How to Burn Your Finished PS3 Videos to DVD Using... Luke Photo Images, Stories and Templates Read-N-Grow



How to Burn Your Finished PS3 Videos to DVD Using... Luke Photo Images, Stories and Templates Read-N-Grow
How to Burn Your Finished PS3 Videos to DVD Using DVDStyler
(The example used in this tutorial is from the Luke Photo Images, Stories and Templates
DVD disc but the steps are identical for Read-N-Grow)
Once you have produced a video using Photo Story 3, you must convert it to a different type of file
before you can burn it to a DVD to play a DVD player other than your computer. This is because Photo
Story 3 produces a particular kind of .wmv file that is not compatible for direct conversion. This is a two
step process requiring 2 separate programs, that is easy to do.
1. Open Prism Video Converter, which should already be installed on your computer. (Click Start,
then, All Programs, then choose Prism Video Converter.)
2. Click on the Add File(s) button to locate the video file you want to convert.
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The Open dialog box will appear. Choose the .wmv video file you want to put on your DVD.
Click OPEN.
You can use Prism Video Converter to convert just one video file at a time, or convert multiple video files
at the same time. You can add more files to the list by clicking on the Add File(s) button again.
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Select Output Format
Select .wmv from the drop-down menu. (Although the original file is a .wmv, it needs to be converted to
a different kind of .wmv before you can do the next step in the process.)
Click Browse to choose a location on your hard drive where you want to save the new formatted file. If
you save it in the same location as the original, change the name of the file so you don’t write over the
Save it in a place where you can find it later.
Click CONVERT to begin the process. It may take a few minutes.
Now you will convert the file one more time using another program.
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Open the DVDStyler program, which should already be installed on your computer. (Click Start, then,
Programs or All Programs, then choose DVDStyler.) (DVDStyler is available in several languages. Go to: )
For Disc label, type in
the name you want to
give your DVD, e.g. An
Angel Visits Zechariah.
Do not change Disc
capacity and Video
Use AC3 Audio Format
(Dolby Surround—most
DVD players recognize
Use 4:3 Aspect Ratio
(standard for
televisions, i.e., not
Select Video Format:
DVD format varies from
country to country.
Click OK.
Prepare your Menu.
The Select template for DVD menus window will automatically pop up. Always begin by selecting
one of the templates for the DVD menu. Click OK
You can change the background image if you wish by double clicking on
one of the backgrounds.
Select MENU 1 by clicking on its miniature in the Titleset Manager . A larger working version will appear
in the editor screen, the largest part of the window.
Double click on DISC TITLE and change the title Text accordingly. Click OK.
You can also change the font and text size by clicking FONT.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT alter the fill, outline, or background colors of the text or buttons on a template
or background chosen from the program. The program may refuse to burn your DVD. If the color of text
or buttons doesn’t show up against the background, choose a different background.
(If you use your own photo for the background, you can make the text or buttons whatever color you
To create a DVD with just one video:
If there’s a MENU 2, delete it by right-clicking on it in the Titleset Manager
and selecting DELETE.
(You won’t need Menu 2 if you’re burning a DVD with just one video.)
Save your project by clicking on the green arrow SAVE icon. Title your project and select the storage
location. The Bible Story Videos on your C: drive is a good choice.
Click SAVE.
Save often (especially if working where electrical power is unreliable)!
Click on the File browser tab.
Navigate to the folder where you saved your video (Bible Story Video).
Choose the converted video file you created using Prism Video File Converter.
Click and drag the file onto the Titleset Manager.
Move back to Background on the side panel. Double click on “Play All.” The Properties menu for the
button will pop up. Change “Play All” to just PLAY. Click OK. (Make sure the “Jump to” is set for
title 1)
Right-click on SELECT TITLE and DELETE it.
Now your menu is finished!
Burn your DVD.
Insert a blank DVD R into your computer’s disc drive. Buy a
recordable DVD (DVD-R or DVD+R) that will work with your
computer’s DVD burner.
If this window pops up, close it.
SAVE the project one last time. Click the red BURN icon. The Burn dialog box will pop up.
Check the preview checkbox as shown.
Then, click START.
The program may take a few minutes to prepare your video.
The final Burn dialog box (asking, “Do you want to burn this video to DVD?”) may pop up before the
preview begins.
Ignore it until you’ve watched the preview. Don’t touch anything in this box right now.
The preview will open automatically in Windows Media Player. It will act just like the DVD would act in
your DVD player—meaning you must click PLAY to begin watching your video!
Close Windows Media Player when you are finished by clicking the X.
If you have previewed your DVD and are satisfied, click YES in the “Do you want to burn this video to
DVD?”dialog box.
When the DVD is finished, the words, “Burning was successful” will appear in green in the Generate DVD
dialog box.
Click CLOSE.
Remove the DVD from your computer’s disc drive and label it with a permanent marker.
You will not be able to burn any more videos to this same disc.
If you are finished, you may now close DVDStyler.
Using DVDStyler to burn several videos to one disc:
1. Open the program and choose a menu template (as you would if you were burning a single
2. Prepare your main menu (MENU 1) by changing only the TITLE.
3. Add your videos.
Navigate to all the video clips you want to include on the DVD and place them on the titleset
manager in the order you want them. Choose the converted video files you created using Prism
Video File Converter, otherwise DVDStyler will not burn the videos.
Each clip is called a “Title,” and is given a number according to the order in which it is played.
If you want to change the order of the titles after you’ve added them, you’ll have to right click
and move the clips right or left.
4. Format the buttons on the menu.
To make the PLAY ALL button work correctly:
In the titleset manager, right-click on each video clip, one at a time, and open the PROPERTIES
dialog box.
Under Post commands, use the drop-down menu, and tell each clip to jump to the next title.
For example, the post command for Title 3 would be, “jump title 4.”
Do not change the Post commands on the last clip.
IMPORTANT: If you do not complete this step, the DVD may return to the title menu after playing one
video, instead of playing them all consecutively without stopping.
Move to the title menu by clicking on its miniature on the titleset manager.
Right-click on a button to ADD TEXT (if desired).
Type the text you want to add, and click OK.
Remember, if you have not converted your video files using Prism Video File Converter, they won’t
Click the text and drag it to the desired position.
The title menu (“menu 2”) template may have more buttons than you need. Delete the extra buttons.
If you need more buttons, copy one of the existing ones.
Click and drag the buttons to arrange them the way you want them.
Right-click on the text to change text size, if you like.
Remember: don’t change the colors (unless you’re using your own photo as background)!
Before burning your DVD, make sure each button works correctly. Double-click on each button,
beginning with the main menu. Look under ACTION and make sure it jumps to the correct place when
5. Save the project again.
6. Burn the DVD. (Scroll up to pages 14-18 in this document.)