An experiment in film distribution which aims to offer viewers



An experiment in film distribution which aims to offer viewers
An experiment in film distribution which aims to offer viewers
independent European films on all screens, anytime.
Streams Day & Date : The Choice is Yours
4th Release
PRESS RELEASE – Paris, 15th October 2014
After the multi-platform release of Under the Rainbow (Au bout du conte) in Spain,
Ireland, the UK and Bulgaria, the Streams Day & Date project continues its European
tour, with the release of its second title. From October 24th 2014, Mariana Otero's
documentary Like an Open Sky (À ciel ouvert) will be released Day-and-Date
on Spanish screens, in theatres and on VoD on the Filmin and iTunes platforms. The
film’s DVD, published by Cameo, will be available on December 3rd.
Like an Open Sky’s wave of Day-and-Date releases across Europe will start with two
premieres, in Barcelona at the Cinema Boliche on October 16th, and in Madrid at the
Cinema Artistic Metropol on October 17th, before a wider release in the Spanish theatres.
The film’s director Mariana Otero will attend the two evenings and take part in
Q&A sessions after the screenings in order to meet and interact with the
audience and the press on the film.
Along the same lines as her previous awarded documentaries, filmmaker Mariana Otero
has trained her astute gaze on a unique special education establishment: Le Courtil
(Belgium). Focusing on the children and the therapists, ‘Like an Open Sky’ is a powerful
and captivating documentary but also a thought-provoking artwork. By filming children
with mental and social problems and adults trying to understand the enigma that they
represent on a case by case basis, Mariana Otero presents and questions a singular use
of psychoanalysis. Her exchange with the audience during the Premieres, in
collaboration with the Spanish New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, will thus provide
complementary insights on a fascinating and complex topic.
Streams Day & Date is a project coordinated by the EuroVoD network. It is part of the
Preparatory Action ‘Circulation of European Films in the Digital Era’, launched by the
European Commission. Including all players involved in the cinema industry, it aims at
putting innovation in film distribution by releasing films simultaneously or quasisimultaneously in cinema theatres, on DVD and on Video-on-Demand, in order to fully
integrate Internet in the economics of film and build new, win-win models for digital
multi-screen exploitation.
Four European titles, of various genres and nationalities, will thus be released
throughout 2014 and 2015 in Spain, UK, Ireland, Belgium and Bulgaria.
MORE INFORMATION & on Facebook and Twitter
Christophe Deverdun – [email protected]
Cinema Boliche Avinguda Diagonal 508 - 08006 Barcelona (Tel. +34 93 217 19 29)
Cinema Zumzeig Carrer Béjar 53 - 08014 Barcelona (Tel. +34 932 509 140)
Cinema Artistic Metropol c\ Cigarreras 6 - 28005 Madrid (Tel. +34 91 527 27 92)
Multicines Zoco Av de España, 51 - 28220 Majadahonda (Tel. +34 91 811 96 27)
On VoD on Filmin and iTunes & on DVD on Cameo
EuroVoD is a network of VoD platforms belonging to more than 200 European
independent rights holders, whose objectives are to foster exchanges and organize
common projects on a transnational level. With this new project, EuroVoD intends to
remain centre stage of the constantly evolving European audiovisual landscape. Three
international Sales Agents: Doc&Film International, The Match Factory, and
Memento Films International, as well as a wide network of European partners,
including distributors, theatrical exhibitors, and DVD publishers are participating to
Streams Day & Date project.
Through a large spectrum of cinematic experiences, Streams Day & Date aims at
increasing the global audience of European films thanks to original
transnational ways of distribution. The event-driven project has also the objective of
improving the conditions for the circulation of European films within the European Union
and for creating a constructive dialogue between all stakeholders of the audiovisual

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