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Atrium 5 - Gulliver Schools
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Students Give Back 2007 - 2008
Student Profile - Bobby Adams
Faculty Profile - Andrea Perry
News Around Campus 2007 - 2008
Faculty Profile - Maria Gonzalez
Gulliver 2007-2008 Honor Roll
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the atrium is published by the Gulliver Schools Office
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distributed free of charge to all friends and alumni of
Gulliver Schools.
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Q & A with Suzanne Kennedy ‘87
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Gulliver Schools is a private, not-for-profit, 501(c) 3
independent, coeducational, nonsectarian day school.
From the
Communications Desk
Welcome to our greenest issue ever! At Gulliver Schools, we are very committed to doing what we can to protect our Earth,
and we are pleased to report that our students are spearheading these efforts!
Inspired by our desire to be more eco-friendly, and guided by equally eco-conscious teachers and sponsors, the Gulliver
community is doing more than its fair share to educate and act. Take a look at some of these exciting initiatives:
the South Miami Librarian sends all over-due book notices via e-mail
the Academy fourth graders designed and printed reusable canvas bags and sold them to raise money for environmentally
related charities
our Prep Environmental Club regularly participates in beach cleanups and puts paper recycling bins in each classroom,
which they collect every week
the South Miami Campus has a rain barrel that collects rain water, which the students then use to water their vegetable
the Advancement and Executive Offices participate in their building’s “go green” efforts by collecting and recycling paper,
plastic, and glass
the International Baccalaureate students dedicated their 2007-2008 “Group 4” Project, a science requirement for their
diploma, to investigating the impact of Gulliver on the environment
the school’s maintenance department uses eco-friendly cleaning products
through their science classes, students are reminded and encouraged to act on a personal level to conserve natural
the architects designing Gulliver’s new Aquatic Center have several “Green Applications” in place. Among them are the
following items: geothermal pool heating; a rooftop garden that lessens the atmospheric “heat island effect” of a
conventional roof; white cement pool deck pavers, which also lessen the “heat island effect” and provide a cooler walking
surface for bare feet; a solar-powered score board; and waterless urinals. For more information on the Aquatic Center,
please see page 24.
the Prep is introducing a new course for the 2008-2009 school year entitled “Environmental Systems IB SL.” The
principal aim of this course is to allow students to gain a rigorous scientific understanding of the environment, while
sensitizing them to the wider political, ethical, and economic issues they will ultimately have to face in their lifetime.
On the communications level, all of our Highlights parent newsletters, our letterhead stationery, and yes, this atrium you are
now reading, is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified. The printers we use are triple certified, which means SFI, the
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Council, and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have verified
their products and practices as being environmentally sound. SFI, FSC, and PEFC have certified that the paper we use is derived
from sustainable forests and does not harm the environment. In addition, Gulliver opts to use vegetable-based or soy inks in place
of petroleum-based inks, ensuring a comprehensively eco-friendly printing process*.
This issue also highlights alumni who are taking active roles in preserving our environment. Printed throughout this issue are
friendly reminders on ways that you too can become more eco-friendly, as it is action on the individual level that will have the most
positive impact on our environment.
We hope you enjoy our greenest issue ever!
Jen Vaida, Director of Communications and Public Relations
the atrium -
summer 2008
* When you’re finished
reading this issue, you can
place it in the recyling bin
with your newspaper. It’s
completely recyclable!
Tips for
of School
he past year has been a time of transition for Gulliver Schools. With
Mrs. K entering an emeritus status, a new senior management team,
and the development of several capital improvement initiatives on our
campuses, there is a lot of momentum at Gulliver. I want to take this
opportunity to assure you, however, that despite the changes taking place, the
Gulliver you know and love will remain, welcoming new generations of students as
well as the many graduates who come back each year to visit.
Gulliver Schools became dear to my heart at an early age. As an alumnus,
past parent, long-time Associate Director, and now Head of School, I pledge to honor the
foundation my mother has built.
While reading our current issue of atrium, you will see just how much we do at Gulliver
each and every day. It truly is a thriving community of learners who are curious about the world
in which we live. I am so excited about our “going green” efforts. Our students learn early on
about the importance of giving back to the community and they now are helping to take care
of our Earth. Gulliver wants to support these efforts, and I ask that you too join us - read the
“Green Tips” throughout the publication and take an active role in preserving our environment.
On the next few pages, you’ll also meet the Senior Management Team, who will work
closely with me in ensuring Gulliver Schools continues its tradition of excellence. I am confident
in their abilities, and together we will ensure that Gulliver keeps its place as the premier college
preparatory school in South Florida.
John Krutulis, Head of School
the atrium -
summer 2006
Management Team
Senior Director, Provost
Years at Gulliver: 1
Areas Under Her Guidance: Academics and
Curriculum Development; Advisory Capacity for
Athletics, Admission, Financial Aid, and
Student Activities
Located at: The Executive Office in Coral Gables
Professional Associations: Senior Executives of Greater Miami; Advisory Board for U of M’s
Sports Administration Program; Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce; Coral Gables
Chamber of Commerce
Prior Work Experience: Director of Public School Academics and Urban Partnerships for
Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan
Something Most People Don’t Know About Her: She currently has four kids in college!
“All children can learn, and they rise to our expectations. So, we must set the bar high.”
Senior Director, Risk Management
and Operations
Years at Gulliver: 24
Areas Under His Guidance: Technology; Safety
and Security; Food Service; Transportation;
First Aid Provision; Bookstores; After School
and Summer Programs; Copy and Interoffice
Mail; Contract and Facility Use Processing;
Litigation and School Policy Coordination;
Student Immigration; ADA and OSHA
Compliance Risk Management
Located at: The Academy Campus in Coral Gables
Professional Associations: Presenter on Operations and Risk Management at regional and
state SACS and FCIS conferences; Member of the American Camp Association
Prior Work Experience: Math Teacher at Gulliver and at Columbus High School
Something Most People Don’t Know About Him: He paid his way through college by
working at a funeral home.
“Education is what you take away, not what is given to you.”
the atrium -
summer 2008
Senior Director, Finance
Years at Gulliver: 15
Areas Under His Guidance: Finance;
Strategic Planning; Board of Trustees
Located at: The Executive Office in Coral Gables
Professional Associations: Registered School Business Official; Certified Public Accountant
(CPA); Member of the Florida Institute of CPAs; Member of the American Institute of CPAs;
Chairman of the Board of PAX Catholic Communications; President of the Hispanic Apostolic
Movements in the Archdiocese of Miami
Prior Work Experience: Partner in the Coral Gables firm of Riera & Fuente CPAs; Adjunct
Professor of Accounting at University of Miami and Barry University
Something Most People Don’t Know About Him: He hosts his own radio program on Saturday
mornings at 8:30 on WACC 830 AM.
“Always put the children first. You will never lose.”
Senior Director, Facilities and
Years at Gulliver: 12
Areas Under His Guidance: Architecture;
Engineering; Legal Services; Landscaping;
Internships; New Construction; Building and
Zoning Issues
Located at: The Prep House on the Prep Campus
Professional Associations: Past President of the
Execs of Greater Miami; State Certified
General Contractor
Prior Work Experience: Urban Renewal Developer in Upstate New York
Something Most People Don’t Know About Him: He is a father of four girls!
“Education is the catalyst for equality. It does not discriminate against race, creed, or
color. An individual is only limited by the efforts and sacrifices that he or she is willing to
make to obtain it.”
Senior Director, Controller
Senior Director, Advancement
Years at Gulliver: 14
Areas Under His Guidance: Accounts Payable;
Accounts Receivable; Collections; Payroll;
General Accounting
Located at: The Executive Office in Coral Gables
Professional Associations: Certified Public Accountant (CPA); Finance Advisor for the
Immaculada School Alumni Association; Member of St. Richard’s Catholic Church’s
Education Committee
Prior Work Experience: Controller for the Burger King Corporation
Something Most People Don’t Know About Him: He’s half Cuban and fluent in Spanish.
Years at Gulliver: 2
Areas Under His Guidance: Development;
Parent and Alumni Relations; Gift and Event
Planning; Communications and Public
Located at: The Advancement Office in Coral Gables
Professional Associations: Member of the Screen Actors Guild; Coral Gables Chamber of
Commerce; Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)
Prior Work Experience: Director of Admission, Director of Advancement, and additional
administrative positions at both the high school and college levels
Something Most People Don’t Know About Him: He was a child actor who had speaking
roles in several commercials and movies, including Cocoon: The Return.
“It is important to recognize that all students have different learning styles and
to celebrate it.”
“We should educate the whole person – focus on mind, body, and soul – and strive
towards producing individuals of character who will make this world a better place.”
Senior Director,
Human Resources
“Education is the critical factor in the development of children.”
Years at Gulliver: 15
Areas Under His Guidance: Salary Administration; HR Compliance, Recordkeeping and
Training; Performance Appraisals; Pre-Employment Screening; Recruitment; Employee
Benefits/Relations, Events, and Recognition
Located at: The Executive Office in Coral Gables
Professional Associations: Member of the Greater Miami Society for Human Resources
Management; Lifetime Designated Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR);
Lifetime Achievement Award by the Greater Miami Society of Human Resources
Management; Recognized as Human Resources Executive of the Year in Florida
Prior Work Experience: Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Management for
Sun Trust Operations Co.
Something Most People Don’t Know About Him: He is a die-hard fan of the Rippington’s
Smooth Jazz Band from California.
the atrium -
summer 2008
Gulliver Students GIVE
BACK 2007-2008
NHS Work on the Reclamation Project
The National Honor Society members worked on The Reclamation Project, a yearlong effort, alongside Miami-Dade County’s Environmental Department
and Miami artist Xavier Cortada. The project is reclaiming the original Miami vegetation by helping replant mangrove seedlings on Virginia Beach and Bear Cut.
Toys for Tots Drive
Surpasses Goal
For the past two years, Pinecrest Middle students have
contributed to the Toys for Tots charity. Pinecrest students elected
to collect at least 60 toys in recognition of Toys For Tots 60th
anniversary, and they proudly surpassed that goal. Many thanks to
all of the generous and caring students who participated in this
year’s toy drive.
the atrium -
summer 2008
Clothing Drive a Success
Open Ears, Open Arms, Gulliver’s club whose mission is to help the underprivileged, wishes to congratulate the students, parents, faculty, and
administrators who helped make the 2007-2008’s used clothing drive a success. Special thanks to Isabella Sanchez and her family for their
generous donation, and to Jeffrey Blum ‘07, a Gulliver Silver Knight Award honorable mention, for his leadership in the club.
Kids Help Kids
Kids Helping Kids members went on their annual field trip to G.W. Carver Elementary School, where they hosted a holiday party for
underprivileged kindergarten students. The children colored festive paper bags, made jinglebell bracelets, painted Santa hats, assembled puzzle
books, and decorated sugar cookies.
Water Polo Teams Give Back
The Gulliver water polo teams participated in a Thanksgiving food drive. They purchased a list of food items requested by Charity Mission,
decorated the bags for delivery, and then traveled to the Mission, where they helped the nuns distribute the bags to needy families. The following
players participated in the food drive: Lars Nordt, Jacob and Matthew Friedland, Johnny Rebstock, Hunter Carrier, Zack Schottenstein, Carlos
Alonso, Richard Aven, Trevor Reitz, Shelby Reyes, Ali McDowell, Katy Cutler, Taelor Moreno, Nathalie Cosmides, Kirstie MacIver, Julianna Sabo,
and Monica Chaviano. In addition to the time and effort the team dedicated to this wonderful cause, Shelby Reyes, Ali McDowell, and Monica
Chaviano collected additional money from students who were not able to participate. The money was used to purchase the food items, extra food
bags, and decorations.
National Junior Honor Society Sponsors Angel Tree Project
With the help of their teachers, preschoolers at W.A. Chapman Elementary School in Homestead wrote letters to Santa asking him for toys
and clothing. Members of the Gulliver National Junior Honor Society, with the help of the Academy Parents’ Association, the Sixth Grade Book
Club, and the general student body, collected and wrapped over 300 gifts to fulfill the children’s wishes. Dressed as elves and reindeer, members
of the NJHS delivered the gifts. Taking the role of Santa, “Tyler Claus” called preschoolers, one at a time, to pose on his lap for a picture. Each
NJHS member was assigned a child to play with and assist in opening the packages. The generosity of Gulliver students and parents enabled these
children to have a joyful day, one they certainly will remember for years to come.
Baptist Buddies Gives Gifts to Families
For the Baptist Buddies’ Community Service project, the students collected an assortment of gifts and donated the goods to two less fortunate
families. The packages included food, toys, and clothes that were on the children’s wish lists in an attempt to make the 2007 holiday one of the
most memorable of their lives. Elisha Grossman, Ashley Ferris, and Jenny Marrero accompanied Prep Teacher Margarita Morell to Little River
Elementary School to deliver the presents to the two families. The smiles and hugs from the families made it all worthwhile.
the atrium -
summer 2008
{Student Profile}
obby Adams and these
at the national level,” says Chenet.
masters of creativity are
Additionally, Adams received a Gold Key
One of the two poems Adams
written about others with everyone. In
alumni of the Scholastic
Award at the district level for his poems,
entered is called “I’m Exposed.” The
“I’m Exposed,” Adams explained how
Art and Writing Awards.
which he wrote as an eighth grader.
inspiration for the poem was a journal
this affected him: “It was my life
Overseen by the Alliance for Young
Scholastic honored Adams in 2007 at
into which he documented his every
published to the cheat who stole it all.”
