 Waterproof and Dustproof—Certified for IP67, dust-tight protection and protection
against water immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3.28 feet (1 meter).†
 Ultra Durable Design — Reinforced housing and Military Standard 810G protection
against dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, blowing rain, low pressure, solar
radiation, salt fog, humidity and water immersion.
Technical Specifications
 Smart Sonic Receiver technology – hear conversations clearer than ever before in
noisy environments.
Talk Time:
Up to 18.5 hours
Times will vary based on user settings,
feature use and network configuration
 Sprint Direct Connect – next-generation push-to-talk (PTT) powered by Sprint’s
nationwide broadband network.*
Battery Type:
2500mAh Lithium ion (Li-Ion)
4.0" IPS capacitive touchscreen, WVGA
(800 x 480 pixels)
Operating System
Android™ 4.4.2 (Kit Kat)
MSM8960 @ Dual Core 1.2GHz
(QUALCOMM Snapdragon processor)
 Sprint 4G LTE – connect to the world of data at high speed.
 Powerful 2500 mAh lithium ion battery plus added energy-saving features – MaxiMZR
and Eco Mode apps for managing and conserving power consumption.
 Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) for Google suite of application including Google Play™ for
access to thousands of free apps.
5.06 x 2.69 x 0.51 in
(128.5 x 68.4 x 12.9 mm)
 4.0" IPS ruggedized, impact-resistant touchscreen.
 Dedicated hard keys for push-to-talk, navigation, speakerphone and camera offer
quick, easy access.
 If Sprint® Direct Connect® service is not activated, the side button can be programmed
for quick access to other functions.
 Integrate your address book with Gmail and Exchange.
 Reinforced housing and non-slip Dura-Grip for extra durability.
 Dual front loud speakers.
 3-axis accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, digital compass and
5.94 oz (168.5 g)
Included Accessories
Media Formats:
Audio: AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB,
Video: MPEG4, H.263, H.264
LTE Cat. 3, CDMA 1x EVDO Rev. A
1x Advanced
AC Adapter (Micro USB Data Cable pluggable)
Micro USB Data Cable
Standard Battery
Pre-installed SIM card**
Supported Services*:
Sprint® Direct Connect®
Sprint Mobile Sync
Operating Temperature
-70°F to 122°F (-21°C to 50°C)
Storage Temperature
-86°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)
† To ensure that your phone maintains waterproof capability, the following precautions must be observed.
● Make sure the charger/data port, audio jack, card slot covers, and battery door are properly seated, with no foreign objects obstructing the seals.
● Do not spray or immerse your phone in liquids other than fresh water or tap water, such as detergent, beverages, or chlorinated or treated water. Certain liquids such as
salt water and chlorinated water are corrosive over time. Should your phone be accidentally exposed to other liquids, rinse the phone gently in clean fresh water.
● Do not expose your phone to water heated in excess of 104° F (40° C)
● Your phone is inoperable under water and should be dried as quickly as possible when wet.
● Do not use the charger/data port for charging, data transmission, etc. until the phone is completely dry.
● Do not use the headset jack to plug in an accessory until the phone is completely dry.
*Additional fees may apply
** SIM card required for Sprint 4GLTE service. The SIM contains information specific to your phone and should be retained with the phone.
Additional Features
 Dura Grid widget offers popular settings uniquely designed with high-contrast, large icons for improved outdoor visibility.
Dura Grid can be customized with most frequently used apps and settings and is available in a six or nine position layout.
 Useful preloaded app tools and widgets: Barometer/Altimeter, Flashlight, Compass and Weather.
 POLARIS® Office Viewer for accessing all types of documents.
 Sprint Mobile Wallet.
 5MP camera and camcorder/1.3MP front-facing camera – rear-facing camera includes enhanced features: panorama, HDR
(High Dynamic Range), face recognition, smile/blink detection, macro and continuous shooting settings.
 Live video capture and playback; 1080p at 30fps.
 Streaming video; 1080p at 30fps.
 Powerful 2500mAh removable Li-ion battery plus added energy-saving features—Eco Mode with MaxiMZR extends
performance automatically by powering down non-critical functions.
 Additional back connector for desktop charging.
 Wi-Fi hotspot capability (supports up to 8 devices)*
 Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n).
 Stereo Bluetooth (4.0 + LE/EDR) wireless technology support.
 NFC support to easily swap contact information or content.
 PTT headset support.
 USB tethering (phone as a modem).
 Corporate (Exchange ActiveSync) and personal (POP3 & IMAP) email.
 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack.
 Voice recognition – speaker independent.
 Multiple language support (English/Spanish).
 Hearing aid compatibility (HAC): Rating M4/T3, TTY capable.
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