Delta 2000 re-emerging in community



Delta 2000 re-emerging in community
Delta 2000 re-emerging in community
Delta 2000 re-emerging in community
by Justin Lafferty
04.28.11 - 10:58 am
For 25 years, Antioch-based Delta
2000 has been helping local nonprofit
organizations, but the economic
recession has forced it to pare back
operations and re-organize.
Part of the group’s rebirthing process
was its annual breakfast, held Tuesday,
which brought several top law
enforcement officers to Humphrey’s on
the Delta in Antioch to address
concerns about public safety.
Pittsburg Police Capt. Brian Addington, acting Antioch Police Chief Allan
Cantando, Oakley Police Chief Bani Kollo and Sheriff David Livingston broke
bread and spoke to Delta 2000 members and residents about what each city is
doing to keep the streets safe, despite the budget crunch. Each explained his role
in the community, pointing out successes and laying out a plan for what his
department is doing.
“As everybody at every one of these tables knows either personally or
professionally or both,” Kollo said, “revenues seem to be down in every aspect of
our lives, making things challenging.”
Cantando and Addington were happy to point out that violent crime has been on
the decline in both of their cities. Cantando noted in a press release that from
January to March of this year, 18.8 percent fewer violent crimes occurred than in
the same period a year ago. He credited greater resident involvement in programs
such as neighborhood watch for the improved statistics. Addington said crime in
Pittsburg is the lowest it’s been since the FBI started tracking statistics in the city
in 1960.
Also in attendance were Contra Costa County supervisors Federal Glover and
Mary Piepho, Congressman John Garamendi and representatives from the offices
of Sen. Mark DeSaulnier and Assemblywomen Joan Buchanan and Susan
Glover spoke glowingly about the work Delta 2000 has done, noting that
nonprofit organizations have been crucial to the success of the community.
“I see that Delta 2000 is continuing to do the work they committed to doing years
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4/29/11 1:33 PM
Delta 2000 re-emerging in community
and years ago,” Glover said. “Those nonprofit agencies are the safety net to our
community, making sure that with the services that the county can’t deliver or the
cities can’t deliver, they fill that gap. Delta 2000 has helped many of those
nonprofits become successful.”
Delta 2000, comprising Antioch, Oakley and Pittsburg, is a resource center for
nonprofits, helping them gain 501(c)3 tax exempt status and reviewing grants.
Located at the Rivertown Resource Center at 301 W. 10th St., it serves as a hub
for those organizations to find vital resources to keep going.
Executive Director Suzie Dove pointed out that Delta 2000 originally housed
eight nonprofit organizations and now represents 24 grassroots programs, such as
the Elderly Wish Foundation and the Child Abuse Prevention Council.
“We’re kind of a diamond in the rough,” Dove said. “We were very creative in
finding a way to keep this going, but also to keep rents really low for the
nonprofit sector. When it comes to budget cuts, we are the very first to be hit.”
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