Meet Ella, our April 2015 DSAH calendar model. She really enjoys



Meet Ella, our April 2015 DSAH calendar model. She really enjoys
2015 Q2
P2 In the Know—
The ABLE Act Part II
P4 & 5 Support DSAH
& Camp Ability
P6 & 7 Education 4 Life
& Special Needs seminar
P10 &11 Potty Training &
Community Groups
Meet Ella, our April 2015 DSAH calendar model. She really
enjoys reading sight word books and she can recognize
over sixty sight words! Her favorite place to go to is the
beach and the Kemah Boardwalk.
Conoce a Ella, nuestra modelo del calendario de DSAH del mes
de Abril. Ella disfruta leer libros con fotos y reconoce mas de 60
palabras! Su lugar favorito de ir es la playa y el Kemah
The Mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Houston is to
provide programs and support to individuals with Down syndrome,
their families, and the professionals who serve them; and to create
awareness in the community through advocacy, education and
medical outreach.
We envision a community in which all people with Down syndrome
have the opportunity to enhance the quality of their lives, realize
their life aspirations, and become accepted as part of our very
diverse society.
Change Service Requested
7115 W. Tidwell Rd. Bldg. K Suite 106
Down Syndrome
Association of Houston
Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act
ABLE Act Overview - continued from Q1
3. Am I eligible for an ABLE account?
Passage of legislation is a result of a series of compromises. The final version of
the ABLE Act limits eligibility to individuals with significant disabilities with an age
of onset of disability before turning 26 years of age. If you meet this criteria and
are also receiving benefits already under SSI and/or SSDI, you are automatically
eligible to establish an ABLE account. If you are not a recipient of SSI and/or SSDI,
but still meet the age of onset disability requirement, you would still be eligible to
open an ABLE account if you meet SSI criteria regarding significant functional limitations. The regulations to be written in 2015 by the Treasury Department will
have to explain further the standard of proof and required medical documentation. You need not be under the age of 26 to be eligible for an ABLE account. You could be over the age
of 26, but must have the documentation of disability that indicates age of onset before the age of 26.
4. Are there limits to how much money can be put in an ABLE account?
The total annual contributions by all participating individuals, including family and friends, is $14,000. The
amount will be adjusted annually for inflation. Under current tax law, $14,000 is the maximum amount that
individuals can make as a gift to someone else and not pay taxes (gift tax exclusion). The total limit over
time that could be made to an ABLE account will be subject to the individual state and their limit for education-related 529 savings accounts. Many states have set this limit at more than $300,000 per plan. However, for individuals with disabilities who are recipients of SSI and Medicaid, the ABLE Act sets some further limitations. The first $100,000 in ABLE accounts would be exempted from the SSI $2,000 individual
resource limit. If and when an ABLE account exceeds $100,000, the beneficiary would be suspended from
eligibility for SSI benefits and no longer receive that monthly income. However, the beneficiary would
continue to be eligible for Medicaid. States would be able to recoup some expenses through Medicaid
upon the death of the beneficiary.
5. Which expenses are allowed by ABLE accounts?
A "qualified disability expense" means any expense related to the designated beneficiary as a result of living a life with disabilities. These include education, housing, transportation, employment training and support, assistive technology, personal support services, health care expenses, financial management and administrative services and other expenses which will be further described in regulations to be developed in
2015 by the Treasury Department.
6. Where do I go to open an ABLE account?
Each state is responsible for establishing and operating an ABLE program. If a state should choose not to
establish its own program, the state may choose to contract with another state to still offer its eligible individuals with significant disabilities the opportunity to open an ABLE account. After President Obama
signs the ABLE Act, the Secretary of the Department of Treasury will begin to develop regulations that will
guide the states in terms of a) the information required to be presented to open an ABLE account; b) the
documentation needed to meet the requirements of ABLE account eligibility for a person with a disability;
and c) the definition details of "qualified disability expenses" and the documentation that will be needed
for tax reporting. No accounts can be established until the regulations are finalized following a public
comment period on proposed rules for program implementation. States will begin to accept applications
to establish ABLE accounts before the end of 2015.