Artists and Writers, the award program
Carnegie Hall in New York City. His
thought and secret over the course of a
At the time of the incident, Adams
recognizes talent as early as the seventh
year. Falling into the hands of fifth grade
was on medication for attention deficit
Washington, DC in the Departmental
bullying classmates at his previous
disorder. He says the medication
Auditorium of the U.S. Department of
school, Adams says he was exposed in
constantly made him feel emotional and
Education on October 3, 2007.
a very public way.
depressed, “[medication] it’s just the tip
John Chenet, Adams’ English
teacher at the time, discovered his talent
through it, it’s cool.”
His peers shared secrets he had
and encouraged him to enter the
Adams describes his love for writing
“I was very naïve at the time,
of the iceberg. It really didn’t help me,”
Scholastic Writing Contest. “Adams is
poetry as, “something that deals with
thinking no one could read it,” Adams
he says. It was a difficult time during
the first male and the fifth Gulliver middle
feelings and emotions – almost like a
says. “They read things that were really
which he felt like an outcast due to the
school student to win a Silver Key Award
puzzle sometimes – and when you get
harassment of his classmates. Adams
News Around CAMPUS 2007-2008
Gulliver Schools participated in the 52nd annual Florida Council of Independent
Schools’ (FCIS) convention on November 15-16, 2007, at the downtown Miami
Hyatt Regency hotel. More than 100 independent schools in Florida participated in
the atrium -
summer 2008
the event, which had an attendance of nearly 2,000 teachers, administrators, and
school heads. Gulliver’s Head of School John Krutulis chaired the event alongside
Robert Goldberg, head of school at Pine Crest School - Boca Raton Campus.
Gulliver’s participation at each annual FCIS conference has allowed its
educators to learn more about enrichment and educational values.
Veterans Day Assembly Hosts Retired Command
Sergeant Major
Retired Command Sergeant Major Gary Littrell was the guest speaker
at the Prep’s Veterans Day Assembly on November 6, 2007. The dynamic
speaker answered students’ questions about the wars in the Middle East.
Sergeant Littrell also shared his experiences on the battlefield and his twosided insight about being a soldier.
says he was going through mature
reads, “Feelings should be left in the
conflicts at a very young age. Thus, he
mind not on paper, for eternity I have
sought refuge in writing.
been exposed by my emotion.” Conflict
“He has the ability to use words in
frequently motivates vibrant writers to
such a way that meaning and feeling
accentuate their craft; Adams hopes that
emanate from them,” Chenet says. “I am
by having his poetry “exposed,” he will
so proud of Bobby and hope that he will
inspire other young writers to explore the
keep on writing in order to give wings to
art of writing and clearly convey the
his creative spirit.”
positive lessons learned from every life
The last lines of Adams’ poem
Sergeant Littrell is a member of the Congressional Medal of Honor
Society and served as its president for two consecutive terms. He was
awarded the Medal of Honor by President Richard Nixon on October 15,
1973. In the spring of 1970, Sergeant Littrell was one of four American
advisers assisting the 23rd Battalion of the South Vietnamese Army who
were looking for North Vietnamese Army units in the Kontum Province of
Vietnam. On April 4, 473 South Vietnamese Rangers ran into a
concentration of approximately 5,000 enemy troops. The battalion
commander and one of the American advisers were killed. Sergeant Littrell
was left in command when the two other American advisers were wounded.
Over the next four days, Sergeant Littrell moved out with what was left of
the battalion. With helicopter gunships guarding his flanks, Air Force fighters
clearing a corridor to his front, and with his own battalion fighting off
constant enemy ambushes, Sergeant Littrell moved the men five miles to
link up with friendly forces. Of the South Vietnamese Rangers who had
begun the battle, only 41 walking wounded survived – but the enemy had
been virtually annihilated.
The conference hosted University of Miami President Donna Shalala, Leonard
Sax, M.D., Ph.D., the author of Why Gender Matters and Boys Adrift; and
Michael Thompson, Ph.D., author of The Pressured Child: Helping Students
Find Success in School, Life, Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of
Boys, and other critically acclaimed books.
As of July 3, 2007, only 109 of the 3,400 congressional medal
recipients are still living (34 from WWII, 14 from the Korean War, and 61
from Vietnam). According to Sergeant Littrell, only four new Medal of
Honors have been awarded in the last three years (only two from the Iraq
war) because as our military becomes more technologically advanced, the
criteria for the award is becoming obsolete.
the atrium -
summer 2008
In Remembrance
In Memory of Ralei Sealy
Have you ever experienced pain?
Not the artificial pain
But the pain and agony that burns deep in your veins?
The pain that runs through your blood and digs piercing claws
Into your beating heart
And it becomes so frequent it haunts your dreams?
To think you were with him just the day before.
Laughing, joking, playing around.
You never thought this would happen.
It never came across your pulsing brain that something so
fragile could be broken and cold in an instant.
On Saturday, August 18, 2007,
Gulliver Schools suffered the tragic
loss of 15-year-old rising junior Ralei
Sealey. A unique student and athlete,
Ralei drowned during a visit to Key
Biscayne with several friends. This triathlete, who ran track and was a
member of the football and basketball
teams, was a popular young man,
adored by teachers and students alike.
Gulliver’s first home football game
was dedicated to Ralei. Gulliver
Schools established a restricted fund,
and donations were made to cover the
entire cost of the funeral services.
contributed. Your generosity is very
much appreciated.
the atrium -
summer 2008
You wish you could have saved him.
But you know someone had other plans for him.
His time with us was well past overdue and now he is on to
bigger and better things.
That’s what you are supposed to keep telling yourself.
To avoid the pain.
To avoid the grief.
But it doesn’t quench your thirst for answers.
It doesn’t satisfy.
The pain strikes you right where you held him in your heart
And tries to bring you down.
But you must stay strong
Because you know he would have,
He would have kept fighting
till there wasn’t any life left in him.
And that’s exactly what he did.
Poem by: Justin Mills, Grade 12
Family is by far one of
the most important things in
life, and it is no surprise that
when people have a
supportive family they can
things. South Miami Campus’
(SMC) Librarian Andrea Perry
knows this firsthand. She
traveled to Shanghai, China,
to cheer on her brother,
competed in the Special
Olympic World Games in
October 2007.
Nicholas, who began
participating in the Special
Olympics while in elementary
school, has won numerous
gold medals in local, state,
and national competitions.
This was Nicholas’ second
time attending the World
Games, an accomplishment
of which his family is very
proud. The 27-year-old
competed as part of the
invited athletes program,
which is a new initiative by
Special Olympics Inc.
Ms. Perry is incredibly
proud of her brother. “He
trained twice a day everyday
until the World Games. He
was ready to be one of the 20
athletes representing Florida,”
she says. Nicholas, who
records, met with coaches in
Memphis, Tennessee, over
the 2007 summer to prepare
for the games. Meanwhile,
Ms. Perry planned interactive
lessons to expose South
Miami Campus students to
new ideas outside of the
classroom, even while she
was away.
As the trip date
approached, SrK students
wrote encouraging letters to
all of the athletes on Nicholas’
swim team. Families of the
athletes wrote back to the
students, thanking them for
their kind words and support.
Ms. Perry also created an
online travel blog to document
every aspect of her travels.
SMC teachers displayed the
blogs every morning on their
Smart BoardsTM to read
Andrea’s interactive questions
answers. Ms. Perry began
her online quest in California,
where she was born, and
asked students to determine
the distance between her
native city, Chula Vista, and
Los Angeles, where she
landed before boarding
another plane to China. The
first student to turn in the
correct answer was able to
pick from the treasure chest,
a South Miami treat! That was
the first of several interactive
encouraging students to learn
about geographical regions.
While the South Miami
students explored the world in
the classroom, Ms. Perry
completed her exhausting
13-and-a-half-hour flight to
China. While there, she and
her family experienced their
first typhoon, but the Pacific
hurricane didn’t put the
games on hold. There were
165 countries represented in
the World Games and over
7,500 athletes. Three out of
the four USA gold medals for
swimming were awarded to
Nicholas for his 100 and 200
meter breaststroke and the
team 4x100 meter medley
relay – an impressive feat for
any athlete! Nicholas also
won a bronze medal for the
200 individual meter relay.
The Special Olympics is
an international non-profit
organization dedicated to
empowering individuals with
intellectual disabilities to
productive, and respected
members of society through
competition. The Special
Olympics currently serves
more than 2.5 million persons
with disabilities in more than
200 programs in more than
160 countries, Nicholas
proudly being one of them.
The Special Olympics has
given Nicholas a chance to
excel athletically and teach
others, such as Gulliver
students, the importance of
being physically fit and having
good sportsmanship.
Ms. Perry feels fortunate
to have been there to support
her brother, and as an added
bonus, SMC students were
able to “travel” halfway around
the globe and share in her
special journey.
the atrium -
summer 2008
News Around CAMPUS
South Miami Campus Art Program
South Miami Campus’s Art Program is ranked number 10 in Florida,
During the 2006-2007 school year, the Gulliver Schools South Miami
according to Artsonia, the world’s largest online kids’ art museum. Artsonia has
Campus gallery showcased 483 pieces of artwork. This popular collection has
recognized Gulliver’s Kathy Dunberg, art teacher for the South Miami Campus,
been visited more than 20,911 times. Family members can purchase
and the SMC art program for outstanding leadership in the area of arts
keepsakes imprinted with the child’s artwork, and Artsonia will donate 15
education. The leadership award presented to Mrs. Dunberg honors teachers
percent of their annual product revenue back to the school’s art program. The
who go beyond the classroom walls to encourage family and community
school’s online art gallery is available at
involvement in arts education. The award also recognizes significant
achievement in technology integration within the school’s arts program.
Gulliver congratulates all
of the following athletes,
who signed letters of
intent to play sports with
colleges and universities
around the country.
Brief ceremonies were held throughout the school year
to honor the athletes.
Olivia Alvarez – University of Central Florida,
Alexandra Aserlind – University of Connecticut,
Andrew Bonner – Fordham University, Football;
Gregory Gomez – St. Thomas University,
Miguel Jimenez – St. Thomas University,
Erik Lichter – Northeastern University, Football;
Brandon Marti – University of Miami, Football;
Gulliver Prep’s champion bowling team
ready to keep winning
For a relatively young team, Gulliver bowlers have
an endless drive for their sport and a star power not
typically found at the high school level. The team has
match, Koff bowled a 300 – a perfect game.
“He is such a phenomenal bowler,” Coach Stewart
says. “His level of skill is amazing to watch.”
While Coach
Stewart says some
There’s always a smile, but behind their eyes
- of both the boys and the girls - you can
hesitant to join the
detect a quiet intensity, a focused manner. It
because of Koff’s
clearly says ‘We are ready to win.’
experienced notable success in the past two seasons countless features in local print media, he also believes
due to skilled coaching, dedicated team members, and it has helped the team overcome some of the common
a bowling phenomenon by the name of Andrew Koff.
misconceptions about bowling: that it is not “cool” or
Koff, who is entering his junior year at the Prep, that it really isn’t a sport. Increased involvement and
began bowling at the age of six. His early experience interest from both the student body and the outside
with the sport is not one he remembers fondly, probably community made the Gulliver bowling team a common
because all he had to show for it was a broken elbow. mention at morning announcements and pep rallies
Fortunately, this childhood injury didn’t keep him out of during the 2007-2008 school year. And with an upthe sport of bowling, and he began competing in and-coming girls’ team, who during their first year
tournaments at the age of 10. By 14, he was already placed second in their “straight to district finals,” the sky
winning individual tournaments. In 2006, Koff was an is the limit for these Gulliver student-athletes. In
integral part of the Gulliver team that competed in the addition to their district triumph, the girls made it to the
state championships. Then, on September 21, 2007, state championships, where they placed 25th out of
in the Gulliver versus Treasure Coast High School 300 participating teams.
Nicole Martinez – Appalachian State University,
Ashley Moore – Howard University, Tennis;
Douglas Papy – Fordham University, Football;
Clayton Patchen – Presbyterian College in South
Carolina, Lacrosse;
Adrian Puig – University of South Florida,
Andres Pumariega – Mercer College, Golf;
Shelby Reyes – University of Maryland,
Water Polo;
supporting the
theory that some
inclinations or skills have a
genetic component, rising sophomore Ana Koff (yes,
that is sister to Andrew) serves as captain of the girls’
team. She and fellow teammate Corly Groves, a rising
senior, say that they are in it for the enjoyment of the
sport and for the friendly competition.
“There are times when Coach Stewart wants us to
be serious – and we are when we need to be. But we
really have a great time too,” says Groves.
Coach Stewart says he is glad the bowlers enjoy
the sport. “It probably has a lot to do with how quickly
they continue to improve. I am so proud of them,” he
says. “And you should see them when they go out to
compete. There’s always a smile, but behind their eyes
– of both the boys and the girls – you can detect a quiet
intensity, a focused manner. It clearly says ‘We are
ready to win.’”
Alexander Scharf-Garcia
– Wagner College,
Caroline Skjong-Nilson
– Marist College,
Gene Swindel – Virginia
Tech, Basketball;
Donovan Varner – Duke
University, Football.
the atrium -
summer 2008
alking into room F13 on the Academy
Campus, it is clear that Middle School
English Teacher Maria Gonzalez has
made her classroom her second home.
