Summer 2014 Dear El Nido Friend: Eighth Annual Champions for Families Awards



Summer 2014 Dear El Nido Friend: Eighth Annual Champions for Families Awards
Summer 2014
Dear El Nido Friend:
We are thrilled to invite you to join us for the Eighth Annual Champions for Families Awards
Dinner on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the Skirball Cultural Center. Brilliantly talented actress,
prominent acting coach and comedian Belita Moreno will be returning as Master of Ceremonies.
We are pleased this year to honor two of El Nido’s own, not just for their long and dedicated service to
our agency but for their distinction in bettering the broader community as well. Former president of
our board of directors, Jay de Miranda, receives our Lifetime Achievement Award. Jay has
provided both important ongoing financial assistance and wise guidance and oversight to El Nido.
Through his family’s De Miranda Foundation, he helps enable service agencies working throughout the
United States and across the globe to carry out their worthy missions to help children. Our
Community Impact Award is bestowed on Carole Keen, longtime former El Nido board member
from the City of Carson. As founder more than 40 years ago and as continuing director of the Carson
Coordinating Council, Carol has coalesced broad segments of that community to help disadvantaged
infants, children, adults and families – sometimes El Nido’s clients – through an impressive range of
For your review, enclosed is our Sponsorship Packet with a Sponsorship Outline, Response Form, and
Fact Sheet. In addition to celebrating the extraordinary honorees, with over 275 guests in attendance,
the dinner includes dramatic presentations from our clients about how El Nido changes their lives for
the good, a silent auction, and a lively raffle.
All proceeds from this event benefit El Nido Family Centers and programs like the Gang Reduction
Youth Development Program (GRYD). Your support makes a life-changing contribution to young
people like Michael, who shares his story about how El Nido was there for him to make the difference
to change the course of his life when he participated in the GRYD program.:
Event Chair: Scott Matula-Beltch
Event Committee:
Aurora Almario
Stuart Berton
Bill Canup
Joe Celguera
Richard Chou
Kim Dabbadie
Theresa Dawes
Lilia Devora
Elaine Doran
Richard Doran
Bradford Henderson
Gessille Jensen
Sonia Jensen
Emily Kaplan
Nan Lee
Diana Le Lien
Gail Marshall
JP Marshall
Yesim Merter
Fred Samulon
Adriana Sandoval
Bernard Tan
Jeff Thomas
Virginia Thomas
Steve Williams
May Yu
Executive Director
Liz Herrera, LCSW
Board Officers
Stuart Berton, Esq,
“As I became stable again, I attended the photography class for 3 years and from this experience I
have gained wisdom and patience. When I capture a photo, I see a vision of what I want to include.
But to capture it, I have to adjust myself and the settings on the camera. In life my dreams and
goals are that photo. I am learning how to make the necessary adjustments to achieve them.”
Renewing your sponsorship or joining us as a sponsor will also help us to continue and enhance our
other youth development, child abuse prevention and treatment, and parent education programs
throughout the county. Please visit our website at for more information
or contact development director Nan Lee at 818.830.3646 ext. 261 or by email at
[email protected]
On behalf of the families we serve, thank you for considering our invitation.
Scott Matula-Beltch
Champions Chair
Bill Canup
Jeff Thomas, CPA
Vice Presidents
Monica K. Rogan
Eugene Tuch, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Board Directors
John Abel, Past President
Abigail Arad
Marcela Barillas
Lisa Carloss
Audra Collier, MA
Bruce Eddy
Bianca L. Guzmán, PhD
Carlos Rosales
Fred Samulon, PhD, Past President
Kathy Scott
Jesse I. Shapiro, Esq.
Carlos Sosa, MSW
Laurie P. Spivak
Itelia Walker
Administrative Office
10200 Sepulveda Blvd., Ste 350
Mission Hills, CA 91345
Tel: 818.830.3646
Fax: 818.891.6547
Board Advisors: Rob Beltch, John Coleman, MBA, Paul Crane, MD, Diane DeAnda, PhD, Jay R. de Miranda, Past President, Loraine Despres, Paul F. Doucette
Kerry L. English, MD, Kathy Kubota, MSW, Mindy Lamont, David Moring, Esq., Rose Norton, Past President, Kathy Perez, Debora Pratt, Helen Wolff, MD, MPH
“Eighty - Nine Years of Cultivating Hope, Trust & Growth”
Thursday, October 16, 2014,
Skirball Cultural Center
Would support services such as 1,250 hours
of parent education.