From NDSS. To be continued on Q3 Newsletter or visit for full article
One of the best gifts you can give your child is a great foundation for kindergarten. DSAH invites you to attend
Smart Start – four sessions that will help you prepare for entering kindergarten. Smart Start is for you if you have
asked yourself any of the following questions:
Will my child be safe?
Will my child succeed?
Will my child be included?
Will my child have friends?
You can sign up for our Smart Start session
on-line at or via E-mail to
[email protected] ,or call 713-682-7237 x201.
Parents who complete all four sessions will receive a backpack
and gift card for school supplies!
Session 1: Student Readiness - high expectations,
following rules and directions, handling schedule
changes, insistence on compliance
Session 2: Parent/School Relations - communicating effectively, common mistakes, addressing
concerns, what your teacher needs to know
Session 3: Placements & IEP's - IQ testing, inclusion, Individual Education Plans and meetings, creating IEP goals
Session 4: Fostering Friendships -social skills for
success, creating social opportunities, successful
play dates, community activities, peer presentations
Childcare and refreshments provided.
Advance registration is required.
Registration for childcare must be made by:
April 6 for the Spring session and by July 8
for the summer session
$40 to non-members
Take this opportunity to ask questions, learn about
local resources, and meet other parents whose children
are also preparing to enter kindergarten.
April 11
May 16
June 27
July 18
July 15
Aug. 12
Sept. 23
Time: 9:30a – 11:30a
Time: 7:00p – 8:30p
Our spring sessions will
have a Gymboree and
Music Party for the kids!!!
Our summer sessions will
have a pajama pizza
party for the kids!!!
All sessions will be held at the DS Resource Center, 7115
W. Tidwell Rd., Bldg. K, Suite 106, Houston, TX 77092
Abuso en las Escuelas?
Haga la Diferencia!
Abuse in Schools?
Make A Difference!
Every parent fears for the safety of
their child with Ds or with any other
special need. Most of the time,
schools are places of love and learning, but, sometimes something bad happens.
Todos los padres temen por la seguridad
de nuestros niños con síndrome de Down
o cualquier otra necesidad. La mayoría
del tiempo, las escuelas son lugares de enseñanza y amor
pero a veces algo malo pasa.
Recently, one member’s family received a call that
their child was physically abused by a paraprofessional. For more information see http:// . At press time, the school reports evidence
of abuse on a hallway surveillance camera but has
denied the family access to the record. Our thoughts
and prayers go out to the family as they handle the
terrible circumstances.
Recientemente, la familia de uno de nuestros miembros recibió la llamada que todos tememos de que su hijo fue abusado físicamente por un paraprofesional. Para mas información vea
video-reveals-abuse-of-spring-branch-special-needsstudent . La escuela reporta evidencia de abuso físico en uno
de sus pasillos a través de una de las cámaras pero le han
negado a la familia acceso a esta video. Nuestros pensamientos y apoyo va a esta familia y a muchas otras que han
o estén pasando por un momento tan difícil como este.
The Texas Legislature is in the 84th Session this year.
You can make a difference by contacting your State
Representative and State Senator and expressing
your concern about the safety of our children in Special Needs Classrooms. There are two bills addressing
Cameras in Special Needs Classrooms: Senate Bill
(SB) 507 and House Bill (HB) 1033. The Senate version specifically prohibits using cameras to evaluate
La legistura de Texas No. 84 esta en sesión este año. Usted
puede hacer la diferencia comunicándose con su Representante Estatal y Senador Estatal y expresando sus preocupaciones sobre la seguridad de nuestros niños en Salones de
Necesidades Especiales. En este momento tenemos dos artículos de circulación en el senado la cual hablan de cámaras
en los salones: Senate Bill (SB) 507 y House Bill (HB) 1033. La
versión del senado específicamente prohíbe el usar cámaras
para evaluar a los profesores.