The moment you step through the door, it is like walking into
a living scrapbook. Amidst a colorful room, filled with tokens
of years of teaching and learning, sits her desk, autographed
It’s a very satisfying feeling, to know that you were
able to make a difference and be significant in a
young person’s development
work, including projects on 9/11, censorship essays, and
poems speculating on mankind’s origins, is fascinating, and
it is evident that Gonzalez’s classroom is a place where,
through literary study, the students learn to make sense of
the world and understand their place in it. She inspires them
to think outside the box, challenge their own preconceived
notions and ideas of the universe, and become activists.
After a few minutes in conversation with Mrs. G., as her
by students who have had Gonzalez as a teacher. The walls
come alive with newspapers articles, excerpts from
magazines, lovingly perused novels, and student work. This
students affectionately call her, it is easy to understand
why she is one of Gulliver’s most popular teachers. Her
rapport with her students is practically unparalled. Case in
point: when Bret Voith ’07 was honored as a Presidential
{Faculty Profile}
Mrs. G, in Her Own Words
On Literature:
I love literature. It tells us who we are and our
role in the world, whether it was written four
years ago or 400 years ago. I think that by
understanding how literature is a reflection of
our life and of the human experience, it
empowers students and gives them a love of
On the Middle School Student:
There is a huge difference from when they are
in fifth grade and who they become in eighth.
Part of the challenge is that deep down they are
still children, but they are on the brink of
adulthood. As a middle school teacher, you walk
a fine line – the students still like and want
the atrium -
rules; within those rules, however, you must give
them freedom to discover this newfound
adulthood they are seeking. Being fair, open, and
having a great sense of humor always works.
The students need to know that you care about
them on the individual level and that you
appreciate them for who they are.
On Being a Teacher:
It’s a vocation. I love what I do and I love the
children. I’m always challenged by my job. I’m
always thinking. I want to share what I learn
with my students.
Sample Reading List:
• Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury – a novel about
being an individual and what happens when
summer 2008
censorship takes over
• 1984 by George Orwell – dystopian sciencefiction; this is the students’ favorite…it’s
symbolic and dark, and you can literally see
them come to the realization that this is an
“adult book”; they are amazed at how much they
• Lord of the Flies by William Golding – students
LOVE this novel, and it’s an excellent opportunity
to bring sociology into the classroom
• White Fang by John London – looks at the
individual; nature versus nurture
Scholar and asked to identify the one teacher who had the
most impact on his educational career, it was Gonzalez, his
eighth grade English teacher, whom he selected. She also
was the first teacher he told about his acceptance into
“It’s a very satisfying feeling, to know that you were able
to make a difference and be significant in a young person’s
development,” she says.
Though Gonzalez admits to challenging her students “to
the max” and making them work “very, very hard,” her
classroom is a safe haven for many, a place where she says
they can “express themselves and not worry about sounding
or looking silly, as they sometimes fear they do.” Perhaps it
is the love and dedication infused in her by the many
generations of students she has taught, or perhaps it is her
love and passion for people and her desire to understand
them, that students sense. Whichever the case, they take to
her almost immediately.
Interestingly enough, Gonzalez never planned on being a teacher.
Relocating from Havana, Cuba, to Spain, and eventually to the United
States in 1970, she had her sights set on medicine, or perhaps
archeology. She discovered her love for education during her college
career, when she also discovered that her maternal grandmother had
been a renowned educator in Cuba. Gonzalez earned her education
degree from Florida International University, specializing in reading and
learning disabilities.
Following university study, she lived in the Dominican Republic
and New Jersey, teaching and traveling with her husband, a doctor.
After settling in Miami in 1988, she joined the Gulliver teaching faculty,
starting out in a seventh grade classroom. Through the years,
Gonzalez has helped write the middle school English curriculum
currently in place and pioneered the implementation of the school’s
two separate English classes, one for literature studies and one for
writing and grammar, which students take in grades five through eight.
In 1996, she became the middle school English department
chairperson. With over 13 teachers, it is the largest academic
department at Gulliver Academy. Gonzalez also teaches five eighth
Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers Honoree (multiple recognitions)
Deaver Award for Excellence in Teaching (2000)
National Honor Roll of Outstanding American Teachers Inductee
Cambridge Who’s Who Outstanding Women in Education Honoree
2007 Presidential Scholars Program’s Teacher Recognition Award Recipient
Gulliver Academy’s Excellence in Education Award Winner
National Council of Teachers of English Member
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Member
International Reading Association Member
National Council of Teachers of English Member
subtleties of
the novel and
appreciate the
artistry behind
Later during the school year, students revisit Darwinism when
they read Jack London’s White Fang. They learn about Pavlov,
naturalism, and about how a harsh environment brings out latent
primitive instincts in man. Through this litterature, students become
acutely aware of the human experience, their own amazing strengths,
and their ability to adapt and survive. According to Gonzalez, this helps
them become more confident as people and as thinkers.
“Reading novels,” she says, “is my looking glass, the way I make
sense of people and the choices they make. My students and I discuss
that. We discuss people and history, and we question, we constantly
During these discussions, Gonzalez often utilizes the Socratic
Method, a method of philosophical inquiry in which one speaker
continues to ask the other a simple, central question: Why?
The International
Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP)
grade Honors and Enriched Level English classes and is, along with
fellow Middle School English Teacher Mark Zipse, the co-sponsor of
the Gulliver Academy National Junior Honor Society.
Juggling multiple responsibilities with facility and ease, Gonzalez
says that as long as she can come back into the classroom and “think
with the students,” she is happy. A life-long learner, she believes her
teaching success is due mostly to her own passion for literature.
In fact, ask her about literature and she will engage you in a
passionate discussion about the novels she reads with her students,
making it a point to stress the importance of understanding history and
writers’ influences. Take for example H.G. Well’s The Time Machine,
which her eighth graders read. Before students begin the novel, they
learn all about Darwinism, by which Wells was greatly influenced. In
the novel, the protagonist, referred to only as The Time Traveller, goes
far into a future where mankind has evolved into two species, and
where only the fittest have survived. By understanding that Wells was
a supporter of evolution at a time when it was not a popular theory,
students, Gonzalez says, are better equipped to understand the
“Through these dynamic discussions,
students are able to question their opinions,
arrive at a conclusion or level of
understanding with which they are
comfortable, and hopefully, at the end of the
day, be great thinkers,” she says.
And at the end of the day, that is all she
wants, really -- for her students to be great
thinkers. Her classroom is all about that.
Hanging from the ceiling in F13 is a sign that
reads: “Knowledge is Power.” These three
words epitomize Gonzalez’s view of education
and what she, through her creative teaching
strategies and “think outside the box”
mentality, strives to impart to her students.
During the 2009-2010 school year, Gulliver will implement the International Baccalaureate Middle
Years Programme, one of three programs offered by IB. (IBMYP) is designed for students ages
11-16. Gulliver Schools already offers its Preparatory students the ability to pursue the prestigious
IB Diploma, and the school enjoys an unprecedented 97 percent pass rate.
Gonzalez has taken on additional responsibilities with regards to the implementation and
execution of the IBMYP at the Academy Campus. In her role as IBMYP Curriculum Coordinator,
she will ensure that the curriculum the school offers is consistent with the IB learner profile, areas
of interaction, and the Gulliver educational philosophy. Mr. Juan Carlos Garcia will be the IB
Coordinator for the Middle Years Programme, and Mrs. Jan Patterson will be the IB Coordinator
for the high school.
About the IBMYP
According to the IB Website: “This period (ages 11-16), encompassing early puberty and midadolescence, is a particularly critical phase of personal and intellectual development and requires
a programme that helps students participate actively and responsibly in a changing and
increasingly interrelated world. Learning how to learn and how to evaluate information critically
is as important as learning facts. It is a programme of international education designed to help
students develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to participate
actively and responsibly in a changing
For more information on IB programs, please visit
Honor Roll 20
• Fifth grader Aidan Kahl’s “Correct Mistakes
While We Have Time” Hopes of 2008 essay was
selected and published in the Miami Herald on
December 30, 2007.
• The National Achievement® Scholarship Program
named senior Iman E. James as one of the 1,600
Black American finalists in the 44th annual
scholarship competition.
• Fifth grader Elizabeth Herr’s “Worldwide Wishes”
Hopes of 2008 essay was selected and published
in the Miami Herald on December 30, 2007.
• The Preparatory Dance and Drama Club
sponsored the fifth Annual Aids Benefit in
February to raise funds for Broadway
Cares/Dancers Responding to Aids (DRA), an
organization that makes a difference in the lives
of those who inspire talented performers and
share a love for the arts.
• Mr. Keating’s Middle School Band earned its
second-consecutive five-year Superior award
from the Florida Band Master’s Association.
Every five years, the program receives an award
for its consistency in achievement.
Sixth graders Marcos Alvarez and Joshua Barkow placed in first and second (respectively) at the National
Geography Competition
• Prep sophomore Martin Arostegui earned his
104th world record for fishing. He has become
the fourth person ever to achieve this record and
the first non-adult ever to do so.
• Sixth grader Darby Herkert’s oil pastel was
selected as a finalist in the Beaux Arts
Thomas Reeves (8), Amanda Rockwell (8), and
Brooke Rosenberg (7) for their Ensemble Act Big
Brain of Bradly Simms.
• Nu Alpha Delta Dance Honor Society’s first
publication featured poems from Gulliver alumni
and the photography of senior Jordan Mermell.
• The following five middle school music students
participated in the Florida All-State Ensembles:
Katherine Greenberg, Alexander Liu, Devon
Mederos, Sean Miranda, and Joelle Mouhanna.
• Middle School Drama student Leonardo Manrique
(7) received Critics’ Choice for his Solo Mime act
of Toy Story.
• Senior Erik Lichter was selected as the Miami
Dolphins high school player of the week in 2007
and was honored during halftime on the game
played on September 30, 2007.
• Prep engineering program will receive continued
funding from MIT-InvenTeams for the autonomous
wheelchair invention.
• Prep student Sabrina Rishmague and Teens Team
Up Against Cancer helped sponsor the Michael
Fox Foundation Holiday Party and collected over
1,800 toys to donate to ill children.
• Prep theater students received Superior ratings
during the District One-Act Festival for Solitaire.
• Prep student Christina Fernandez has designed
several school event programs, club shirts, and
website mock ups for her independent study
• Middle School Drama Superior ratings were
awarded to large group musical (grade 6) for
Peter Pan; Alec McKenna (8) for a monologue;
Daniela Aguilera (8) for a monologue;
the one act students for Tech
Millhauser (8), Natalia
Smith (8), Gabriel
Colon (8), and
S t e p h e n
Schwartz (8)
for I Love
You, You’re
Per fect ,
N o w
• Critics’ Choice awards went to Thomas Boswell
(7), Amanda Garcia (8), Alec McKenna (8),
the atrium -
summer 2008
• Prep senior Rachel Losada competed in The
Miami Man Triathlon on Sunday, November 11
and placed in fifth. The triathlon included a .6
mile swim, 22 mile bike, and 6.6 mile run.
• Prep athletes Rachel Losada and Andrew
Richter placed first at the Escape to Miami
2007 triathlon co-ed relay. The swim was
1.5K, biking was 40K, and the run was
10K, all sections longer than what they
have trained for on their Gulliver
athletic teams.
• Senior Danielle Arostegui was
the selected recipient of the
2007 National Council of
Teachers of English (NCTE)
Achievement Award for
• Thirteen committed, scholarly Middle School
students entered into the 2008 National
Geography Competition. Marcos Alvarez, Joshua
Barkow, Damian Bleiberg-Faust, Cody Diamond,
Michael Hans, Michael Hollihan-Sarmiento,
Angelica Krauss, Emilio Lamar, Michael
Lefkowitz, Marianna Lovo, Eric Milton, Ravi Patel,
and Andrew Simko participated in the exciting
and stimulating academic contest.
• The following prep athletes were selected for the
Miami Herald’s All Dade First and Second Team for
swimming: Trevor Reitz, Jackson Leonard,
Caroline Skjong-Nilsen, Alexandra Aserlind, Clara
Smiddy, Alexandra McDowell, Kirstie MacIver,
and Abby Mears.
• Lars Nordt, German Olano, Hunter CarrierParmenter, Sam Amedia, Juan Rafael Alvarez,
Robert Ballerd, Andrew Smiddy, Samuel Smiddy,
Chandler Anderson, and Alexandra Hoffman were
selected for the Other Teams for the Miami
Herald’s All Dade Teams.
• Sabrina Rishmague and the Teens Team Up
Against Cancer club students helped sponsor “A
Celebration of Life,” a luncheon honoring those
who have assisted The Children’s Cancer Caring
Center Inc.
• The following Prep athletes were selected for the
Miami Herald’s All Dade Team for Cross Country:
Katherine Battle and Carrie Davis.
• Andrew and Ana Koff were selected for the Miami
Herald’s All Dade Team First Team for Bowling.
• The following Prep athletes were selected for the
Miami Herald’s All Dade 3A-1A Defense First Team
for Football: Erik Lichter, Brandon Marti, Frank
Crawford, and Ricky Robinson.
