Pearls, A Timeless Gift of Distinction



Pearls, A Timeless Gift of Distinction
Pearls, A Timeless Gift of Distinction
Pearls are a wonderful gift to share with your children. Tom and I gave Nikke a pearl necklace for her first birthday and have continued to give
her pearls to celebrate special moments, Tahitian pearl earrings and matching necklace for birthday and Christmas by U.S. Pearl Company and
Tonobi. Nikke gave white lustered pearl necklaces to her bridesmaids. We have continued this tradition of gifts to our granddaughter and greatgranddaughters, presenting small necklaces to the little girls and baroque earrings, Tonobi, to their Mother. With so many beautiful pearls available to you, at wholesale prices, how can you not take advantage of The Norton Shows’ Pearl Exhibitors’ creations, paying attention to lustre, color, length, quality, price, shape and style: round, drop, pierced, pendant earrings and a myriad of bracelets and necklaces made of freshwater
pearls and Tennessee pearls? Pearls make lovely gifts to mark special occasions: births, graduation, wedding, bridal, birthday, Christmas, etc.
Pearl Exhibitors: U.S. Pearl Company, Tonobi, Glory Designs, Mary Lou’s Jewelry and many others.
The Six
Main Factors used to
pearls’ quality: nacre,
luster, surface, shape,
color and
The Princess Length Necklace, 17 to 19 inches long, is best suited
for high necklines. It also compliments low plunging necklines. It's
perfect support for a pendant or pearl enhancer. An 18 inches pearl
princess necklace is the second most popular length for pearl necklaces. “Cream” is the desired color by antique markets.
How do I care for
pearls? What
length necklace
should I purchase?
Make Plans to Attend Seminars
Saturday and Sunday by U.S. Pearl Company. Decide
Which Pearl Necklace and Earring Best Suits You.
Necklace and Earring Best Suits You.
What is a
The Pearl Opera Necklace, 28 to 34 inches long,
is the queen of all lengths.
When worn as a single
pearl strand, it is refined
and perfect for high necklines. When doubled upon
itself, it serves as a versatile two strand pearl choker.
A Galaxy of Druzies by Eastern Trading Company, Booth 1 Across From Registration on Upper Level.
A Galaxy of Druzies by Eastern Trading Company, Booth 1, Across from Registration, Upper Level.
Designer House
Booth L7
Because We Can
Booth 501
EMart, Booth 1600
Embellished Elegance
Booth 1402
U.S. Pearl Company
Booth 105
Caramel Cupcakes
Booth B
Tonobi, Booth L22
Booth 912
LTX, Booth 1202
Carole’s Collection
Booth L10
Welcome to The Norton Shows and the Gatlinburg Convention Center . We Join with the
City of Gatlinburg, Mayor and City Commissioners, the Gatlinburg Convention Center, Motels, Hotels,
Restaurants, Gift Shops, Boutiques and Entertainments in Welcoming you to Gatlinburg…
the City with “That Certain Something”. Tom, Linda, Nikke and Staff
EXHIBITOR Listing for September 6, 7 and 8, 2014
“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to
them. They went out and happened to things.” Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance Artist/Philosopher
Our Friendly Staff Smiles, “Welcome to The Norton Shows! How May I Assist You?”
“hahaha thank you so much Mrs. Linda! You guys are by far the most friendliest and accommodating of all the 30 shows
I do yearly. Thank you so much for all you do it is greatly appreciated. Have a great day!” Brian Kim
Abel Trading, Booths 1614 - 1618 Fashion Jewelry, Ladies’ Accessories, Handbags, 404-749-4815, 404-749-4765
Atlanta New Design Studio,
Ace Handbags, Booths 1117 - 1121 & 1018 - 1024, Ladies’ Handbags, Wallets, Luggage, Fashion Accessories, 770-454-6667
Booth 1412
Ace Watches, Booths 1608 - 1610, Fashion Watches, Fashion Jewelry, 404-589-9786
Decadent by Design, Booth 10
Alen Jewelry, Inc., Booths L21, Fine Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Fashion Watches, CZs, CZ Earrings, 404-525-1512
Dream Creations, Booth B
Alen Jewelry, Inc., Booths L17, Sterling Silver, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, CZs, Gorgeous CZ Earrings, 404-525-1512
Embellished Elegance, Booth 1402
Jewelry 100, Booth 1305
All Natural Dips, Booth 6, Fashion Gallery, All Natural, No Preservatives, No MSGs, No Sugar, No Gluten, Carolina Crab,
Kathmandu, Booth 1511
Crawfish, Vegetable and Dessert Dips, Also Chillers and Accessories, 843-574-0981
Southern Bling Tees, Booth 612
All That Glitterz, Booths 1722 - 1724, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Collectors/Décor Masks, 770-451-9019
All That Glitterz, Booths 1, 2 and 3, Fashion Gallery, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, 770-451-9019
Alpine International Inc., Booths 602 - 606, Fashion Jewelry, Ladies’ Accessories, Readers, Sunglasses, 404-588-3500
American Jewelry Company (The Diamond House), Booth 307, Fine Jewelry, Diamonds, Bridal, 865-453-3294
Katmandu, Booth 1511
ANS Fashion, Booths 1719 - 1720, Fashion Jewelry, 305-496-6106
*Atlanta New Design Studio, Booth 1412, Fashion Accessories, Jewelry, Gifts, 678-908-1000
The World is My Oyster!