The Senate’s Education Committee has officials from
Greater Houston. Senator Larry Taylor (Pearland) is
Chair of the Senate Education Committee, serving
with Senators Sylvia Garcia and Paul Bettencourt from
Houston. HB 1033 is in the House Committee on
Public Education Co-Chaired by Rep. Alma Allen of
Houston. She serves with Reps. Dwayne Bohac and
Harold V. Dutton, Jr., from Houston, as well as Rep.
Dan Huberty from Kingwood.
El Comité de Educación del Senado tiene oficiales del área
de Houston. El Senador Larry Taylor (Pearland) es el Director
del Comité de Educación del Senado, sirviendo junto con los
Senadores Sylvia Garcia y Paul Bettencourt de Houston.
What action can you take?
1. Contact your own Senator and Representative as
well as Education Committee Members to express
support for protecting our children through Cameras
in Special Needs Classrooms. All contact information
can be found at
Home.aspx . Don’t know who represents you? You
can find out at the site. If you need help call us at
DSAH 713-682-7237. You can also read both bills
through that site.
2. Go to Austin personally to talk to officials.
3. Go to the local offices of elected officials and talk
to the staff.
4. Educate others about HB 1033 and SB 507 and the
need for cameras due to the abuse of our children
and their inability to communicate the abuse to us.
Together, we can make schools safer for all children!
HB 1033 esta en el Comité de la Casa de Educación Publica
Co-Dirigida por la Representante Alma Allen de Houston.
Ella sirve junto con los Representantes Dwayne Bohac y Harold V. Dutton, Jr., de Houston, al igual que el Representante
Dan Huberty de Kingwood.
Que acción puede usted tomar?
1. Comuníquese con su Senador y Representantes al igual
que con los miembros del Comité de Educación para expresar su apoyo al proteger nuestros niños a través de las Cámaras en los Salones de Necesidades Especiales. Toda la
información mas el nombre de sus representantes puede ser
encontrada en . Si
necesita ayuda puede también llamarnos al DSAH 713-6827237. Usted también puede leer los dos artículos en esa pagina web.
2. Vaya a Austin personalmente para hablar con los oficiales.
3. Vaya a las oficinas locales de los oficiales elegidos para
hablar con ellos.
4. Eduque a otros sobre HB 1033 y SB 507 y sobre la necesidad de las cámaras debido al abuso de nuestros niños y su
inhabilidad de comunicar su abuso a nosotros.
Juntos podemos hacer de nuestras escuelas un lugar mas
seguro para nuestros niños!
Register TODAY
Camp Ability is a summer day camp for children/teens with
Down syndrome and their siblings ages 3-17 years at our Resource Center. We’ll have crafts, music, games, reading, writing, movement, a snack, and most of all-fun! We will arrange
to have siblings together if desired, even if they are in different age groups.
Our theme is Dinosaurs!
$60 for the entire week (all day) 9 AM-4 PM
$30 for half day which is 3 hours either morning 9 AM-Noon
or 1-4 PM.
July 6 to July 10, 2015 ALL AGES
To register for the summer camp, visit or call
us at 713.682.7237 X201 or x206. You can mail the payment
(check or money order) to 7115 W. Tidwell Rd. Bldg. K #106
Houston, TX 77092 or you can pay the first day of camp.
all age groups
Meet Helo, our May 2015 DSAH calendar model. He loves playing the drums, listening to music and
meeting new friends. He enjoys going to the park and riding on the swings.
Conoce a Helo, nuestro modelo del mes de Mayo del calendario de DSAH del 2015. A el le encanta tocar
los tambores, escuchar música y conocer nuevos amigos. El disfruta ir al
parque y columpiarse.
Is going DIGITAL
subscribe today at
DSAH Today will be an E-Newsletter for the months of May and June. Don’t miss a beat and sign up to receive
your E-Newsletter today!
Education for Life
Huge thanks to all the parents and supporters
of our Education for Life February and March
drive! We have markers, pens, highlighters
and pencils to last us the entire year!!!!
Gracias a todos los padres y las personas que apoyaron la
donación de lápices, marcadores y resaltadores durante
los meses de Febrero y Marzo para el Programa de Educación para Toda La Vida! Tenemos suficientes
donaciones para todo el año!