• Artice Kellman and Frantz Telfort were chosen
for the Honorable Mention list for the Miami
Herald’s 3A-1A Football All Dade.
• The Miami Herald chose Douglas Papy, Andrew
Bonner, Conner Vernon, Darian Mallary, and
Donovan Varner as members of the 3A-1A
Football Second All Dade Team.
• Andres Pumariega and Juliene Olmo were selected
as members of the Miami Herald’s First All Dade
Team for Golf.
• The Miami Herald’s All Dade Other Team for Golf
includes Caroline Herald, Chris Ingham, Joseph
Kalbac, and Matthew Robles.
• Johanna Lerner, Mary K. Mark, and Jaimee Vega
were selected for the Miami Herald’s 3A-1A All
Dade Other Team for Volleyball.
• Prep Dance teacher Gerri Caruncho was placed
in the Cambridge List of Who’s Who in
September 2007.
• First grade teacher Kim Cunningham recevied
her Master’s degree in reading.
• Academy English Department Head Maria
Gonzalez was selected as Cambridge Who’s Who
Among Executive and Professional Women in
Teaching and Education.
• Senior Michael Meyer was the top scorer for
Gulliver Prep during the David Essner Math
Contest sponsored by the University of Miami.
• Academy Performing Arts Department Chair
Robert Keating was inducted into the Phi Beta
Mu Band Directors Association Fraternity.
• The Gulliver Prep Dance Team competed in the
American Dance Alliance State Competition and
received special recognition for Outstanding
Team Technique. The team also competed in the
Florida Dance Team Director’s Associations State
Championships, was named State Champions in
Hip Hop, earned straight superior ratings, and
received several awards.
• Gulliver Prep Thespians Christina Piña and
Patrick de Ledebur received Critics Choice
during the District Eight Individual Events
Thespian Festival.
• Gulliver’s 2008 Silver Knight Nominees are
Jeffrey Blum, Mathematics; Gonzalo GonzalezDelPino, General Scholarship; Nicole Herman,
Journalism; Michelle Menegay, Vocational
Technical; Sara Moufarrij, Foreign Language;
Samantha Reetz, Debate; Catherine Solares,
Science; and Alana Usategui, Athletics.
• Prep Girls Soccer Team is ranked ninth in the
NSCAA/adidas® poll in Florida.
• Stephanie Jackson, Assistant Principal of
Academy Lower School, completed her
Education Specialist Degree in education
• Gulliver Prep Jazz Ensemble received 3 out of 3
Superior ratings for the sixth consecutive year
during the district competition.
• Department Head of the Learning Center and
Primary and Lower School Reading Resource
Janet Zdon completed her Education Specialist
Degree in reading and special education.
• Fourth grade teacher Karen Fay added the
special education endorsement to her certificate.
• Gulliver Boys Bowling Team won first place in the
2007-2008 FHSAA Academic Team Champion
Awards Program. Girls Bowling Team won third
• The Prep’s String Ensemble received 4 out of 4
Superior ratings for the seventh consecutive year
during the district competition.
• Gulliver Prep Concert Band received a Superior
rating at the district festival.
Elisha Grossman, Melissa Wong, and Erin Mundy are proud
of their dance trophies.
The Sundancers pose for a quick photo
during the ADA State Competition
• The Gulliver Prep Girls Water Polo team won its
200th straight game on Saturday, March 1, 2008.
This is the longest high school water polo
winning streak in the state!
• The following students were honored during the
Miami Herald Athletic Awards: Alyssa Baron,
Female Athlete of the Year (nominee); Ricky
Robinson, Male Athlete of the Year (nominee);
Nicole Carpio, Girls Cross Country Athlete of the
Year; Andrew Koff, Boys Bowling Athlete of the
Year; Erik Lichter, Football Defensive Player of
the Year; Kristen Davis, Girls Soccer Athlete of
the Year; Nicolas Rodriguez-Fraile, Boys Soccer
Athlete of the Year; Alyssa Baron, Girls
Basketball Athlete of the Year; Ben Pelton,
Lacrosse Athlete of the Year; Shelby Reyes, Girls
Water Polo Athlete of the Year; Chris Jackman,
Boys Tennis Athlete of the Year; Sara Buchholz,
Softball Pitcher of the Year; Manny Soutullo, Girls
Soccer Coach of the Year; Jorge Dieppa, Boys
Soccer Coach of the Year; Rich Ehinger, Girls
Basketball Coach of the Year; Garrick Robinson,
Lacrosse Coach of the Year; and Kelly Mulligan,
Boys Tennis Coach of the Year.
• Gulliver Schools won the Miami Herald’s 3A-1A
Girls Overall Champion and 3A-1A Overall
Athletic Champion Awards.
the atrium -
summer 2008
Selected for FACA Hall of Fame
The induction ceremony took place on January 12, 2008. Coach Dieppa was
presented with two plaques, one of which will be displayed at the Gulliver Prep
Campus. Over the course of his 20+ year career, Coach Dieppa has led the boy’s
varsity soccer team to 17 district, seven regional, and four sectional titles. He also
has taken his team to the State Finals seven times, winning the State Championship
title in 1992, 1999, 2000, and 2007. Although he retired as head coach in June
2008, Dieppa will continue working with the team, ensuring its success for the
seasons ahead.
the atrium -
summer 2008
In addition to coaching soccer at Gulliver,
Coach Dieppa also coached golf, and track and
field for many years. During his tenure coaching
golf, he won six district titles, three Dade County
Championships, and made six state final
appearances. In 1998, Coach Dieppa also coached
David Deal to an individual state championship. Coach
Dieppa’s five years as head coach of track and field also
reflect his athletic talents. The track and field team won a
conference championship under his guidance. Currently, he
Congratulations To Our 2008
Gulliver Lifers
Below is a list of 2008 graduates who attended Gulliver Schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade:
Robert Adler
Marc Alvarez
Katya Ariano
Danielle Arostegui
Alex Berron
Hunter Carrier
Julian Corash
Tiffany Domenech
Farah Douyon
Ian Jacobs
Kristen Khoury
Rachael Losada
Nicole Mesko
Michael Meyer
Lillian Munn
Nicholas Papadam
coaches the pole vault and long jump athletes.
Coach Dieppa’s accolades and talents extend beyond Gulliver as well.
He has served as the FACA District Soccer Chairman for two years, holds
a certificate for 500 high school wins throughout his career, and earned an
All-American Coach Award in 2000. In addition, Coach Dieppa is a member
of the United States Soccer Federation, the Soccer Coaches Association of
America, the Florida High School Activities Association, the National High
School Coaches Association, and is co-founder of the Dade County Soccer
Coaches Association, for which he has served as vice-president and secretary.
Jonathan Rebstock
Christian Riviera
Brandon Robbins
Brooke Rosen
Jacqueline Russo
Steven Solowsky
Alexandra Stone
Nick Sylver
Kelly Thornton
Alana Usategui
K. Devon Watts-Fitzgerald
Colin Watts-Fitzgerald
Samantha Williams
During the summer, he works at the Miami Museum of Science, where he
teaches classes in architecture, robotics, rocketry, and sport fishing. Because of
Coach Dieppa’s love for soccer, he has worked for Soccer Marketing and
Promotions and was involved in promoting and managing the United States Gold
Cup, World Cup ’94, the Olympics, La Copa Latina, and major events held at the
Orange Bowl. We salute and celebrate Coach Dieppa’s accomplishments and
dedication to Gulliver Schools and the South Florida community.
Congratulations, Coach!
the atrium -
summer 2008
News Around CAMPUS
Parent Connection Seminars Focus on Healthy Lifestyles
Studies show that media influences young
Peter D. said as he discussed a Photoshop-altered
people, so why not educate young people about
image of Cindy Crawford in Cosmopolitan
media literacy? In December 2007, the Parent
Connection committee did just that by hosting Dr.
Peter D. challenged students’ and parents’
Peter DeBenedittis, a.k.a Peter D., a graduate of
perception about the number of adults that
DePauw University who travels the nation talking
consume alcohol. Both groups believed that the
about how media messages can promote
majority of adults drink alcohol. When he asked that
destructive behaviors in the minds of today’s youth.
According to Dr. DeBenedittis, by the time children
parents do not drink
are 18 years old, they have watched 100,000
alcohol stand up, at least
alcohol ads that send subliminal messages. On
one third of the audience
December 3, Peter D. captivated Gulliver parents
with a visual presentation at Pinecrest Prep; on
percentage of parents
December 4, he addressed the critical thinking and
responded at the parent presentation. Peter D.
media literacy topic with students from the Prep and
used this surprising demonstration as tangible
Pinecrest Prep Campus. Through video, photo, and
evidence of the power and influence of advertising.
lecture presentations, Peter D. addressed topics
His mission was to make students and parents
relating to body image and alcohol. “They want you
more aware of the seductive tactics advertisers use
to think that there is something wrong with you,
in luring consumers to buy and use their products.
summer 2008
science department, organized Sex and Sensibility
Seminars for Prep and Pinecrest Prep students. On
Finalists and Commended Students in
the 2008 National Merit® Scholarship
Program Announced
the atrium -
Connection committee, in cooperation with the
use your head (get information), use your
heart (values and boundaries), and be safe
(physically, emotionally)
ultimately convincing you to buy their product,”
The Prep Parents’ Association Parent
January 10, 2008, the juniors and seniors, and on
January 11, 2008, the freshmen and sophomores
were invited to discuss critical decision-making
relationships. The seminars, which were age
sexologists Marilyn Volker and Alex Moreno. The
sessions were fast paced, concise, and to the point,
Gulliver Schools proudly acknowledges and
congratulates Danielle Arostegui as the winner of the
2008 National Merit® $2500 Scholarship. Jeffrey P.
Blum and James Lomonosoff were named semifinalists.
Gabriel Alvarado, Gonzalo Gonzalez-Del Pino, Iman E.
James, Ana Luiza P. Leite, Lynx M. Marks, Stephen F.
Ravndal, Todd L. Shore, and Kelsey D. Watts-Fitzgerald
addressing all of the students’ questions and providing
science classes on both days, and students were
resources that use focused decision-making formulas
grouped based on gender. Adults were excluded
such as: use your head (get information), use your
from the sessions in hopes of fostering more
heart (values and boundaries), and be safe (physically,
relevant and candid discussions.
emotionally, and sexually).
These informative seminars took place during
National Merit Program.
More than 1.4 million juniors in nearly 21,000 high
schools were entered in the program by taking the 2006
Preliminary Sat/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying
Test (PSAT/NMSQT®), which serves as the first step in
the yearly screening process. The nationwide pool of
semifinalists includes the highest scoring students in each
state. To become finalists, students must have an
outstanding academic record throughout high school, be
endorsed and recommended by the school principal, and
earn SAT scores that confirm the student’s earlier
qualifying test performance.
the atrium -
summer 2008
News Around CAMPUS 2007-2008
Inspirational SrK
Teacher and Writer
Publishes Poetry Book
connection between common people,” says Taylor,
before reading one of her favorite passages entitled
Destiny, which describes and illustrates the possibilities
teachers see in their students.
“I hope I’m depositing a little piece of me into all of
my students so they can carry on my legacy once I’m
not around,” she says. Whether she encourages good
manners, trains excellent readers, or coaches the next
NBA star, each child takes something from Taylor, for
It’s what she calls “detaching.” Immediately after
which she is very grateful. But now that she’s reaching
dedicating some time to herself, she picks up a journal
a larger audience beyond the classroom, Taylor hopes
and jots down her emotions, ideas, and reflections. On
her readers will take a piece of her, too.
analyzing and rationalizing situations into words.
In addition to writing, Taylor focuses on learning to
be still and finding quiet time. “Being able to disconnect
August 1, 2007, approximately a year and a half after
“Poetry naturally lends itself to emotions,” says
helps me in dealing with children and a lot of people,”
first beginning to document these reflections, Taylor
Taylor. The 14-year Gulliver teacher, who dedicates her
says Taylor. She has learned that everyone, not just
published her first book, The Invisible You. The book
book to her three sons, admits that her favorite part of
teachers, needs to find quiet time and personal balance.
compiling The Invisible You
“Society consistently encourages and rewards us for
was the way it allowed her to
being busy and being looked at as a go-getter. Being
discover her own thoughts
able to be still on queue is a talent, and it makes for
and spirituality.
better workers,” Taylor says. She also mentions that life
Poetry is the language of the heart. It
creates a spiritual connection between
common people.
In her book, Taylor
discloses that most of our
should always be the way it is in kindergarten: work,
sleep some, and explore a lot!
“Everything we see with the natural eye is
includes poetry, essays, reflections, and a blank writing
lives are broken down in phases that are often quickly
section where readers can document their own
forgotten. She includes a reflection section where she
temporary. It’s important to cherish the special
highlights her emotions and describes what life stage
moments that don’t come that often, like catching
On Thursday, October 18, 2007, the Academy
she was in at the time she wrote that entry. While it’s
glimpses, and be thankful,” says Taylor. Whether
hosted Taylor in the Media Center to read from her new
important to decipher the feelings and senses we
you give thanks for your health, talents, career, or
book and share some of her fondest memories. “Poetry
experience through emotions, Taylor says the first step
loved ones,” she concludes, “being thankful is
is the language of the heart. It creates a spiritual
to becoming an excellent poetry writer is better
how you’ll find joy.”
the atrium -
summer 2008
Football Team Competes in
7on7 adidas Tournament
The Gulliver Raiders competed against 12 high schools
nationwide for the adidas 7on7 National Championship title in Los
Angeles (L.A.), California on July 18-19, 2007. Gulliver took its top
football players to represent Florida alongside Plant City High School
(Tampa, FL) in the competition. The players went head to head
against 25 teams in June at the regional 7on7 tournament at Florida
International University and placed in second, earning them an allexpense paid trip to L.A. for the national competition.