Bag Check, Booths 618 - 518, Complimentary Drop Off While You Shop!
Bear Necessities (Renee Tompkins) Booths 912 - 916, Ladies’ Handbags, Fashion Jewelry, Swarovski Studded Denim,
Pendants, Belts, Hat Bands, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, Design Collections, Marilyn Monroe Collection, 501-318-1225
Bliss Trading Company, Booths 1601 - 1605, Ladies’ Handbags, Monogrammed, 877-451-0006
“Bling and More”, Booths 1211 - 1215, Tattoos, Rhinestone Apparel, Custom Rhinestone Design, Eye Kandy Glitter ,
Natural Feather Hair Extensions Which Create Daring Bolts of Color, Highlights and Textures, Nail Art Stencils, Lips,
Soy Candles, Tart Warmers & Wax Dipped Critters, 865-659-5004
Bob Geresti, Adjacent to Food Court, Pianist, CDs, 770-928-1056
“Not slothful in business;
Bond Street USA, Booths 1111 - 1113 & 1012 - 1014, Fashion Jewelry, Fashion Watches,
fervent in spirit; serving the
Rings in form of Turtles, Birds, Frogs, Flamingos, Eagles, Dogs, Cats, Tigers,
Lord.” Romans 12: 11
Elephants, A Veritable Menagerie of Exotic Animals, Crosses, 321-363-4989, 214-448-4350
Carole’s Collections, Booths L10 - L11, Ladies’ Apparel, Fashion Forward,
Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, A MUST FOR YOUR BOUTIQUE, 404-589-0098
May You Find
Carolina Displays, Booths 235 - 239, Stands, Jewelry Boxes, Mannequins, Plastic Bags, Gift Bags, 864-472-264
Pearl in Your
Charm Your Life Lockets, Booths 1408 - 1410, Charms, Fashion Jewelry, 423-677-6516
C.J. Leather, Booth 1314, Ladies’ Handbags, 917-674-9103
Cheap Chic, Booths 601 - 603, Fashion Jewelry, Accessories, PRETTIEST GIRLS! FUN! FUN! FUN!, Great
Prices, 318-707-8717
The Choksey Leather Group, Booths 1512 - 1514, Leather Goods, Wallets, Handbags, 540-729--5757
Color Creations, Booth 0, Children and Ladies’ Apparel, Tees, Special Designs, Crystals, Thematic, Holiday, Glitter, 601-876-2796
Katmandu, Booth 1511
Clover Cottage, Booths 1312, Children’s Hair Bows, Dresses, Suits, Tutus & Gift Baskets, 865-357-8953
Dawn’s Special Touch, Booths 712 - 714, Ladies’ Apparel, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, 731-332-0519
*Decadent by Design, Booth 10, Spa Products, Lotions, Soaps, 336-977-6849
Designs by Donnas, Booths 717 - 719, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Ladies’ Apparel, 615-351-7210
Design Group Jewelry, Booths 907 - 909, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, 404-509-8173
Designer House by Golden Ribbon, Booths L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L9, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Scarves,
Hats, Panama, Straw for Men and Women, Luxury Purses/Handbags, Western Handbags, 404-525-6775
All Natural Dips, Booth 6
*Dream Creations, Booth B, Native American Jewelry, 865-210-2677
Easy Living Products, Booth 1411, Steam Irons, Go Sticky, 706-663-7660, 770-528-0884
E-Mart Wholesale, Booths 1600 - 1602, Better Quality, Trendy Costume Jewelry, Hats, Bags, 770-451-8689, 770-449-4571
*Embellished Elegance, Booths 1402 - 1404, Designer Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, 423-404-4562
Engrave This, Booth 408, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Engraveable Jewelry, 770-720-0223
ETS Designs, Booths 1307 - 1309 & Booths 1208 - 1210, Fashion Jewelry, Murano Glass, Charms,
Bracelets, Watches, Aroma Oil Burners, 770-582-6688
E.W.I., Booths 208 - 210, Fine Jewelry, Gemstones, Sterling Silver, Designer Jewelry, Elegant
Settings, DRUZIES, 706-779-7620
Southern Bling Tees
Booth 612
Because I Can, Booth 501
Eastern Trading,
Booth 1
Fashion Factory, Telephone Accessories, Etc.