Dinner and Fashion Show
Date: Thursday, June 18, 2015
Time: 6:00pm—9:00pm
Location: Noah’s of Katy
April is clean up the earth
month! Please consider donating trash bags to our E4L
program! We need 32 gallon
& 13 gallon bags.
Abril es el mes para limpiar la
tierra! Considere donar bolsas de
basura para el programa. Necesitamos bolsas de 32 y 13 galones.
Help us prepare for our
Evening with the STARS dinner and Fashion show. Consider donating c6/12pks of
soda (coke, diet coke, sprite
and water)!
Ayúdenos a prepararnos para
nuestro evento! Considere donar un paquete de 6/12 sodas
(coke, coke de dieta, sprite o
Silent Auction
Fashion Show
Pantomime Troupe Performance
Cash Bar
Tickets: $35
Tables and Sponsorships Available
More information [email protected]
Special Needs Financial Orientation
Come and learn how to provide your loved ones with DS a good quality of
life in the future!
Brendan Scott was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He is a graduate of Baylor
University with a double major in Economics and Marketing and started working
in the financial industry as a teller at a bank his last semester at Baylor. After
graduation, he found his way over to financial advising. He has been working in
the financial services industry for 5 years. Currently, Brendan is a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones Investments. He has a passion for volunteering and giving
back to his community. He also loves Baylor sports, playing golf, and his dog
Dempsey. Feel free to give him a call if you ever need anything, or have any
Date: Thursday April 23, 2015
Time: 7pm
Location: DSRC 7115 W. Tidwell Bldg. K Suite
106 Houston, TX 77092
RSVP to [email protected] or at 713.682.7237
Brendan Scott
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones Investments
21707 Kingsland Blvd, Suite 102 Katy, TX 77450
O: 281-829-1428
C: 713-725-4839
[email protected]
Light refreshments
and babysitting will be provided. Please RSVP
Meet Emma !!! Our June 2015 DSAH Calendar
Model!! She likes playing with friends and neighbours. She walked at fifteen months and is working on learning new words. She loves going to the
park and to her Nana’s house! She also invites you
to join us at our DSAH Pool party on July 19 at
Conoce a Emma!!! Nuestra modelo del mes de Junio del calendario de DSAH. A ella le gusta jugar
con sus amiguitos y vecinos. Emma camino a los 15
meses y ahora esta aprendiendo nuevas palabras.
A ella le gusta ir al parque y a la casa de Nana!
Emma les extiende la invitación a nuestra fiesta de
piscina de DSAH el 19 de Julio en Splashtown!
April 25, 2015 from 4pm to 7pm May 16, 2015 from 2pm to 5pm
@ Bowlmor
@ Tinseltown
Address: 12920 Northwest Freeway,
Houston, TX 77040
Address: 925 Bunker Hill Rd,
Houston, TX 77024
Spaces is limited to the first 20 people with Down
syndrome! All expenses will be paid for the first 20
people w/DS that RSVP!!
Spaces is limited to the first 15 people
with Down syndrome!
All expenses will be paid for the first
15 people w/DS that RSVP!!
DSAH will NOT be having transportation available.
Parents are required to drop off & pick up their loved
For any ADDITIONAL Guest or Individuals with DS
that RSVP after the deadline will have a 15.00 cost
that will include:
1 Movie Ticket (We will have reserved seating)
- Pizza & Drinks in our Club 21 Private Party Room
 Movie Pack for the Movies (Popcorn, Candy, &
Small Drink)
RSVP No Later than April 17, 2015!
To RSVP Via Phone call 713-682-7237 or Email [email protected]
In order to attend you must have an active Club 21
Go Hawaiian Dance
June 27, 2015 From 6pm - 9pm
at Strake Jesuit High School
8900 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, Texas
For any ADDITION Guest or Individuals with DS
there will be charged of $25.00 that will include:
Shoe Rental, 3 Games of Bowling, Food and
DSAH will NOT be having transportation available. Parents are required to drop off & pick up
their loved ones.