Now in its second installment, the adidas 7on7 Tournament has become proving ground for top high school players across the country. Participating players
were Douglas Papy, Conner Vernon, Alexander Scharf-Garcia, Daniel Rodriguez, Darian Mallary, Brandon Marti, Erik Lichter, Donovan Varner, Ahmed Bayouth,
Artice Kellam, Frank Crawford, Jorge Sanz, and Michael Strauss.
Coaches Sims, Butler, and Robinson, and Athletic Director Mark Schusterman led the team to L.A. In his second season as head coach, Sims has made
large strides for Gulliver’s football program. The 2007 season ended in 8-2, and the team made it to the regional playoffs.
Skype Online Videoconferencing
Each year, Gulliver teachers
that was explored is Skype, a free
in Alabama and Georgia to compare
share information with their distance
become more and more skilled at
online tool that allows communication
weather facts. The students then
incorporating technology into
with others in locations around the
recorded and shared these weather
Middle School teachers had
their curriculum. The 2007-
world. Through the use of a computer,
facts using online collaborative charts
several ongoing Skype projects as
2008 year brought new
an Internet connection, and a
and graphs.
well. Their classes Skyped with a
opportunities to gain
new skills with our
resources and to
experiment with
fresh, emerging
BATTERIES, PENS, technologies.
One of the
new technologies
webcam, students are able to see and
Several Lower School teachers
former classmate who moved to
talk to other students through the
and classes collaborated with other
China and with a member of the
Skype connection. Several Gulliver
Skype partners for projects such as
Peace Corps working in Africa. Sixth
teachers already have established
grade geography students used
communication with Skype partners
cooperatively authored stories. In
Skype to connect with a member of
and worked on a variety of projects
addition to Skype during the 2007-
CARE International as he made site
with their students.
2008 school year, classes used online
visits to CARE projects around the
collaborative web tools like Google
Gulliver kindergarten teachers
and classes collaborated with partners
and Zoho to record and
the atrium -
summer 2008
Save The Date!
JOIN US - AUGUST 1-3, 2008
Fun family events are being planned, including children activities, an outdoor class reunion lunch, our evening Alumni Bash, and
much more.
Room rates are $169 per night. Please call the Ocean Reef Club at 800.741.7333 and mention the Gulliver Schools reunion weekend
to recieve a special rate.
For more details, visit
To RSVP, contact Jeanine Sanchez at [email protected] or call 786.709.4081.
the atrium -
summer 2008
Alumni of Note
Estrellita Sibila, class
Ivan Mladenovic ‘02
Years at Gulliver: Ivan attended Gulliver from senior
kindergarten through twelfth grade. He’s a lifer!
School Activities: A well-rounded athlete, Ivan played
basketball, and soccer.
He served as the director,
of 1997, is an attorney
Helfman, Pastoriza, Cole
and Boniske PL, in Coral
Gables. She is the first
attorney in Miami-Dade
County and the third in
the State of Florida to
producer, and anchor for RaiderVision, and played in the
earn the credential of Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design Accredited Professional from the
Favorite Class: His favorite class was video and film with Mr. Ernsberger and Mr. Sylver.
United States Green Building Council.
Education: Wanting to pursue his interest in film, Ivan received a bachelor of science degree in
communications from the University of Miami, specializing in video/film and English.
Last Time at a Gulliver Campus: Ivan frequently visits the Gulliver campuses to chat with his former
Meg Gilbert Durshimer ‘80: In
Memory of Mrs. Machado
teachers. He was just at the Prep Campus in March 2008.
First Job: While in high school, Ivan managed to participate in athletics, play in the band, produce
RaiderVision, and work 60 hours a week as a commissioned sales manager at Sound Advice!
Career: Ivan is currently the vice president of The M Companies. One of the company’s biggest
ventures is YourBuyer Worldwide, for which Ivan has been brought on as the director of business
development. Besides generating sales, his major project with YourBuyer Worldwide is to market
YB green, a new brand of residential and commercial substainable products which will be sourced
globally to achieve the best price.
Family: His step-brother Max is currently a student at Gulliver Academy. He also has a half-brother,
Stefan, and is partnered with his father in The M Companies.
Current Interests/Activities: Ivan initially moved to California to pursue a career in film. He switched
to real estate in hopes of financing films in the future. In addition to his film aspirations, Ivan says
his family is extremely important to him. “I want to be able to help everyone in my family. I try to
play the glue and help everyone move forward.”
Role Model: Ivan says that, without a doubt, his parents are his role models. “They embody
everything I want to be one day,” he says.
Life Philosophy: Don’t worry, be happy. “I despise pessimism,” Ivan says. I’m an ultra-optimist.”
Favorite Gulliver Memory: Of all his wonderful Gulliver memories, Ivan most fondly remembers the
Senior Skit his senior year. “It was one of the best ones ever!” he says.
Although it has been 27 years since I last walked the halls
at Gulliver, I remember with fond affection the eight years I spent
as a Raider. So it was with sadness that I read about the passing
of Mrs. Machado, my former Latin teacher.
To be honest, we students weren’t always very kind to
Mrs. Machado. She seemed much older than our other teachers
and was a little hard of hearing. Our favorite prank was to have
someone go to the back of the classroom and speak through
his or her hands so that it sounded as if a voice was coming
from the loudspeaker, then have that person say, loudly, “Mrs.
Machado, can you come to the office?” Off she’d go, with us
locking the door behind her. Granted she only fell for it once or
twice but it was enough to remember. Clearly, she had a good
sense of humor.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but my mastery of Latin helped
me become a pro at grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing,
and led to a thriving career in journalism, education, and
counseling. I know that Mrs. Machado played a large role in all
of those successes. She always encouraged me to do my best
and never had an unkind word for me, even when I did not put
forth my best effort. I still have the yearbook in which she wrote,
“To a small one who is also a great one.”
If anything, she was – and always will be – the great one.
For more information on The M Companies, e-mail [email protected] or call (305) 218-2000.
the atrium -
summer 2008
Project Commencement Date: Februa
Become A Gulliver Schools
Corporate Partner
Pictured with John Krutulis and Mrs. Krutulis are (left to right) lead donors Debra and Richard Ginsberg, Barbara
and Robert Gintel, and Gloria and Alfredo Sesana. The Gintel Family Foundation pledged their one million dollar gift
in honor of Mrs. K, who they say has had a profound effect on this community. The Sesanas feel equally proud to
be able to give to this project. “Gulliver has been so good to our children, to our family. We are happy to do this
for the school,” says Mr. Sesana.
Help us support our mission of providing a superior collegepreparatory education to students whose needs encompass a wide range
of natural abilities. Gulliver Schools is a 501(c) (3) private, not-for-profit,
independent, coeducational, nonsectarian day school, and has been a
fixture in the South Florida community for over 75 years. The school has
graduated some of the country’s best and brightest, and continues to
promote the importance of educating not only future leaders, but also
responsible world citizens.
The Corporate Partners Program opportunity requires a $10,000
annual tax-deductible contribution for a three-year commitment.
As part of the Corporate Partners Membership, each company will
receive the following:
• Placement in our annual report and the atrium magazine, mailed to over
8,000 households
• Corporate recognition in our monthly parent news magazine, Highlights,
mailed to over 2,000 households each month during the school year (11
• One 4ft x 5ft weather-resistant professional athletic sign displayed at
one of our athletic fields
• One Corporate Gold Sponsorship Package for our annual Golf Classic,
which includes listed sponsorship in the golf classic brochure and other
Gulliver Schools
Survey Results
promotional literature, complimentary lunch, golf, and dinner for four
For more information about becoming a corporate partner, contact
[email protected]
the atrium -
summer 2008
Gulliver Schools is accredited by
five agencies: Southern Association
of Independent Schools (SAIS),
Southern Association of Colleges and
Schools (SACS), Florida Council of
Independent Schools (FCIS), the
Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC),
and the Commission on International
and Trans-Regional Accreditation
(CITA). Accreditation or certification
by these five agencies assures the
Gulliver community and the college
and university network that Gulliver
Schools meet rigorous standards
governance, and finances. These five
groups’ approval is of paramount
importance to the school’s academic
credibility and integrity.
Gulliver Schools and these
Highlights from the Office of Institutional
ary 2008 Scheduled Opening: 2009
agencies highly value input from
students, teachers, parents, and
professional staff. Accordingly, in
February and March of 2007, the school
requested that its community complete a
brief survey. The survey was
administered to four Gulliver groups:
students in grades five through twelve;
parents; academic employees dealing
with instruction from grades prekindergarten through grade twelve; and
employees not involved with academic
The first three surveys, those for
students, parents, and academic
employees, solicited responses on items
integral to their lives at Gulliver: quality of
education; communication; climate and
environment; teachers; administrators;
technology; student discipline and the
honor code; bullying and harassment;
dress code; safety and security;
athletics, arts programs; activities; and
food. The final survey, for the
noninstructional personnel, did not
include instructional concerns, but did
include factors relevant to their positions:
environment; food; harassment; safety;
and administrators.
anonymous and could not be traced to
the respondent.
We are pleased to report that the
results of the survey were positive.
Broad conclusions are as follows:
• On the whole, teachers were most
positive about Gulliver Schools, followed
by the parents, then by
the students.
• Parents and teachers strongly agree
that Gulliver Schools provides a
challenging college-preparatory
• Opportunities abound for – and the
vast majority of Gulliver students are
involved in – extracurricular activities,
such as athletics, visual and performing
arts, and clubs.
• People feel safe at Gulliver Schools.
the atrium -
summer 2008
Alumni News
Lucas Sullivan and dad Matt help honor
firefighter/paramedic Ron Erbel whose actions on the
afternoon of November 17 helped save the boy’s life
after he trapped by his neck in an electric door on his
family’s boat.
Christmas came early this year for
Sarah Artecona ‘83 Promoted to Chief
Assistant to UM’s CFO
The University of Miami announced that Sarah Nesbitt
Artecona has been promoted to Assistant Vice President and
wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. We really do
thank everybody that was involved,” Sullivan said.
Lucas’ “terrible accident” unfolded on what
should have been a day filled with fun, Sullivan said.
While on his family’s boat that Saturday, Lucas
By Kelly Josephsen
Assistant to Senior Vice President and CFO Joe Natoli. In her
In an emotional ceremony last year, longtime
became trapped at the neck in an electric door.
new role, her responsibilities include assisting with strategic and
Key resident Ron Erbel became the first local
Family members tried desperately to free him, but
tactical business issues, reviewing business plans, participating
couldn’t pry the door open.
in institutional planning, providing integrated policy analysis,
department’s highest honors, the bronze star; while
Patton and Erbel, who was off duty at the time,
developing projects for the division, relationship building, and
fellow islander James Patton was presented with a
were next door, and heard screams and cries for
communication planning.
special proclamation from Mayor Robert Vernon.
help coming from the Sullivan boat. They raced
Artecona joined the University nearly seven years ago, and
However, as both men would doubtless agree,
toward the commotion, but by the time they arrived,
has served in increasingly responsible roles, most recently as
the greatest prize sat perched in his dad’s arms,
little Lucas, still trapped, had fallen unconscious and
Associate Vice President in the University Division of
looking not quite sure what all the hoopla was
stopped breathing.
Communications. She has a strong background in project and
They immediately joined the efforts to free
issues management and knowledge of the local community.
Erbel and Patton were honored during a
Lucas, and when the door wouldn’t budge, Patton
She is the former Vice President for Investor Relations for
Tuesday, December 4, 2007, Village Council
jumped off the boat and found a piece of wood the
MasTec and Communications Director for Miami-Dade County.
meeting for their efforts in saving the life of 2-year-
size of a railroad tie to use as a lever. He was able
Artecona also is a member of the Gulliver Schools’ Board
old Lucas Sullivan on the afternoon of Saturday,
to pry open the door just wide enough that family
November 17. Lucas attended the meeting with his
members could release Lucas from its hold.
of Trustees. She and her husband reside in South Miami.
dad, Matt, who said he is forever grateful to Erbel
and Patton.
the atrium -
spring 2009
“It was real touch-and-go for a while, and I
As that was happening, Erbel was calling 911;
he identified himself to the operator as a paramedic,
and then provided emergency medical care as the
Matt Sullivan and 2-year-old son Lucas hug longtime Key
Biscayne resident James Patton after Mayor Robert Vernon read a
proclamation in Patton’s honor as Lucas’s grandfather, former
Council member Ray Sullivan, looks on.
(This article is
reprinted with
permission from The
frightened Sullivans waited for an ambulance to arrive.
By the time it got there, Erbel had been able to
revive Lucas to consciousness. The Key Biscayne FireRescue crew continued medical treatment, and rushed
Lucas to the hospital, while Key police officers helped
calm family members, including the Sullivans’ other
young son.
direct impact on the successful and full recovery of
young Lucas.”
As for the Sullivan family, their praise for Erbel and
Patton knows no bounds.