Premier reserved dinner seating for 24 guests
Name recognition on title of event, which
includes invitation, tribute book, and all
marketing materials
Exclusive Signage
Priority placement of full-page ads on the back
cover and inside back cover of the tribute
Logo on premier location on sponsor banner at
the event
Logo in prime location on all printed materials,
including invitation
Inclusion in all press materials
Coverage in El Nido’s newsletter, annual report,
Facebook and website
Would support services such as 660 hours of
stimulating activities to steer boys and girls away
from gangs.
• Reserved dinner seating for 20 guests
• Two principal full-page ads in tribute journal
• Logo on sponsor banner at event
• Logo on all printed materials, including
• Inclusion in all press materials
• Coverage in El Nido’s newsletter, annual report,
Facebook and website
Would support services such as 180 home visits
from a nurse to ensure mom and baby are healthy.
• Reserved dinner seating for 16 guests
• A principal full-page ad in tribute journal
• Logo on sponsor banner at event
• Logo on all printed materials, including
• Inclusion in all press materials
• Coverage in El Nido’s newsletter, annual report,
Facebook and website
Would support services such as case management
services to 23 teen moms and dads, to help them
get back on track to graduate high school, screen
their babies for developmental delays, and
strengthen their parenting knowledge and skills.
• Reserved dinner seating for 12 guests
• A full-page ad in tribute journal
• Logo on sponsor banner at event
• Inclusion in all press materials
• Coverage in El Nido’s newsletter, annual report,
Facebook and website
Would support services such as 33 hours of intensive
counseling services provided to individuals/families,
to help address mental health issues, raise selfawareness and understanding, solve problems,
develop insight, and change behavior.
• Reserved dinner seating for 8 guests
• A half-page ad in tribute journal
• Logo on sponsor banner at event
• Inclusion in all press materials
• Coverage in El Nido’s newsletter, annual report,
Facebook and website
RESERVED TABLE - $1,200 (for 8 guests and name listed as table host in Tribute Journal)
Would support services such as 10 health and nutrition education workshops.
INDIVIDUAL TICKETS - $150 per person
Would support services such as providing diapers & food staples to three young moms & their babies from our
emergency fund.
“Eighty - Nine Years of Cultivating Hope, Trust and Growth”
*Please print and include all requested information*
Company or Individual Name
(as you would like it to appear in the Tribute Journal)
Contact Name and Title
City, State, Zip
Email Address
Please check desired support level:
Exclusive Champion Sponsor $25,000
Growth Sponsor
Hope Sponsor
Cultivating Sponsor
Trust Sponsor
À la Carte
Reserved Table
$1,200 for 8 guests
(Your name listed as table host in tribute journal)
Individual Tickets
$150 per person
No. of Tables
No. of Tickets
I wish to donate my ticket/s so that a client/s, student/s
or alumni member/s will be able to attend the Awards Dinner.
No. of Tickets
If a meal is not selected in your RSVP, please note that the chicken option will be selected for you. If you have any dietary
restrictions please indicate here:
Tribute Journal
Outside Back Cover
Full Page B/W
Business Card B/W
Inside Front Cover
Half Page B/W
Inside Back Cover
Quarter Page B/W
I am unable to attend this year, but wish to support the children and families of El Nido Family Centers by making a donation
in the amount of $
Yes, I would like to participate as indicated above. Please invoice me. Total amount to be invoiced $
Yes, I would like to pay with the enclosed check in the amount of $
Please make checks payable to: El Nido Family Centers
Please charge my Visa / MasterCard (circle) in the amount of $
Exp. Date
Name on card:
Please return this form with payment (if appropriate) to:
El Nido Family Centers, Attn: Champions for Families Awards Dinner 10200 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 350, Mission Hills, CA 91345
Fax # 818-891-6547
Please email your Tribute Journal copy, logos and/or camera-ready artwork to [email protected]
We are also happy to assist you in creating a custom ad. Please contact Lilia Devora at 818.830.3646 ext. 223 to arrange.