RSVP No Later than May 12, 2015!
To RSVP Via Phone call 713-682-7237 or
Email - [email protected]
In order to attend you must have an active Club
21 membership!
Visit for more info
Baile Hawaiano
Junio 27, 2015 de 6pm - 9pm
en Strake Jesuit High School
8900 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, Texas
Dress Hawaiian to Enter our
Hula Hoop and Limbo Contests!!!!
Vista hawaiano y participe en nuestros
concursos de Hula Hoop y Limbo!!
For questions contact
us at: [email protected]
or (713) 682-7237
Preguntas? Contáctenos al
713.682.7237 x201 o
[email protected]
Come Sail the Summer Away!
Celebremos en altamar este verano!
Come join DSAH as we sail the summer away
aboard the Blue Marlin with Capt. Dave McCabe
and the Sailing Angels Foundation. The Blue Marlin departs from the Portofino Marina (across from
Kemah) and the adventure is approximate two
hours long! Make sure to bring your camera, you
might spot some dolphins!!!!
Acompaña a DSAH a celebrar en altamar este verano en el bote Blue Marlin con el Capitán Dave
McCabe y la Fundación de Sailing Angels. El Blue
Marlin sale de la Marina de Portofino (cerca a
Kemah) y la Aventura dura aproximadamente dos
horas! No te olvides de traer tu camera ya que
pueden ver algunos delfines!!!!
Reserve your spot at or at
713.682.7237. Children over 5 years of age please
and please be sure to show your support to The
Sailing Angels Foundation.
Reserve su espacio en o al
713.682.7237. Niños mayores de 5 años solamente
y no se olvide de demostrar su apoyo a la fundación con su donación.
Summer Sailing Dates:
May 21 June 18 July 16 Aug. 20
Max of 5 people per family please.
Fechas para el Verano:
Mayo 21 Junio 18 Julio 16 Ago. 20
Max de 5 personas por familia
Adaptive Ballet Summer Registration
opens in May
Join the Houston Ballet as they open their doors to our adaptive Ballet
Dance classes every Saturday during the Summer! Classes are 45
minutes long and the main focus is to teach the students about discipline, their body, rhythm and music but above all have fun!
Space is limited, register at or at 713.682.7237 starting
in May for the Summer session (June, July & August)
A program sponsored by the Houston Ballet and is for children between
5 and 12 years old with DS.
Saturday, June 20
9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. @ the DS Resource Center
Recommended for parents of children two years-old or older
Learn a tried and tested program for teaching your child with
Down syndrome (and their typical siblings) to use the toilet.
Developed by a mother of a child with Down syndrome, this
program has been successfully used by parents all over the
country. You will learn how to get your child out of diapers
and using the toilet in four days, how to handle distractions
and trips out in the real world, and how to deal with relapses.
Potty training is essential before your child starts kindergarten. Children who are not potty trained before starting kindergarten are limited in the classroom settings available to
them and may not be fully included with their typical peers.
RSVP by June 10 for FREE childcare to [email protected] or at 713.682.7237
Join us for fun and bubbles at this
month’s Gymboree session!
Saturday, Apr. 18 , May 2 & 16 and June
6 & 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Join The Down Syndrome Association of
Houston at various Kroger locations
throughout the city on Sunday May 3, 2015
for Lemonade Day! Come help us sell an ice
cold cup of lemonade as we continue to
build a brighter future for individuals with
Down syndrome one cup at a time!
Visit for exact times and
Acompaña a la Asociación de Síndrome de
Down de Houston en diferentes Krogers en
la ciudad el Domingo 3 de Mayo del 2015
para celebrar el día de la Limonada! Venga
ayúdenos a vender un vaso frio de limonada
mientras seguimos construyendo un futuro
inclusivo para personas con síndrome de
Visite para los lugares y
horas exactas.
Stay for social time from 12p to 1p. At
DSAH 7115 W. Tidwell Bldg. K Suite 106
Houston, TX 77092
Por el verano también lo
estaremos ofreciendo en...
