Draw Penny Felicity Merriman



Draw Penny Felicity Merriman
Felicity Merriman
Draw Penny
Felicity loves to draw pictures
of Penny in her copybook.
See if you can draw Penny, too.
Use a pencil for steps 1 through 5.
For step 6, use markers, crayons,
or colored pencils. Use a fine-tip
black marker to outline the
drawing when you’re finished.
For more about Felicity,
visit americangirl.com.
1.Draw a straight
line for Penny’s forehead and a curve for
her muzzle.
2.Draw a straight
line for her jaw and
a curved line for her
3. Add ears, an eye,
a nostril, a mouth,
and a forelock (the
hair on Penny’s
4. Add two curved
lines for the horse’s
neck and throat.
5. Next, draw some
squiggly lines for
a mane, and add
Penny’s white blaze.
6. Finally, add some
color to complete the
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