Life and Times of
Key Biscayne,
Erbel indicated his efforts were simply what any
resident of tight-knit Key Biscayne would do.
The longtime Key Biscayner, who served as a
volunteer firefighter in the Village for 17 years before
joining the professional department when it was formed
“(Lucas) was stuck for quite a bit of time, but
15 years ago, said it can be difficult being both a resident
because of the heroic efforts of Jim Patton and Ron
and firefighter/paramedic, as more likely than not he’s
Erbel and my father, he was able to get out of
and direct assistance in this save in no small way had a
Islander News, The
This is my community, and
you are my family.
going to know the people he’s treating.
that door,” said Matt Sullivan. “The paramedics
“When I show up on a call, you’re family, and I think
arrived quickly, and we were at Jackson Trauma
that’s what makes it very unique, Key Biscayne,” he said.
Center within 30 minutes.”
“This is my community, and you are my family.”
As for Lucas, he would rebound quickly at the
Matt’s father, former Council member Ray Sullivan,
Erbel thanked Gilbert for the bronze star – which the
hospital, and was home with his family by Thanksgiving,
smiled at his son and grandson as he added, “I am so
Chief noted was a “first-of-its-kind” honor in the Village
just days after his frightening ordeal.
grateful for what the Village has done for my family.”
– adding receiving such an award from the place he calls
Council members, Village officials, and Lucas’
An emotional Ray Sullivan reminded fellow Key
grateful family lined up to proclaim that the happy ending
Biscayners not to sweat the small stuff: “If your streets
was in large part due to Erbel and Patton.
are a little dirty, if there are a few piles of dirt here and
As the Village’s proclamation to Patton, read by
there, it shouldn’t bother you one bit, because what’s
Vernon, stated, “Your quick response and actions had a
really important, we have out here. Everybody was so
direct effect on the successful and full recovery of the 2-
responsive to this particular incident, I can’t tell you how
year-old boy.”
blessed our family feels for
Meanwhile, Fire-Rescue Chief John Gilbert quoted
a commendation letter to Erbel: “Your quick response
home is very special to him.
Matt Sullivan, Lucas’ father, graduated
from Gulliver in 1987.
what the Village has done
for us.”
the atrium -
summer 2008
Protocol Coordinator & Genetic Counselor
What inspires you to do the work that
you do?
Earth’s biodiversity is incredible and continues to amaze
me. I go outdoors to get inspired… there are countless
species to observe.
What kinds of projects are you
currently working on?
The features on the outside of a building, tree inventory
and viability, wetland function assessment for
conservation, the devising of a land management plan,
and designing around the natural resources. Ripping out
what already adapted to their site and replacing it is
wasting money.
A landowner doesn’t have a biology education. I try to
inspire the landowner to do earth-friendly design, and I
educate them about what is important for us to design
around to preserve our resources.
the atrium - summer 2008
What’s your typical day on the job?
Basically, it’s either field work or office work. Field work
means going out in Florida wetlands and collecting data,
such as inventory of plants, wildlife species, and wetland
quality. Office work involves analyzing that data.
What would you say is your favorite part
of the job?
Being outdoors in remote natural forests to study the
habitats, definitely.
Least favorite, or most challenging?
Dealing with certain people who avoid educating themselves
about environmental conservation. But most people are
willing to learn. Another least favorite is working in an
environment where a developer tried to fit too many houses
in a space.
I enjoy being out in the field, but in some conditions it’s hard
to collect the data. When it’s 95 degrees and there’s
mosquitoes and it’s thorny, it’s much harder to get the job
So, what’s the worst month weatherwise for you?
August is the worst. It’s swampy and has the most
How often does your work and personal
life intersect?
Very often and I find that fulfilling. My work is also what I
believe in. A lot of people hate their jobs, but I really enjoy
what I do.
class and loved that more. So, I changed my major.
It’s come full circle. I give architects my advice. I talk to them
about green building. I get to dabble in architecture and
design. I do landscaping design with plants instead of
selection of native Florida trees, shrubs, and wildflowers to
attract birds, butterflies, amphibians, and other interesting
fauna. A picnic bench gathering place can be made in the
middle where students can sit outside for class on a nice
I know that you are a certified arborist (a
tree health and care professional). What
is your favorite kind of tree or plant?
That’s difficult. I’m fond of several thousand plants species.
Native to Miami and Florida, it would be the Gumbo Limbo
tree. This tree grows in front of a house in Ocean Reef,
where Gulliver Schools holds its reunions. I’m glad the
homeowners preserved it. It’s clearly visible how it enhances
the landscaping and adds aesthetic and sales value to their
property. Being a native tree, it doesn’t require irrigation or
pesticide chemicals.
Think back to your high school days. Did
you ever imagine you’d be where you
are now?
Never. I thought for sure I was going to be an architect. I
was president of the architecture club. During my senior
year, I was given the opportunity to take AP Botany and I
thought, “Who wants to study plants? How boring.” (laughs)
What changed your mind?
I went to Rhode Island School of Design and studied
architecture and it wasn’t my calling. There was just so
much concrete. I took liberal arts classes and, by chance,
took a Florida Ecology class. I loved it. Then, I took a Botany
What kinds of things can Gulliver and its
community do to become “greener?”
There are several things. First, incorporate earth friendly
concepts into the curriculum. Gulliver can protect and
conserve natural resources on the campus site and use
native plants. Also, make sure all the utilities are Energy
Star (energy efficient products) and conserve water use.
Plant native greenery that doesn’t require water.
Create a small outdoor learning environment that has a
The number one plan should be education. Florida’s natural
history is fun. It’s important for people to know and it’s
interesting to learn.
*Gulliver Schools is, in fact, taking many steps to become
more eco-conscious. Read “From the
Communications Desk” on page 4 to see
all the school is doing in an effort to
“Go Green.” Our Academy Campus
has a pond and habitat for our
birds and our South Miami
Campus boasts a beautiful
cared for by the SMC
For more information visit
the atrium -
summer 2008
Catherine Piccini ‘87
This is Prague, and I am an American who lives
here. Many people have asked me what it is like to
live in a foreign country since my husband and I
moved here a few years ago. To that question I can
only reply that living in the Czech Republic is quite
unique and unlike living in western countries.
Growing up in Miami, attending Gulliver, I learned
to appreciate diversity. Gulliver was a true melting pot.
Not only did the student body consist of citizens from
all over the world, but the curriculum introduced us to
foreign culture as well. In Mrs. Garcia’s humanities
class, I had my first taste of classical art. I fell in love
with antiquity, and I could not wait to have a closer
look. From her first class, I wanted to live in Europe.
The decision to move abroad is different for
everyone. We decided to move to Prague because
my husband is from the former Czechoslovakia.
Would I recommend moving across the ocean to
everyone? No. But if you are adventurous and have
the energy, then I would say yes.
Making the move from tourist to resident can be
exciting and frustrating at once. For example, as a
tourist one might find it charming that Czech people
often still do “business on a handshake.” As a
resident, that charming custom can become a source
of aggravation when you realize that many people are
“shaking with both hands.”
Those narrow, medieval streets that you strolled
on your vacation are not so picturesque when you
need to find a parking space. The ancient
cobblestones that pave the lanes lose some of their
the atrium -
summer 2008
romance after you sprain your ankle on them.
However, none of this keeps me from enjoying my life
Whenever you move, you have to make
adjustments. I think in order to really enjoy any new
city, the key is in not expecting it to be similar to what
you have left behind. If you are constantly comparing
your new environment to your old, you can only be
met with disappointment. You have to celebrate the
differences. I never had a castle at the end of my
street in Miami. In fact, I don’t think any of my friends
did either.
Prague is a wonderful city. People here are very
optimistic about the future of the Czech Republic, and
that spirit exudes from them. There are so many
opportunities for young people that just didn’t exist 15
years ago. Residents of Prague certainly have that
frontier mentality: everything is possible if you have
the drive to blaze your own trail.
So, what is it like to live in a foreign country? I
lack of ocean, and a couple
suppose living in Prague is not so different from
other things, it’s exactly
Miami, except for the language and the culture. Okay,
the same. In fact, it’s
the weather is pretty different as well, and then
there’s the food, the people, business ethics,
bureaucracy, and the history. But aside from those
few things, and the two thousand years of history, the
Alumni News
Dear Friends, Classmates
and Fellow Alumni:
Looking back over the years, I’ll never forget my first day walking
into the Alumni House and thinking about re-connecting with my
friends and classmates. I was excited to catch up and hear all of the
wonderful news and share great memories. Since then, I have had
such a great time not only keeping in touch with my classmates, but also building new friendships
with alumni from all class years. That is the highlight of this job.
It has been a real treat planning, and organizing events, and meeting so many accomplished
Gulliver graduates. There are many generous and supportive alumni always willing to help when I
have called on them, so thank you. Many of you have given your time to come and speak with
the students about your careers, volunteered to sponsor social and networking events,
participated in our half-time shows, presented academic awards, offered internships, and even
granted fulltime positions to other alums. I always have said Gulliver alumni are a special group of
people willing to help each other out. The continued success of the alumni association depends
on all of your support.
I want to thank Mrs. K and John Krutulis for giving me the opportunity to grow and develop
the alumni association into what it is today. Mrs. K always said I was perfect for this job because
I had the “gift of gab.” They always are supportive of the alumni and come to every function they
can. I also want to thank the Gulliver faculty and staff who have helped me out over the years.
Their assistance is greatly appreciated.
Although my tenure at Gulliver is shifting gears and I will be returning to the classroom, I will
continue to support the wonderful alumni family of whom I have grown so fond. The upcoming
Alumni Get-Away Reunion Weekend will be the last event I plan as director of alumni. I will return
After serving as Dean of Students at the Prep for 24 years,
I took on a vastly different role as Gulliver’s first Director of
School Relations in 2004. That new role afforded me the
opportunity to work closely with one of our most important
resources, our parents. Through the Gulliver Schools Parents’
Associations, I have been privileged to experience, firsthand, our
parents’ steadfast commitment of service to our school
community. My close association with the Parent Connection
Committee has allowed me to maintain a connection to our
students and faculty through the various programs and speakers
we provide. Additionally, I have been invigorated by my
association with our wonderful alumni and by the energy and
dedication that Laura Keepax has provided in establishing and
building our Alumni Association. As I now assume the role of
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, I am excited by the
opportunity to continue to develop and strengthen both of these
valuable areas of our constituency.
I look forward to seeing you all at Ocean Reef in August!
to the classroom in the fall and look forward to teaching the students. So, I won’t be far and I will
still attend alumni events. After all, that’s where my friends are.
Linda Fitzgerald
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
See you all very soon!
Laura Socket Keepax ‘85
the atrium -
summer 2008
54 Years of Excellence
How Much do You Remember?
Coed Football (1977)
Cheering Crowd (1988)
Football (1988)
Homecoming (1993)
Homecoming Week (1998)
the atrium -
summer 2008
Seniors (2003)
October 2007
2007-2008 Gulliver Alumni Events Gallery
Monica Pardo Maduro ‘97 and Jorge Maduro
Danny Carvajal ‘04 and brother Christopher
Melissa and George Riemer ‘85 and children
Coach Delang with his players
Melissa Schnur ‘97 and son Lonny
Mimi Abe ‘04 and Lauren Vandenberg ‘05
Stewart Lundeen ‘06 and Mitch Lundeen ‘04
Josh Schwadron ‘00, Lara Shapiro ‘00, and Jared
Schwadron ‘03
Gulliver private MOMA showing in NY
Julie Fisher ‘85 and Emily White ‘79
Lacey Paker ‘99 and John Voith ‘03
Brannan and Liz Kunz Walker '87
Joy Mayers and Brittany Campbell, daughter of Lance
and Lisa d’Adesky Campbell ‘84
Andrew and Sharon Donsky Corman ‘87
Melissa Schnur, Chris Bleakley ‘97, J.J. Diaz ‘97, and
Ansley Elfmont Ross ‘97
Dr. Ed and Heike Krukowski ‘79 heading to alumni
Doug Bartel ‘87 and family
Ashley Baxter, daughter of Jeff Baxter ‘84, relaxing by
the pool
Ashley and Jason Rosenthal ‘87, and Jon Tyson ‘87
Ocean Reef Get-Away Weekend
August 2007
NY Alumni Event
April 2008
December 2007
Addie Restrepo Munoz ‘87 and Matt Sullivan ‘88
Jeff Segal ‘91
The mo
being a
with clien
them ho
t’s 5:30 a.m. and Jeff Segal begins his day
following year, Segal’s roommate was killed by a drunk
and all at once, to the point where he began having
with a large bowl of granola cereal, a
driver and he began experiencing chronic migraines.
trouble seeing, speaking, and walking. Segal laid out
banana, yogurt, an orange, some coffee, a
After taking a few semesters off, Segal accomplished
mattresses around the house to catch his falls and
cup of soy milk, and a smoothie. He enjoys
his goals and graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s
challenged himself off the wheelchair for good. He also
his typical breakfast while checking his e-mail and
degree in human sciences, specializing in exercise
lost 80 pounds over a one-and-a-half year period.
taking a glimpse at the online newspaper headlines. By
science and nutrition.
6:30 a.m., he is out of the door on his way to visit his
“Before MS, I knew about most of the health
Then in October 1998, Segal had what he
problems out there but I felt immortal. I never imagined
thought was a stroke. But the symptoms, although
I was going to be living with one of them,” Segal says.