Sábados, Junio 6 & Agosto 1
de 1:00 p.m. a 2:00 p.m. Pero llegue a las 12 y
comparta la hora social con nosotros!
Las clases de Gymboree serán ofrecidas en
Español para nuestras familias! Vengan a
disfrutar de música y burbujas con los niños!
Pequeñines con sD, sus hermanos(as), primos(as) y amigos(as)
también son bienvenidos a acompañarnos a divertirnos y a
jugar con burbujas en la sesión de Gymboree en Ingles de
estos próximos meses!
Sábado, Abril 18 , Mayo 2 & 16 y Junio 6 & 20 de
11:00 a.m a 12:00 p.m. (En Ingles)
Luego quédese para una hora social de 12p a 1p. En el DSRC
en el 7115 W. Tidwell, Edificio K oficina 106 Houston, TX 77092
DSAH’s Woodlands Community
Group at Bouncing Bears
Dates: Tuesday Apr. 21, May. 19 and June 16, 2015
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm.
Location: 6526 FM 2920 Spring, TX 77379
Gymboree at the DSAH Fort
Bend Community Group
Date: Tuesday Apr 14, May 12 and June 9, 2015
Time: 6:00-6:45 pm.
Location: 5201 Texas 6 #300 Missouri City, TX 77459
Recommended for children with Ds and siblings under 10 years old.
Recommended for children with Ds and siblings under 10
years old.
For more information [email protected] or 713.682.7237 x201
For more information [email protected] or 713.682.7237 x201
Bouncing Bears will be closed to the general public.
Fort Bend Community Group is looking for Group Leaders!
Do you have a few hours a month you can dedicate to
planning small socials for the community?
Then we need YOU! Contact us at [email protected]
Fecha: Martes Abr. 21, Mayo 19 y Jun. 16 del
Hora: 6:00-8:00 pm.
Lugar: 6526 FM 2920 Spring, TX 77379
Recomendado para niños con sD y hermanitos
(as) menores de 10 años
Para mas información [email protected]
713.682.7237 x201
Bouncing Bears esta cerrado al publico en general.
DSAH’s Katy Community Group
at Rockology
Fecha: Martes Abril 14, Mayo 12 y Junio 9 del 2015
Hora: 6:00-6:45 pm.
Lugar: 5201 Texas 6 #300 Missouri City, TX 77459
Recomendado para niños con sD y hermanitos (as)
menores de 10 años
Para mas información [email protected] o 713.682.7237 x201
El Grupo de Fort Bend esta en búsqueda de Lideres para
este grupo!
Si usted tiene unas cuantas horas al mes que pueda
dedicar a planear eventos sociales para la comunidad,
entonces este es el momento para ayudarnos!
comuníquese a [email protected]
Dates: Every Monday in April, May and June 2015
Time: 6:30 pm.
Location: 550 S Katy Fort Bend Rd, Ste 500, Katy, TX 77494
Recommended for children with Ds and siblings under 10 years old.
For more information [email protected] or 713.682.7237 x201
Fecha: Todos los lunes en Abril, Mayo y Junio en el 2015
Hora: 6:30 pm.
Lugar: 550 S Katy Fort Bend Rd, Ste 500, Katy, TX 77494
Recomendado para niños con sD y hermanitos (as) menores de 10
Para mas información [email protected] o 713.682.7237 x201
DSAH’s Spring Community
Coming in April !!!! Spring Community Group is
going to the Matt Family Orchard in Tomball
April date TBD
Friend the DSAH Spring Community
Group on
Facebook for updated information!
Próximamente en Abril!!!!
El Grupo Comunitario de Spring estará visitando
La Matt Family Orchard en Tomball.
Fecha en Abril estará por anunciarse
Hágase amigo del grupo de Spring en
Facebook para estar informado!
See what’s
happening in our
Thursday, July 16, 2015
From: 6:00 pm—8:00 pm
Shriners Hospital
6977 Main Street, 6th Floor Foyer
DSAH will be at the Scouting Fair talking about the
Disability Awareness patch!
Registration is still open!

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