Four Jay, Booths 1006 - 1010, Ladies’ Handbags, Fashion Accessories, 713-587-9700
Gazebo, Booths 1716 - 1717 - 1718, Ladies’ Apparel, Better, Skirts, Blouses, Jackets, Scarves,
Shawls, Slacks, Evening, Ladies’ Handbags, Luxury Purses, Raviani, Inc., Sacred Threads, Julian Chang Fashions,
Photography, EBAY, Photography, EBAY, 865-436-4064
German Roasted Nuts, Booth 1212, Gourmet Roasted Nuts, 865-654-6944
Gifts Etc., Inc., Booths 7, 8 and 9, Luxurious Ladies’ Scarves, Excellent Quality, 732-416-6355
Glory Designs, Booths 102 - 104, Fine Jewelry, Ropes of Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, Pearls
(Dyed and Natural), Rubies, Onyx, Agate, Amethysts, Tourmalines, Tiger Eye; Beads of Silver, Stone, Rock,
Wood, Etc., A Beader’s Delight; Art Work, Sculptures, Furniture, Oriental, Ethnic, 954-204-4031
Designer Group by Golden Ribbon, Booths L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L9, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Scarves, Hats,
Panama, Straw for Men and Women, Luxury Purses/Handbags for the Discriminating Collector, Western
Booth 19
Handbags, 404-525-6775
Good Feelings, Inc., Booths 1507 – 1509, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, 770-807-0928
Handbag Outlet, Booths 901 - 903, Ladies’ Fashions, Accessories, Handbags, Luggage, Totes, 972-484-2247
Baby Jewelry by
*Jewelry 100, Booth 1305, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Watches, Handbags, Scarves, 404-918-1052
U.S. Pearl Company
JCI Dallas, Booths 811 - 813, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Watches, Fine Fashion, Handcrafted Jewelry, 971-247-9977
*Kathmandu Distributor, Booth 1511, International Gifts, Handicrafts, Scarves, Shoes, Wraps, Cashmere, 540-375-4096
Kelly’s Wholesale Jewelry, Booth 301, Fine Jewelry Designed by Kelly, Fine Jewelry, Gold, Sterling Silver, Charms,
Earrings, Necklaces, Tennis Bracelets, 404-659-5611
K-Star Corporation, Booth 304, Fine Jewelry, Diamonds, Bridal, 865-694-5411
Leslie Harbison, Booths 1101 - 1105, Ladies’ Apparel, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Sweaters, Jackets, 828-433-8750
Set with
LTX, Booths 1201 - 1206, Ladies’ Apparel, Fashion Forward, Missy, Junior, Petite, Sweaters,
Congrats to
Dresses, Tops, Jeans, Leggings for the Fall/Winter in Every Possible Design, 404-529-9755
William Jones
US. Pearl
Mary Lou’s Jewelry, Booths 311 - 315 & 212 - 216, Jewelry Designed by Mary Lou, Sterling Silver,
Enameled Jewelry, Unique Jewelry, Gifts, ALWAYS A WINNER, 828-231-8142
Court Clerk
Master Piece Jewelry, Booth 511, Fine Jewelry, Gold, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones, 865-573-3111
Majestic Eyewear, Booths 1713 - 1714, Eye Glasses, Readers, Sunglasses, Fashion Accessories, 972-488-1000
Me Too Accessories, Booths 1518 - 1522, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Hats, Scarves, 847-962-8770
ML Fashions, Inc., Formerly Linni Sisters, Booths 4 and 5, Fashion Gallery, Children’s Clothing, Linens, Pillows, Textiles, 770-831-5322
Necessities Online dba Because We Can!, Booths 501 - 503, Ladies’ Apparel, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Feather Handbags, Bejeweled
Scarves, Furs by Charm, Jean Jackets with Fur Collars, Pretty Angel Designs, 678-595-9682, 770-650-7118
Nerium International/Jimmie and Vanessa Murphy, Booth 19, Nerium Skin Products, 865-293-5198
Nifty Jewelry, Inc., Booths 1711 - 1712, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Scarves, Thematic, 585-3328-5940
Nina, Booths 805 - 809 & 706 - 710, Ladies’ Apparel, Fashion Forward, Hats, Fascinators, Feather Jewelry and Accents, Leggings with Matching Tops for
Casual Fall/Winter Fun, Designer Dresses, Evening, One Stop Source for Hair Accessories, Fashion Crystal Jewelry, 214-901
North Gate Silver, Inc., Booths 1704 - 1705, Fine Jewelry, Sterling Silver, 602-418-3527