The life of a personal trainer is vigorous and
consistent with a stroke, were also signs of MS. Segal
Now, he takes a shot of Copaxone, which
demanding but well worth it, Segal says. When you
was tested for MS, and when he was diagnosed with
decreases MS progression over time, daily. Between
think of a personal trainer, the first thing that comes to
the disease, he was relieved, because, he says, the
medicine and exercising, Segal has a grip on the
mind may be Jackie Warner from Bravo’s series Work
side effects of a stroke are far worse.
disease and dedicates his time to teaching others how
first client.
Out, or big buff athletes, but certainly not a once All-
“Initially I was relieved, then I had a two-year period
Star Football player who now battles Multiple Sclerosis
of denial after being diagnosed. It didn’t hit me until
Segal is a certified personal trainer (CPT) and a
(MS). When Segal, was first diagnosed with MS at the
someone mentioned that I looked overweight. At the
certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).
age of 25, he was... relieved.
time, I was weighing 250 pounds and that’s when I
He has completed over 360 hours of comprehensive
made my big turning point,” says Segal.
academic practical education and has been named a
Yes, relieved. After graduating from Gulliver in
1991, Segal attended Florida State University, where
In and out of a wheelchair for the first six months,
he faced several setbacks. During his first semester,
Segal soon became determined to considerably
Segal’s house caught fire, and his dog of 14 years,
improve his health. He struggled with balance
Axle, dragged him out of the fire and saved his life. The
problems and weakness which affected him suddenly
the atrium -
summer 2008
to correctly eat and exercise.
certified personal training specialist (CPTS) by Fitness
and Student International.
Conditioning Association’s Fitness Personal Trainer of
ost challenging thing about
personal trainer is working
nts who initially are
vated. I have to convince
ow important exercise is.
{Alumni Profile}
the Year and Fitness Institute International Trainer of
the Year in 2007, Segal was recently featured in a
“The stronger you are going in to something, the
stronger you are coming out,” says Segal.
hard work,” says Segal.
He aims at expanding his clientele and helping
health and nutrition article in SHAPE magazine, and
Segal doesn’t limit his business to people with
trainers throughout the U.S. incorporate exercise
has impacted lives through his motivational speeches
MS; he is willing to work with anyone looking to
programs for people with MS. In 2008, Segal attended
around the U.S.
positively change their health.
the Personal Training Conference in Las Vegas and
In 2004, Segal founded Balanced Personal
“I do any personal training. I have a client who
met with Mark Philippe, one of the top strongmen for
Training Inc. Based in Boca Raton, the company
recently had a heart attack, a few who are perfectly
America’s Strongman Competition, to develop a
enables Segal to pursue his dream of empowering
healthy, and one with Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” says
consulting and MS program at Philippe’s gym in Las
others in all stages of MS and to provide pre and post-
Segal. “Health is a lifestyle. I am an example of
rehabilitation services. He also is co-owner of
someone who waited until he was sick to change my
In addition to his passion for health and fitness,
Personalize Your Fitness LLC., and is the wellness
eating and exercise habits, and although I’m not a
Segal is a proud family man. Segal has set a positive
coordinator for the YMCA of Broward County.
dietitian, I know nutrition is everything.”
example for his two-year-old daughter, who seems to
“The most challenging thing about being a
Segal says he believes that diets have bad
be following in her daddy’s footsteps. He admits to
personal trainer is working with clients who initially are
connotations, specifically because the implication is
finding his little girl lifting two-pound dumbbells and
unmotivated. I have to convince them how important
that there is an end to them. He reinforces how
doing squats without him ever asking her to do so.
exercise is,” he says.
important it is to plan one’s eating, otherwise, people
Segal sets this scenario for all of his clients:
overeat and become unbearably hungry.
“I understand why I was diagnosed with MS. I can
handle it,” he says.
assume you will be in a car accident in three months.
“People oftentimes link a drop in metabolism to
A proud dad, an accomplished personal trainer,
He uses this illustration to reinforce the fact that we
age, which isn’t the case. A slower metabolism is
and a distinguished public speaker, Segal has
have a higher chance of survival and recovery if we eat
linked to inactivity, so while exercise and staying fit take
conquered each curve ball life has thrown his way, and
and live healthier.
a lot of dedication, the results certainly outweigh the
insightfully inspires others to do the same.
the atrium -
summer 2008
Alumni Roll Call
Helene Hollub ‘76
Helene married Raul Amores in November
Frank Dostaler ‘77
Frank’s son Daniel is a senior at Gulliver
and played on the football team.
Renee Miller ‘79
Renne’s son Cooper is a junior at U.N.C.A.
and her son Mickey is a junior at The
Derryfield School.
Denise Johnson Stephens ‘79
Denise just began her third term as the
national treasurer for Women In Insurance
and Financial Services.
Roderick Dickinson ‘80
Rod is married and has two children and
a dog.
Alec Thyrre ‘80
Alec is a pilot for American Airlines.
Seth Frank ‘81
Seth, his wife Shari, and their children, 10year-old Hannah and seven-year-old Alex,
live in Highland Park, Illinois. Seth works
for a New York firm managing corporate
crises and strategic communications for
public companies.
Michelle Beck Viana ‘82
Michelle is the lead PIP Defense Secretary
for Luks, Santaniello, and Perez law firm
in Ft. Lauderdale.
Kenneth Josefsberg ‘82
Ken and his wife have two daughters, 10year-old Natalie Rose and seven-year-old
Stella Blue. Natalie is currently ranked
sixth in the nation in rock climbing.
Benjamin Klinger ‘82
Ben is a pilot for Net Jets Airline.
Miguel Martinez ‘82
Miguel is married, has five beautiful
children, and lives in Cooper City.
the atrium -
Gonzalo Parodi ‘82
Gonzalo is an investment banker for
Macquarie Bank LTD in Miami. He is a
founding board member of Fundacion
Manos Del Sur, a not-for-profit
organization helping poor children in Latin
America. He also is a trustee for the Miami
Art Museum, Miami Art Central, a member
of the Museum of Modern Art in New York,
and a founding member of the Latin
American Arts at the Museum of Fine Arts
in Houston.
Brian Pincus ‘83
Brian owns BP Productions, an advertising
and production company in Miami.
Carolina Quinonez ‘83
Carolina and David Dignan married on
November 3, 2007, in Washington, D.C.
Scott Rodrick ‘83
Scott has opened his 20th restaurant,
Palmetto, out west and plans to expand to
the Las Vegas market in 2009.
Diego Rodriguez ‘83
Diego and his wife Jenny were married in
2002. They have two daughters, Isabella,
three years old, and Alexa Renee, one year
old. They are expecting their third child.
Robert Salem ‘83
Rob and his wife celebrate 14 years of
marriage and have two daughters, 11year-old Madison and nine-year-old
Ms. Marlene Alvarez ‘84
Marlene created and chaired the First
Annual Highlands Culinary Weekend. She
is also the chair elect of the Highlands
Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.
John Balzola ‘84
John is a fashion and advertising
photographer in Miami.
Michael Kaminer ‘84
Michael is the assistant general counsel
for Bluegreen Corporation in Boca Raton.
summer 2008
Marco Rojas ‘84
Marco and his wife celebrated the birth of
their second son, Santiago Ignacio, on
October 31, 2007.
Lisa Sochet ‘85
Lisa works for Royal Caribbean Cruise
Lines International and has been
promoted to senior account executive,
product development and onboard
communications for brand innovations, in
the marketing department.
Jonathan Baety ‘85
Jonathan is an assistant managing
partner for New England Financial in
Lisa Coluccio Cearnal ‘85
Lisa is an employment specialist with
Norwegian Cruise Line in Miami.
Suzette Fandino Luzine ‘85
Suzette and her husband Edmund
celebrated the birth of their daughter
Veronica Pilar, on January 8, 2008.
Alfred Fredel ‘85
Alfred is the media and marketing
manager for Montclair State University in
New Jersey and is also a member of the
Free and Accepted Masons of New Jersey,
Fidelity Lodge #113.
Blair Loveland ‘85
Blair is the branch manager at Superior
Bank in Clearwater.
Elizabeth Meitin Perez ‘85
Ely works for Glaxo Smith Kline and her
son Daniel is in sixth grade at Gulliver
Pinecrest Middle Campus.
Mark Brown ‘86
Mark is a senior trial attorney for the
Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.
He and his wife Marjorie are the proud
parents of five-year-old Mark Jr., and
three-year-old twins Matthew and
Alex and Niki, sons of Brigitte Nachtigall Altala ‘85
Alfred Fredel ‘85 speaking to student
the music industry
Alfred Fredel ‘85 and his son
Christina Curl Speas ‘96, husband Ree
Blair Loveland ‘85 catching the big one
Christina Karman Rojo ‘87 speaking w
careers in TV and acting
Lynn Davis ‘86
Lynn and her husband welcomed their
daughter Davis, born on January 4, 2007.
Davis joins her two-year-old brother Paul,
and they all live in Miami.
Fiona Howe Rudin ‘86
Fiona and her husband Eric have two
sons, eight-year-old Sam and five-year-old
Jeffrey Schwartz ‘86
Jeffrey earned his M.B.A. in marketing
from Regis University with a 4.0 GPA and
is the vice president of Neoptx in
Colorado, which manufactures and sells
reading and magnifying lenses.
Richard Shugar ‘86
Richard opened his own architecture firm
called 2form Architecture in Eugene,
Oregon. He received the People’s Choice
Award from the American Institute of
David Willner ‘86
David married in September 2006; he and
his wife welcomed their first child in April
Douglas Bartel ‘87
Doug and his wife Sherri have three
children, seven-year-old Brett and fouryear-old twin daughters, Jordan and
ts about careers in
Cole and Carli, children of Craig Schmidt ‘89
Family of Jon Lewis ‘87
Jessica Hillman-Waller Foti ‘04, parents, and husband
Myles, son of Trisha Teale Bonilla ‘90
ed, and baby Elle
Virgina Lolas Saba ‘83 and family
Chris Derks ‘88 speaking to students about the FBI and
forensic science
Marion Schur Hardwick ‘03 and new baby
Petra ‘80 and Peter Ferris ‘80 and son
with students about
Elizabeth and Spencer Taintor ‘92 and family
Jeff Baxter ‘84 and son Lawson
Mark de Langen ‘98, living in Curacao
Skylar Marcee, daughter of Tiffany Smith-Maranto ‘93
Jonathan Lewis ‘87
Jon and his wife have two children, sixyear-old Jacob and two-year-old Isaac.
David Millheiser ‘87
David is an attorney with Peter Miller and
Associates in Miami.
Eric Nadel ‘87
Eric has a U.S. Patent 5788648A number
for a control, monitoring synchronisity,
and coordination base linked to thought,
motive, perspective, and sensory function.
Aura Duque ‘88
Aura works for the Charlee Program in
Miami. She and her husband have been
married for ten years and have three sons,
ages three, four, and six.
Ramon Martinez ‘88
Ramon is a manager for Bay Care Health
Systems in Tampa. He is responsible for
the implementation of their new electronic
medical record system.
Christopher McClure ‘88
Chris and his daughter, Mila Alessandra,
live in the Design District of Miami. Mila is
in first grade at St. Philips Episcopal
Matthew Sullivan ‘88
Matt and his wife celebrated the birth of
their third child, Mia Catherine, on October
23, 2007.
Renier Diaz de la Portilla ‘89
Renier works as an attorney for Gray
Robinson law firm and is also an elected
member of the Miami Dade County School
Board after serving in the Florida
Debra Goodstein ‘89
Debra married in March 2008.
Jennifer Hirt Beer ‘89
Jennifer lives in Weston with her husband
and three daughters.
Justine Mittelman ‘89
Justine is the associate director for the
San Diego Opera in California.
Jennifer Stepner Mullen ‘89
Jennifer just welcomed her first baby girl
named Jordyn Mckenzie.
Federico Grande ‘90
Federico and his wife Annette have 14month-old twin boys, Alejandro and
Nicolas, and are expecting their third child.
Federico is an oral and maxillofacial
surgeon in Stuart, Florida.
Ricardo Lopez ‘90
Ricardo and his wife have a four-month-old
and a two-year-old daughter.
Dianne Lozano Diener ‘90
Dianne is a teacher in Miramar.
David Renton ‘90
David and his family live in South Carolina.
He is the director of minimally invasive
surgery at the University of South
Vivian Figueredo ‘91
Vivian and her husband welcomed their
son, Nicolas Alex Mavis, on September 11,
Kathy Galindez Yannucci ‘91
Kathy has launched her website for Yoga
exercise apparel at
Kelly Gomez Messett ‘91
Kelly married Jeff Messett in January
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the atrium -
summer 2008
Alex Luty ‘91
Alex is vice president of IQ Electronic
Interiors in Miami and works part time
with the Miami Dolphins football team.
Lamya Manzur ‘91
Lamya has her own dental practice in
Miami. She and her husband have a son,
Alexander, and are expecting their second
Jeff Segal ‘91
Jeff was named the Personal Trainer of
the Year by the National Strength and
Conditioning Association for his dedication
in training and rehabilitating people with
Mulitple Sclerosis.
Sonia Arraut ‘92
Sonia has been promoted to project
manager for Sony Electronics in Miami.