Deadline for copy is September 17, 2014
For more information, please call Nan Lee at 818.830.3646 ext. 261 or email her at [email protected]
El Nido Family Centers Federal Tax Identification Number 95-3186429
Thank you for your continued support!
Administrative Office
10200 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 350
Mission Hills, CA 91345
Phone: 818-830-3646
OUR VISION: Healthy families and communities that provide the resources and support for
all young people to attain their full potential.
OUR MISSION: Empower families in low-income communities of Los Angeles County to
break the cycle of poverty, child abuse, violence, academic failure, and teen pregnancy through
outstanding educational, youth development, health and therapeutic services.
WHO BENEFITS: More than 10,000 children, youth and family members annually. Clients
are diverse with 67% Latino, 12% African-American, 12% White, 9% Asian/Pacific Islander,
mixed race and others. They span the life cycle, from expectant mothers and children before
birth and through their early years, to teens, parents of all ages and grandparent caregivers.
WHAT WE DO: We provide comprehensive family-strengthening services in high need
communities. Our bilingual, multicultural staff of over 150 offer programs of four major types:
Parent Education & Family Development, Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment, Teen Parent
Family Services, and Youth Development. Services include home visitation, professional
counseling, service coordination (linking families with all needed resources), and a variety of
group educational, vocational, social networking, leadership development, and integration of
healthy living opportunities.
WHERE WE DO IT: El Nido covers a wide area of Los Angeles County, from the Antelope
and San Fernando Valleys to the Harbor. Family centers are located in Pacoima, Mission Hills,
South Los Angeles and Compton. Many families are reached at their homes, schools,
community centers and the locations of partnering organizations.
BUDGET AND FUNDING SOURCES: El Nido Family Centers is a non-profit 501(c)(3)
organization. The annual budget ranges from $8,000,000 to $12,000,000. Government
contracts (federal, state, county, and city) allow us to serve a large population, with vital
investments from foundations, corporations and individuals.
OUR LEADERSHIP: Executive Director Liz Herrera, L.C.S.W. has spent her 30-year career
with El Nido. Board President Stuart Berton is an entertainment lawyer and active participant
in the Los Angeles non-profit community.
Serving Los Angeles County Since 1925
Parenting classes are a first line of defense against potential child abuse/neglect, school failure/
dropout, teen pregnancy, and other problems. Skilled facilitators teach parents about bonding
and attachment, child development stages, loving discipline methods, promoting school success,
and effective interpersonal communication. El Nido’s Pacoima FamilySource Center is a onestop location where low-income San Fernando Valley families with children can turn for help
with basic needs, healthcare access, educational attainment, career/leadership development and
social supports. Additional home visitation programs reach out to mothers beginning prenatally,
preparing them to give children the best start in life, from day one through their early years.
El Nido’s Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment programs provide comprehensive family
strengthening services, responsive to the unique culture of each child and parent/caregiver.
Goals are to prevent child abuse/neglect or its recurrence, and to reduce the symptoms of prior
maltreatment. Services include intake and assessment, counseling, parent education and support
groups, case management, and 24-hour emergency response.
El Nido has a long-standing commitment to assisting two highly vulnerable populations—teen
parents and their babies. Home visits screen for and address risk factors such as inadequate
prenatal or well-baby care, child abuse/neglect, environmental hazards, domestic violence,
substance abuse, depression, and developmental delay. Our staff educates and encourages teens,
promoting healthy lifestyles, optimal birth outcomes, positive parenting, educational attainment,
and vocational success.
El Nido’s Pacoima Gang Reduction & Youth Development program is part of a citywide effort
to prevent violence by cutting off the supply of new gang members. Young people at risk find
positive alternatives through innovative methods that engage their entire families. Delinquency
prevention programs in Compton and South L.A. work with youth referred by schools and law
enforcement agencies, providing services such as individual, group and family counseling,
tutoring/mentoring and constructive youth development opportunities. Goals include preventing
subsequent arrests, improving school attendance and academic achievement, enhancing
vocational potential and postponing parenting until adulthood. We also provide college
scholarships for 15 to 20 clients annually.
Media Contact: E L Doran Public Relations | Elaine Doran | 818-238-9005 | [email protected]
Our Website:
Serving Los Angeles County Since 1925

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