Fall Newsletter
October 2014
International Credit Union Day Marks ‘Local Service. Global Good.’
Time to celebrate International Credit Union Day—Thursday, October 16th! “Local Ser vice. Global Good.” is
this year’s theme, emphasizing the positive impact credit unions make in their communities and throughout the
Observed annually on the third Thursday of October since 1948, ICU Day is a day set aside to reflect on the
history of credit unions and the role they play in improving the quality of life for millions of members worldwide.
This year’s theme highlights the efforts credit unions make on behalf of charitable causes at the local, national,
and international levels, helping make the world a better place.
To give you an idea how much local service Oakdale Credit Union really provides, in 2014 alone we have
donated to the following organizations (including but not limited to): local schools, fire departments,
homeless shelters, library programs, fair sponsorships, Booster, Lion’s and Gridiron clubs, showmanship
awards, Chambers of Commerce, Children’s Miracle Network, Alzheimer’s Association, Wounded Warrior
Project, American Cancer Society and more!
You can help us celebrate on International Credit Union Day by listening to our live-remote broadcast on 92.1FM
from 10am-1pm. The broadcast will be done out of our Mauston office but you can visit ANY of our offices that
day for treats and prize drawings.
You can also help us celebrate by donating to our book drive that will take place October 6th through October
24th. We will be collecting new or very gently used books in each office to be donated to local youngsters in an
effort to help promote reading.
Web Banking USER ID Update Scheduled for November 18th
Currently we allow User ID’s to be set as your account number. Since we want to keep your personal
information safe, on November 18th, we will require that all User ID’s that are still account numbers be
reset to something that does not include your account number. Your unique User ID must include
at least 6 characters and be a number/alphabet combination.
**You can update your User ID ahead of time by going into ‘Settings’ at the top of your web banking
page and selecting ‘Update Username’. This will fulfill the requirement change scheduled for
November and you will not be prompted to change it during the scheduled update.**
If you choose to wait for the mandatory update on the 18th we will proceed as follows. You will log in
with your current User ID and after entering your password you will be prompted to change your User
ID immediately before you can proceed into your account. Just a reminder, this is only necessary for
Web Banking users that are still using their account number as their ID. Thank you for allowing us to
provide a safe and secure environment.
As card breaches and other fraud are continuing to happen more often,
it is important to keep an eye on your transactions and account. With
the mobile app, SHAZAM BOLT$, you are able to keep track of your
debit card activity even better!
SHAZAM BOLT$ gives you all the tools you need to identify suspicious activity on your
account – immediately as transactions post. After downloading the app and telling it
which purchases you’d like to keep an eye on, you can receive email alerts 24/7
whenever a suspicious debit card purchase is made. You’ll also receive alerts when a
purchase hits your account and a card wasn’t swiped (think Internet or over-the-phone
SHAZAM BOLT$ can also email you any time a purchase was made in a foreign country.
You'll know right away whether the purchases are valid, so you can call us immediately.
We’ll put a stop to any fraud, keeping your account and your identity safe.
We all know keeping watch over our accounts is a good idea, but life gets busy. The bad
guys count on us to become distracted or to forget to check on our money. With
SHAZAM BOLT$, you can keep up with life… and with the fraudsters… from anywhere, at
any time. Visit to get started with SHAZAM
BOLT$ today.
Verified by Visa
We have added another layer of security for our cardholders when they are shopping
online. A program called Verified by Visa (VbV) password protects your card for free
during online purchases. To begin using this extra security measure, you will first
need to activate this service. You can do so by visiting
or the next time you shop at a participating online merchant, enter the information
requested to activate your card when prompted.
After activation, your card will have password protection whenever you shop online at
participating VbV stores. This password will serve as an extra layer of security similar
to entering a PIN during a face-to-face transaction. The difference from a PIN,
though, is that each cardholder will have their own password—even spouses or other
joint owners that share a card NUMBER, will not share a VbV PASSWORD. Please
contact us if you have further questions or visit for
updated information about this new tool.
Put your home to work for you!
You’ve worked hard for your home and now it’s time
to put your home to work for you with a Home Equity
Loan from Oakdale Credit Union. Did you know that
the number one reason people request a Home Equity
Loan is to make home improvements? By making
upgrades or repairs to your home, you can increase the
fair market value while giving your home a brand new
look. Whether you plan to re-sell soon or live there
for years, home improvements can make a big
difference in the total worth of your home.
Again this year, 1 lucky child will
win a tablet. The drawing will
take place on 12/2/14 at 3pm.
Steps to Enter Drawing:
Open a Kid$ Club account.
Your home’s equity can also be an excellent source of
All Kid$ Club members are automatically
funding for getting rid of credit card debt, paying off
entered into the drawing!
student loans, buying a new car, taking a dream
vacation, and much more. Because a Home Equity
All Kid$ Club members (members age 0-12) will be
entered into the drawing. Any member that has
Loan is secured by your home, you will get a lower
interest rate and better payment terms than you would turned 13 this calendar year will still be entered as they were in
the Kid$ Club at one point this year. Membership is not required
with a traditional installment or consumer loan. Plus,
to enter. Any child that is not a Kid$ Club member but Kid$
you may be able to deduct the interest you pay on your Club age may provide their name, birthdate, phone #, and address
Home Equity Loan. Call us today or apply online at
to a credit union representative. 1 entry per person. All entrants
will have the same chance of winning.
Thank You Vets
November 11th marks Veterans Day, the official day on which we honor all those who have served in the U.S.
Armed Forces. On this day, celebrations and sentiments are devoted to expressing deep gratitude and appreciation to all living veterans for their service. Events across the country, most notably a wreath-laying ceremony
at the Arlington National Cemetery, help commemorate this important federal holiday.
It is so important during this time of year, and each and every day, to remember that “freedom is not free.”
Please take a moment to thank the dedicated military members (past, present, and future) who have given so
much to preserve the liberties we enjoy every day in America. We salute you!
We will be closed on Veteran’s Day, Tuesday, November 11th.
Thanksgiving Day—November 27th
Christmas Eve—December 24th
Closing at noon
Christmas Day—December 25th
New Year’s Eve—December 31st
Closing at noon
New Year’s Day—January 1st
Employee Recognition For
Their Years of Service
Kim Siekert
3 Years
Deanne Birkholz
3 Years
Melanie Lindloff
5 Years
Joan Spohn
6 Years
Becky Jennings
6 Years
Suzy Cochems
7 Years
Mary Urbanek
8 Years
Thank You!
This credit union is federally
insured by the National Credit
E as in Easy: e-Services Can Simplify Your Life
Life’s complicated but managing your money doesn’t have to be.
Sign up for e-Services at Oakdale Credit Union and enjoy easy
access to your accounts. You can transfer funds between your
accounts, make a loan payment, pay bills and much more, all from
the comfort of your keyboard or tablet. Go online any time, day or
night, weeknight or weekend to take care of your financial
business—our online branch is always open. Even if you are
planning an extended time away from home, you can stay on top of
your money matters.
Electronic statements make it easier to stay organized as well.
When your monthly statement is ready, we’ll send you an email
advising you it’s ready for viewing. You can then download it to an
electronic file—no more statements lost in the paper shuffle. We
also archive statements for a period of time. See our website for
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