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Document 6524619
Office use only
James Cook University Brisbane
Cover Sheet for Assignments
Sign and attach cover sheet to the front of assignment.
Hand your assignment to your lecturer as advised by each lecturer.
Subject Code
Lecturer’s Name
Tutor’s Name
Subject Name
Due Date
Student Family Name
Student Given Name
JCU Student Number
This assignment is my/our original work and no part has been copied from any other person’s work or from any other source
except where acknowledgement has been made.
I/We hold a copy of this assignment and can produce a copy if requested.
This assignment has not been written for me/us by any other person.
This work has not been submitted for any other course/subject.
This work may be photocopied and/or communicated for the purpose of identifying plagiarism.
I/We give permission for a copy of this marked assignment to be retained by JCU Brisbane for the purpose of course reviews
by external examiners.
Student Signature(s)
Signed 1: _________________________Date:___/___/___ Signed 4: ________________________Date:___/___/___
Signed 2: _________________________Date:___/___/___ Signed 5: ________________________Date:___/___/___
Signed 3: _________________________Date:___/___/___ Signed 6: ________________________Date:___/___/___
LSSC/JCUB Assignment Cover Sheet 30.11.2012 gtv amended

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