Elizabeth Greenfield Taintor ‘92
Elizabeth and Spencer celebrated the
birth of their daughter Emma on July 15,
Jason Hersh ‘92
Jason works for Right Now Technologies
in Florida. He is responsible for speech
recognition CTI and contact center
integration consulting.
Seth Eisinger ‘93
Seth and Wendy Brenes were married on
February 10, 2007.
Lara Marks Mark ‘93
Lara and Jeff Mark were married on May
5, 2007, and live in Castle Rock, Colorado.
Wes Quesenberry ‘93
Wes is a securities trade desk
representative for World Financial Group
in Atlanta.
Ameli Padron ‘93
Ameli is the head of human resources at
Caixanova Bank in Miami.
Lee Graham ‘94
Lee is a business planning manager for
Hewlett Packard in Houston, Texas.
Christopher Kavalir ‘94
Chris was promoted to lieutenant of
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.
Stephanie Kirkpatrick Fealy ‘94
Stephanie does medical transcription for a
periodontal company in Palm Beach.
the atrium -
Tyler Master ‘94
Tyler and his wife welcomed their first
child, Jake Tyler, in June 2007.
Michael Oliver ‘94
Mike and his family live in Ft. Myers and
he is an attorney with Becker & Poliakoff.
Fernanda Pinzon ‘94
Fernanda started a new online ecofriendly boutique called New Born Mom.
She and her husband German have a oneyear-old daughter, Gabriella, and are
expecting their second child.
Samantha Schosberg Feuer ‘94
Samantha and her husband have a oneyear-old daughter, Sophia Jordan.
Samantha is an assistant state attorney
for Palm Beach County.
Elise Bialilew Coren ‘95
Elise and her husband Brad celebrated the
birth of their son, Alex Matthew, on
December 4, 2007.
Monica Charur Macario ‘95
Monica and her husband welcomed their
daughter, Isabella, in December 2007.
Erick Ciocca ‘95
Erick is the project manager for Chase
Construction Management Inc. in Miami.
He is married and has a son.
Vanessa Garcia Rojas ‘95
Vanessa and her husband celebrate the
birth of their baby, Benigno Andres, born
September 17, 2007.
Benjamina Rowe Brown ‘95
Benjamina completed her residency in
family medicine in June 2007. She also
became board certified and works in a
private practice. She enjoys life with her
husband, Trevor, and her one-and-a-half
year-old son, Owen.
Javier Yaniz ‘95
Javier graduated with a degree in animal
sciences and is attending classes at the
University of Florida for entrance into the
school of veterinary medicine.
Christina Curl Speas ‘96
Christina and her husband Reed
celebrated the birth of their daughter, Elle,
on October 3, 2007.
Joseph Feo ‘96
Joseph is general manager for
Transamerica Trading Corporation in
summer 2008
Alice Gabrieloff Wieder ‘96
Alice married Isaac Wieder on March 10,
Jason Green ‘96
Jason is the owner of 2020 Companies in
Dallas, Texas.
Joseph Masinter ‘96
Joseph works for Handicapped Sales
Workshop Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale.
Ramon Pielago ‘96
Ramon is an investment representative for
Lehman Brothers.
Michal Raz-Russo ‘96
Michal lives in Chicago and is the creative
director for the Belgravia Group.
Samantha Tyson Schwartz ‘96
Samantha is a fifth grade teacher at Mater
Academy in Miami.
Jessica Atrio ‘97
Jessica is a resident at the Mount Sinai
School of Medicine in New York.
Chad Freedman ‘97
Chad married his fiance Sherie in January
Catalina Ochoa Perez ‘97
Kathy and her husband have two children,
Daniel Andres, six months old, and Isabel,
two years old.
Monica Pardo ‘97
Monica married Jorge Maduro in February
Shayne Shnapier ‘97
Shayne is a television producer in
Danielle Azoulay ‘98
Danielle owns Broadway Fest, a theatre
company that arranges for students to
compete with other schools while learning
the theater business from an insider’s
David Concepcion ‘98
David is the chief of staff for the Mayor of
the City of Hialeah.
Mark De Langen ‘98
Mark is living in Curacao, Netherlands
Antilles, and is the senior trading officer
and relationship manager at Citco Banking
Corporation, a company that provides
custodial and trading services to the
Hedge Fund Industry.
Joshua Yavelberg ‘98
Josh is opening a new art studio at Lorton
Work House in Lorton, Virginia.
Bianca Alonso-Mendoza ‘99
Bianca lives in Pittsburgh and works as
the associate creative director for Ronin
Advertising Group.
Andre Cardim ‘99
Andre is working on the I-595 expansion
during the proposal phase with a chance
of being transferred to Africa in 2008 to
manage the finance department of a
Sebastian Grillon ‘99
Sebastian works for Southeast Property as
a real estate broker specializing in
commerical properties in Miami.
Justin Hayes ‘99
Justin has entered law school after
working with U.S. Senator Barbara
Mikulski, Dem. Maryland.
David Hew ‘99
David is the international director of
marketing, sales, and public relations for
Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas. He lives
part time in London and the Bahamas.
Kimberly Levy ‘99
Kim is practicing general litigation in the
Washington office of Fulbright and
Jaworski L.L.P.
Sofia Sarria ‘99
Sofia is the regional marketing
representative for Novis Pharmaceuticals
in Miami.
Percy Avetrani ‘00
Percy started a risk management and
wealth accumulation business and is a
soccer coach at Strike Force for the U-11
traveling team.
Ms. Kimberli Barrett ‘00
Kimberli is attending nursing school and is
a personal trainer in Miami.
Victor Diaz ‘00
Victor recently was appointed to the Board
of Directors for Pridelines Youth Services.
He currently is establishing a national
magazine for a global market.
Michelle Dieppa Montalvo ‘00
Michelle married Victor Montalvo on July
21, 2007. They operate their business,
Memorable Video Productions, and
Michelle also teaches at Greenglade
Elementary School.
Morgan Miller Caspi ‘00
Morgan opened her store, Morgan Miller
Shoes, in Aventura Mall.
Raul Placeres ‘00
Raul is the new head coach of the
Gatlinburg-Pittman High School boy’s
basketball team in Tennessee.
Daniel Figueroa ‘01
Daniel was voted the most valuable player
for the Spanish National Baseball Team.
Paco Figueroa ‘01
Paco plays baseball for the Baltimore
Charles Koniver ‘01
Charlie works for IMG in Miami and
coordinates the Sony Ericsson Open
Tennis Tournament in Key Biscayne.
Megha Mahajan ‘01
Megha is attending law school at Florida
International University.
Sean Respeto ‘01
Sean married his college sweetheart, Kim
Allen, on June 26, 2007. He is a
mechanical engineer and lives in
Jason Ross ‘01
Jason received his law degree from
Washington University.
Peter Simon ‘01
Peter works as a commercial lending
officer for Colonial Bank in Miami. Colonial
Bank is sponsoring him to participate in
the Greater Miami Chamber of
Commerce’s Leadership Miami Program.
John Valdes ‘01
John is in his third year of medical
school at Tulane University.
Jason Bunch ‘02
Jason married his fiance, Inese, on July
7, 2007.
Shanan Flaxman ‘02
Shannon is the events coordinator for
entertainment company.
Ivan Mladenovic ‘02
Ivan owns a consulting company that
specializes in real estate and
construction development.
Jonathan Anderson ‘03
Jonathan graduated from Duke with a
degree in history. He is a volunteer
assistant coach for Duke University’s
Baseball team. He contributed to the best
record the team has had since 1998.
Alexis Atkins ‘03
Alexis graduated magna cum laude from
Bentley College in May 2007, earning a
B.S. in management. She works as a
software specialist at IBM in Coral
Jessica Berrin ‘03
Jessica graduated magna cum laude
from the University of Florida School of
Gregory Barnard ‘03
Gregory is an analyst for CIT Group in
New York.
Shayna Baer ‘03
Shayna is in her second year of law
school at St. Thomas University in Miami.
Jocelyn Hoffman ‘03
Jocelyn is a registered nurse and works
in the pediatric and sugical departments
at Miami Children’s Hospital.
Anthony Jack ‘03
Tony graduated from Amherst and works
as an alumni fellow for the university.
Lauren Kirtley ‘03
Lauren is an assistant buyer for Macy’s in
Douglas Koroglu ‘03
Douglas graduated from FAU in the
summer of 2007 with a degree in
political science with a minor in history.
David Leibovitch ‘03
David and Emily Roberts ‘04 were
married in May 2008. David also
graduated from the University of Miami
with a degree in math and physics.
Jennifer Levin ‘03
Jennifer is attending law school at
Florida International University.
Jennifer Messina ‘03
Jennifer graduated from NYU and was
president of the Policy Debate Team. She
was presented with the Founders Day
Award for outstanding scholarship,
chosen as one of 20 debaters nationally
to be named as an All American Debater
by the Cross Examination Debate
Association, and was inducted into the
Red Dragon Society. She is attending law
school at the University of Chicago,
recently was chosen as a named scholar,
and received the tiltle of Stonewall
Fellow and a scholarship for her
progressive work towards gender and
LGBT rights equality.
Carlos Musibay ‘03
Carlos is 1 of 6 finalists in the Miami
Herald Business Plan Challenge
Sylvia Raskin ‘03
Sylvia directs the Peer Advocate Program
at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. She
promotes comprehensive education and
community outreach among teens.
Vicky Rodriguez ‘03
Vicky is seeking an M.B.A. in taxation
from the University of Miami.
Marion Schur Hardwick ‘03
Marion and her husband celebrated the
birth of their son in August 2007; they
also have a two-year-old daughter.
Georgia Alvarez ‘04
Georgia published an article in This Old
House magazine owned by Time Warner.
Rebecca Bennett ‘04
Rebecca married in February 2008. She
and her husband are expecting their first
child in July 2008.
Alejandro Fernandez ‘04
Alex is the host of a political talk show.
He is the creator and producer of a new
radio program for a major station in
Jillianne Grayson ‘04
Jillianne graduated from Johns Hopkins
University with a degree in biology.
Jessica Hillman-Waller Foti ‘04
Jessica recently married Eduardo Foti in
Robert Lowe, III ‘04
Bobby is attending a NOLS course in
Baja, Mexico, where he will be
backpacking, sea kayaking, and sailing.
Emily Roberts ‘04
Emily and David Leibovitch ‘03 married in
May 2008. Emily is a senior at UNC
Chapel Hill majoring in biology and
Jorge Rodriguez ‘04
Jorge is majoring in political science at
the University of Miami.
Matthew Sinnreich ‘04
Matt launched his new website in
October called
Jenessa Sprague ‘04
Jenessa received a graduate college
fellowship to the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign and is now working
toward a doctorate in clinical psychology.
Sophia M. Alvarez ‘05
Sophia studied abroad in Argentina
during the fall 2007 semester.
Leah Bueso ‘05
Leah studied abroad in Madrid, Spain,
during the fall 2007 semester.
Faequa A. Khan ‘05
Faequa spent a year abroad studying in
Scotland. She is studying political
science and plans on attending law
Sarah Posnak ‘05
Sarah is spending her junior year
studying at the University of Cordoba in
Misha Rosenthal ‘05
Misha plays soccer for Northwestern
University and was named to the second
team for the All Big-Tens Team selected
by the conference’s head coaches. He is
one of the top goalkeepers in the
country. He holds a 0.51 goals-against
average record and ranks sixth in the
Charlotte Blake ‘06
Charlotte is a business major and plays
soccer for Belmont University in
Heather Walton ‘06
Heather is attending Philadelphia
University and plays on the university’s
womens soccer team.
Beau Blumberg ‘07
Beau attends William and Mary College
and teaches Yoga for its recreation
Terry Claus ‘07
Terry is attending school and modeling
for Next Model Management in Miami.
Charles Freyre ‘07
Charles is attending Washington
University in St. Louis and was awarded
the 2007 Tau Kappa Epsilon Leadership
Daniel Lage ‘07
Daniel is the contributing editor for the
Harvard Crimson, Harvard University’s
Newspaper. He interviewed an advisor of
the John Kennedy Administration about
the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Alison Mantel ‘07
Alison is attending the University of
Michigan and also is a key offensive
player for the women’s water polo team.
She scored her first hat trick against San
Diego State and helped the team win.
Cara Reitz ‘07
Cara is attending the University of
Michigan and also is a key offensive
player for the women’s water polo team.
She has scored winning goals in her last
two matches.
Krizia Torres ‘07
Krizia is studying in Pittsburgh at
Carnegie Mellon University School of
Bret Voith ‘07
Bret is attending Harvard University and
plays on the men’s waterpolo team. He
was voted rookie of the year and named
to the Eastern All-Tournament Second
Gulliver Schools sends it condolences to the
friends and family of the following Raider
alumni who have passed away since
summer 2007:
September 2007
September 2007
November 2007
November 2007
March 2008
March 2008
May 2008
the atrium -
summer 2008
a selection of
student art
Carolina Mayo: “Sickness”
12th Grade (2008 Scholastic Art Awards Gold Key Winner)
Gulliver Schools
Office of Communications and Public Relations
1500 San Remo Avenue, Suite 295
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Alexandra Hernandez: “Birthday Surprise”
10th Grade
Giulia Medina: “Nature’s Design”
SMC First Grade
US Postage
Miami, Fl
Permit No. 00667