Document 6514774



Document 6514774
(01) How to enter eUGC website of the University Grants Commission. • First type “ “on your web browser and press enter key. • Then your web browser will display E‐UGC web site as bellow. • You can reach to the eHRM system or eMemo system through link appears in left hand site of the eUGC website. • Also you can enter into ehrm system or eMemo system selecting UGC portal right hand site of the eUGC website. (02) How can Logging to the eMemo system? •
You can enter into the Ememo logging page through eUGC website or UGC portal. •
Type your user name and password given by secretary office. Then click “Login” button Press “Logging” button to enter to the system Press “Clear” button to clear the entered information above.
(03) Normal User Menue •
Following eMemo interface will be appear when your logging as a Norma l user. •
Normal user has permission to Send Memo, View Send Memos, View Details and Change Password. •
Your name appear in the right hand side top Conner of the system. 3.1 Send Memo If you select the Department name relevant Designations appear in the Designation field. When select the designation relevant officer names appear in the office name Select date that appear
in the memo Type subject / title of the memo. Type Brief Description of the memo Select reference code
relevant to the
You can attach e‐memo in word or PDF format.PDF format of e‐memo is essential Select persons that copy of this document to be send. Click submit button to submit memo. You can type additional note if you’re required 3.2 View Send Memo •
You can see the all memo that you have been send. •
This interface provides searching facilities. You can search earlier send memo by word or phrase. •
You can view PDFs and Decision relevant to the memo Type word or phrase that you want to search Select filed that your search word/ phrase may contain. Default system searches your word or phrase in Title field. Press “Search” button after filling search information. You can see the attached PDF and Word document When search result contain in more than one page you can select pages that content search result. System provides attached printers to print the selected page.
3.3 View my Details “View my Details” facility can be use to see your personal information that store in the system. 3.4 Change Password “Change Password” facility can be use to change your password. Type old password.
Type new password and confirm the new password
Press submit button to save the changes.