Halifax WebTrader Starter Guide



Halifax WebTrader Starter Guide
Halifax WebTrader
Quick Start Guide
1. DEMO System: https://xxxxx.xxx/demo
(insert your companys WebTrader Demo URL)
LIVE System: https://xxxxx.xxx
https://halifaxtrader.com.au companys WebTrader LIVE URL)
2. Enter existing client ID and password.
3. Click OK.
You get a default workspace, but you can customize the Trading view.
Add module
1. Click Add Module.
2. Click on the module you want to add.
The module is added in the left hand corner of the workspace.
You can move the module and dock it where you prefer to have it located.
move module
1. Place the mouse pointer in the header of the module.
2. Drag the module to the preferred location. As you drag the module,
a box indicating where the module will dock appears.
Forex spot trade
Select the currency cross you want to trade from the drop-down menu.
Forex Board & Prices and Trade
Type instrument symbol in “New:” or click
to add several instruments.
How to add several instruments:
1. Click Add icon . The Add instrument list appears.
2. Select the required instrument(s). You can add a selection of instruments by
holding the Ctrl key down and at the same time clicking on the instruments you
want to add or you can select a range of instruments by holding down Shift key,
clicking on the first instrument in the range and then on the last in the range.
3. Click OK.
If not enabled, you will be prompted to enable trading when you try to trade.
Forex spot trade
Green price fields indicate that the price is tradable. Live tradable prices are
available for trade amounts below the auto-execution threshold.
Yellow price fields indicate that the price shown is indicative. Click Live Price to
receive a price.
Prices and Trade
1. Enter the Amount you want to trade.
2. Tick the box in the Trade column. The Bid and Ask prices change to trade buttons.
3. To buy click on the button in the Ask column or click on the button in the Bid
column to sell.
Forex Board
1. Enter the Amount in the Amount field.
2. Click Buy or Sell.
Add related orders to position
1. Tick Add Related Orders to place related order(s) after a trade.
2. Click Buy or Sell. The Add Related Orders dialogue will appear.
Open Orders
Create or manage your orders in the Open Orders module.
View and manage your open positions in Open Positions module.
Close a position
Place a related limit order
Place a related stop order
New chart
1. Click New Chart.
2. Select the instrument, time scale and chart type.
3. Close the chart. It will now appear in the Charts and you can easily launch the
chart again.
Launch chart
Click Launch for the chart you want to launch. The chart window appears. If the
chart is already launched, but not visible, click Show.
The chart launches in a separate window and can’t be docked. It is best located
on a second monitor or beneath WebTrader if you only use one monitor. To view a
chart full screen, click on the chart and press F11. Press F11 again to restore to
original size.

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