Oriental Treasures, Booths 512 - 514, Ethnic, Cloisonné, Jade, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Art Objects, 404-688-3533
Peace’s Pieces (Vickie Peace), Booth 7, Interchangeable Jewelry, Necklaces, Charms, 864-205-7227
Pepis, Booths 1401 - 1405, Ladies’ Handbags, Travel Bags, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, 845-225-8385
Perfumes & Cosmetics Outlet, Booth 1214, Perfumes and Cosmetics, 336-924-1164
Personalized Expressions by Audrey, Booth 1311, Compacts, Personalized, Photos, Key Chains, Will Design, 937-478-5515
Pineapple Moon, Booth 1209, Ladies’ Apparel, Pineapple Moon, Tropical Batik, Swimwear, Shoes, Fashion
Planet Bags, Booths 1201 - 1207 and Booths 1102 - 1108, Leather, Ladies’ Handbags, Totes, Luggage, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, 713-266-5999
Powder Sugar Cupcakes, Booth B, Food, Gourmet, Cupcakes, WOW! One of a kind, Designer, 865-805-5574
Rejuvenation Station, Massage Therapist, Reflexology, Essential Oils, 865-482-3545
Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, Booth 410, Fine Jewelry, Diamonds, Platinum, Designer Jewelry, Wire Wrap, 812-972-7220
Rumstastic, Booth 614, Rum Cakes, Sauce, Absolutely Perfect for the Holidays, Linda Orders for Christmas Dinner and Gifts, 404-431-1385
Running Wild Wholesale, Booths 502 - 504, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, PRETTIEST GIRLS! Great Prices, BEST WEBSITE!, 318-707-8717
Savvy Line, Booths 225 - 229, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Handbags, Scarves, Hats, 713-952-0358
Seasons Jewelry, Booths 802 - 806, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Collegiate, Seasonal, Thematic, 800-929-7956, 806-382-0737
Shea’s Wildflower Company, Booths 917 - 921 and 818 - 820, Gifts, Wild Flowers, Dried Flowers, Wreaths, Topiaries, Thematic, Custom,
Simi-Sue Inc., Booths 1005 - 1009 & 906 - 910, Ladies’ Fashions, Dresses, Shirts, Jeans, Jackets, Sweaters, Scarves, Handbags, Leggings,
Undergarments, Spandex, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Children’s Clothing, 972-247-2526
Smoky Mountain Wholesale, Inc., Booths 1604 - 1606, Wholesale, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Handbags & Luggage, 770-248
*Southern Bling Tees, Booth 612, “Be Bold and Embrace the Future of Custom Decorated Apparel. Let us Help You Create
Own Style. The Look of Rhinestones - but They Don’t Fall Off!”, 770-531-9991
Sunrise USA Trading, Inc., Booths 1615 - 1617, Fashion Watches, Huge Collection, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, 702-492-0723
Sun Trading, Booths 1502 - 1508, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories Sandals, Flip Flops by Lily Pads, 678-500-9144
Tennessee Wholesale Jewelry, Booth 509, Fine Jewelry, Quality, Diamonds, Bridal Sets, 865-693-4939
Necessities Because
The Best One Enterprises, Booths 1002 - 1004, Fashion Jewelry/Accessories, Semi-Precious Stones, 407-234-6324
We Can, Booth 501
Three Sisters Silver Wholesale Jewelry, Booths 312 - 316 & 411 - 415, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Fashion, Gifts, 843
Tiger Lily Creations, Booths 1611 - 1613, Fashion Accessories, Flip Flops, Tiger Lily Spa for Your Feet, Are Your
Feet Ready
for the Runway? 239-851-9519
Tonobi, Booth L22, Exquisite Designer Jewelry by ShuShu, Shells, Baroque Pearls, Precious and Semi-Precious
Stones, Cuff Links, Custom Designs, Jewelry for Women and Men, 404-775-2690
Top Fashionland, Inc., Booths 1302 - 1304, Ladies’ Apparel, Fashion Accessories/Jewelry, Scarves, 917-892-3106
Top of the Line Designs, Booths 1001 - 1003, Ladies’ Blouses, Monograms, Ladies and Men’s Apparel, Silk Purses,
Collegiate, 706-672-9191
Thank You for Attending The Norton Shows!
You Make Us Look Good!
Neurium, Booth 19
Booth 612, “Be Bold and Embrace the Future
of Custom Decorated Apparel. Let us Help
You Create your Own Style. The Look of
Rhinestones - but They Don’t Fall Off!”

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