 Sample questions ANSWERS 1



 Sample questions ANSWERS 1
Sample questions
Question 1
• While a corrected call might normally result
in a let, we must take into account a
winning shot situation.
• Answer c
Question 2
• The award of a conduct stroke once a point
has finished does not result in a change of
service box
• Answer a
Question 3
• By taking the ball early on the volley, a
potential fault serve has been made good.
• Answer c
Question 4
• It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that
he can hear the time calls. (The referee
should ensure that the calls are made in a
loud voice).
• Answer a
Question 5
• Although not a deliberate distraction, the
action must be interpreted as preventing a
winning shot
• Answer b
Question 6
• Player A is entitled to play a shot after
turning, provided he does not endanger his
opponent. Player B has no appeal here – it
is A’s shot
• Answer b
Question 7
• Player B must make every effort to clear the
second attempt. (Note that if B, in clearing,
had been struck by the ball, it would have
been a let)
• Answer c
Question 8
• Although there is the corrected first call on
the “Out”, the referee must rule on the
subsequent event – a fault.
• Answer c
Question 9
• This is not turning. (The referee may speak
to player A about hitting opponent with
• Answer b
Question 10
• In this situation, the injury time for the self
inflicted injury is in addition to the 90
seconds interval
• Answer c
Question 11
• This comes into the category of player
distraction. Player B can be assumed to be
in a “winning shot” situation. (If Player A
repeated this action, a conduct penalty could
also be considered)
• Answer b
Question 12
• Although players are required to play through
reasonable distraction caused by crowd noise, the
referee has the discretion to play a let on
distraction. (If this action was repeated, the referee
should speak to the team mates requesting them to
wait until the end of the rally before making
• Answer b

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