there isn’t enough elbow grease in the world that
can transform a tired room
into an energized room
without some design intervention. When that fresh
scrubbed feeling just isn’t
enough, creative home and
business owners call upon
Robbinsville resident, Diane
Guididas, Interiors by Diane,
LLC ( Window Treatments
By Diane), to transform their
rooms, or even their home or
office, from dated and tired,
to fresh and inspiring.
Diane has heard it all,
from the exasperating concerns of homeowners like, “I
have too much light, too little light, my ceilings are too
high, it’s an awkward space,”
to “I’m so overwhelmed
with so many choices, and I
don’t know where to begin.”
These worries may be frustrating to a home or business
owner, but they are music to
Diane’s ears, the window
whisperer with more than
30 years of interior design
experience, now specializing in custom window treat-
Mercer County Woman
ment design, function, energy efficiency, child safety
and motorization.
“My mother taught me
how to sew around the age
of 13,” says Diane, “because I
was one of six kids and hated
hand-me-downs.” That heritage taught Diane to work
hard and to find solutions to
problems. “It comes naturally because my siblings and I
were encouraged, as children, to find our own solutions to problems.” Even at
a young age, Diane’s sewing
skills as well as comprehensive knowledge of fabrication helped her to construct
dresses, suits, coats, even
prom and wedding gowns.
Right out of college, Diane dove into the commercial interior design world by
taking a job as an Interior
Designer at Prudential Insurance. Over the course of 19
years, Diane rose through
the Corporate ranks of a
few Fortune 500 companies
to became a Vice President
at Smith Barney, working
side by side with the firm’s
Architects and Engineers to
coordinate the design and
construction of the interiors
of Corporate Headquarters
in NYC as well as satellite
Branch Offices up and down
the eastern seaboard. After
her daughter was born, Diane combined her love for
sewing and her knowledge
of design and began creating
custom window treatments
for her own new home,
which led to being asked to
create window treatments
for family and friends.
It was simply word of
mouth that got Window
Treatments by Diane up and
running. “It was like being
shot out of a canon,” says
Diane, “after those first few
clients, I was scrambling to
put a team together.” And it
is quite an impressive team
that Diane has assembled including talented, local seam-
stresses, a workroom in PA,
installers and upholsterers.
Much of the fabrication is
still done “in- house”. Diane
has access to many design
houses and manufacturers throughout the United
States. Diane also offers
shades, blinds and shutters
to her clients. “It’s quite a
daunting task to navigate
through the maze of options
available in window coverings today. I bring a wealth
of knowledge into my client’s homes and businesses
and they really appreciate
the value of my experience.”
Today, Diane’s clients still
appreciate that all-important
personal touch. Along with
design ideas, Diane brings
her overflowing showroom
to the customer in the form
of sample books, fabrics,
trims and hardware. As a
professional, she knows that
the selection process can be
overwhelming for even the
most confident among us.
Diane’s philosophy is to keep
the process simple and start
with one room or one window at a time.
Diane prides herself on
designing window treatments that absolutely make a
room sing. The guidance she
offers is always in conjunction with a client’s sense of
lifestyle, personality, function and budget; as a result,
Diane’s designs always enhance the existing décor.
Design inspiration comes
from the challenge for Diane; she thrives on creating
solutions for that complicated window, that uninviting
room without personality. “I
just can’t wait to listen to my
client’s challenges and come
up with clever solutions,” says
Diane, who is also passionate
about the “surprise factor”.
She likes to amaze her clients
with that added twist, that
special pop…the bit of the
unexpected that transforms a
room. “That’s the fun part…
Window Treatments
by Diane
Diane Guididas
[email protected]
We’ll Enhance
Your Windows
to Reflect Your
the wow,” says the unassuming window wizard.
The most important aspect to Diane’s window
treatment business is establishing a working relationship and gaining the client’s
trust. “I have a great deal of
repeat business that comes
out of those special relationships,” says Diane, “it’s the
trust factor; they know I am
with them from conception
to installation, and because
they love the outcome from
my previous work and my
attention to detail, they call
me back when they’re ready
to tackle another room.”
Home or business owners
with tired, lackluster spaces
or windows, who are looking
for a fresh visual appearance,
can enjoy a free design consultation with Diane. Her
consultations can include
paint color selection, space
planning and interior design
solutions. Budgets are discussed and established with
the client’s needs and desires
in mind. Any room done by
Diane is awe-inspiring…
so why not allow Diane to
help you to transform one of
your rooms from ordinary
to stunning? Call today for a
FREE consultation! It’s time
for you to get a “refreshing
point of view.”
Diane Guididas is a member
of the National WCAA
(Window Covering Association of America), and has
served as the Secretary to the
Central NJ Chapter. Diane is
also a member of Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce
(MRCC) and New Jersey
Association of Women
Business Owners (NJAWBO).
Window Treatments by
Diane is a dealer for HunterDouglas, Comfortex, Graber,
Norman, Kirsch, Kravet,
Robert Allen and many other
fabric, trim and
hardware distributors.
Window Treatments
by Diane
Phone: 609-336-0372
[email protected]
May / June 2012

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